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A12390 Three prayers one for the morning, another for the euening: the third for a sick-man. Whereunto is annexed, a godly letter to a sicke freend: and a comfortable speech of a preacher vpon his death bedde. Anno. Dom. 1591. Smith, Henry, 1550?-1591. 1591 (1591) STC 22703; ESTC S117488 8,464 26

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thy vniuersall Church with trueth vvith peace and thy holy discipline Strengthen all them which suffer for thy cause and let them see the Spirite of comfort comming towards them as thy Angels came to thy sonne when he was hungry Be mercifull vnto all those which lye in anguish of conscience for remorse of their sinnes as thou hast made them examples so teach vs to take example by them that we may looke vpon thy Gospell to keepe vs from despayre and vppon thy lawe to keepe vs from presumption Prosper the Armies which fight thy battayles shew a difference betweene thy seruaunts thy enemies as thou didst betweene the Isralites and the Egiptians that they which serue thee not may com to thy seruice seeing that no God dooth blesse besides thee Make vs thankfull for our peace vvhom thou hast sette at libertie while thou hast laid our dangers vpon others which mightest haue laid their dangers vpon vs And teach vs to build thy Church in our rest as Salomon built thy Temple in his peace Haue mercy vpon this sinfull Land which is sicke of long prosperitie let not thy blessings rise vppe against vs but indue vs with grace as thou hast with riches that wee may goe before other Nations in Religion as wee goe before them in plentie giue vs such harts as thy seruaunts should haue that thy will may be our will that thy Lawe may be our Law and that wee may seeke our kingdome in thy kingdom Giue vnto our Prince a princely hart vnto our Counsellers the spyrit of counsell vnto our Iudges the spirit of Iudgement vnto our Ministers the spirit of doctrine vnto our people the spirit of obedience that wee may all retaine that communion heere that we may enioy the communion of Saints heereafter Blesse this Familie with thy grace and peace that the Rulers thereof may gouerne according to thy word that the seruants may obey like the Seruants of God and that wee may all so loue one another that wee may all be loued of thee Nowe Lord we haue commenced our sute our vnderstanding is weake and our memorie short and we vnworthy to pray vnto thee more vnwoorthy to receiue the thinges which we pray for Therefore wee commend our prayers and our selues vnto thy mercie in the name of thy beloued son our louing Sauiour whose righteousnes pleadeth for our vnrighteousnes Our Father which art in heauen c. A Prayer for the Euening O Lorde God what shall wee render vnto thee for all thy benefits which hast giuen thy sonne for a raunsome thy holy spirit for a pledge thy word for a guide and reseruest a kingdome for our perpetuall inheritance of whose goodnesse vve are created of whose iustice wee are corrected of whose mercie we are saued our sinnes stryue with thy benefites which are moe let vs count al creatures there be not so many of any kinde as thy gifts except our offences which we returne vnto thee for thē Thou mightest haue saide before wee were formed let them be monsters or let them be Infidels or let them be beggers or Cripples or bond-slaues so long as they liue But thou hast made vs to the best likenes and nursed vs in the best religion and placed vs in the best land that thousands wold thinke themselues happy if they had but a peece of our happines Therefore why should any serue thee more then we which want nothing but thankfulnesse Thou hast giuen vs so many things that scarfe wee haue any thing left to pray for but that thou wouldest continue those benefites which thou hast bestowed already yet wee couet as though wee had nothing and liue as though we knewe nothing when we were children wee deferred till we were men now we are men we deferre vntill we be olde men and when we bee old men we will deferre vntill death Thus we steale thy gifts and do nothing for thē yet we looke for as much at thy hands as they which serue thee all theyr liues The least of thy blessings is greater then al the curtesies of men and yet wee are not so thankefull to thee for all that wee haue as wee are to a freende fore one good turne we are ashamed of many sinnes in other and yet we are not ashamed to commit the same sinnes our selues worse then they yea we haue sinned so long almost that we can doe nothing els but sinne and make others sinne too which would not sin but for vs. If we doe any euill wee doe it cheerefully and quickly and easily but if we doe any good we doe it faintlie and rudely and slackly When did wee talke without vanitie when did wee giue without hypocrisie when did we bargaine without deceit when did wee reprooue without enuie when did wee heare without wearinesse vvhen did wee pray without tediousnesse Such is our corruption as though wee were made to sinne in deede or in worde or in thought we haue broken all thy Commaundements that we myght fee what good is in euill which hath left nothing but guilt and shame and expectation of iudgement while wee might haue had peace of conscience ioy of hart and all the graces which come with the holy spirite Some haue beene