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A96639 The Lord Willoughby of Parham, his letter to an honorable member of the House of Parliament. His Majesties letter to the Lord Willoughby of Parham. The Lord Willoughby of Parham his letter, in answer, to His Maiesties. With the message of the Lords to the House of Commons upon the said letters. As also the Lord of Warwicks letter to his brother the Earle of Holland. And the declaration or resolution of the officers in the county of Essex, to the Earl of Warwick, lord lievtenant of that county. With the approbation of both houses concerning the same. Willoughby of Parham, Francis Willoughby, Baron, 1613?-1666.; Warwick, Robert Rich, Earl of, 1587-1658.; England and Wales. Parliament.; England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I). aut 1642 (1642) Wing W2860; Thomason E150_4; ESTC R15128 5,316 18

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The Lord Willoughby of Parham his Letter to an Honorable Member of the House of Parliament His Majesties Letter to the Lord Willoughby of Parham The Lord Willoughby of Parham his Letter in answer to His Maiesties WITH The Message of the Lords to the House of Commons upon the said Letters As also The Lord of Warwicks Letter to his brother the Earle of Holland AND The Declaration or Resolution of the Officers in the County of Essex to the Earle of Warwick Lord Lievtenant of that County With the Approbation of both Houses concerning the same Printed for Joseph Hunscott and Iohn Wright Die Jovis 9. Junii 1642. ORdered by the Lords in Parliament That these severall Letters and Resolutions shall be forthwith Printed and Published Joh. Brown Cler. Parliament My Lord I Received a Letter from your Lordship in which the House is pleased to do me a very great Honour farre above any desert of mine and little expected by me for my Lord I well know my obedience tyes me to fulfill their Commands and in that I have done I have done but my duty and that which every honest man ought to do and oweth of right to the Parliament and whosoever hath that principle in him it will dictate to him as much and keep him from other by-wayes And for my own part my heart ever was and shall ever be both forward and ready to obey their Lordships Commands in all things both with Integrity and Industry and Gods curse light upon him and his that carryes any other heart about him My Lord it is too mean a way for me to expresse my acknowledgement in paper to the House for this high favour which I have received by your Lordships Letter I hope to make it appear by my actions that then Lordships see I am not an ungratefull servant It is a great encouragement to these parts their Lordships Resolutions in giving their Commands to have the rest of the Militia put in present execution and truly my Lord it was out of that regard that I did intimate it to my Lord of Essex as holding it a thing much conducing to the publike good and the only remedy to cure these distractions which the Kingdom is in not out of any regard to my self for I know if I suffer in executing their Lordships commands it must be against their wills and when that day comes I will not give a straw for all I have were I but a looker on My Lord as I was this day at Lincoln where I appointed to begin to Muster there came a Messenger from His Majesty with this Letter which I held it my duty to acquaint the House with and likewise my answer and am for Lincoln where as in all other places I shall be ready to serve your Lordship As your most humble servant F. WILLOUGHBY MY Lord ere my Letter was sealed up I could not but give your Lordship an accompt in how good a Posture I found the Trained Bind of Lincoln which was farre beyond my expectation considering the unhappinesse in the sicknesse being dispersed in the Town which hindred the appearance of some But truly my Lord that was fully supplyed by a Company of Voluntiers equall in number and goodnesse of Arms to the Trained Bands Lincoln 6. Iune 1642. 〈◊〉 SOIT QVI MAL Y PEN●● CHARLES REX RIght trusty and welbeloved We greet you well Whereas We understand That you have begun to assemble Train and Muster the Trained-Bands of our County of Lincoln under pretence of an Ordinance of Parliament whereto We have not given our Consent Which is not only contrary to Law but to Our Command and Pleasure signified by Our Proclamation sent to the high Sheriff of that Our County Wherefore That you may not hereafter plead Ignorance of such Our Prohibition We do by these Our Letters Command and charge you upon your Allegiance to desist and forbear to Raise Muster Train Exercise or Assemble together any part of the Trained Bands of that Our County either by your self or by any others imployed under you or by Warrant from you And because you may for what you have already done concerning the Militia of that Our County plead that you had not so particular a Command We shall passe by what you have already done therin So as presently upon your receipt hereof you shall desist and give over medling any further with any thing belonging to the Militia of that Our County But if you shall not presently desist and forbear medling therewith We are resolved to call you to a strict Accompt for your Disobedience therein after so many particular and legall Commands given you upon your Allegiance to