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B06226 A true copy of a letter, from the justices of the Kingdom of Ireland, to the Privy Council of Scotland. Cuningsbey, Thomas, fl. 1691.; Porter, Charles, Sir, d. 1696. 1691 (1691) Wing T2615A; ESTC R185627 3,979 10

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loss till at last recovering the firm part of the Bogg our Men formed a Line and some of them advanced under the Walls of the Castle and lodged themselves in a dry Ditch though the Enemy poured Volleys of their small Shot upon them the rest of that Brigade with great bravery attackt their Ditches and pressed so far upon the Enemy beyond what they ought to have done unless they had been supported with Horse that they were forced back to the Bogg but when they were re-inforced by our Horse who charged through the Enemy with Sword in hand as did also our Horse on the left Wing they drove the Enemy to the top of the Hill where their Horse and Foot mixed with ours but after a short dispute we totally routed them and beat their Horse out of the Field who never drew B●●t for 7 miles leaving their Foot to be cut in pieces They began to run as it grew duskish and our men pursued them about 4 miles Their Foot were entirely broke and those who ran away after their usual manner threw away their Arms Aghrim Castle being taken many there in were put to the Sword and Colonel Bourke his Major 11 Officers and 40 private men were taken Prisoners Our General shewed extraordinary Conduct Diligence and Bravery throughout this whole Action Our Officers behaved themselves with great Resolution and so did the Private Soldiers who were not in the least daunted notwithstanding all the advantages which the Enemy had over them in number in their strong Entrenchments or in the difficulty of attacking them In short never did Army fight better nor can we find Actions fitter to compare with this than those of their own former performance viz. the forcing of the Boyne and Shannon Our loss considering the greatness of the Action was not very much having but 62 killed among whom were Major-General Holstaple Colonel Herbert Colonel Mongatts Major Deverish Major Pettit Major Colt Major Cornwall and Major Fox with several Captains and Subalterns and about 950 wounded 4 parts of 5 whereof will be easily cured and soon fit for Service In this Action we took from the Enemy 11 Standards 32 Colours all their Cannon Ammunition Tents and Baggage We killed also of the Enemy about 7000 and took about 450 Prisoners The Principal of those killed and taken Prisoners are as followeth viz. PRISONERS General and Field-Officers Twenty Four viz. Lord Duleek Lord Slaine Lord Buffin Sir Nicolas Brown commonly called Lord Killmare Major General Dorrington Maj. Gen. John Hamilton Brigadier Tuite Coll. Walter Bourke Coll. Gorden O Neal. Coll. Butler of Kil●●sh Coll O Conaell Lieut Col. Edmund Madden Lieutenant Collonel John Chapell Lieutenant Collonel John Butler Lieut. Coll. Magennis L●eut Coll. Rossiter Lieut. Coll. Maguirt Major Patrick Lawless Major Kelly Major Grace Major William Bourke Major Edmond Butler Major Edmond Broghall Major John Hewson Captains Twenty-Six viz. Walier Byrne Walter Bourke Hagan Charles Mac Carty Comyn Mac Donagh C●imon Bellew Fitz Patrick Blanshfield Peter Anthony James Garvan Thomas Plunket Huhbert Dillon John Minnis Shea. Tearn Darby Grady Miles Burke John Gould James Bater Heugh Mac Dormot Walter Blake Walter Boukre William Mac Evoy Bryan Morphy Lieutenants twenty four viz. Henry O Neal. Thomas Walter Edmond Brenan Mac Carty Purcel Murphy Mac Manus Rafter Mac Mahon Daffy Halluly Quirke Tobyn Devy Walsh Walcott Butler Cahan Bourke Barry Mac Loghlin Cantlin Dunn Brody Cornets five Ensigns twenty three Quarter-masters four viz. CORNETS Edward Neile Terenee Neile Daulton Jourdan Quin. ENSIGNS Ward Fitz Patrick Moore Mac Loghlin Lavallin Paine Freeman Stretch Verdon Aylmer Mac Loghlin Lincy Shane Archdeacon Meagher Bourke Bourke Kelly Mac Evoy Daniel Fleming Daly Loghlin QUARTER-MASTERS Byrne Higgin Mac Gwire Bigly Wholan Adjutant General and Field Officers 24 Captains 26 Lieutenants 24 Ensigns 23 Cornets 5 Quarter-Masters 4 Adjutant 1   Officers Prisoners 107   Privste Soldiers about 300   KILLED Lord Killmallock Lord Galway Brigdier Connell Brig Will. Mansfield Barker Brig Hen Mac John O Neal. Coll. Walter Nugent Coll. Charles Moore his Lieutenant Collonel and Major Coll. David Bourke Coll. Ulick Bourke Coll. Cohannaught Mac Guire Coll. O Gara Coll Arthur Coll. Felix O Neil Coll. Mahowny Coll. Cormack O Neil Lieut Coll. Morgan Major Purcell Major O Donnel Sir John Evirard Besides a great Number of Captains and Subaltern Officers Brigadier Talbor AND Sir Morice Eustace Both desperately Wounded but made their Escape to Limmerick And 't is generally reported the French General St. Ruth was killed by a Great Shot Printed at Dublin and Re-printed at Edinburgh by the Heir of Andrew Anderson Printer to their most excellent Majesties Anno DOM. 1691.