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A71319 Here begynneth the thirde and fourthe boke of sir Iohn̄ Froissart of the cronycles of Englande, Fraunce, Spaygne, Portyngale, Scotlande, Bretayne, Flaunders, and other places adioynyng, translated out of Frenche in to englysshe by Iohan Bourchier knyght lorde Berners, deputie generall of ye kynges towne of Calais and marchesse of the same, at the co[m]maundement of our most highe redouted souerayne lorde kyng Henry the eyght, kynge of Englande and of Fraüce [sic] [and] highe defender of the Christen faithe. [et]c; Chroniques. Book 3-4. English Froissart, Jean, 1338?-1410?; Berners, John Bourchier, Lord, 1466 or 7-1533. 1525 (1525) STC 11397; ESTC S121319 1,085,124 670

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gaunte_n and_o moreover_o we_o the_o say_v duke_n and_o duchess_n pray_v and_o require_v our_o well-beloved_a aunt_n duchess_n of_o lusenbourcke_v and_o of_o brabant_n and_z our_o right_a well-beloved_a brother_n the_o duke_n jubert_n of_o bavy_a and_o also_o the_o alderman_n commontie_z and_z counsel_n of_o gaunt_n and_o also_o we_o the_o duke_n &_o duchess_n of_o burgoyne_n and_z our_o alderman_n counsel_n and_o commonty_n of_o gaunt_n require_v and_o pray_v the_o barone_n and_o noble_n of_o the_o country_n of_o flaunders_n here_o after_o follow_v and_z to_o all_o good_a town_n as_o bruges_n ipre_n the_o ferrover_n of_o frank_n and_o the_o good_a town_n of_o malynes_n and_o awer_v that_o what_o for_o the_o well_o of_o the_o peace_n and_o knowledge_n of_o surety_n of_o the_o foresay_a thing_n and_z of_o each_o of_o they_o we_o desire_v they_o to_o set_v to_o their_o seal_n and_o we_o jane_n by_o the_o grace_n of_o god_n duchess_n of_o lusenbourcke_v of_z brabaunt_o and_z of_o lancbourcke_v and_o we_o duke_n aubert_n of_o bavyere_n bailiee_n and_o governor_n of_o the_o country_n of_o heynaulte_n hollande_n and_o zeland_n and_z of_o the_o seignory_n of_o frise_n and_o we_o william_n elder_a son_n of_o the_o earl_n of_o namure_n lord_n of_o sluse_n and_o hugh_n lord_n dancoyne_v chateleyne_v of_o gaunt_n and_o john_n lord_n of_o guystelle_n and_o of_o harue_v henry_n de_fw-fr bures_n lord_n of_o dysqueme_n we_o and_o of_o haure_n johan_n lord_n of_o gonuseberge_n and_o of_o jentoyse_n arnolde_v of_o jouste_a lord_n of_o estornay_n philyppe_n lord_n daxalle_n loyse_n of_o the_o halse_n bastard_n of_o flaunders_n gyrarde_n of_o rasenhen_o lord_n of_o baserode_n gaulty_a lord_n of_o halme_n philyppe_v of_o namure_n lord_n of_o eque_fw-la john_n villain_n lord_n of_o saint_n johan_n without_o the_o chatcllayne_n of_o ipre_n and_o loyse_n lord_n of_o lambres_n knight_n and_o we_o the_o borowe_n master_n and_o alderman_n of_o bruges_n and_o ipre_n we_o philyppe_n of_o redehen_fw-ge mountferant_a alderman_n of_o mountfranke_a and_z of_o mountamare_n knight_n shyrife_n of_o terrover_n of_o frank_n for_o and_o in_o the_o name_n of_o the_o say_a terrover_n which_o have_v no_o seal_n and_o the_o commons_n and_o counsayl_n of_o the_o town_n of_o malynes_n and_o awer_v have_v by_o the_o foresay_a prayer_n and_o request_n for_o the_o wealth_n of_o the_o peace_n and_o in_o wytnes_n of_o the_o truth_n and_z for_o more_o surety_n of_o the_o say_a thing_n and_z of_o each_o of_o they_o we_z have_v put_v to_o the_o seal_n of_o the_o say_a town_n to_o this_o present_a treaty_n made_z at_o tourney_n the_o eyghtene_a day_n