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spirit_n artery_n blood_n vein_n 5,874 5 10.2889 5 false
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A84361 Elixir magnum vitæ: or, the great elixir of life, being the most admirable cordial-drink, and its singular virtues, never before made publick; is now exposed to sale, as the most excellent preservative of humane bodies, for the general good of all persons 1680 (1670-1680) Wing E525B; ESTC R231741 6,212 14 View Text
A12102 A centurie of similies. By Thomas Shelton Shelton, Thomas, 1601-1650? 1640 (1640) STC 22403; ESTC S117258 13,936 81 View Text
A03017 The funerals of the high and mighty Prince Henry, Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornewaile and Rothsay, Count Palatine of Chester, Earle of Carick, and late Knight of the most noble Order of the Garter VVhich noble Prince deceased at St. Iames, the sixt day of Nouember, 1612. and was most princely interred the seuenth day of December following, within the Abbey of Westminster, in the eighteenth yeere of his age. 1613 (1613) STC 13157; ESTC S103976 16,990 50 View Text
A18410 An epicede or funerall song on the most disastrous death, of the high-borne prince of men, Henry Prince of Wales, &c. With the funeralls, and representation of the herse of the same high and mighty prince ... VVhich noble prince deceased at St. Iames, the sixt day of Nouember, 1612. and was most princely interred the seuenth day of December following, within the Abbey of Westminster, in the eighteenth yeere of his age. Chapman, George, 1559?-1634.; Hole, William, d. 1624, engraver. 1613 (1613) STC 4974; ESTC S107694 17,429 56 View Text
A78192 The perfect and experienced farrier. Being necessary for all gentlemen-troopers, farmers, farriers, carriers, carmen, coachmen, and horse-coursers, &c. Shewing a most exact, easie and speedy way of curing all sorances and diseases incident to horses (and other cattle.) Wherein is shewed the true anatomy and inside of a horse, with his intrailes, sinewes, and number of bones, and veynes necessary for blood-letting. Never before published. / Written by Robert Barret of Esborne in Sussex, and published for the good of his country. 1660 (1660) Wing B914; Thomason E1022_3; ESTC R208467 19,148 40 View Text
A71322 The infancie of the soule; or, The soule of an infant A subiect neuer yet treated of by any. Which sheweth the infusion there of whiles that the infant resteth in the wombe: the time when, with the manner how. Gathered from the boosome of trueth; begunne in loue, and finished in the desire to posit others. The contnets are in the next page following. William Hill.; Infancie of the soule. Hill, William, Doctor in Diuinitie, attributed name. aut; Hill, William, b. 1574 or 5. aut 1605 (1605) STC 13506; ESTC S115206 22,718 46 View Text
A13656 The mirror of diuine prouidence Containing a collection of Theodoret his arguments: declaring the prouidence of God to appeare notably both in the heauens and in the earth, and in all things therein contained: taken out of his workes De prouidentia.; De providentia. English. Selections Theodoret, Bishop of Cyrrhus.; I. C., fl. 1602. 1602 (1602) STC 23939; ESTC S101993 23,638 96 View Text
A67773 A short and sure way to grace and salvation being a necessary and profitable tract, upon three fundamental principles of Christian religion ... : how man was at first created, how he is now corrupted, how he may be again restored : together with the conditions of the covenant of grace, and to whom the promises of the Gospel belong ... / by R. Younge ... Younge, Richard. 1658 (1658) Wing Y185; ESTC R14649 25,252 24 View Text
A07462 A pleasaunt dialogue, concerning phisicke and phisitions Mexía, Pedro, 1496?-1552?; Newton, Thomas, 1542?-1607, attributed name. 1580 (1580) STC 17848; ESTC S120389 26,525 80 View Text
A28882 A treatise of the reason of muscular motion, or, The efficient causes of the contraction of a muscle wherein most of the phaenomena about muscular motion are explained / by Richard Boulton. Boulton, Richard, b. 1676 or 7. 1697 (1697) Wing B3833; ESTC R26545 27,221 134 View Text
A06682 [The general practise of medecine By Philiatreus.] Philiatreus, fl. 1630.; Makluire, John, attributed author. 1634 (1634) STC 17139; ESTC S102714 28,414 84 View Text
A62434 A letter sent to Mr. Henry Stubbe wherein the Galenical method & medicaments, as likewise bloud-letting in particular, are offered to be proved ineffectual or destructibve to mankind, by experimental demonstrations : also his answer thereunto by letter / on which animadversions are made by Geo. Thomson, Dr. of physick ; by whom is added a vindication of his stomach-essence, or alexi-stomachon and other really-powerful remedies, from the malicious slanders and active ignorance of the Galenists. Thomson, George, 17th cent.; Stubbe, Henry, 1632-1676. Mr. Stubbe's answer. 1672 (1672) Wing T1025; ESTC R32804 28,813 33 View Text
A50152 XCIX canons, or rules learnedly describing an excellent method for practitioners in physick / written by Dr. J. Macallo [sic], physitian in ordinary, first to Rodolphus, late Emperor of Germany, and after his death, physitian in like manner to K. James. Macollo, John, 1576?-1622.; Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor, 1552-1612.; James I, King of England, 1566-1625. 1659 (1659) Wing M113B; ESTC R43414 28,981 122 View Text
