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A89979 A new list of all the members of this present Parliament vvith the respective counties and places for which they serve. VVith the names of the members of the severall committees, and places where they sit, for regulating the abuses of the Commonwealth. Note that all committees have power to send for persons, papers, witnesses, and records, and examine witnesses upon oath as they shall see cause, and where the petitions shall not bee made good, to allow costs. 1653 (1653) Wing N653; Thomason 669.f.17[57]; ESTC R211708 3,182 1

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a_o new_a list_n of_o all_o the_o member_n of_o this_o present_a parliament_n with_o the_o respective_a county_n and_o place_n for_o which_o they_o serve_v with_o the_o name_n of_o the_o member_n of_o the_o several_a committee_n and_o place_n where_o they_o sit_v for_o regulate_v the_o abuse_n of_o the_o commonwealth_n note_v that_o all_o committee_n have_v power_n to_o send_v for_o person_n paper_n witness_n and_o record_n and_o examine_v witness_n upon_o oath_n as_o they_o shall_v see_v cause_n and_o where_o the_o petition_n shall_v not_o be_v make_v good_a to_o allow_v cost_v a_o list_n of_o the_o name_n of_o the_o parliament-man_n berks._n samuel_n dunch_n vincent_n goddard_n thomas_n wood_n bedford_n nathanael_n taylor_n edward_n cater_n buckingham_n george_n fleetwood_n george_n baldwin_n cambridge_n john_n sadler_n thomas_n french_a robert_n castle_n samuel_n warner_n chester_n robert_n duckenfield_n henry_n birkinhead_n four_o northern_a county_n charles_n howard_n robert_n fenwick_n henry_n dawson_n henry_n ogle_n cornwall_n robert_n bennet_n francis_n langdon_n anthony_n rous_n john_n bawden_n derby_n jervas_n bennet_n nathanael_n barron_n devon_n george_n monk_n one_o of_o the_o general_n at_o sea_n john_n carew_n thomas_n sanders_n christopher_n martin_n james_n erisey_n francis_n rous_n richard_n sweet_a dorset_n william_n sydenham_n john_n bingham_n essex_n joachim_n matthews_n henry_n barington_n john_n brewster_n christopher_n earl_n dudley_n templer_n gloucester_n john_n crest_n william_n nest_n robert_n holmes_n southampton_n richard_n norton_n richard_n major_a john_n hildesley_n hertford_n henry_n laurence_n william_n reeve_n hereford_n wroth_a r●gers_n john_n herring_n huntingdon_n edward_n montague_n stephen_n phesaunt_n kent_n lord_n viscount_n lisle_n thomas_n blount_n william_n kenrick_n william_n cullen_n andrew_n broughton_n lancaster_n william_n west_n john_n ●awrey_a robert_n cunliff_n leicester_n henry_n danvers_n edward_n smith_n john_n prat_n lincoln_n sir_n will._n brownlow_n richard_n cust_n barnaby_n bowtel_n humphrey_n walcot_n william_n thompson_n mildlesex_n sir_n william_n roberts_n augustine_n wingfield_n arthur_n squib_n monmouth_n philip_n jones_n northampton_n sir_n gilbert_n pickering_n thomas_n brook_n norfolk_n robert_n jermy_n tobias_n freere_n ralph_n wolmer_n henry_n king_n william_n burton_n nottingham_n john_n oddingsel_v edward_n clud_v oxon_n sir_n charles_n wolsley_n william_n draper_n dr._n jonathan_n goddard_n rutland_n edward_n horseman_n salop_n william_n botterel_n thomas_n baker_n stafford_n george_n bellit_fw-la john_n chetwood_n suffolk_n jacob_n caley_n francis_n brewster_n robert_n