of_o the_o month_n of_o decembre_n in_o the_o year_n of_o grace_n a_o thousand_o three_o hundred_o fourscore_o and_o fyve_o after_o the_o make_v of_o these_o present_a letter_n and_o charter_n of_o peace_n and_o engrose_v and_o seal_v they_o be_v publyssh_v and_o the_o duke_n have_v the_o one_o part_n of_o they_o and_z the_o town_n of_o gaunt_n the_o other_o part_n than_o france_n atreman_n &_o the_o commons_n of_o the_o town_n of_o gaunt_n be_v there_o take_v their_o leave_n humble_o of_o the_o duke_n and_o of_o the_o duchess_n and_o also_o of_o the_o lady_n of_o brabant_n thank_n her_o a_o thousand_o time_n of_o her_o aid_n and_o help_v in_o make_n of_o their_o peace_n and_o offer_v themselves_o ever_o to_o be_v ready_a to_o do_v her_o seruyce_n the_o good_a lady_n thank_v they_o right_n swete_o and_o exhort_v they_o ever_o to_o keep_v ferme_o the_o peace_n and_o so_o to_o stir_v the_o people_n that_z they_o never_o rebel_v against_o their_o lord_n and_o lady_n so_o than_o every_o body_n depart_v and_o go_v home_o to_o their_o own_o the_o duke_n and_o duchess_n return_v to_o lyle_n and_z they_o of_o gaunt_n return_v to_o their_o town_n when_o peter_n de_fw-fr boise_n see_v the_o sure_a confyrmation_n of_o the_o peace_n and_o that_o all_o the_o people_n of_o gaunt_n have_v great_a joy_n thereof_o and_o be_v in_o mind_n and_o will_v never_o to_o rebel_v more_o nor_o to_o have_v war_n he_o be_v thereof_o great_o abasshed_a and_o have_v dyvers_a ymaginacyon_n whede_a he_o shall_v abide_v still_o in_o gaunte_n for_o all_o thing_n be_v pardon_v by_o the_o duke_n charter_n seal_v with_o his_o seal_n or_o else_o to_o depart_v in_o to_o england_n with_o sir_n johan_n bourchier_n and_o with_o the_o englysshe_n man_n who_z apparel_v they_o to_o go_v and_o all_o thing_n consydred_a he_o think_v in_o himself_o that_o he_o coude_fw-fr nat_n trust_v this_o peace_n nor_o to_o abide_v in_o gaunte_n and_o when_o france_n atreman_n see_v that_o he_o will_v not_o abide_v he_o say_v to_o he_o peter_n what_o think_v you_o to_o do_v why_o do_v you_o fear_v you_o know_v well_o that_z by_o this_o treaty_n seal_v by_o the_o duke_n that_o for_o any_o thing_n that_o be_v pass_v there_o shall_v never_o challenge_v be_v make_v to_o you_o for_o that_o than_o peter_n answer_v &_o say_v yea_o in_o letter_n write_v lie_v not_o all_o true_a ꝑdon_n some_o pardon_v well_o by_o mouth_n and_o gyve_v write_v thereof_o but_o yet_o the_o hatred_n remain_v still_o in_o their_o courage_n as_o for_o i_o i_o be_o a_o man_n of_o the_o town_n of_o gaunt_n of_o small_a reputation_n and_z of_o base_a lineage_n &_o to_o my_o power_n i_o have_v sustain_v the_o right_n liberty_n &_o franchese_n of_o the_o town_n think_v you_o that_o wtin_n this_o two_o or_o three_o year_n the_o people_n will_v remember_v it_o i_o fear_v nay_o there_o be_v great_a lygnage_n in_o the_o town_n of_o gylbert_n mathewes_n and_o his_o brother_n they_o will_v return_v and_o they_o be_v enemy_n to_o my_o master_n johan_n leon_n glad_o i_o will_v never_o see_v theym_a nor_o the_o parent_n of_o sir_n gylbert_n brute_n nor_o of_o sir_n simon_n becte_fw-la who_o be_v by_o i_o slay_v wherefore_o in_o this_o case_n i_o can_v not_o be_v sure_a of_o my_o life_n and_o as_o for_o you_o france_n atreman_n will_v you_o abide_v among_o such_o a_o sort_n of_o treatour_n who_o have_v so_o false_o break_v their_o oath_n and_o promise_n to_o the_o king_n of_o england_n