the contrary and shall esteem and proceed against you as a disturber of the peace of Our Kingdom Given at Our Court at York the fourth of June 1642. To Our right trusty and welbeloved the Lord Willoughby of Parham SIR AS there can be nothing of greater unhappinesse to me then to receive a Command from your Majestie whereunto my endeavours cannot give so ready an obedience as my affections so I must confesse the difficulty at this time not a little how to expresse that duty which I owe to your Majesties late Commands and not falsifie that Trust reposed in me by your high Court of Parliament through whose particular directions I am now come into this County to settle the Militia according to the Ordinance of Parliament which by the Votes of my Lord Littleton and others in the House of Peers better versed in the Laws then my self passed as a Legall thing and hath since been confirmed if I mistake not by his example and your Majesties Chief Justice Sir John Banks both in accepting their Ordinance and nominating their Deputy-Lieutenants how much farther they proceeded I know not But Sir if the opinions of those great Lawyers drew me into an act unsuitable to your Majesties liking I hope the wart of yeers will excuse my want of judgement And since the Command of the Parliament I am now so far ingaged in their service as the sending out Warrants to summon the County to meet me this day at Lincoln and afterwards in other places I do most humbly beseech your Majesty not to impose that Command on me which must needs render me false to those that relve on me and so make me more unhappier then any other misery can fall upon me These things Sir I once more humbly beseech your Majestie may be taken into your gracious consideration and that you would never be pleased to harbour any misconceit of me or of this action since nothing hath yet passed by my Commands here or ever shall but what shall tend to the honour and safety of your Majesties Person to the preservation of the peace of your Kingdom and to the content I hope of all your Majesties Subjects in these parts amongst which I remain YOUR MAJESTIES Most humble and most dutifull SVBJECT and SERVANT F. WILLOVGHBY THE MESSAGE
OF THE LORDS TO THE House of Commons UPON The Lord WILLOUGHBY of Parham His Letter and service in the execution of the Ordinance concerning the MILITIA THe Lords have thought fit to let you know how much they valew and approve the endeavors of this Lord in a service so much importing the safety of this Kingdome and they doubt not of your readinesse to concurre with them upon all occasions to manifest the sence they have and shall retaine of his deservings which appeares the greater by how much the difficulties by those circumstances you have heard read have been greater And as my Lords resolve to make his interest their owne in this service for the publique good and safe●● of this Kingdome so they desire you to joyne with them in so good and necessary a worke Resolved by the House of Commons to joyne with the Lords in this vote and doe make the like resolution for the deputy Lieutenants for the County of Lincolne and desire the Lords concurrence therein Ordered by the Lords in Parliament That they agree with the House of Commons for the resolution concerning the Deputy-Lieutenants of the County of Lincolne TO My Noble Brother the Earle of HOLLAND Brother IN obedience to the order of both Houses of Parliament I this day repaired to Burntwood where about one fourth part of the Trayned bands of Essex were appointed to meete for putting of the ordinance for the Militia of this County in execution I saw five Compaines drawne out being of the ordinary trayned Bands and all that were designed to this place whole numbers I found full and their Armies compleat For though about threescore Armes had beene formerly taken out of each company for the late service about Scotland yet a full supply was made by Volunteers and one of the said five Compaines being under the conduct of Sir VVilliam Mashams sonne was double to the usuall list A sixth Company was drawne out which consisted of neere five hundred able men who came as volunteers under the command of Sir Thomas Baringtons younger son I caused the Declaration of both houses made for their indemnity to be read at the head of each company And required the Captaines Officers and Souldiers to be obedient to such directions as should be conveyed to them from me or my deputy Lieutenants according to the said ordinance for the service of his Majesty and the Parliament in defence of the Kingdome To which they did unanimously manifest a resolution and respect and a cheerfull readinesse therein to spend their lives and fortunes Hereof I thought fit to give your Lordship this briefe accompt praying you to communicate the same to their Lordships I having desired my deputy Lieutenants to doe the same to the House of Commons I have this day received a petition from the Captaines and Lievtenants of the severall companies here assembled in the name of all the persons belonging to the said trayned bands and with their full consent expressed upon the reading of it by their generall acclamations and applause in their severall Companies whereof I send your Lordship a copy here inclosed And so desiring from God a blessing upon all your counsells I rest Burntwood the 7. of