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A47661 Pharmacopoeia Lemeriana contracta Lemery's Universal pharmacopoeia abridg'd, in a collection of recepe's and observations compar'd with the London and with Bates's dispensatories, and also with Charas's Royal pharmacy : to which are added some remedies recommended by the members of the French Royal Academy of Science, most collected out of the history of that society lately published by John Baptista du Hamel.; Pharmacopeé universelle. English. 1700 Lémery, Nicolas, 1645-1715. 1700 (1700) Wing L1042; ESTC R26151 62,065 196

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mithridate_n and_o a_o little_a quantity_n of_o spirit_n of_o wine_n there_o be_v a_o red_a powder_n design_v for_o the_o same_o end_n with_o this_o it_o contain_v beside_o these_o ingredient_n bolearmoniack_n brimstone_n zedoary_a ginger_n cretan_a dittany_n hartshorn_n myrrh_n camphire_n and_o saffron_n it_o may_v be_v make_v into_o pill_n as_o the_o other_o both_o so_o make_v be_v call_v plague_n pill_n the_o golden_a powder_n â„ž_o open_v saffron_n of_o mars_n refine_a sugar_n of_o each_o two_o ounce_n cinnamon_n and_o galangal_n of_o each_o half_n a_o ounce_n annis-seed_n two_o drachm_n four_o leaf_n of_o gold_n reduce_v they_o into_o powder_n this_o powder_n open_v obstruction_n provoke_v the_o menses_fw-la and_o cure_v pale_a complexion_n it_o will_v be_v convenient_a to_o walk_v upon_o the_o take_v this_o or_o any_o other_o cachectick_a remedy_n to_o promote_v its_o distribution_n it_o be_v give_v from_o a_o scruple_n to_o a_o drachm_n powder_n of_o ash_n correct_v â„ž_o ash_n of_o the_o herb_n kali_n and_o root_n of_o colewort_n of_o each_o three_o drachm_n seed_n of_o stone_n parsley_n marsh-mallow_n black_a pepper_n top_n of_o pennyroyal_n of_o each_o a_o drachm_n and_o a_o half_a sweet_a flag_n prepare_v goat_n blood_n scorpion_n and_o dry_a eggshell_n of_o each_o one_o drachm_n mix_v and_o reduce_v they_o to_o powder_n this_o powder_n be_v give_v to_o cleanse_v the_o kidney_n and_o bladder_n from_o gravel_n and_o troublesome_a roapy_a mucus_fw-la that_o sometime_o obstruct_v the_o urinary_a passage_n a_o carminative_a powder_n â„ž_o cummin_n and_o annisseed_n of_o each_o three_o ounce_n white_a ginger_n six_o drachm_n mace_n three_o drachm_n and_o oriental_a saffron_n one_o drachm_n reduce_v all_o into_o very_o fine_a powder_n this_o powder_n be_v proper_a in_o the_o wind_n colic_n and_o do_v help_v digestion_n it_o may_v be_v take_v immediate_o after_o meal_n from_o half_a a_o drachm_n to_o a_o drachm_n and_o a_o half_a this_o powder_n consist_v of_o salino-sulphureous_a volatile_a part_n be_v therefore_o proper_a to_o open_v the_o obstruction_n of_o the_o matrix_fw-la part_v thereof_o be_v cast_v upon_o coal_n and_o the_o fume_n receive_v in_o the_o low_a part_n through_o a_o funnel_n it_o also_o help_v woman_n subject_a to_o fit_n and_o be_v a_o quick_a remedy_n and_o much_o rely_v on_o in_o suffocation_n of_o the_o womb._n a_o drachm_n and_o a_o half_a of_o red_a rose_n well_o dry_v infuse_v in_o three_o ounce_n of_o dulcify_v spirit_n of_o vitriol_n yield_v a_o most_o beautiful_a red._n this_o spirit_n be_v give_v in_o diarrhaea_n lientery_n and_o in_o bloody_a flux_n in_o overflowing_n of_o the_o menses_fw-la vomit_v spit_v of_o blood_n and_o all_o manner_n of_o hemorrhagy_n it_o be_v also_o mix_v to_o a_o grateful_a acidity_n in_o appropriate_a liquor_n in_o fever_n powder_n of_o steel_n use_v by_o the_o physician_n of_o paris_n â„ž_o file_n of_o steel_n prepare_v two_o ounce_n cinnamon_n six_o drachm_n myrrh_n root_n of_o birthwort_n and_o the_o great_a mad_a top_n of_o time_n wild-marjoram_n feverfew_n mountain_n calamint_n penyroyal_n mugwort_n hyssop_n horehound_n balm_n mint_n pimpernel_n betony_n savine_n of_o each_o two_o drachm_n seed_n of_o lovage_a rue_n parsley_n great_a cummin_n of_o each_o a_o drachm_n and_o a_o half_a mace_n two_o scruple_n reduce_v all_o into_o powder_n to_o be_v keep_v for_o use_v this_o powder_n open_v gentle_o obstruction_n of_o the_o bowel_n and_o be_v therefore_o a_o good_a remedy_n against_o the_o green-sickness_n cachexy_n jaundice_n and_o a_o come_a dropsy_n it_o kill_v worm_n bring_v down_o the_o menses_fw-la it_o be_v give_v from_o a_o scruple_n to_o a_o drachm_n make_v into_o pill_n a_o hand_n powder_n â„ž_o dregs_o or_o cake_n of_o bitter_a and_o sweet_a almond_n rice_n flower_n of_o each_o six_o ounce_n root_n of_o florence_n orice_n and_o prepare_v white_a chalk_n of_o each_o one_o ounce_n benzoin_v sperma_fw-la ceti_fw-la salt_n of_o tartar_n of_o each_o two_o drachm_n oil_n of_o rhodian_a wood_n half_a a_o ounce_n reduce_v they_o into_o powder_n a_o powder_n against_o a_o pleurisy_n â„ž_o prepare_a goat_n blood_n one_o ounce_n powder_n of_o viper_n antimonium_n diaphoreticum_fw-la flower_n of_o corn_n poppy_n prepare_v crab's-eye_n boar's-tooth_n seed_n of_o carduns_n benedictus_n olibanum_fw-la of_o each_o one_o drachm_n reduce_v they_o into_o powder_n this_o powder_n absorb_v the_o acid_n that_o fix_v and_o stagnate_n the_o blood_n so_o help_v to_o give_v it_o its_o due_a circulation_n and_o to_o throw_v off_o by_o transpiration_n the_o hostile_a matter_n the_o imperial_a powder_n â„ž_o cinnamon_n ten_o drachm_n ginger_n one_o ounce_n clove_n half_a a_o ounce_n lesser_a galangal_n mace_n nutmeg_n of_o each_o two_o drachm_n musk_n ten_o grain_n this_o help_v concoction_n expel_v wind_n correct_v the_o noisome_a steam_n of_o the_o stomach_n and_o ill_a smell_n of_o the_o mouth_n powder_n of_o cinnabar_fw-la â„ž_o native_a cinnabar_fw-la prepare_v half_o a_o ounce_n shave_v of_o a_o elk_n horn_n three_o drachm_n man_n skull_n misletoe_n of_o the_o oak_n of_o each_o two_o drachm_n dry_a root_n and_o seed_n of_o peony_n of_o each_o a_o drachm_n and_o a_o half_a powder_v call_v diamoschi_n and_o diambra_n of_o each_o one_o drachm_n oriental_a saffron_n and_o volatile_a salt_n of_o amber_n of_o each_o one_o scruple_n powder_n all_o this_o be_v use_v as_o other_o anti-epileptick_a powder_n against_o the_o falling-sickness_n and_o other_o convulsion_n it_o be_v take_v from_o one_o scruple_n to_o two_o powder_n of_o turbith_n with_o rhubarb_n correct_v â„ž_o gummy_a turbith_n two_o ounce_n choice_a rhubarb_n ten_o drachm_n hermodactyle_n one_o ounce_n diagrydium_fw-la crystal_n of_o tartar_n and_o violet_n seed_n of_o each_o half_n a_o ounce_n reduce_v all_o into_o powder_n that_o may_v be_v give_v to_o a_o drachm_n mort_n sudorific_a powder_n â„ž_o root_n of_o contrayerva_n five_o drachm_n root_n of_o valerian_n masterwort_n and_o angelica_n of_o each_o half_n a_o ounce_n leave_v of_o bless_a thistle_n crabs-eye_n and_o mussel-shell_n prepare_v of_o each_o two_o drachm_n saffron_n four_o scruple_n camphire_n two_o scruple_n laudanum_n half_a a_o drachm_n reduce_v they_o into_o powder_n this_o powder_n be_v a_o good_a sudorific_a and_o be_v therefore_o successful_o use_v in_o malignant_a and_o intermit_a