wonne by thy word but we woulde not suffer it to change vs some haue beene reformed by thy crosse but we would not suffer it to purge vs some haue beene mooued by thy benefites but wee woulde not suffer them to perswade vs nay we haue giuen consent vnto the deuill that we wil abuse all thy gifts so fast as they come therefore thy blessings make vs proude thy riches couetous thy peace wanton thy meates intemperate thy mercy secure and all thy benefits are weapons to rebell against thee that if thou looke into our harts thou maist say our Religion is hypocrisie our zeale enuie but wisedome pollicie our peace securitie our life rebellion our deuotion endes with our prayers and wee liue as though wee had no soules to saue What shall we aunswer for that which our conscience condemnes Wee are one day neerer to death since we rose when we shall giue account howe euery day hath beene spent and howe wee haue got these things which other will consume when we are gone And if thou shouldest aske vs nowe what lust asswaged what affection qualified what passion expelled what sinne repented what good performed since wee began to receiue thy benefits thys day we must confesse against our selues that all our works words thoughts haue beene the seruice of the world the flesh and the deuill we haue offended thee and contemned thee all the day and at night wee pray vnto thee Father forgiue vs all our sinnes which haue dishonoured thee while thou didst serue vs run from thee while thou didst call vs forgotten thee whilst thou didst feede vs so thou sparest vs so wee sleepe and to morrow we sin againe this is the course of all our pilgrimage to leaue that
which thou commaundest and doe that which thou forbiddest Therefore thou mightest iustly forsake vs as we forsake thee condemne vs whose conscience condemnes our selues But who can measure thy goodnes which giuest all and forgiuest all Though we are sinfull yet thou louest vs though we knocke not yet thou openest though we aske not yet thou giuest What should we haue if we did serue thee which hast done all these things for thine enemies therefore thou which hast giuen vs all things for thy seruice O Lorde giue vs a hast to serue thee and let this bee the houre of our conuersion let not euill ouercome good let not thine enemy haue hys will but giue vs strength to resist patience to endure constancie to perseuere vnto the end Instruct vs by thy word guide vs by thy spirit mollifie vs by thy grace humble vs by thy corrections win vs by thy benefites reconcile our nature to thy will and teache vs to make profite of euerie thing that we may see thee in all thinges and all thinges in thee And because ô most merciful father we walke betweene thy mercie and iustice through many temptations gouerne our steppes with such discretion that the hope of mercie may preuent dispaire and the feare of iustice may keepe vs from presumption that in myrth wee bee not vaine in knowledge wee bee not proud in zeale we be not bitter but as the Tree bringeth forth first leaues then blossomes and then fruite so first wee may bring foorth good thoughtes then good speeches and after a good life to thee honour of thy name the good of thy Children and the saluation of our soules remembring the time when we shall sleep in the graue the day when we shall awake to iudgement Nowe the time is come O Lord which thou hast appointed for rest and without thee wee can neither wake nor sleepe which hast made the day and night and rulest both therefore into thy handes wee commende our soules and bodies which thou hast bought that they may serue thee restore them O Lord to their first Image and keepe them in thy seruice and resigne vs not to our selues againe but finish thy worke that wee may euerie day come neerer and neerer to thy kingdome till wee hate the way to hell asmuch as hell it selfe and euerie cogitation and speech and action bee so many steps to heauen For thy names sake for thy promise sake for thy sonnes sake O Lord wee lift vp our heartes handes and voice vnto thee in his name which suffered for sinne and sinned not Our Father c. A Prayer for a sicke-man ALmightie God and almercifull Father which art the Phisition of our bodies and soules in thy handes are life and death thou bringest to the graue and pullest backe againe wee came into this worlde vpon condition to forsake it whensoeuer thou wouldest call vs and now the Somners are come thy fetters hold me none can loose me but he which bounde mee I am sicke in bodie soule but he hath stroken mee which in iudgement sheweth mercy I deserued to die so soone as I came to life but thou hast preserued mee till now and shall this mercie be in vaine as though I were preserued for nothing Who can praise thee in the graue I haue done thee no seruice since I was borne but my goodnes is to come and shal I die before I begin to liue But Lord thou knowest what is best for all and if thou conuert mee I shall bee conuerted in an houre And as thou acceptedst the will of Dauid as well as the act of Salomon so thou wilt accept my desire to serue thee as well as if I did liue to glorifie thee The spirit is willing but the flesh is fraile and as I did liue sinfully whensoeuer thy spirit was from me so I shall die vnwillingly vnlesse thy spirit prepare me therfore deere father giue me that minde