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A80000 The capitall lawes of New-England, as they stand now in force in the Common-wealth. By the court, in the years 1641. 1642 Capitall lawes, established within the iurisdiction of Massachusets. 1643 (1643) Wing C479; Thomason 669.f.6[99]; ESTC R212573 1,113 1 View Text
A86609 An exact legendary compendiously containing the whole life of Alderman Abel, the maine proiecter and patentee for the raising of wines. His apprentiship with a vintener, betrothing to his wife, the manner of his rising reigning, and after delinquencie, whereby he stands liable to a severe censure and penalty in Parliament. A. H. 1641 (1641) Wing H3; Thomason 669.f.4[15]; ESTC R209942 3,188 1 View Text
A85075 A compendiovs chatechsime. Newly set forth for the benefit of such as intend the sacrament of Christs body and blood, &c. Imprimatur John Dovvname. J. F. 1645 (1645) Wing F29; Thomason E1185_3; ESTC R208209 3,293 13 View Text
B00036 A [Br]ief rehersall of [the] beleef of the goodwilling [in E]nglande/ which are named, the [Fame]lie of Love/ with the confessi[on] of their vpright christen religion against/ the false accusation of their gaine-speakers / [Set]-forth Anno. 1575. 1575 (1575) STC 10681.5; ESTC S92512 3,452 17 View Text
B00341 A short forme of thankesgiving to God, for staying the contagious sickenes of the plague: to be used in common prayer, on Sundayes, Wednesdayes and Fridayes / Set forth by authoritie. 1604 (1604) STC 16533; ESTC S93951 4,023 15 View Text
A87294 The invincible vveapon or truths triumph over errors, by vvhich all the true bred sonnes of the Church, may obtain strength to vvithstand the desperate tenents that have been broached, whereby the godly of our times may be fore-warned and fore-armed against their soul enemies. 1648 (1648) Wing I288; Thomason 669.f.11[132]; ESTC R210807 4,054 1 View Text
A85373 A new catechisme, commanded to be set forth in this time of reformation, being the principall grounds of Christian religion, with directions for the examining of all persons, before they come to receive the holy Communion, or Lords Supper. Also, with a breefe direction, how to read the Holy Scriptures with profit. / Written by William Good, minister of Gods word, at Denton in Norfolke. Published according to order. Goode, William, b. 1599 or 1600. 1645 (1645) Wing G1096; Thomason E1185_6; ESTC R210211 4,207 17 View Text
A65272 A heavenly visitation to the travelling soul and generation born again of the immortal seed With a testimony of the regenerate and true birth thereunto. Watson, Samuel, ca. 1618-1708. 1685 (1685) Wing W1097; ESTC R220880 4,223 9 View Text
A39339 Animadversions upon some passages in a book entituled The true nature of a gospel-church and its government written (as it is said by the publisher) by John Owen. Elys, Edmund, ca. 1634-ca. 1707. 1690 (1690) Wing E663 4,280 16 View Text
B09610 An elegie upon the death of the Reverend Mr. Thomas Shepard, late teacher of the church at Charlstown in New-England: / By a great admirer of his worth, and true mourner for his death. Oakes, Urian, 1631-1681. 1677 (1677) Wing O20; ESTC W35896 4,808 16 View Text
A60515 The foundation of preaching asserted In opposition to a counterfeit sermon pretended to be preached before the people called Quakers, in the park, Southwark, 27th of 9th 1687. That all those that feign themselves ministers of the Gospel dispensation, may see that all preaching without the Holy Spirit, and a real call by the grace of God, working in their hearts, and immediately leading them thereto; is nothing but the meer notion of their own brains, and not for the advancement of pure religion. By R. S. R. S. 1687 (1687) Wing S4150; ESTC R218090 4,814 14 View Text
A61138 The Christian doctrine: or, A short catechism Briefly shewing how to become a Christian: how to continue a Christian. Divided into ten heads, for the ease of memory. Approved by sundry elders of the baptized churches. J. S. 1678 (1678) Wing S49AA; ESTC R213986 5,229 17 View Text
A80664 A new catechisme drawn out of the breasts of the Old and New Testament, for the soules nourishment, concerning the blessed sacrament of the Lords Supper, and the visible signe in baptisme. Wherein is set forth, the strong bond and seales of the Covenant betwixt God and his people. With an excellent caution to beware of sectaries. By W. Cotton, B.D. and minister of the true word of God. Cotton, W. 1648 (1648) Wing C6507; Thomason E1186_15; ESTC R208234 5,296 16 View Text
A57217 Love without dissimulation, or, The letter & directions of Robert Rich to M. John Raynes, for the distributing his benevolence to the seven churches in London Rich, Robert, d. 1679. 1667 (1667) Wing R1361; ESTC R6306 5,700 7 View Text