fever_n it_o abate_v hysterick_n vapour_n it_o be_v give_v from_o a_o scruple_n to_o a_o drachm_n trochisk_n of_o ramich_n correct_v â„ž_o cypress_n nut_n myrtle_n berry_n gum_n arabic_a of_o each_o a_o ounce_n and_o a_o half_a red_a rose_n yellow_a saunders_n of_o each_o ten_o drachm_n sumach_n shave_n of_o ivory_n of_o each_o one_o ounce_n clove_n mace_n nutmeg_n of_o each_o half_n a_o ounce_n camphire_n four_o scruple_n powder_n all_o and_o mix_v they_o into_o a_o past_a with_o the_o inspissated_a juice_n of_o sorrel_n and_o form_n trochisk_v according_a to_o art_n they_o be_v give_v to_o a_o drachm_n in_o flux_n and_o hemorrhagy_n and_o in_o all_o other_o case_n where_o astriction_n be_v proper_a they_o be_v to_o be_v fine_o powder_v and_o to_o be_v mix_v with_o astringent_a water_n or_o decoction_n and_o to_o be_v take_v at_o a_o distance_n from_o meal_n trochisk_n for_o a_o gonorrhoea_n â„ž_o bole_n armene_n two_o drachm_n prepare_v amber_n shave_n of_o ivory_n of_o each_o one_o drachm_n and_o a_o half_a seed_n of_o plantain_n four_o scruple_n agnus_n castus_n lettuce_n flower_n of_o pomgranate_n and_o red_a rose_n of_o each_o one_o drachm_n wood_n of_o sassafras_n two_o scruple_n let_v all_o be_v powder_v and_o mix_v with_o mucelage_n draw_v from_o the_o seed_n of_o quince_n in_o the_o water_n of_o nymphea_n or_o water_n lily_n and_o let_v they_o be_v make_v into_o trochisk_n a_o drachm_n of_o these_o trochisk_n may_v be_v dissolve_v in_o eight_o ounce_n of_o plantain_n water_n and_o a_o ounce_n of_o honey_n of_o rose_n add_v for_o a_o injection_n but_o neither_o this_o nor_o any_o other_o astringent_a be_v ever_o to_o be_v use_v until_o the_o virulency_n be_v carry_v off_o by_o stool_n and_o urine_n and_o the_o run_a appear_v white_a and_o of_o a_o due_a consistence_n to_o use_v any_o soon_o be_v a_o certain_a way_n to_o lodge_v the_o infection_n and_o give_v the_o pox._n trochisk_n of_o pomgranate_n flower_n â„ž_o pomgranate_n flower_n one_o ounce_n red_a rose_n bole-armene_a gum_n arabic_a of_o each_o half_n a_o ounce_n true_a acacia_n three_o drachm_n powder_n and_o mix_v they_o all_o with_o a_o sufficient_a quantity_n of_o the_o mucilage_n of_o gum-tragacanth_a extract_v in_o rose_n water_n than_o form_n the_o trochisk_n these_o be_v use_v as_o the_o former_a and_o may_v be_v give_v where_o it_o be_v convenient_a to_o bind_v as_o in_o all_o hemorraghy_n belly_n flux_n in_o the_o diabetes_n disease_n of_o the_o breast_n cause_v by_o defluxion_n for_o they_o thicken_v humour_n and_o qualify_v acrimony_n escharotick_a trochisk_n â„ž_o corrosive_n sublimate_n minium_n equal_a part_n with_o
a_o sufficient_a quantity_n of_o the_o mucilage_n of_o gum_n tragacanth_n that_o thence_o may_v be_v form_v hard_a and_o stiff_a trochisk_n these_o be_v use_v for_o make_v escar_n and_o to_o consume_v proud_a flesh_n and_o excrescency_n about_o the_o anus_fw-la from_o illicit_v and_o preposterous_a coition_n they_o be_v also_o apply_v to_o venereal_a cancer_n scrofulous_a tumor_n they_o do_v not_o spread_v and_o be_v quick_a in_o operate_n trochisk_n of_o arsenic_n ℞_o white_a arsenic_n four_o ounce_n corrosive_a sublimatte_n half_o a_o ounce_n powder_n both_o and_o form_v they_o into_o trochisk_n with_o the_o mucilage_n of_o gum_n tragacanth_n these_o trochisk_n be_v use_v as_o the_o former_a and_o be_v apply_v whole_a or_o in_o powder_n to_o corn_n consume_v and_o eat_v they_o away_o the_o arsenic_n contain_v a_o very_a corrosive_a salt_n which_o be_v envelop_v in_o a_o great_a quantity_n of_o sulphur_n will_v disengage_v itself_o but_o slow_o without_o the_o addition_n of_o the_o corrosive_a sublimate_n though_o this_o compound_v be_v a_o extraordinary_a caustick_a yet_o it_o do_v not_o cause_n great_a pain_n because_o the_o sulphur_n of_o the_o arsenic_n and_o mucilage_n of_o the_o gum_n do_v in_o a_o great_a measure_n curb_v the_o salt_n and_o check_v their_o motion_n involve_v their_o point_n in_o the_o branchy_a part_n of_o the_o one_o and_o slimy_a roapy_a particle_n of_o the_o other_o trochisk_n to_o be_v use_v in_o a_o diabetes_n ℞_o myrtle_n berry_n seed_n of_o wood_n sorrel_n of_o each_o three_o ounce_n gum_n arabic_a pound_v wheat-flower_n of_o each_o a_o ounce_n reduce_v they_o into_o powder_n and_o make_v they_o into_o trochisk_n with_o a_o sufficient_a quantity_n of_o mucilage_n of_o fleawort_n seed_n these_o be_v say_v to_o strengthen_v the_o sphincter_n of_o the_o bladder_n and_o thicken_v the_o serum_n of_o the_o blood_n which_o make_v they_o not_o only_o proper_a in_o a_o diabetes_n but_o also_o fit_a to_o be_v give_v in_o appropriate_a astringent_a decoction_n in_o hemorrhagy_n occasion_v by_o over-thin_a and_o sharp_a blood_n on_o the_o other_o hand_n aloe_n be_v a_o provoker_n of_o the_o menstrua_fw-la in_o thin_a and_o incide_v the_o blood_n and_o open_v the_o womb_n vessel_n be_v not_o to_o be_v give_v in_o the_o case_n before_o mention_v trochisk_n of_o enula_n campane_n ℞_o dry_a root_n of_o enula_n campane_n two_o ounce_n flourr_n of_o pound_a wheat_n gum_n tragacanth_n gum_n arabic_a root_n of_o florence_n orris_z magistery_n of_o sulphur_n of_o each_o two_o drachm_n flower_n of_o corn-poppy_n a_o drachm_n and_o a_o half_a flowers_z of_o benzoin_v one_o scruple_n balsam_n of_o sulphur_n annisated_a ten_o drop_n with_o a_o sufficient_a quantity_n of_o mucilage_n of_o gum_n tragacanth_n draw_v in_o corn_n poppy-water_n form_n trochisk_v to_o be_v dry_v in_o the_o shade_n these_o be_v use_v in_o inveterate_a cough_n and_o asthma_n they_o incide_v and_o attenuate_v tough_a roapy_a phlegm_n and_o facilitate_v its_o expectoration_n they_o be_v take_v from_o a_o scruple_n to_o a_o drachm_n trochisk_n of_o orris_z ℞_o root_n of_o florence_n orris_z white_z pepper_n and_o gum_n ammoniac_a of_o each_o half_n a_o ounce_n these_o attenuate_v and_o dissolve_v viscid_a humour_n and_o facilitate_v their_o expectoration_n they_o be_v also_o proper_a to_o open_a obstruction_n of_o the_o spleen_n and_o womb_n and_o to_o cure_v pale_a complexion_n they_o may_v be_v take_v from_o half_a a_o drachm_n to_o four_o scruple_n mynsichi_n hydragogue_n pill_v reform_v ℞_o mineral_n turbith_n half_a a_o ounce_n trochisk_v of_o alhandal_n root_n of_o black_a hellebore_n of_o each_o three_o drachm_n choice_a rhubarb_n and_o elaterium_n of_o each_o two_o drachm_n saffron_n of_o metal_n prepare_v with_o salt_n of_o wormwood_n one_o drachm_n spirit_n of_o vitriol_n dulcify_v half_o a_o drachm_n mix_v and_o make_v they_o into_o a_o mass_n with_o syrup_n of_o buckthorn_n this_o pill_n purge_v and_o vomit_v with_o some_o violence_n it_o be_v give_v in_o dropsy_n mania_n the_o pox_n scurvy_a and_o king_n be_v evil_a and_o other_o like_a obstinate_a distemper_n from_o half_a a_o scruple_n to_o half_a a_o drachm_n the_o crocus_n metallorum_fw-la calcine_v with_o a_o equal_a weight_n of_o salt_n of_o wormwood_n and_o often_o wash_v with_o warm_a water_n be_v less_o vomitive_a than_o the_o common_a because_o the_o