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A10231 Purchas his pilgrimage. Or Relations of the vvorld and the religions obserued in all ages and places discouered, from the Creation vnto this present Contayning a theologicall and geographicall historie of Asia, Africa, and America, with the ilands adiacent. Declaring the ancient religions before the Floud ... The fourth edition, much enlarged with additions, and illustrated with mappes through the whole worke; and three whole treatises annexed, one of Russia and other northeasterne regions by Sr. Ierome Horsey; the second of the Gulfe of Bengala by Master William Methold; the third of the Saracenicall empire, translated out of Arabike by T. Erpenius. By Samuel Purchas, parson of St. Martins by Ludgate, London. Purchas, Samuel, 1577?-1626.; Makīn, Jirjis ibn al-ʻAmīd, 1205-1273. Taŕikh al-Muslimin. English.; Methold, William, 1590-1653.; Horsey, Jerome, Sir, d. 1626. 1626 (1626) STC 20508.5; ESTC S111832 2,067,390 1,140

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knowne and honourably entertayned I had now gotten foure or fiue Seruants Dutch and English The Burgomasters sent mee a Present of Fish Flesh and Wines taking notice of the fauours I had done to them and theirs diuers came with thankfull acknowledgement of their Redemption by my meanes and Purse from Moscouite and Tartarian Captiuity and presented me with a Boll couer guilt in it Ricks Dollers and Hungarian Duckets which Coyne I returned againe They brought mee their Towne Booke and prayed mee to write my Name and place of Birth and abode that they and their Posteritie might honour my Name in Record for euer At Hamburgh likewise they for like cause presented me their thankes and Present and the Burgomasters feasted me I landed at Harwich opened my Aquauitae Bottle which had beene girt close vnder my Caffocke by day and my best Pillow by night and tooke thence the Emperours Letters which I sweetned aswell as I could But yet the Queene smelt the Aquauitae-sauour I had accesse three or foure seuerall times and some discourse by meanes of my Lord Treasurer Sir Francis Walsingham and some honourable countenance of my Lord of Leister by Sir Edward Horsey my Kinsman his meanes I was well entertayned by the Muscouie Company to whom the Queene had giuen command to prepare those things for which the Emperour had giuen directions With which and her Maiesties Letters gracious fauour sworne her Seruant Esquire of the Body giuing me her Picture Hand to kisse I departed in company of twelue tall Ships Wee met with the King of Denmarke his Fleet of Shippes and Gallies neere the North Cape fought with them and put them to the worst and after arriued at S. Nicolas I posted ouer Vaga and came to Slobida Alexandrisca where I deliuered the Queenes Letters to the Emperour with her pleasure by word of mouth short of his expectation He commanded my silence commended my speed and businesse done for him gaue me allowanances and promised his goodnesse for recompence of my seruice He commanded also that those Commodities should be brought vp to the Musco and receiued into his Treasury viz. Copper Lead Powder Salt-peeter Brimstone c. to the value of 9000. pounds and ready mony payd for them He came to the Citie of Musco and cast his displeasure vpon some Grandes hee sent a Parasite of his with 200. Gunners to rob his Brother in Law Mekita Romanowich our next Neighbour which tooke from him all his Armour Horses Plate Mony Lands and Goods to the value of 100000. Marks sterling He sent the next day to the English House for as much course Cotton as would make himselfe and his children Gownes to couer them The Emperour sent likewise Simon Nagoy another of his Instruments to squeeze or spunge Andrew Shalkan a great bribing Officer who brought his faire young Wife Solumaneda out of her Chamber defiled her cut and gashed her naked backe with his Cemitar killed his trusty Seruant Iuan Lottish tooke all his Horses Goods and Lands and beat out of his shinnes 10000. Robles or Markes sterling in mony At that time did the Emperour also conceiue displeasure against the Dutchmen and Liuonians before mentioned to whom a Church and libertie of Religion had beene giuen by my meanes and appointed certaine Captaines with 2000. Gunners in the night to take the spoile of all they had who stripped them naked rauished and defloured the women and virgins carrying away diuers of the youngest and fairest to serue their lusts Some escaping came to the English house where they were cloathed and relieued not without danger of displeasure amongst whom was that daughter of the Gouernour of Osell in Liefland commended to my fauour whose freedome I also afterwards procured and conueyed her to her father His crueltie grew now ripe for vengeance and hee not long after falling out with his eldest Sonne for his commiseration to those distressed Christians and for greeuing at his Vnkles wrongs iealous also of the peoples affection to him gaue him a boxe on the eare as it was tearmed which he tooke so tenderly that hee fell into a burning Feuer and in three dayes departed this life Whereat the Emperour tore his haire and beard like a mad man lamenting too late for that irrecouerable losse not to himselfe so much as to the Empire whose hopes were buried with him being a wise milde and worthy Prince of three and twenty yeeres Hee