A76946 Concerning the election of grace. Or Of Gods will towards man. Commonly called predestination. That is, how the texts of Scripture are to be understood which treat of fallen lost Adam, and of the new birth from Christ. Being a short declaration and introduction concerning the highest ground, shewing how man may attain divine skill and knowledge. Written in the German tongue, anno 1623. / By Jacob Behme. Teutonicus philosophus.; Von der Gnadenwahl. English Böhme, Jakob, 1575-1624.; Sparrow, John, 1615-1665? 1655 (1655) Wing B3398; Thomason E859_5; Thomason E859_6; ESTC R4192 5,912 12 View Text
A65901 A general epistle to be read amongst friends in all their meetings Whitehead, John, 1630-1696. 1682 (1682) Wing W1978; ESTC R30198 6,717 11 View Text
A61430 A kind invitation to the people called Quakers, to the due consideration of some important truths in a letter and twenty questions, sent long since to their second-days meeting, and now to them all. To both which, an answer from their present yearly meeting, 1697. is desired. Stephens, Edward, d. 1706. 1697 (1697) Wing S5428; ESTC R222006 6,893 9 View Text
A74999 An Abridgment of the late reverend assemblies Shorter Catechism, fitted for the use of the weakest capacities and memories 1662 (1662) Wing A107A; ESTC R204009 6,976 17 View Text
A37401 A Declaration, or, Letters patents of the election of this present King of Poland, John the Third, elected on the 22d of May last past, Anno Dom. 1674 containing the reasons of this election, the great vertues and merits of the said serene elect, his eminent services in war, especially in his last great victory against the Turks and Tartars, whereof many particulars are here related, not published before / now faithfully translated from the Latin copy by John Milton. Milton, John, 1608-1674. 1674 (1674) Wing D779; ESTC R29345 7,420 15 View Text
A16364 An honest godlye instruction and information for the tradynge, and bringinge vp of children, set furth by the Bishoppe of London co[m]maundyng all scholemaisters and other teachers of youthe within his diocese, that they neither teach, learne reade, or vse anye other maner of A B C, catechisme or rudimentes, then this made for the first instruction of youth. Mense Ianuarij. 1556. Cum priuilegio ad imprimendum solum. Bonner, Edmund, 1500?-1569. 1555 (1555) STC 3281; ESTC S116175 7,465 57 View Text
A32904 A chronology of the rise and growth of popery from vanity to superstition, thence to worse than heathen idolatry : and also the time when, and who brought it in, contrary to the Apostolical Canon ... / faithfully collected by a son of the true church from their own authors ... Son of the true church. 1680 (1680) Wing C3976; ESTC R35574 7,526 6 View Text
A77416 A brief confession or declaration of faith. (Lately presented to King Charles the Second) set forth by many of us, who are (falsely) called Ana-baptists, to inform all men (in these days of scandal and reproach) of our innocent beleef and practise; for which wee are not only resolved to suffer persecution, to the losse of our goods, but also life it self, rather than to decline the same. Subscribed by certain elders, deacons, and brethren, met at London, in the behalf of themselves, and many others unto whom they belong; in London, and in several counties of this nation, who are of the same faith with us. Wright, Joseph, 1623-1703. 1660 (1660) Wing B4560; Thomason 669.f.25[65]; ESTC R212523 7,739 1 View Text
A77414 A brief confession or declaration of faith set forth by many of us, who are (falsely) called Ana-baptists, to inform all men (in these dayes of scandal and reproach) of our innocent belief and practise; for which we are not only resolved to suffer persecution, to the loss of our goods, but also life it self, rather than to decline the same. Subscribed by certain elders, deacons, and brethren, met at London, in the first month (called March, 1660.) in the behalf of themselves, and many others unto whom they belong, in London, and in several counties of this nation, who are of the same faith with us. 1660 (1660) Wing B4559; Thomason E1017_14; ESTC R207992 7,891 12 View Text
A54071 To such as are not satisfied with a profession without the true life and power but have sincere desires in their hearts after the Lord himself, and a willingness to be acquainted with his pure living truth, and with the souls true guide and leader, this experience is in my heart to express unto you, which we have all-along witnessed in our travels out of the dark corrupt land, into the land of life and purity. Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679. 1668 (1668) Wing P1212; ESTC R31104 8,425 12 View Text
A12390 Three prayers one for the morning, another for the euening: the third for a sick-man. Whereunto is annexed, a godly letter to a sicke freend: and a comfortable speech of a preacher vpon his death bedde. Anno. Dom. 1591. Smith, Henry, 1550?-1591. 1591 (1591) STC 22703; ESTC S117488 8,464 26 View Text
