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A35390 A physicall directory, or, A translation of the London dispensatory made by the Colledge of Physicians in London ... by Nich. Culpeper, Gent.; Pharmacopoeia Londinensis. English Royal College of Physicians of London.; Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654. 1649 (1649) Wing C7540; ESTC R2883 224,260 364

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produce_v a_o better_a effect_n upon_o cold_a stomach_n wormwood_n water_n the_o great_a composition_n take_v of_o roman_a and_o common_a wormwood_n of_o each_o a_o pound_n sage_n mint_n bawm_n of_o each_o two_o handful_n galanga_n ginger_n aromarical_a reed_n alicampane_n root_n of_o each_o three_o drachm_n liquoris_fw-la a_o ounce_n raisin_n of_o the_o sun_n three_o ounce_n annis_n seed_n sweet_a fennel_n seed_n of_o each_o six_o drachm_n cinnamon_n clove_n natmeg_n of_o each_o two_o drachm_n cardamon_n cubeb_n of_o each_o one_o drachm_n let_v the_o thing_n be_v cut_v that_o be_v to_o be_v cut_v and_o the_o thing_n bruise_v that_o be_v to_o be_v bruise_v all_o of_o they_o infuse_v in_o 20._o pint_n of_o spanish_a wine_n for_o the_o space_n of_o 24._o hour_n and_o then_o distil_v in_o a_o alembick_a according_a to_o 〈◊〉_d and_o sweeten_v with_o sugar_n a._n this_o water_n be_v excellent_a good_a for_o cold_a stomach_n &_o take_v with_o discretion_n help_v digestion_n in_o such_o in_o who_o it_o be_v weak_a it_o kill_v worm_n in_o the_o belly_n ease_v pain_n in_o the_o tooth_n and_o give_v in_o convenient_a mixture_n be_v profitable_a in_o fever_n angelica_n water_n the_o great_a composition_n take_v of_o leaf_n angelica_n two_o pound_n annis-seed_n half_a a_o pound_n coriander_n &_o caraway_n of_o each_o four_o ounce_n zedoary_a bruise_a three_o ounce_n infuse_v they_o 24._o hour_n in_o six_o congee_n of_o small_a wine_n then_o draw_v out_o the_o spirit_n and_o sweeten_v it_o with_o sugar_n a._n it_o comfort_v the_o heart_n cherish_v the_o vital_a spirit_n resist_v thing_n the_o pestilence_n and_o infection_n langius_n his_o bezoar_n water_n take_v of_o vulgar_a chelondine_n with_o the_o the_o root_n three_o handful_n and_o a_o half_a rue_v a_o handful_n scordium_n two_o handful_n dittany_n of_o crect_n carduus_fw-la benedictus_fw-la of_o each_o one_o handful_n and_o a_o half_a zedoary_a and_o angelica_n root_n of_o each_o three_o drachm_n citron_n and_o lemon_n pill_v of_o each_o two_o drachm_n and_o a_o half_a clovegilliflower_n rose_n of_o each_o two_o drachm_n cinnamon_n clove_n of_o each_o five_o drachm_n and_o a_o half_a venice_z treacle_n three_o ounce_n mithridate_n a_o ounce_n and_o a_o half_a camphire_n two_o scruple_n troche_n of_o viper_n mace_n of_o each_o a_o drachm_n and_o a_o half_a wood_n of_o aloe_n two_o scruple_n yellow_a sander_n a_o drachm_n and_o a_o half_a conserve_n of_o clovegilliflower_n two_o ounce_n carduus_fw-la seed_n a_o ounce_n powder_n of_o electuary_n to_o liberantis_fw-la five_o scruple_n file_n of_o unicorns-horn_n or_o heart_n horn_n a_o drachm_n and_o a_o half_a let_v these_o ingredient_n be_v cut_v and_o bruise_v be_v infuse_v for_o three_o day_n in_o the_o spirit_n of_o wine_n and_o malaga_n wine_n of_o each_o three_o pound_n then_o style_v in_o a_o glasse-stil_a in_o book_n balneo_fw-la mariae_fw-la according_a to_o art_n after_o it_o be_v half_o still_v that_o which_o remain_v in_o the_o still_a may_v be_v strain_v through_o a_o linen_n cloth_n and_o by_o evaporation_n reduce_v to_o the_o thickness_n of_o honey_n and_o call_v by_o the_o name_n of_o bezoartick_a extraction_n after_o the_o same_o manner_n may_v extraction_n be_v make_v of_o almost_o all_o compound_v water_n a._n fxtract_v have_v the_o same_o virtue_n with_o the_o water_n they_o be_v make_v from_o only_o the_o different_a form_n be_v to_o please_v the_o quaint_a palate_n of_o such_o who_o fancy_n loathe_v any_o one_o particular_a form_n a._n this_o bezoar_a water_n strengthen_v the_o heart_n artery_n and_o spirit_n vital_a it_o provoke_v sweat_n and_o be_v exceed_o good_a in_o pestilential_a fever_n in_o health_n it_o withstand_v melancholy_a and_o consumption_n and_o make_v a_o merry_a blithe_a cheerful_a creature_n mathiolus_n his_o bezoar_a water_n take_v of_o mathiolus_n his_o great_a antidote_n syrup_n of_o citron_n pill_n of_o each_o one_o pound_n spirit_n of_o wine_n distil_v five_o time_n over_o five_o pound_n put_v all_o these_o in_o a_o glass_n that_o be_v much_o to_o big_a to_o hold_v they_o stop_v it_o close_o that_o the_o spirit_n fly_v not_o out_o then_o shake_v it_o together_o that_o the_o electuary_n may_v be_v well_o mingle_v with_o the_o spirit_n so_o let_v it_o stand_v a_o month_n shake_v it_o together_o twice_o a_o week_n for_o the_o electuary_n will_v settle_v to_o the_o bottom_n the_o month_n be_v end_v power_n off_o the_o clear_a water_n into_o another_o glass_n to_o be_v keep_v for_o your_o use_n stop_v it_o very_o close_o with_o wax_n and_o parchment_n else_o the_o strength_n will_v easy_o fly_v away_o in_o vapour_n a._n mathiolus_n be_v very_o large_a in_o commendation_n of_o this_o water_n for_o quoth_v he_o four_o drachm_n that_o be_v half_a a_o ounce_n of_o this_o water_n be_v take_v either_o by_o itself_o or_o in_o the_o like_a quantity_n of_o good_a wine_n or_o any_o other_o cordial_a water_n so_o absolute_o &_o speedy_o cure_v the_o bite_n of_o any_o venemos_a beast_n whatsoever_o that_o although_o the_o danger_n of_o death_n be_v such_o that_o the_o patient_a have_v lose_v his_o speech_n sight_n &_o almost_o all_o the_o rest_n of_o his_o sense_n yet_o will_v he_o be_v rouse_v up_o like_o a_o man_n out_o of_o his_o sleep_n to_o the_o wonderful_a admiration_n of_o the_o beholder_n which_o he_o say_v he_o have_v prove_v a_o lie_n thousand_o time_n it_o draw_v away_o poison_n from_o the_o heart_n and_o cure_v such_o as_o have_v drink_v poison_n it_o cast_v poison_v out_o of_o the_o stomach_n by_o vomit_n and_o help_v such_o as_o have_v the_o pestilence_n a._n for_o my_o own_o particular_a part_n thus_o much_o i_o can_v testify_v by_o experience_n in_o the_o commendation_n of_o it_o i_o have_v know_v it_o give_v in_o acute_a in_o peracute_a fever_n with_o gallant_a success_n as_o also_o in_o consumption_n yea_o in_o hectic_n and_o in_o gallen_n suppose_v book_n marasmos_n neither_o have_v it_o miss_v the_o desire_a effect_n and_o therefore_o out_o of_o question_n it_o strengthen_v the_o heart_n exceed_o and_o the_o spirit_n vital_a and_o then_o your_o own_o genius_n will_v tell_v you_o this_o be_v fit_a for_o cold_a complexion_n cold_a disease_n and_o such_o disease_n as_o the_o heart_n be_v most_o afflict_a in_o capon_n water_n take_v a_o capon_n the_o bowel_n and_o fat_a be_v take_v away_o cut_v he_o in_o bit_n and_o boil_v he_o sufficient_o in_o a_o patient_a sufficient_a