dunkon_v john_n clark_n edward_n plumstead_n somerset_n robert_n blake_n one_o of_o the_o general_n sea_n john_n pine_n dennis_n hollister_n henry_n henly_n surrey_n samuel_n highland_n laurence_n march_n sussex_n anthony_n stapeley_n william_n spence_n nathaniel_n studely_n warwick_n john_n st._n nicholas_n richard_n lucy_n wilts_n sir_n anthony_n ashley-cooper_n nicholas_n green_n thomas_n eyre_n worcester_n richard_n salway_n john_n james_n york_n george_n lord_n eyre_n walter_n strickland_n francis_n lassel_v john_n anlaby_n thomas_n dickenson_n thomas_n st_n nicholas_n roger_n coat_n edward_n gill_n london_n robert_n tichborn_n john_n ireton_n samuel_n moyer_n john_n langley_n john_n srone_n henry_n barton_n praise-god_n barbone_n wales_n bushy_n mansel_n james_n philip_n john_n williams_n hugh_n courtney_n richard_n price_n john_n brown_n scotland_n sir_n james_n hope_v alexander_n bredy_n john_n swinton_n william_n lockart_n alexander_n jefferies_n ireland_n sir_n robert_n king_n col._n john_n hewson_n col_fw-fr henry_n cromwell_n col._n john_n clarke_n daniel_n hutchinson_n vincent_n gookyn_n call_v in_o by_o the_o parliament_n since_o they_o sit_v lord_n general_n cromwell_n major_n gen_n lambert_n major_n gen._n harrison_n maj_n gen._n desborough_n col._n mat._n tomlinson_n council_n of_o state_n lord_n general_n cromwell_n major_n gen._n lambert_n major_n gen_n harrison_n maj_n gen._n desborough_n sir_n gibert_n pickering_n col._n tomlinson_n col._n bennet_n col._n stape_o col._n sidnam_n col._n jones_n mr_n jo._n carew_n m._n walt._n strickland_n mr._n moyer_n major_n salloway_n sir_n ant._n ash_n cooper_n sir_n charles_n wolsley_n sir_n james_n hope_v lieu._n gen_n fleetwood_n mr._n broughton_n col._n hewson_n alderman_n tichborne_n col._n norton_n mr._n laurence_n mr._n courtney_n mr._n major_a mr._n howard_n col._n montague_n mr._n st._n nicholas_n mr._n williams_n mr._n holsten_n a_o committee_n for_o the_o affair_n of_o scotland_n lord_n gen._n cromwell_n maj._n gen._n lambert_n major_a general_n harrison_n alderman_n titchborn_n captain_n charles_n howard_n mr._n alexander_n jefferies_n mr._n henry_n henly_n mr._n danvers_n major_n thomas_n sanders_n mr._n nathaniel_n tailer_n mr._n john_n sawrey_n mr._n robert_n fenwick_n mr._n john_n odensel_n mr._n john_n st._n nicholas_n mr._n nathanael_n studley_n the_o quorum_fw-la seven_o and_o to_o sit_v in_o the_o house_n common_o call_v the_o lord_n house_n a_o committee_n for_o the_o affair_n of_o ireland_n lord_n gen._n cromwell_n maj._n gen._n lambert_n sir_n robert_n king_n mr._n spence_n col._n cromwell_n mr._n frere_n col._n hewson_n col._n hutchinson_n col._n clark_n mr._n mansel_n mr._n gookin_n mr._n clark_n col._n west_n col._n philip_n jones_n mr._n francis_n brewster_n the_o quorum_fw-la or_o any_o five_o to_o meet_v in_o the_o lord_n house_n a_o committee_n for_o discovery_n of_o bribery_n fraud_n breach_n of_o public_a trust_n and_o public_a debt_n sir_n gilbert_n pickering_n mr._n strickland_n col._n bingham_n mr._n sadler_n col._n duckenfield_n col._n kenrick_n col._n montague_n george_n lo._n eure_n mr._n wil._n reeve_n mr._n bowtell_n mr._n hildes●ey_n mr._n cassell_n mr._n lassells_n or_o any_o five_o of_o they_o to_o sit_v in_o the_o duchy_n court_n a_o committee_n for_o the_o army_n col._n