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A56866 Quatermayns conquest over Canterburies court, or, A briefe declaration of severall passages between him and the Archbishop of Canterbury with other commissioners of the High Commission Court, at six severall appearances before them, and by them directed to Doctor Featly : with their severall conferences, and the doctors by Roger Quatermayne. Quatermayne, Roger.; Laud, William, 1573-1645.; Featley, Daniel, 1582-1645. 1642 (1642) Wing Q148; ESTC R9277 38,184 64

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and I was no whit discouraged by his words as knowing my hope was not in the world but in God onely There I waited certaine houres while men stared on mee and every one censured mee and condemning mee At the length I was called in before the Lords where was about sixteene or seventeene of them together and when I had stood there a pretty while the Lords looking one upon another and then upon me at last spake the Lord privie Seale to the Archbishop of Canterbury My Lord what say you to this man Archb. Then the Archbishop said this Mr Quatermayne standing here before your Lordships is such a one as will not submit to our Court nor our authoritie especially our High Commission Court neither will he subscribe to the Oath Ex Officio although I have used all means to informe his judgement and resolve his conscience and therefore I appointed him Doctor Featly to whom he himselfe was willing to goe that so he might receive information of his judgement from him and I never used him unkindly I appeale to himselfe for I never imprisoned him nor threatned him with imprisonment and yet notwithstanding he is so farre from the taking the Oath that he hath been in the Countrey in divers places both in Oxfordshire and in Barkshire and there hath drawn much people together and preached unto them and made Conventicles as I am credibly informed by divers wise and judicious Gentlemen that he hath preached and made Conventicles in the Countrey in divers places and at sundry times Archb. Master Quatermayne were you not at Farrington the latter part of this Summer Quater No my Lord I was never at Farrington in all my life Archb. I was informed that you were and that you drew much people there together and made Conventicles Quater I was never there Archb. Were you not that wayes Quater Yes my Lord though I will not take the Oath Ex Officio yet I will speake the truth in any thing that shall be demanded I was at Longworth Archb. And did you not there draw people together and make Conventicles Quater No my Lord I did not draw people together nor make Conventicles Archb. My Lords for any thing that I doe know to the contrary Master Quatermayne was the principall cause of the mutiny upon Thursday last at the Convocation House at Pauls although he was not called nor did wee intend any more to call him and therefore in as much as he doth not neither will submit to our authoritie I will have no more to doe with him but refer him to your Lordships Quater Then spake the Lord Privie Seale in this manner following Lord Privie Seale Quatermayne Quatermayne Quatermayne You keepe a fayre quarter you quarter it indeed you are a Separatist an Anabaptist a Brownist a Familist and you are Preacher to them all and they all receive quarter from you and you upon Thursday last raysed a multitude of them and made a mutiny and you pulled downe the High Commission Court and no Court of Justice can stand for you you will pull them all downe as you were the cause of the High Commission Court pulling downe the other day as we shall justly prove and you are like to suffer for it I will assure you Quater My Lords is it your pleasure that I shall speake and they all answered Yes Quater Then I turning my selfe to the Archbishop said for answer to your Lordships whereas you say I doe not submit unto your High Commission Court I thus farre submit as being bound in a band of one hundred pounds to attend your Court I have alwayes attended as I have been appointed and whereas your Lordship saith you have used all means to informe my judgement by appointing me to goe to Doctor Featly I doe acknowledge it a truth and the Doctor did take paines therein And whereas you say you used me not unkindly in not imprisoning nor threatning of me I doe not lay any hard thing to your charge But for my not taking the Oath Ex Officio my Lords I will give all your Lordships a reason thereof it is not for want of information of my judgement for my judgement is rightly informed and I doe know and will prove it that the Oath Ex Officio is contrary to the Law of God and of the Land and of the Law of Nature and therefore I neither did nor never will take it Then turning my selfe to the Lord privie Seale I answered him in this manner As for all that your Lordship hath said it is impurtenent and to no purpose it is no way proper nor appertaining unto mee at all all that your Lordship hath spoken I will reduce into two heads and answer it in two words Whereas your Lordship saith I am a Separatist a Brownist an Anabaptist and a Familist all which I doe deny and will prove the contrary and for proofe hereof if you will be pleased to call in the Messenger he shall prove that I was at Saint Georges Church and heard both Service and Sermon this day Lord of Dorset Can you make that appeare said the Lord of Dorset Quater Yes my Lord if you please to call in the