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A89463 The speech of the right honourable Edward, Earl of Manchester, Lord Chamberlain of His Majesties houshold delivered at the Guild-Hall, London, on Thursday, being the first day of December, 1664. at a common hall there held : where were also present ... members of the honourable Houses of Parliament. Manchester, Edward Montagu, Earl of, 1602-1671. 1664 (1664) Wing M398A; ESTC R42584 1,660 8

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the_o speech_n of_o the_o right_n honourable_a edward_z earl_n of_o manchester_n lord_n chamberlain_n of_o his_o majesty_n household_n deliver_v at_o the_o guild-hall_n london_n on_o thursday_n be_v the_o first_o day_n of_o december_n 1664._o at_o a_o common_a hall_n there_o hold_v where_o be_v also_o present_a the_o earl_n of_o bridgewater_n lord_n bishop_n of_o london_n lord_n berkley_n of_o berkley_n lord_n moon_n lord_n ashley_n mr._n vice-chamberlain_n mr._n secretary_n bennet_n viscount_n cornebury_n sir_n thomas_n clifford_n colonel_n popham_n mr._n waller_n colonel_n fretzvile_n sir_n philip_n warwick_n sir_n john_n berkenhead_n mr._n ashburnham_n sir_n george_n reeve_n sir_n william_n lowther_n member_n of_o the_o honourable_a house_n of_o parliament_n edinburgh_n reprint_v 1664._o c_o r_o honi_fw-fr soit_fw-fr qvi_fw-fr mal_fw-fr y_fw-fr pense_fw-fr the_o speech_n of_o the_o right_n honourable_a edward_n earl_n of_o manchester_n lord_n chamberlain_n of_o his_o majesty_n household_n deliver_v at_o the_o guild-hall_n london_n on_o thursday_n the_o first_o of_o december_n 1664._o at_o the_o common_a hall_n there_o hold_v etc._n etc._n my_o lord_n mayor_n and_o alderman_n and_o you_o the_o worth_a citizen_n of_o this_o great_a and_o famous_a city_n of_o london_n i_o hope_v our_o come_n hither_o this_o day_n and_o upon_o this_o occasion_n will_v be_v as_o satisfactory_a to_o you_o as_o it_o be_v grateful_a to_o we_o some_o of_o we_o have_v former_o address_v ourselves_o unto_o you_o by_o his_o majesty_n command_n for_o the_o loan_n of_o several_a and_o great_a sum_n of_o money_n and_o we_o find_v such_o a_o ready_a compliance_n with_o his_o majesty_n desire_n as_o we_o can_v give_v testimony_n to_o the_o nation_n that_o in_o your_o duty_n and_o affection_n to_o your_o king_n you_o have_v outdo_v all_o other_o city_n even_o the_o great_a city_n of_o the_o christian_a world_n and_o let_v this_o honour_n remain_v with_o you_o and_o be_v entail_v to_o your_o posterity_n for_o ever_o but_o we_o come_v not_o now_o to_o ask_v but_o to_o give_v a_o return_n of_o thanks_o hearty_a thanks_o from_o the_o lord_n and_o commons_o assemble_v in_o parliament_n for_o your_o forwardness_n in_o assist_v the_o king_n what_o you_o intend_v as_o a_o private_a and_o personal_a duty_n and_o kindness_n to_o your_o king_n the_o parliament_n own_v as_o a_o public_a service_n to_o the_o kingdom_n and_o that_o upon_o a_o just_a account_n for_o his_o majesty_n borrow_v not_o these_o sum_n to_o convert_v they_o to_o his_o private_a expense_n but_o to_o employ_v they_o for_o public_a use_n to_o prepare_v and_o set_v forth_o a_o fleet_n able_a to_o contest_v for_o victory_n against_o all_o the_o naval_a power_n of_o his_o insult_a and_o injurious_a neighbour_n and_o in_o order_n to_o this_o design_n his_o majesty_n have_v impair_v his_o own_o