sidenham_n mr._n william_n lockart_n col._n norton_n col._n clark_n mr._n will._n lockart_n mr._n wolmer_n col._n pine_n mr._n lucy_n col._n west_n mr._n cust_n mr._n horseman_n mr._n clud_v mr._n fleetwood_n mr._n nest_n col._n bennet_n mr._n anlaby_n quorum_fw-la five_o a_o committee_n for_o the_o law_n sir_n antho._n ashley_n cooper_n sir_n will_n robert_n sir_n wil._n brownlow_n maj._n gen._n desborough_n col._n matth._n tomlinson_n mr._n sadler_n col._n blount_n m._n jo._n brewster_n m._n taylor_n m._n jervas_n bennet_n mr._n gill_n m._n king_n m._n swinton_n m._n nath._n barton_n m._n coates_n mr._n wingfield_n mr._n spence_n m._n moyer_n col._n w●st_n quorum_fw-la 5._o to_o sit_v in_o the_o chequer_n chamber_n a_o committee_n to_o consider_v of_o the_o treasury_n maj._n gen._n harrison_n mr._n squib_n col._n bennet_n col._n james_n col._n blount_n mr._n wolmer_n mr._n jacob_n caley_n mr._n cunliffe_n mr._n birkinhead_n mr._n stone_n mr._n botterel_n major_n bawden_n mr._n barington_n alderm_n ireton_n mr._n moyer_n mr._n hildesley_n sir_n wil._n roberts_n mr._n anlaby_n mr._n thomson_n col._n west_n mr._n taylor_n mr._n hutchingson_n sir_n wil._n brownlow_n or_o any_o five_o of_o they_o to_o sit_v in_o the_o court_n of_o ward_n and_o this_o committee_n have_v likewise_o power_n to_o consider_v how_o the_o money_n come_v into_o the_o several_a treasury_n of_o the_o commonwealth_n may_v be_v bring_v into_o one_o treasury_n and_o a_o constant_a account_n may_v be_v have_v thereof_o and_o how_o all_o person_n who_o have_v receive_v any_o of_o the_o treasure_n or_o money_n of_o the_o commonwealth_n may_v be_v call_v to_o account_v and_o to_o coufer_v with_o any_o person_n who_o they_o shall_v think_v fit_a and_o consider_v of_o any_o other_o matter_n which_o may_v conduce_v to_o the_o advancement_n and_o best_a manage_v of_o the_o treasure_n of_o the_o commonwealth_n with_o power_n to_o send_v for_o person_n paper_n and_o record_n and_o to_o consider_v of_o the_o multitude_n of_o officer_n and_o their_o salary_n a_o committee_n for_o advancement_n of_o learning_n mr._n strickland_n mr._n sadler_n mr._n laurence_n mr._n wingfield_n dr._n goddard_n col._n barton_n mr._n spence_n sir_n anth._n ashley-cooper_n col._n sidenham_n ald●rm_n tichburn_n col._n montague_n mr._n lockart_n sir_n robert_n king_n col._n blount_n sir_n wil._n roberts_n mr._n john_n st._n nicholas_n col._n matthewes_n mr._n cust_n the_o quorum_fw-la to_o be_v five_o and_o to_o meet_v in_o the_o duchy_n chamber_n a_o committee_n for_o tithe_n major_a gen._n harrison_n mr._n sadler_n sir_n antho._n ashley_n cooper_n col._n barton_n praisegod_o barbone_n col._n blount_n mr._n highland_n alder._n titchburn_n maj._n general_n desborough_n col._n clark_n mr._n strickland_n col._n sidenham_n col_n danvers_n sir_n wil._n roberts_n mr._n jefferies_n mr._n spence_n mr._n squib_n mr._n wolmer_n mr._n west_n col._n kenrick_n mr._n freer_n capt._n stone_n mr._n taylor_n mr._n wingfield_n col._n rous_n mr._n moyer_n major_n horseman_n mr._n plumstead_n mr._n herring_n mr._n courtney_n mr._n gill_n mr_n swinton_n and_o the_o care_n hereof_o in_o commit_v to_o m._n sadler_n m._n taylor_n and_o col._n west_n to_o sit_v in_o the_o chequer_n chamber_n this_o committee_n have_v power_n to_o punish_v scandalus_fw-la minister_n