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A60439 Idolatry declared against by a servant of the Living God, a sufferer for the testimony of His Name in the common goal at Winchester, Humphry Smith. Smith, Humphrey, d. 1663. 1658 (1658) Wing S4064; ESTC R10255 4,329 10

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IDOLATRY DECLARED AGAINST By a servant of the Living God A sufferer for the Testimony of his Name in the Common Goal at Winchester HVMPHRY SMITH LONDON Printed for Thomas Simmons at the Bull and Mouth near Aldersgate 1658. Idolatry declared against THe Great and Mighty God who made the heavens and the earth and the Sea and made all men of one blood upon the face of the whole earth and breathed into man that which is of his own life that by it man might seek after him find him who is infinite incomprehensible eternal and glorious even he dweleth not in Temples made with hands Acts. 17. 24. Neither is hee worshipped in one high place or another by any of the professing Jewes who deny his son of whom he gave testimony that in him he is well pleased neither is there any worship or service accepted with him but that which cometh from them who are led and guided by the spirit of truth and in it worship the Father who is a spirit and delighteth not in those oblations that are vain proceeding from the vain minds of such who taketh his Name in Vain of whom he saith in vain do they worship me and of all such I say their faith is vain who are yet in their sins and found among the Gentiles who sacrifice unto Devils and not unto God being Children of wrath and strangers to the covenant of promise whose prayers the Lord abhors whose vain bablings casteth an ill savour in the nostrils of the most high and their coming together is not for the better but for the worse even to feed and nourish the young Serpents and to encrease in that knowledge which puffeth up and encreaseth sorrow the which knowledge the hireling priests lips preserve which the Devil once taught saying ye shall be as Gods knowing good and evil and all they who encreaseth in this knowledge encreaseth in that in which the knowledge of God doth not stand neither can be received and so the wo from the Lord God will come unto all them that continue their seeking the living among the dead crying for their place of holy worship which is to be laid desolat and living in unrighteousness and in all ungodly practises without the fear of God and talking of him with that mouth which is full of cursing and bitterness the heart being not turned to God nor the mind unto the light of his Son who are themselves in the jaws of Satan and are sometimes made sensible of the power of the Devil working in them stirring them up to wrath and moving them up to envie pride and unrighteousness and the lusts of the creatures and the vanity of the mind but feel not at all the power of God to work in them the newness of life and his pure i-image who made man holy and upright neither are they willing to receive that power in them by which they might come to overcome their sins and be led up to him who is the God of the spirits of all flesh whom all the world no● knowing is ignorant by worshipping and denying his Son who maketh an end of sin and contemning the just One who is a man of sorrows and denying him who is led as a Lamb dumb and slighting him who is the light and refusing him who is the living Minister not made by a carnal commandment but by the power of an endless life who teacheth all to profit who learn him and none teacheth like him who saith learn of Me then not of another not of a hireling not of one that pleadeth for sin but of him that maketh an end of sin whom God the Father hath given a light to the Gentiles a covenant to the people that all men through him might be saved who hath spoiled principallities and powers and all authorities and now all dominions and authorities are to be subject to Him who said the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth and truth is that which maketh free but the worshiping the unknown God in a synagogue Idols Temple or Steeple-house doth not make free neither makes an end of sin but all them that are there are in their sins and have not received power to overcome their sins but are following such Teachers which Peter said should come in the latter dayes who cannot themselves cease from sin and these Teachers Peter said and so say I that they are cursed children beguiling such unstable souls who are carried about with airy windy Doctrines after the cunning craftiness of men who still lie in wait to deceive against whom we bear testimony from the spirit of Truth which ●●●deth us not to handle the word of God deceitfully nor to ●●ke Marchandize of the people neither come we with flat●●●ing titles but in the power of the Lord and in the demonstrat●●● of his spirit of truth do we declare against all unrighte●●sness of Men whether Priests Rulers or people without respect of persons and we declare his Name in the world who in the light of the world and publish him among the Sons of 〈◊〉 who is Gods power that saveth his people from their sins who is the true prophet whom all are to hear that all night come to learn of him and be guided by him in the ●ay of everlasting peace that so such as are strangers to the covenant of grace being yet in their sins and are the outcast of Israel might now come to be taught of the Lord and hear the powerful voice of his Son and not follow strangers any l●●ger nor the dumb Idol sheapherds who are become brutish Jer. 10. 21. and cannot understand Isa 56. 