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A50876 A sermon at the funeral of Mrs. Elizabeth Fisher, sister to the Honourable Sir William Dawes, Bar. D.D. and wife to the Reverend Dr. Peter Fisher preach'd at Bennington in Hertfordshire, June the 2d, 1698 / by William Milner ... Milner, William, Vicar of Shephall in Hertfordshire. 1698 (1698) Wing M2084; ESTC R15588 15,425 28

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least_o to_o make_v they_o neither_o afraid_a nor_o unwilling_a to_o die_v and_o 3._o last_o i_o add_v that_o whatsoever_o we_o know_v concern_v this_o matter_n be_v principal_o if_o not_o whole_o owe_v to_o revelation_n and_o therefore_o it_o become_v none_o of_o we_o to_o pretend_v to_o be_v wise_a above_o what_o be_v write_v we_o shall_v not_o exercise_v ourselves_o with_o curious_a perplex_v and_o useless_a inquiry_n but_o rest_v content_v with_o what_o we_o find_v plain_o deliver_v in_o holy_a scripture_n strive_v always_o so_o to_o order_v our_o whole_a conversation_n as_o that_o we_o may_v be_v find_v worthy_a to_o be_v receive_v when_o we_o depart_v hence_o into_o those_o mansion_n our_o bless_a lord_n be_v go_v before_o to_o prepare_v for_o we_o these_o thing_n be_v thus_o premise_v let_v we_o proceed_v to_o consider_v wherein_o the_o text_n have_v place_v the_o blessedness_n of_o depart_a holy_a spirit_n now_o this_o it_o tell_v we_o lie_n in_o these_o two_o thing_n they_o be_v bless_v 1._o because_o they_o rest_v from_o their_o labour_n 2._o because_o their_o work_n follow_v or_o accompany_v they_o into_o their_o future_a state_n 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d the_o meaning_n and_o importance_n of_o which_o thing_n must_v be_v the_o subject_n of_o the_o follow_a discourse_n 1._o they_o be_v bless_v in_o that_o they_o rest_v from_o their_o labour_n i_o e._n they_o be_v complete_o deliver_v from_o all_o the_o trouble_n and_o sorrow_n all_o the_o evil_n and_o calamity_n infirmity_n and_o misery_n of_o this_o frail_a mortal_a state_n i_o say_v all_z which_o either_o have_v their_o foundation_n in_o the_o very_a texture_n and_o constitution_n of_o the_o human_a body_n or_o proceed_v from_o the_o folly_n and_o frenzy_n the_o envy_n or_o malice_n of_o other_o in_o this_o vale_n of_o tear_n and_o misery_n good_a man_n as_o well_o as_o other_o be_v liable_a to_o pain_n and_o sickness_n to_o difficulty_n and_o danger_n to_o poverty_n reproach_n and_o persecution_n and_o all_o the_o sad_a effect_n of_o their_o own_o infirm_a crazy_a body_n and_o the_o inordinate_a appetite_n and_o passion_n of_o other_o nay_o the_o son_n of_o violence_n too_o often_o make_v they_o the_o mark_v of_o their_o displeasure_n and_o vengeance_n for_o no_o other_o reason_n but_o because_o their_o work_n be_v righteous_a and_o be_v it_o not_o a_o bless_a thing_n to_o be_v deliver_v from_o such_o a_o deplorable_a and_o wretched_a state_n why_o this_o be_v the_o happy_a state_n of_o such_o who_o die_v in_o the_o lord_n they_o be_v safe_a out_o of_o the_o reach_n of_o all_o these_o their_o enemy_n no_o smart_n or_o anguish_n can_v afflict_v they_o no_o wrath_n or_o malice_n overtake_v they_o to_o allude_v to_o that_o of_o moses_n concern_v the_o egyptian_n 14.13_o exod._n 14.13_o when_o good_a man_n shall_v have_v once_o past_a through_o this_o red-sea_n they_o may_v stand_v still_o upon_o the_o shore_n and_o look_v back_o with_o pleasure_n and_o triumph_n upon_o all_o these_o their_o enemy_n say_v we_o shall_v see_v they_o again_o no_o more_o for_o ever_o as_o job_n have_v it_o chap._n 3._o v._n 18.19_o in_o the_o grave_a the_o wicked_a cease_v from_o trouble_v and_o