quantity_n of_o water_n according_a to_o art_n take_v of_o this_o broth_n be_v strain_v two_o pound_n and_o a_o half_a borrage_n and_o buglosse_n water_n white_a wine_n of_o each_o one_o pound_n and_o a_o half_a flower_n of_o rose_n violet_n borrage_n and_o buglosse_n of_o each_o two_o drachm_n crumb_n of_o new_a bread_n half_o a_o pound_n bruise_a cinnamon_n a_o ounce_n distil_v it_o in_o glass_n still_o according_a to_o art_n a._n divers_a physician_n have_v write_v several_a recept_n of_o this_o water_n as_o gesner_n andr._n é_fw-fr lacuna_fw-la med._n florent_fw-la and_o coloniens_fw-la but_o the_o truth_n be_v this_o recept_n although_o our_o physician_n conceal_v it_o be_v borrow_v from_o the_o augustan_n physician_n and_o only_o because_o they_o think_v as_o i_o suppose_v a_o gapon_n must_v not_o be_v eat_v without_o bread_n they_o add_v the_o bread_n to_o it_o the_o rest_n be_v verbatim_o from_o the_o augustan_n physician_n a._n the_o simple_n be_v most_o of_o they_o apropriate_v to_o the_o heart_n and_o in_o truth_n the_o composition_n great_o nourish_v and_o strengthen_v such_o as_o be_v in_o consumption_n and_o restore_v strength_n lose_v either_o by_o fever_n or_o other_o sickness_n it_o be_v a_o sovereign_a remedy_n for_o hectic_a fever_n and_o marasmos_fw-la which_o be_v nothing_o else_o but_o a_o consumption_n come_v from_o they_o let_v such_o as_o be_v subject_a to_o these_o disease_n hold_v it_o for_o a_o jewel_n cinnamon_n water_n take_v of_o bruise_a cinnamon_n a_o pound_n and_o a_o half_a spanish_a wine_n 12._o pint_n infuse_v the_o cinnamon_n in_o the_o wine_n 24._o hour_n then_o distil_v they_o in_o a_o alimbick_a draw_v out_o three_o pint_n of_o strong_a water_n and_o small_a as_o much_o as_o you_o think_v sufficient_a sweeten_v it_o with_o sugar_n sufficient_o and_o so_o keep_v it_o for_o your_o use_n a._n the_o virtue_n be_v the_o same_o that_o cinnamon_n itself_o have_v to_o which_o i_o refer_v you_o mathiolus_n his_o cinnamon_n water_n take_v of_o bruise_a cinnamon_n a_o pound_n put_v it_o into_o a_o glasse-still_a pour_v upon_o it_o four_o pint_n of_o rose_n water_n a_o pint_n and_o a_o half_a of_o spanish_a wine_n stop_v the_o still_a body_n close_o and_o place_n it_o in_o a_o warm_a bath_n 24._o hour_n then_o put_v on_o the_o still-head_n lute_n it_o well_o and_o distil_v it_o according_a to_o art_n a._n mathiolus_n appoint_v wine_n of_o crect_n 4._o pint_n and_o that_o be_v all_o the_o
strengthen_v weak_a stomach_n exceed_o and_o help_v such_o as_o be_v prone_a to_o faiming_n and_o swound_n it_o strengthen_v such_o as_o be_v weaken_v by_o violence_n of_o sickness_n it_o help_v bad_a memory_n quicken_v all_o the_o sense_n strengthen_v the_o brain_n and_o animal_n spirit_n help_v the_o fall_a sickness_n and_o succour_v such_o as_o be_v trouble_v with_o asthmae_n or_o other_o cold_a affliction_n of_o the_o lung_n a_o preservative_n powder_n against_o the_o pestilence_n montagnan_n take_v of_o all_o the_o yellow_a saunders_n the_o seed_n of_o bazil_n of_o each_o a_o ounce_n and_o a_o half_a bowl_n armenick_n cinnamon_n of_o each_o a_o ounce_n the_o root_n of_o dittany_n gentian_n and_o tormentil_n of_o each_o two_o drachm_n and_o a_o half_a the_o seed_n of_o citron_n and_o sorrel_n of_o each_o two_o drachm_n pearl_n saphire_n bone_n of_o a_o stag_n heart_n of_o each_o one_o drachm_n beat_v they_o into_o powder_n according_a to_o art_n a._n the_o title_n tell_v you_o the_o virtue_n of_o it_o beside_o it_o cheer_v the_o vital_a spirit_n and_o strengthen_v the_o heart_n species_n electuarii_fw-la rosatae_fw-la novellae_fw-la nicholaus_fw-la take_v of_o care_n rose_n sugar_n liquoris_fw-la of_o each_o one_o ounce_n one_o drachm_n two_o scruple_n and_o a_o half_a cinnamon_n pen_v two_o drachm_n two_o scruple_n and_o two_o grain_n clove_n galanga_n indian_a spicknard_n ginger_n nutmeg_n zedoary_a styrax_n cardamon_n smallage_n of_o each_o one_o scruple_n and_o eight_o grain_n sugar_n so_o much_o as_o be_v sufficient_a make_v it_o first_o of_o all_o into_o a_o powder_n then_o into_o a_o electuary_n according_a to_o art_n a._n sure_a it_o be_v dr._n forgetfulness_n oblivion_n and_o not_o the_o college_n that_o be_v the_o author_n of_o such_o a_o sleepy_a business_n to_o set_v sugar_n twice_o in_o one_o receipt_n a._n it_o quench_v thirst_n and_o stay_v vomit_v and_o the_o author_n say_v it_o help_v hot_a and_o dry_a stomach_n as_o also_o heat_n and_o dryness_n of_o the_o heart_n liver_n and_o lung_n yet_o be_v the_o powder_n itself_o hot_a it_o strengthen_v the_o vital_a spirit_n take_v away_o heart_n qualm_n provoke_v sweat_n and_o strengthen_v such_o as_o have_v labour_v long_o under_o cronical_a disease_n a_o powder_n to_o stop_v blood_n galen_n take_v of_o frankincense_n one_o drachm_n aloe_n half_a a_o drachm_n beat_v they_o into_o powder_n and_o when_o you_o have_v occasion_n to_o use_v it_o mix_v so_o much_o of_o it_o with_o the_o white_a of_o a_o first_o eglantine_n as_o will_v make_v it_o of_o the_o thickness_n of_o honey_n then_o dip_v the_o wool_n of_o a_o hare_n in_o it_o and_o apply_v it_o to_o the_o sore_a or_o part_n that_o bleed_v bind_v it_o on_o a._n in_o my_o opinion_n this_o be_v a_o pretty_a medicine_n and_o will_v stick_v on_o till_o the_o sore_n be_v thorough_o heal_v and_o then_o will_v come_v off_o of_o itself_o i_o remember_v when_o i_o be_v a_o child_n we_o apply_v such_o a_o medicine_n only_o we_o leave_v out_o the_o aloe_n and_o frankincense_n and_o use_v only_a coney_n wool_n and_o the_o white_a of_o a_o eglantine_n to_o kibe_a heel_n and_o always_o with_o good_a success_n a_o powder_n for_o scab_n take_v of_o sulphur_n vivum_fw-la niter_fw-la the_o leaf_n of_o marjoram_n of_o each_o two_o drachm_n letharge_fw-la of_o gold_n black_a hellebore_n root_n of_o each_o one_o drachm_n burnet_n half_a a_o drachm_n beat_v they_o into_o powder_n according_a to_o art_n a._n i_o can_v speak_v much_o in_o commendation_n of_o it_o and_o i_o dare_v not_o dispraise_v it_o because_o it_o come_v from_o the_o college_n therefore_o i_o will_v let_v it_o alone_o pulvis_fw-la radulphi_n hollandi_n common_o know_v by_o the_o name_n of_o holland_n powder_n take_v of_o the_o seed_n of_o annis_n caraway_n fennel_n &_o cummin_n of_o spicknard_n cinnamon_n galanga_n of_o each_o half_n a_o ounce_n liquoris_fw-la gromwell_n of_o each_o one_o ounce_n senna_n the_o weight_n of_o they_o all_o beat_v they_o all_o into_o powder_n a._n that_o this_o recept_n be_v gallant_o compose_v none_o can_v deny_v and_o be_v a_o excellent_a purge_n for_o such_o body_n as_o be_v trouble_v with_o the_o wind_n colic_n or_o stoppage_n either_o of_o the_o gut_n or_o kidney_n two_o drachm_n take_v in_o white-wine_n will_v work_v sufficient_o with_o any_o ordinary_a body_n pulvis_fw-la sanctus_n brasavola_n take_v of_o senna_n and_o cremor_n