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A65272 A heavenly visitation to the travelling soul and generation born again of the immortal seed With a testimony of the regenerate and true birth thereunto. Watson, Samuel, ca. 1618-1708. 1685 (1685) Wing W1097; ESTC R220880 4,223 9

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A Heavenly Visitation TO THE Travelling AND GENERATION Born again of the IMMORTAL SEED With a Testimony of the Regenerate and True Birth thereunto THus saith the Lord I am God and changeth not who provideth for the Faithful in all Ages The Jehovah and besides me there is no other God I made Heaven and Earth the Sea and the Fountains of Waters and there is none to be Worshipped besides me neither is their any that can deliver out of my hands whom I give to destruction shall be cut off I am he that delivereth from the Paw of the Bear and Mouth of the Lyon and from the Firey Furnace I put bounds to the swelling rage of the Sea that it cannot pass the limits thereof My Power is unchangeable and my visitation of Love to my tender Seed and Off-spring has been extended since the foundation of the World And I have called a Remnant by my Name in whom I have placed my Fear and declared my Counsel which is received in my Light shining in their inward parts and have given them power to obey at my Pleasure and my Glory is near to be revealed unto them and this Seed and Generation and Plants of my Renown I have called out of Kindreds Tongues and Languages unto the one heavenly Canaan and espoused them to be my Church the Church of the first Born written in Heaven to understand the Tongue of the Learned and possess a pure Language through the pure Spirit of the Lamb approaching my Throne I am he that hath formed thee and given thee a being and when thou wast in thy blood and in Egypts darkness I visited in my Love and said unto thee Live and now have I raised thee up from Death to Life and turned thee from Darkness to Light from Satans power under whom thou wast in Bondage unto the glorious power of my heavenly life Now arise arise shine forth O Sion shake off the dust of the Earth and let no impurity cleave to thy Habitation let thy Gates be Praiss and the Postes of thy doors Holiness that my excellency may descend upon thee Let it be known through the breakings forth of the Splendor of my Glory the Innocency of thy Life and the Beauty of thy Garments to whom thou belongs that no weapon formed against thee prosper so shall it be known of a truth I am the Sword of thy excellency and thou art saved by me and let thy Child-like harmless life demonstate what war thou art ingaged in and in whose hands thou art a Battle-ax Spiritually to Thresh upon the Mountains and to Subdue the Hills that my one Mountain of holiness may be establish on the top of all the Mountains and my glorious appearance in Spirit and Truth springing over all the Hills of Opposition and sinful Contradictions which grieves my Spirit and in my Valley which I have prepared shall the Righteous Branch take root and grow and spread over all Nations which are before me but as a drop of a Bucket and the Islands as the dust of the Balance Then happy are the People that tremble at my Word in whom my Fear is placed and walk in the Light of my Countenance they shall prosper and shine forth as a glorious Habitation and in the end of all their Sufferings which they now pass through for my Name shall obtain the Crown of Glory A Testimony of the Regenerate c. O Blessed Father how great is thy Love and how gratious is thy Visitation unto my Immortal soul Now do I hear thy voice in the still calm manifestation of thy antient love wherein thou made known thy self unto the Patriarks of old though after divers manners thou spoke unto them yet it was in the same Power and the same Spirit of thy Son whom thou hast appointed Heir of all things before the foundation of the World In which beloved Son whom thine is now to hear in this latter Age thou now speaks and declares thy Mind and Counsel unto me whom thou hast humbled by thy Spirit and thy voice is pleasant unto my soul which thou has quickned and raised from Death to Life and through the vertue of the Blood of the Spotless Lamb which suffered death upon the Cross yet could not see corruption through the one offering in this eternal Spirit thou hast purged my Conscience from dead works and dead sacrifices and thou hast washed and cleansed my Garments which were filthy and poluted of a deep dye and stain like Crimson thou hast made them as white as Wool thou hast given me the fine Linnen and through the deep passage of tribulation in a measure implanting me into the likeness of thy Sons Death and Baptism of sufferings thou has brought me into the Resurrection of Life and implanted me into the new name where my dwelling is with the Church of the first Born written in Heaven And now Father what can I do for thee who has thus visited me with the pouring in of thy Spirit from on high and declared thy power as in Antient days not only so but translated me to the glorious Light and Liberty of thy Son that in and through the portion of thy Spirit thou mayst be all in all in me and through me Can I any more delight in Egypts Glory can I take up a rest in any polluted path can I live any longer in the lust of my former Conversation where the War and the Strife lodgeth can I hearken any more to the wisdom of faln man who feeds on the Tree of Knowledg then would thy Spirit reprove me is not my soul weaned from Idolatry as the Child is weaned from the Mothers Brests and hast not thou taught me by thy own Spirit of Truth