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A61091 The history and fate of sacrilege discover'd by examples of scripture, of heathens, and of Christians; from the beginning of the world continually to this day / by Sir Henry Spelman ... Spelman, Henry, Sir, 1564?-1641. 1698 (1698) Wing S4927; ESTC R16984 116,597 303

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issue Robert restor'd 1. Jacobi 10. Powis Edward Grey of Northumberland Lord Powis Son of John Grey Lord Powis married Anne the base Daughter of Charles Brandon Duke of Suffolk and died without issue and his Family extinct 11. Clinton Edw. Lord Clinton whose Father died 9 Hen. 8. was made Earl of Lincoln 14 Eliz. and died 27th Eliz. and had Issue Henry Earl of Lincoln who had Issue Thomas Earl of Lincoln Father of Theophilus now Earl 12. Scroope John Lord Scroope of Bolton Son of Henry Lord Scroope of Bolton which John in Henry 8's time married the Daughter of the Earl of Cumberland had Issue Henry Lord Scroope who died 1592 and had Issue Thomas Lord Scroope who died 1609 who had Issue Emanuel Lord Scroope Earl of Sunderland that died without lawful Issue and both Barony and Earldom extinct 13. William Sturton had Issue Charles Lord Sturton who for murthering Mr. Argile and his Son was hang'd at Sal●sbury 6. March 1565. He had Issue John Lord Sturton S. P. and Edw. now Lord Sturton 14. Latimer John Nevil Lord Latimer lived 23 Hen. 8. and had Issue John Nevil Lord Latimer who died 1577 19 Eliz. without Issue Male and his Family and Barony extinct notwithstanding his four Daughters 15. Montjoy Charles Blunt Lord Montjoy who succeed his Father William Blunt Lord Montjoy and died 38 Henry 8. had Issue James Lord Montjoy who died 1581 had Issue William Lord Montjoy S. P. 1594 and Charles made Earl of Devon 1603 and died 1606 without lawful Issue so the Family and Barony was extinct but for a base Son of his Montjoy Blunt was created Lord Montjoy 3 Jacobi and afterwards Earl of Newport Anno 4. 16. Lumley John Lord Lumley marry'd Jane the eldest Daughter and Co-heir of Henry Fitz-Alam the last Earl of Arundel of that name and had by her Charles Thomas and Mary who died all without Issue so his line was extinct 17. Montegle Sir Edward Stanley created Lord Montegle 6 Henry 8. had Issue Thomas Stanley Lord Montegle who married Mary Daughter of Charles Brandon Duke of Suffolk and had issue William Stanley Lord Montegle who died without issue Male and his Barony extinct till King James Anno 1. conferr'd it on William Parker after Lord Morley for revealing the Gunpowder-Treason having married Elizabeth Daughter and sole Heir of the aforesaid William 18. Windsor Andrew Windsor made 21 Henry 8. and died 33 and had issue William Lord Windsor q. ob 1558 who had issue Edward Lord Windsor who died 1575 who had Fredrick Lord Windsor who died Sept. 28 Eliz. and Henry Lord Windsor who died 1605 who had issue Thomas now Lord Windsor yet without issue 19. Wentworth Thomas Lord Wentworth made 21 Henry 8. had issue Thomas Lord Wentworth who died 1590 who had issue William Wentworth who died 1582 S. P. and Henry Lord Wentworth who died 1593 who had issue Thomas Lord Wentworth created Earl of Cleveland 1 Caroli and had issue Thomas his Son and Heir apparent 20. Burrough Thomas Lord Burrough had issue Edward that married Qu. Catherine now S. P. William who had issue Henry eldest Son slain by Sir Tho. Holcroft near Kingston Anno 1578 and Thomas Lord Burrough Deputy of Ireland and Sir John Burrough slain by Sir John Gilbert 1594. Thomas Lord Burrough had Issue Robert Lord Burrough that died a Child without issue 1601 and the Barony extinct The first Thomas had issue besides Edward and William Sir Thomas Burrough S. P. and Henry Father of Nicholas who had issue Sir John Burrough ut creditur slain at Rees 21. Bray Sir Edmund made Baron 21 Hen. 8. and had issue John Lord Bray died without issue and so the Barony and Line extinct but he had six Sisters 22. Walter Hungerford made Baron of Hatsbury 28 Hen. 8. was beheaded for Buggery and his Barony extinct yet he had issue Sir Walter Hungerford Knight who died without issue Male and so this Family extinct 23. St. John William Paulet was created Lord St. John of Basing 30 Hen. 8. and made Earl of Wiltshire 3 Edward 6. and 5 Edward 6. Marquess of Winchester who had issue John Marquess who had issue William Marquess who had issue William Marquess Father of William Lord St. John that died S. P. and of John now Marquess 24. Sir John Russel was made Baron 30 Hen. 8. and Earl of Bedford 3 Edw. 6. he had Woburn Abby for his Dwelling-house with the Church turned to a strange use even the Stable he had Francis the second Earl of Bedford his sole issue who had four Sons and three Daughters 1. Edmund Lord Russel died without issue 2. John Lord Russel died without issue Male. 3. Francis Lord Russel treacherously slain by the Scots in time of Truce but left two Sons who died without issue Edward the 4th Earl of Bedford and then Sir William 4th Son of the first Francis was by King James made Lord Russel of Thornhaugh whose Son Francis is now the 5th Earl and long may he live and prosper 25. William Parr made Baron Parr of Kendall 9. March 30 H. 