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A19265 A godlie sermon, preached on Newe yeeres day last before Sir William Fitzwilliam knight, late lord deputie of Irelande, Sir Iames Harrington knight, their ladyes and children, vvith many others, at Burghley in Rutlande. By the minister of God Anthony Anderson. Hereto is added a very profitable forme of prayer, good for all such as passe the seas: by the same author framed, and vsed in his aduentured iourney. Anderson, Anthony, d. 1593. 1576 (1576) STC 568; ESTC S108500 29,532 74

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Christe but it is the worke of God in him The order also in our conuersion to the Lorde is excellent The Father geueth to his Christe those whiche shall be called The holy Ghost he giueth into their hartes whom he hath predestinate to lyfe which spirite graffeth them into Christe who by his blood doth wash their soules from sinne and by the same his spirite doth forme them in his fayth whose Gospell he writeth in their hartes and sheedeth his loue into their consciences so that they walke in newnes of lyfe because they are taken vp and the olde man in them cast downe and as newe creatures they follow their leader Christe into the steppes besitting their condition These are they whiche are theodidaktoi all taught of god This elegant order is described at large by the Prophet Ezechiell in this sort A newe hart vvill I geue you and a new spirite vvill I put vvithin you I vvill take away the stony hart out of your body and vvill geue you an hart of flesh and I vvill put my spirite vvithin you and cause you to vvalke in my statutes and you shall keepe my iudgements and do thē And a little after I vvill be your God and you shall be my people And agayne thus Then shall ye remember your owne vvicked vvayes and your deedes vvhiche vvere not good and shall iudge your selues vvorthy to haue bene destroyed for your iniquities and abhominations Be it knowne to you that J doo not this for your sakes sayth the Lord God therefore be ashamed and confounded for your owne vvayes And Paule to the Romanes hath it thus Those which he knew before he also predestinate to be made like to the image of his sonne that he might be the first borne among many brethren Moreouer Whom he predestinate them also he called and whom he called them also he iustified and vvhom he iustified them also he glorified This is the golden gifte of god thus is oure newe creation lincked in this precious chayne The celestiall god hath inwardly beyonde tyme predestinate and created his people to the likenesse of hys sonne and hath by his holy spirite sealed them to him selfe and by thexternal Organ his holy worde through the ministerie of preaching in their seuerall times hath he called his sheepe to the knowledge of their shepheard Christ and state in him and by his bloody death hath iustified them before and with his supernaturall power hath made them glorious with the Angels So our conuersion as it is by the Lord so is it by his spirite and gospell wrought in vs Howe necessarie then the office of preaching is you see it is the instrumentall cause of our conuersion How miserable that place is which wanteth preaching may you perceyue by the glory that commeth through dayly teaching Christ by the truth in his word For this cause Christe so often Iohn Baptist so diligentlye the Prophetes seuerely the Apostles moste playnelye the Pastours and spirituall shepeheards in Gods Churche nowe moste comfortablye doe offer and exhibite vnto you the trueth of God to tourne your heartes By the preaching of the worde the worlde from tyme to tyme hath bene wonne to Christe the sonne of God and by the same the Gentiles are conuerted into him hereby this nation is chaunged into truth and Popery ouerthrowen by this shall the hartes of the children he turned to the fayth of their fathers in God and the Reprobate shall heerewith be condemned And this propertie Dauid giueth to the worde The Lawe of the Lorde sayth he conuerteth the soule the testimonie of the Lorde is faythfull and giueth light vnto the eyes The necessitie of teaching Paul preacheth to be great woe vnto me if I preache not sayth he where preaching fayleth the people perish sayth Salomon Fayth commeth by hearing of the word of God sayth Paule to the Romaines without fayth can not a man please God by faith we shall be more then conquerours he that beleeueth shall be saued but he that beleeueth not shall be damned sayth our doctor Christe Fayth is brought by hearing hearing wayteth of the Preacher the Preacher is dombe vnlesse he be sent pray therefore the Lorde of truth to send more store of true paynfull Preachers into this Churche of Englande and this shire and conuert in mercy or confound by Iustice these dombe Dogges whiche can not barke these watchemen whiche can not see these ydol shepheards which eyther can not or will nor feede the hungry Lambes of Gods holy Church and shepefold of this nation O Lord graunt this for thy Christ our chiefe shepheards sake Now deare freends examine