A23630 The operator for the teeth shewing how to preserve the teeth and gums from all the accidents they are subject to : with particular directions for childrens teeth : as also the description and use of the polican, never published before / by Charles Allen. Allen, Charles. 1686 (1686) Wing A1022; ESTC R24170 29,284 59 View Text
A50470 Rhachitidologia, or, A tract of the disease rhachitis, commonly called the rickets shewing the signes, cause, symptoms, and prognosticks : together with a most accurate and ingenious method of cure / written originally in Latin ... by ... Dr. John Mayow ... and now ... faithfully rendred into English by W.S. ; to which is subjoyn'd a profitable appendix, touching weights and measures us'd in the composition of medicines and exhibition of medicinal doses. Mayow, John, 1641-1679. 1685 (1685) Wing M1534; ESTC R43442 29,746 155 View Text
A34389 Conversion exemplified in the instance of a gracious gentlewoman now in glory / written from her own mouth and appointment, by her dearest friend ... 1669 (1669) Wing C5981; ESTC R21188 30,026 78 View Text
A47931 A discourse on the principles of chiromancy by monsieur de la Chambre, counsellor to the king of France in his counsels, and his physitian in ordinary ; Englished by a person of quality. La Chambre, Marin Cureau de, 1594-1669. 1658 (1658) Wing L131A; ESTC R43338 30,491 99 View Text
A81931 A summary discourse concerning the work of peace ecclesiasticall, how it may concurre with the aim of a civill confederation amongst Protestants: presented to the consideration of my Lord Ambassadour Sr. Thomas Rovv, &c. at Hamburg in the yeare MDCXXXIX. By Mr. John Dury, a faithfull and indefatigable solicitour of the gospel of peace amongst Protestants: now put to the presse for the information of such as are able to countenance, and willing to help forward the negotiation of some issue. Dury, John, 1596-1680. 1641 (1641) Wing D2889; Thomason E167_13; ESTC R4299 30,514 57 View Text
A01506 The ioyfull receyuing of the Queenes most excellent Maiestie into hir Highnesse citie of Norvvich the things done in the time of hir abode there: and the dolor of the citie at hir departure. Wherein are set downe diuers orations in Latine, pronounced to hir Highnesse by Sir Robert Wood Knight, now Maior of the same citie, and others: and certaine also deliuered to hir Maiestie in vvriting: euery of the[m] turned into English. B. G. (Bernard Garter); Wood, Robert, Sir, fl. 1578.; Googe, Barnabe, 1540-1594, attributed name. 1578 (1578) STC 11627; ESTC S105704 30,924 55 View Text
A66543 Spadacrene Dunelmensis, or, A short treatise of an ancient medicinal fountain or vitrioline spaw near the city of Durham together with the constituent principles, virtues and use thereof / by E.W. ... E. W. (Edward Wilson) 1675 (1675) Wing W2891; ESTC R38665 31,334 124 View Text
A11815 Naturall philosophy, or, A description of the world, namely, of angels, of man, of the heauens, of the ayre, of the earth, of the water and of the creatures in the whole world.; Rerum naturalium doctrina methodica. English Scribonius, Wilhelm Adolf, fl. 1576-1583.; Widdowes, Daniel.; Wydowes, I. 1621 (1621) STC 22111; ESTC S971 34,963 68 View Text
A93167 The cardinal, a tragedie, as it was acted at the private house in Black Fryers, wriiten by James Shirley. Not printed before Shirley, James, 1596-1666. 1652 (1652) Wing S3461; ESTC R230011 36,657 80 View Text
A54692 The reforming registry, or, A representation of the very many mischiefs and inconveniences which will unavoidably happen by the needless, chargeable, and destructive way of registries proposed to be erected in every county of England and Wales, for the recording of all deeds, evidences, bonds, bills, and other incumbrances : written in the year 1656 when Oliver and the Levelling-party made it their design to ruine monarchy ... / by Fabian Philipps. Philipps, Fabian, 1601-1690. 1662 (1662) Wing P2014; ESTC R14829 37,868 105 View Text
A14387 The Englishemans treasure, or treasor for Englishmen vvith the true anatomye of mans body, compiled by that excellent chirurgion Maister Thomas Vicary Esquier Sergeant Chirurgion to King Henry the 8. to King Edward the 6. to Queene Mary. and to our soueraigne lady Queene Elizabeth. And also cheefe chirurgion to S. Bartholomewes hospitall. Whereunto are annexed many secrets appertaining to chirurgery, with diuers excellent approued remedies for all diseases the which are in man or woman, with emplasters of speciall cure with other potions and drinkes approued in phisike. Also the rare treasor of the English bathes, written by William Turner, Doctor in Phisicke. Gathered and set forth for the benefit of his friendes and countrimen in England by William Bremer practitioner in phisicke and chirurgery.; Profitable treatise of the anatomie of mans body Vicary, Thomas, d. 1561.; Turner, William, d. 1568. New herball. Part 2. Selections. aut; Bremer, William. 1586 (1586) STC 24707; ESTC S111543 39,254 64 View Text
A86079 The anatomical exercises of Dr. William Harvey professor of physick, and physician to the Kings Majesty, concerning the motion of the heart and blood. [Part 3] Two anatomical exercitations concerning the circulation of the blood to John Riolan the son ... With the preface of Zachariah Wood physician of Roterdam. To which is added Dr. James De Back his Discourse of the heart, physician in ordinary to the town of Roterdam. Harvey, William, 1578-1657. 1653 (1653) Wing H1083_pt3; Thomason E1477_2; ESTC R20704_pt3 39,257 87 View Text