A26267 An epitomy, shewing when the Protestant religion began, why so call'd, the parts thereof the three creeds, and wherefore people stand when one is said : how and when infant baptism came to be used ... : also the Presbyterians, and what they hold and what Scriptures they produce, and the Independants, and the Baptists, what Scriptures they produce, the Quakers, somewhat of their principles and what Scriptures they produce / by John Axford. Axford, John. 1700 (1700) Wing A4280; ESTC R11103 8,487 20 View Text
A15195 The whole booke of Psalmes collected into English meeter by T. Sternhold, I. Hopk. and others, conferred with the Hebrew, with apt notes to sing them withall ; set forth and allowed to be sung in all churches, of al the people togither before and after morning and euening prayer, as also before & after sermons, and moreouer in priuate houses, for their godly solace & comfort, laying apart al vngodly songs and ballads, which tend only to the norishing of vice, and corrupting of youth.; Whole book of psalms. 1614 Sternhold, Thomas, d. 1549.; Hopkins, John, d. 1570. 1614 (1614) STC 2549.4; ESTC S176 8,776 17 View Text
A15827 A short and briefe summe of saving knowledge consisting of the creed, ten Commandements, Lords prayer and the sacraments. And is made profitable introduction to the larger art of divinitie, composed by the methodicall tables of A.R. and published by I.Y. Yates, John, d. ca. 1660. 1621 (1621) STC 26088; ESTC S113976 8,831 32 View Text
A75550 Arguments Pro and Con about the Right of baptizing; viz. Whether it ought to be by putting the whole body under water, or only Sprinkling a little water thereon. 1675 (1675) Wing A3647; ESTC R225438 8,839 6 View Text
A61315 A breviary of alchemy, or, A commentary upon Sir George Ripley's recapitulation being a paraphrastical epitome of his twelve gates / written by Æyrenæus Philalethes ... Philalethes, Eirenaeus. 1678 (1678) Wing S5271; ESTC R567 9,202 32 View Text
A43750 Christian counsel and advice unto the rulers and people of England even unto all such who have not yet sinned out their day of blessed visitation from God, which he in his infinite love and mercy hath held forth, and is holding forth unto the children of men, throughout all kingdoms of this world : with Christian counsel and good advice, against that grievous crying sin, and most abominable transgression of persecuting men about religion for the answer of a good conscience towards God : presented unto all that bear rule in ecclesiastical affairs now in the Church of England / by ... John Higgins. Higgins, John, 1633-1667. 1663 (1663) Wing H1951; ESTC R18558 9,342 16 View Text
A76706 Gods glory vindicated and blasphemy confuted: being a brief and plain ansvver to that blasphemous book intituled, Twelve arguments against the deity of the Holy Ghost, written by Tho. Bidle Master of Arts, and now burnt by speciall command from the Parliament on Wednesday the 8 of this present September, by the common hangman. Wherein the arguments of the said book are set down together with proper answers thereto. And twelve anti-arguments proving the deity of the Holy Ghost. Biddle, John, 1615-1662. Twelve arguments drawn out of the Scripture. 1647 (1647) Wing B2883; Wing G954; Thomason E407_6; ESTC R13062 9,376 12 View Text
A93431 Some queries propounded to this professing generation the people called Baptists, or any of the professors upon the earth for them to answer, and heedfully to weigh and consider Smith, William, d. 1673. 1659 (1659) Wing S4331; ESTC R229335 9,565 10 View Text
A41777 The forerunner to a further answer (if need be) to two books lately published against Tho. Grantham of Norwich wherein the spirit and temper of the Calvinists is discovered, particularly Mr. Calvin, Mr. Finch, and his little præcursor : to which is prefixed, the solid testimony of Mr. George Wither, against Calvinism, the worst of doctrines / by Tho. Grantham ... Grantham, Thomas, 1634-1692.; Wither, George, 1588-1667. 1691 (1691) Wing G1532; ESTC R39423 9,810 7 View Text
A67882 The way to peace amongst all Protestants: being a letter of reconciliation sent by Bp. Ridley to Bp. Hooper, with some observations upon it. Licensed, July the 14. 1688. Johnson, Samuel, 1649-1703.; Ridley, Nicholas, 1500?-1555.; Hooper, John, d. 1555. 1688 (1688) Wing J847A; ESTC R3678 9,940 11 View Text
A66550 A seasonable vvatch-vvord unto Christians against the dreams & dreamers of this generation delivered in a sermon November 16th. 1665 / and being the last lecture, which was preached by that reverend, faithful and eminent man of God Mr. John Wilson ... Wilson, John, 1588-1667. 1677 (1677) Wing W2897; ESTC W3002 10,284 16 View Text
A90167 Orders and rules appointed by the last will and testament of Sir Thomas Holt, knight and baronet to be observed in the electing, and after the election, of the ten poore persons inhabiting in his almshouse at Aston Juxta Birmingham in the county of Warwick, with the assent and assistance of Dame Anne Holt, the relict of the said Sir Thomas Holt, and of Sir Robert Holt baronet, his grand-son, and his heires males. Holt, Thomas, Sir, 1570 or 71-1654.; Holt, Robert, Sir.; Holt, Anne. 1656 (1656) Wing O396aA; ESTC R42531 10,608 24 View Text