8. after Earl of Essex and lastly Marquess Nortston had three Wives was divorced from his first and died without issue York 186. Leonard Lord Gray Lord Lieutenant of Ireland holdeth a Parliament in Ireland 1. Maii 28 Hen. 8. at Dublin wherein he passeth an Act for the suppressing of Abbies Chron. of Ireland pag. 100. In the 32 of the King he is called home and sent to the Tower and in the 25th of June 33 he was to be arraigned in the King's Bench at Westminster and to be try'd by a Jury of Knights being no Lord of Parliament but confessing the Indictment had his Judgment and was beheaded at Tower-Hill the third Day following a Man of singular Valour that had formerly serv'd his Prince and Country most honourably in France and Ireland Stow 32 Hen. 8. and 33. Now I labour in observing the Particulars seeing the whole body of the Baronage is since that fallen so much from their ancient lustre magnitude and estimation I that about 50 Years agoe did behold with what great respect observance and distance principal Men of Countries apply'd themselves to some of the meanest Barons and so with what familiarity inferiour Gentlemen often do accost many of these of our times cannot but wonder either at the Declination of the one or at the Arrogance of the other but I remember what an eminent Divine once said in a Sermon he compared Honour among Dignities to Gold the heaviest and most precious Metal but Gold saith he may be beaten so thin as the very Breath will blow it away so Honour may be dispers'd so popularly that the Reputation of it will be pretermitted To say what I observe herein as the Nobility spoiled God of his Honour by putting those things from him and communicating them to lazy and vulgar Persons so God to requite them hath taken the ancient Honours of Nobility and communicating them to
Barkenham a Miller who sold it to Mr. John Rivett now living The Augustine Friars came from Eyer to one Shavington a Bastard who died without Issue and by his Will gave it to one Waters other than the former and to the Heirs of his Body This Waters died without Issue whereupon the Augustine Friars was to revert to his Heir but having none because he was a Bastard great Suit ensued about it But John Ditefield being then in Possession of it left it by Descent as it seemeth to his Son John Ditefield who gave it in Marriage with Thomasin his sister to Christopher Pickering brother of the then Lord Keeper and he then recovered it in Chancery and sold it to John Lease John Lease pulling down the Buildings selleth first the Stones and then dividing the Ground into divers Garden-rooms sold the same to divers Persons The Cell of Priests was near the Guild-hall and the Prior's House was somewhat remote from it by St. Margaret's Church The College was sometime Mr. Houghton's after Parker's then Ball 's lately Sendall's and now Hargott's all of them save Hargott are extinct and gone and Mr. Hargott is on the declining Hand the Site of the Prior's House was lately consecrated and annexed to St. Margaret's Church-yard for a Burying-place Shouldham-Abbey Sir Francis Gaudy of the Justices of the King's Bench was owner of it he married the Daughter and Heir of Christopher Cunningsby Lord of the Manour of Wallington and having this Manour and other Lands in right of his Wife induced her to acknowledge a Fine thereof which done she became a distracted Woman and continued so to the day of her Death and was to him for many Years a perpetual affliction He had by her his only Daughter and Heir Eliz. married to Sir William Hatton who died without Issue-Male leaving also a Daughter and Heir who being brought up with her Grandfather the Judge was secretly married against his Will to Sir Robert Rich now Earl of Warwick The Judge shortly after being made chief Justice of the Common-pleas at a dear Rate as was reported was suddenly stricken with an Apoplexy or double Palsie and so to his great loss died without Issue-Male e'er he had continued in his Place one whole Michaelmas Term and having made his appropriate Parish-Church a Hay-house or a Dog-kennel his dead Corps being brought from London unto Walling could for many days find no Place of Burial but in the mean time growing very offensive by the Contagious and ill Savours that issued through the Chinks of Lead not well soder'd he was at last carry'd to a poor Church of a little Village there by called Runcto and buried there without any Ceremony lieth yet uncovered if the Visitors have not reformed it with so small a Matter as a few paving Stones Sir Robert Rich now Earl of Warwick succeeded in the Inheritance by his Wife of this Abby with the Impropriation and his great Possessions amounting by Estimation to 5000 l. a Year and hath already sold the greatest part of them together with this Abbey and Impropriation unto the Family of Mr. Nich. Hare the Judge's Neighbour and chiefest Adversary For among divers other goodly Manours that Sir John Hare hath purchased of him or his Feoffees he hath also bought this Abbey of Shouldham and the Impropriation there with the Manour belonging to the Abbey valued together at 600 l. yearly Rent Binham-Priory Binham Priory a Cell of St. Albans was granted by King Henry 8. to Sir