A01091 Hoplocrisma-spongus: or, A sponge to vvipe avvay the weapon-salve A treatise, wherein is proved, that the cure late-taken up amongst us, by applying the salve to the weapon, is magicall and unlawfull By William Foster Mr. of Arts, and parson of Hedgley in the county of Buckingham.; Hoplocrisma-spongus. Foster, William, 1591-1643. 1631 (1631) STC 11203; ESTC S102476 41,047 74 View Text
A77802 The doctresse: a plain and easie method, of curing those diseases which are peculiar to women. Whereunto are annexed physicall paradoxes, or a new discovery of the æconomy of nature in mans body. / Written by R.B. &c. Bunworth, Richard. 1656 (1656) Wing B5474; Thomason E1714_2; ESTC R209649 41,464 161 View Text
A43353 Aero-chalinos, or, A register for the air for the better preservation of health and cure of diseases, after a new method / by Nathaniel Henshaw. Henshaw, Nathaniel, d. 1673. 1664 (1664) Wing H1481; ESTC R24982 41,792 111 View Text
A02170 Meditations and disquisitions upon the one and fiftieth Psalme of Dauid Miserere mei Deus. By Sr. Richard Baker, Knight. Baker, Richard, Sir, 1568-1645. 1638 (1638) STC 1231; ESTC S100560 42,166 82 View Text
A64668 VVits fancies, or, Choice observations and essayes collected out of divine, political, philosophical, military and historical authors / by John Ufflet ... Ufflet, John, b. 1603. 1659 (1659) Wing U20; ESTC R8998 43,009 138 View Text
A30711 Two treatises the one medical, Of the gout and its nature more narrowly search'd into than hitherto, together with a new way of discharging the same / by Herman Busschof ; the other partly chirurgical, partly medical containing Some observations and practices relating both to some extraordinary cases of women in travel, and to some other uncommon cases of diseases in both sexes by Henry Van Roonhuysen ... ; Englished out of Dutch by a careful hand. Busschof, Hermann. Of the gout.; Busschof, Hermann. Of the gout and its nature more narrowly search'd into than hitherto, together with a new way of discharging the same.; Busschof, Hermann. Gout more narrowly searcht and found out, together with the certain cure thereof.; Busschof, Hermann. Podagra, nader als oyt nagevorst enytgevonden. 1676 (1676) Wing B6257; ESTC R11109 43,328 152 View Text
A14394 A profitable treatise of the anatomie of mans body: compyled by that excellent chirurgion, M. Thomas Vicary esquire, seriaunt chirurgion to king Henry the eyght, to king Edward the. vj. to Queene Mary, and to our most gracious Soueraigne Lady Queene Elizabeth, and also cheefe chirurgion of S. Bartholomewes Hospital. Which work is newly reuyued, corrected, and published by the chirurgions of the same hospital now beeing. An. 1577 Vicary, Thomas, d. 1561. 1577 (1577) STC 24713; ESTC S119628 44,045 120 View Text
A11816 Naturall philosophy: or A description of the vvorld, and of the severall creatures therein contained viz. of angels, of mankinde, of the heavens, the starres, the planets, the foure elements, with their order, nature and government: as also of minerals, mettals, plants, and precious stones; with their colours, formes, and vertues. By Daniel Widdovves.; Rerum naturalium doctrina methodica. English. Abridgments Scribonius, Wilhelm Adolf, fl. 1576-1583.; Widdowes, Daniel.; Scribonius, Wilhelm Adolf, fl. 1576-1583. Rerum physicarum juxta leges logicas methodica explicatio. aut; Woodhouse, John. 1631 (1631) STC 22112; ESTC S117038 44,731 82 View Text
A48261 The art of physick made plain & easie by the learned D. Fambresarius ... ; translated out of his famous book De schola medecin by J.P.; Scholae medicae. English La Framboisière, Nicholas Abraham de, b. 16th cent. 1684 (1684) Wing L179; ESTC R35413 45,594 151 View Text
A42035 Curiosities in chymistry being new experiments and observations concerning the principles of natural bodies / written by a person of honour ; and published by his operator, H.G. Person of honour.; Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. 1691 (1691) Wing G1877; ESTC R9237 46,575 122 View Text
A25375 Chymical disceptations, or, Discourses upon acid and alkali wherein are examined the object of Mr. Boyle against these principles : together with a reply to a letter of Mr. S. Doctor of Physick & fellow of the colleg of *** : wherein many errors are corrected, touching the nature of these two salts / by Fran. Andre, Dr. in Physick ..., faithfully rendered out of French into English by J.W. ; to which is added, by the translator, a discourse of phlebotomy shewing the absolute evils, together with the accidental benefits thereof, in some cases.; Entretiéns sur l'acide et sur l'alkali. English Saint André, François de, fl. 1677-1725. 1689 (1689) Wing A3113A; ESTC R30709 47,738 222 View Text
A05064 A uery brefe treatise, ordrely declaring the pri[n]cipal partes of phisick that is to saye: thynges natural. Thynges not naturall. Thynges agaynst nature. Gathered, and sette forth by Christopher Langton. Langton, Christopher, 1521-1578. 1547 (1547) STC 15205; ESTC S121147 48,372 190 View Text
A62433 Galeno-pale, or, A chymical trial of the Galenists, that their dross in physick may be discovered with the grand abuses and disrepute they have brought upon the whole art of physick and chirurgery ... To which is added an appendix De litho-colo ... / by Geo. Thomson ... Thomson, George, 17th cent. 1665 (1665) Wing T1023; ESTC R33830 49,948 138 View Text