was buried in Michala Archangell Church in the Musco with Iewels and Riches put in his Tombe valued at 50000. pounds watched after by twelue Citizens in course euery night deuoted to his Saint Iohn and Michael to keepe both body and Treasure till his Resurrection Now was the Emperour more earnest to send into England about his long conceited match his second Sonne being weake of wit and body without hope of ability for gouernment and the third not only young but disallowed in Sanctitie and according to the fundamentall Lawes illegitimate borne out of Wedlocke of the fift vnlawfull Wife not solemnised with the Rites of their Church but in the Church-yard by a depriued and excommunicated Prelate in which respect neyther she nor her Issue were capeable of the Crowne The Emperour peruseth the Queenes last Letters and addresseth one of his trustiest Seruants in Embassage Theodore Pissempskeie a wise Nobleman about the Lady Mary Hastings aforesaid and that her Maiesty would bee pleased to send some Noble Embassadour to treate with him therein This Embassadour tooke shipping at Saint Nicolas and arriuing in England was magnificently entertayned and admitted audience Her Maiesty caused that Lady to bee attended with diuers Ladies and young Noblemen that so the Embassadour might haue a sight of her which was accomplished in Yorke House Garden There was he attended also with diuers men of quality brought before her and casting downe his countenance fell prostrate before her and rising ranne backe with his face still towards her The Lady with the rest admiring at this strange salutation hee sayd by an Interpreter it sufficed him to behold the Angelicall presence of her which hee hoped should bee his Masters Spouse and Empresse seeming rauished with her Angelicall countenance state and beauty Shee was after that by her familiar friends in Court called Empresse of Mosconia Sir William Russell third Sonne to the Earle of Bedford a wise and comely Gentleman was appointed her Maiesties Ambassadour to the Moscoune but hee and his Friends considering of the businesse and not so forward thereto the Company of Merchants intreated for Sir Ierome Bowes mooued theretowith his presence and tall person He was well set forth most at their charge and with the Russian Embassadour arriued at S. Nicolas The Emperours Ambassadour posted ouer land and deliuered his Letters with the accounts of his Embassage which was ioyfully accepted Sir I. B. passed slowly vp the Dwina 1000. miles to Vologda The Emperour sends a Pensioner Michael Preterpopoue
it selfe to the Portugall yoke And because we haue in this Chapter mentioned so many Wonders let this also haue place among if not aboue the rest which presently happened Whiles the Portugalls were busie in their Buildings a certaine Bengalan came to the Gouernour which had liued as hee affirmed three hundred thirtie fiue yeeres The old men of the Countrey testified That they had heard their Ancestors speake of his great age and himselfe had a sonne fourescore and tende yeeres old and not at all Booke-learned yet was a speaking Chronicle of those passed times His teeth had sometimes fallen out others growing in their places and his beard after it had beene very hoarie by degrees returned into his former blacknesse About an hundred yeeres before this time he had altered his Pagan Religion into the Arabian or Moorish For this his miraculous age the Sultans of Cambaya had allowed him a stipend to liue on the continuance of which he now sought and did obtaine of the Portugals Friar Ioano dos Santos cells a long story of one yet aliue Ann. 1605. of whom the Bishop of Cochin had sent men to inquire who by diligent search found that hee was then three hundred eightie yeeres old and had married eight times the father of many generations They say his teeth had thrice fallen out and thrice renewed his haire thrice hoary and as oft black againe Hee could tell of nineteene successiue Kings which reigned in Horan his Countrey in Bengala He was also borne a Gentile and after turned Moore and hoped he said to dye a Christian reioycing to see a picture of Saint Francis saying Such a man when he was twentie fiue yeeres old had foretold him this long life But to returne Mamudius successor to Badurius sought with all his forces to driue these new Lords out of Diu as Solyman had done before by a Nauie and Armie sent thither but both in vaine of which Wars Damianus à Goes hath written diuers Commentaries But this whole Countrey is now subiect to the Mogor It was in Alexanders time peopled by the Massani Sodrae or Sabracae Praestae and Sangadae as Ortelius hath placed them where Alexander as in diuers other places he had done erected a Citie of his owne name called Alexandria Daman another Key of this Bay and entrance of the Riuer Indus into the Sea fell to the Portugals share The Land of Cambaya is the fruitfullest in all India which causeth great traffique of Indians Portugals Persians Arabians Armenians c. The Guzarates or Cambayans are the subtillest Merchants in all those parts They haue amongst them many Histories of Darius and Alexander which sometime were Lords of this Indian Prouince The Portugals haue at diuers times conquered diuers of the chiefe Townes in this Kingdome some whereof they keepe still The women in Diu by Art dye their teeth black esteeming themselues so much the more beautifull