A36503 Several visions and revelations of Drabricius as they were discovered and given forth unto him, in the years, 1651, 1652, 1653, 1654, 1655, 1656, 1657, 1662, 1663, 1664 : translated into English for publick satisfaction.; Revelationes. English Drabik, Mikuláš, 1588-1671. 1664 (1664) Wing D2116; ESTC R20880 10,763 16 View Text
A50181 An epistle to the Christian Indians, giving them a short account, of what the English desire them to know and to do, in order to their happiness written by an English minister, at the desire of an English magistrate, who sends unto them this token of love. Mather, Cotton, 1663-1728. 1700 (1700) Wing M1178; ESTC W18263 11,109 30 View Text
A54591 Infant-baptism vindicated from the exceptions of Mr. Thomas Grantham by Sam. Petto ... Petto, Samuel, 1624?-1711. 1691 (1691) Wing P1899; ESTC R35388 11,225 26 View Text
A90284 Proposals for the furtherance and propagation of the gospel in this nation. As the same were hubly presented to the Honourable Committee of Parliament by divers ministers of the gospell, and others. As also, some principles of Christian religion, without the beliefe of which, the Scriptures doe plainly and clearly affirme, salvation is not to be obtained. Which were also presented in explanation of one of the said proposals. Owen, John, 1616-1683. 1652 (1652) Wing O799; Thomason E683_12; ESTC R206815 11,288 23 View Text
A87721 Seekers supplied, or Three and forty non-church queries by Scripture answered. Penned and publish't for the vindication of Christs commands, and edification and confirmation of his people. / By Thomas Killcop, servant to Christ Iesus, the King of Kings. Killcop, Thomas. 1646 (1646) Wing K439; Thomason E359_14; ESTC R201173 11,591 18 View Text
A52449 A sermon preached before the King at New Market, October 8, 1671 by John North. North, John, 1645-1683. 1671 (1671) Wing N1289; ESTC R27521 11,649 37 View Text
A81088 A vvord in season to the kingdom of England. Or, A precious cordiall for a distempered kingdom. Wherein are laid down things profitable, and usefull for all, and offensive to none that love the truth and peace. / By the meanest of the servants of Jesus Christ, M. Cary. Cary, Mary. 1647 (1647) Wing C739; Thomason E393_26; ESTC R201606 11,809 16 View Text
A29522 A breviate of saving knowledge, or, The principles of Christian religion methodically digested into short questions and answers purposely composed and published, for the use and benefit of such as have good desires but weake memories, by I.B. Brinsley, John, 1600-1665. 1643 (1643) Wing B4708; ESTC R33274 11,869 29 View Text
A68116 The blessed'st birth that euer was: or, The blessed birth of our Lord and Sauior Iesus Christ Preached at the Fleet, the 25. of Decem: A. Dom. 1627. By Henry Greenvvood preacher of the word of God. Greenwood, Henry, b. 1544 or 5. 1634 (1634) STC 12332A; ESTC S113901 12,140 45 View Text
A61397 A scheme and abstract of the Christian religion comprized in fifty two heads, with the texts of scripture, on which they are grounded : and some short indications, how they were more largely handled / by a lover of truth and peace. Steele, Richard, 1629-1692. 1684 (1684) Wing S5393; ESTC R34601 12,283 30 View Text
A85264 Wing-clipping no crime being an answer to B. Bird's reply to The wandering bird's wings clipp'd. Field, John, 1652-1723. 1696 (1696) Wing F869; ESTC R177048 12,346 16 View Text
B04013 A letter written to a Christian friend, and one of the Parliament men. Proposing the groundlesness of the plea for tyths, impropriat [sic] tyths, or tyth as a revenue due to the magistrat. 1653 (1653) Wing L1767A; ESTC R179629 12,558 15 View Text
A36273 Once more a warning to thee O England but more particularly to the inhabitants of the city of Bristol. Dole, Dorcas. 1683 (1683) Wing D1834; ESTC R32763 12,707 22 View Text
A14382 The grounds of that doctrine which is according to godlinesse. Or a briefe and easie catechisme (gathered out of many other) with graces and prayers for them that want better helps. By T.V. B. of D. Vicar of Cockfield in Southser. Vicars, Thomas, d. 1638. 1630 (1630) STC 24700; ESTC S103499 12,818 38 View Text
A50429 The snare broken, or, The natural and eternal deity of the Son of God, as also of the Holy Ghost, asserted by a person, who having been formerly a a [sic] Socinian, and then an Arrian, came at length, by a free consideration of the Scriptures, to be fully convinc'd of the truth of the Catholick faith concerning the blessed Trinity. Mayne, Zachary, 1631-1694. 1692 (1692) Wing M1488; ESTC R19321 12,820 17 View Text