which a sicke-man should haue increase my patience with my paine and call vnto my remembraunce all which I haue heard or read or felt or meditated to strengthen me in thys houre of my tryall that I which neuer taught any good while I liued may nowe teach other how to die and to beare theyr sicknes patiently apply vnto me all the mercies and merits of thy beloued sonne as if he had died for me alone Be not frō me when the enemie comes but when the tempter is busiest let thy spirit be busiest too and if it please thee to loose mee out of this prison when I shall leaue my earth to earth let thine Angels carrie vppe my soule to heauen as they did Lazarus and place mee in one of those mancions which thy sonne is gone to prepare for me Thys is my mediatour which hath reconciled mee and thee when thou didst abhorre me for my sinnes and thou didst sende him from heauen to vs to shewe that thou art bound to heare him for vs. Therefore in him I come vnto thee in him I call vppon thee ô my redeemer my preseruer and my Sauiour to thee be all prayse with thy father and the holy spirit for euer Amen What shall stay me from my father my brother and my Comforter A comfortable speech taken from a godly Preacher lying vppon his death bed written for the sicke I Owe to God a death as his sonne dyed for me Euer since I was borne I haue been sayling to this Hauen and gathering patience to comfort this houre therfore shal I be one of those guests now that would not come to the banquet when they were inuited What hurt is in going to Paradise I shall-loose nothing but the sence of euill and anon I shall haue greater ioyes then I feele paines for my head is in heauen already to assure mee that my soule and body shall follow after O death where is thy sting why should I feare that which I wold not escape because my cheefest happines is behinde and I cannot haue it vnlesse I goe vnto it I wold go through hell to heauen and therfore if I march but through death I suffer lesse then I woulde suffer for God My paines doe not dismay me because I trauell to bring foorth eternall life my sins doe not fright me because I haue Christ my Redeemer the Iudge doth not astonish mee because the Iudges sonne is mine aduocate the deuill dooth not amaze me because the Angels pitch about me The graue doth not greeue mee because it was my Lords bed ô that Gods mercy to me might mooue other to loue him for the lesse I can expresse it the more it is The Prophets and Apostles are my fore-runners euery man is gone before me or els he will follow after me if it please God to receiue me into heauen before them which haue serued him better I owe more thankfulnes vnto him And because I haue deferred my repentance till this houre whereby my saluation is cut off if I should die suddainlie loe how my God in his merciful prouidence to preuent my destruction calleth me by a lingering sicknes which staieth till I be readie and prepareth me to my ende like a Preacher and makes me by wholesome paines wearie of this beloued world least I shold depart vnwillingly like them whose death is their damnation So he loueth me while he beateth me that hys stripes are plasters to saue me therfore who shal loue him if I despise him This is my whole office nowe to strengthen my body with my hart and be contented as God hath appointed vntill I can glorifie him or vntill he glorifie me If I liue I liue to sacrifice if I die I die a sacrifice for his mercie is aboue mine iniquitie Therefore if I should feare death it were a signe that I had not faith nor hope as I professed but that I doubted of Gods truth in his promise whether he will forgiue his penitent sinner or no it is my Father let him doe what seemeth good in his sight Come Lord Iesus for thy seruant cōmeth I am willing help my vnwillingnes ❧ Thus the faithfull depart in another sorte with such peace ioy round about them that al which see wish that their soules may follow theirs A Letter written to ones freende in his sicknesse BEloued I meruell not that you haue paine for you are sick but I maruell that you couer it not for offence because the wisdom of a man is to bite in his griefe and alwaies to shew more comfort in God than paine in suffering Now God calleth to repetitions to see whether you haue learned more constancie than others if sicknes be sharp make it not sharper with frowardnesse but know that this is a great fauour to vs when we die by sicknes which maketh vs readie for him that calleth vs. Now you haue nothing to thinke vppon but God and you cannot thinke vpon him without ioy your greefe passeth but your ioy wil neuer passe Tell me patient how many stripes is heauē worth Is my freend only sick in the world or his faith weaker than others You haue alwaies praied Thy will be doone and nowe are you offended that Gods will is doone Howe hath the faithfull man forgotten that all thinges euen death turne to the best to them that loue God Teach the happie ô Lord to see his haippinesse through troubles Euery paine is a preuention of the paines of hell and euery ease in paine is a foretast of the ease and peace and ioyes in heauen Therefore remember your owne comforts to others before be not impatient when there is most neede of patience but as you haue euer taught vs to liue so nowe giue vs an example to die and deceiue sathan as Job did FINIS