your selues here present Is this holy chaunge wrought in you maye I say vnto you with Paule Ye were sometime Gentiles ye vvere dead in sinne ye vvere without God in this lyfe But you hath he quickened you hath he called you that were no people hath he nowe made the people of God you are no more straungers and forreners but Citizens with the Saincts and of the housholde of God buylt not vpon the Romishe rocke but vpon the doctrine of the Apostles and Prophetes Iesus Christe him selfe beeing the head corner stone in whom my brethren if you be by his spirite grafted and buylt you shall growe to an holy temple in the lord I trust to you I may say thus Ye were Gentiles but you are Christians of the cheefest I knowe it of the rest I haue great cause to thinke it and therfore with great comfort in God I proceede to the second point He leadeth vs in the pathes of righteousnes for his names sake In God is our conuersion in him also is the continuance of our vpright walking before him First of vs is here to be noted a double righteousnes whervnto we are brought by Christ The first is the righteousnes of Christ for vs to the Father The seconde is the righteousnes of man by Christe and is the worthy walking in holines of lyfe without ceassing The righteousnesse of Christ for vs consisteth in the person of him selfe who for vs hath so answered the fathers full iustice in his iuste sacrifice and hath so incorporate vs into him selfe by fayth throughe his spirite that the same his righteousnesse is accompted for ours so that though we by nature are wicked yet in respecte of his grace we are sanctified and iust in the sight of God whose it is to saue and to condemne Of this iustification or righteousnes Paule speaketh thus God sending his owne son downe in the similitude of sinfull fleshe for sinne condemned sinne in the fleshe that the righteousnesse of the lawe might be fulfilled in vs which walke not after the fleshe but after the spirite The seconde righteousnesse is the dayly walking in newnes of lyfe which is of euery man required that thus by the Lord is iustified The grace of God sayth Paule that bringeth saluation
vnto all men appeared and teacheth vs that we shoulde deny vngodlynesse and worldly lustes and that we should lyue soberly and righteously and godly in this worlde loking for the blessed hope and appearing of the glory of the mightie God and of our Sauiour Iesus Christe who gaue him selfe for vs that he might redeeme vs from all iniquitie and purge vs to be a peculiar people vnto him selfe zealous of good workes Into both of these Christe leadeth vs for of our selues we are vnapt inable and moste vnworthy had we power to enter into the firste to winne the latter Dayly we be looking backe from the plough where vnto we are brought by Christ therefore vnapte of oure selues to his kingdome wee haue not so much power as to think a good thought but that sufficiencie which seemeth to be in any of vs the same is of God who doth both beginne the worke of God and performe the same in vs The better learned we be in God the more fully we see our vnworthines to be accompted members of his righteousnes As the Prophet Ezechiell sayth I will deliuer you from all your filthines c. Then shall yee remember your own wickednes and your deedes that were not good shall iudge your selues worthy to haue bene destroyed Zacheus was the best disposed man in that people and the more graces he had with the Centurion the more vnworthy he thought him selfe of Christes presence at his house but beeing comforted by Christ he tooke most ioy therein Finally let vs note the valor of this worde He leadeth vs. That we are righteous before God it is that Christe our shepheard leadeth vs by his spirite and fayth vnto the throne of grace where he presenteth vs as deare children to God his father and teacheth vs to crye vnto him Abba deare father Into which state by his spirite brought we firmely see our saluation to rest in him and that we are sealed to the Lordes saluation Yea and the witnes euen Gods holy spirite from that Throne is set strongly in our harts and within vs doth beare witnes against Satan sinne and the worlde that following our God by the fayth of Christ we are become his children so righteous that no man can condēne vs because our god hath in his Christe set vs free To the seconde he leadeth vs in him selfe first as Peter sayth Christ suffered for vs leauing vs an example that we should followe his steps vvho did no sinne neyther vvas there any guyle founde in his mouth vvho vvhen he vvas reuiled reuiled not agayne vvhen he suffred he threatned not but committed it to him that iudgeth righteously Secondly by his holy spirite he conducteth vs into all goodnes For eyther are we lead by Satan and fleshe vnto euill or by his spirite and grace into all godlynes In our selues there is no power of passing to good or will to stay from euill Of whom soeuer a man is ouercome his seruaunt he is sayth the Apostle whether of sinne vnto death or of grace vnto lyfe And those which be the sonnes of God