Thomas Paston he left it to Mr. Edward Paston his Son and Heir who living above 80 Years continued the Possession of it till Caroli R. and having buried ... his Son and Heir apparent left it then unto his Grandchild Mr. Paston the third Owner of it and thereby now in the Wardship to the King Mr. Edward Paston many Years since was desirous to build a Mansion-house upon or near the Priory and attempting for that purpose to clear some of that Ground a Piece of Wall fell upon a Workman and slew him perplexed with this Accident in the beginning of this Business he gave it wholly over and would by no means all his Life after be perswaded to re-attempt it but built his Mansion-house a very fair one at Appleton Castle-Acre-Abbey Sir Tho. Cecil Earl of Exeter was owner of it and of the impropriate Personage here he had Issue Sir William Cecil Earl Exeter who married Eliz. the Daughter and Heir of Edw. Earl of Rutland and had Issue by her dying as I take it in Child-bed his only Son William Lord Rosse This William Lord Rosse married Anne the Daughter of Sir Tho. Lake and they living together in extreme Discord many infamous Actions issued thereupon and finally a great Suit in the Star-Chamber to the high Dishonour of themselves and their Parents In this Affliction the Lord Rosse dyeth without Issue and the Eldest Male-line of his Grandfather's House is extinguished Sir Richard Cecil was second Son of Sir Thomas Cecil Earl of Exeter and had Issue David who married Eliz. the Daughter of John Earl of Bridgewater and is now in expectation to be Earl of Exeter His third Son was Sir Edw. Cecil Knight his 4th and 5th Tho. Cecil and Christopher drowned in Germany Sir Tho. the Grandfather Earl of Exeter made a Lease of this Monastery and Impropriation to one Paine as I take it by whose Widow the same came in Marriage to Mr. Humfrey Guibon Sheriff of Norfolk Anno 38. Eliz. whose Grand-child and Heir Tho. Guibon consumed his whole Inheritance and lying long in the Fleet either died there a Prisoner or shortly after Sir Edw. Coke Lord Chief Justice married for his second Wife the Lady Eliz. Hatton one of the Daughters of the said Earl Tho. and afterwards bought the Castle of Acre with this Monastery and Impropriation of his Brother-in-Law Earl William Son of Earl Thomas since which time he hath felt abundantly the Change of Fortune as we have partly touched in Flitcham-Abbey West-Acre-Abbey This also belonged to Sir Tho. Cecil of whom we have now spoken he sold both it and the Impropriation of West Acre to Sir Horatio Palvicini an Italian that before his coming into England had dipt his Fingers very deep in the Treasure of the Church Being in his Youth in the Low-countries as his Son Edward affirmed to me he there secretly married a very mean Woman and by her had Issue him this Edward but durst never discover it to his Father as long as they lived together his Father being dead he came into England and here married a second Wife by whom he had Issue his Son Toby and for his Wive's sake disinherited him his eldest Son Edward and conferred all his Lands with the Abbey and Impropriation of West Acre to Toby and his Heirs Edward after the Death of his Father grows into contention with his Brother Toby and in a Petition to King James accuseth both his Father and his Brother for
deceiving the one of Q. Eliz. the other of K. James of a Multitude of thousand Pounds the Examination whereof was by His Majesty referr'd unto me among others and the two Brethren then agreeing among themselves the Reference was no further prosecuted But Mr. Toby Palvicini consuming his whole Estate sold the Abbey and Impropriation to Alderman Barcham and yet lieth in the Fleet for Debt if not lately at liberty Blackborough and Wrongey-Abbeys These were by granted and annexed to the See and Bishoprick of Norwich where Edmond Scaulter being made Bishop 27 Eliz. and doing as much as well he might to impoverish the Church made a Lease of most of the Manours and Lands thereof and amongst them of these two Abbies to Qu. Elizabeth for 29 Years at the lowest Rent he might which Bishop Goodwin in like cases termeth Sacrilege Queen Elizabeth assigneth this Lease to Sir Tho. he leaveth it to his Lady after the Countess of Southampton she setteth her term in these Abbies with the Mannors and Lands belonging to them to one Fisher a Skinner in London by the procurement of Wrenham her Servant Fisher entereth and enjoyeth them as undoubtedly his own Leaseth them for 21 Year to Harpley at a great encreased Rent Wrenham dieth without contradicting any thing his Son John Wrenham pretending that Fisher had the grand Lease but in trust for his Father who never paid penny for it exhibits one Bill in Chancery against Fisher another against his Son Sir Edward Fisher as having it from his Father a 3d against Harpley the Under-leaser The Lord Chancellour Egerton by an order declareth Harpley's Lease to be good who thereupon enjoy'd it quietly and dieth his Executrix setteth it to Sir Henry Spelman Wrenham exhibiteth a Bill against Sir Henry The Suits proceed to an hearing betwixt Wrenham and the Fishers The Lord Chancellour decreeth it against the Fishers and all claiming under them The Lord Chancellour