A28881 A treatise concerning the heat of the blood and also of the use of the lungs / by Richard Boulton. Boulton, Richard, b. 1676 or 7. 1698 (1698) Wing B3832; ESTC R30306 49,986 232 View Text
A05063 An introduction into phisycke wyth an vniuersal dyet, gathered by Christofer Langton. Langton, Christopher, 1521-1578. 1545 (1545) STC 15204; ESTC S109326 50,775 190 View Text
A07786 The true knowledge of a mans owne selfe. Written in French by Monsieur du Plessis, Lord of Plessie Marly. *And truly translated into English by A.M.. Mornay, Philippe de, seigneur du Plessis-Marly, 1549-1623.; Xenophon. Memorabilia.; Munday, Anthony, 1553-1633. 1602 (1602) STC 18163; ESTC S103514 52,106 260 View Text
A90743 Phlebotomiographia or, a treatise of phlebotomy. Demonstrating the necessity of it in diseases; the time for elections. And likewise of the use and application of cupping-glasses, and leeches. Whereupon is added a brief and most methodicall tract of the crisis. Written originally in French, by Da de Plumis Campi chirurgion. And now faithfully rendred into English, by E.W. well-wisher to physick and chirurgery. Planis Campy, David de.; E. W. 1658 (1658) Wing P2376A; Thomason E1929_1; ESTC R209992 52,319 224 View Text
A59200 The sixth book of Practical physick Of occult or hidden diseases; in nine parts Part I. Of diseases from occult qualities in general. Part. II. Of occult, malignant, and venemous diseases arising from the internal fault of the humors. Part III. Of occult diseases from water, air, and infections, and of infectious diseases. Part IV. Of the venereal pox. Part V. Of outward poysons in general Part VI. Of poysons from minerals and metals. Part. VII. Of poysons from plants. Part VIII. Of poysons that come from living creatures. Part IX. Of diseases by witchcraft, incantation, and charmes. By Daniel Sennertus, N Culpeper, and Abdiah Cole, Doctors of Physick Sennert, Daniel, 1572-1637.; Culpeper, Nicholas, 1616-1654.; Cole, Abdiah, ca. 1610-ca. 1670. 1662 (1662) Wing S2541A; ESTC R221050 55,611 126 View Text
A08247 The dignitie of man both in the perfections of his soule and bodie. Shewing as well the faculties in the disposition of the one: as the senses and organs, in the composition of the other. By A.N. Nixon, Anthony. 1612 (1612) STC 18584; ESTC S120838 55,653 170 View Text
A62729 Euphuia, or The acts, and characters of a good nature. Written by Tho. Tanner G.J.E. Tanner, Thomas, 1630-1682. 1665 (1665) Wing T142; ESTC R220783 57,475 118 View Text
A41254 A new and needful treatise of spirits and wind offending mans body wherein are discovered their nature, causes and effects / by the learned Dr. Fienns ; and Englished by William Rowland ...; Flatibus humanum corpus molestantibus. English Feyens, Jean, d. 1585.; Rowland, William. 1668 (1668) Wing F841; ESTC R40884 57,605 138 View Text
A66809 Scarbroughs spagyrical anatomizer dissected, or, An answer to all that Dr. Tonstal hath objected in his book against Scarbrough spaw the innocency and excellency of that spaw is further asserted 1. Concerning the rise and growth of the art of physick, 2. Touching the causes of the petrifying property that is in some springs, and more especially that of the dropping well at Knaresbrough, 3. About the signs, symptomes and cures of diseases : as also reflections upon a late piece, called A vindication of hydrologia chymica / by Robert Wittie ... Wittie, Robert, 1613?-1684. 1672 (1672) Wing W3233; ESTC R38727 58,185 159 View Text
A26839 The expert phisician learnedly treating of all agues and feavers, whether simple or compound, shewing their different nature, causes, signes, and cure ... / written originally by that famous doctor in phisick, Bricius Bauderon ; and translated into English by B.W., licentiate in physick by the University of Oxford ...; Pharmacopée. English Bauderon, Brice, ca. 1540-1623.; Welles, Benjamin, 1615 or 16-1678. 1657 (1657) Wing B1163; ESTC R19503 59,853 176 View Text
A66881 Speculum matricis hybernicum, or, The Irish midwives handmaid catechistically composed by James Wolveridge, M.D. ; with a copious alphabetical index. Wolveridge, James, d. 1671. 1670 (1670) Wing W3319; ESTC R15116 60,220 225 View Text
A13863 An exposition of a parte of S. Iohannes Gospel made in sondrie readinges in the English congregation by Bartho. Traheron ; and now published against the wicked entreprises of new sterte vp Arrians in Englande. Traheron, Bartholomew, 1510?-1558? 1557 (1557) STC 24168.5; ESTC S2370 60,439 164 View Text
A12181 Divine meditations and holy contemplations. By that reverende divine R. Sibbes D.D. Master of Catherine Hall in Cambridge, and sometimes preacher of Grayes Inne in London Sibbes, Richard, 1577-1635.; Culverwell, Ezekiel, 1553 or 4-1631. 1638 (1638) STC 22490; ESTC S112642 60,923 350 View Text
A62436 Loimotomia, or, The pest anatomized in these following particulars, Viz. 1. The material cause of the pest, 2. The efficient cause of the pest, 3. The subject part of the pest, 4. The signs of the pest, 5. An historical account of the dissections of a pestilential body by the author, and the consequences thereof, 6. Reflections and observations on the fore-said dissection, 7. Directions preservative and curative against the pest : together with the authors apology against the calumnies of the Galenists, and a word to Mr. Nath. Hodges, concerning his late Vindiciae medicinae / by George Thomson. Thomson, George, 17th cent. 1666 (1666) Wing T1027; ESTC R1148 61,518 210 View Text