i_o swear_v to_o you_o true_o you_o will_v repent_v it_o for_z it_o will_v cost_n you_o your_o life_n i_o can_v not_o say_v quoth_v france_n but_z i_o trust_v so_o well_o in_o this_o peace_n and_z in_o the_o duke_n and_o duchesses_n promise_v that_o i_o will_v jeopard_v to_o abide_v than_o peter_n de_fw-fr boyse_n make_v a_o request_n to_o the_o alderman_n and_o counsel_n of_o the_o town_n say_v fair_a lord_n to_z my_o power_n i_o have_v true_o serve_v the_o town_n of_o gaunt_n and_o have_v be_v in_o many_o a_o hard_a adventure_n in_o that_o be_v half_a and_o for_o all_o the_o good_a seruyce_n that_o i_o have_v do_v in_o the_o name_n of_o reward_n i_o ask_v none_o other_o thing_n but_o that_o i_o may_v be_v save_o conduct_v with_o sir_n johan_n bourchier_n who_o you_o send_v in_o to_o england_n this_o be_v all_o that_o i_o demand_v and_o they_o all_o answer_v it_o shall_v be_v do_v and_o as_o for_o sir_n roger_n emeryne_n and_o jaques_n dardenbourcke_v by_o who_o this_o treaty_n be_v first_o move_v they_o be_v right_a glad_a of_o his_o departure_n and_o so_o be_v dyvers_a other_o notable_a person_n in_o gaunt_n such_o as_o love_v the_o peace_n so_o thus_o peter_n de_fw-fr boyse_n depart_v from_o gaunte_n in_o the_o company_n of_o sir_n johan_n bourchier_n and_o take_v with_o he_o all_o the_o substance_n that_o he_o have_v he_o be_v well_o furnyssh_v of_o gold_n silver_n and_o ieowelle_n and_o sir_n johan_n dell_fw-it die_v conduct_v they_o under_o the_o duke_n salve_n conduct_v to_o the_o town_n of_o calais_n and_o than_o the_o gauntoise_n return_v sir_n johan_n bourchier_n and_o peter_n de_fw-fr boyse_n as_o soon_o as_o they_o may_v they_o go_v in_o to_o england_n and_o come_v to_o the_o king_n and_o to_o his_o uncle_n and_o show_v they_o the_o dede_n of_o theym_n of_o gaunte_n the_o king_n make_v peter_n de_fw-fr boyse_n good_a cheer_n and_o so_o die_v the_o duke_n of_o lancastre_n and_o his_o brother_n and_o give_v he_o great_a thank_v in_o that_o he_o be_v come_v to_o they_o and_z have_v abandon_v theym_a of_o gaunte_a to_o come_v in_o to_o england_n the_o king_n incontynent_a retaygn_v he_o &_o give_v he_o a_o hundred_o mark_v sterl_v yearly_o to_o be_v pay_v out_o of_o the_o staple_n of_o the_o wolle_n in_o london_n thus_o peter_n de_fw-fr boyse_n abode_n still_o in_o england_n and_o the_o good_a town_n of_o gaunt_n in_o peace_n and_o sir_n roger_n emeryn_n be_v make_v chief_a alder_z man_n of_o the_o fleet_n of_o gaunt_n which_o be_v a_o good_a offyce_v and_o of_o great_a profit_n when_o the_o shyppe_n may_v have_v their_o course_n with_o marchaundyse_n and_o sir_n jaques_n dardembourc_n
be_v make_v chief_a ruler_n of_o all_o the_o mean_a craft_n in_o the_o town_n of_o gaunte_n which_o also_o be_v a_o great_a and_o a_o profitable_a offyce_v ⸫_o ⸪_o ¶_o how_o sir_n john_n froyssart_n author_n of_o this_o cronycle_n depart_a out_o of_o france_n and_o go_v to_o the_o earl_n of_o foiz_n and_o the_o manner_n of_o his_o voyage_n cap._n xxi_o it_o be_v long_o now_o since_o i_o make_v any_o mention_v of_o the_o busyness_n of_o far_a country_n for_o the_o busyness_n near_a home_n have_v be_v so_o fresh_a that_o i_o lafte_v all_o other_o matter_n to_o write_v thereof_o how_o be_v it_o all_o this_o season_n valiant_a man_n desyre_v to_o avaunce_v themselves_o on_o the_o realm_n of_o castle_n and_o portyngale_n in_o gascoigne_n in_o rovergue_v in_z quercy_o in_o lymosyn_n and_z