11. That from them all such who fear the Lord might be gathered Ezek. 34. and may come to know the one Lord whose name is one and the one truth and the one way and the worship of the one true God and not follow them any longer who are strangers to the life of God nor such as cannot cease from sin who are all in the curse being not reconciled unto him who was made a curse and so they come not to receive that by which the curse is taken away and such are without God in the World and of such the Lord hath said you have wearied me with your sacrifices and so say I to you now you have wearied the Lord with your words and yet many are saying wherein have we wearied him I say in this have you wearied the Lord in that you say such as do evil are good in the sight of God Mal. 2. 17 Therefore thus I declare unto you who are yet in your sins meeting together in the Idols Temples your service is not the service of the true God neither is your worship that which the Lord accepteth for he accepteth none but the worship in spirit and in truth not in one high place or another but your worship is in some high place Idols temple or Steeple-house where all manner of Viperous
Beasts are found and unsanctified Persons meet together who commit all abominations and live in all manner of filthiness and yet lean upon the Lord and say is not the Lord among us no evil shall come unto us whereas they are an evil and an adulterous generation ●●●tarated from the spirit of truth in which the true worship stands and are ignorantly worshiping in a Temple made with hands in which God dwelleth not neither is his power there received to overcome the sin and so the people are wearying themselves for very vanity and travelling to bring forth death and labouring for that which profits not neither do they come to meet the Lord in the way of his judgements nor find the path of life where the unclean can never come neither yet do they know the bread of life nor drink his blood that cleanseth from all sin nor come to be translated into the kingdom of the Son of God but remain in that ground which was curssed by reason of mans rebellion Gen. 3. 17. Heb. 6. 8. which ground being not removed with the mighty power of God the blessing cannot be received nor the understanding opened to know and receive that which the natural man perceiveth not the eyes of their mind being darkened through the ignorance that is in them the vail being over the heart when that is read every day of their worship which discovers sin but makes nothing perfect which worshippers did and do crucifie him that comes to take away the sin But now he is come who hath for ever perfected those that are sanctified and he that sanctifieth and they who are sanctified are all of one but they that are not sanctified are not of the one out are in the many opinions in the lusts of ignorance waies of unrighteousnesse being not come to the one faith which purifieth the heart nor to know the one baptism one Church one way one truth one God the Father of him who is the one light which lighteneth every man that cometh into the world of the which light which is but one there is given a measure to every one of you which light shineth in darknes though not by it comprehended which light wil let you see that you your selves are out of Gods Covenant in the worlds worship not reconciled to God upholding idols temples and heathenish cus●oms with Bels and such things which the people of God never used but did and do deny for ever and exhort you and all others to leave worshipping the Beast or upholding that which is not the true worship of the true God practised by 〈◊〉 of sin in Steeple-houses every first day Wherefore all people every where leave your Idolatry which you have learned and received by tradition from the former Papists Heathen who worship the work of their own hands and bow down to their own inventions as you long have done and for this many hundred years have been learning and yet are not come to the truth neither to believe in it but remain in unbelief and ignorance and your long time of ignorance God winked at Acts 17. 30. but now light is come in which God is calling to you and all men every where to repent and forsake your Idolatrous worship which by you a sinful generation is practised in a Steeple-house one day in seven and Cains nature remaining in the inward parts from the which Idolatry all that fear the Lord God of Abraham are now to come from the uncleannes of that Worship which is upheld by the Heathen for verily the hand of the Lord God Almighty is stretched forth against it and them Wherefore all people turn your mindes to the Lord God of life who dwelleth in his people and not in Temples made with hands and hath given to every one of you a measure of the true Light of his Son which light in you will let you see your secret sinnes and will teach you and shew you plainly of the Father if you love it and come to be led by it to do Gods will so may you come to worship the Lord God of Life in spirit and in truth with the children of the Light and of the day which hath dawned upon many who need not any man teach them but are all taught of the Lord glory and honour and everlasting praises to his blessed Name for ever and ever Amen Given forth A Testimony against all Idolatry and Heathenish Worship from the true love of God the Father in pity to the souls of them who have eyes and see not and ears and hear not that they may come forth of darknesse to follow Christ Jesus the Light of the World who is bringing the blinde by a way that they know not Isa 42. 16. Therefore is this to go abroad among all people and read in Steeple-houses Streets Market-places Private meetings and Families that all may consider what they have been doing in the dark Ezek. 8. 12. By a servant of the Living God A sufferer for the Testimony of his Name in the Common Goal and House of Correction at Winchester The fourth Moneth 1658. Humphry Smith THE END