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A75294 A declaration of the witness of God manifested in me from my youth. Ames, William, d. 1662. 1656 (1656) Wing A3004A; ESTC R170294 7,267 9

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strong ones did faint and her mighty ones were dismayed before the presence of the Lambe that was dead and is alive and liveth for ever more for his hand did not spare neither did his eye pitty untill he had avenged himselfe of his adversaryes and had goten himselfe a Name above all Names and so keeping my minde to that of God which was manifested in me I Came to see the giving out of the Law which was dredfull to that Nature which had Sinned which Law was Light by which Light I saw my selfe and my nakedness was discovered and Gods Judgments made manifest against the transgressor then rotenness possessed my Bones and my flesh did stink and a noysom sore brak-forth upon me and all my joy was turned into mourning and bitter Lamentation for there was no way to escape the Sword if ever I came to the tree of Life for it turned every way and the seaven Thunders vttered their voyces and the seaven Plagues was powered forth upon that Nature the man of Sin So here I came to witness the Lord to enter into the house of the Theefe and to be a swift witness against the Sorcerer and all evill doors And so as I kept my minde to the Light I came to witness my redemption and the first Nature to be destroyed for as I came to minde the Light I minded the Law of God which Law is Light which Law I found writen in my heart and so keeping my minde to that which discovered Sin I received power against Sin my minde being kept to that mine eye was single my whole body was full of Light so that I could see the enemy and comprehend his wiles and see the temptation and see that Nature which had joynded would joyne with the tempter but standing in the Light I stood in that which crost that Nature and did abide in the Counsell of God and through this Cross that nature was slain and a dying to Sin I came to witness through the Light and I had no more need to be taught of Men or to looke without me for a theacher for this shewed me what was good what the Lord had required of me and when I looked out and gon from it this would reprove me and let me see wherein I had offended and this would rise up in Judgment against the offender I keeping my minde to it the wicked could not escape nor the deceiver could not be hid for the things of Esau were searched out his hiden things sought up and I found the Lord watching over me to pluck up and to throw down and to make waste the habitabion of Esau and here I came to witness a Disciples state for my minde being kept to the Light I was upon my watch-tower and there I could see the Enemy for the Light made him manifest and every vaine thought was brought to Judgment and the house of Ioseph was a flame and the house of Esau as sttubble and the house of David grew stranger stronger but the house of Saule grew weaker and weaker and here I came to know the terrors of the Lord against that which had sinned and the Man-Child came to be borne which nothing could satisfie but the Bread of Life and God gave me Manna from heaven fro it to feed upon and it was fed and grew strong in Battle so that he slew on the righ hand and destroyed one the left and his Name became dreadfull to his adversaries for all judgment was given unto him as he did over come then pure joy would arise and the living would praise him from whom deliverance came And here I came to witness Faith by which my heart was purified and by which I overcame the world which faith is the gift of God to which faith in the highest of my profession I was reprobate as all the worlds professions are for I only beleeved because it was Writen and so my fallen wisdom and first Nature which is accursed being sound in the transgression beleeved the report of a thing as of God and Christ without me but I did not beleeve in the Light as Christ Commanded who saith beleeve in the Light that you may be Children of the Light but to this Light I was a stranger and an Enemy my minde being alianated from it looking for a Saviour without me when when the Enemy of my happiness which alone I had need to be saved from was within O! all professors read your conditions and so the doore to the Father which is the Light I was an Enemy unto and so an Enemy to God being an Enemy to his Light for how could I be reconciled to God whilst I was condemned for Sin in my Conscience by that measure of Light which he had given me to walke by which is a measure of himselfe that Condemned me then how could I be justified by him who is one with his Light and so the reconciliation which the Saints witnessed I knew not untill my Sin came to be taken away by Christ the Light then I came to witness Salvation by Jesus who saved me from mine Enemy mine Enemy was Sin he saved me from Sin the sting of death is Sin in saving me from Sin I was freed from death and the strength of Sin is the Law in saving me from Sin the righteousness of the Law was fulfilled in me who walked not after the flesh Take notice the flesh did not lead me but after the spirit Take notice againe by the spirit I was led and and the spirit is Light which leadeth not into Sin but into righteousness and being led by the spirit I had peace with God the spirit is Light following the light obeying ths light beleeving in the light I was by the light reconciled to God and by Christ the light the middle wall of Partition was broken down and he was my Peace the light Heare all you professors of the World are shut out whose minde is from the light he is not your peace whilst you commit Sin for Sin is reproved by the light and that which is reproved is made manifest by the Light WILLIAM AMES ¶ Printed in the Yeare 1656.