A18053 Winter-evenings communication with young novices in religion. Or Questions and answers about certaine chiefe grounds of Christian religion wherein every answer, rightly understood, hath the force of an oracle of God. By Iohn Carter, preacher of Gods Word. Carter, John, 1554-1635. 1628 (1628) STC 4696; ESTC S116222 12,994 42 View Text
A54028 Concerning the sum or substance of our religion, who are called Quakers, and the exercises and travels of our spirits therein Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679. 1667 (1667) Wing P1158; ESTC R18265 13,091 18 View Text
A29458 A Brief instruction in the principles of Christian religion agreeable to the confession of faith, put forth by the elders and brethren of many congregations of Christians, (baptized upon profession of their faith) in London and the country, owning the doctrine of personal election, and final perseverance. 1605 (1605) Wing B4602; ESTC R40299 13,302 26 View Text
A72276 The right institutio[n] of baptisme set forth by the reuere[n]d father in Christ, Herman Archebysshop of Coleyne, wherunto is also annexed a godlye treatyse of matrimonye, compyled by the famous clerke and faythfull euangelyst Wolfgangus Musculus, no lesse fruteful the[n] necessary for all godly mynisters of Christs church, translated by the vnproffitable seruaunt of Chryst Richard Ryce. Wied, Hermann von.; Musculus, Wolfgang, 1497-1563.; Rice, Richard, fl. 1548-1579. 1548 (1548) STC 13210; ESTC S125240 13,331 40 View Text
A65855 The Christianity of the people commonly called Quakers, asserted. Being a brief account of their faith in relation to divers matters where-in their Christian belief is questioned. Published in behalf of the people of God called Quakers by some of them. Whitehead, George, 1636?-1723. 1696 (1696) Wing W1915; ESTC R214791 13,648 20 View Text
A19839 [Daniel Ben Alexander. The converted Jew of Prague in Bohemia, baptized in the Reformed Church of Rouen, the 12. of Aprill. 1621. First written in the Syriacke and High Dutch. Translated out of High Dutch into French by Samuel Lecherpiere. And out of French into English by Tho. Drewe.] Alexander, Daniel Ben.; Drewe, Thomas, fl. 1621.; Drue, Thomas, fl. 1616-1653, attributed name. 1621 (1621) STC 6266; ESTC S119309 13,900 28 View Text
A65862 The divine light of Christ in man, and his mediation truly confessed by the people called Quakers. In a brief and gentle examination of John Norris his two treatises concerning the divine light. Intended to wipe off his undue reflection of grossness and confusion on the Quakers notion of the light within. With a postscript to J. N. By G. W. a servant of Christ. Whitehead, George, 1636?-1723. 1692 (1692) Wing W1924; ESTC R220968 14,045 25 View Text
A40072 Certain propositions by which the doctrin of the H. Trinity is so explain'd, according to the ancient fathers, as to speak it not contradictory to natural reason together with a defence of them, in answer to the objections of a Socianian writer, in his newly printed Considerations on the explications of the doctrin of the Trinity : occasioned by these propositions among other discourses : in a letter to that author.; Twenty-eight propositions by which the doctrine of the Trinity is endeavoured to be explained Fowler, Edward, 1632-1714. 1694 (1694) Wing F1696; ESTC R14585 14,588 32 View Text
B00055 Love and obedience or, Christs precept and promise. Being a sermon preached on Whitsunday last, 28 of May, 1637. in Guild-hall chappell, before the right honorable the Lord Major of this city of London. Freake, William 1637 (1637) STC 11347; ESTC S123109 14,888 23 View Text
A08997 The common catechisme with a commentary therevpon, by questions and answers, following the verie words, as they lie in their order without alteration. A profitable way, as also verie easie, and so likewise pleasant both to the teacher and learner, as by experience will be found true. By Richard Bernard, pastor at Batcomb. Bernard, Richard, 1568-1641. 1630 (1630) STC 1929; ESTC S119253 14,976 48 View Text
A54027 Concerning the church: or, of the church-state under the Gospel Whereby it may appear what a miserable apostacy from the truth hath overspread and covered the earth for many ages and generations, and how gross and thick the darkness yet lies upon it, though the light of God in his tender mercy hath broke forth and shined upon the people of his gathering, and through them hath also visited the world. The guidance of this in my heart, was particularly and chiefly towards the Papists, but I afterwards had a true sence, that it also extended to the state of such Protestants, as had not waited on the Lord, ... Written in Alisbury prison about the middle of the 6th month, 1666. By Issac Penington. Whereunto is annexed, Some observations upon the eternal judgment, as it is expressed by Christ, Mat.25.31 to the end of the chapter. Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679. 1666 (1666) Wing P1157; ESTC R224045 15,114 20 View Text