tartar_n of_o each_o two_o ounce_n clove_n cinnamon_n galanga_n bishop_n weed_n of_o each_o two_o drachm_n diagrydium_fw-la half_a a_o ounce_n beat_v they_o into_o powder_n according_a to_o art_n in_o the_o want_n of_o seed_n of_o bishop_n weed_n of_o which_o such_o as_o be_v fresh_a and_o good_a be_v many_o time_n not_o to_o be_v have_v you_o may_v put_v in_o annis_n seed_n in_o lieu_n of_o they_o pulvis_fw-la senne_n take_v of_o the_o best_a senna_n two_o ounce_n cremor_n tartar_n half_a a_o ounce_n mace_n two_o scruple_n and_o a_o half_a ginger_n cinnamon_n of_o each_o one_o drachm_n and_o a_o half_a sal_fw-la indi_fw-it one_o drachm_o beat_v they_o into_o powder_n according_a to_o art_n a._n both_o this_o and_o the_o former_a powder_n purge_v melancholy_a and_o cleanse_v the_o head_n montagnanus_n be_v the_o author_n of_o this_o latter_a only_o the_o college_n something_o alter_v the_o quantity_n of_o the_o simple_n the_o former_a powder_n work_v something_o violent_o by_o reason_n of_o the_o scammony_n that_o be_v in_o it_o the_o latter_a be_v more_o gentle_a and_o may_v be_v give_v without_o danger_n even_o two_o drachm_n at_o a_o time_n to_o ordinary_a body_n i_o will_v not_o have_v the_o unskilful_a meddle_v with_o the_o former_a diaturbith_n the_o great_a without_o rhubarb_n take_v of_o the_o best_a turbith_n a_o ounce_n diagrydium_fw-la ginger_n of_o each_o half_n a_o ounce_n cinnamon_n clove_n of_o each_o two_o dram_n galanga_n long_a pepper_n mace_n of_o each_o one_o drachm_n beat_v they_o into_o powder_n and_o with_o eight_o ounce_n and_o five_o drachm_n of_o white_a sugar_n dissolve_v in_o succory_n water_n it_o may_v be_v make_v into_o a_o electuary_n a._n it_o purge_v phlegm_n be_v right_o administer_v by_o a_o skilful_a hand_n diaturbith_n with_o rhubarb_n montagnanus_fw-la take_v of_o the_o best_a turbith_n and_o hermodactill_v of_o each_o a_o ounce_n rhubarb_n ten_o drachm_n diagrydium_fw-la half_a a_o ounce_n white_a and_o red_a sander_n violet_n ginger_n of_o each_o a_o drachm_n and_o a_o half_a mastic_n annis_n seed_n cinnamon_n saffron_n of_o each_o half_n a_o drachm_n beat_v they_o all_o into_o powder_n and_o with_o white_a sugar_n quarter_n one_o pound_n two_o ounce_n and_o two_o drachm_n dissolve_v in_o succory_n water_n you_o may_v make_v it_o into_o a_o electuary_n according_a to_o art_n a._n this_o also_o purge_v phlegm_n and_o choler_n once_o more_o let_v i_o desire_v such_o as_o be_v unskilful_a in_o the_o rule_n of_o physic_n not_o to_o meddle_v with_o purge_n of_o this_o nature_n unless_o prescribe_v by_o a_o skilful_a physician_n lest_o they_o do_v themselves_o more_o mischief_n in_o half_a a_o hour_n than_o they_o can_v claw_v off_o again_o in_o half_a a_o year_n a_o powder_n for_o the_o worm_n take_v of_o worm_n seed_n four_o ounce_n senna_n one_o ounce_n coriander_n seed_n prepare_v hartshorn_n of_o each_o half_n a_o drachm_n rhubarb_n half_a a_o ounce_n dry_v rue_v two_o drachm_n beat_v they_o into_o powder_n a._n i_o like_v this_o powder_n very_o well_o the_o quantity_n or_o to_o write_v more_o scholastical_o the_o dose_n must_v be_v regulate_v according_a to_o the_o age_n of_o the_o patient_a even_o from_o ten_o grain_n to_o a_o drachm_n and_o the_o manner_n of_o take_v it_o by_o their_o palate_n it_o be_v something_o purge_v electvaries_n antidote_n analeptica_fw-la or_o electuarium_fw-la resumptivum_fw-la fernelius_n take_v of_o red-rose_n and_o liquoris_fw-la of_o each_o two_o drachm_n and_o five_o grain_n gum_n arabic_a and_o traganth_n of_o each_o two_o drachm_n and_o two_o scruple_n sander_n white_a and_o red_a of_o each_o four_o scruple_n juice_n of_o liquoris_fw-la white_a starch_n the_o seed_n of_o of_o white_a poppy_n purslain_a lettuce_n endive_n of_o each_o three_o drachm_n of_o the_o four_o great_a cold_a seed_n the_o seed_n of_o quince_n mallow_n cotton_n violet_n 〈◊〉_d pine-nut_n fresh_a pistacia_n fistick-nut_n sweet_a almond_n pulp_n of_o sebesten_v of_o each_o two_o drachm_n clove_n spodium_n cinnamon_n of_o each_o one_o drachm_n saffron_n five_o grain_n penidy_n half_a a_o ounce_n let_v all_o of_o they_o be_v beat_v into_o powder_n be_v make_v into_o a_o soft_a electuary_n with_o three_o time_n their_o weight_n in_o syrup_n of_o violet_n a._n beside_o the_o invert_v of_o the_o order_n which_o be_v a_o matter_n of_o nothing_o here_o be_v zedoary_a ginger_n and_o styrax_fw-la calamitis_fw-la of_o each_o two_o drachm_n leave_v quite_o out_o by_o the_o college_n or_o as_o i_o be_o of_o opinion_n
galeni_fw-la a_o ounce_n mastic_n citron_n myrobalan_n of_o each_o half_n a_o ounce_n aloe_n two_o ounce_n the_o syrup_n of_o stoechas_n as_o much_o as_o be_v sufficient_a make_v of_o they_o a_o mass_n according_a to_o art_n a._n it_o purge_v choler_n and_o phlegm_n pill_n of_o bdellium_n mesue_n take_v of_o bdellium_n ten_o drachm_n myrobalan_n bellericks_n emblick_n and_o black_n of_o each_o five_o drachm_n flake_n of_o iron_n leek_n seed_n of_o each_o three_o drachm_n apothecary_n conchula_n veneris_n burn_v coral_n burn_v amber_n of_o each_o a_o drachm_n and_o a_o half_a pearl_n half_a a_o ounce_n prescribe_v dissolve_v the_o bdellium_n in_o juice_n of_o leek_n and_o with_o so_o much_o syrup_n of_o juice_n of_o leek_n as_o be_v sufficient_a make_v it_o into_o a_o mass_n according_a to_o art_n pill_n of_o eupatorium_n mesue_n take_v of_o citron_n myrobalan_n the_o juice_n of_o eupatorium_n that_o be_v maudlin_n ageratum_fw-la of_o the_o juice_n of_o wormwood_n of_o each_o three_o dram_n rhubarb_n three_o drachm_n and_o a_o half_a mastic_n one_o drachm_o saffron_n half_a a_o drachm_n of_o the_o best_a aloe_n five_o drachm_n syrup_n of_o the_o juice_n of_o endive_n as_o much_o as_o be_v sufficient_a to_o make_v it_o into_o a_o mass_n into_o which_o form_n it_o according_a to_o art_n a._n have_v compare_v this_o recept_n of_o mesue_n with_o reason_n i_o find_v it_o a_o gallant_a gentle_a purge_n and_o strengthen_v fit_v for_o such_o body_n as_o be_v much_o weaken_v by_o disease_n of_o choler_n the_o author_n apropriate_v it_o to_o such_o as_o have_v tertian_n ague_n the_o yellow_a jaundice_n obstruction_n or_o stop_n of_o the_o liver_n half_o a_o drachm_n take_v at_o night_n go_v to_o bed_n will_v work_v with_o a_o ordinary_a body_n the_o next_o day_n by_o noon_n the_o truth_n be_v i_o be_o spare_v in_o relate_v the_o dose_n of_o most_o purge_v physics_n because_o they_o be_v to_o be_v regulate_v according_a to_o the_o strength_n of_o the_o patient_a etc._n etc._n physic_n be_v not_o to_o be_v presume_v upon_o by_o dunce_n lest_o they_o meet_v with_o their_o match_n and_o overmatche_n too_o pilulae_fw-la de_fw-la hiera_n cum_fw-la augarrico_fw-la from_o the_o agustine_n physician_n mesue_n take_v of_o galens_n species_n hiera_fw-fr picra_fw-la agrick_n trochiscate_v of_o eace_n half_o a_o