are lead by the spirite of God and strengthned in the inner man Christ dwelleth in their harts by faith they are rooted and grounded in the loue of God they are by Christ coupled one to another in him through him they receiue the increase of the spirituall body edify one another and therefore they walke not as other Gentiles or them selues earst did in the vanitie of their mynde with darkened cogitations in blynde hipocrisie but they caste of the old man and passed conuersation and being thus renued they put on the newe which is created in righteousnes true holines after the will of God. Thus they folow by the spirite the commaundement of Paule in Christ saying Be ye followers of God as deare childrē And him self going before hath giuen vs a rule to measure the saintes imitatiō saying Folow you me as J folowe Christ The Lord graunt vs his grace and spirituall strength by prosperitie and aduersitie sycknes and health lyfe death thus to folow our leader and pastor Christe Iesus in true holinesse and righteousnes before him all the daies of this our present lyfe I dwell in speche to teach the sheepe of God onely and therefore I leaue to set you forth the pathes of the wicked goates whiche knowe not God nor can be accepted of him They runne through the pleasures of this lyfe and lyue at luste till death do sūmon their soules to the tribunal throne whence they are caste to euerlastinge torments and woe But or we passe this verse we ought depely to consider the conclusion of Dauids words which are This hee doth for his names sake From the beginning the godly haue felt his defending and guiding hande by his spirite they haue bene fedde and ledde the wayes to lyue in him but neuer was there any one or could the worthines of all being layd vp into one lumpe demerite the lest his benefits or euer challenge cause beyonde his owne names sake to moue his so greate mercy to his chosen churche and children For his names sake he hath conuerted and ledde vs that is for his owne glories sake and not our worthynesse hath hee thus blessed vs Then thus the Prophet sayth That the Lorde is our shepheard that he hathe chosen vs from the wicked woorlde to be of the nomber of his elect children and sheepe of his pasture that he temporally feedeth vs that he by his spirite and the ministerie of his gospell conuerteth vs that he maketh vs righteous before his Father in him and leadeth vs by the hande into all godly actions and christian lyfe that he conducteth vs into safetie from the furie of our crooked foes and euery way blesseth vs it is not for the excellencie of our beautie for that is but grasse not for our righteousnes for that is to his eyes as a filthy mēstrous cloth But it is for the same cause wherwith he hath euer bin prouoked and that is for his owne glories sake So haue the Fathers from time to time confessed condemning them selues for sinne and accepting his benefites for his mercye sake and his holy names sake This is that the Prophet would haue vs to reste in when he sayth that the name of god is a strong Towre of defence For his names sake he will leade vs and nourish vs for his great names sake he will not forsake his people and for his names sake he will farre hence remoue his anger from vs The same shall cause him to preserue his truth among the gentiles And that he continueth his gospell our gracious Queene and this quiet gouerment ouer vs it is not for our worthynesse who be all for our dayly sinnes most vnworthy of his mercyes as the Lorde for euer speaketh to all fleshe thus Be it knowne vnto
forsaken or his seede begging their breade Helias following his vocation was forsaken of all men but dayly fed of God by the rauenous Crowes the poore wydowes meale when the riche gluttons of Israell were pined for want of necessarie foode Daniell seeking chiefly the glory of our God is cast into the hungry Lyons den in deede but preserued to lyue and to him is sent the prophet Abacucke with his dinner many a myle by the guide of an Angell The Iewes which folowe Christ into the wildernes are of him miraculously fed And to all is this promise gyuen Seeke first the kindome of God and the righteousnes therof and all other thinges shall be mynistred vnto you Now as concerning that the Lord frameth his peoples harts to be contented with their estate Paule for the body of the whole churche sayeth thus I haue learned in what state soeuer I am therwith to be content I can be abased I can aboūde euery where in all things I am instructed both to be full to be hungry to a bound and to haue want The wicked many tymes do florishe as the greene bay tree and haue the worlde at will great store of welth for them selues and childrē so that their sonne sonnes doo feede of the elder gotten bread but withall they haue their portion in this lyfe and after that can see no further cōforts And though the godly contrary do feele many wants and seeme in mans conceipt vtterly to decay yet far other is their state then externall shewe doth tell For the Lord is their sheperde whē they seeme to dye they lyue they