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A50052 Choice observations of all the kings of England from the Saxons to the death of King Charles the First collected out of the best Latine and English writers, who have treated of that argument / by Edward Leigh ... Leigh, Edward, 1602-1671. 1661 (1661) Wing L987; ESTC R11454 137,037 241

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25 26. Her name filed the Christian Turkish Persian American Indian parts Purchas p●●grimage 1. l. 3. c. 1. Sect. 1. See ibid. c. 3. Sect. 3. If she were a Catholick she might be accounted the mirrour of the world saith a secular Priest Meteranus Rer. Belg. hist. l. 23. much commends her That great Elizabeth of England nurse of God Church God hath established her seat with justice and goodness hath made her the terrour of all enemies of Christ and the beauty of Europe ●olynes of the Civil Wars of France Bacons Uniform Government of England part 2. c. 34. She wrote then Tanquam ovis as a sheep to the slaughter He was a bold Preacher who afterwards told her she was now Tanquam indomita juvenca This was Mr. De●ring They presenting to her the Bible in English at the little Conduit in Cheap●ide she answered I thank the City for this gift above all the rest it is a Book which I will often and often read over She delighted much in the love of her people What gentle language would she use to them What cordiall prayers would she make for them Speeds Chron. Surely Surely a Prince so high in the favour of God and so mighty with men so blessed with dayes and prosperous in her Raign so beloved at home and so dread abroad so absolute for blessings and so admired for Government was never seen in England William Leighs Queen Elizabeth paraleld second Sermon He paralels he there in her princely vertues with David Ioshua and Hezekiah 1. With David in her afflictions to build the Church First Serm ● 2. With Ioshua in her puis●●nce to p●otect the Church Second Sermon 3. With Hezekiah in her piety to reform the Church Third Sermon Her Motto was Semper eadem It Plutarch were alive to write lives by paralels it would trouble him both for vertue and fortune to find for her a paralel amongst women Sir Francis Bacon the Lord Chancellour Elsmere She was the happy instrment of God to promote the Protestant Religion in all parts May his History of the Parliament of England l. 1. c. 1. See more there Robert Cecil Robert Dudley Earl of Leicester the Lord Howard Adm●ral● Walsingham What famous Captains were Generall ●Norris Captain Williams Morgan the noble Earl of Essex and others in land af●airs Who more renowned than Captain Drake Frobisher Hawkins Candish with the ●est in Sea travails Sir Philip Sidney was her great favourite Sir Richard Bakers Chron. Bishop Iewel was the glory of her Raign for learning Grafton in Q. Mary Cette vivacité d' esprit fermetè de jugement generuse resolution aux baute● enterprises esquelles excelloit vostre Royale Loyale soeur là brave Elizabeth d' Angleterre Memoires de Sully Multa Regis Phi●●pi secundi indignationem s●●m 〈◊〉 adversus 〈◊〉 Reginam tant● quidem 〈◊〉 sensu ●uanto pro benefi●●is proque vi●a i●sa quam et bis ●●tque dedisse rev Rex affirmab●t dum conspirationum insimulatam è ●arcere capitalique judicio liberaverat pro b●s aliis que prom●ritis alias super alias accepisse se indesinenter inju●ias agnoscebat Viderat statim ab initio Principem Orangium as Belgarum populos consilio pecunia milite ad defectionem ab illa concitato● I●di●rum provincias à Draco à Conditio ab aliis ejus emissarlis v●xatas ac direptas ● regiam pecuniam interversam ac naves in Anglia r●t●●tas ●lencon●am sp●ruptiarum ia Angliam allectum atque inde in Belgium ad capiendam Brabantiae coronam instructum Stradae de bello Belgico Decas 2. l. 9. Vide Cambde●●l Annales See Purchas Pilgrim part 3 4 c. 9 ●ct ● Reginam ●um vixit ut sororem diligentissimè observavit Anglosque pariter caeteros eximi● dilexit Camd. Annal. An uncharitable Jesuit in a scandalous Libell spread abroad and published some years after Q. Elizabeths death saith that she died without sense or feeling of Gods mercies and that she wished she might after her death hang a while in the air to see what striving there would be for her King●dome Camd. Eliz. transl Preface * Ita repugnante n●●ine Scotiae Rex Angliae possessionem 〈◊〉 prim●●sque intra omnem annalium memoriam