fix_a alkaline_a salt_n have_v destroy_v some_o of_o its_o irritate_v point_n this_o preparation_n of_o antimony_n often_o purge_v and_o cause_n sweat_v it_o be_v give_v to_o eight_o grain_n the_o imperial_a pill_n of_o the_o physician_n of_o lion_n ℞_o extract_v of_o aloe_n four_o ounce_n rhubarb_n one_o ounce_n mastic_n half_a a_o ounce_n and_o with_o the_o juice_n of_o rose_n form_v a_o mass_n of_o pill_n these_o pill_n may_v be_v take_v just_a before_o meal_n that_o the_o salt_n of_o the_o aloe_n be_v dull_v by_o the_o particle_n of_o the_o food_n may_v gripe_v the_o less_o these_o ingredient_n mix_v with_o the_o extract_v of_o juniper-berry_n will_v make_v much_o such_o a_o pill_n as_o dr._n anderson_n bontius_n hydropical_a pill_n ℞_o aloe_n succotrine_n two_o ounce_n and_o a_o half_a gambogia_n well_o powder_v dissolve_v in_o malmsey_n and_o dry_a one_o ounce_n and_o a_o half_a diagrydium_fw-la prepare_v the_o same_o way_n one_o ounce_n choice_n gum_n ammoniack_a one_o ounce_n and_o half_a tartarum_fw-la vitriolatum_fw-la half_a a_o ounce_n make_v they_o into_o a_o mass_n with_o solutive_a syrup_n of_o rose_n the_o tartarum_fw-la vitriolatum_fw-la do_v not_o only_o serve_v as_o a_o opener_n in_o this_o composition_n but_o also_o fix_v the_o salin_a emetic_n sulphur_n of_o the_o gum._n gut_n and_o determine_v it_o to_o purge_v by_o stool_n which_o it_o do_v with_o some_o vehemency_n it_o be_v give_v from_o half_a a_o scruple_n to_o two_o to_o purge_v off_o serous_a humour_n particular_o in_o dropsy_n for_o the_o cure_n of_o which_o it_o be_v chief_o study_v mercurial_a pill_n ℞_o choice_a rhubarb_n trochisk_v of_o alhandal_n diagrydium_fw-la sweet_a sublimate_n of_o each_o one_o ounce_n venice_n turpentine_n wash_v in_o its_o own_o distil_a oil_n a_o sufficient_a quantity_n to_o make_v they_o into_o a_o mass_n for_o pill_n though_o these_o pill_n be_v proper_o design_v against_o venereal_a distemper_n yet_o they_o may_v be_v successful_o give_v in_o the_o king_n be_v evil_a and_o in_o obstinate_a rheumatism_n mr._n lemery_n be_v of_o opinion_n that_o they_o will_v prove_v more_o effectual_a in_o venereal_a distemper_n if_o instead_o of_o the_o sweet_a sublimate_n a_o equal_a quantity_n of_o crude_a mercury_n be_v put_v kill_v as_o they_o call_v it_o in_o venice_n turpentine_n for_o this_o reason_n that_o the_o pore_n of_o the_o crude_a mercury_n not_o be_v satiate_a as_o those_o of_o the_o sweet_a sublimate_n be_v they_o will_v load_v themselves_o with_o a_o great_a quantity_n of_o the_o venereal_a venom_n and_o carry_v it_o off_o either_o by_o stool_n or_o transpiration_n they_o that_o shall_v like_v this_o reason_n may_v use_v the_o follow_a pill_n pill_n of_o barbarosse_n corect_v ℞_o mercury_n well_o kill_v in_o a_o sufficient_a quantity_n of_o venice_n turpentine_n six_o drachm_n agarick_n trochisce_v half_a a_o ounce_n choice_a rhubarb_n two_o drachm_n mix_v and_o make_v they_o into_o a_o mass_n of_o pill_n in_o this_o the_o spice_n be_v leave_v out_o as_o be_v useless_a in_o the_o other_o common_a prescription_n and_o turpentine_n be_v use_v instead_o of_o the_o juice_n of_o rose_n it_o be_v scarce_o possible_a to_o kill_v the_o mercury_n in_o this_o latter_a as_o barbarosse_n direct_v these_o pill_n be_v give_v from_o a_o scruple_n to_o a_o drachm_n and_o may_v be_v take_v at_o night_n go_v to_o bed_n or_o in_o the_o morning_n fast_v quercetan_n tartarous_a pill_n reform_v ℞_o succotrine_fw-mi aloe_n four_o ounce_n cream_n of_o tartar_n and_o yellow_a myrobalan_n of_o each_o two_o ounce_n pick_v senna_n one_o ounce_n root_n of_o black_a hellebore_n turbith_n of_o each_o half_n a_o ounce_n salt_n of_o wormwood_n and_o ash_n of_o each_o two_o drachm_n mix_v and_o make_v they_o into_o a_o mass_n with_o the_o syrup_n of_o apple_n of_o king_n sabor_n the_o do_v from_o half_a a_o scruple_n to_o half_a a_o drachm_n these_o pill_n purge_v tartarous_a heavy_a humour_n and_o tough_a phlegm_n they_o be_v prescribe_v in_o mania_n hypochondriack_a affection_n and_o also_o in_o the_o suppression_n of_o the_o menses_fw-la the_o great_a pill_n of_o bdellium_n ℞_o best_a bdellium_n one_o ounce_n and_o a_o half_a annis_n seed_n three_o drachm_n myrobalans_n yellow_a indian_a emblick_a and_o bellerick_a porcelain-shell_n burn_v amber_n of_o each_o two_o drachm_n and_o a_o half_a with_o the_o juice_n of_o leek_n make_v a_o mass_n this_o be_v give_v as_o a_o astringent_a to_o stop_v ●he_v overflow_a of_o the_o menses_fw-la hemorrhody_n etc._n etc._n there_o be_v a_o pill_n call_v the_o lesser_a pill_n of_o bdellium_n
it_o consist_v of_o 15_o drachm_n of_o bdellium_n and_o of_o 5_o drachm_n of_o the_o myrobalan_n mix_v and_o make_v into_o pill_n with_o juice_n of_o leek_n pill_n of_o gambogia_n â„ž_o aloe_n succotrine_n two_o ounce_n and_o a_o half_a gummi_fw-la gutta_n gum_n ammoniack_a of_o each_o a_o ounce_n and_o a_o half_a rosine_n of_o scammony_n one_o ounce_n tartarum_fw-la vitriolatum_fw-la half_a a_o ounce_n make_v they_o into_o a_o mass_n of_o pill_n with_o a_o sufficient_a quantity_n of_o syrup_n of_o buck-thorn_n gambogia_n be_v of_o itself_o both_o emetic_n and_o purgative_n but_o be_v mix_v with_o the_o tartarum_fw-la vitriolatum_fw-la purge_n only_o by_o stool_n it_o be_v give_v from_o half_a a_o scruple_n to_o half_a a_o drachm_n in_o which_o do_v it_o powerful_o carry_v off_o watery_a humour_n without_o any_o considerable_a gripe_n the_o spa_n pill_n â„ž_o crystal_n of_o tartar_n three_o ounce_n diagrydium_fw-la half_a a_o ounce_n salt_n of_o steel_n two_o drachm_n with_o mucilage_n of_o gum_n tragacanth_n draw_v in_o the_o spaw-water_n make_v mass_n for_o pill_n this_o be_v call_v spa_n pill_n not_o only_o because_o the_o mucilage_n be_v extract_v in_o spaw-water_n but_o chief_o because_o they_o that_o drink_v the_o water_n do_v often_o make_v use_n of_o it_o henricus_fw-la ab_fw-la heer_n in_o his_o spadacrene_n commend_v this_o pill_n and_o the_o water_n against_o many_o distemper_n especial_o hemicrania_n vertigo_n obstruction_n and_o even_a scyrrhus's_n if_o not_o inveterate_a of_o the_o liver_n and_o spleen_n and_o the_o disease_n spring_v thence_o as_o jaundice_n melancholy_a hypochondrianism_n dropsy_n etc._n etc._n as_o also_o against_o gravel_n ulcer_n of_o the_o kidney_n caruncle_n in_o the_o urethra_n and_o resemble_v affection_n leprosy_n cancer_n and_o scyrrhus_n of_o the_o womb_n flux_n sterility_n worm_n etc._n etc._n they_o may_v be_v give_v from_o a_o scruple_n to_o a_o drachm_n and_o may_v be_v take_v with_o good_a success_n by_o such_o as_o drink_v tunbridge_n water_n pill_n rudii_n correct_v â„ž_o aloe_n succotrine_n one_o ounce_n trochisk_v of_o alhandal_n six_o drachm_n agarick_n scammony_n root_n of_o black_a hellebore_n turbith_n of_o each_o half_n a_o ounce_n soluble_a tartar_n three_o drachm_n with_o a_o sufficient_a quantity_n of_o syrup_n of_o buckthorn_n make_v they_o into_o pill_n mr._n lemery_n say_v that_o when_o we_o evaporate_v our_o tincture_n for_o