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A04118 Articles of religion agreed vpon by the archbishops, and bishops, and the rest of the clergie of Ireland, in the conuocation holden at Dublin in the yeare of our Lord God 1615. for the auoyding of diuersities of opinions: and the establishing of concent touching true religion.; Articles. 1615 Church of Ireland. 1628 (1628) STC 14261; ESTC S107433 14,133 38

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faith_n of_o eternal_a salvation_n to_o be_v enjoy_v through_o christ_n as_o because_o it_o do_v fervent_o kindle_v their_o love_n towards_o god_n and_o on_o the_o contrary_a side_n for_o curious_a and_o carnal_a person_n lack_v the_o spirit_n of_o christ_n to_o have_v continual_o before_o their_o eye_n the_o sentence_n of_o god_n predestination_n be_v very_o dangerous_a article_n 17_o we_o must_v receive_v god_n promise_n in_o such_o wise_a as_o they_o be_v general_o set_v forth_o unto_o we_o in_o holy_a scripture_n and_o in_o our_o do_n that_o will_v of_o god_n be_v to_o be_v follow_v which_o we_o have_v express_o declare_v unto_o we_o in_o the_o word_n of_o god_n of_o the_o creation_n and_o government_n of_o all_o thing_n article_n 18_o in_o the_o beginning_n of_o time_n when_o no_o creature_n have_v any_o be_v god_n by_o his_o word_n alone_o in_o the_o space_n of_o six_o day_n create_v all_o thing_n and_o afterward_o by_o his_o providence_n do_v continue_v propagate_v and_o order_v they_o according_a to_o his_o own_o will_n article_n 19_o the_o principal_a creature_n be_v angel_n &_o men._n article_n 20_o of_o angel_n some_o continue_v in_o that_o holy_a state_n wherein_o they_o be_v create_v and_o be_v by_o god_n grace_n for_o ever_o establish_v therein_o other_o fell_a from_o the_o same_o and_o be_v reserve_v in_o chain_n of_o darkness_n unto_o the_o judgement_n of_o the_o great_a day_n article_n 21_o man_n be_v at_o the_o beginning_n create_v according_a to_o the_o image_n of_o god_n which_o consist_v especial_o in_o the_o wisdom_n of_o his_o mind_n and_o the_o true_a holiness_n of_o his_o freewill_n have_v the_o covenant_n of_o the_o law_n ingraft_v in_o his_o heart_n whereby_o god_n do_v promise_n unto_o he_o everlasting_a life_n upon_o condition_n that_o he_o perform_v entire_a and_o perfect_a obedience_n unto_o his_o commandment_n according_a to_o that_o measure_n of_o strength_n wherewith_o he_o be_v endue_v in_o his_o creation_n and_o threaten_a death_n unto_o he_o if_o he_o do_v not_o perform_v the_o same_o of_o the_o fall_n of_o man_n original_a sin_n and_o the_o state_n of_o man_n before_o justification_n article_n 22_o by_o one_o man_n sin_n enter_v into_o the_o world_n and_o death_n by_o sin_n and_o so_o death_n go_v over_o all_o man_n for_o as_o much_o as_o all_o have_v sin_v article_n 23_o original_a sin_n stand_v not_o in_o the_o imitation_n of_o adam_n as_o the_o pelagian_o dream_n but_o be_v the_o fault_n and_o corruption_n of_o the_o nature_n of_o every_o person_n that_o natural_o be_v engender_v and_o propagate_v from_o adam_n whereby_o it_o come_v to_o pass_v that_o man_n be_v deprive_v of_o original_a righteousness_n and_o by_o nature_n be_v bend_v unto_o sin_n and_o therefore_o in_o every_o person_n bear_v into_o the_o world_n it_o deserve_v god_n wrath_n and_o damnation_n article_n 24_o this_o corruption_n of_o nature_n do_v remain_v even_o in_o those_o that_o be_v regenerate_v whereby_o the_o flesh_n always_o lu_v against_o the_o spirit_n and_o can_v be_v make_v subject_a to_o the_o law_n of_o god_n and_o how_o soever_o for_o christ_n sake_n there_o be_v no_o