Iune 1642. Your Lordships affectionate Brother WARVVICK TO THE RIGHT HONOVRABLE ROBERT Earle of Warwicke Lord Lieutenant of the County of Essex and to the Right Worshipfull and worthy Gentlemen the Deputy Li●utenants of the same County confided in by the most Honourable the High Court of Parliament WE the Captaines and Lieutenants with the full consent of the Trained-Bands and Volontiers of the said County now assembled having before the accesse of this present Parliament seen our Religion our Lawes our liberties and estates brought to the brinke of ruine and subversion by the results of most desperate and wicked Councels could not but with exceeding joy behold the assembling and continuance of so great and faithfull a Councell the representative body of this Kingdome and with most certaine confidence commit therero all that was deere unto us And having also seen the late hellish designes and actings of a M●lignant party of this Kingdome and the bloody rebellion in Ireland all working to retard the progresse or subvert the being of this worthy Parliament and therein to bereave us of all our hopes of Reformation or future peace or happinesse to th●s Church or Kingdome We cannot but ascribe all glory and praise unto the Lord of Lords and expresse most hearty thankfulnesse unto his blessed Instruments that great Assembly for their undanted Resolutions unparalleld endeavours and happy proceedings for the common good And herein as not the least meanes of our safety for the most necessary and seasonable Ordinance of theirs touching the ordering of the Militi● whereby we are put under the command and guidance of so Noble a Lord and such worthy Gentlemen whereunto We humbly desire this present day and meeting may be an Evidence and pledge of our free and willing obedience And having entrusted our Religion our Lawes and all into the hands of that great and most faithfull Councell the Parliament whose care and fidelity we have so abundantly found we even bleed to see the heart and actions of our Royall King contrary to his owne Royall expressions declining from the Councels of His Parliament and carried after other Counsels whom as the Lawes and Constitutions of this Land have not knowne nor reposed upon so we for our owne parts neither will nor dare intrust with our Religion or Lawes And whom we verily beleeve could they prevaile against that highest Court under God our chiefest Bulwarke and defence would soone deprive us both of Religion and Law and notwithstanding all their specious pretences reduce us to a condition no lesse miserable then slavish From the deepe apprehensions of all which we doe freely and heartily promise and tender our persons and estates to assist and defend to the uttermost the high Court of Parliament now assembled the members power and priviledges thereof and therein His Majesties person and authority and the Kingdomes peace according to our late Protestation against all contrary counsels power and force of Armes whatsoever which shall be reard up or attempted against them And this our humble acknowledgement and resolution which we doubt not will be accorded unto by all good subjects we humbly desire your Honour and Worships to tender on our behalfe unto that most Honourable Assembly of Parliament For whose happy progresse and successe we shal daily pray Trained-Bands Captaine Kitely Captaine Henry Farr Captaine Iohn Ballet Captaine Iohn Fleming Captaine W. Marsham Lieutenant Tho. Harper Lieutenant Jo. VVoodcock Lieutenant Rich. Lawrence Lieutenant Geo. Colwell Lieutenant Tho. Clarke Volontiers Robert Barington Captaine William Burls Lieutenant THe Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled being advertised by the Lord Lievtenant and Deputy Lieutenants of the County of Essex of their ready full and forward meeting of the Tray-Bands of that County and of a cheerefull accesse of a very considerable number of Volunteers at their first appearing Have thought fit to expresse unto them the good sence they hold of their proceedings so much conducing to the Generall safty of this Kingdome And having likewise received from them a Declaration full of affections and good inclinations to maintaine our Religion Lawes Liberties and Priveledges of Parliament Which they observe to be invaided by pernicious Councell as indeed they have beene of late in a more dangerous and high manner then any age can parallel And having very prudently observed in a right understanding That the Kingdome and the Kings authority and Person can be no wayes maintained but by the upholding the power and priviledges of Parliament as by the late Protestation they acknowledge themselves bound unto against all contrary Councils Power and force of Armes whatsoever This just and faithfull resolution of theirs to the publique good The Lords and Commons doe not onely approve but commend assuring them that as their endeavors have been for the peace and happinesse of the King and Kingdome So they will persist in discharge of the great and publique trust which lies upon them to goe through all difficulties which may oppose the publique peace and welfare of this Kingdome And will upon all occasions bee ready to expresse particularly to those persons that respect which is due to persons from whom they have receaved such assurance of their affections and fidelities FINIS