the_o extract_v we_o lose_v a_o great_a deal_n of_o the_o purge_a particle_n of_o the_o drug_n in_o the_o exhaling_a steam_n and_o prefer_v the_o soluble_a tartar_n for_o reason_n mention_v before_o there_o may_v be_v somewhat_o in_o this_o last_o remark_n but_o there_o be_v but_o very_o little_a in_o the_o other_o for_o since_o the_o pill_n make_v according_a to_o our_o dispensatory_a work_n as_o well_o as_o any_o can_v do_v and_o as_o strong_a as_o upon_o most_o occasion_n be_v require_v what_o need_v we_o be_v concern_v at_o the_o loss_n of_o some_o gross_a foetid_v sulphur_n that_o in_o make_v the_o pill_n strong_a will_v render_v it_o more_o rough_a and_o churlish_a in_o the_o operation_n i_o have_v add_v this_o to_o show_v upon_o what_o ground_n some_o will_v correct_v and_o reform_v as_o they_o call_v it_o but_o must_v do_v mr._n lemery_n justice_n he_o be_v general_o civil_a to_o the_o london_n and_o to_o bates_n dispensatory_a from_o both_o which_o he_o have_v take_v several_a receipt_n and_o give_v they_o for_o the_o most_o part_n unaltered_a always_o quote_v the_o book_n which_o he_o have_v forget_v to_o do_v to_o other_o especial_o to_o charas_fw-la from_o who_o he_o have_v borrow_a considerable_o but_o seldom_o mention_n he_o â„ž_o juice_n of_o liquorice_n frankincense_n of_o each_o half_n a_o ounce_n myrrh_n best_a saffron_n opium_n of_o each_o four_o scruple_n make_v they_o into_o a_o mass_n of_o pill_n with_o syrup_n of_o corn_n poppy_n these_o pill_n thicken_v and_o allay_v thin_a sharp_a humour_n stay_v defluxion_n and_o cause_n rest_v they_o be_v give_v to_o a_o scruple_n in_o dry_a husking_a cough_n a_o scruple_n contain_v two_o grain_n of_o opium_n turpentine_n pill_n â„ž_o venice_n turpentine_n boil_v in_o water_n of_o radish_n or_o of_o pellitory_n of_o the_o wall_n four_o ounce_n liquorice_n fine_o powder_v one_o ounce_n mix_v they_o for_o pill_n â„ž_o good_a clear_a turpentine_n four_o ounce_n root_n of_o marsh-mallow_n dry_v and_o powder_v crabs-eye_n prepare_v of_o each_o a_o ounce_n purify_v nitre_n and_o hogs-lice_n prepare_v of_o each_o a_o ounce_n salt_n of_o amber_n two_o drachm_n make_v they_o into-a_a mass_n for_o pill_n in_o this_o last_o preparation_n the_o salt_n of_o turpentine_n be_v preserve_v part_n of_o which_o in_o the_o former_a be_v evaporate_v in_o the_o boil_a and_o part_v dissolve_v in_o the_o water_n the_o powder_n also_o do_v better_o second_v the_o intention_n of_o the_o pill_n than_o liquorice_n can_v do_v but_o the_o mass_n will_v hardly_o keep_v of_o due_a consistence_n especial_o in_o summer_n both_o pill_n be_v diuretic_n and_o be_v of_o good_a use_n to_o carry_v off_o gravel_n to_o cleanse_v the_o kidney_n and_o bladder_n they_o may_v be_v give_v in_o the_o begin_n of_o a_o gonorrhoea_n from_o one_o scruple_n to_o four_o they_o loosen_v and_o carry_v off_o the_o viscous_a and_o tartarous_a concretion_n that_o stop_v the_o urinary_a passage_n and_o for_o that_o reason_n be_v helpful_a in_o suppression_n of_o urine_n the_o diuretic_n pill_v of_o clossaeus_n â„ž_o venice_n turpentine_n and_o white_a vitriol_n reduce_v into_o very_o fine_a powder_n of_o each_o equal_a part_n mix_v into_o a_o mass_n turpentine_n in_o this_o composition_n check_n and_o destroy_v the_o emetic_n quality_n of_o the_o vitriol_n for_o be_v whole_o viscous_a and_o sulphureous_a it_o do_v so_o entangle_v and_o embarass_n the_o volatile_a acid_a salt_n of_o the_o vitriol_n by_o its_o branchy_a part_n that_o it_o can_v sufficient_o irritate_fw-la or_o excite_v that_o kind_n of_o convulsion_n wherein_o vomit_v consist_v but_o be_v carry_v with_o the_o turpentine_n into_o the_o mass_n of_o blood_n it_o incides_fw-la and_o attenuate_v its_o gross_a roapy_a serosity_n and_o so_o prove_v a_o great_a piss-driver_n these_o pill_n discharge_v the_o reins_o and_o ureter_n of_o gravelly_a and_o tenacious_a concretion_n and_o make_v the_o urinary_a passage_n slippery_a and_o easy_a astringent_a pill_n to_o stop_v a_o run_v or_o gonorrhoea_n â„ž_o mineral_n diaphoretic_n seal_v earth_n amber_n dragon_n blood_n prepare_v coral_n bind_v extract_n of_o steel_n of_o each_o half_n a_o ounce_n red_a rose_n rind_n of_o granate_n mastic_n seed_n of_o meadow_n rue_n of_o each_o three_o drachm_n salt_n of_o saturn_n four_o scruple_n opium_n one_o scruple_n with_o a_o sufficient_a quantity_n of_o turpentine_n half_o boil_v make_v they_o into_o a_o mass_n these_o pill_n absorb_n and_o suck_v into_o their_o pore_n the_o viscous_a saline_a humour_n that_o glete_v from_o the_o vessel_n and_o strengthen_v their_o relaxed_a fibre_n but_o whereas_o it_o often_o prove_v very_o difficult_a to_o stop_v inveterate_a run_n especial_o where_o the_o part_n affect_v have_v be_v much_o impair_v by_o irregular_a live_n hard_o ride_v or_o other_o violent_a exercise_n we_o must_v second_v the_o pill_n with_o proper_a injection_n with_o astringent_a fomentation_n on_o the_o perineum_fw-la and_o with_o dry_v diet-drinks_a tincture_n of_o rose_n in_o dulcify_v spirit_n of_o vitriol_n etc._n etc._n these_o pill_n be_v to_o be_v take_v twice_o a_o day_n for_o a_o considerable_a time_n le_fw-fr mort's_n sweat_v pill_n â„ž_o gum_n guajacum_fw-la one_o ounce_n extract_v of_o contrayerva_n six_o drachm_n myrrh_n five_o drachm_n and_o one_o scruple_n saffron_n half_a a_o ounce_n camphire_n two_o drachm_n and_o two_o scruple_n laudanum_n opiatum_fw-la two_o scruple_n mix_v they_o according_a to_o art_n into_o a_o mass_n with_o a_o sufficient_a quantity_n of_o syrup_n of_o clove-gilliflower_n this_o pill_n be_v commend_v against_o poison_n and_o infection_n it_o ease_v pain_n cause_v rest_n and_o provoke_v sweat_v quiet_v the_o inordinate_a motion_n of_o the_o blood_n and_o spirit_n it_o be_v give_v in_o malignant_a fever_n from_o a_o scruple_n to_o a_o drachm_n hysterick_n pill_n â„ž_o extract_v of_o aloe_n prepare_v with_o the_o juice_n of_o mugwort_n ten_o drachm_n faeculas_fw-la or_o dregs_o of_o bryony_n choice_a myrrh_n vitriol_n of_o mars_n salt_n of_o mugwort_n of_o each_o two_o drachm_n castoreum_n camphire_n leave_v of_o rue_n of_o each_o two_o scruple_n make_v they_o into_o pill_n with_o the_o juice_n of_o mugwort_n these_o pill_n provoke_v the_o menses_fw-la suppress_v vapour_n and_o carry_v off_o the_o impurity_n of_o the_o matrix_fw-la they_o be_v take_v for_o several_a day_n together_o the_o do_v not_o above_o half_a a_o drachm_n if_o they_o be_v continue_v for_o any_o time_n pill_n consist_v of_o two_o ingredient_n â„ž_o trochisk_n of_o alhandal_n scammony_n of_o each_o equal_a part_n syrup_n of_o buckthorn_n