A47179 A short Christian catechisme for the instruction of children in the grounds and practice of Christian religion being (for the most part) an abridgment of a larger, formerly printed, where many questions and answers that were in the larger, are omitted, and others shortened, to fit the capacity of children, and some new questions, with their answers inserted, on several heads, which were not in the larger / by George Keith. Keith, George, 1639?-1716. 1698 (1698) Wing K212; ESTC R14138 15,116 34 View Text
A61268 A sermon preached before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor and Court of Aldermen at the Guild-Hall Chappel, Jan. 20, 1683 by John Standish ... Standish, John, d. 1686. 1684 (1684) Wing S5218; ESTC R13597 15,137 29 View Text
A29101 The excellency of the Christian revelation, as it promiseth assistance, and compleat salvation to sinners a sermon preach'd in the Cathedral Church of St. Paul, November the 6th, 1699, being the eighth, for this year, of the lecture founded by the Honourable Robert Boyle, Esq. / by Samuel Bradford ... Bradford, Samuel, 1652-1731. 1699 (1699) Wing B4111; ESTC R19744 15,243 31 View Text
A87820 A moderate answer vnto Dr. Bastvvicks book; called Independency not Gods ordinance. Wherein is declared the manner how some churches in this city were gathered, and upon what tearmes their members were admitted; that so both the Dr. and the reader may judge, how near some beleevers who walk together in the fellowship of the gospell, do come in their practice to these apostolicall rules which are propounded by the Dr. as Gods method in gethering churches and admitting members. / By Hanserd Knollys. Printed and published according to order. Imprimatur, Ja: Cranford. Knollys, Hanserd, 1599?-1691. 1645 (1645) Wing K717; Thomason E293_5; ESTC R200159 15,353 23 View Text
A30524 A generall epistle, and greeting of the Fathers love, to all the saints called and chosen to faithfulness in Christ Iesus ... : and this is to all such as are found worthy to suffer, and is an exhortation to the strengthning of their faith ... : and this is a true testimony of the Father and of the Son ... Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662. 1657 (1657) Wing B6004; ESTC R14763 15,401 16 View Text
A43051 The lying prophet discovered and reproved in an answer to several particulars in a book called The Quakers downfal, said to be written by Lawrence Claxton ... : with several of his damnable doctrines ... : also twelve particulars which he and his companion Lodowick Muggleton uttered ... / given forth ... by a Friend of truth, John Harwood. Harwood, John.; Muggleton, Lodowick, 1609-1698. 1659 (1659) Wing H1103A; ESTC R40951 15,593 23 View Text
A79504 New-Englands Jonas cast up at London: or, A relation of the proceedings of the court at Boston in New-England against divers honest and godly persons, for petitioning for government in the common-wealth, according to the lawes of England, and for admittance of themselves and children to the sacraments in their churches; and in case that should not be granted, for leave to have ministers and church-government according to the best reformation of England and Scotland. Together with a confutation of some reports of a fained miracle upon the aforesaid petition, being thrown over-board at sea; as also a breif [sic] answer to some passages in a late book (entituled Hypocrisie unmasked) set out by Mr. Winslowe, concerning the Independent churches holding communion with the reformed churches. / By Major John Child. Child, John, Major. 1647 (1647) Wing C3851; Thomason E384_5; ESTC R201443 15,799 25 View Text
A30559 Two general epistles, or, The breathings of love uttered from the pure life, to the wholeflock of God in England, Scotland, and Ireland, and all other places whersoever this shall come, greeting : being a wholesome exhortation ... / given forth by by that faithful servant of God, who, though he hath lately laid down the earthly body, yet he lives with his Maker forever, Edvvard Burrough. Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662. 1663 (1663) Wing B6052; ESTC R6045 15,871 24 View Text
A67322 God's revenge against the enemies of the church written by T.W. Wall, Thomas. 1658 (1658) Wing W483; ESTC R40679 15,909 54 View Text
A47381 The articles of the faith of the Church of Christ, or, Congregation meeting at Horsley-down Benjamin Keach, pastor, as asserted this 10th of the 6th month, 1697. Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704. 1697 (1697) Wing K46; ESTC R10175 15,957 50 View Text
A30539 Satans designs defeated ... Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662. 1659 (1659) Wing B6022; ESTC R14163 16,232 20 View Text
A34243 Lucida intervalla, containing divers miscellaneous poems, written at Finsbury and Bethlem by the Doctors patient extraordinary. Carkesse, James, fl. 1679. 1679 (1679) Wing C577; ESTC R8004 16,361 72 View Text