B00698 A fountain sealed: or, The duty of the sealed to the Spirit, and the worke of the Spirit in sealing. Wherein many things are handled about the Holy Spirit, and grieving of it: as also of assurance and sealing what it is, the priviledges and degrees of it, with the signes to discerne, and means to preserve it. : Being the substance of divers sermons preached at Grayes Inne. / By that Reverend Divine, Richard Sibbes D.D. and sometimes preacher to that honourable society. Sibbes, Richard, 1577-1635.; Goodwin, Thomas, 1600-1680.; Nye, Philip, 1596?-1672.; Marshall, William, fl. 1617-1650. 1638 (1638) STC 22496; ESTC S123290 62,552 276 View Text
A68733 A fountain sealed: or, The duty of the sealed to the Spirit, and the worke of the Spirit in sealing Wherein many things are handled about the Holy Spirit, and grieving of it: as also of assurance and sealing what it is, the priviledges and degrees of it, with the signes to discerne, and meanes to preserve it. Being the substance of divers sermons preached at Grayes Inne. By that reverend divine, Richard Sibbes, D.D. and sometimes preacher to that honourable society. Sibbes, Richard, 1577-1635.; Goodwin, Thomas, 1600-1680.; Nye, Philip, 1596?-1672.; Marshall, William, fl. 1617-1650, engraver. 1637 (1637) STC 22495; ESTC S117375 62,609 291 View Text
A14005 A theological discourse of the gracious and blessed coniunction of Christ and a sincere Christian. By Tho: Tuke Preacher of Gods word. The blessed virgin Mary brought foorth Christ, and the Catholique Church brings foorth all true Christians Tuke, Thomas, d. 1657. 1617 (1617) STC 24315; ESTC S101279 63,242 166 View Text
A32714 Three anatomic lectures concerning 1. the motion of the bloud through the veins and arteries, 2. the organic structure of the heart, 3. the efficient causes of the hearts pulsation : read on the 19, 20 and 21 by Walter Charleton ... Charleton, Walter, 1619-1707. 1683 (1683) Wing C3693; ESTC R20046 64,495 126 View Text
A27239 Essayes of anatomy in which the construction of the organs and their mechanical operations are clearly explained according to the new hypotheses / by ******, Dr. in Medicine, written originally in French.; Essais d'anatomie. English Beddevole, Dominique, d. ca. 1692.; Scougall, J. 1691 (1691) Wing B1663; ESTC R4019 65,105 200 View Text
A23803 The whole duty of mourning and the great concern of preparing our selves for death, practically considered / written some years since by the author of The whole duty of man, and now published upon the sad occasion of the death of our Most Gracious Sovereign Lady Mary the II, Queen of England, &c. of blessed memory. Allestree, Richard, 1619-1681. 1695 (1695) Wing A1194; ESTC R33068 65,567 192 View Text
A75461 Anthropologie abstracted: or The idea of humane nature reflected in briefe philosophicall, and anatomicall collections. 1655 (1655) Wing A3483; Thomason E1589_2; ESTC R8560 65,588 195 View Text
A01446 The historie of life and death With observations naturall and experimentall for the prolonging of life. Written by the Right Honorable Francis Lord Verulam, Viscount S. Alban.; Historia vitae et mortis. English Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626.; Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626. Instauratio magna. 1638 (1638) STC 1157; ESTC S100504 65,663 335 View Text
A08912 The method of curing vvounds made by gun-shot Also by arrowes and darts, with their accidents. Written by Ambrose Parie of Laual, counsellor and chiefe chirurgean to the French King. Faithfully done into English out of the French copie, by Walter Hamond chirurgean.; Methode de traicter les playes faictes par hacquebutes et aultres bastons à feu. English Paré, Ambroise, 1510?-1590.; Hamond, Walter, fl. 1643. 1617 (1617) STC 19191; ESTC S100857 68,060 147 View Text
B00812 A dialogue philosophicall. Wherein natures secret closet is opened, and the cause of all motion in nature shewed ovt of matter and forme, tending to mount mans minde from nature to supernaturall and celestial promotion: and how all things exist in the number of three. : Together with the wittie inuention of an artificiall perpetuall motion, presented to the kings most excellent maiestie. / All which are discoursed betweene two speakers, Philadelph, and Theophrast, brought together by Thomas Tymme, professour of diuinitie.. Tymme, Thomas, d. 1620. 1612 (1612) STC 24416; ESTC S95612 68,496 81 View Text
A40634 VVords to give to the young-man knowledg and discretion, or, The law of kindness in the tongue of a father to his son by Francis Fuller ... Fuller, Francis, 1637?-1701. 1685 (1685) Wing F2389; ESTC R7286 71,878 224 View Text
A34775 A treatise of jealousie, or, Means to preserve peace in marriage wherein is treated of I. The nature and effects of jealousie, which for the most part is the fatal cause of discontents between man and wife, II. And because jealousy is a passion, it's therefore occasionally discoursed of passions in general ... III. The reciprocal duties of man and wife ... / written in French, and faithfully translated.; Traité de la jalousie. English Courtin, Antoine de, 1622-1685. 1684 (1684) Wing C6606; ESTC R40897 75,205 185 View Text
A30653 The history of Eriander composed by John Burton. Burton, John, 1629 or 30-1699. 1661 (1661) Wing B6180; ESTC R2615 75,262 220 View Text