berry_n a_o sufficient_a quantity_n to_o make_v they_o into_o pill_n these_o pill_n purge_v phlegm_n and_o gross_a roapy_a serosity_n they_o be_v give_v in_o the_o gout_n and_o dropsy_n from_o eight_o grain_n to_o a_o scruple_n anti-epileptick_a pill_n correct_v â„ž_o dry_a root_n of_o male_a peony_n six_o drachm_n fecules_a or_o dregs_o of_o briony_n three_o drachm_n mineral_n cinnabar_fw-la eight_o scruple_n castoreum_n amber_n solar_a precipitate_a of_o each_o two_o drachm_n leaf_n of_o black_a hellebore_n oil_n of_o antimony_n of_o each_o four_o scruple_n oil_n of_o angelica_n spirit_n of_o vitriol_n of_o each_o twenty_o drop_n make_v they_o into_o a_o paste_n with_o the_o juice_n of_o leek_n this_o pill_n be_v give_v from_o half_a a_o scruple_n to_o half_a a_o drachm_n the_o solar_a precipitate_v be_v make_v thus_o one_o part_n of_o gold_n cut_v small_a and_o five_o part_n of_o mercury_n be_v put_v into_o a_o matrass_n into_o a_o lamp-fire_n until_o they_o dissolve_v and_o become_v a_o red_a calx_fw-la anti-hypochondriacal_a pill_n â„ž_o succotrine_fw-mi aloe_n half_a a_o pound_n root_n of_o black_a hellebore_n one_o ounce_n hermodactyle_n gum_n ammoniack_a depurate_v salt_n ammoniac_a sublime_v with_o mars_n vitriol_n of_o mars_n of_o each_o three_o drachm_n make_v they_o into_o a_o mass_n with_o a_o sufficient_a quantity_n of_o syrup_n of_o buckthorn_n this_o pill_n purge_v the_o gross_a tartarous_a humour_n that_o cause_v obstruction_n in_o the_o bowel_n and_o send_v gross_a nasty_a effluvia_fw-la into_o the_o blood_n that_o disorder_n its_o circulation_n and_o discompose_v the_o brain_n they_o may_v be_v give_v to_o two_o scruple_n or_o a_o drachm_n chalybeat_a pill_n â„ž_o best_a succotrine_n aloe_n one_o ounce_n open_v saffron_n of_o mars_n five_o drachm_n scammony_n gum_n ammoniack_a of_o each_o half_n a_o ounce_n saffron_n tartarum_fw-la vitriolatum_fw-la of_o each_o a_o drachm_n and_o a_o half_a make_v they_o into_o a_o paste_n with_o oximel_n of_o squill_n these_o pill_n carry_v off_o tartarous_a and_o mucilaginous_a humour_n open_a obstruction_n of_o the_o liver_n spleen_n and_o matrix_fw-la and_o cure_v the_o disease_n that_o proceed_v from_o thence_o angelic_a pill_n â„ž_o extract_v of_o aloe_n half_a a_o pound_n rhubarb_n half_a a_o ounce_n agarick_n trochisk_v two_o drachm_n cinnamon_n one_o drachm_n make_v they_o into_o a_o mass_n with_o syrup_n of_o rose_n these_o pill_n require_v no_o regiment_n at_o all_o they_o purge_v gentle_o may_v be_v take_v at_o meal_n or_o a_o little_a before_o eat_v that_o the_o aloe_n may_v gripe_v the_o less_o they_o be_v give_v to_o a_o drachm_n pill_n of_o savine_n â„ž_o venice_n borax_n mass_n of_o pilulae_fw-la foetidae_fw-la of_o each_o one_o ounce_n and_o a_o half_a leaf_n of_o savine_n and_o salt_n of_o the_o same_o six_o drachm_n juniper_n berry_n and_o essence_n of_o savine_n of_o each_o three_o drachm_n saffron_n one_o scruple_n make_v they_o into_o a_o mass_n with_o syrup_n of_o mugwort_n these_o pill_n provoke_v the_o menses_fw-la dissolve_v the_o gross_a viscid_a humour_n that_o obstruct_v the_o womb_n vessel_n and_o clog_v the_o blood_n suppress_v hysterick_n vapour_n they_o may_v be_v give_v to_o a_o drachm_n gout_n pill_n â„ž_o resin_n of_o jalap_n half_o a_o ounce_n diagrydium_fw-la rhubarb_n of_o each_o four_o scruple_n tartarum_fw-la vitriolatum_fw-la and_o diaphoretic_a mars_n of_o each_o one_o scruple_n make_v they_o into_o a_o mass_n with_o a_o sufficient_a quantity_n of_o syrup_n of_o apple_n this_o pill_n be_v use_v in_o the_o run_n and_o fix_a gout_n in_o rheumatism_n old_a ache_n and_o pain_n it_o may_v be_v take_v from_o a_o scruple_n to_o a_o drachm_n see_v the_o preparation_n of_o mars_n diaphoreticus_fw-la in_o the_o three_o edition_n of_o lemery_n in_o english_a sweat_v pill_n â„ž_o crystal_n of_o tartar_n cinnabar_fw-la of_o antimony_n of_o each_o six_o drachm_n myrrh_n and_o aloe_n of_o each_o three_o drachm_n make_v they_o into_o a_o paste_n with_o a_o sufficient_a quantity_n of_o oil_n of_o guajacum_fw-la these_o correct_v the_o acid_n that_o fix_v the_o blood_n and_o hinder_v its_o rarefaction_n quicken_v the_o circulation_n and_o dispose_v the_o serum_n to_o pass_v by_o the_o cuticular_a gland_n they_o be_v give_v from_o half_a a_o scruple_n to_o half_a a_o drachm_n schroder_n tartar_n pill_n â„ž_o best_o shine_a aloe_n wash_v and_o impregnate_v with_o the_o juice_n of_o strawberry_n two_o ounce_n gum_n ammoniack_a purge_v from_o all_o filth_n seven_o drachm_n purge_v magistery_n of_o tartar_n dissolve_v several_a time_n in_o bugloss-water_n and_o again_o coagulate_v half_o a_o ounce_n extract_v of_o gentian_n three_o drachm_n salt_n of_o steel_n and_o tincture_n of_o saffron_n of_o each_o two_o drachm_n with_o tincture_n of_o tartar_n make_v they_o into_o a_o mass_n these_o pill_n purge_v off_o the_o tartarous_a earthy_a humour_n that_o create_v obstruction_n in_o the_o bowel_n and_o be_v successful_o use_v in_o cachexia_n suppression_n of_o menses_fw-la etc._n etc._n the_o purge_a magistery_n of_o tartar_n consist_v of_o the_o fix_a salt_n of_o tartar_n well_o satiate_v with_o distil_a vinegar_n and_o then_o mix_v with_o spirit_n of_o wine_n which_o be_v twice_o or_o thrice_o distil_v from_o it_o leave_v this_o purge_a magistery_n anodine_n pill_n â„ž_o laudanum_n half_a a_o ounce_n indian_a pepper_n infuse_v a_o whole_a night_n in_o vinegar_n and_o dry_a two_o drachm_n saffron_n four_o scruple_n myrrh_n two_o scruple_n musk_n six_o grain_n mix_v and_o make_v they_o into_o a_o mass_n with_o sack_n these_o pill_n be_v proper_a to_o stay_v defluxion_n upon_o any_o part_n procure_v sleep_n etc._n etc._n but_o be_v chief_o design_v against_o colic_n and_o belly-flux_n they_o may_v be_v take_v to_o six_o grain_n sweet_a scent_v pill_n â„ž_o best_a syrian_n storax_n one_o ounce_n benzoin_v half_o a_o ounce_n root_n of_o florence_z orris_z trochisk_n of_o gallia_n moschata_n yellow_a saunders_n of_o each_o four_o scruple_n chemical_a oil_n of_o rosemary_n two_o scruple_n mix_v and_o make_v they_o into_o a_o mass_n with_o the_o mucilage_n of_o gum_n tragacanth_n prepare_v in_o cinnamon-water_n the_o use_n of_o this_o pill_n be_v against_o a_o stink_a loathsome_a breath_n which_o it_o correct_v be_v put_v into_o a_o hollow_a tooth_n or_o otherwise_o hold_v in_o the_o mouth_n tablet_n of_o manna_n â„ž_o calabrian_a manna_n one_o ounce_n and_o a_o half_a refine_a sugar_n one_o pound_n make_v they_o into_o tablet_n these_o be_v pleasant_a to_o the_o taste_n keep_v the_o body_n soluble_a they_o be_v most_o proper_a for_o child_n and_o such_o as_o be_v a_o verse_n to_o less_o grateful_a physic_n treacle_n tablet_n reform_v â„ž_o old_a treacle_n one_o ounce_n balsam_n of_o sulphur_n seed_n of_o sorrel_n elk_n hoof_n root_n of_o enula_n campana_n and_o angelica_n wood_n of_o aloe_n bone_n of_o a_o deer_n heart_n white_a amber_n camphire_n and_o myrrh_n of_o each_o one_o drachm_n oil_n of_o cinnamon_n eight_o drop_n refine_a sugar_n one_o pound_n mix_v they_o in_o a_o marble_n mortar_n and_o with_o a_o sufficient_a quantity_n of_o mucilage_n of_o gum_n tragacanth_n draw_v in_o carduus_fw-la water_n make_v a_o solid_a mass_n of_o which_o form_n the_o tablet_n these_o tablet_n strengthen_v the_o noble_a part_n resist_v the_o infection_n of_o the_o air_n they_o may_v be_v take_v in_o time_n of_o sickness_n from_o one_o drachm_n