Egerton gives over his place and Sir Francis Bacon placed in his room He reverseth the Decree and decreeth it back again to Sir Edward Fisher and by another Decree giveth also Sir Hen. Spelman's Lease unto him without calling or hearing Sir Henry Wrenham complaineth in a Petition to King James and taxeth the Lord Chancellour Bacon of Corruption and Injustice The King himself peruseth all the proceedings and approveth the Lord Bacon's Decree Wrenham is censured for his scandal in the Star-Chamber to loose his Ears on the Pillory c. A Parliament followeth in Jacobi both Wrenham and Sir Henry Spelman severally complain there It is found that the Lord Chancellour Bacon had for these Decrees of Sir Edw. Fisher a Suit of Hangings of eight score pounds The Lord Chancellour for this among other such crimes is deposed The Bishop of Lincoln is set in his room the Suits are again in agitation before him between Wrenham and Fisher and Sir Henry Spelman by a Petition to the King obtaineth a Review of the Proceedings against him upon which a Recompence is given him by Decree against Sir Edward Fisher. The Bishop of Lincoln is removed by King Charles and the Lord Coventry made Lord Keeper by whom the other Differences are at last compounded and the Grand Lease divided into many parcels Wrenham that raised this Tempest besides his misfortune in the Star-Chamber is never the richer by it but liveth a Projectour Sir Edward Fisher of 8000 l. as Bodon his Servant protesteth in the Suit is consumed and not to be seen of every Man Sir Henry Spelman a great loser and not beholden to Fortune yet happy in this that he is out of the Bryars but especially that hereby he first discerned the Infelicity of meddling with consecrated places Sir Tho. died without Issue Male and his Family extinct Mr. James out of whose Bowels his Father the Bishop hoped to raise a Family of note hath to this day no Issue at all Walsingham-Abby Dedicated to St. Mary Canons regular val at 446 l. 14s 4d One Sydney Governour of the Spittle there as was commonly reported when I was a Scholar at Walsingham was by the Townsmen imploy'd to have bought the Site of the Abby to the use of the Town but obtain'd and kept it to himself He had Issue Thomas and a Daughter Mother to Robin Angust the Foot-post of Walsingham Thomas by the advancement of Sir Francis Walsingham Brother to his Wife grew to great Wealth was Customer of Linne and about a miscarrige of that place was long harrowed in Law by Mr. Farmer of Basham and died leaving two Sons Thomas the eldest having the Abby c. married and died without Issue Sir Henry succeeded in the Abby c. married and died without Issue His Lady a vertuous Woman now hath it for life the remainder being given for names sake by Sir Henry to Robert Sydney the 2d Son of the Earl of Leicester Walsingham-Priory not mentioned in the Tax One Mr. Jenner was Owner of it and had Issue Thomas Francis and Bartholomew Francis a Lawyer of Gray's Inn married into Kent and was drowned in going thither by Boat Thomas the eldest had the Priory and 3 or 4 Sons and a Daughter one of his Sons or as some say two went up and down a begging His eldest he disinherited settling his Estate upon his younger Son John being my Servant who died in his Father's life Then he gave his whole Estate to his Daughter married to Bernard Vtbarr and a Daughter of hers his Grandchild with a particular Summ of Money to maintain Suit against his Son and Heir if he claimed any thing after his death Being dead his Son enter'd and got possession of the Priory but in fine with some little composition was wrested out by Vtbarr and now Vtbarr's Daughter coming to age it is to be sold by her Hempton-Abby al Takenham Dedicated to St. Mary and St. Stephen Black Canons Aug. 39 l. 9 s. If Sir Hen. Farmer had it he died without Issue Sir William Farmer had it and died without Issue-male His Brother was slain at Rising-Chase by the Rebels 2 Ed. 6. His Son Mr. Thomas Farmer had it and the Impropriation of Basham and wasting his Estate sold about 15 or 16 Mannors leaving none but his chief House Basham His eldest Son Thomas died a young Man his three Daughters unfortunate The eldest and youngest poorly married The middle to Mr. Barneys Son of Gunton who disinherited by his Father was slain by Tho. Betts his Wives Uncle of the half blood at a Marriage at Litcham Nicholas Farmer younger Brother of Thomas was attainted and pardoned for Coining and after taking a Boat to fly from the Serjeants was drowned in the Thames William 2d Son of Thomas a right honest Gentleman still hath the Impropriation and having been married about 18 Years hath only a Daughter Mr. Richard Benson bought the Abby and Mannor of Pudding Norton of Mr. Tho. Farmer consumed all and went into Wales