ounce_n of_o the_o best_a aloe_n a_o ounce_n honey-rose_n às_o much_o as_o be_v sufficient_a to_o make_v it_o into_o a_o mass_n according_a to_o art_n a._n i_o refer_v you_o to_o species_n hiera_n picra_fw-la galeni_fw-la and_o to_o agrick_n in_o the_o simple_n for_o the_o virtue_n of_o they_o pilulae_fw-la imperialis_fw-la fernelius_n take_v of_o the_o best_a aloe_n two_o ounce_n choice_a rhubarb_n a_o ounce_n and_o a_o half_a agrick_n trochiscate_v the_o leaf_n of_o senna_n of_o each_o a_o ounce_n cinnamon_n three_o drachm_n ginger_n two_o drachm_n nutmeg_n clove_n spicknard_n mastic_n of_o each_o one_o drachm_n with_o syrup_n of_o violet_n make_v it_o into_o a_o mass_n according_a to_o art_n a._n it_o cleanse_v the_o body_n of_o mix_a humour_n and_o strengthen_v the_o stomach_n exceed_o as_o also_o the_o bowel_n liver_n and_o natural_a spirit_n it_o be_v good_a for_o cold_a nature_n and_o cheer_v the_o spirit_n mastich_n pill_n fernelius_n take_v of_o mastic_n two_o ounce_n aloe_n four_o ounce_n agrick_n trochiscate_v species_n hiera_fw-fr simplicis_fw-la galeni_fw-la of_o each_o one_o ounce_n and_o a_o half_a bring_v they_o into_o a_o mass_n with_o malaga_n wine_n according_a to_o art_n a._n they_o purge_v very_o gentle_o but_o strengthen_v much_o both_o head_n brain_n eye_n belly_n and_o reins_o pestilential_a pill_n ruffus_n take_v of_o the_o best_a aloe_n two_o ounce_n choice_a myrrh_n and_o saffron_n of_o each_o one_o ounce_n with_o syrup_n of_o the_o juice_n of_o lemon_n make_v they_o into_o a_o mass_n a._n a_o scruple_n of_o these_o take_v at_o night_n go_v to_o bed_n be_v a_o notable_a preservative_n in_o pestilential_a time_n stomach_n pill_v mesue_n take_v of_o aloe_n six_o drachm_n mastic_n red_a rose_n of_o each_o two_o drachm_n with_o syrup_n of_o wormwood_n make_v they_o into_o a_o mass_n according_a to_o art_n a._n they_o cleanse_v and_o strengthen_v the_o stomach_n they_o cleanse_v but_o gentle_o strengthen_v much_o help_v digestion_n pilulae_fw-la de_fw-la succino_fw-la andrea_n aurif_n take_v of_o white_a amber_n mastic_n of_o each_o two_o drachm_n aloe_n five_o drachm_n agrick_n a_o drachm_n and_o a_o half_a long_a birthwort_n half_a a_o drachm_n syrup_n of_o wormwood_n so_o much_o as_o be_v sufficient_a to_o make_v it_o into_o a_o mass_n according_a to_o art_n a._n it_o amend_v the_o evil_a state_n of_o a_o woman_n body_n strengthen_v conception_n and_o take_v away_o what_o hinder_v it_o it_o gentle_o purge_v choler_n and_o phlegm_n and_o leave_v a_o bind_v strengthen_v quality_n behind_o it_o you_o may_v take_v the_o pain_n in_o all_o such_o small_a recept_n to_o look_v the_o simple_n and_o then_o your_o reason_n will_v tell_v you_o the_o composition_n have_v the_o same_o effect_n i_o be_o unwilling_a to_o write_v tautology_n and_o as_o unwilling_a my_o book_n shall_v swell_v too_o big_a pill_n of_o rhubarb_n mesue_n take_v of_o choice_n rhubarb_n three_o drachm_n citron_n myrobalan_n trochisci_fw-la diarrhodon_n of_o each_o three_o drachm_n and_o a_o half_a juice_n of_o liquoris_fw-la and_o juice_n of_o wormwood_n mastic_n of_o each_o one_o drachm_n the_o seed_n of_o smallage_n and_o fennel_n of_o each_o half_n a_o drachm_n species_n hiera_n picra_fw-la simp._n galeni_fw-la ten_o drachm_n with_o juice_n of_o fennel_n water_n not_o clarify_v and_o honey_n so_o much_o as_o be_v sufficient_a make_v it_o into_o a_o mass_n a._n it_o purge_v choler_n open_v obstruction_n of_o the_o liver_n help_v the_o yellow_a jaundice_n and_o dropsy_n in_o the_o beginning_n strengthen_v the_o stomach_n and_o lung_n pilulae_fw-la extribus_fw-la fernelius_n take_v of_o mastic_n two_o ounce_n aloe_n four_o ounce_n agrick_n trochiscate_v species_n hiera_n simplex_fw-la of_o each_o a_o ounce_n and_o a_o half_a choice_n rhubarb_n two_o ounce_n cinnamon_n half_a a_o ounce_n with_o syrup_n of_o cichory_n make_v it_o into_o a_o mass_n according_a to_o art_n a._n view_v the_o simple_n it_o may_v be_v in_o search_v for_o this_o you_o may_v meet_v with_o something_o else_o may_v do_v you_o good_a pill_n of_o agrick_n mesue_n take_v of_o agrick_n three_o drachm_n orris_n root_n mastic_n horehound_n of_o each_o a_o drachm_n turbith_n five_o drachm_n species_n hiera_n picra_fw-la galeni_fw-la half_o a_o ounce_n colocynthis_fw-la sarcocolla_n of_o each_o two_o drachm_n myrrh_n one_o drachm_n sapa_fw-la so_o much_o as_o be_v sufficient_a to_o make_v it_o into_o a_o mass_n a._n it_o be_v invent_v to_o cleanse_v the_o breast_n and_o lung_n of_o phlegm_n it_o work_v pretty_a tith_o therefore_o require_v a_o good_a head-piece_n to_o direct_v it_o agregative_a pill_n or_o polychrestae_fw-la mesue_n take_v of_o citron_n myrobalan_n of_o the_o best_a rhubarb_n of_o each_o half_n a_o ounce_n juice_n of_o maudlin_n eupatorium_n and_o of_o wormwood_n make_v thick_a of_o each_o two_o drachm_n diagrydium_fw-la five_o drachm_n myrobalan_n chebs_n and_o indian_a agrick_n colocynthis_fw-la polypodium_fw-la of_o each_o two_o drachm_n turbith_n aloe_n of_o each_o six_o drachm_n mastic_n rose_n sal._n gem._n epithimum_fw-la annis_n seed_n ginger_n of_o each_o one_o d_o achm_n with_o syrup_n of_o damask_n rose_n so_o much_o as_o be_v sufficient_a make_v it_o up_o into_o a_o mass_n according_a to_o art_n a._n it_o purge_v the_o head_n of_o choler_n phlegm_n and_o melancholy_a and_o that_o stout_o it_o be_v good_a against_o quotidian_a ague_n and_o fault_n in_o the_o stomach_n and_o liver_n yet_o because_o it_o be_v well_o correct_v if_o you_o take_v but_o half_a a_o drachm_n at_o a_o time_n and_o keep_v yourself_o warm_a i_o suppose_v you_o may_v take_v it_o without_o danger_n pilulae_fw-la arabica_fw-la nicholaus_fw-la take_v of_o the_o best_a aloe_n four_o ounce_n briony_n root_n myrobalan_n citron_n chebs_n indian_a bellerick_n and_o emblick_a mastic_n diagrydium_fw-la asarabacca_n rose_n of_o each_o a_o ounce_n castorium_fw-la three_o drachm_n saffron_n one_o drachm_n with_o syrup_n of_o wormwood_n make_v it_o into_o a_o mass_n according_a to_o art_n a._n it_o help_v such_o woman_n as_o be_v not_o sufficient_o purge_v in_o their_o labour_n help_v to_o bring_v away_o what_o a_o careless_a midwife_n have_v leave_v behind_o purge_v the_o head_n help_v headache_n megrim_n vertigo_n and_o purge_v the_o stomach_n of_o vicious_a humour_n beside_o author_n say_v it_o preserve_v the_o sight_n and_o hear_n and_o preserve_v the_o mind_n in_o vigour_n and_o cause_v joyfulness_n drive_v away_o melancholy_a it_o be_v like_o it_o may_v but_o have_v a_o care_v you_o take_v not_o to_o much_o of_o it_o pilulae_fw-la arthriticae_fw-la nicholaus_fw-la take_v of_o hermodactill_n turbith_n agrick_n of_o each_o