Britanniae totam Insulam uno imperio complexus est Groti hist. Belg. One that writes Ruinorum conspiratio saith Quinqus Reges ex honoratissima S●uartorum familia etiam eodem omnes praenomine continu●●aserie invicem succedentes in ips● aetatis ant flore aut vigore extinctos acceperant relictis semper regni haeredibus pueris aut impuneribus qui per atatem gerendis rebus non sufficerent Favins Theater of Honour l. 5. c. ● See Dr. Heylins Geog. of the Brittish Isle See Mr. Wentworths Book before quoted This Margaret was Grandmother to King Iames by his father and mother Grotii ●ist Belg. See Osborn● Miscellanies of Es●ayes Paradoxes p. 6 7 8 9. Dr. Reynolds at its first coming out being shewed it read it over and bought it saying he was concerned and wronged in it Sir Walter Rauleigh his Hist. of the World part 1. l. 5. c. 6. Sect. 2. See more there Vide Idaeam Rosae sive de Jacobi Regis virtutibus ●●arrationem Quis hodie 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 vere amans non optet ex animo magnae Britanniae magnum illuns Regem ob eximias doctrina● dotes quibus tanti neminis Majesta●i sempiternam famam circumfudit in universals reformatarum Ecclesiarum Concilio ad modum magni illius Constantini Episcopis Pastoribus non modo ad externi ordinio conservationem ve●ùm etiam ad controversiarum quae hodieagiantur definitionem aliquando pra●sidere Gers. Buc. Dissert de Gubernat Eccles. p. 115. * Liber à Rege ad fillum conscriptus in quo optimus Princeps omnibus ●umcris absolutua elegantissimè depingitur ●acre ibtle est quot homi●um animos studis inde sibi conciliarit quartum sui expectationem cum admiratione apud omnes concitarit Camdeni Annal. rerum Anglie part 4. p. 171. S●●vent je l' oioi plaindre que S. M. d' Angleterre trop arreste a quelques petites dissensiones entre les siens ● ' avoitpas asses de soin de la guerison de plus profondes playes qui sont en l' Eglise La vie de M. du Plessis l. 2. The 29 of May is famous for our present Kings birth and return to London * See Mr. Gatakers Vindication of the Annotat. of Ier. 10. 20. against Lilly p. 75. Of a Feavor His birth Being about the age of twenty five years God so loosed his tongue at his triall that he spoke without the least stammering or hesitation Sir Franck Wortley his Character Dr. Gaud●n in his Eccles. Aug. Suspiria l. 3. c. 22. saith he was stedfast and able in his judgement against Popery * Letter 20. to the Queen speaking of Religion he saith It is no thank to me to trust thee in any thing else but in this which is the only thing of difference in opinion betwixt 〈◊〉 See M. Gatakers Apologeticall Discourse aginst Lillie Harvei excreit 64. de generat animal He as well as the Countess of Desmond so much spoken of for her great age is said to have lived in the Raign of Edward the fourth H. L'estrange The History of the French Academy p. 220. Id. ib p. 221. Boxhornius in his Metamorphosis Anglorum hath collected Apophthegmata Carolina 1. Theologica 2. Moralia 3. Politica The Author of the Character of him mentions his severall vertues King Iames his Works are all in one volume in Folio both in Latine and English Mr. Philpots Kent surveyed and illustrated See M. S. ●ords Loyall ●ubjects Indignation for his R●vall S●vera●gn● D●col 〈◊〉 Primus Reformatus à Reformatis à suis subjectis Salmaqi ad militorum responsio D. Cornelius Burgess preached against it on Amos 5. 13. Dr. Gauden protested also against it I have heard that four French Divines Bochart Amyraut Vincent and de La●gly have written against the Kings death of which some I have seen The Princess of Tureine Daillé Gachens and Grelin●court have also written against it * Effundi volo ejus sanguinem per Magistratum scilicet volo in cum animadverti eum capito plecti lege talionis Mercer Vide Paul Fag col lat Translat in loc 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 quasi 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 Vide Grotium de jure belli pacis l. 1. c. 3 4. Cameronem ad Rom. c. 13. v. 3. Imperii sinis unicus populi utilitas Jun. Brut. vind contra Tyranui * Quod asseverant cum à quo aliquis constituitur esse superiorem constituto verum duntaxat est in ea constitutione cujus effectus perpetuò pender à voluntate constituentis non etiam in e● quae ab initio est voluntatis postea vero effectum habet necessitatis Grotius de jure belli pacis l. 1. c. 3. Vide plura ibid.