condemnation_n to_o such_o as_o be_v regenerate_v and_o do_v believe_v yet_o do_v the_o apostle_n acknowledge_v that_o in_o itself_o this_o concupiscence_n have_v the_o nature_n of_o sin_n article_n 25_o the_o condition_n of_o man_n after_o the_o fall_n of_o adam_n be_v such_o that_o he_o can_v turn_v and_o prepare_v himself_o by_o his_o own_o natural_a strength_n and_o good_a work_n to_o faith_n and_o call_v upon_o god_n wherefore_o we_o have_v no_o power_n to_o do_v good_a work_n please_v &_o acceptable_a unto_o god_n without_o the_o grace_n of_o god_n prevent_v we_o that_o we_o may_v have_v a_o good_a will_n and_o work_v with_o we_o when_o we_o have_v that_o good_a will_n article_n 26_o work_n do_v before_o the_o grace_n of_o christ_n and_o the_o inspiration_n of_o his_o spirit_n be_v not_o please_v unto_o god_n for_o as_o much_o as_o they_o spring_v not_o of_o faith_n in_o jesus_n christ_n neither_o do_v they_o make_v man_n meet_v to_o receive_v grace_n or_o as_o the_o schoole-author_n say_v deserve_v grace_n of_o congruity_n yea_o rather_o for_o that_o they_o be_v not_o do_v in_o such_o sort_n as_o god_n have_v will_v and_o command_v they_o to_o be_v do_v we_o doubt_v not_o but_o they_o be_v sinful_a article_n 27_o all_o sin_n be_v not_o equal_a but_o some_o far_o more_o heinous_a than_o other_o yet_o the_o very_a lest_o be_v of_o its_o own_o nature_n mortal_a and_o without_o god_n mercy_n make_v the_o offendor_n liable_a unto_o everlasting_a damnation_n article_n 28_o god_n be_v not_o the_o author_n of_o sin_n howbeit_o he_o do_v not_o only_o permit_v but_o also_o by_o his_o providence_n govern_v &_o order_v the_o same_o guide_v it_o in_o such_o sort_n by_o his_o infinite_a wisdom_n as_o it_o turn_v to_o the_o manifestation_n of_o his_o own_o glory_n and_o to_o the_o good_a of_o his_o elect._n of_o christ_n the_o mediator_n of_o the_o second_o covenant_n article_n 29_o the_o son_n which_o be_v the_o word_n of_o the_o father_n beget_v from_o everlasting_a of_o the_o father_n the_o true_a and_o eternal_a god_n of_o one_o substance_n with_o the_o father_n take_v man_n nature_n in_o the_o womb_n of_o the_o bless_a virgin_n of_o her_o substance_n so_o that_o two_o whole_a and_o perfect_a nature_n that_o be_v to_o say_v the_o godhead_n and_o manhood_n be_v inseparable_o join_v in_o one_o person_n make_v one_o christ_n very_a god_n and_o very_a man_n article_n 30_o christ_n in_o the_o truth_n of_o our_o nature_n be_v make_v like_o unto_o we_o in_o all_o thing_n sin_n only_o except_v from_o which_o he_o be_v clear_o void_a both_o in_o his_o life_n &_o in_o his_o nature_n he_o come_v as_o a_o lamb_n without_o spot_n to_o take_v away_o the_o sin_n of_o the_o world_n by_o the_o sacrifice_n of_o himself_o once_o make_v and_o sin_n as_o s._n john_n say_v be_v not_o in_o he_o he_o fulfil_v the_o law_n for_o we_o perfect_o for_o our_o sake_n he_o endure_v most_o grievous_a torment_n immediate_o in_o his_o soul_n and_o most_o painful_a suffering_n in_o his_o body_n he_o be_v crucify_v and_o die_v to_o reconcile_v his_o father_n unto_o we_o and_o to_o be_v a_o sacrifice_n not_o only_o for_o original_a guilt_n but_o also_o for_o all_o our_o actual_a transgression_n he_o be_v bury_v and_o descend_v into_o hell_n and_o the_o three_o day_n rise_v from_o the_o dead_a and_o take_v again_o his_o body_n with_o flesh_n bone_n and_o all_o thing_n appertain_v to_o the_o perfection_n of_o man_n nature_n wherewith_o he_o ascend_v into_o heaven_n and_o there_o sit_v at_o the_o right_a hand_n of_o his_o father_n until_o he_o return_v to_o judge_v all_o man_n at_o the_o last_o