each_o four_o drachm_n aloe_n succotrina_fw-la one_o ounce_n species_n diarhodon_v abbatis_o half_a a_o ounce_n let_v all_o be_v beat_v the_o species_n except_v and_o but_o gross_o neither_o and_o end_n infuse_v in_o the_o sun_n in_o the_o best_a aqua_fw-la aquavitae_fw-la so_o much_o that_o it_o may_v overtop_n the_o powder_n the_o breadth_n of_o eight_o finger_n then_o infuse_v the_o diarhodon_n abbatis_o in_o aqua_fw-la aquavitae_fw-la in_o like_a manner_n for_o four_o day_n then_o strain_v they_o strong_o and_o mix_v both_o these_o liquor_n together_o and_o put_v they_o in_o a_o glass_n alembick_a and_o by_o distillation_n draw_v off_o the_o moisture_n till_o the_o substance_n at_o bottom_n be_v leave_v of_o a_o fit_a thickness_n to_o make_v pill_n a._n as_o this_o be_v the_o dear_a so_o in_o my_o opinion_n be_v it_o most_o excellent_a in_o operation_n of_o all_o the_o pill_n in_o the_o dispensatory_a be_v of_o a_o quick_a search_a nature_n it_o cleanse_v both_o head_n and_o body_n of_o choler_n phlegm_n and_o melancholy_a it_o must_v not_o be_v take_v in_o any_o great_a quantity_n half_o a_o dram_n be_v sufficient_a for_o the_o strong_a body_n let_v the_o weak_a take_v less_o pilulae_fw-la sine_fw-la quibus_fw-la esse_fw-la nelo._n nicholaus_fw-la take_v of_o wash_v aloe_n fourteen_o drachm_n myrobalan_n citron_n chebul_n emblick_a bellericks_n and_o indian_a rhubarb_n mastic_n wormwood_n red_a rose_n violet_n senna_n agrick_n doddar_n of_o each_o a_o drachm_n diagrydium_fw-la fix_v drachm_n and_o a_o half_a with_o syrup_n of_o the_o juice_n of_o fennel_n make_v with_o honey_n make_v it_o into_o a_o mass_n according_a to_o art_n a._n it_o purge_v phlegm_n choler_n and_o melancholy_a from_o the_o head_n make_v the_o sight_n and_o 〈◊〉_d good_a and_o give_v ease_n to_o a_o burden_a brain_n pill_n of_o spurge_n fernelius_n take_v of_o the_o bark_n of_o the_o root_n of_o spurge_n the_o less_o steep_v twenty_o four_o hour_n in_o vinegar_n and_o juice_n of_o purslain_a two_o drachm_n grain_n of_o purge_n palma_n christi_n torrefy_v by_o number_n forty_o citron_n myrobalan_n a_o drachm_n and_o a_o half_a germander_n chamepitys_n spicknard_n cinnamon_n of_o each_o two_o scruple_n be_v beat_v into_o fine_a powder_n with_o a_o ounce_n of_o gum_n traganth_n dissolve_v in_o rose_n waeer_n and_o syrup_n of_o rose_n so_o much_o as_o be_v sufficient_a let_v it_o be_v make_v into_o a_o mass_n a._n i_o can_v say_v if_o i_o will_v and_o prove_v it_o too_o that_o the_o ounce_n of_o gum_n traganth_n so_o dislolve_v be_v enough_o to_o make_v six_o time_n so_o much_o into_o a_o mass_n but_o because_o the_o receipt_n in_o my_o eye_n seem_v more_o fit_v for_o a_o horse_n than_o for_o a_o man_n i_o leave_v it_o pill_n of_o eupborbium_fw-la mesue_n take_v of_o euphorbium_n colocynthis_fw-la agrick_n bdellium_n sagapenum_fw-la of_o each_o two_o drachm_n aloe_n five_o drachm_n with_o syrup_n make_v of_o the_o juice_n of_o leek_n make_v it_o into_o a_o mass_n a._n the_o pill_n be_v exceed_o good_a 〈◊〉_d dropsy_n pain_n in_o the_o loin_n and_o gout_n come_v of_o a_o moist_a cause_n pill_n of_o opopanax_n mesue_n take_v of_o opopanax_n sagapenum_n hermodactil_n bdellium_n ammoniacum_n colocynthis_fw-la of_o each_o five_o drachm_n saffron_n castorium_fw-la myrrh_n ginger_n black_a and_o long_a pepper_n 〈◊〉_d lignea_fw-la myrobalans_fw-la citron_n bellericks_n and_o emblick_n of_o each_o one_o drachm_n scammony_n two_o drachm_n turbith_n half_a a_o ounce_n aloe_n twelve_o dram_n the_o gum_n be_v infuse_v in_o colewort_n water_n make_v they_o up_o into_o a_o mass_n with_o syrup_n of_o the_o juice_n of_o colewort_n a._n it_o help_v tremble_n palfy_v gout_n of_o all_o sort_n cleanse_v the_o joint_n and_o be_v helpful_a for_o such_o as_o be_v trouble_v with_o cold_a affliction_n of_o the_o nerve_n pilulae_fw-la turpeti_fw-la aurioe_n mesue_n take_v of_o the_o best_a turbith_n sixteen_o drachm_n aloe_n a_o ounce_n and_o a_o half_a citron_n myrobalans_n ten_o drachm_n red_a rose_n mastich_n of_o each_o six_o dram_n saffron_n three_o dram_n beat_v they_o into_o powder_n and_o with_o syrup_n of_o wormwood_n make_v it-into_a a_o mass_n a._n they_o purge_v choler_n and_o phlegm_n and_o that_o with_o as_o much_o gentleness_n as_o can_v be_v desire_v also_o they_o strengthen_v the_o stomach_n and_o liver_n and_o help_v digestion_n pilulae_fw-la de_fw-la cynoglosso_fw-la fernelius_n take_v of_o myrrh_n six_o dram_n olibanum_fw-la five_o dram_n opium_n the_o seed_n of_o henbane_n the_o root_n of_o houndstongue_n dry_a of_o each_o half_n a_o ounce_n saffron_n castorium_fw-la of_o each_o a_o dram_n and_o a_o half_a with_o syrup_n of_o stoechas_n make_v it_o into_o a_o mass_n according_a to_o art_n a._n it_o stay_v hot_a rewm_n that_o fall_v down_o upon_o the_o lungnes_n therefore_o be_v good_a in_o phthisicks_n also_o it_o mitigate_v pain_n a_o scruple_n be_v enough_o to_o take_v at_o a_o time_n go_v to_o bed_n landanum_n take_v of_o theban_a of_o opium_n extract_v in_o spirit_n of_o wine_n one_o ounce_n saffron_n extract_v in_o like_a manner_n a_o drachm_n and_o a_o half_a castorium_fw-la one_o drachm_n then_o let_v they_o all_o be_v take_v with_o the_o tincture_n of_o half_a a_o ounce_n of_o the_o species_n of_o diambra_n new_o make_v in_o spirit_n of_o wine_n add_v for_o pleasantness_n sake_n amber_n grease_n and_o musk_n of_o each_o six_o grain_n oil_n of_o 〈◊〉_d ten_o drop_n then_o evaporate_v away_o the_o moisture_n in_o a_o warm_a bath_n and_o leave_v the_o 〈◊〉_d for_o use_v a._n it_o be_v invent_v and_o a_o gallant_a invention_n it_o be_v to_o mitigate_v doomsday_n violent_a pain_n stop_v the_o 〈◊〉_d that_o trouble_v the_o brain_n in_o fever_n but_o beware_v of_o opiate_n in_o the_o beginning_n of_o 〈◊〉_d to_o provoke_v sleep_n take_v not_o above_o two_o gnain_n of_o it_o at_o a_o time_n go_v to_o bed_n if_o that_o provoke_v not_o sleep_v the_o next_o night_n you_o may_v make_v bold_a with_o three_o pilulae_fw-la scribonii_fw-la take_v of_o sagapenum_n and_o myrrh_n of_o each_o two_o drachm_n opium_n cardamon_n castorium_fw-la of_o each_o one_o drachm_n white_a pepper_n half_o a_o drachm_n sapa_fw-la so_o much_o as_o be_v sufficient_a to_o make_v it_o into_o a_o mass_n according_a to_o art_n a._n it_o be_v apropriate_v to_o such_o as_o have_v phthisicks_n and_o such_o as_o spit_v blood_n but_o aught_o to_o be_v new_o make_v a_o scruple_n be_v sufficient_a take_v go_v to_o bed_n galen_n be_v the_o author_n of_o it_o pill_n of_o styrax_n mesue_n take_v of_o liquid_a styrax_n frankincense_n myrrh_n juice_n of_o liquoris_fw-la opium_n of_o each_o equal_a part_n make_v they_o into_o a_o mass_n for_o pill_n with_o a_o sufficient_a quantity_n of_o syrup_n of_o poppy_n according_a to_o art_n a._n they_o help_v such_o as_o be_v trouble_v with_o defluxion_n of_o rewm_fw-la cough_n and_o provoke_v sleep_n to_o such_o as_o can_v sleep_v for_o cough_v a._n i_o have_v now_o do_v with_o pill_n only_o take_v notice_n that_o such_o as_o have_v diagrydium_fw-la otherwise_o