there_o the_o weary_a be_v at_o rest_n there_o the_o prisoner_n rest_v together_o they_o hear_v not_o the_o voice_n of_o the_o oppressor_n the_o small_a and_o great_a be_v there_o upon_o the_o same_o level_n none_o great_a than_o other_o and_o the_o servant_n be_v free_a from_o his_o master_n so_o that_o the_o word_n of_o solomon_n if_o understand_v with_o reference_n to_o depart_a saint_n be_v strict_o true_a that_o the_o day_n of_o a_o man_n death_n be_v better_a than_o the_o day_n of_o his_o birth_n 7.1_o eccles_n 7.1_o the_o day_n of_o his_o birth_n be_v the_o beginning_n of_o a_o life_n attend_v with_o continual_a care_n and_o sorrow_n the_o day_n of_o his_o death_n be_v his_o birthday_n into_o a_o bless_a immortal_a life_n of_o uninterrupted_a peace_n and_o pleasure_n this_o for_o the_o first_o 2._o the_o second_o thing_n wherein_o the_o text_n place_v the_o blessedness_n of_o those_o who_o die_v in_o the_o lord_n be_v this_o they_o be_v bless_v because_o their_o work_n accompany_v or_o follow_v they_o by_o which_o we_o be_v to_o understand_v these_o two_o thing_n i._o the_o grateful_a and_o pleasant_a remembrance_n ii_o the_o glorious_a and_o happy_a fruit_n and_o effect_n or_o the_o reward_n of_o their_o good_a work_n follow_v they_o 1._o the_o grateful_a remembrance_n of_o their_o good_a work_n follow_v they_o now_o that_o this_o be_v a_o real_a foundation_n and_o ground_n of_o peace_n and_o blessedness_n to_o holy_a spirit_n in_o their_o state_n of_o separation_n from_o their_o body_n may_v be_v reasonable_o infer_v from_o the_o consideration_n of_o ourselves_o how_o it_o be_v with_o we_o here_o in_o our_o state_n of_o discipline_n and_o trial._n for_o if_o good_a man_n reflect_v upon_o the_o course_n of_o their_o past_a life_n and_o find_v that_o they_o have_v behave_v themselves_o pious_o with_o regard_n to_o god_n and_o inoffensive_o and_o charitable_o towards_o man_n do_v from_o this_o testimony_n of_o their_o conscience_n receive_v a_o very_a sensible_a and_o inward_a pleasure_n a_o pleasure_n great_a than_o the_o world_n can_v give_v which_o none_o can_v comprehend_v but_o such_o as_o have_v feel_v it_o what_o a_o unspeakable_a transport_v inconceiveable_a pleasure_n may_v we_o reasonable_o suppose_v will_v spring_v up_o in_o depart_a holy_a soul_n when_o all_o the_o good_a work_n of_o their_o whole_a life_n shall_v be_v have_v in_o remembrance_n and_o set_v in_o order_n before_o they_o and_o represent_v at_o one_o view_n with_o great_a force_n and_o advantage_n than_o we_o can_v suppose_v they_o be_v in_o this_o earthly_a state_n how_o will_v such_o bless_a spirit_n upon_o such_o recollection_n even_o melt_v away_o and_o be_v dissolve_v and_o swallow_v up_o in_o the_o great_a transport_v and_o high_a ecstasy_n of_o complacency_n and_o delight_n 2._o the_o fruit_n and_o effect_n or_o reward_n of_o their_o good_a work_n accompany_v or_o follow_v they_o into_o their_o future_a state_n but_o bless_a god_n what_o tongue_n can_v describe_v what_o heart_n conceive_v the_o good_a thing_n which_o thou_o have_v prepare_v for_o all_o those_o who_o die_v in_o thy_o fear_n and_o favour_n it_o be_v impossible_a for_o we_o full_o to_o represent_v the_o happiness_n and_o glory_n of_o the_o saint_n in_o their_o future_a state_n yet_o to_o excite_v our_o love_n to_o god_n and_o to_o quicken_v our_o desire_n after_o the_o enjoyment_n of_o he_o it_o can_v neither_o be_v useless_a nor_o unseasonable_a to_o point_v at_o some_o few_o thing_n which_o be_v the_o happy_a effect_n and_o reward_n of_o the_o good_a work_n of_o holy_a man_n in_o the_o other_o life_n and_o therefore_o 1._o good_a man_n be_v