Messenger he shall justifie it Lord Dorset No said the Lord of Dorset it shall suffice I thinke you speak truth Sir Francis Windebank Master Quatermayne said Sir Francis Windebank Doe you receive the Sacraments in our Church Quater Yes I receive both the Sacraments Baptisme and the Lords Supper and all my children have been Baptised in this Church according to the 〈◊〉 of the same Lord of Dorset Can you make all this appeare to be true M Quatermayne said the Lord of Dorset Quater Yes my Lord by a thousand witnesses I will not tell a lye before your Honours for a hundred pounds Lord of Dorset I thinke you will not sayth the Lord of Dorset Quater Then I turned my selfe to my Lord Privie Seale and 〈◊〉 my second head thus That I was not nor could not be the cause of the mutiny in Pauls I will give your Lordships a just account how I spent my whole time on Thursday 〈◊〉 In the Morning when I went from my owne house I past over the Water to Bridewell to an honest man that hath some Suits in Law to advise with him the best I could for his owne good and stayed with him the space of an houre and from thence I went to Fryday Streete to a Merchant and there I continued about an houre more and from thence into CloakeLane and from thence into St Thomas Apostles and there stayed untill dinner time and from thence I with one more went to the Dagger in Fryday-street and there wee dined and our dinner cost nine pence and from thence wee walked together to Pauls-Church-yard and from thence he went about his occasions and I into Pauls to attend the High Commission Court I went alone no body with me and when I came thither there stood a
and that as the creature could not give life no more it could not take away life But I concluded if my death might be as Sampsons the pulling downe of the English Antichristian Hierarchie the pulling downe the Devillish spirituall Courts then should I gladly sacrifice my life in the cause of the Gospell for Christ and his true English Church And now to returne backe to that from which I have a little digrest Betweene that time and the next Sessions the old Lord Major going out of his place and the new one comming in the spirit of jealousie fell into the hearts of my enemies and wrought so deeply in them that they plotted more cunningly to take my life then before they being afraid as indeed it did fall out that the Iury would learne more wit and be better advised betweene that and the next Sessions made the Commission and Bill and Iury and all voyde as if nothing at all had been done and our three London Sergeants in their Scarlet rode in thei●… Co●…ches to the Court to procure a new Commission sealed which they got upon the Lords day in the morning about Sermon time And then the new Lord Major Sir Edward Wright sent for Smith the Sergeant giving him a strict Charge to warne a Jury of speciall able men telling him that it was for a businesse of greater consequence then he tooke it to be and so it was done accordingly And now Christian Reader I will lead thee along from my Prison in Southworke to my next Sessions holden in the Guild Hall in London where were twenty Constables and each man had twenty Watchmen to attend with Bills and Halberts and a greater number to see me then at my first comming more to see me then were to see Doctor Ducke let downe and puld up with a Rope at the High Commission Court in Pauls So we ascended up into the Court and the old Iury fitting themselves to give in their Bill all joyntly did assent to give up their Bill Ignoramus But when they came into the Court supposing to begin where they left off they found it otherwise for there was a new Iury impannelled and a new Commission read and a new Charge given and the old forsworne Witnesses anew swo●…ne and the old Iury much disgraced by Stone our London Sergeant which Iury had learned more wit or wisdome in his absence then ever he would have taught them being present So the new Iury being called by their names they answered to them three and twenty were summoned to appeare and did all appeare but six of them were not called because sayd the Register they are Puritans of Quatermayns faction Then Stone the Sergeant sitting as Judge told me it was not fit I should be in the Court Then said I to my Lord Major my Lord so your proceedings be to Gods glory and the good of the Common-wealth and in a just way for my owne particular my presence shall not be hurtfull to you you have chosen a Iury of wise discreet Gentlemen I am willing to referre my selfe unto them Then sayd Sergeant Stone K●…epe him safe Messenger you must looke unto him Then I answered him againe My cause is good and I will not start though you would give me a thousand pounds Then answered my Lord Major I thinke you will not Master Quatermayn then the Iury looked upon me and when they looked upon the Witnesses how like Rogues they looked then I answered they are of the Court meaning they were of the High Commission Court So the Iury going into the Iury-roome my adversaries thought they had expunged all Puritans out of the company but they were utterly deceived for one Master Lee a Vintner at the Sunne Tavern at Criple-gate a very wise and judicious man did so debate the matter with the rest of the Iury that notwithstanding my enemies which were the enemies of the truth had cast such aspersions upon me saying that I was an Arian an Anabaptist a Separatist a Familist and the like he made them to see