call_v scammony_n in_o they_o work_v violent_o and_o be_v to_o be_v take_v early_o in_o the_o morning_n with_o discretion_n and_o administer_v with_o due_a consideration_n the_o other_o work_n more_o gentle_o so_o that_o you_o may_v take_v a_o scruple_n of_o they_o at_o night_n go_v to_o bed_n and_o follow_v your_o employment_n next_o day_n without_o danger_n troche_n a._n if_o any_o cavil_n at_o this_o name_n and_o think_v it_o hardly_o english_a let_v they_o give_v a_o better_a and_o i_o shall_v be_v thankful_a i_o know_v no_o other_o english_a name_n but_o will_v fall_v far_o below_o it_o a._n they_o have_v get_v many_o greek_a name_n almost_o as_o many_o as_o a_o welsh_a man_n 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d and_o 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d the_o latin_n beside_o the_o greek_a name_n trochisci_n call_v they_o pastilli_fw-la and_o placentula_fw-la a._n although_o a_o man_n may_v make_v they_o into_o what_o form_n he_o please_v yet_o they_o be_v usual_o make_v into_o little_a flat_a thin_a oak_n of_o a_o 〈◊〉_d or_o twenty_o grain_n in_o weight_n plus_fw-la minus_fw-la some_o print_n image_n as_o of_o a_o serpent_n upon_o troche_n of_o viper_n upon_o they_o some_o gild_v they_o with_o leaf_n gold_n some_o do_v neither_o a._n they_o be_v first_o invent_v by_o the_o ancient_n that_o powder_n be_v bring_v into_o this_o form_n may_v be_v keep_v pure_a the_o long_o for_o the_o virtue_n of_o powder_n will_v soon_o exhale_v by_o intromission_n of_o air_n which_o the_o thick_a body_n of_o troche_n resist_v also_o such_o as_o be_v pectoral_a 〈◊〉_d he_o easy_o carry_v in_o one_o pocket_n trache_n of_o wormwood_n mesue_n take_v of_o red_a rose_n wormwood_n wormwood_n annis_n of_o each_o two_o dram_n rhubarb_n juice_n of_o 〈◊〉_d or_o mandlin_n 〈◊〉_d the_o seed_n of_o 〈◊〉_d bitter_a almond_n
alteratton_n a._n the_o author_n own_o judgement_n be_v that_o it_o strengthen_v the_o brain_n heart_n liver_n stomach_n lung_n spleen_n and_o nerve_n quicken_v the_o sight_n resist_v poison_n help_v bite_n by_o venomous_a beast_n cause_v a_o sweet_a breath_n bring_v down_o the_o term_n in_o woman_n and_o have_v virtue_n attenuate_a open_v digest_v and_o strengthen_v a._n the_o truth_n be_v i_o believe_v it_o prevail_v in_o cold_a disease_n be_v orderly_o regulate_v in_o quantity_n according_a to_o the_o nature_n of_o the_o disease_n the_o age_n and_o strength_n of_o the_o patient_a and_o the_o season_n of_o the_o year_n cinnamon_n water_n make_v by_o infusion_n take_v of_o cinnamon_n bruise_v four_o ounce_n spirit_n of_o wine_n two_o pint_n infuse_v they_o together_o 4._o day_n in_o a_o large_a glass_n close_o stop_v with_o cork_n and_o a_o bladder_n shake_v the_o glass_n twice_o a_o day_n dissolve_v half_o a_o pound_n of_o white_a sugar_n candy_n in_o a_o quart_n of_o rose-water_n then_o mix_v both_o these_o liquor_n together_o then_o put_v into_o they_o four_o grain_n of_o musk_n and_o half_a a_o scruple_n of_o ambergris_n tie_v up_o in_o a_o fine_a rag_n and_o hang_v to_o the_o top_n of_o the_o glass_n a._n in_o my_o opinion_n this_o latter_a water_n be_v more_o prevalent_a for_o heart-qualm_n and_o faint_n than_o mathiolus_n he_o aqua_fw-la ceolestis_fw-la mathiolus_n take_v of_o cinnamon_n a_o ounce_n ginger_n half_a a_o ounce_n white_a red_a and_o yellow_a sander_n of_o each_o six_o drachm_n clove_n gallanga_n nutmeg_n of_o each_o two_o drachm_n and_o a_o half_a mace_n cubeb_n of_o each_o one_o drachm_n both_o sort_n of_o cardamon_n nigella_n seed_n of_o each_o three_o drachm_n zedoary_a half_n a_o ounce_n seed_n of_o annis_n sweet-fennel_n wild-parsneps_a bazil_n of_o each_o a_o drachm_n and_o a_o half_a root_n of_o angelica_n aven_n calamus_fw-la aromaticus_fw-la liquoris_fw-la valerian_n the_o less_o the_o leaf_n of_o clary_n time_n calaminth_n penyroyal_a mint_n mother_n of_o time_n margerum_n of_o each_o two_o drachm_n the_o flower_n of_o red-rose_n sage_n rosemary_n betony_n stoechas_n bugloss_n borrage_n of_o each_o one_o drachm_n and_o a_o half_a citron_n pill_v three_o drachm_n let_v the_o thing_n be_v bruise_v that_o be_v to_o be_v bruise_v and_o infuse_v 15._o day_n in_o 12_o pint_n of_o the_o best_a spirit_n of_o wine_n in_o a_o glass_n body_n well_o stop_v and_o then_o let_v it_o be_v distil_v in_o balneo_fw-la mariae_fw-la according_a to_o art_n add_v to_o the_o distil_a water_n powder_n of_o diambra_n diamoscu_n dulce_fw-la armaticum_fw-la rosatum_fw-la diamargariton_n frigidum_fw-la diarhodon_n abbatis_n powder_n of_o electuary_n de_fw-fr gemmis_fw-la of_o each_o three_o drachm_n yellow_a sander_n bruise_v two_o drachm_n musk_n ambergris_n of_o each_o a_o scruple_n tie_v up_o in_o a_o fine_a rag_n clear_a julip_n of_o rose_n a_o pound_n shake_v they_o well_o together_o stop_v the_o glass_n close_o with_o wax_n and_o parchment_n till_o it_o grow_v clear_a to_o be_v keep_v for_o your_o use_n a._n it_o comfort_v and_o cherish_v the_o heart_n revive_v droop_v spirit_n prevail_v against_o the_o plague_n and_o all_o malignant_a fever_n preserve_v the_o sense_n and_o restore_v such_o as_o be_v in_o consumption_n a._n only_o take_v this_o caution_n both_o concern_v this_o and_o all_o other_o strong_a water_n they_o be_v not_o safe_o give_v by_o themselves_o in_o fever_n because_o by_o their_o hot_a quality_n they_o inflame_v the_o blood_n and_o ad_fw-la fuel_n to_o the_o fire_n but_o mix_v with_o other_o convenient_a cordial_n and_o consideration_n have_v to_o the_o strength_n complexion_n habit_n age_n and_o sex_n of_o the_o patient_a for_o my_o own_o part_n i_o aim_v sincere_o at_o the_o public_a good_a in_o write_v of_o this_o and_o 〈◊〉_d as_o i_o will_v not_o have_v physician_n domineer_v so_o i_o will_v not_o have_v fool_n turn_v physician_n a_o cordial_a water_n take_v of_o angelica_n leave_v half_o a_o pound_n carduus_fw-la leave_v six_o ounce_n bawm_n and_o sage_a of_o each_o four_o ounce_n angelica_n seed_n six_o ounce_n sweet_a fennel_n seed_n nine_o ounce_n let_v the_o herb_n be_v dry_a and_o the_o seed_n be_v bruise_v gross_o to_o which_o add_v the_o powder_n of_o aromaticum_fw-la rosatum_fw-la and_o diamoseu_n dulce_fw-la of_o each_o a_o ounce_n and_o a_o half_a infuse_v these_o two_o day_n in_o 32._o pint_n of_o spanish_a wine_n then_o distil_v they_o according_a to_o art_n draw_v out_o ten_o pint_n of_o strong_a spirit_n which_o sweeten_v after_o two_o day_n stand_v with_o a_o pound_n and_o a_o half_a of_o sugar_n dissolve_v in_o rose-water_n rosewater_n over_o the_o fire_n of_o the_o small_a spirit_n you_o may_v draw_v out_o six_o pint_n or_o more_o if_o you_o please_v for_o the_o wheel-barrow_n mixture_n of_o other_o cordial_n a._n the_o chief_a end_n of_o compose_v this_o medicine_n be_v to_o strengthen_v the_o heart_n and_o resist_v infection_n and_o therefore_o be_v very_o