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A32904 A chronology of the rise and growth of popery from vanity to superstition, thence to worse than heathen idolatry : and also the time when, and who brought it in, contrary to the Apostolical Canon ... / faithfully collected by a son of the true church from their own authors ... Son of the true church. 1680 (1680) Wing C3976; ESTC R35574 7,526 6

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A CHRONOLOGY OF THE RISE and GROWTH OF POPERY From Vanity to Superstition thence to worse than Heathen Idolatry AND ALSO The Time When and Who brought it in contrary to the Apostolical Canon yet for refusing Submission to POPERY many Thousands have been and Millions more are now design'd to be murthred besides as we all know and our Cities burnt c. Faithfully collected by a Son of the True Church from their own Authors who make many of their Devises ancienter than in truth they were fathering them on whom they please and to maintain these Fooleries cursed Villanies are daily practised by the black Crew of Papists London Printed in the Year MDCLXXX A Chronology of the Growth of POPERY The APOSTOLICAL CANON Aº D ni 59 Eph. 4.4 One God one Lord one Mediator one Spirit one Baptism in the Name of the Father Son and Holy Ghost to serve honor trust obey others as God Lord Mediator Sanctifier or Preserver is Idolatry Galatians 1.8 9. Accursed who preaches another Gospel Aº D ni 90 Rev. 22-18 Cursed who adds thereto First AGE OF POPISH VANITIES Ao. D ni 68. POpe Clement ordain'd that over-worn Altar-cloths curtains or Corporals be burnt and their Ashes buried in the Sanctuary as holy and precious Reliques Ao. D ni 84 He put Oyl and Cream to Baptism He ordained Confirmation and commanded it to be had as soon as is possible he affirms he is no perfect Christian that omitteth it Ao. D ni 94 He instituted None to consecrate the Oyl and Cream nor confirm children but Bishops Ao. D ni 109 P. Alex. 1. saies of the sacramental Bread The less it is the better he mingled Water with the Sacramental Wine appointed holy Water holy water-Brishes and Buckets Ao. D ni 124. P. Sixtus Corpora's cloth to be of fine white Linnen Lay men or Women not to touch Church Ornaments or Vessels from Copes to Candlesticks Ao. D ni 130. Altars Tables so called till long after Ao. D ni 134. P. Telesphorus 3 Masses on Christmas day contrary to P. Alex. who suffered one Priest to sing only one Mass on one day Ao. D ni 141. P. Higenius usurps the name POPE Ao. D ni 142. Lent first for 40 hours Drawling Prayers P. Pius to lick up spilt Sacrament Wine Ao. D ni 258. P. Six 2. Altars for Masses consecrated Ao. D ni 169. Shaven Crowns Apes of Isis priests v. 724 Ao. D ni 179. P. Soter Priests bless Marriage Ao. D ni 180. Valentinian the Heretick Extream Unction Ao. D ni 204. P. Zephorin brings in glass Chalices for wooden Cups lest the Wood drink the wine Ao. D ni 210. No Temples nor Altars yet Min. Fel. Ao. D ni 218. P. Calixtus 4 Ember Weeks Church-yards forbids Marriage in 4th degree Ao. D ni ●●● P. Urb. 1. silv gold Chalices wooden priests Ao. D ni 22● Monks Christian Churches built Ao. D ni 22● P. Fabian yearly Chrism Ao. D ni ●40 Intercession of Saints private Confession Nuns Bread dipt in Wine at Sacrament Chrismatories Ao. D ni 255. Priests Altars Vests Copes P. Stephen Church Ornaments not to be touch'd but by holy hands Chrism oyl prayer and offering for 'th dead Sign of the Cross Ao. D ni ●70 P. Foelix None but priests say Mass Masses at martyrs Sepulchres and thanks for Martyrs A.D. 283. P. Caius institutes 8 Orders O L E A S D P E. A.D. 300 Holy Land visited Acolites II. AGE Growth of Popish Superstitions Idolatrys A.D. 307 P Marcellus 15 Cardinals priests of the new erected parishes to Baptize and bury A.D. 311. P Melchiades Confirmation more worthy than Baptism because appropriated to Bps. A.D. 314 Silvester Surplis or alb corporal for th' Altar No silk to be worn at the Altar but white linnen because Christ was buried in linnen Dalmatiques Lord have mercy upon us Council at Rome Bishops only to consecrate and Ceremonies of consecrating Churches A.D. 320 ●onstantine the Emperor causes wax candles lamps to be set up and burnt in day time Laws of Fasting given Monks first then the Clergy at last came on all A.D. 325. Till the Nicene Council the Roman Church had little Respect was superior only to her suburb Churches As it was in the Beginning added to Glory be to the Father Metropolitans instituted Rome but a City Bp. till then A.D. 326. The Cross found occasion of its worship A.D. 329. Monks by ●n●hony c. in Aegypt Syria by Bazil in Greec● by Ambrose in Italy all Laics A.D. 330. A Font at ●onstantinople A.D. 335. The Temple at Jerusalem most solemnly consecrated only by Prayer Word Sacram. A.D. 336. Nicene Creed read after the Gospel A.D. 355. St. Andrews bones translated and his Feast instituted Martyrs reliques buried under the Communion Table A.D. 358. Feast of Circumcision Eucharist nicknamd Mass A.D. 360 Council Laod forbids Love-Feasts in Churches and Sacrament in Houses Tables yet A.D. 368. P. Dam. introduc'd singing Jeroms Transl A.D. 369. Deacons only enter Sanctuary viz. inclosure of the Altar A.D. 370. P. D●masus first sings Psalms and divides the Quire to sing by turns afterwards A.D. 377. Parents present at Baptism A.D. 380. The Nickname Catholick taken up Epiphanius and Ambrose oppose Saint worship now crept in The people pray for Constantine the Virgin Mary and the Damned A.D. 381. Satyrus Brot to S. Ambrose ty'd the Sacram. about 's neck leapt into the Sea in a storm A.D. 383. Itacius first bloody persecuting Bp. reproved by his Brethren A.D. 385. P. Siricius Obits Memories of the dead and Anthems forbids the Clergy to marry A.D. 391. Canonical hours Infants admitted to the Lords Supper Altars wooden Tables covered with linnen A.D. 394. The Word Mass in use A.D. 399. P. Anastasius in English stand up rises at the Gospel to keep his name in memory A.D. 398. Form of consecrating the Eucharist A.D. 400. The Enclosure of the Communion Table called Sanctuary adorned with Curtains and royal hangings as the Oracle in the Temple A.D. 401. P. Innocent The names of the dead not to be rehearsd before Consecration A.D. 402. Council Mela. Rights of Patronage The residue of the Sacrament burnt A.D. 403. P. Innocent commands Saturday Fast because Christs Disciples fasted whilst he was in the Grave Vigiles with dead Bodies Crosses brought into the Church for Honor not Adoration nor had they any Effigies on them till long after A.D. 404. P. Innocent at the Agnus the Priests kiss one another the people the Pax. A.D. 407. He excommunicates the Eastern Churches in the behalf of Chrysostom A.D. 409. Lights in day time in Churches A.D. 416. Bones of St. Stephen Nichodemus and Gamaliel translated A.D. 426. None to be Christned children nor others till the Priest by his breath and conjuration had driven the Devil out of them A.D. 433 Maximus Bp. of Turin Homilies for Advent palm-Sunday Ash wednesday A.D. 439. Musaeus makes Collects Lessons and Responds for Venertus Bp. of Marcels Eudosia