Mr. Gossald bought the Abby of Mr. Benson and lest it to his Wife in Jointure Mr. Henry Gossald of Ireland his Son and Heir sold the Reversion to Sir Thomas Holland and goeth into Ireland Mr. Nicholas Timperley bought it of Sir Tho. Holland Malsingham-Abby not in the Tax It was Sir Tho. Gresham's who died as was said suddenly in his Kitchin without Issue-male His Daughter and Heir was married to Sir William Read who had this Abby Sir Tho. Read his eldest Son married Mildred Daughter of Sir Tho. Cecil after Earl of Exeter and died without Issue Sir Francis Read his 2d Son an unthrift lived much in the Gaol if he died not there The Daughter of Sir William was married to Sir Michael Stanhope who died without Issue-male Jane the eldest Daughter of Sir Michael married to Sir William is out of her Wits and Sir William her Husband in sore danger of his life about the slaughter of 6 or 7 Men tumultuously kill'd at Elizabeth the younger of his Daughters and Heirs married to the Lord Barkley is out of her Wits Flitcham-Abby Sir Tho. Hollis had it and was by report at Dinner taken out of it in Execution for Debt by the Sheriff and his Goods sold whereof my Father bought some Much suit there was about it between one Payne and him or his Heir but the matter being at length reserr'd to the Duke of Norfolk he bought both their Titles He the Duke had it and was attainted and beheaded and it then came to the Crown King James gave it in Fee Farm to my Lord of Suffolk who was fined in the Star-Chamber and put out of Treasure-ship and suffer'd much Affliction by the Attainder of the Lady Francis Countess of Somerset his Daughter and of her Husband the Earl My Lord Cooke bought it of the Earl of Suffolk and bought out the Fee-Farm from King James He was put out of the place of Ch. Justice of the King's Bench fell into great Displeasure of the King and hath been laded with Afflictions proceeding chiefly from his own Wife who liveth from him in Separation His eldest Son Sir Robert having been married many Years hath yet no Issue His Daughter the Lady Vicountess of Purbeck the Fable of the Time and her Husband a Lunatick Wendling Wendling-Abby differ'd from all the rest of this Circuit for it was not dissolv'd by the Statute or by the Act of Hen. 8. but before that time by Cardinal Wolsey and was one of the 40 small Monasteries that Pope Clement the 7th gave him licence to suppress for the Erection of his 2 Colleges Christ-Church in Oxon and another at Ipswich The Cardinal employed 5 Persons especially in this business whereof one was slain by another of those his Companions that other was hanged for the Fact the third drowned himself in a Well the fourth being a Man of good Wealth in those days fell within three years after so poor that he begg'd till his Death the fifth Dr. Allen promoted to a Bishoprick in Ireland was there cruelly maimed The Cardinal himself fell out of favour with the King and Kingdom and condemned in a praemunire lost all his Offices Honours Goods and Estate and being called into further danger died for grief by the way not without suspicion of poisoning himself The Pope who gave the Licence was by the Duke of Bourbon's Army driven out of his City of Rome it cruelly sack'd and himself besieg'd in the Castle of St. Angelo taken Prisoner scorned and put to Ransom And after all this was at last as some affirm poison'd with certain of his Cardinals and Friends by the Fume of a Torch prepared for that purpose Stow in Anno Dom. Bale 18. 6. Besides all these Mr. Tho. Cromwell who then was but Servant to the Cardinal having a principal hand in the Destruction of these Monasteries given to his Master had also a principal share in this Tragedy for tho' he were after promoted to great Honours yet in the end he was thrown out of them all convicted of Treason attainted and beheaded as in other places heretofore we have more fully related Now we come nearer to and particularly to this Abbey wherein as also in others of that Nature in Corporations and Bodies Politick that are the Seminaries of the Church little attention is to be expected yet see what happened to their Tenants and Farmers profanely abusing the consecrate places thereof The Cardinal did grant it to his Coll. at Christ-Church in Oxon and to whom they first leased it I do not yet find but Mr. Tho. Hogan of Bradenham that was Sheriff of Norfolk Eliz. died in his Sheriffship and not long after him his Son Mr. Hen. Hogan leaving his Son and Heir very young who attaining near to his full Age and falling sick acknowledged a fine upon his Death-Bed to the use of his Mother the Lady Caesar that now is and his half Sisters and dying without reversing it did by that means cut off his Heirs at common Law and was the last of his Father's House in that Inheritance This begat great Suits in the Star-Chamber Chancery and Parliament it self The Lease is since come to Mr. Hamon Nor did the Colleges for which these Monasteries were suppressed by the Cardinal and which he meant to make so glorious come to good effect for that of Ipswich was pulled down and the other of Christ-Church was never finished as also neither that of King's College in Cambridge rising out of the Ruins of the Priory's Aliens Coxford Abbey al Ratha Abbey Coxford Abbey after the Dissolution came to the Duke of Norfolk who was beheaded 2d June 1572 Eliz. 14. The Queen then granted it to Edw. Earl of Oxon who wasted all his Patrimony Sir Roger Townsend then bought it who had Issue Sir Jo. Townsend and Sir Robert Townsend Sir Robert died without Issue Sir Jo. had Issue Sir Robert the Bar. and Stanhope and Ann married to Joh. Spelman he falling into a Quarrel