wholesome_a in_o pestilential_a time_n and_o for_o such_o as_o walk_v in_o stink_a air_n aqua_fw-la cordialis_fw-la frigida_fw-la saxoniae_fw-la take_v of_o the_o juice_n of_o borrage_n buglosse_n bawm_n bistort_v vervain_n dock_n sharp_a point_a dock_n sorrel_n goats-rue_n mirrhis_n or_o sweet_a chervil_n blue-bottle_n great_a and_o small_a or_o the_o double_a quantity_n of_o the_o small_a rose_n marigold_n lemon_n citron_n of_o each_o six_o ounce_n juice_n of_o burnet_n and_o cinkfoyl_n of_o each_o three_o ounce_n white_a wine_n vinegar_n a_o pint_n purslain-seed_n water-lillie_n flower_n of_o each_o two_o ounce_n earth_n of_o lemnos_n silecia_n and_o samos_n of_o each_o a_o ounce_n and_o a_o half_a powder_n call_v diatrion_n santalon_n six_o drachm_n pearl_n prepare_v with_o juice_n of_o citron_n three_o drachm_n infuse_v all_o the_o powder_n flower_n and_o seed_n the_o earth_n and_o pearl_n except_v in_o the_o juice_n and_o vinegar_n for_o three_o day_n then_o distil_v it_o in_o water_n in_o a_o glasse-still_a and_o add_v to_o the_o distil_a water_n the_o earth_n and_o pearl_n in_o fine_a powder_n shake_v it_o together_o and_o let_v it_o stand_v till_o it_o be_v clear_a and_o keep_v it_o for_o your_o use_n a._n it_o mighty_o cool_v the_o blood_n and_o therefore_o profitable_a in_o fever_n and_o all_o disease_n proceed_v of_o heat_n of_o blood_n it_o provoke_v sleep_v langius_n his_o antepileptical_a water_n take_v of_o the_o flower_n of_o tilia_fw-la line_n tree_n three_o handful_n lily_n of_o the_o valley_n five_o handful_n peony_n seed_n half_o a_o ounce_n infuse_v they_o eight_o day_n in_o five_o pint_n of_o the_o best_a white-wine_n then_o distil_v they_o in_o balneo_fw-la mariae_fw-la with_o a_o gentle_a fire_n afterwards_o take_v of_o the_o flower_n of_o rosemary_n half_o a_o handful_n of_o the_o flower_n of_o lavender_n a_o handful_n rue_v a_o handful_n betony_a half_n a_o handful_n stoechas_n of_o arabia_n one_o pugil_n peony_n root_v two_o drachm_n and_o a_o half_a dictamny_n two_o drachm_n squil_n prepare_v one_o drachm_n and_o a_o half_a pellitory_n of_o spain_n half_a a_o drachm_n misletoe_n of_o the_o oak_n two_o drachm_n castorium_fw-la one_o drachm_n cubeb_n cardamon_n of_o each_o one_o scruple_n mace_n half_a a_o dram_n clove_n two_o scruple_n nutmeg_n one_o scruple_n let_v all_o these_o be_v bruise_v be_v infuse_v in_o the_o water_n aforesaid_a and_o shake_v well_o together_o for_o six_o day_n then_o distil_v again_o in_o balneo_fw-la mariae_fw-la and_o the_o water_n keep_v in_o a_o glass_n stop_v you_o may_v with_o one_o and_o the_o same_o labour_n prepare_v a_o extract_n which_o will_v be_v very_o efficacious_a a._n if_o the_o authority_n of_o erasius_n or_o daily_a experience_n will_v serve_v the_o turn_n than_o be_v this_o reciept_v chief_o compile_v against_o the_o convulsion_n fit_v but_o the_o derivation_n of_o the_o word_n note_v it_o to_o be_v prevalent_a against_o the_o fall_a sickness_n also_o for_o 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d in_o greek_a signify_v the_o fall_v sickness_n and_o indeed_o erastus_n &_o experience_n plead_v for_o this_o also_o it_o be_v true_a the_o composition_n of_o erastus_n differ_v from_o this_o and_o so_o do_v another_o recite_v by_o johannes_n langius_n but_o it_o seem_v our_o physician_n for_o some_o reason_n best_o know_v to_o themselves_o esteem_v this_o the_o best_a a._n well_o then_o have_v now_o learned_a the_o virtue_n of_o the_o water_n a_o word_n or_o two_o of_o the_o use_n will_v not_o be_v amiss_o erastus_n be_v of_o opinion_n that_o both_o these_o disease_n be_v cause_v by_o the_o moon_n and_o so_o be_o i_o of_o that_o opinion_n also_o for_o i_o know_v some_o at_o this_o time_n that_o be_v constant_o trouble_v with_o the_o falling-sickness_n only_o at_o the_o new_a and_o full_a moon_n i_o can_v give_v reason_n for_o this_o judgement_n of_o erastus_n but_o i_o be_o unwilling_a to_o be_v tedious_a then_o say_v he_o if_o
of_o crect_n sharp_a vinegar_n in_o which_o half_n a_o ounce_n of_o rue_n seed_n have_v be_v boil_a of_o each_o two_o pound_n venus_n treacle_n and_o mithridate_n of_o each_o half_n a_o pound_n mix_v they_o all_o together_o and_o warm_v they_o a_o little_a either_o in_o the_o sun_n or_o in_o a_o bath_n and_o keep_v the_o tincture_n for_o your_o use_n aqua_fw-la theriacalis_fw-la distil_v take_v of_o the_o juice_n of_o green_a walnut_n four_o pound_n the_o juice_n of_o green_a rue_n three_o pound_n juice_n of_o carduus_fw-la benedictus_fw-la marigold_n bawm_n of_o each_o two_o pound_n the_o root_n of_o patasite_n or_o butter_n burr_n fresh_a and_o green_a a_o pound_n and_o a_o half_a the_o root_n of_o burr_n one_o pound_n root_n of_o angelica_n and_o masterwort_n green_a of_o each_o six_o ounce_n scordium_n four_o handful_n old_a venus_n treacle_n and_o mithridate_n of_o each_o eight_o ounce_n canary_n wine_n twelve_o pint_n white_a wine_n vinegar_n six_o pint_n juice_n of_o lemon_n a_o quart_n digest_v they_o for_o two_o day_n in_o horse_n dung_n or_o else_o in_o a_o bath_n let_v the_o vessel_n be_v well_o stop_v then_o distil_v it_o in_o sand_n and_o in_o the_o distillation_n you_o may_v make_v a_o extract_v call_v extractum_fw-la theriacale_n a._n that_o this_o latter_a water_n far_o exceed_v the_o former_a in_o virtue_n every_o way_n i_o think_v no_o man_n that_o be_v well_o in_o his_o wit_n will_v deny_v therefore_o i_o quote_v only_o the_o virtue_n of_o this_o if_o any_o will_v use_v the_o former_a i_o will_v not_o burden_v their_o conscience_n a._n this_o water_n be_v exceed_o good_a in_o all_o fever_n especial_o pestilential_a it_o expel_v venomous_a humour_n by_o sweat_n it_o strengthen_v the_o heart_n and_o vital_n it_o be_v a_o admirable_a counterpoison_v special_a good_a for_o such_o as_o have_v the_o plague_n or_o be_v poison_v or_o bite_v by_o venomous_a beast_n and_o expel_v virulent_a humour_n from_o such_o as_o have_v the_o french_a pock_n if_o you_o desire_v to_o know_v more_o virtue_n of_o it_o see_v the_o virtue_n of_o venice_n treatle_n ordinary_a aqua_fw-la aquavitae_fw-la distil_v ale_n and_o lees_n of_o wine_n in_o a_o alembick_a who_o worm_n run_v through_o cold_a water_n into_o small_a wine_n in_o ten_o congee_n of_o which_o infuse_v a_o pound_n of_o bruise_a annis_n seed_n for_o twenty_o four_o hour_n then_o still_o it_o again_o into_o strong_a water_n aqua_fw-la aquavitae_fw-la compound_n be_v make_v of_o small_a wine_n in_o six_o congee_n of_o which_o infuse_v annis_n seed_n half_a a_o pound_n seed_n of_o fennel_n and_o caraway_n of_o each_o two_o ounce_n clove_n cinnamon_n and_o ginger_n of_o each_o one_o ounce_n and_o then_o draw_v the_o strong_a spirit_n from_o it_o a._n this_o be_v excellent_a good_a in_o my_o opinion_n for_o such_o as_o be_v trouble_v with_o wind_n spirit_n of_o castorium_fw-la