in_o bygore_n every_o day_n they_o imagine_v by_o what_o subtlety_n they_o can_v get_v one_o of_o another_o by_o dede_n of_o arm_n or_z by_o steal_v of_o town_n castle_n &_o fortress_n and_o therefore_o i_o john_n froyssart_n who_o have_v take_v on_o i_o to_o cronycle_n this_o present_a history_n at_o the_o reqnst_a of_o the_o high_a renomed_a prince_n sir_n guy_n of_o chatellon_n earl_n of_o bloyse_n lord_n of_o davesne_n beawoys_n destonhon_n &_o of_o la_fw-fr guede_n my_o soverayne_n master_n &_o good_a lord_n consydr_v in_o myself_o how_o there_o be_v no_o great_a dede_n of_o arm_n likely_a toward_o in_o the_o party_n of_o picardy_n or_o flaunders_n see_v the_o peace_n be_v make_v bytwene_v the_o duke_n and_o they_o of_o gaunt_n and_o it_o great_o anoy_v i_o to_o be_v idle_a for_z i_o know_v well_o that_o after_o my_o death_n this_o noble_a and_o high_a history_n shall_v have_v his_o course_n wherein_o dyvers_a noble_a man_n shall_v have_v great_a pleasure_n and_o delyte_n and_o as_o yet_o i_o thank_v god_n i_o have_v understanding_n and_o remembrance_n of_o all_o thing_n pass_v and_z my_o wit_n quick_a and_o sharp_a enough_o to_o conceyve_v all_o thing_n show_v unto_o i_o touch_v my_o princypall_a matter_n &_o my_o body_n as_o yet_o able_a to_o endure_v and_o to_o suffer_v pain_n all_o thing_n consydred_a i_o think_v i_o will_v not_o let_v to_o pursue_v my_o say_a first_o purpose_n and_o to_o ●●tent_a to_o know_v the_o truth_n of_o dede_n do_v in_o 〈◊〉_d country_n i_o find_v occasion_n to_o go_v to_o the_o ●●ghe_n and_o mighty_a prince_n gascon_a earl_n of_o foiz_n and_o of_o byerne_n for_z i_o know_v well_o that_o if_o i_o may_v have_v that_o grace_n to_o come_v in_o to_o his_o house_n and_o to_o be_v there_o at_z leysar_n i_o coude_fw-fr nat_n be_v so_o well_o inform_v to_o my_o purpose_n in_o none_o other_o place_n of_o the_o world_n for_o thyder_n resort_v all_o manner_n of_o knight_n and_o strange_a squyer_n for_o the_o great_a nobleness_n of_o the_o say_a earl_n and_o as_o i_o imagine_v so_o i_o do_v and_o show_v to_o my_o redoubt_a lord_n the_o earl_n of_o bloyes_n my_o intent_n and_z he_o give_v i_o letter_n of_o recommendation_n to_o th'earl_n of_o foiz_n and_o so_o ring_v i_o toad_n without_o apparel_n or_o damage_n that_o i_o cane_n to_o his_o house_n call_v ortaise_v in_o the_o country_n of_o berne_n on_o saint_n katheryns_n day_n the_o year_n of_o grace_n m._n three_o hundred_o fourscore_o and_o eight_o and_o the_o say_a earl_n as_o soon_o as_o he_o see_v i_o he_z make_v i_o good_a cheer_n and_o smile_a say_v how_o he_o know_v i_o &_o yet_o he_o never_o see_v i_o before_o but_z he_o have_v often_o hear_v speak_v of_o i_o and_o so_o he_o retain_v i_o in_o his_o house_n to_o my_o great_a ease_n with_o the_o help_n of_o the_o letter_n of_o credence_n that_o i_o bring_v unto_o he_o so_o that_o i_o may_v tarry_v there_o at_o my_o pleasure_n &_o there_o i_o be_v enfourm_v of_o the_o business_n of_o the_o realm_n of_o castyle_n portyngale_n navarre_n and_o arragon_n yea_o and_o of_o the_o realm_n of_o england_n &_o country_n of_o burbonoyse_n and_o galcoyne_n and_o the_o earl_n himself_o if_o i_o do_v demand_v any_o thing_n of_o he_o he_o die_v show_v i_o all_o that_o he_o know_v sayenge_a to_o i_o how_o thy_o story_n that_o i_o have_v begin_v shall_v hereafter_o be_v more_o praise_v than_o any_o other_o and_z the_o reason_n he_o say_v why_o be_v this_o how_o that_o