clearly that the Bill could not be found against mee yet notwithstanding they did not make an end that night At length the Iury being often called upon to bring in their Bill it being late in the night the Iury came forth and Sergeant Stone asked them if they were agreed they answered they were not agreed then inquiry being made how the businesse stood seven would have found the Bill and ten were against it and so the Sessions for that night ended untill the next Friday following being the sixth of November 1640. Loving Christian Reader I will put thee in minde of one thing my persecutor said he would have my life though it cost him five hundred pounds and another said that if Quatermayn were not hanged within six houres he would be hanged for him but the first hath mist of his purpose and the l●…st hath time enough to choose his Gallowes or to repent hims●… of his precipitated malice And this is the summe and substance of our second S●…ssions and I returned home to my prison againe waiting upon the Lord for my free and full deliverance in his own good time In the meane time there were three or foure Letters sent from the Lords of the Councell or the Councellor of the Lords to the Lord M●…jor and the Sergeants but what was in them I know not God in his due time I hope will reveale it Besides divers Messengers were sent to the place where I was imprisoned to see whether I were safe or no And now Christian Brother I shall lead thee to my Gayle-Delivery And this proved a Sessions of peace for when we came thither there was neither Constable nor Watchman so the Iury after some certaine time came forth and desired audience for they would give up their Bill and the three Sergeants would not receive it by reason that my Persecutor the Register of the High Commission Court was not there but at length Lathom came in and then the Iury was called and they were all agreed but one and they yeelded up the Bill and it was a Bill of Vera for one Reynolds a Waterman and Ignoramus for all the rest At which word there was a great rejoycing among the people but Lathom looked as pale as ashes then I blessed God with these two words Truth is strong and will prevaile and then divers good Christians tooke me by the middle and sayd Master Quatermayne you are sr●…ed and I said Blessed be God who is the deliverer of his people Then William Barrife who was one of the Iury was called for who would not assent with the rest of the Iury but see the hand of God in this also for he was fined fortie shillings for his absence and was glad to submit to his Brethren and intreat the favour of the Court for his fine Then I spake to my Lord Major and his Brethren saying Is it in your power to free me seeing
fat and 〈◊〉 promises of the Gos●…ell and yet remaine a starveling to thy great dishonour and the reproach of Religion But grant 〈◊〉 beseech thee that in the use of all holy meanes I doe so plentifully injoy I may grow up to that age stature fulnesse and 〈◊〉 of thy saints in Jesus Christ that so as thy band hath and still is upon mee for good so my heart may alwayes meditate on thy Statutes and my tongue may speake of all thy wondrous workes Blessed Father I be seech thee to anatomize my heart and spiritualize my soule and see if there be any wickednesse in mee and by thy Word and 〈◊〉 it divide between the Soule and Spirit and joynts and marrow of my corruption and so separate betweene the precious and the vile that all iniquitie may be removed farre away from my person and from my Tabernacle that so O Lord for the time that is to come I may walle evenly with thee in the path that is called holy that so I may have my fruit in holinesse and at the end eternall life that being guided by thy counsell here I may at last be brought to glory Good Lord grant that I may never be of that number that doth so we to the 〈◊〉 to reap●… corruption but of those that doth so we to the Spirit and reape life everlasting that I may never as formerly dig broken 〈◊〉 that will hold no water but that I may drinke deeply of that fountaine of the water of life my fresh springs being found in thee that so 〈◊〉 soule may be filled with the fruits of rightcousnesse which is to the prayse of thy rich grace by faith in Christ ●…esus Deare Father I have three grand enemies to grapple with the world th●…●…lesh and the Devill the least of which is too great for me to 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 if my weaknesse be not supported and my wants supplyed But yet I know that thorow Jesus Christ that strengtheneth mee I may by faith make the Devill flye overcome the world and get my owne heart purified 〈◊〉 although holy Father of my selfe being poore weake and contemptible I can doe nothing yet thorow Jesus Christ that strengtheneth me I can doe all things for he is the right hand of thy power and strong arme of thy salvation in and from whom thou hast received full compensation to divir●… just●…ce for the sinnes of all the Elect and in particular for mee thy unworthy servant I beseech thee 〈◊〉 Lord so long as thou hast any imployment for thy unworthy servant in this 〈◊〉 and transito●…y life so long as these few broken ends of mortalitie doth remaine be thou pleased who doth all things according to the counsell of thine owne will so to uphold mee in the way of holinesse that in all th●… actions of my generall and speciall calling I may glorifie thy great Name 〈◊〉 my Brethren propagate