take_v of_o castorium_fw-la four_o ounce_n lavender_n flower_n one_o ounce_n the_o top_n of_o sage_n and_o rosemary_n of_o each_o half_n a_o ounce_n cinnamon_n six_o drachm_n mace_n and_o clove_n of_o each_o two_o drachm_n spirit_n of_o wine_n rectify_v six_o pint_n digest_v all_o these_o in_o a_o glass_n be_v fill_v only_o to_o the_o three_o part_n stop_v close_o with_o cork_n and_o bladder_n in_o warm_a ash_n or_o sand_n than_o still_o it_o in_o a_o glass_n alembick_a in_o balneo_fw-la mariae_fw-la well_o lute_v and_o let_v it_o be_v keep_v close_o stop_v a._n it_o resist_v poison_n and_o help_v such_o as_o be_v bite_v by_o venomous_a beast_n it_o cause_v speedy_a delivery_n to_o woman_n in_o travail_n and_o cast_v out_o the_o afterbirth_n it_o provoke_v the_o term_n in_o woman_n and_o help_v the_o fit_n of_o the_o mother_n it_o help_v lethargy_n convulsion_n and_o in_o some_o case_n be_v profitable_a for_o mad_a people_n but_o in_o all_o let_v it_o be_v mix_v with_o convenient_a medicine_n for_o the_o purpose_n usquebach_n take_v of_o strong_a aqua_fw-la aquavitae_fw-la 24._o pint_n in_o which_o for_o four_o day_n infuse_v a_o pound_n of_o liquoris_fw-la raisin_n of_o the_o sun_n half_a a_o pound_n clove_n half_a a_o ounce_n mace_n ginger_n of_o each_o two_o drachm_n strain_v it_o and_o keep_v it_o for_o your_o use_n a._n it_o strengthen_v the_o stomach_n and_o help_v indigestion_n come_v of_o phlegm_n and_o cold_a fallopius_n his_o allum-water_n take_v of_o plantain_n and_o red-rosewater_n of_o each_o a_o pound_n viz._n a_o pint_n roch_n alum_n quick_a silver_n and_o sublimatum_fw-la of_o each_o two_o drachm_n grind_v the_o alum_n and_o the_o sublimate_n very_o fine_a then_o let_v they_o boil_v altogether_o in_o a_o break_v glass_n with_o a_o narrow_a mouth_n till_o half_o be_v consume_v then_o let_v it_o stand_v five_o day_n that_o the_o sublimate_n and_o the_o dross_n of_o the_o alum_n may_v sink_v to_o the_o bottom_n then_o pour_v off_o the_o clear_a water_n and_o keep_v it_o for_o your_o use_n a._n fallopius_n invent_v this_o for_o a_o unction_n for_o the_o french-pox_n but_o in_o my_o opinion_n it_o be_v but_o a_o childish_a recept_n for_o the_o quicksilver_n will_v most_o assure_o fly_v out_o in_o boil_a physical_a wine_n wormwood_n wine_n put_v a_o handful_n of_o dry_a wormwood_n into_o every_o congee_n of_o wine_n stop_v the_o vessel_n close_o and_o so_o let_v it_o stand_v in_o infusion_n a._n it_o help_v cold_a stomach_n break_v wind_n help_v the_o wind-chollick_n strengthen_v the_o stomach_n kill_v worm_n and_o help_n the_o green_a sickness_n rosemary-flower-wine_n be_v make_v after_o the_o same_o manner_n that_o wormwood_n wine_n be_v make_v a._n it_o be_v good_a against_o all_o cold_a disease_n of_o the_o head_n consume_v phlegm_n strengthen_v the_o gum_n and_o tooth_n eyebright-wine_n be_v also_o make_v after_o the_o same_o manner_n a._n it_o wonderful_o clear_v the_o sight_n be_v drink_v and_o revive_v the_o sight_n of_o ancient_a man_n a_o cup_n of_o it_o in_o the_o morning_n be_v worth_a a_o pair_n of_o spectacle_n all_o other_o wine_n be_v prepare_v in_o the_o same_o manner_n when_o the_o physician_n shall_v see_v fit_a quoth_v the_o college_n a._n but_o what_o if_o there_o be_v never_o a_o physician_n worth_a a_o 〈◊〉_d in_o 20._o 30._o 40._o or_o 50._o mile_n as_o some_o such_o place_n may_v be_v find_v in_o this_o nation_n must_v the_o poor_a country_n man_n lose_v his_o cure_n true_o this_o charity_n be_v according_a to_o the_o say_n of_o the_o vulgar_a fervent_a cold_a in_o such_o case_n let_v they_o view_v the_o virtue_n of_o the_o simple_a the_o wine_n be_v make_v of_o and_o then_o let_v they_o know_v the_o wine_n of_o that_o simple_a be_v far_o better_a and_o fit_a for_o cold_a body_n and_o weak_a stomach_n than_o the_o simple_a itself_o a._n and_o now_o i_o have_v veiw_v the_o next_o recept_n a_o little_a you_o shall_v have_v first_o the_o recept_n 2._o my_o opinion_n of_o it_o 3._o the_o virtue_n of_o it_o gallen_n wine_n of_o squils_n take_v of_o white_a squill_n of_o the_o 〈◊〉_d mountain_n gather_v about_o the_o rise_n of_o the_o dog-star_n and_o cut_v in_o thin_a piece_n one_o pound_n dry_v they_o in_o the_o shadow_n for_o ten_o day_n than_o put_v they_o in_o a_o glass_n and_o put_v to_o they_o twelve_o book_n sextary_n of_o old_a french_a wine_n let_v it_o stand_v so_o forty_o day_n then_o take_v out_o the_o squil_n and_o throw_v they_o away_o a._n if_o admiration_n be_v not_o the_o daughter_n of_o ignorance_n i_o shall_v most_o assure_o have_v admire_v at_o two_o thing_n in_o this_o recept_n 1._o at_o the_o time_n of_o gather_v this_o same_o squil_n it_o seem_v the_o whole_a college_n lay_v all_o their_o learned_a head_n together_o to_o hammer_v out_o the_o time_n when_o this_o squil_n must_v be_v take_v out_o of_o the_o earth_n &_o the_o result_n of_o their_o consultation_n be_v that_o it_o must_v be_v gather_v circiter_fw-la canis_fw-la ortum_fw-la about_o the_o rise_n of_o the_o dog-star_n but_o which_o of_o the_o two_o dog-star_n they_o mean_v whether_o syrius_n or_o procyon_n or_o what_o rise_v of_o either_o whether_o cosmical_a acronyct_v or_o heliacal_a i_o know_v not_o nor_o i_o think_v themselves_o neither_o a_o child_n in_o astronomy_n can_v choose_v but_o smile_n at_o their_o learned_a ignorance_n it_o seem_v they_o well_o observe_v that_o excellent_a maxim_n of_o hypocrates_n in_o his_o praefat_fw-la ad_fw-la astron_fw-la nemo_fw-la debet_fw-la etc._n etc._n no_o man_n ought_v to_o commit_v his_o life_n into_o the_o hand_n of_o that_o physician_n who_o be_v ignorant_a of_o astrology_n because_o he_o be_v a_o physician_n of_o no_o value_n indeed_o the_o truth_n be_v the_o root_n be_v bring_v to_o we_o from_o beyond_o sea_n and_o we_o must_v be_v content_a with_o such_o as_o we_o can_v get_v a._n 2._o it_o seem_v something_o strange_a to_o i_o why_o this_o squill_n must_v be_v dry_v in_o the_o
fantastical_a a._n this_o quoth_v avicenna_n be_v apropriate_v to_o woman_n and_o in_o they_o to_o disease_n incident_a to_o their_o matrix_fw-la but_o his_o reason_n i_o know_v not_o it_o be_v cordial_a and_o heat_n the_o stomach_n species_n electuarii_fw-la diamargariton_n frigidi_fw-la nicholaus_fw-la take_v of_o the_o four_o great_a cold_a seed_n cleanse_v the_o seed_n of_o purflain_n white_a poppy_n endive_n sorrel_n citron_n the_o three_o sort_n of_o sander_n lignum_fw-la aloe_n ginger_n the_o flower_n of_o red_a rose_n water_n lily_n bugloss_n violet_n the_o berry_n of_o myrtle_n the_o bone_n of_o a_o stag_n heart_n ivory_n roman_a doronicum_n cinnamon_n of_o each_o a_o drachm_n both_o sort_n of_o coral_n of_o each_o half_n a_o drachm_n pearl_n three_o drachm_n amber_n grease_n camphire_n of_o each_o 6._o grain_n musk_n two_o grain_n make_v of_o they_o a_o powder_n according_a to_o art_n you_o must_v