A14665 The optick glasse of humors. Or The touchstone of a golden temperature, or the Philosophers stone to make a golden temper wherein the foure complections sanguine, cholericke, phlegmaticke, melancholicke are succinctly painted forth, and their externall intimates laide open to the purblind eye of ignorance it selfe, by which euery one may iudge of what complection he is, and answerably learne what is most sutable to his nature. Lately pend by T.W. Master of Artes. Walkington, Thomas, d. 1621. 1607 (1607) STC 24967; ESTC S119414 78,133 198 View Text
A57224 The English orator, or, Rhetorical descants by way of declamation upon some notable themes both historical and philosophical in two parts. W. R. (William Richards), 1643-1705. 1680 (1680) Wing R1375A; ESTC R22197 79,037 202 View Text
A25813 Aristotle's master-piece, or, The secrets of generation displayed in all the parts thereof ... very necessary for all midwives, nurses, and young-married women. Aristotle, pseud. 1694 (1694) Wing A3689A; ESTC R27655 79,101 194 View Text
A63127 Christian chymistrie extracting the honey of instruction from variety of objects. Being an handfull of observations historicall, occasionall, and out of scripture. With applications theologicall and morall. By Caleb Trenchfield, sometime minister of the church at Chipsted in Surrey. Trenchfield, Caleb, 1624 or 5-1671. 1662 (1662) Wing T2121; ESTC R219723 79,230 213 View Text
A74704 To pneuma ksopyrén, or Sparkes of the spirit, being, motives to sacred theorems, and divine meditations. / By a reverend father of the Church of England. Davies, Athanasius, b. 1620 or 21. 1658 (1658) Thomason E1903_1; ESTC R209994 79,302 390 View Text
A78218 [Baʻal-samz] or, Soveraigne balsome, gently applied in a few weighty considerations (by way of quærie) for healing the distempers of such professors of religion as Satan hath wounded and drawn aside (under the notion of living in God) to the utter renouncing and casting off the use of divine ordinances, and Gospel-institutions of worship. With an apendix by way of postscript to such professors, wherein the most principall grounds upon which they build their practise, are fully answered and removed. And a catalogue of the errors that many of them hold since they left the ordinances, discovered. As also a true relation of Gods extraordinary working upon one of this way very lately in Plimouth, to the sight of his error, for the good of others published. / By Will. Bartlet, an unworthy minister of the Gospel, and lecturer at Bytheford in Devonshire. Bartlet, William, 1609 or 10-1682.; M. P. 1649 (1649) Wing B987; Thomason E549_19; ESTC R209139 79,502 81 View Text
A35721 Hydrologia philosophica, or, An account of Ilmington waters in Warwick-shire with directions for the drinking of the same : together with some experimental observations touching the original of compound bodies / by Sam. Derham ... Derham, Samuel, 1655-1689. 1685 (1685) Wing D1098; ESTC R13324 80,234 190 View Text
A39251 The folly of atheism demonstrated to the capacity of the most unlearned reader by Clement Elis ... Ellis, Clement, 1630-1700. 1692 (1692) Wing E555; ESTC R17534 80,333 176 View Text
A53044 The description of a new world, called the blazing-world written by the thrice noble, illustrious, and excellent princesse, the Duchess of Newcastle. Newcastle, Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of, 1624?-1674.; Newcastle, William Cavendish, Duke of, 1592-1676. 1668 (1668) Wing N850; ESTC R13228 80,921 168 View Text
A57274 The anatomy of the brain containing its mechanism and physiology : together with some new discoveries and corrections of ancient and modern authors upon that subject : to which is annex'd a particular account of animal functions and muscular motion : the whole illustrated with elegant sculptures after the life by H. Ridley ... Ridley, Humphrey, 1653-1708. 1695 (1695) Wing R1449; ESTC R2833 81,965 255 View Text
A85498 The saints hony-comb, full of divine truths, touching both Christian belief, and a Christians life, in two centuries. By Richard Gove. Gove, R. (Richard), 1587-1668. 1652 (1652) Wing G1454; Thomason E1313_1; ESTC R202241 83,389 226 View Text
A43108 Anthropōlogia, or, A philosophic discourse concerning man being the anatomy both of his soul and body : wherein the nature, origin, union, immaterality, immortality, extension, and faculties of the one and the parts, humours, temperaments, complexions, functions, sexes, and ages respecting the other are concisely delineated / by S.H. Haworth, Samuel, fl. 1683. 1680 (1680) Wing H1190; ESTC R28065 83,471 253 View Text
A81352 The passions of the soule in three books the first, treating of the passions in generall, and occasionally of the whole nature of man. The second, of the number, and order of the passions, and the explication of the six primitive ones. The third, of particular passions. By R. des Cartes. And translated out of French into English.; Passions de l'âme. English Descartes, René, 1596-1650. 1650 (1650) Wing D1134; Thomason E1347_2; ESTC R209232 83,475 203 View Text
A26782 Considerations of the existence of God and of the immortality of the soul, with the recompences of the future state for the cure of infidelity, the hectick evil of the times / by William Bates ... Bates, William, 1625-1699. 1676 (1676) Wing B1101; ESTC R10741 84,039 330 View Text
