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A82197 A declaration of the nobility, knights & gentry of the County of Oxon which have adhered to the late King Lindsey, Montague Bertie, Earl of, 1608?-1666. 1660 (1660) Wing D721; Thomason 669.f.25[2]; ESTC R211880 939 1

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A DECLARATION of the NOBILITY KNIGHTS GENTRY OF THE COUNTY of OXON Which have adhered to the late KING SInce after a bloody War followed by its worst Effects Confusion Violence and Phanatick Fury It hath pleased Almighty God by unexpected Methods to bring us not only within hope but even in view of Settlement And that his Excellency the Lord General Monck the Glorious and Immediate Instrument of Providence in this great work through his Heroick Courage Conduct and Moderation hath brought Affairs to that pass that there is scarce any thing left for other hands but to lay hold of and receive their Happiness And unless we had bin mis-represented as Bars to this Felicity by false Apprehensions we should not at this Instant have appeared in publick So that the Enemies of this Nations Peace traducing us as Persons Implacable and studious of Revenge have at once laid an Obligation upon us to vindicate our selves by renouncing so unworthy a Suggestion and an Opportunity of serving the publick by removing those Pretensions for Diffidence and Jealousie which as things now stand are the only Hinderance of that perfect Union which cannot fail to bring the Nation to a Happy Settlement Upon which Ground we have thought it fitting to declare that we do disclaim and with perfect detestation disown all purpose of Revenge or partial Remembrance of things past Likewise we desire that in whatever any of us have dis-oblig'd either the Publick or any Private Person we may partake from them that Oblivion which we so readily dispense Moreover we promise and ingage to acquiesce in the Determinations of ensuing Parliaments resolving in our several Stations to compose our selves thereunto with Chearful Vigorous Obedience Lastly we are Resolved perfectly to forget all Names of Difference excepting those which the more Active Endeavours of Charity and Peace shall give unto us who have this Strife alone to manage the Being out-done by none in Friendship Love and Condescention Subscribed by Earl of Lyndsey Earl of Downe Lord John Lovelace Sir Bainard Throgmorton Knt and Baronet Thomas Pope Baronet William Walter Baronet Sir Chichester Wrey Knight Sir Timothy Tyrril Knight Samuel Sandys Esquire Brome Whorwood Esquire Thomas Whorwood Esquire Capt. William Whorwood Coll. Francis Lovelace Capt. Henry Heylyn William Sheappard Major Francis Moore Capt. John Peacocke Peter Langston Francis Langston Esquire William Walbanck Esquire Capt. William Gannocke Richard Baily D. D. Richard Gardiner D. D. Thomas James Gent. H. H. Corney Gent. Richard Powell Esquire William Hopton Gent. Capt. James Aston Samuel Jackson M. D. John Fell M. A. John Machin Gent. Thomas Lodge Gent. John Lamphire M. D. Capt. John Smith William Wickham Esquire William Knoweles Esquire John Dolben Gent. John Parsons Gent. Capt. Walter Jones LONDON Printed for Tho. Bassen in St Dunstans Church-yard 1660.