and therefore go with their lips open to shew the blacknesse of their teeth drawing away the couer of their lips as if they were lip-lesse giuing the prize of Beautie to a double deformitie Blacknesse and a Mouth O Hellish wide When a Cambayan dyeth they burne his body and distribute the ashes vnto the foure Elements of which man consisteth part to the Fire part to the Ayre to the Water also and Earth their due portions as Balby hath obserued M. Patrike Copland Minister in the Dragon with Captaine Best writes that hee rode in this Countrey from Medhaphrabadh to Surat in a Coach drawne with Oxen which is the most ordinary though they haue goodly Horses He saw at once the goodliest Spring and Haruest that euer he had seene Fields joyning together whereof one was greene as a medow the other yellow as gold ready to be cut of Wheat and Rice All along goodly Villages full of trees yeelding Taddy the Palme of which after a new sweet Wine strengthning and fattening A Smith which loued his liquor said hee could wish no other wages but a pot of this Taddy alway at his girdle §. II. Of the Kingdomes of Decan OF the Decans we haue spoken before in the Mogol conquests Decan is the name of a Citie sixe leagues from which is a Hill out of which the Diamond is taken This Hill is kept with a Garrison and walled about Of the Decan Kingdomes Barros hath reported That about the yeere 1300. Sa Nosaradin reigned in Delly or Delin and inuaded the Kingdome of Canara which reacheth from the Riuer Bate North of Chaul vnto the Cape Comori and wonne much from the Ancestors of the King now termed of Bisnaga At his returne he left Habedsa his Lieutenant who added to the former Conquests gathering a Band of all mixtures Gentiles Moores Christians His sonne was confirmed in the Gouernment therefore called Decan and the people Decanins because of this confusion of so many Nations of which his Fathers and His forces consisted for Decanins signifies Bastards He shooke off alleageance to his Lord and acknowledged none Superiour Hee also much encreased his Dominions His name was Mamudsa Hee appointed eighteene Captaines or Commanders allotting to each seuerall Prouinces These Captaines hee made were but slaues that so hee might the easier hold them in subjection He commanded that each of them should build a Palace at Bedir his chiefe Citie and there reside certaine moneths in the yeere his sonne remayning there in perpetuall hostage These in processe of time grew fewer and therefore greater the King holding nothing but his Royall Citie all the Empire being in the hands of these slaues which when the Portugals came thither were no more but Sabay Niza-Malucco Madre Malucco Melic Verida Coge Mecadam the Abessine Eunuch and Cota Malucco The mightiest of them was Sabay Lord of Goa His sonne was Hidalcam Thus Barrius Garcias ab Horto writes That the Mogors had possessed the Kingdome of Delly but a certaine Bengalan rebelling against his Master slue him vsurped his State and by force of warre added this of Canara also to his Dominion he was called Xaholam This King made his sisters sonne his Successor who was much addicted to Forreiners He diuided his Kingdome into twelue parts or Prouinces ouer which he set so many Captaines Idalcam from Angidaua to Cifarda from thence to Negatona Nizamaluco Ouer Balaguate or the vp-hill Countrey for Bala in the Persian language signifieth The toppe and Guate a Hill Imadmaluco and Catalmaluco and Verido c. These all rebelled and captiued Daquem their King at Beder the chiefe Citie of Decan and shared his Kingdome amongst themselues and some Gentiles partners in the conspiracie They were all forreiners but Nizamaluco This and the other names before mentioned were Titles of Honour giuen them with their Offices by the King corrupted by the vulgar in pronouncing Idalcam is Adel-ham Adel in the Persian language signifieth Iustice Ham is the Tartarian appellation signifying a Prince or King which name might well
of Iucatan Their Houses Temples apparell and trade of Marchandize all one their houses somewhere couered with Reeds and where Quarries were with Slate many houses had Marble pillars They found Ancient Towres there and the ruines of such as had been broken downe and destroyed there was one whereto they ascended by eighteene steps or staires The Gouernour whom they supposed to be a Priest conducted them to the Towre in the top whereof they erected a Spanish Banner and called also the Island Santa Cruce In the Towre they found chambers wherein were marble Images and some of Earth in the similitude of Beares These they inuoked with loude singing all in one tune and sacrificed vnto them with fumes and sweet Odours worshipping them as their Houshold Gods There they performed their diuine ceremonies and adoration they were also circumcised Gomara saith That heere and at Xiculanco the Diuell vsed to appeare visibly and that these two were great in estimation for holinesse euery Citie had their Temple or Altar where they worshipped their Idols amongst which were many Crosses of Wood and Brasse whereby some conceiue that some Spaniards had recourse hither when Roderigo was defeated and Spaine ouer-runne by the Saracens In both these places they sacrificed men which Cortes perswaded them to cease The Temple in Cosumil or Acusamil was built like a square Towre broad at the foot with steps round about