complete_o deliver_v from_o sin_n as_o well_o as_o sorrow_n and_o trouble_n they_o be_v no_o long_o liable_a to_o temptation_n or_o danger_n from_o any_o of_o the_o enemy_n of_o god_n glory_n and_o their_o own_o salvation_n while_o they_o be_v here_o upon_o earth_n the_o devil_n and_o his_o agent_n lie_v in_o wait_n to_o ensnare_v they_o and_o even_o their_o own_o flesh_n which_o encompass_n they_o about_o solicit_v they_o to_o a_o multitude_n of_o sin_n and_o folly_n they_o daily_o find_v a_o law_n in_o their_o member_n war_a against_o the_o law_n of_o their_o mind_n the_o flesh_n lust_a against_o the_o spirit_n the_o animal_n and_o carnal_a struggle_v with_o the_o rational_a and_o spiritual_a power_n which_o conflict_n be_v the_o ground_n and_o occasion_n of_o much_o dejection_n and_o disquietness_n of_o soul_n fill_v even_o good_a man_n with_o many_o misgiving_n and_o fear_n and_o perplexity_n concern_v their_o present_a sincerity_n and_o future_a happiness_n how_o in_o the_o bitterness_n of_o their_o soul_n do_v they_o lament_v their_o evil_a propensity_n and_o inclination_n their_o slip_v and_o fail_n their_o mistake_v and_o sometime_o more_o notorious_a transgression_n they_o find_v no_o rest_n by_o reason_n of_o their_o spiritual_a enemy_n and_o their_o heart_n too_o often_o fail_v they_o but_o it_o be_v not_o thus_o with_o the_o dead_a with_o they_o who_o die_v in_o the_o lord_n he_o that_o be_v once_o enter_v into_o his_o rest_n 6.7_o heb._n 4.10_o rom._n 6.7_o cease_v from_o his_o own_o work_n the_o work_n of_o sin_n and_o the_o flesh_n he_o that_o be_v dead_a be_v free_v from_o sin_n from_o the_o fear_n and_o danger_n and_o possibility_n of_o offend_a god_n no_o subtle_a malicious_a serpent_n can_v insinuate_v himself_o into_o the_o paradise_n of_o holy_a soul_n this_o earth_n be_v the_o scene_n of_o satan_n temptation_n and_o the_o place_n of_o trial_n or_o if_o we_o may_v suppose_v that_o the_o evil_a spirit_n shall_v creep_v in_o among_o they_o yet_o he_o will_v find_v nothing_o
in_o they_o so_o as_o to_o fix_v a_o temptation_n upon_o they_o for_o be_v deliver_v from_o the_o burden_n of_o the_o flesh_n from_o the_o body_n of_o this_o death_n as_o the_o apostle_n call_v it_o all_o those_o spark_n of_o a_o corrupt_a nature_n which_o so_o easy_o take_v fire_n here_o be_v for_o ever_o extinguish_v that_o root_n of_o bitterness_n be_v pluck_v up_o and_o can_v never_o spring_v again_o into_o any_o rebellious_a inclination_n or_o action_n now_o how_o great_a a_o happiness_n this_o be_v can_v be_v thorough_o understand_v by_o none_o but_o such_o as_o have_v due_o consider_v the_o malignity_n and_o demerit_n of_o sin_n or_o feel_v the_o sad_a and_o dismal_a effect_n of_o it_o in_o a_o wound_a conscience_n the_o saint_n doubtless_o will_v look_v upon_o this_o as_o the_o most_o inestimable_a privilege_n as_o that_o without_o which_o it_o be_v impossible_a to_o be_v easie_n or_o happy_a how_o will_v they_o rejoice_v and_o triumph_v when_o they_o shall_v find_v in_o themselves_o no_o disposition_n at_o all_o to_o the_o least_o evil_a no_o possibility_n of_o ever_o incur_v the_o gild_n of_o it_o 2._o as_o the_o bless_a spirit_n will_v find_v in_o themselves_o a_o total_a freedom_n from_o all_o sin_n so_o they_o will_v be_v absolute_o and_o perfect_o determine_v to_o every_o thing_n that_o be_v best_a always_o choose_v approve_v and_o delight_v in_o that_o which_o be_v good_n they_o will_v find_v themselves_o entere_v upon_o a_o state_n of_o divine_a contemplation_n love_n and_o imitation_n be_v whole_o take_v up_o in_o adore_v the_o infinite_a perfection_n of_o the_o divine_a nature_n and_o will_v be_v