day_n of_o the_o communicate_v of_o the_o grace_n of_o christ_n article_n 31_o they_o be_v to_o be_v condemn_v that_o presume_v to_o say_v that_o every_o man_n shall_v be_v save_v by_o the_o law_n or_o sect_n which_o he_o profess_v so_o that_o he_o be_v diligent_a to_o frame_v his_o life_n according_a to_o that_o law_n and_o the_o light_n of_o nature_n for_o holy_a scripture_n do_v set_v out_o unto_o we_o only_o the_o name_n of_o jesus_n christ_n whereby_o man_n must_v be_v save_v article_n 32_o none_n can_v come_v unto_o christ_n unless_o it_o be_v give_v unto_o he_o and_o unless_o the_o father_n draw_v he_o and_o all_o man_n be_v not_o so_o draw_v by_o the_o father_n that_o they_o may_v come_v unto_o the_o son_n neither_o be_v there_o such_o a_o sufficient_a measure_n of_o grace_n vouchsafe_v unto_o every_o man_n whereby_o he_o be_v enable_v to_o come_v unto_o everlasting_a life_n article_n 33_o all_o god_n elect_v be_v in_o their_o time_n inseparable_o unite_v unto_o christ_n by_o the_o effectual_a and_o vital_a influence_n of_o the_o holy_a ghost_n derive_v from_o he_o as_o from_o the_o head_n unto_o every_o true_a member_n of_o his_o mystical_a body_n and_o be_v thus_o make_v one_o with_o christ_n they_o be_v true_o regenerate_v and_o make_v partaker_n of_o he_o and_o all_o his_o benefit_n of_o justification_n and_o faith_n article_n 34_o we_o be_v account_v righteous_a before_o god_n only_o for_o the_o merit_n of_o our_o lord_n and_o saviour_n jesus_n christ_n apply_v by_o faith_n and_o not_o for_o our_o own_o work_n or_o merit_n and_o this_o righteousness_n which_o we_o so_o receive_v of_o god_n mercy_n and_o christ_n merit_n embrace_v by_o faith_n be_v take_v accept_v and_o allow_v of_o god_n for_o our_o perfect_a and_o full_a justification_n article_n 35_o although_o this_o justification_n be_v free_a unto_o we_o yet_o it_o come_v not_o so_o free_o unto_o we_o that_o there_o be_v no_o ransom_n pay_v therefore_o at_o all_o god_n show_v his_o great_a mercy_n
of_o flesh_n at_o certain_a time_n and_o day_n appoint_v they_o be_v no_o way_n mean_v to_o be_v religious_a fast_n nor_o intend_v for_o the_o maintenance_n of_o any_o superstition_n in_o the_o choice_n of_o meat_n but_o be_v ground_v mere_o upon_o politic_a consideration_n for_o provision_n of_o thing_n tend_v to_o the_o better_a preservation_n of_o the_o commonwealth_n article_n 51_o we_o must_v not_o fast_o with_o this_o persuasion_n of_o mind_n that_o our_o fast_n can_v bring_v we_o to_o heaven_n or_o ascribe_v holiness_n to_o the_o outward_a work_n wrought_v for_o god_n allow_v not_o our_o fast_n for_o the_o work_n sake_n which_o of_o itself_o be_v a_o thing_n mere_o indifferent_a but_o chief_o respect_v the_o heart_n how_o it_o be_v affect_v therein_o it_o be_v therefore_o requisite_a that_o first_o before_o all_o thing_n we_o cleanse_v our_o heart_n from_o sin_n and_o then_o direct_v our_o fast_n to_o such_o end_n as_o god_n will_v allow_v to_o be_v good_a that_o the_o flesh_n may_v thereby_o be_v chastise_v the_o spirit_n may_v be_v more_o fervent_a in_o prayer_n &_o that_o our_o fast_n may_v be_v a_o testimony_n of_o our_o humble_a submission_n to_o god_n majesty_n when_o we_o acknowledge_v our_o sin_n unto_o he_o and_o be_v inward_o touch_v with_o sorrowfulness_n of_o heart_n bewail_v the_o same_o in_o the_o affliction_n of_o our_o body_n article_n 52_o all_o worship_n devise_v by_o man_n fantasy_n beside_o or_o contrary_n to_o the_o scripture_n as_o wander_v on_o pilgrimage_n set_v up_o of_o candle_n station_n and_o jubily_n pharisaical_a sect_n and_o feign_a religion_n pray_v upon_o