are chastened but not killed they seeme in sorow to be swallowed vp but they alway reioyce they seeme poore but yet they make many rich depriued so of worldly comforts seeming to haue nothing they notwithstāding possesse all things Likewise their ende is farre otherwise then the worldly riche For the Lorde dealeth with them as the noble man with his fatted Oxe when he is well fedde is by the slaughter man committed to the axe of death his noble sonne abydeth many sharp yirkes and correcting blowes and after that enioyeth his fathers possessions Euen so the wicked in wealth are wrapped with Diues in hell and the beloued though payned Lazarus is caried by seruice of Angels into our heauenly Fathers kingdome our Christes inheritaunce belonging to the iust This is the marke that Dauid shooteth at when he sayth I shall not want It followeth He shall make me to rest in greene pasture he leadeth me by the styll vvaters All things necessarie shall the Lorde geue me sayth Dauid and that in no base sort or shall any trouble molest my feeding for I shal quietly be guyded and my prosperitie shall be continuing alwayes florishing greene and at no tyme dry or withered neyther shall his blessinges be taken from me with the rage of wicked men but as the shepe of her selfe weake needeth resting place and quiet riuers so shall all thinges come to the best and to my hartes desire in him But beloued in Christ our shepheard is spiritual therfore our pasture must be answerable and it is set downe to vs by our master Pastor thus He that heareth my vvorde and beleeueth on him that sent me hath eternall lyfe and he shall not come into iudgement but hath passed from death vnto lyfe Heere is the pasture of life the gospell of God The rest for mans soule fayth in God through Christe The still waters the holye spirite whiche dothe pacifie the troubled conscience and quietly establisheth vs in Christe who freeth vs from the Fathers iuslice the sentence of eternall death and giueth vs hys glorious Crowne and heauenly kingdome our inheritaunce in him Come to this pasture feede on this bread rest in this power drinke of this water So shall you no more thirst after the filthy puddles of Popishe poysoned Cuppes For in your selues by this spirite of Christe shall abundant riuers of spirituall goodnes flowe out of you that all men seeing your good workes may bee prouoked to prayse the Lorde This God graunt you for his sonne our sauiour Christ his sake Amen He shall conuert my soule leade me in the pathes of righteousnes for his names sake Three especiall thinges in this verse the Prophet teacheth moste notably Firste that we are by nature stubborne and estraunged from the nature belonging the sheepe of god Secondly that after regeneration by the spirite there remayneth yet in vs such matter of massy sinne that vnable we be to walke the pathes belonging to the children of god and therefore it behoueth vs to haue a leader into righteousnes Thirdly as many be the falles by sinne which Satan and the fleshe procureth to vs So sundrie be the fruites of the godly In whiche vertues as in sinne Satan seeketh our ouerthrowe if so he can make vs to reste in them as eyther satisfactorie to God or meritorious for their valor But the Lord by his Prophet here preacheth that our conuersion to god our walking dayly in godlynes is from by the Lorde and that also not for any preuenting foreknowne or succeeding graces in vs but only soly for hys names sake He shall conuerte my soule sayth Dauid The roote of the Tree beeing sounde and good feedeth hir braunches to hir fruitfull life So the soule of mans principall substaunce beeing made whole sounde can not but geue life to the whole body In this braunche also we are to note that vnles the inwarde man be turned vnto God thexternall partes can be but hipocriticall and seruing time So the Nobles in Ioash Court during the dayes of the good Byshop Jehoiada seemed moste religious but death had no sooner depriued the godly of this Priestes life then they diswaded the Prince to their earst ydolatrie perswaded they him Many be the mouthes that nowe confesse them selues changed frō Popish life but God continue our noble Elizabethes raigne and the Gospell safe progresse els doubt I that stormy dayes would sterue the smal store of liuing grace in many Englishe hartes of sundry callings But who so is turned in hart and minde vnfaignedly he ioyeth the dayes of dangerous death and soroweth to see the worldly solace the cause no doubt of all infinite woes He hateth that he loued first he lotheth at his former lyfe he is ashamed of sinne he casteth off from him the works of darknes and confessing Christe with his lippes because he beleeueth on him in harte he dayly walketh in the pathes of righteousnes after his leader Christ our lord And here with me note good Auditorie who it is that doth conuert mans soule him selfe or some other the Lorde our Shepheard Dauid sayth it is He shal conuert my soule In that we are conuerted it is not our action or in our power is it to become the sheepe of