to_o three_o emetic_n tablet_n or_o lozenge_n â„ž_o emetic_n tartar_n liquorice-rased_a wheat-flower_n of_o each_o two_o ounce_n refine_a sugar_n half_a a_o pound_n with_o mucilage_n of_o gum_n tragacanth_n make_v tablet_n of_o half_a a_o drachm_n each_o these_o lozenge_n both_o vomit_n and_o purge_v by_o stool_n they_o be_v pleasant_a to_o the_o taste_n if_o they_o shall_v chance_v to_o work_v with_o too_o much_o violence_n fat_a broth_n or_o oil_n of_o sweet_a almond_n will_v check_v it_o two_o tablet_n will_v prove_v a_o full_a do_v compound_v tablet_n of_o marsh_n mallow_n â„ž_o pulp_n of_o marsh-mallow-root_n two_o ounce_n seed_n of_o white_a poppy_n powder_n of_o florence_n orris_z liquorice_n and_o of_o the_o powder_n call_v diatragacanthum_n frigidum_fw-la of_o each_o three_o drachm_n refine_a sugar_n boil_v in_o rose_n water_n one_o pound_n make_v tablet_n according_a to_o art_n these_o be_v use_v in_o inveterate_a cough_n and_o asthma_n to_o cut_v and_o loosen_v the_o impacted_a phlegm_n and_o facilitate_v its_o expectoration_n they_o be_v hold_v in_o the_o mouth_n to_o dissolve_v slow_o mort_n purge_v tablet_n â„ž_o seed_n of_o zedoary_a corallina_n of_o each_o three_o drachm_n root_n of_o jalap_n two_o drachm_n diagrydium_fw-la one_o drachm_n sweet_a sublimate_n one_o scruple_n best_o refine_a sugar_n boil_v in_o the_o infusion_n of_o tansy_n to_o the_o consistence_n of_o tablet_n one_o pound_n form_n the_o tablet_n they_o purge_v mild_o kill_v and_o expel_v worm_n hinder_v the_o corruption_n of_o humour_n they_o may_v be_v take_v from_o a_o drachm_n to_o a_o ounce_n the_o
three_o last_o day_n of_o the_o moon_n be_v make_v choice_n of_o in_o give_v this_o and_o other_o medicine_n against_o worm_n though_o no_o reason_n appear_v why_o they_o shall_v prevail_v then_o more_o than_o at_o any_o other_o time_n mercurial_a tablet_n â„ž_o mercurial_a panacaea_n two_o ounce_n sharp_a bite_a cinnamon_n florence_z orris_z ginger_n of_o each_o one_o drachm_n fine_a sugar_n four_o ounce_n with_o the_o mucilage_n of_o gum_n tragacanth_n form_n a_o solid_a mass_n of_o which_o make_v your_o tablet_n of_o a_o drachm_n weight_n each_o they_o be_v to_o be_v chew_v by_o those_o in_o who_o it_o be_v difficult_a to_o raise_v a_o salivation_n the_o ginger_n and_o mace_n heat_v the_o mouth_n and_o open_v the_o salival_n excretory_a duct_n and_o serve_v as_o a_o vehicle_n to_o the_o panacaea_n the_o salivation_n they_o raise_v when_o use_v alone_o be_v but_o slight_a and_o may_v be_v stop_v almost_o at_o pleasure_n by_o the_o use_n of_o a_o astringent_a gargoyle_n the_o panacaea_n be_v sweet_a sublimate_n thus_o prepare_v take_v what_o quantity_n you_o please_v of_o sweet_a sublimate_n beat_v it_o into_o fine_a powder_n put_v it_o into_o a_o matrass_n upon_o a_o sand-bath_n lute_n on_o a_o head_n after_o it_o have_v stand_v in_o that_o heat_n a_o hour_n augment_v the_o fire_n by_o degree_n until_o all_o be_v sublime_v then_o take_v it_o off_o let_v the_o vessel_n cool_v then_o break_v it_o powder_n your_o sublimate_n again_o and_o do_v all_o as_o before_o repeat_v this_o seven_o time_n then_o have_v reduce_v your_o sublimate_n into_o fine_a powder_n pour_v on_o it_o spirit_n of_o wine_n alkolize_v four_o finger_n high_a leave_v it_o to_o steep_v fifteen_o day_n stir_v it_o pretty_a often_o with_o a_o ivory_n slice_v at_o last_o place_n it_o in_o baln_v m._n draw_v the_o spirit_n off_o and_o dry_v your_o panacaea_n in_o a_o sand-fire_n this_o be_v a_o most_o noble_a medicine_n in_o wary_a hand_n against_o all_o foulness_n of_o blood_n whether_o venereal_a or_o scorbutical_a against_o itch_n tetter_n scab_n scald-head_n see_v a_o full_a account_n in_o the_o three_o english_a edition_n of_o mr._n lemery_n chemistry_n rotules_fw-la of_o white_a poppy_n â„ž_o syrup_n of_o white_a poppy_n new_o make_v what_o quantity_n you_o please_v and_o have_v boil_v it_o to_o the_o consistence_n of_o a_o solid_a electuary_n form_v the_o tablet_n they_o have_v the_o same_o virtue_n with_o the_o syrup_n that_o be_v by_o their_o slimy_a mucilage_n they_o allay_v the_o sharpness_n of_o thin_a corrosive_a phlegm_n hinder_v the_o too_o great_a expansion_n of_o the_o spirit_n and_o the_o inordinate_a agitation_n of_o humour_n mort_n hot_a philonium_fw-la â„ž_o annis_n fennil_n and_o carraway_n seed_n of_o each_o five_o drachm_n cinnamon_n half_a a_o ounce_n ginger_n and_o extract_n of_o opium_n of_o each_o three_o drachm_n nutmeg_n two_o drachm_n clarify_a honey_n ten_o ounce_n make_v they_o into_o a_o opiate_n according_a to_o art_n this_o though_o less_o compound_n than_o other_o of_o this_o name_n yield_v to_o none_o in_o goodness_n it_o ease_v pain_n resist_v the_o maliguity_n of_o humour_n and_o cause_n rest_v it_o be_v give_v from_o a_o scruple_n to_o a_o drachm_n some_o make_v a_o extract_n of_o new_a make_v treacle_n in_o spirit_n of_o wine_n and_o call_v the_o preparation_n laudanum_n tutissimum_fw-la but_o old_a treacle_n have_v in_o its_o long_a fermentation_n subtilise_v and_o exalt_v its_o active_a part_n more_o than_o the_o new_a seem_v the_o fit_a to_o rarify_v and_o dissolve_v the_o coagulation_n cause_v in_o the_o blood_n and_o humour_n by_o the_o bite_n or_o sting_v of_o venomous_a beast_n coagulate_v poison_n infect_a air_n or_o a_o too_o great_a quantity_n of_o acid_n accumulate_v in_o the_o body_n he_o commend_v the_o apothecary_n of_o paris_n for_o leave_v out_o silk_n in_o their_o confectio_fw-la alkerme_n assert_v that_o neither_o wrought_v nor_o raw_a silk_n can_v communicate_v the_o least_o virtue_n to_o that_o or_o any_o other_o composition_n but_o dr._n lister_n can_v inform_v he_o otherwise_o and_o tell_v he_o as_o he_o do_v dr._n turnfort_n that_o silk_n yield_v a_o noble_a spirit_n the_o fine_a he_o say_v that_o ever_o be_v taste_v with_o a_o incredible_a quantity_n of_o volatile_a salt_n which_o be_v refine_v and_o often_o cohobate_v with_o rich_a aromatic_a chemical_a oil_n he_o think_v make_v that_o call_v king_n charles_n salt_n however_o silk_n be_v a_o dry_a jelly_n of_o the_o insect_n kind_n which_o for_o the_o most_o part_n consist_v of_o extreme_a active_a part_n be_v not_o so_o despicable_a for_o physical_a use_n as_o mr._n lemery_n and_o zwelfer_n will_v insinuate_v among_o the_o remark_n make_v upon_o electuarium_fw-la de_fw-la ovo_fw-la quercetani_n we_o have_v this_o method_n of_o prepare_v the_o diaphoretic_a sulphur_n of_o gold_n call_v by_o chemist_n potable_a gold_n or_o the_o true_a tincture_n of_o sol._n dissolve_v what_o quantity_n of_o gold_n you_o please_v in_o aqua_fw-la regalis_fw-la evaporate_v the_o dissolution_n over_o a_o gentle_a fire_n and_o there_o will_v remain_v a_o calx_fw-la of_o gold_n which_o moisten_v into_o a_o liquid_a past_a with_o the_o essence_n of_o cinnamon_n and_o have_v put_v the_o mixture_n in_o a_o matrass_n pour_v upon_o it_o spirit_n of_o wine_n tartarize_v until_o it_o appear_v a_o inch_n over_o then_o have_v stop_v the_o vessel_n very_o close_o put_v