bead_n and_o such_o like_a superstition_n have_v not_o only_o no_o promise_n of_o reward_n in_o scripture_n but_o contrariwise_o threaten_n and_o malediction_n article_n 53_o all_o manner_n of_o express_v god_n the_o father_n the_o son_n and_o the_o holy_a ghost_n in_o a_o outward_a form_n be_v utter_o unlawful_a as_o also_o all_o other_o image_n devise_v or_o make_v by_o man_n to_o the_o use_n of_o religion_n article_n 54_o all_o religious_a worship_n ought_v to_o be_v give_v to_o god_n alone_o from_o who_o all_o goodness_n health_n and_o grace_n ought_v to_o be_v both_o ask_v and_o look_v for_o as_o from_o the_o very_a author_n and_o giver_n of_o the_o same_o and_o from_o none_o other_o article_n 55_o the_o name_n of_o god_n be_v to_o be_v use_v with_o all_o reverence_n and_o holy_a respect_n and_o therefore_o all_o vain_a and_o rash_a swear_n be_v utter_o to_o be_v condemn_v yet_o notwithstanding_o upon_o lawful_a occasion_n a_o oath_n may_v be_v give_v and_o take_v according_a to_o the_o word_n of_o god_n justice_n judgement_n and_o truth_n article_n 56_o the_o first_o day_n of_o the_o week_n which_o be_v the_o lord_n day_n be_v whole_o to_o be_v dedicate_v to_o the_o service_n of_o god_n and_o therefore_o we_o be_v bind_v therein_o to_o rest_n from_o our_o common_a and_o daily_a business_n and_o to_o bestow_v that_o leisure_n upon_o holy_a exercise_n both_o public_a and_o private_a of_o the_o civil_a magistrate_n article_n 57_o the_o king_n majesty_n under_o god_n have_v the_o sovereign_n and_o chief_a power_n within_o his_o realm_n and_o dominion_n over_o all_o manner_n person_n of_o what_o estate_n either_o ecclesiastical_a or_o civil_a soever_o they_o be_v so_o as_o no_o other_o foreign_a power_n have_v or_o aught_o to_o have_v any_o superiority_n over_o they_o article_n 58_o we_o do_v profess_v that_o the_o supreme_a government_n of_o all_o estate_n within_o the_o say_a realm_n and_o dominion_n in_o all_o cause_n as_o well_o ecclesiastical_a as_o temporal_a do_v of_o right_a appertain_v to_o the_o king_n highness_n neither_o do_v we_o give_v unto_o he_o hereby_o the_o administration_n of_o the_o word_n &_o sacrament_n or_o the_o power_n of_o the_o key_n but_o that_o prerogative_n only_o which_o we_o see_v to_o have_v be_v always_o give_v unto_o all_o godly_a prince_n in_o holy_a scripture_n by_o god_n himself_o that_o be_v that_o he_o shall_v contain_v all_o estate_n and_o degree_n commit_v to_o his_o charge_n by_o god_n whether_o they_o be_v ecclesiastical_a or_o civil_a within_o their_o duty_n and_o restrain_v the_o stubborn_a and_o evil_a doer_n with_o the_o power_n of_o the_o civil_a sword_n article_n 59_o the_o pope_n neither_o of_o himself_o nor_o by_o any_o authority_n of_o the_o church_n or_o see_v of_o rome_n or_o by_o any_o other_o mean_n with_o any_o other_o have_v any_o power_n or_o authority_n to_o depose_v the_o king_n or_o dispose_v any_o of_o his_o kingdom_n or_o dominion_n or_o to_o authorise_v any_o other_o prince_n to_o invade_v or_o annoy_v he_o or_o his_o country_n or_o to_o discharge_v any_o of_o his_o subject_n of_o their_o allegiance_n and_o obedience_n to_o his_o majesty_n or_o to_o give_v licence_n or_o leave_v to_o any_o of_o they_o to_o bear_v arm_n raise_v tumult_n or_o to_o offer_v any_o violence_n or_o hurt_n to_o his_o royal_a person_n state_n or_o government_n or_o to_o any_o of_o his_o subject_n within_o his_o majesty_n dominion_n article_n 60_o that_o prince_n which_o be_v excommunicate_v or_o deprive_v by_o the_o pope_n may_v be_v depose_v or_o murder_v by_o their_o subject_n or_o any_o other_o whatsoever_o