surprise_v at_o those_o great_a and_o marvellous_a thing_n which_o god_n have_v do_v for_o they_o they_o will_v obey_v with_o vigour_n and_o praise_v with_o cheerfulness_n and_o love_n without_o measure_n and_o trust_v without_o dispondency_n and_o fear_v without_o torment_n and_o all_o this_o without_o any_o reluctance_n weariness_n or_o intermission_n in_o a_o word_n they_o will_v perceive_v a_o divine_a nature_n wrought_v in_o themselves_o that_o they_o be_v like_o god_n in_o point_n of_o purity_n as_o well_o as_o immortality_n and_o how_o bless_v how_o infinite_o bless_a be_v they_o who_o be_v in_o such_o a_o state_n 3._o another_o great_a and_o essential_a ingredient_n of_o the_o happiness_n of_o the_o saint_n depart_v be_v this_o that_o they_o be_v enter_v into_o a_o state_n of_o perfect_a peace_n and_o friendship_n they_o be_v admit_v into_o the_o society_n of_o saint_n and_o angel_n where_o there_o be_v no_o fear_n or_o possibility_n of_o any_o future_a discord_n and_o contention_n where_o there_o be_v no_o selfishness_n or_o envy_n no_o contrary_a humour_n or_o divide_v interest_n but_o all_o of_o they_o love_n god_n above_o all_o and_o every_o one_o love_v each_o other_o as_o himself_o it_o be_v the_o sense_n of_o mutual_a friendship_n which_o make_v this_o world_n a_o tolerable_a habitation_n and_o it_o be_v the_o sense_n of_o universal_a immutable_a friendship_n which_o will_v render_v that_o other_o world_n a_o state_n of_o incomparable_a pleasure_n and_o blessedness_n but_o 4._o another_o fruit_n or_o effect_v of_o good_a work_n in_o respect_n of_o holy_a soul_n in_o their_o state_n of_o separation_n from_o their_o body_n may_v reasonable_o be_v suppose_v to_o be_v hope_v which_o i_o the_o rather_o mention_v because_o it_o be_v the_o opinion_n of_o many_o ancient_a father_n of_o the_o church_n and_o be_v since_o receive_v by_o protestant_n of_o eminence_n and_o worth_n mortem_fw-la worth_n v._o lud._n capel_n de_fw-fr stat._n anim._n post_fw-la mortem_fw-la by_o which_o they_o do_v not_o understand_v such_o a_o hope_n as_o man_n have_v here_o upon_o earth_n a_o hope_n which_o ebb_v and_o flow_v a_o fluctuate_a waver_a inconstant_a hope_n found_v upon_o uncertain_a opinion_n and_o probable_a conjecture_n mix_v with_o fear_n and_o diffidence_n attend_v with_o impatience_n discontent_a and_o weariness_n no_o the_o hope_n of_o the_o saint_n depart_v this_o life_n be_v a_o firm_a secure_a unshaken_a immutable_a certain_a hope_n without_o any_o mixture_n of_o suspicion_n murmur_v or_o fear_n of_o disappointment_n found_v in_o much_o clear_a apprehension_n and_o large_a communication_n of_o god_n love_n and_o favour_n to_o they_o and_o assurance_n of_o their_o love_n to_o he_o than_o be_v either_o vouchsafe_v or_o be_v attainable_a in_o this_o frail_a mortal_a state_n the_o principal_a object_n of_o which_o hope_n or_o the_o thing_n hope_v for_o they_o suppose_v to_o be_v the_o resurrection_n of_o the_o body_n at_o the_o last_o day_n when_o they_o shall_v be_v admit_v to_o the_o beatific_a vision_n in_o the_o high_a heaven_n the_o place_n of_o the_o more_o immediate_a residence_n of_o the_o divine_a majesty_n and_o glory_n where_o they_o shall_v behold_v god_n and_o christ_n not_o 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d as_o some_o of_o they_o speak_v as_o in_o a_o vision_n or_o through_o a_o cloud_n at_o a_o distance_n but_o face_n to_o face_n as_o he_o be_v receive_v the_o full_a communication_n of_o his_o love_n and_o glory_n and_o this_o they_o collect_v from_o all_o those_o passage_n of_o holy_a scripture_n which_o speak_v of_o the_o great_a and_o final_a day_n of_o