it_o to_o digest_v until_o the_o liquor_n seem_v full_o tincture_v which_o do_v pour_v it_o off_o and_o add_v new_a until_o the_o spirit_n cease_v to_o draw_v a_o tincture_n then_o mix_v the_o dissolution_n together_o and_o keep_v they_o for_o use_v this_o preparation_n be_v a_o dissolution_n of_o some_o part_n of_o the_o substance_n of_o the_o gold_n in_o the_o sulphur_n of_o the_o cinnamon_n and_o of_o the_o spirit_n of_o wine_n for_o if_o it_o be_v quite_o divest_v of_o its_o sulphur_n as_o some_o chemist_n foolish_o pretend_v the_o calx_fw-la can_v be_v never_o reduce_v into_o gold_n again_o which_o it_o easy_o can_v be_v well_o dry_v and_o add_v a_o small_a quantity_n of_o borax_n to_o it_o mort_n cold_a philonium_fw-la â„ž_o red_a rose_n one_o ounce_n cassia_n lignea_fw-la six_o drachm_n bole-armene_a root_n of_o snake-weed_n of_o each_o half_n a_o ounce_n extract_v of_o opium_n two_o drachm_n and_o a_o half_a clarify_a honey_n nine_o ounce_n mix_v and_o make_v they_o into_o a_o opiate_n according_a to_o art_n this_o be_v proper_a in_o all_o loss_n of_o blood_n in_o diarrhaea_n lientery_n and_o bloody-flux_n it_o allay_v pain_n and_o cause_n rest_v it_o be_v give_v from_o half_a a_o scruple_n to_o a_o drachm_n mr._n lemery_n just_o suspect_v the_o truth_n of_o what_o be_v say_v of_o king_n mithridates_n have_v be_v poison-proof_n and_o to_o have_v owe_v this_o to_o the_o composition_n that_o bear_v his_o name_n whereof_o he_o himself_o be_v say_v to_o have_v be_v the_o inventor_n it_o may_v indeed_o have_v be_v of_o good_a use_n against_o coagulate_a poison_n such_o as_o hemlock_n wolf's-bane_n the_o bite_n of_o viper_n or_o serpent_n sting_n of_o scorpion_n and_o the_o tarantula_n but_o be_v of_o little_a efficacy_n against_o corrosive_a sublimate_n and_o arsenic_n the_o confection_n of_o jacinth_n correct_v â„ž_o jacinth_n stone_n prepare_v red_a coral_n seal_v earth_n of_o each_o one_o ounce_n shave_v of_o hart's-horn_n six_o drachm_n of_o the_o bone_n of_o a_o deer_n heart_n root_n of_o tormentil_n and_o dittany_n leave_v of_o cretan-dittany_a saffron_n myrrh_n red_a rose_n seed_n of_o sorrel_n purslain_a of_o each_o three_o drachm_n crab_n eye_n prepare_v outward_a rind_n of_o citron_n and_o bitter_a orange_n dry_v of_o each_o four_o scruple_n oriental_a musk_n and_o ambergrease_n of_o each_o ten_o grain_n syrup_n of_o kermes_n one_o ounce_n syrup_n of_o clove-gilliflower_n three_o pound_n mix_v they_o according_a to_o art_n in_o this_o reformation_n the_o gold_n and_o silver_n be_v leave_v out_o as_o uncapable_a of_o alteration_n in_o our_o body_n they_o dry_a kermes_n grain_n as_o effete_v and_o worthless_a and_o the_o syrup_n of_o clove-gilliflower_n make_v use_v of_o because_o the_o syrup_n of_o coral_n common_o use_v destroy_v in_o great_a part_n the_o alkaline_a ingredient_n of_o the_o confection_n who_o chief_a cordial_a virtue_n consist_v in_o the_o disposition_n of_o their_o pore_n and_o texture_n of_o their_o part_n that_o fit_v they_o to_o sheathe_v the_o point_n and_o edge_n of_o the_o hostile_a peccant_a acid_n which_o the_o syrup_n of_o clove-gilliflower_n do_v in_o no_o wise_n do_v but_o be_v a_o strengthener_n of_o the_o heart_n and_o brain_n and_o other_o noble_a part_n do_v considerable_o second_v the_o good_a effect_n of_o the_o composition_n if_o it_o shall_v be_v object_v that_o the_o juice_n of_o lemon_n the_o foundation_n of_o the_o syrup_n of_o that_o name_n be_v useful_a in_o open_v the_o stone_n and_o earth_n we_o will_v answer_v that_o this_o
be_v much_o weaken_v by_o addition_n of_o the_o sugar_n it_o rather_o clog_v than_o open_v beside_o they_o be_v natural_a alcaly_n as_o be_v apparent_a by_o their_o great_a effervescence_n with_o this_o syrup_n there_o be_v no_o necessity_n of_o open_v they_o otherwise_o than_o in_o multiply_v their_o absorbing_a superficies_n by_o fine_a grind_n certain_o the_o best_a preparation_n of_o such_o concretes_n for_o medicinal_a use_n as_o be_v say_v before_o in_o our_o discourse_n upon_o coral_n he_o substitute_n syrup_n of_o kermes_n to_o the_o grain_n because_o these_o grow_v worthless_a and_o effete_a by_o the_o loss_n of_o their_o inward_a succulent_a substance_n which_o be_v spend_v and_o turn_v into_o little_a worm_n as_o it_o dry_v the_o shave_n of_o hartshorn_n be_v deserve_o prefer_v to_o the_o burn_a because_o the_o shave_n retain_v all_o the_o valuable_a part_n that_o the_o horn_n lose_v in_o the_o ustion_n for_o they_o not_o only_o contain_v the_o mucilaginous_a and_o cordial_a part_n which_o the_o horn_n afford_v to_o jelly_n but_o also_o the_o volatile_a spirit_n salt_n and_o oil_n which_o it_o yield_v by_o distillation_n all_o which_o be_v quite_o lose_v in_o calcination_n crab's-eye_n he_o say_v be_v every_o whit_n as_o good_a as_o pearl_n though_o considerable_o cheap_a gold_n he_o say_v though_o never_o so_o thin_a beat_v into_o leaf_n be_v uncapable_a of_o alteration_n in_o our_o body_n and_o true_o consider_v the_o compact_a texture_n of_o that_o metal_n and_o how_o few_o know_a dissolvent_n can_v disunite_v its_o part_n i_o shall_v be_v apt_a to_o think_v it_o more_o ornamental_a than_o useful_a in_o physic_n do_v i_o not_o consider_v how_o many_o substance_n and_o of_o how_o differ_a nature_n be_v dissolve_v by_o the_o ferment_n of_o our_o stomach_n beside_o what_o mr._n boyle_n say_v of_o a_o menstruum_fw-la draw_v from_o bread_n that_o entire_o dissolve_v gold_n and_o what_o monsieur_n coud_a a_o skilful_a apothecary_n of_o milhan_n in_o rouvergne_n affirm_v of_o capon_n feed_v for_o a_o considerable_a time_n with_o a_o paste_n make_v of_o viper_n leaf_n gold_n and_o wheat_n viz._n that_o have_v careful_o preserve_v their_o dung_n all_o the_o time_n and_o calcine_v it_o at_o length_n add_v mercury_n to_o amalgamate_fw-it with_o the_o gold_n exhale_v the_o quicksilver_n and_o fuse_v what_o be_v leave_v with_o the_o addition_n of_o a_o small_a quantity_n of_o borax_n he_o recover_v not_o above_o two_o part_n in_o six_o or_o a_o three_o of_o what_o the_o fowl_n have_v eat_v and_o this_o too_o very_o much_o pale_a than_o ordinary_a gold_n this_o confection_n be_v say_v to_o repair_v and_o recreate_v the_o vital_a and_o animal_n spirit_n and_o be_v therefore_o recommend_v in_o palpitation_n of_o the_o heart_n and_o in_o swoon_a fit_n to_o resist_v putrefaction_n and_o to_o re-establish_a languish_a and_o decay_a strength_n it_o be_v give_v from_o a_o scruple_n to_o a_o drachm_n in_o wine_n broth_n or_o cordial_a liquor_n and_o be_v mix_v with_o epitheme_n for_o the_o heart_n a_o part_n of_o the_o composition_n be_v to_o be_v keep_v without_o addition_n of_o musk_n or_o ambergrease_n because_o those_o perfume_n do_v not_o agree_v with_o hysterick_n and_o several_a other_o patient_n the_o tholouse_n hydrotick_a opiate_n â„ž_o conserve_v of_o eglantine_n and_o flower_n of_o enula_n campana_n or_o french_a orris_z of_o each_o two_o ounce_n powder_n of_o rhubarb_n pick_v senna_n of_o each_o two_o drachm_n