and_o to_o prefer_v godly_a minister_n in_o their_o place_n a_o committee_n for_o the_o poor_a and_o regulate_v commission_n of_o peace_n for_o almshouse_n and_o for_o print_v mr._n baldwyn_n mr._n ogle_n mr._n chetwood_n maj._n sanders_n mr._n wood_n mr._n draper_n mr._n langdon_n mr._n thomas_n st._n nicholas_n mr._n brook_n mr._n cater_n mr._n green_n mr._n bennet_n mr._n barton_n mr._n barrington_n mr._n tompson_n and_o all_o that_o come_v to_o have_v voice_n to_o sit_v in_o the_o queen_n court._n a_o committee_n for_o receive_v petition_n col._n rous_n mr._n dunch_n alderman_n treton_n mr._n barbone_n dr._n goddard_n mr._n crofts_n mr._n henry_n barton_n mr._n freer_n mr._n earl_n mr._n jermy_n mr._n matthews_n mr._n hildesley_n mr._n erisley_n or_o any_o five_o of_o they_o to_o sit_v in_o the_o paint_a chamber_n this_o committee_n be_v to_o consider_v of_o such_o petition_n as_o be_v direct_v to_o the_o parliament_n and_o to_o present_v such_o of_o they_o only_o to_o the_o parliament_n as_o be_v proper_a to_o the_o legislative_a power_n or_o not_o receivable_a elsewhere_o with_o power_n to_o send_v for_o person_n paper_n witness_n and_o record_n and_o this_o committee_n have_v power_n upon_o such_o petition_n as_o concern_v private_a person_n and_o shall_v be_v judge_v by_o they_o fit_a to_o be_v present_v to_o the_o house_n as_o it_o be_v before_o direct_v to_o examine_v witness_n upon_o oath_n if_o they_o see_v cause_n and_o state_n the_o matter_n of_o fact_n and_o report_v it_o to_o the_o parliament_n and_o in_o such_o case_n as_o the_o petition_n shall_v not_o be_v make_v good_a be-before_a they_o they_o be_v to_o state_n the_o case_n to_o the_o house_n with_o their_o opinion_n touch_v cost_n to_o be_v give_v in_o such_o case_n to_o the_o person_n unjust_o molest_v it_o be_v order_v by_o this_o committee_n for_o their_o more_o regular_a and_o certain_a proceed_n that_o for_o such_o petition_n as_o shall_v concern_v private_a person_n the_o petitioner_n do_v put_v the_o word_n and_o matter_n of_o their_o petition_n into_o particular_n upon_o which_o they_o will_v have_v their_o witness_n examine_v and_o at_o the_o day_n appoint_v for_o the_o hear_n and_o examine_v of_o the_o whole_a matter_n they_o be_v to_o set_v down_o their_o witness_n name_n in_o the_o margin_n of_o each_o particular_a upon_o which_o they_o desire_v to_o have_v they_o examine_v a_o committee_n for_o prison_n and_o prisoner_n mr._n anlaby_n mr._n march_n col._n james_n mr._n price_n mr._n highland_n mr._n herring_n mr._n bellit_fw-la mr._n brown_n mr._n williams_n mr._n wingfield_n mr._n rogers_n mr._n cullen_n mr._n prat_n mr._n vin._n goddard_n and_o any_o five_o of_o they_o to_o sit_v in_o the_o chequer_n chamber_n a_o committee_n for_o the_o business_n of_o trade_n corporation_n and_o for_o receive_v proposition_n for_o advance_v of_o the_o common_a wealth_n m._n sam._n warner_n m._n sweet_a m._n ald._n ireton_n mr._n hutchinson_n mr._n dickenson_n mr._n dawson_n mr._n stone_n mr._n wood_n mr._n jefferies_n mr._n french_a mr._n templer_n mr._n plumstede_n mr._n dunkon_v mr._n clarke_n mr._n moyer_n col._n bennet_n mr._n holmes_n mr._n coates_n mr._n barton_n or_o any_o seven_o of_o they_o to_o sit_v at_o whitehall_n in_o the_o old_a council_n chamber_n finis_fw-la print_a by_o robert_n ibbitson_n