judgement_n as_o the_o great_a and_o joyful_a day_n the_o day_n of_o mercy_n and_o forgiveness_n rest_v and_o refresh_n joy_n and_o gladness_n redemption_n and_o salvation_n reward_n and_o crown_n and_o indeed_o though_o there_o be_v no_o doubt_n that_o the_o saint_n rest_n in_o hope_n of_o a_o glorious_a resurrection_n and_o a_o immortal_a crown_n and_o though_o from_o such_o text_n it_o may_v with_o great_a probability_n be_v infer_v that_o the_o happiness_n of_o depart_a soul_n be_v but_o initial_a and_o partial_a and_o less_o perfect_a than_o it_o will_v be_v at_o the_o resurrection_n and_o after_o the_o final_a judgement_n when_o they_o shall_v be_v clothe_v upon_o with_o their_o heavenly_a house_n body_n fashion_v like_o to_o christ_n most_o glorious_a body_n yet_o with_o submission_n i_o conceive_v such_o passage_n do_v not_o necessary_o prove_v that_o the_o spirit_n of_o just_a man_n be_v not_o immediate_o admit_v into_o heaven_n as_o it_o import_v not_o only_o a_o state_n but_o a_o place_n of_o magnificence_n and_o transcendent_a glory_n but_o suppose_v this_o alone_a shall_v be_v the_o principal_a part_n of_o their_o blessedness_n yet_o even_o this_o in_o the_o account_n of_o every_o good_a man_n will_v appear_v very_o great_a such_o as_o exact_v our_o best_a care_n and_o endeavour_n to_o attain_v to_o it_o to_o rest_v in_o hope_n a_o hope_n which_o can_v be_v disappoint_v of_o a_o glorious_a resurrection_n to_o a_o immortal_a crown_n to_o have_v as_o it_o be_v the_o glister_a morning_n ray_n of_o that_o bless_a day_n break_v in_o upon_o they_o and_o to_o have_v the_o prospect_n of_o that_o bright_a eternal_a crown_n which_o at_o that_o day_n shall_v be_v set_v upon_o their_o head_n represent_v to_o they_o will_v fill_v the_o bless_a spirit_n with_o present_a exultancie_n and_o incessant_a triumph_n cause_v they_o to_o break_v out_o into_o halelujah_n and_o song_n of_o praise_n to_o the_o god_n and_o father_n of_o our_o lord_n jesus_n christ_n 4._o 1_o pet._n 1.3_o 4._o who_o according_a to_o his_o abundant_a mercy_n have_v beget_v they_o again_o to_o a_o lively_a hope_n by_o the_o resurrection_n of_o jesus_n christ_n from_o the_o dead_a to_o a_o inheritance_n incorruptable_a and_o undefiled_a that_o fade_v not_o away_o reserve_v in_o heaven_n for_o they_o 5._o last_o the_o work_n of_o good_a man_n do_v so_o follow_v or_o accompany_v they_o into_o their_o future_a state_n as_o through_o the_o mercy_n of_o god_n in_o christ_n to_o procure_v they_o a_o immediate_a admittance_n into_o heaven_n the_o palace_n of_o the_o great_a king_n of_o the_o world_n a_o place_n of_o unspeakable_a majesty_n and_o glory_n solace_n and_o delight_n where_o they_o be_v make_v to_o drink_v of_o those_o river_n of_o pleasure_n which_o be_v at_o god_n right_a hand_n for_o evermore_o and_o in_o this_o i_o think_v i_o speak_v agreeable_o to_o the_o tenor_n of_o holy_a scripture_n the_o more_o general_a belief_n of_o the_o ancient_n and_o the_o sense_n of_o the_o best_a reform_a protestant_a church_n our_o own_o church_n in_o particular_a which_o have_v express_o teach_v we_o that_o death_n that_o v._o hom._n against_o the_o fear_n of_o death_n death_n deliver_v we_o from_o our_o body_n send_v we_o straight_o home_o into_o our_o country_n and_o make_v we_o to_o dwell_v present_o with_o god_n for_o ever_o in_o everlasting_a rest_n and_o quietness_n and_o again_o prayer_n again_o v._o hom._n of_o prayer_n as_o the_o scripture_n teach_v let_v we_o think_v that_o the_o soul_n of_o man_n pass_v out_o of_o the_o body_n go_v straightway_o either_o to_o heaven_n or_o else_o to_o hell_n which_o doctrine_n be_v ground_v upon_o