resin_n of_o jalap_n and_o scammony_n of_o each_o one_o drachm_n salt_n of_o wormwood_n and_o tamarisk_a of_o each_o two_o scruple_n extract_v of_o hedge_n hyssop_n prepare_v with_o spirit_n of_o wine_n half_a a_o drachm_n syrup_n of_o buckthorn_n as_o much_o as_o be_v requisite_a to_o make_v they_o into_o a_o opiate_n this_o preparation_n as_o well_o as_o many_o other_o be_v improper_o call_v opiate_n not_o contain_v the_o least_o quantity_n of_o opium_n it_o purge_v serous_a humour_n both_o by_o stool_n and_o urine_n be_v prescribe_v in_o distemper_n of_o the_o spleen_n and_o mesentery_n to_o open_a obstruction_n in_o retention_n or_o irregularity_n of_o woman_n course_n it_o may_v be_v take_v every_o other_o day_n to_o the_o quantity_n of_o two_o drachm_n our_o author_n prefer_v the_o leaf_n of_o gratjola_n dry_v and_o reduce_v to_o powder_n to_o its_o extract_n because_o the_o spirit_n use_v in_o prepare_v the_o extract_n carry_v with_o it_o in_o the_o evaporation_n much_o of_o the_o purge_a particle_n of_o the_o rhubarb_n etc._n etc._n the_o cordial_a opiate_n of_o lion_n â„ž_o juniper-berry_n four_o ounce_n powder_n of_o viper_n mace_n root_n of_o angelica_n long_a and_o round_a birthwort_n suakeweed_n carline_n thistle_n contrayerva_n cretan_a spignel_n of_o each_o one_o ounce_n with_o narbonac_n honey_n boil_v in_o water_n of_o scordium_n make_v a_o opiate_n according_a to_o art_n this_o opiate_n be_v use_v with_o success_n in_o malignant_a fever_n epidemic_a disease_n and_o be_v not_o only_o a_o cure_n of_o pestilence_n but_o also_o a_o good_a preservative_n against_o it_o it_o resist_v putrefaction_n and_o be_v therefore_o successful_o take_v against_o worm_n crudity_n etc._n etc._n it_o be_v take_v from_o a_o scruple_n to_o a_o drachm_n in_o a_o bolus_n or_o dissolve_v in_o wine_n or_o some_o cordial_a liquor_n a_o opiate_n against_o worm_n â„ž_o wormseed_n one_o ounce_n choice_a rhubarb_n sweet_a sublimate_n of_o each_o half_n a_o ounce_n syrup_n of_o the_o juice_n of_o purslain_a boil_v to_o the_o consistence_n of_o a_o soft_a electuary_n half_a a_o pint_n mix_v they_o into_o a_o opiate_n sylvius_n diascordium_n correct_v â„ž_o dry_a leaf_n of_o scordium_n root_n of_o masterwort_n cinnamon_n of_o each_o one_o ounce_n root_n of_o gentian_n leave_v of_o bless_a thistle_n cretan_a dittany_n bole_n armene_n gum_n arabic_a of_o each_o half_n a_o ounce_n nutmeg_n three_o drachm_n root_n of_o angelica_n opium_n saffron_n of_o each_o two_o drachm_n true_a acacia_n one_o drachm_n and_o a_o half_a honey_n of_o rosemary_n boil_v to_o the_o consistence_n of_o a_o soft_a electuary_n two_o pound_n make_v they_o into_o a_o opiate_n according_a to_o art_n this_o electuary_n be_v a_o good_a sudorific_a be_v use_v with_o good_a success_n in_o malignant_a fever_n flux_n colic_n and_o against_o worm_n it_o be_v give_v to_o half_a a_o drachm_n a_o camphired_a electuary_n â„ž_o camphire_n ginger_n prepare_v pearl_n of_o each_o half_n a_o ounce_n root_n of_o white_a dittander_n tormentil_n bone_n of_o a_o stag_n heart_n of_o each_o two_o drachm_n treacle_n of_o andromachus_n four_o ounce_n refine_a sugar_n boil_v in_o the_o water_n of_o wood_n sorrel_n one_o pound_n make_v it_o into_o a_o electuary_n according_a to_o art_n this_o electuary_n provoke_v sweat_v be_v a_o good_a hysterick_n and_o powerful_o resist_v the_o malignity_n and_o corruption_n of_o humour_n it_o owe_v its_o chief_a virtue_n to_o the_o camphire_n and_o treacle_n both_o experience_a remedy_n in_o epidemic_a distemper_n it_o be_v give_v to_o two_o drachm_n a_o electuary_n of_o the_o juice_n of_o rue_n â„ž_o root_n of_o long_a and_o round_a birthwort_n dyer_n mad_a berry_n of_o laurel_n and_o juniper_n savine_n seed_n of_o wild_a carrot_n agnus_n castus_n and_o rue_n of_o each_o one_o drachm_n pithy_a part_n of_o piony-seed_n two_o scruple_n cretan_a dittany_n half_o a_o drachm_n saffron_n myrrh_n castoreum_n of_o each_o one_o scruple_n mingle_v and_o reduce_v the_o whole_a into_o powder_n and_o with_o three_o ounce_n of_o refine_a sugar_n dissolve_v in_o the_o juice_n of_o rue_n make_v they_o into_o a_o electuary_n according_a to_o art_n this_o provoke_v the_o menses_fw-la suppress_v hysterick_n vapour_n hasten_v delivery_n and_o the_o come_n away_o of_o the_o after-burthen_n it_o be_v give_v from_o one_o scruple_n to_o four_o the_o royal_a electuary_n â„ž_o pine_v kernel_n one_o ounce_n and_o a_o half_a sweet_a almond_n half_a a_o ounce_n red_a rose_n two_o drachm_n yellow_a saunders_n two_o scruple_n ambergrease_n half_a a_o scruple_n musk_n three_o grain_n white_a sugar_n dissolve_v in_o rose-water_n one_o pound_n make_v they_o into_o a_o electuary_n this_o be_v say_v to_o strengthen_v the_o stomach_n and_o breast_n to_o raise_v the_o spirit_n and_o provoke_v lust_n hoffman_n orvietan_n â„ž_o root_n of_o swallow-wort_n zedoary_a carlina_n angelica_n butter-burr_n valerian_n white_a dittander_n enula_n campana_n celandine_n of_o each_o three_o ounce_n leaf_n of_o cretan_a dittany_n scordium_n rue_n of_o each_o three_o hand_n full_a powder_n of_o viper_n two_o ounce_n oriental_a saffron_n one_o ounce_n or_o six_o drachm_n galbanum_fw-la a_o ounce_n and_o a_o half_a choice_a myrrh_n sulphur_n and_o seal_a earth_n of_o each_o one_o ounce_n volatile_a salt_n of_o viper_n six_o drachm_n cinnamon_n clove_n of_o each_o half_n a_o ounce_n opium_n correct_v or_o laudanum_n opiatum_fw-la three_o drachm_n oil_n of_o amber_n and_o of_o citron_n of_o each_o one_o drachm_n and_o a_o half_a honey_n
little_a hole_n in_o the_o lid_n be_v carry_v in_o the_o pocket_n to_o be_v smell_v to_o in_o sickness-time_n mr._n lemery_n who_o attribute_n the_o good_a effect_n of_o this_o compound_v to_o the_o volatile_a particle_n of_o its_o ingredient_n will_v change_v the_o vinegar_n which_o fix_v too_o much_o for_o white_a wine_n but_o since_o the_o experience_n not_o only_o of_o silvius_n diemerbroeck_n and_o deker_n but_o of_o many_o other_o considerable_a practitioner_n have_v find_v this_o preparation_n efficacious_a i_o shall_v not_o alter_v it_o for_o the_o sake_n of_o a_o specious_a notion_n especial_o vinegar_n and_o such_o like_a mild_a acid_n prove_v extraordinary_a remedy_n in_o distemper_n wherein_o the_o texture_n of_o the_o blood_n be_v deprave_v and_o the_o mass_n incline_v to_o a_o dissolution_n water_n of_o magnanimity_n â„ž_o two_o handful_n of_o aunt_n spirit_n of_o wine_n a_o quart_n digest_v they_o in_o a_o cover_a vessel_n until_o they_o putrefy_v into_o a_o liquor_n then_o distil_v they_o in_o b._n m._n and_o aromatize_v the_o distil_a liquor_n with_o a_o small_a quantity_n of_o cinnamon_n this_o water_n raise_v and_o quicken_v the_o spirit_n in_o dissolve_v the_o clammy_a cold_a humour_n that_o clog_v and_o depress_v they_o increase_v and_o ferment_n the_o seed_n its_o dose_n be_v from_o one_o drachm_n to_o two_o a_o apoplectic_a water_n â„ž_o top_n of_o marjoram_n tilet_n or_o lime-tree_n flower_n of_o lily_n of_o the_o valley_n rosemary_n