the Comforter which leads into all Truth and gives a departure from Iniquity Collos 2.11 Surely Father thou hast come near unto me with the Circumcision of thy own Spirit and hast inwardly cut of this Body of the Sins of the Flesh which polluted my Soul and vailed my understanding so that for want of living Faith I could not get the Victory over this World and Spiritual Darkness which covered me as a Menstruous Garment Titus 11 12 13. so that I could not behold thy Presence nor thy Glory shining in me neither could I partake of the Riches of thy Grace though it appeared in me I could not lay hold on its Virtue or believe in its Efficacy to be taught by it till thy Power break in as a Hammer and thy Word became a Fire to dissolve and bruise that Man of Sin which lodged in the secret Chambers of Darkness searched every corner of my Heart as with thy Candle till I had found what I had lost and brake through the Rocks and Earth of strong corruptions until I found the Pearl of great price in me Then did I willingly and not till then part with all for this most inestinuable Treasure which is of greater value to my soul
then all that is visible And accounted all which I had formerly comprehended and gathered in the faln state but as Dross and Dung in comparison of this divine excellency of the grace and knowledg of Christ Jesus my Saviour in and through whose Spirit holy Father thou hast raised me from Death to Life not any more to Worship in the oldness of the Letter John 4.23 24. but in the newness of the Spirit even in thy own Spirit of Truth not any more to War with Weapons that are Carnal but the Sword of the Spirit which slayes not the Creature but the enmity in the Creature and so brings peace unto the soul in which now my lise is bound up in the bundle of thy fatherly Testimonies which thou hast sealed up unto me with those Disciples that follow the Lamb in the Regeneration And now Father I get me to my Watch-Tower to hear what thou speaks to my soul for thou speaks peace unto thy People and Redeemed that they should not turn back to Egypts Folly and thy name is become a precious oyntment to me and a Tower of safety unto my soul where I find Rest and Peace and there is none that can make me afraid as I here abide under the Shadow of thy Wings thou seeds me with the pleasant Fruit and thy Banner over me is Love thou makes my Bones to Flourish the munition of Rocks is my Defence my Bread is sure my Water is sure and the Eye thou hast opened beholds the King of Salem in his Beauty he Raigns with the Government upon his Shoulders of the Encrease and Peace of which there is no end Therefore I pray to thee Father in thy own Spirit of adoption which I have received of thee Hollowed be thy Name thy Kingdom come or thou hast given me to possess the fruits thereof Thy Will be lone in Earth as 't is in Heaven for thou has subdued my Will which ruled by Nature unto thy heavenly will which is my Sanctification And now Father this is that I beg of thee that through the glory of thy power I may be kept in thy word of Patience to be fully assured of thy preservation in the hour of Temptation which shall come upon all the World to try them that dwell therein So shall my soul be made glad and rejoyce in thy beautiful presence And here do I rest and repose my self under the shadow of thy Wing until the Calamities and Storms be over past sith thou hast assured my soul in being faithful unto Death I shall enjoy the Crown of Life So in bowels of Love I conclude this short Testimony which opened in me in the Fountain of divine fulness for the sake of the travelling Soul and Birth which is not of this World which in the deep sence of the fatherly love has not only known his Voice to gather from the Mountains but has received counsell from him and in obedience to his mind delights now to hearken to him and loves nothing more then to Honour him and to answer his Requirings in a daily taking up of the Cross and making self of no Reputation that through the patient exercise in all the Sufferings Imprisonments Buffettings and Reproaches which this Suffering Seed and Generation meets with in its Lamb-like nature it may lie down under all and in that life which is hid with God in Christ be chearful and repose in the bosom of this beloved Son of God who hath overcome the World and makes his Remnant shine with the rayes of his own glory and gives them through living Faith to overcome whereby they inherit all things So let every Individual press after this Christian high calling in the Lambs Spirit and prize the visitations of a heavenly Father to their souls that the mark of holiness they bear in their forehead and read daily in the renewing holy Spirit their names written in the Lambs book of life Math. 5.34 35 36 37. then thou Child of the morning is thy joy full and in fulfilling unto perpetuity in the assured Testimony of one who has been taught in Christ's School and learns of him to suffer for his Name who yet continues in the godly patience in outward Bonds with a Remnant more for yeilding obedience to his Command nigh Three Years and is not weary of well doing but waits in godly patience till deliverance come according to his heavenly will who is God over all Blessed for ever Amen York Castle the 27th of 5th month 1685. Samuel Watson Dan. 12.10 Many shall be Purified and made White and Tryed but the Wicked shall do wickedly and none of the Wicked shall understand but the Wise shall understand 1. Pet. 3.12 The eyes of the Lord are over the Righteous and his ears are open to their Prayers But the face of the Lord is against them that do evil THE END