with Sir Matthew Brown of Beach-North Castle in Surrey each of them slew other in a Duel 1 Jac. Stanhope Townsend wounded mortally by in a Duel in the Low Countries came into England and died at London Sir Roger the Bar. intending to build a goodly House at Rainham and to fetch Stone for the same from Coxford Abbey by advice of Sir Nathanael Bacon his Grandfather began to demolish the Church there which till then was standing and beginning with the Steeple the first Stone as 't is said in the fall brake a Man's Leg which somewhat amazed them yet contemning such Advertisement they proceeded in the Work and overthrowing the Steeple it fell upon a House by and breaking it down slew in it one Mr. Seller that lay lame in it of a broken Leg gotten at Foot-ball others having saved themselves by Fright and Flight Sir Roger having digged the Cellering of his new House and raised the Walls with some of the
Colrane in Ireland Sir Ralph Hare to expiate this Sin of his Family gave the Parsonage impropriate of Marham worth 100 l. yearly to St. John's College in Cambridge Anno 16 and died leaving one only Child Sir John Hare who married Sir Thomas Coventry the now Lord Keeper's Daughter and hath by her she not being ... Years old ... Sons and Daughters with hope of a numerous Posterity God bless them Crab-House I have yet gotten little Intelligence of this Abbey but I hear that it was not long since John Wright's of Wigen-Hall in Marseland and that he had two Sons whereof ... his eldest Son consumed his Estate and sold the Abbey with the greatest part of the Land and died without Issue It came after to Mr. William Guybon of Watlington and is now in the hands of his Son and Heir Bromill Abbey Sir Thomas Woodhouse of Wapham 38 H. 8. purchased Bromill Abbey of the King he died without Issue and Sir Henry Woodhouse his Nephew succeeded who utterly consumed his whole Estate and selling the Abbey to John Smith Esq Suits arose thereupon which lasted many Years till the Death of Sir Henry in Nov. 1624. Mr. Smith hath only Daughters and no Son so that the Abbey is not like to continue in his Name Ex inform ipsius Jo. Smith 11 o. Nov. 1624. The Impropriation of Besthurst in Lancashire as I take it is worth 1600 l. per Annum being Sir Vrion Lea's Dereham Abbey Tho Dereham in the 33 H. 8. bought it of the King shortly after he was fetch'd out of it to the Tower about the Treason of his Brother Francis Dereham who was executed Thomas at length was delivered out of Prison he had Issue Thomas Robert John and Baldwin and a Daughter Thomas married ... and died without Issue Male Robert and John died without Issue Baldwin a decayed Merchant of London had Issue four Sons Thomas Dr. of Divinity John and Martha a Daughter non compos mentis Thomas succeeded his Uncle in the Inheritance and is now Knighted having Issue Thomas Thomas eldest Son of Sir Thomas married ... daughter of ... Scot Esque of ... in Kent she fell Lunatick in Child-Bed upon the Death of her Son ... 1623 and so continueth having yet only a Daughter Thetford Hitherto I have kept my self within my Circle let us see for our further satisfaction whether the like fortune haunted the Monasteries without it we will begin with Thetford The Monastery of the Black Nuns of St. Gregory in Thetford being the Benedictines was the Duke of Norfolk's whose Misfortunes are here before in other places too often mentioned He sold the same to Sir Richard Fulmarston Knight who died without Issue Male leaving it to his Daughter and her married to Sir Edward Clark Knight Sir Edward Clark had two Sons by her and a Son by his second Wife Sir Edward Clark Knight of St. Michael the eldest Son spent most of his Life in one Prison or other had Issue a Son Sir Henry Clark Baronet that died without Issue Male in the Life of his Father who consuming his whole Inheritance sold the chief Seat of his Blickling to the Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas Sir Henry Hobart and this Monastery upon Exchange and Money to Mr. Godsalve for Buckingham-Ferry which he ... Mr. Godsalve put over the Monastery among other Lands to Mr. John Smith and Owen Shepheard and having consumed all his Estate went beyond Sea Mr. Smith and Mr. Shepheard had a long and chargeable Suit about Mr. Godsalve's Estate and sold the Monastery to Sir William Campion who now hath it but with Suit and Trouble Sir Edw. ... the elders second Son Francis died without Issue This great and eminent Family is wholly extinct as those also of Fulmarston's Godsalve's and Smith's for Smith hath no Issue Male. I must here note that this Sir Edward ... the Elder was one of the greatest Hunters by way of Concealment after Church Goods and Lands that was in his time and that sowing these unfortunate Pieces of new gotten Cloth into the Garment of his old Inheritance the new hath not only rent away the old Garment but the Family it self to which it served Pentney Priory Pentney Priory was purchased of the K●ng Anno 37 H. 8. by Thomas Mildmay the Auditor whose Son Sir Thomas sold it to Francis Windham one of the Justices of the King's-Bench he entailed it first upon his own Issue then to his Brother 's Roger and Thomas the Dr. after to his Sister Coningsby