l_o year_n pass_v there_o have_v be_v do_v more_o marvellous_a dede_n of_o arm_n in_o the_o world_n than_z in_o three_o hundred_o year_n before_o that_o thus_o be_v i_o in_o the_o court_n of_o the_o earl_n of_o foiz_n well_o cherysshed_a and_o at_o my_o pleasure_n it_o be_v the_o thing_n that_o i_o moo_v desire_v to_o know_v news_n as_o touch_v my_o matter_n and_o i_o have_v at_o my_o will_n lord_n knight_n &_o squire_n ever_o to_o inform_v i_o and_z also_o the_o gentle_a earl_n himself_o i_o shall_v now_o declare_v in_o fair_a langage_fw-fr all_fw-mi that_o i_o be_v enfourm_v of_o to_o increase_v thereby_o my_o mater_fw-la and_o to_o gyve_v ensample_n to_o they_o that_o lyste_v to_o avaunce_v themselves_o here_o before_o i_o have_v recount_v great_a dede_n of_o arm_n take_n and_o saut_v town_n and_o castle_n and_o batayle_n and_o hard_a encountrynge_n and_o yet_o here_o after_o you_o shall_v here_o of_o many_o mo_z the_o which_o by_o the_o grace_n of_o god_n i_o shall_v make_v just_a narration_n you_o have_v herd_n here_o before_o that_o when_o the_o lord_n edmonde_fw-fr son_n to_o the_o king_n of_o england_n earl_n of_o cambridge_n be_v deert_v from_o the_o realm_n of_o portugal_n and_o have_v take_v shyp_v at_o lustbourke_n and_o how_o he_o have_v make_v c●u●nant_n that_o johan_n to_o recover_v our_o herytage_n so_o thus_o we_o become_v byde_a peradventure_o not_o so_o many_o as_o you_o write_v for_o but_o such_o as_o i_o have_v here_o be_v of_o such_o good_a wylle_n that_o they_o dare_v well_o abide_v the_o adventure_n of_o batayle_n against_o all_o those_o that_o be_v now_o present_a with_o the_o earl_n of_o tryslmate_n and_o sure_o we_o shall_v not_o be_v content_a with_o you_o without_o we_o have_v batayle_n such_o word_n or_o like_a the_o erle_n of_o cambridge_n show_v to_o the_o king_n of_o portugal_n or_o he_o depart_v the_o which_o king_n hear_v they_o well_o how_o be_v it_o he_o never_o dare_v gyve_v batayle_n on_o the_o plain_n of_o saluence_n whafic_v he_o be_v before_o the_o spaynierde_n nor_o they_o of_o the_o country_n will_v not_o gyve_v he_o counsel_n thereto_o but_o say_v to_o he_o sir_z the_z puyssaunce_n of_o the_o king_n of_o castle_n be_v as_o now_o so_o great_a and_z that_o by_o fortune_n or_o mysad_a ●enture_n that_o you_o less_o the_o ●elde_n you_o less_o than_o your_o realm_n for_o ever_o wherefore_o it_o be_v better_a you_o suffer_v than_o to_o do_v a_o thing_n whereby_o you_o shall_v have_v damage_n and_o apparel_n and_o when_o t●e_v earl_n of_o cambridge_n see_v it_o will_v be_v none_o otherwise_o here_o turn_v to_o lusenborne_a and_o apparel_v his_o shyppe_n and_o take_v leave_v of_o the_o king_n of_o portyngale_n and_o so_o take_v the_o see_v with_o his_o company_n &_o will_v not_o leave_v johan_n his_o son_n in_o portugal_n with_o the_o king_n nor_o with_o the_o lady_n that_o he_o shall_v marry_v with_o all_o the_o child_n be_v but_o young_a and_o so_o thus_o the_o earl_n return_v in_o to_o england_n thus_o be_v the_o deal_n as_o than_o of_o the_o journey_n in_o portyngale_n the_o earl_n of_o cambridge_n return_v in_o to_o england_n on_o the_o manner_n as_o you_o have_v she_o de_fw-fr before_o and_o show_v his_o brother_n the_o duke_n of_o lancastre_n all_o the_o dealing_n of_o king_n ferant_fw-la of_o portyngale_n the_o duke_n be_v sorry_a thereof_o for_o he_o see_v thereby_o that_o his_o conquest_n of_o castle_n be_v far_o of_o and_z also_o