A75579 Aristotle's master-piece compleated in two parts: the first containing the secrets of generation, in all the parts thereof. Treating, of the benefit of marriage, and the prejudice of unequal matches, signs of insufficiency in men or women; of the infusion of the soul; of the likeness of children to parents; of monstrous births; the cause and cure of the green-sickness: a discourse of virginity. Directions and cautions for mid-wives. Of the organs of generation in women, and the fabrick of the womb. The use and action of the genitals. Signs of conception, and whether of a male or female. With a word of advice to both sexes in the act of copulation. And the pictures of several monstrous births, &c. The second part, being a private looking-glass for the female sex. Treating of the various maladies of the womb; and of all other distempers incident to women of all ages, with proper remedies for the cure of each. The whole being more correct, than any thing of this kind hitherto published.; Aristotle's Masterpiece. Aristotle, attributed name.; Salmon, William, 1644-1713. 1697 (1697) Wing A3697kA; ESTC R230121 84,412 197 View Text
A31747 New experiments upon vipers containing also an exact description of all the parts of a viper, the seat of its poyson, and the several effects thereof, together with the exquisite remedies, that by the skilful may be drawn from vipers, as well for the cure of their bitings, as for that of other maladies / originally written in French by M. Charas of Paris ; now rendred English.; Nouvelles expériences sur la vipère. English Charas, Moyse, 1619-1698. 1670 (1670) Wing C2037; ESTC R11562 84,923 245 View Text
A62438 Ortho-methodoz itro-chymikē: or the direct method of curing chymically Wherein is conteined [sic] the original matter, and principal agent of all natural bodies. Also the efficient and material cause of diseases in general. Their therapeutick way and means. I. Diætetical, by rectifying eating, drinking, &c. II. Pharmaceutick. 1. By encreasing and supporting the vital spirits. 2. By pacifying and indulging them. 3. By defacing or blotting out the idea of diseases by proper specificks. Lastly, by removing the extimulating or occasional cause of maladies. To which is added, The art of midwifery chymically asserted. The character of an ortho-cymist, and pseudochymist. A description of the sanative virtues of our stomach-essence. Also, giawo-mempsiz: or a just complaint of the method of the Galenists. By George Thomson, M.D. Thomson, George, 17th cent. 1675 (1675) Wing T1029; ESTC R222195 87,128 216 View Text
A29782 Nature's cabinet unlock'd wherein is discovered the natural causes of metals, stones, precious earths, juyces, humors, and spirits, the nature of plants in general, their affections, parts, and kinds in particular : together with a description of the individual parts and species of all animate bodies ... : with a compendious anatomy of the body of man, as also the manner of his formation in the womb / by Tho. Browne ... Browne, Thomas, Sir, 1605-1682. 1657 (1657) Wing B5065; ESTC R16043 87,410 340 View Text
A77712 Vade mecum or, a companion for a chyrurgion: fitted for times of peace or war. Compendiously shewing the yong artist the use of every severall instrument belonging to a chyrurgion; and the vertues and qualities of all such medicines as are needfull and necessary, with the maner of compounding them, according to the most approved authors. As also the perfect cure of green wounds, either incised or contused, ulcers, fistulaes, fractures, and dislocations. To which is added the maner of making reports before a judge of assize, of any one that hath come to an untimely end. By Tho. Brugis Doctor in Physick. Brugis, Thomas, fl. 1640?; Cross, Thomas, fl. 1632-1682, engraver. 1651 (1651) Wing B5225; Thomason E1357_2; ESTC R209491 89,747 252 View Text
A25287 The sick-mans rare jewel wherein is discovered a speedy way how every man may recover lost health, and prolong life, how he may know what disease he hath, and how he himself may apply proper remedies to every disease, with the description, definition, signs and syptoms [sic] of those diseases. (Viz.) The scurvy, leues venerea, gonorrhea, dropsies, catarrhs, chollick, gouts, madness, frensies of all sorts, fever, jaundise, consumptions, ptisick, swoundings, histerick passions, pleurisies, cachexia's, worms, vapours, hypochondriack melancholly, stone, strangury, with the whole troop of diseases most afflicting the bodies of men, women and children; with a supply of suitable medicines; ... a piece profitable for every person and family, and all that travel by sea or land. By B.A. A. B. 1674 (1674) Wing A2B; ESTC R222542 90,076 270 View Text
A31225 The chymical Galenist a treatise, wherein the practise of the ancients is reconcild́ to the new discoveries in the theory of physick, shewing that many of their rules, methods, and medicins, are useful for by George Castle ... Castle, George, 1635?-1673. 1667 (1667) Wing C1233; ESTC R21752 90,129 232 View Text
A18995 The flower of phisicke VVherein is perfectlie comprehended a true introduction and method for mans assured health: with three bookes of philosophie for the due temperature of mans life. In which easily may be perceiued the high & wonderfull workes of God in the gouernance of all thinges. Written by W.C. as a glasse of true knowledge for the better direction of al willing [et] vertuous practitioners. Clever, William, writer on physic. 1590 (1590) STC 5412; ESTC S105107 90,568 134 View Text
A04032 The secrets of numbers according to theologicall, arithmeticall, geometricall and harmonicall computation. Drawne, for the better part, out of those ancients, as well neoteriques. ... By William Ingpen, Gent. Ingpen, William. 1624 (1624) STC 14089; ESTC S107425 91,591 122 View Text