and after that to Edmund and Edmund's natural Brothers all which dying without Issue it came to Thomas Windham Esq Son of Sir Henry Windham who in Anno 1622 sold it to Sir Richard Ballache Knight and he in Anno 1631 to Judge Richardson The Abbey of Radegundis at Bradefalk in Kent by Dover is now Sir Tho. Edolph's Knight who did lately build a fair House upon the Site of the Monastery and it hath fallen down three times his two Brothers lunatique Ex relat Mrs. Meares qui duxit Vxorem Edw. Pegton Baronet St. Lawrence-Abbey by Canterbury now in the hands of Edolph lunatique whose Grandfather was also lunatique his Grandfather first purchased the Abbey Shirburn Shirburn-Abbey some time a Cathedral-Church yet belonging to the Bishop of Salisbury saith Cambden p. 214. impres 1610. Sir John Horsey having no Issue left for Name sake to Sir Ralph Horsey of Cambridgeshire the Monastery and Parsonage of Shirburn who wasting much his Estate sold them to Mr. Stikles and he to my Lord Digby about 1620. The Castle and the Manner was assigned from the Bishop of Salisbury to Queen Elizabeth and by her to Sir Walter Rawleigh after beheaded then it came to Prince Henry who died shortly after then it came to the Earl of Somerset who being attainted the King granted it to my Lord Digby The Bishoprick being void Toby Matthew should have had it but would not take it upon Sir Walter Rawleigh's conditions but Henry Cotton accepting and performing them his Son was born blind who notwithstanding was made a Minister had 3 or 4 Parsonages and was Canon in Salisbury yet died a Beggar Hale's-Abbey Hale's-Abbey and Manour for the most part viz. 500 Acres granted to the Lord Admiral Seymor in fee 19 Aug. 1. Edw. 6. He beheaded it returned to the King Edw. who 12 June reg 4. granted all with the 500 Acres to the Lord Marquiss who 16 June eodem Anno leased it to Hodgkins for 21 Years at 159 l. 16 s. but as it seems came again to the Crown for Q. Eliz 18 July reg 7. leased it again to Hodgkins for 21 Years at 159 l. 16 s. Woods Regalities c. excepted ut videtur Hodgkins had three Sons all died poorly but he gave his Estate to his Daughter married to Hobby St. Ousey given by King Edward to Thomas Lord Darcy and ... slain at St. Quintins John had Issue Thomas Lord Darcy whose
third Daughter was married to Martin Reyes a Groom-porter and their Father himself was also beheaded 5. The Earl of Oxon was John Vere the fiftieth of that Name whose Grandchild Edward Earl of Oxon not only utterly wasted the great and most ancient Inheritance of that Earldom but defaced also the Castles and Houses thereof and leaving a Son by his second Wife named Henry the 18th Earl of that Noble Family The same Henry died without Issue and this Male Line thus failing the Office of Great Chamberlain of England which had ever since Hen. the 1st's time gone in this Family was now by the Lady Mary Sister of this Edward being married to the Lord Willoughby of Eresby by Judgment of the Upper House of Parliament Anno ... transposed to her Son and Heir the now Earl of Lindsey 6. The Earl of South-Hampton was William Fitz-Williams who being Lord Privy Seal and Admiral of England was created Earl of South-Hampton at Hampton-Court Anno 29 Hen. 8. He married Mabell Daughter of Henry Lord Clifford of Westmorland and Sister and Heir of Henry the first Earl of Cumberland but died without Issue Anno 34 H. 8. 7. The Earl of Arundel was William Fitz-Alam who died 35 Hen. 8. He had a Son and by two Wives four Daughters which died without Issue His Son Henry Fitz-Alam succeeded in the Earldom a Man of great Dignities He was twice married by Catharine his first Wife he had Issue H. Lord ... who being married died without Issue in the life of his Father An. 1556. And so ended the Noble Family and Male line of these Earls of Arundel But he had also by that Wife two Daughters and Heirs whereof Jane the eldest was married to the Lord Lumley who had Issue by her Thomas Charles and Mary who died all without Issue Mary his second Daughter and Co-heir was married to Tho. Howard the last Duke of Norfolk and by her the Earldom Castles and Honours of Arundel were transported to Philip Howard her Son and so to her Grandchild Tho. Earl of Arundel and Earl Marshal of England now living in whose line God hold them 8. The Earl of Shrewsbury was Francis Talbott who by his first Wife Mary Daughter of Tho. Lord Dacres of Gilsland had Issue George his eldest Son the sixth Earl of Shrewsbury and Tho. who died at Sheffield without issue Earl George had two Wives and four Sons besides three Daughters by his first Wife no Issue by his second Francis Lord Talbott his eldest Son was married but died without Issue Gilbert his second Son was the 7th Earl of that Family married and had Issue two Sons John and George but both of them died in their Infancy without other Issue-Male of their Father whose Heirs therefore were three Daughters Edward 3d. Son of George was the 8th Earl he married but died without Issue 2 Feb. 1617. Henry the 4th's Son married and died without Issue-Male Thus was all the Issue-Male of Francis Earl of Shrewsbury one of the Peers of the Upper-House at the passing of the Act aforesaid utterly extinct and the Earldom