the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ stop the mouths and put to silence the tongues of wicked and ungodly men for this is the will of thee my God as touching thy servant I beseech thee O Lord be not angry with poore sinfull dust and ashes and I will speake but this one time and it is in the behalfe of the generation of thy first borne whom thou from eternitie hast set thy love upon and still 〈◊〉 delight in to extend mercy to It is the Vine which thine owne hand hath planted holy holy Lord looke downe from Heavn behold and visit this Vine The straits of thy people are great but deliverance is in thine owne hands thy mercyes are thine owne I beseech thee therefore O Lord consider how deeply thine owne glory is involved in the great cause of thy Church Behold the insolency pride and subtilti●… of thine enemies and looke upon the imbecilitie and weaknesse of thy people and let that auntient motive which from the beginning and 〈◊〉 ages did stirre thee up to doe good to thy people provoke thee at this time to be mercifull to thy Church because mercy 〈◊〉 thee O Lord thou h●…st in thy Word spoken great things of thy Servants concerning their deliverance and also gathering thy Churches from the foure Corners of the World and that thou wilt rayse up thy Jerusalem and make it the prayse of the whole Earth and is not now the time come wherein thou wil●… extend thy mercy to Sion O Lord is not yet the time fully come Hath shee not lyne long enough in the dust Hath not the Plowers plowed long furrowes on her bucke for a long s●…ason Hath not O Lord the Fox●… the subtill Foxes broke off her fruitfull bowes spoyled her grapes and would not let them cluster Good Lord hath not thine enemies mingled our Wine with water our silver with drosse and thy pure worship with superstitious vanities And shall they O Lord prosper that thus runne along in their wickednesse eating up thy pe●…ple even as bread ●…vouring thy precious Saints and sacred truthes as much as in them lyeth And will not our God returne and cause the light of his countenance to sh●…ne upon his Sanctuary Thou hast said O Lord that thou never biddest the sonnes of Iacob seeke thy face in vaine is not the time yet come that the Stone cut out of the mountaine without hands shall grow to be a Mountaine and fill the whole earth When O Lord wilt thou give the Kingdoms of the earth to the Saints of the most High When shall our Sister that hath no breast desire the sincere milke of the Gospell When Lord shall those dry bones live When deare Father shall the great River Euphrates be dryed up that thy redeemed may passe over When shall that Monarch of Rome and Hiera●…chy of England which makes the reall Antichrist not onely be discovered but rooted out and consumed that thy Saints may rejoyce their hearts and warme their hands at that great bonefire so long desired that the Lord Iesus Christ may raigne in his Church Deare Father Lord of Heaven and Earth Gird thy Sword upon thy thigh O thou most mightie strike thorow the loynes of thine and thy Churches enemies Root out all them that delight in superstitious vanities avenge the quarrell of thy Covenant and maintaine thine owne glory Blesse thine owne worke O Lord the great Reformation already begunne in this Kingdome yea blesse O Lord the Parliament that strong arme of flesh which thou hast sanctified and preserved to doe great things by let not our hopes be made frustrate let not the malicious purposes of thine enemies come to passe least they grow too proud O Lord Blesse the Kings Majestie with spirituall corporall and eternall Blessings that he may so comply with his Parliament that all differences may quietly be composed Religion may flourish scandalous dumb dogs removed and faithfull Pastors and Teachers planted in their roomes with those sacred Governours and government which Christ hath instituted in his Church Blesse the Queene the Prince and the rest of that royall Race Lord let thy blessing be upon all states and degrees of people as if their names were particularized before thee Good Lord cause Warres to cease in Ireland let justice and mercy meet together in that Kingdome that thy enemies may justly be punished and thy people mercifully delivered Blesse those Forces that are imployed for that service send more and prosper them also that the great good worke hoped for may be most blessedly accomplished Good Lord blesse thy blessed people of the Scots Nation by whom thou hast done so much good to this Kingdome and all others that thy poore servant is bound to pray for by dutie Religion or any band or tye of nature or grace even for the Lord Iesus Christ his sake In whom and for whom thou receivest poore sinners to mercy To whom with t●…ine own Majesty and God the holy Spirit three persons one onely holy wise God be rendred as is most due all honour prayse glory and thankes now hence forth and for ever AMEN FINIS Jo. Lincol now York My first Apprehension My Appearance The Conference Doctor Featly Dr Feally his report Bishop of Bathe Wells Pursevant Thomas Squire Diver●… spake A Doct●… Purs●…vant Officers Notary Clerke of the Co●…cell Privie Seale Lord privy Seale Lord of Dorset 〈◊〉 Francis Windebanke Secretary of State Friend Sir Nathaniel Brent Register Lord Newborg A Lord Sir Edward Littleton Lord Cottington Lord Privie Seale 〈◊〉 Tho. Row Sir Tho. Row and Lord Goring 〈◊〉 Generall Of Sir Jo. Finch Lord Keeper Said the Jury The Archbishop