A14264 Enchiridion medicum containing an epitome of the whole course of physicke: with the examination of a chirurgion, by way of dialogue betweene the doctor and the students. With a treatise contaning a definition of all those difenses that do chiefly affect the body of a man, and an antidotary of many excelllent and approued remedies for all diseases. Published for the benefit of young students in physicke, chirurgian, and apothecaries. Pomarius, Petrus.; Hobbes, Stephen. 1609 (1609) STC 24577; ESTC S101306 91,960 299 View Text
A67812 Medicaster medicatus, or, A remedy for the itch of scribling. The first part written by a country practitioner in a letter to one of the town, and by him prefaced and published for cure of John Brown, one of His late Majesties ordinary chyrurgeons, containing an account of that vain plagiary and remarks on his several writings : wherein his many thefts, contradictions, absurdities gross errors, ignorance, and mistakes are displayed and divers vulgar errors in cyrurgery and anatomy refuted / by James Young. Yonge, James, 1647-1721. 1685 (1685) Wing Y40; ESTC R27595 92,013 244 View Text
A03479 A needefull, new, and necessarie treatise of chyrurgerie briefly comprehending the generall and particuler curation of vlcers, drawen foorth of sundrie worthy wryters, but especially of Antonius Calmeteus Vergesatus, and Ioannes Tagaltius, by Iohn Banister ... Hereunto is anexed certaine experiments of mine ovvne inuention, truely tried, and daily of me practised. Banister, John, 1540-1610. 1575 (1575) STC 1360; ESTC S100786 92,466 324 View Text
A46233 An history of the constancy of nature wherein by comparing the latter age with the former, it is maintained that the world doth not decay universally in respect of it self, or the heavens, elements, mixt bodies, meteors, minerals, plants, animals, nor man in his age, stature, strength, or faculties of his minde, as relating to all arts and science / by John Jonston of Poland.; Naturae constantia. English Jonstonus, Joannes, 1603-1675.; Rowland, John, M.D. 1657 (1657) Wing J1016; ESTC R11015 93,469 200 View Text
A55584 Experimental philosophy, in three books containing new experiments microscopical, mercurial, magnetical : with some deductions, and probable hypotheses, raised from them, in avouchment and illustration of the now famous atomical hypothesis / by Henry Power ... Power, Henry, 1623-1668. 1664 (1664) Wing P3099; ESTC R19395 93,498 218 View Text
A10510 The manuall of the anatomy or dissection of the body of man containing the enumeration, and description of the parts of the same, which usually are shewed in the publike anatomicall exercises. Enlarged and more methodically digested into 6. books. By Alexander Read, Doctor of Physick, a fellow of the Physitians College of London, and a brother of the Worshipfull Company of the Barber-Chirurgeons. Read, Alexander, 1586?-1641.; Marshall, William, fl. 1617-1650, engraver.; Read, Alexander, 1586?-1641. Treatise of all the muscles of the whole bodie. aut 1638 (1638) STC 20784; ESTC S115657 94,096 597 View Text
A43420 Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus his Divine pymander in seventeen books : together with his second book called Asclepius, containing fifteen chapters with a commentary / translated formerly out of the Arabick into Greek, and thence into Latine, and Dutch, and now out of the original into English by Dr. Everard.; Poemander. English. 1657 Hermes, Trismegistus.; Everard, John, 1575?-1650?; Hermes, Trismegistus. Hermes Trismegistus his second book called Asclepius. 1657 (1657) Wing H1566; ESTC R25427 94,120 396 View Text
A57730 The gentlemans companion, or, A character of true nobility and gentility in the way of essay / by a person of quality ... Ramesey, William, 1627-1675 or 6. 1672 (1672) Wing R206; ESTC R21320 94,433 290 View Text
A59161 Natural history of the passions Charleton, Walter, 1619-1707.; Senault, Jean-François, 1601-1672. De l'usage des passions. 1674 (1674) Wing S2501; ESTC R17216 95,333 238 View Text
B06713 Reflections upon ancient and modern learning. The second part, With a dissertation upon the epistles of Phalaris, Themistocles, Socrates, Euripides; &c. and fables of Æsop. / By Richard Bentley, D.D. ... These additions compleat the want of the former eddition. Wotton, William, 1666-1727.; Bentley, Richard, d. 1697. Dissertation upon the epistles of Phalaris, Themistocles, Socrates, Euripides; &c. and fables of Æsop. 1698 (1698) Wing W3660; ESTC R186882 95,995 214 View Text
A48172 A Letter to a friend in the country concerning the use of instrumental musick in the worship of God in answer to Mr. Newte's sermon preach'd at Tiverton in Devon on the occasion of an organ being erected in that parish-church. Newte, John, 1655?-1716. Lawfulness and use of organs in the Christian Church. 1698 (1698) Wing L1650; ESTC R24003 96,894 98 View Text
A34839 Myotomia reformata, or, A new administration of all the muscles of humane bodies wherein the true uses of the muscles are explained, the errors of former anatomists concerning them confuted, and several muscles not hitherto taken notice of described : to which are subjoin'd a graphical description of the bones, and other anatomical observations : illustrated with figures after the life / by William Cowper, Surgeon. Cowper, William, 1666-1709. 1694 (1694) Wing C6700; ESTC R28571 97,302 335 View Text