stock_n by_o exhaust_v his_o own_o store_n he_o have_v improve_v his_o own_o industry_n and_o not_o spare_v his_o own_o personal_a labour_n and_o diligence_n and_o to_o complete_a and_o perfect_a this_o design_n his_o royal_a highness_n his_o majesty_n dear_a and_o only_a brother_n have_v expose_v himself_o to_o hazard_v and_o danger_n and_o this_o prince_n be_v of_o such_o a_o accomplish_a gallantry_n that_o through_o the_o blessing_n of_o god_n you_o need_v not_o question_v a_o happy_a success_n under_o so_o good_a a_o conduct_n all_o this_o his_o majesty_n have_v do_v as_o the_o father_n of_o his_o country_n not_o consult_v his_o own_o interest_n but_o for_o the_o honour_n of_o the_o nation_n and_o to_o secure_v and_o advance_v the_o trade_n and_o commerce_n of_o his_o kingdom_n in_o which_o this_o city_n have_v so_o eminent_a a_o concernment_n and_o advantage_n as_o probable_o we_o may_v conclude_v this_o prophecy_n will_v not_o only_o be_v fit_o apply_v but_o true_o fulfil_v in_o your_o day_n unto_o the_o city_n of_o london_n the_o harvest_n of_o the_o river_n be_v her_o revenue_n and_o she_o be_v become_v a_o mart_n of_o nation_n thus_o you_o see_v the_o happiness_n and_o advantage_n of_o live_v under_o such_o a_o king_n who_o generous_a nature_n prompt_v he_o to_o remember_v and_o to_o acknowledge_v benefit_n as_o well_o as_o to_o receive_v they_o his_o majesty_n declare_v to_o the_o parliament_n what_o the_o city_n of_o london_n have_v do_v for_o he_o and_o what_o he_o have_v do_v for_o the_o safety_n and_o honour_n of_o the_o kingdom_n by_o their_o kind_n and_o cheerful_a assistance_n and_o express_v himself_o in_o such_o a_o phrase_n as_o make_v you_o partner_n with_o he_o in_o all_o the_o happy_a consequence_n of_o this_o great_a expedition_n the_o parliament_n have_v receive_v this_o account_n from_o the_o mouth_n of_o their_o king_n return_v you_o their_o thanks_o with_o the_o full_a consent_n and_o the_o unanimous_a vote_n of_o both_o house_n the_o lord_n and_o commons_o which_o i_o here_o deliver_v to_o you_o as_o a_o record_n of_o their_o acknowledgement_n of_o your_o service_n do_v to_o the_o king_n and_o now_o give_v i_o leave_v to_o offer_v our_o well-wish_n to_o you_o that_o this_o city_n may_v never_o want_v the_o favour_n countenance_n and_o protection_n of_o such_o a_o king_n and_o that_o his_o majesty_n may_v always_o find_v the_o fidelity_n affection_n and_o assistance_n of_o such_o a_o city_n and_o after_o a_o great_a shout_n of_o god_n save_o the_o king_n the_o lord_z chamberlain_z have_v present_v to_o the_o right_n honourable_a the_o lord_n mayor_n a_o order_n of_o both_o house_n of_o parliament_n the_o same_o be_v deliver_v to_o mr._n avery_n deputy_n town-clerk_n who_o then_o public_o read_v the_o same_o and_o follow_v in_o these_o word_n viz._n die_v veneris_n 25_o novemb_n 1664._o order_v by_o the_o lord_n spiritual_a and_o temporal_a and_o commons_o in_o parliament_n assemble_v that_o the_o thanks_o of_o both_o house_n of_o parliament_n be_v give_v unto_o the_o city_n of_o london_n for_o their_o forwardness_n in_o assist_v his_o majesty_n and_o in_o particular_a by_o furnish_v he_o with_o several_a great_a sum_n of_o money_n towards_o his_o preparation_n for_o the_o honour_n safety_n and_o trade_n of_o this_o nation_n jo._n browne_n cleric_a parliament_n edinburgh_n reprint_v 1664._o