A18905 An abstract of fayth grounded on Moses, and applyed to the common Creede; plainely and briefly. By Henoch Clapham, in the beginning of his third yeares bands. Clapham, Henoch. 1606 (1606) STC 5328; ESTC S118540 16,421 46 View Text
A20522 The doctrine of the Masse booke, co[n]cerning the making of holye water, salt, breade, candels, ashes, fyre, insence, pascal, pascal la[m]be, egges, and herbes, the marying rynge, the pilgrimes wallet, staffe, & crosse, truly translated into Englyshe. Anno. Domi. M.D.LIIII. the xx. of May.. Dorcastor, Nicholas. 1554 (1554) STC 6934.5; ESTC S111943 16,435 50 View Text
A51405 The Countess of Morton's daily exercise: or, A book of prayers, and rules how to spend the time in the service and pleasure of Almighty God. Morton, Anne Douglas, Countess of, d. 1700.; Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660. 1679 (1679) Wing M2817A; ESTC R216837 16,448 141 View Text
A31333 The Catechism, or, Brief instruction in the faith and order [brace] of the gospel for the church of Christ meeting at Horsly-Down in Southwark. 1700 (1700) Wing C1477; ESTC R38987 16,473 41 View Text
A65838 The authority of the true ministry in baptizing with the spirit, and the idolatry of such men, as are doting about shadows and carnal ordinances, and their ignorance of the spirits baptism (of which, water baptism was but a figure) discovered : and herein is shewed, that water baptism is neither of necessity to salvation, nor yet is it now practiced either by authority from heaven, or by any New-Testament-law that is in force upon believers, seeing the substance, and the end of things abolished is come and enjoyed, wherein the types, shadows and fingers, are ended : being a short return to a book entituled, A reply to a scandalous paper, subscribed by one Samuel Bradley, a Baptist teacher, as concerning a dispute that was between some of the people called Quakers, and some Baptists in South-warke. Whitehead, George, 1636?-1723. 1660 (1660) Wing W1892; ESTC R19780 16,493 18 View Text
A76281 Beams of divine light: or Some brief hints of the being and attributes of God and of the three persons in the God-Head. Also proving the deity of Christ, and of the Holy-Ghost. Written at the request of a most pious, and and honourable citizen of London. And published by him for the sake of the poorer sort of Christians, in these perilous times. 1700 (1700) Wing B1560D; ESTC R225534 16,511 42 View Text
A47606 A short confession of faith containing the substance of all the fundamental articles in the larger confession put forth by the elders of the Baptist churches, owning personal election and final perserverance. Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704. 1697 (1697) Wing K86; ESTC R24038 16,842 52 View Text
A40926 A brief discovery of the kingdome of Antichrist and the downfall of it hasteth greatly. With a difference betwixt the ordinances of Christ and of Antichrist. This was written by One the world calleth a Quaker, in March 1653. R. F. (Richard Farnworth), d. 1666. 1653 (1653) Wing F472A; ESTC R218270 17,364 25 View Text
A70300 A true narrative of God's gracious dealings with the soul of Shalome Ben Shalomoh of the circumcision after the flesh. As delivered to the Church of Christ assembled at their meeting-house, in Rosemary-Lane, September the 29th, 1699. With some additions made thereunto since; being taken from his mouth by the subscribers to the certificate annexed to the preface. Published for exalting the free grace of God. Humfrey, Thomas.; Shalome, Ben Shalomoh. aut 1699 (1699) Wing H3717; ESTC R218738 17,377 32 View Text
A29104 A perswasive (sic) to peace and unity a sermon preached before the Lord-Mayor and the aldermen of the city of London ; at the Church of St. Mary le-bow, on Sunday, January 16th 1697/8 / by Samuel Bradford. Bradford, Samuel, 1652-1731. 1698 (1698) Wing B4117; ESTC R6286 17,512 34 View Text
A46631 The Quakers subterfuge or evasion over-turned In the vindication of the late narrative, concerning the memorable hand of God against a Quaker, and his family, in the county of Lincoln. Wherein the unchristianlike dealings of the Quakers in their late book, entituled The anabaptists lying wonder detected, with an admonition to all Christians to beware of their delusions: with some antiqueries to John Whitehead, about his pretence to the ministery, and the state of the Quakers congregations. James, Ralph, 17th cent.; Whitehead, John, 1630-1696. 1672 (1672) Wing J433; ESTC R218748 17,609 26 View Text
A34990 A description of the Church of Scotland with a word of reproofe to the priests, and teachers, and officers therein, for their many corrupt doctrines and practices, also a warning and a gentle invitation to all people, that lives under their tyrannicall government, to come to the truth ... : herein is their church made manifest ... : with an exhortation to all people to come out from amongst them ... / written in love to the simple-hearted in that nation ... by one who desires that people might be brought to the truth ... who am known among men by the name Stephen Crisp. Crisp, Stephen, 1628-1692. 1660 (1660) Wing C6928; ESTC R40352 17,808 15 View Text
