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B05684 A proclamation for securing the peace in the northern shires Scotland. Privy Council.; Scotland. Sovereign (1689-1694 : William and Mary) 1692 (1692) Wing S1911; ESTC R218142 2,508 1

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A PROCLAMATION For Securing the Peace in the Northern Shires WILLIAM and MARY by the Grace of GOD King and Queen of Great-Britain France and Ireland Defenders of the Faith To Macers of Our Privy Council Messengers at Arms Our Sheriffs in that part conjunctly and severally specially constitute Greeting Forasmuch as We by Our Proclamation of the Date the ninth Day of May current with Advice of the Lords of Our Privy Council Have thought fit to Require the Heretors and Fencible Men in the several Shires therein mentioned under the Command of the Officers Named or to be Named in manner therein-specified to Rendezvouz upon the Days and at the places therein set down for being in readiness when called out to make all vigorous Defence and Resistance against an Invasion of Barbarous and Bloody French and Irish Papilts from the Kingdom of France upon this Our Antient Kingdom and chiefly upon the South and Western parts thereof And it being likewise Our Desire and Intention to take Care of the Peace and Tranquility of the other parts of this Kingdom although not apprehended to be so near the Danger That the same may be secure from all Forraign Attempts or Intestine Commotion And for that end it being fit and necessar that particular Persons be Nominated and Appoionted principally to take Care of the Peace of several Shires under-written and do every thing requisit for Suppressing and Resisting any Attempts from Abroad or Iusurrection at Home within the same and to Prosecute such Orders and Directions as shall from time to time be sent to them from Us or Our Privy Council And it being also necessar that Justices of Peace be Appointed and Authorized to put in Execution the Laws and Acts of Parliament made anent that Trust and Office conform to and in the Particulars specified in the several instructions therin-contaned Therefore We with Advice of the Lords of Our Privy Council Hereby Nominat and Appoint David Boyl of Kelburn for the Shires of Bute Andrew Lord Rollo and David Lord Ruthven for the Shire of Perth The Viscount of Arbuthnet for the Shire of Kincardin The Earl of Kintore for that Division of the Shire of Aberdene contained in a Commission formerly granted to him by Our Privy Council And the Master of Saltoun for the other Division of the said Shire Lodovick Grant of Freueich for the Shire of Inverness David Broddie of Lethin for the Shire of Nairn The Viscount of Tarbat for the Shire of Cromarty The Earl of Strathmore for the Shire of Forfar The Earl of Finlator and in his absence Sir James Ogilvy of Church-hill his Son for the Shire of Baness The Lord Strathnaver and in his absence Sir Robert Gordon of Embo and Adam-Gordon of Dalsolly for the Shire of Sutherland Sir George Sinclar of Cleith for the Shire of Caithness 〈◊〉 Broddie of that Ilk for the Shire of Elgin Robert Elphingston of Lapness for the Shire of Stuartry of Orknay and Zetland And David Ross of Balnagowan for the Shore of Ress to have the principal Command Care and Oversight of the Peace and Security of the saids respective Shire Stewartry and for D 〈…〉 necessar and requisit for making a vigorous Defence against all 〈…〉 same And for that Effect to Con 〈…〉 think fit for the timous and ready Suppressing of any unwarrantable Convocations Assemblies or Meetings of Our Leidges or 〈◊〉 And Require and Command the particular Persons above-named and every one of them within their respective Bounds to Secure and Seize upon conform to the Laws and Acts of Parliament made thereanent any Seditious or Turbulent Persons their Horse and Arms and such as they find stirring up or Fomenting any Insurrection amongst Our Subjects or unwarrantable Commotion against Us and Our Government for Disturbance of the Peace thereof and any who may be accessory thereto or concerned therein and detain them in Custody until they advertise Our Privy Council which they are to do with all possible Diligence and have their Orders thereanent Which Persons particularly above-named within their Bounds respective above-mentioned to have the Leading and Chief Command of thc Heretors and Fencible Men within the saids respective Shires when Called forth by Us or Our Privy Council to attend Our Host for the better Defence of this Our Antient Kingdom conform to the Orders to be sent by Us or Our Privy Council with the Names of the Inferiour Officers to be Appointed by Our saids Lords for the better Discharge of the said Service And We Considering the want of Justice of Peace in the several Shires to be a great prejudice to Our Subjects within the same and to the Establishing and Preserving the Peace and Tranquillity thereof in the time of so great Danger And that it may contribute much to Our Service at this time that Justices of Peace be Named in the several Shires above-mentioned al 's well as the rest of the Shires of this Kingdom Therefore We with Advice foresaid conform to the Act of Parliament made thereanent Declare Appoint and Authorize the Commissioners of Supply of the respective Shires and Stewartry foresaids who have or shall qualifie themselves according to Law to be Justices of Peace in the saids several Shires and Stewartry with Power to them to Do and perform every Thing which to the said Office and Trust is competent and known to belong by the several Laws and Acts of Parliament made thereanent and Instructions therein set down And further We with Advice foresaid Require and Command the saids Justices of Peaces within the Shires aod Stewartry respective above-mentioned to Meet and Conveen at the Head-Burgh of the respective Shires upon Advertisement from the particular Person or Pesons above-named for the particular Shires and Stewartry above-exprest and to concur with and give all Assistance to all and each of them within their respective Bounds for Securing the Peace of the saids Shires Stewartry and Resisting and Suppressing all Attempts that may be made against the same or any Insurrection or Commotion which may be excited or stirred Up there in And for Securing and Detaining in manner above-mentioned the Fomenters thereof or persons accessory thereto And Sicklike We Require Command the Sheriffs of the respective Shires above-mentioned Stewarts of Stewartries Baillies of Regalities and Bailliaries Magistrats of Burghs and whole other Ministers of the Law within the same to concur with and give all Aid and Assistance to the Persons specially above-named for the Shires Stewartry particularly above set down in their observing the Premisses and doing and performing every thing necessar for executing and discharging the Trust conferred upon them hereby OUR WILL IS HEREFORE and We Charge you straitly and Command that incontinent these Our Letters seen ye pass to the Mercat-Cross of Edinburgh and to the remanent Mercat-Crosses of the whole Head-Burghs of the several Shires and Stewartry above-named and there in Our Name and Authority by open Proclamation make Publication of the Premisses that none pretend ignorance And Ordains these Presents to he Printed Given Under Our Signet at Edinburgh the thirteenth day of May. And of Our Reign the fourth Year 1692 Per actum Dominorum Secreti Concilii In Supplementum Signeti GlLB ELIOT Cls. Sti. Concilii GOD Save King VVilliam and Queen Mary Edinburg Printed by the Heir of Andrew Anderson Printer to Their most Excellent Majesties Anno DOM. 1692.