be_v impious_a doctrine_n article_n 61_o the_o law_n of_o the_o realm_n may_v punish_v christian_a man_n with_o death_n for_o heinous_a and_o grievous_a offence_n article_n 62_o it_o be_v lawful_a for_o christian_a man_n at_o the_o commandment_n of_o the_o magistrate_n to_o bear_v arm_n and_o to_o serve_v in_o just_a war_n of_o our_o duty_n towards_o our_o neighbour_n article_n 63_o our_o duty_n towards_o our_o neighbour_n be_v to_o love_v they_o as_o ourselves_o and_o to_o do_v to_o all_o man_n as_o we_o will_v they_o shall_v do_v to_o we_o to_o honour_n &_o obey_v our_o superior_n to_o preserve_v the_o safety_n of_o man_n person_n as_o also_o their_o chastity_n good_n and_o good_a name_n to_o bear_v no_o malice_n nor_o hatred_n in_o our_o heart_n to_o keep_v our_o body_n in_o temperance_n soberness_n &_o chastity_n to_o be_v true_a and_o just_a in_o all_o our_o do_n not_o to_o covet_v other_o man_n good_n but_o labour_v true_o to_o get_v our_o own_o live_n and_o to_o do_v our_o duty_n in_o that_o estate_n of_o life_n unto_o which_o it_o please_v god_n to_o call_v us._n article_n 64_o for_o the_o preservation_n of_o the_o chastity_n of_o man_n person_n wedlock_n be_v command_v unto_o all_o man_n that_o stand_v in_o need_n thereof_o neither_o be_v there_o any_o prohibition_n by_o the_o word_n of_o god_n but_o that_o the_o minister_n of_o the_o church_n may_v enter_v into_o the_o state_n of_o matrimony_n they_o be_v no_o where_o command_v by_o god_n law_n either_o to_o vow_v the_o estate_n of_o single_a life_n or_o to_o abstain_v from_o marriage_n therefore_o it_o be_v lawful_a also_o for_o they_o as_o well_o as_o for_o all_o other_o christian_a man_n to_o marry_v at_o their_o own_o discretion_n as_o they_o shall_v judge_v the_o same_o to_o serve_v better_o to_o godliness_n article_n 65_o the_o riches_n and_o good_n of_o christian_n be_v not_o common_a as_o touch_v the_o right_a title_n and_o possession_n of_o the_o same_o as_o certain_a anabaptist_n false_o affirm_v notwithstanding_o every_o man_n ought_v of_o such_o thing_n as_o he_o possess_v liberal_o to_o give_v alm_n to_o the_o poor_a according_a to_o his_o ability_n article_n 66_o faith_n give_v be_v to_o be_v keep_v even_o with_o heretic_n and_o infidel_n article_n 67_o the_o popish_a doctrine_n of_o equivocation_n &_o mental_a reservation_n be_v most_o ungodly_a and_o tend_v plain_o to_o the_o subversion_n of_o all_o humane_a society_n of_o the_o church_n and_o outward_a ministry_n of_o the_o gospel_n article_n 68_o there_o be_v but_o one_o catholic_a church_n out_o of_o which_o there_o be_v no_o salvation_n contain_v the_o universal_a company_n of_o all_o the_o saint_n that_o ever_o be_v be_v or_o shall_v be_v gather_v together_o in_o one_o body_n under_o one_o head_n christ_n jesus_n part_n whereof_o be_v already_o in_o heaven_n triumphant_a part_v as_o yet_o militant_a here_o upon_o earth_n and_o because_o this_o church_n consist_v of_o all_o those_o and_o those_o alone_a which_o be_v elect_v by_o god_n unto_o salvation_n &_o regenerate_v by_o the_o power_n of_o his_o spirit_n the_o number_n of_o who_o be_v know_v only_o unto_o god_n himself_o therefore_o it_o be_v call_v the_o catholic_a or_o universal_a and_o the_o invisible_a church_n article_n 69_o but_o particular_a &_o visible_a church_n consist_v of_o those_o who_o make_v profession_n of_o the_o faith_n of_o christ_n &_o live_v under_o the_o outward_a mean_n of_o salvation_n be_v many_o in_o number_n wherein_o the_o more_o or_o less_o sincere_o according_a to_o christ_n institution_n the_o word_n of_o god_n be_v teach_v the_o sacrament_n