translated to another Family of that Name the Talbotts of Grafton descending from John Talbott the second Earl of Shrewsbury who died Anno 39. Henry VI. by his 3d. Son Sir Gilbert Talbott Captain of Calice York in Tit. Shrewsbury 9. The Earl of Essex Henry Bourchier that was a Peer of Parliament at the Act of Dissolution in 27. Henry VIII broke his Neck by a fall from an Horse about 10 Weeks before this Parliament viz on the 12th of March in 31. Henry VIII and having no Issue-Male the King gave his Earldom to Thomas Lord Cromwell who in his Bipartite Dignity sate among the Ecclesiastical Peers and first of the Rank as the King's Vicegerent in Spiritualibus and here among the Lay-Peers as in his own Right a Temporal Earl and Temporal indeed for not long after he was turned out of all his Offices attainted and beheaded as we have formerly shewed He brought in the Bill the 3d. time and it was expedited the 23d of May but within two Months following viz 29. July himself was attainted in the same Parliament and condemned so that vengeance fell speedily upon him 10. The Earl of Darby was Edward Lord Stanley a Peer of the Realm both in this and in 27. of the King he had divers Sons and Daughters his eldest Son Henry was Earl after him and left two Sons Ferdinando and William Ferdinando succeeded in the Earldom and died without Issue-Male 1594. leaving 3 Daughters and Heirs who shared so deep in the Patrimony of his goodly Earldom as they not only pulled the Feathers from the Wings of it whereby in times past it hath been so powerfull but the Wings from the very Body 11. The Earl of Worcester was Henry Somerset Lord Herbert a Peer also in 27. This honourable Family seems more fortunate than any of the precedent for their lineal descent remains entire and without blemish having at this day many Noble Branches Yet was not the Issue of Earl Henry free from the Hand of God for his 3d. Son Thomas Somersett died in the Tower of London Francis his 4th and youngest Son was slain at Massellborough-Field and his Son-in-Law the Earl of Northumberland that married his Daughter the Lady Anne was beheaded at York 1572. 12. The Earl of Rutland was Tho. Manours both in this Parliament and the 27th He had 5 Sons and 6 Daughters and died in 35. Henry VIII his eldest Son Henry was Earl after him and had Issue Edward the 3d. Earl of that Family who had only a Daughter an Heir and died without Issue-Male John Brother of Edward was the 4th Earl he had 3 Sons Edward that died an Infant Roger and Francis Roger succeeded and was the 5th Earl he had only one Daughter his sole Heir married to Sir Philip Sydney slain at Zutphen and died without Issue-Male Francis after his Brother Roger was the 6th Earl he was twice married by his first Wife he had Issue only the Lady Catherine married to the Duke of Buckingham who was murthered by Felton And two Sons by his second Wife Henry Lord Rosse and Francis Lord Rosse of Homelake who died both young without Issue 13. The Earl of Cumberland both in 27 and 31. Henry VIII was Henry Clifford who died 34. of the King He had Issue Henry the 2d Earl of Cumberland who had Issue George the 3d. Earl a valiant Soldier successfull in his Enterprizes He had Issue two Sons Francis Lord Clifford and Robert that died young and a Daughter the Lady Anne married to Richard Sackvill Earl of Dorsett who died as did also this Earl of Cumberland without Issue-Male Francis Brother of George was the 4th Earl who had Issue Henry Lord Clifford 14. The Earl of Sussex was Robert Ratcliff created 8. Decemb. 21. Henry 8. He had three Wives and more Sons besides Daughters and died 28. Nov. 1541. 34. Henry 8. his Son and Heir Henry
Earl of Sussex had five Sons whereof Egremont his Son by the second Wife was attainted of Treason Thomas the third Earl Son and Heir of Henry had two Wives but died without Issue 15. The Earl of Huntington was George Lord Hastings created 21. Henry 8. He had Issue Francis the 2d Earl and Sir Edward Hastings whom Queen Mary made Baron of Loughborough that died without Issue Sir Thomas Hastings also who died without Issue And Henry and William besides three Daughters Francis the 2d Earl had Issue Henry the third Earl who died without Issue and four other Sons whereof William died without Issue Sir George Hastings Brother of Francis succeeded in the Earldom and left many Male-branches whereof Henry the Issue of his eldest Son Francis was the fifth Earl and had Issue Ferdinando 16. The Earl of Hertford was Edward Seymour created Anno 29. Henry 8. made Duke of Somerset c. Edw. 6. He was committed to the Tower in the third Year of the King for divers great Offences but then obtained a Pardon and being arraigned of Treason and Felony 1 o Decemb 5. Regis was quit for the Treason and condemn'd for the Felony and therefore beheaded the 22d of July following He had two Sons by his first Wife that died without Issue Edward his 3d. Son or eldest by his 2d Wife the Lady Anne Daughter of John Stanhope Esq succeeded in all his Fathers Honours for a short time namely from the Death of his Father on 22 June 5. Edw. 6. to the End of the next Session of Parliament which was the 25th of April following But the Honours being entail'd upon