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A35544 The white robe, or, The undefiled Christian clothed in a vvhite garment held forth in a farewel sermon / preached by Mr. Joseph Caryl at Magnus, August the 17, 1662. Caryl, Joseph, 1602-1673. 1662 (1662) Wing C789; ESTC R7475 10,208 22

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so with them that the Lord shall clear up their credit and reputation and they shall walk in white in honor before the men of the world 6 of Revelations and the 11. verse where the Souls under the Altar are spoken of who were miserably used in this World white Robes were given them to every one of them that is their evidences were cleered This may teach us the readiest way to the white robe to the robe of honor it is to keep us from being defiled with sinful practices certainly they who please God he can make the world to honor them if God approve us he can make the world approve us too yet we must not think to have all men speak well of us yet this we may say if we keep our garments undefiled we shall walk in white in the eyes of men if God see our garments in the dirt and spotted with the filth of the world it will spoil the honor we should have in the world as it was said of Arius when his garments were defiled they called him Satanarius that is to say devillish thus it may be for the Lord hath a time to take our good name from us to cause our light of honor to be taken from us And as he hath caused us to walk in the white of honor in the world so he doth sometimes cause us to walk in reproach with the world they who defile their garments loose their honor with men and they loose their joy they should have hereafter 2 Mal 9. ver You have departed from my law therefore will I make you contemptible in the eyes of all men It is a design of the spirit of wickedness to draw men to sin that they may upbraid them that I conceive is the sense of the Apostle in the 6. of Galatians 13. For neither they themselves who are circumcised keep the law but desire to have you circumcised that they might glory in your flesh saith he oh there are some of this wicked spirit that would draw men to such and such wickedness not that they joy in their returning but that they might glory in their flesh when as they who stand fast do even force a good testimony from their enemies So it was the unhappy chance of Cranmer the Pope did perswade him to subscribe and did he get any honor by it No truly they did upbraid him and reproach him and so he had dyed in a raving condition had not the Lord been merciful to him I remember a speech of St. Austin about drinking of Healths Oh say they 't is upon the Kings Birth-day and we cannot avoid it if we deny it say they we shall be reproached and scorned of all men He gives them many answers to it but one as I remember was this God will so work that if you wont comply with them they in their hearts will honor you and whereas if you did comply with them they would dishonor you and say you were base spirited That is one thing of this point that keeping close to Jesus Christ will get you this Reward you shall walk with him in the white of honor they shall walk in the white of honor with his people and it may be with the world too 2. They shall walk in white in the white of peace and joy and inward comfort I shewed you in the opening of the Text how the Scripture calls that walking in white then the point is this What ever becomes of the other white of honor in the world they shall be sure of this that abundance of peace and joy and comfort shall possess their souls that keep their garments white they shall walk in the inward white of joy and peace with Jesus Christ and this is a blessed reward Indeed now this joy this white of joy arises in the soul three ways 1. From the testimony of their own consciences Oh they who have a good testimony from their own consciences walk in white 2 Corin 1 chap. verse 12. We have this for our rejoycing the testimony of our consciences that in all simplicity and godly sincerity we have our conversation in heaven that is walking in white this is our rejoycing our conscience speaks well of us and kindly to us and who is able to express the sweetness of this thing None can know what this is but they that have it as it is said of the New Name written upon the white stone 2 Revelations 17. 'T is a thing beyond expression what the joy and peace of a good conscience is Now this I say that our white garments and our walking in white ariseth from the testimony of our consciences 2. As from the testimony of our consciences so from that testimony which is greater than our consciences the Spirit the shedding abroad of Divine Love thus it is with those that do not defile their garments but endure any thing rather than defile their garments Romans 5. third fourth and fifth verses And not onely so but we glory in Tribulations knowing tribulations worketh patience and patience experience and experience hope and hope maketh not ashamed and whence was all this because of the Holy Ghost which was given to us this causeth joy unspeakable The Spirit it self beareth witness with our spirits that we are the children of God This witness doth cause wonderful joy much more than the witness of our own consciences 3 This joy doth arise from that well-grounded Hope which that soul hath that keeps himself clean hope of enjoying Heaven at last hope of future glory is our present joy 5. Romans 2. verse By whom also we have aress by faith into his grace even we stand and rejoyce in hope of the glory of God Now they who keep their garments white have good ground of hope of the love of God therefore this must needs cause them to walk comfortably as they who have this hope puri●…e themselves so they who purifie themselves have good ground of their hope and therein great cause to rejoyce 1 Pet. 1 5 6. who are kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation ready to be revealed in the last times wherein ye greatly rejoyce though now for a season if need be ye are in heaviness through many temptations We walk in white in hope we have of that Inheritance now lay these three things together If they who keep their garments undefiled have the testimony of their own consciences and the testimony of the Spirit shedding the Love of God in their hearts and a well-grounded hope of future glory how can it be but these must walk in white with Iesus Christ that is in comfort and joy of the Spirit and of their own spirits Thus David walked he had abundance of joy upon his conscience of his own integrity and of keeping his heart and hands clean from those iniquities his enemies charged him with Psalm verse 3. The Lord shall judge his people Judge me O Lord according to my righteousness