A76702 Twelve arguments drawn out of the Scripture, wherein the commonly received opinion touching the deity of the Holy Spirit, is clearly and fully refuted. To which is prefixed a letter tending to the same purpose, written to a Member of the Honourable House of Commons. And to which is subjoyned an exposition of five principall passages of the Scripture, alleadged by the adversaries to prove the deity of the Holy Spirit; together with an answer to their grand objection touching the supposed omnipresence of the Holy Spirit. / By Iohn Bidle, Master of Arts. Biddle, John, 1615-1662.; I. H. 1647 (1647) Wing B2879; Thomason E406_1; ESTC R201902 17,962 25 View Text
A45557 Mans last journey to his long home a sermon preached at the funerals of the Right Honourable Robert Earl of Warwick, who died in London, May the 30th and was interr'd at Felstead in Essex, June the 9th 1659 / by Nath. Hardy ... Hardy, Nathaniel, 1618-1670. 1659 (1659) Wing H735; ESTC R19289 18,083 38 View Text
A57151 Preaching of Christ opened in a sermon preached at St. Peters Church in the city of Norwich at an ordination Septemb. 22, 1661 / by Edward Reynolds ... Reynolds, Edward, 1599-1676. 1662 (1662) Wing R1272; ESTC R15378 18,113 56 View Text
A67180 The jus divinum of presbyterie. Or, A treatise evidently proving by Scripture; all true ministers or embassadours of the Gospell to be rightly called divines or, Jure divino. Writer, Clement, fl. 1627-1658. 1646 (1646) Wing W3724; ESTC R220188 18,132 42 View Text
A50303 Tri-unity, or, The doctrin of the Holy Trinity asserted in a discourse on 2 Cor. XIII. XIV / by Isaac Mauduit ... Mauduit, Isaac. 1694 (1694) Wing M1334; ESTC R32420 18,315 57 View Text
A85893 Noah's flood returning: or, a sermon preached August the 7th. 1655. before the right honourable Christopher Pack, Lord Major of the honourable citie of London, and the right worshipfull, the company of Drapers. By R. Gell, D.D. and rector of the parish of Mary Alder-Mary, London. Gell, Robert, 1595-1665. 1655 (1655) Wing G471; Thomason E852_14; ESTC R207451 18,628 31 View Text
A29107 A sermon preach'd at the Church of St. Mary le Bow to the Societies for the Reformation of Manners, Octob. 4, 1697 / by Samuel Bradford. Bradford, Samuel, 1652-1731.; Societies for the Reformation of Manners. 1697 (1697) Wing B4120; ESTC R25294 18,745 56 View Text
A93386 Heights in depths and depths in heights or Truth no less secretly then sweetly sparkling out its glory from under a cloud of obloquie. Wherein is discovered the various motions of an experienced soul, in and through the manifold dispensations of God. And how the author hath been acted in, and redeemed from the unknown paths of darkness; wherein, as in a wilderness, he hath wandered without the clear vision of a Divine Presence. Together with a sincere abdication of certain tenents, either formerly vented by him, or now charged upon him. Per me Jo. Salmon Salmon, Joseph. 1651 (1651) Wing S415; Thomason E1361_4; ESTC R209192 18,864 71 View Text
A00667 A perfume against the noysome pestilence prescribed by Moses vnto Aaron. Num. 16. 46. Written by Roger Fenton, preacher of Grayes Inne. Fenton, Roger, 1565-1616. 1603 (1603) STC 10800; ESTC S105577 18,874 94 View Text
A80275 A compendious narration of the most examplar life of the right honourable and most virtuous Lady Mary, late Countess of Shrewsbury Faithfully collected out of the writings of a most learned and worthy person who attended her many years: by a gentleman, who by reason of his long acquaintance and much conversation with her can testifie the truth of all that is here related. Gentleman. 1677 (1677) Wing C5608A; ESTC R224366 18,927 64 View Text
B00327 The forme and manner of making and consecrating bishops, priestes and deacons.; Ordinal Church of England.; Barker, Robert, d. 1645, printer.; Bill, John, d. 1630, printer. 1633 (1633) STC 16473; ESTC S122861 19,142 27 View Text
A29182 A cry for labourers in Gods harvest being a sermon preached upon the sad occasion of the late funeral of that eminent servant of Christ, Mr. Ralph Venning, who departed this life, March 10, 1673/4 / by Robert Bragge ... Bragge, Robert, 1627-1704. 1674 (1674) Wing B4202; ESTC R20229 19,240 42 View Text
A60368 Christian instruction directing to a more perfect and saving knowledge of God, in the foundation-principles of true religion. By way of question and answer. Meet to be seriously considered by all true Christians, for their help and furtherance in the great concerns of eternal life. By W.S. Saller, William, d. ca. 1680. 1670 (1670) Wing S398C; ESTC R218598 19,270 28 View Text