and from the middest vpward were strait the top was hollow and couered with straw it had foure windowes and Porches In the hollow place was their Chappell where stood their Idols In a Temple by the Sea-side was an vncouth Idoll great and hollow fastened in the wall with lime it was made of Earth Behinde this Idols back was the Vestry where the ornaments of the Temple were kept The Priests had a litle secret doore hard adioyning to the Image by which they crept into his hollow panch and thence answered the people that came thither with Prayers and Petitions making the simple people beleeue it was the voyce of the god which therefore they honoured more then any other with many perfumes and sweet smels They offered Bread Fruit Quailes bloud and of other Birds Dogs and sometimes Men. The fame of this Idoll and Oracle brought many Pilgrimes to Acusamil from many places At the foot of this Temple was a plot like a Church-yard well walled and garnished with Pinnacles in the middest whereof stood a Crosse of tenne foot long which they adored for the god of raine At all times when they wanted raine they would goe thither on Procession deuoutly and offered to the Crosse Quailes sacrificed no Sacrifice being so acceptable They burnt sweet Gumme to perfume him with besprinkling the same with water and by this meanes they thought to obtaine raine They could neuer know saith Gomara how that the God of the Crosse came amongst them for in all those parts of India there is no memory of any preaching of the Gospell that had beene at any time What others thinke and what some Indians answered concerning it is said before Benzo writeth That they did not eat the flesh of those men which they sacrificed and that they wre first subdued by Francis Montegius whose cruelties were such that Alquinotep a Cacique or Indian Lord aboue an hundred and ten yeeres old and a Christian told him That when he was a yong man there was a sicknesse of wormes that they thought all would haue dyed they were not onely eiected by vomite but did eate out themselues a passage thorow mens bodies and not long before the Spaniards arriuall they had two battels with the Mexicans in which an hundred and fiftie thousand men perished But all this was light in respect of that Spanish burthen Guatimala commeth next to our consideration a Prouince of pleasant Ayre and fertile soyle where groweth abundance of their Cacao which is a fruit that serueth the Indians for meat drinke and money The Citie which beareth the same name was first at the foot of a Vulcano or Hill which casteth fire but because in the yeere 1542. on the sixe and twentieth day of December a Lake hidden in the bowels of that Hill brake forth in many places and with a terrible violence ruined the most part of the Citie it was remoued two miles thence together with the Episcopall Sea and the Kings Councell But in the yeere 1581. there issued from another Vulcan two miles off or somewhat more such an eruption of fire as threatned to consume euery thing The day following followed such a showre of Ashes that is filled the Valley and almost buried the Citie And yet were not all the throwes passed of this Hils monstrous trauels but the yeere after for the space of foure twenty houres thence issued a streame of fire that dranke vp fiue streames of water burned the stones and Rockes rent the Ayre with thunders and made it a wauing and mouing Sea of fire Before that first eruption of waters some Indians came and told the Bishop that they had heard an vncredible noyse and murmuring at the foot of the Hill but he reproued them saying they should not trouble themselues with vaine and superstitious feares about two of the clocke in the night following happened that deluge which carried away many houses and whatsoeuer stood in the way in which 520. Spaniards perished and scarce any mention of the houses remained It is worthy recitall which Benzo and Gomara haue recorded that Peter Aluarado the Gouernour who by licence of the Pope had married two sisters the Ladie Frances and the Ladie Beatrice della Culna hauing perished by a mischance his wife not onely painted her house with Sorrowes blacke Liuerie and abstained from meat and sleeps but in a mad impietie said God could now doe her no greater euill Yet for all this her sorrow shee caused the Citizens to be sworne vnto her Gouernment a new thing in the Indies Soone after this inundation hapned which first of all assailed the Gouernours house and caused this impotent and impatient Ladie now to bethinke her of a deuotion and betake her to her Chappell with eleuen of her Maids where leaping on the Altar and clasping about an Image the force of the water ruined the Chappell whereas if she had stayed in her bed-chamber she had escaped death They tell of vncouth noysts and hideous apparition which then were seene Benzo obserued by his owne experience that this Country is much subiect to Earth-quakes The Guatimalans in manner of life resemble the Mexicans and Nicaraguans Fondura or Hondura is next to Guatimala wherein were saith Benzo at the Spaniards first comming thither foure hundred thousand Indians but when I was there scarcely eight thousand were left the rest being slaine or sold or consumed by the Mines and those which are left both heere and in other places place their habitation as farre as they can where the Spaniard shall be no eye-sore