king_n richard_n of_o england_n have_v about_o h●m_a counsel_n that_o be_v not_o after_o his_o apetyte_n and_o special_o the●le_a of_o or●forde_n who_o be_v chief_a in_o the_o king_n favour_n this_o earl_n do_v set_v as_o great_a trouble_n bytwene_v the_o king_n and_o his_o uncle_n as_o he_o may_v and_o say_v oftentimes_o to_o the_o king_n ser_z ●fye_v will_v follow_v the_o mind_n of_o your_o uncle_n the_o duke_n of_o lancastre_n &_o the_o crle_n of_o cambridge_n it_z shall_v well_o cost_v all_o the_o treasure_n in_o england_n about_o their_o war_n in_o spain_n and_o yet_o they_o shall_v cenquere_v nothing_o it_o be_v better_o for_o you_o to_o keep_v your_o own_o people_n and_o your_o money_n than_o to_o spend_v it_o abroad_o where_o as_o you_o can_v get_v no_o profit_n and_o keep_v and_o defend_v your_o own_o he_o rytage_n wherein_o you_o have_v war●e_v on_o all_o side_n as_o well_o by_o france_n as_o by_o scotlande_n rather_o than_o to_o enploy_v your_o time_n in_o
and_o assemble_v man_n of_o war_n for_o the_o great_a desire_n that_o i_o have_v to_o see_v he_o i_o depart_v from_o my_o garyson_n with_o a_o xii_o spear_n and_z i_o fall_v in_o company_n with_o sir_n johan_n joell_n &_o sir_n jaques_n planchyn_n and_o without_o any_o business_n or_o reencounter_n we_o come_v to_o the_o captall_a i_o think_v sir_n johan_n you_o have_v all_o ready_a the_o knowledge_n what_o become_v of_o that_o business_n that_o be_v true_a quoth_v i_o for_o there_o be_v take_v the_o captall_a of_o beusz_n and_o sir_n johan_n joell_n slay_v and_o sir_n jaques_n planchyn_n that_o be_v true_a quoth_v the_o b●tefoyle_n of_o manlyon_n there_o i_o be_v also_o take_v how_o be_v it_o i_o fortune_v meet_o well_o there_o be_v a_o cousin_n of_o i_o who_o be_v call_v bernard_n of_o terryde_n he_o die_v after_o in_o portyngale_n at_o the_o batayle_n of_o juberot_n &_o this_o bernarde_n who_o be_v as_o than_o under_o sir_n aymenon_n of_o pomyers_n he_o take_v i_o and_o ransome_v i_o in_o the_o field_n at_o a_o thousand_o frank_v &_o give_v i_o a_o good_a saveconducte_v to_o return_v to_o my_o garyson_n of_o bec_n dalyer_n assoon_o as_o i_o come_v to_o my_o castle_n i_o send_v a_o servant_n of_o i_o with_o a_o thousand_o frank_v to_z my_o cousin_n to_o paris_n and_o have_v my_o quytaunce_n for_o the_o same_o the_o same_o season_n sir_n johan_n aymery_n a_o englysshe_n knight_n and_o the_o great_a capitayne_n that_o we_o have_v ride_v forth_o co_n the_o ryver_n of_o loire_n to_o come_v to_o charite_n and_z he_o be_v encounter_v by_o abusshment_n of_o the_o lord_n rugemont_n and_o the_o lord_n of_o wodnay_n &_o by_o some_o of_o the_o archpreste_n man_n they_o be_v far_o strong_a than_o he_o and_o so_o there_o he_o be_v take_v and_o overthrow_v &_o ransome_v to_o a_o xxx_o thousand_o frank_v which_o he_o pay_v incontynent_a of_o his_o take_v and_o loss_n he_o be_v sore_o displease_v and_o swear_v that_o he_o will_v never_o entre_fw-fr in_o to_o his_o own_o garyson_n till_o he_o have_v win_v again_o as_o moche_v as_o he_o have_v lose_v than_o he_o assemble_v togyder_v a_o great_a nombre_fw-fr of_o companion_n and_o come_v to_o charyte_n on_o loire_n and_o desire_v the_o capitayn_n the_fw-mi as_z lamyt_n and_o carsnell_n and_o the_o burge_n of_o piergourt_n and_o i_o for_z i_o be_v there_o as_o than_o to_o sport_v i_o there_o he_o desire_v we_o all_o to_o ride_v forth_o with_o he_o we_o demand_v of_o he_o whede_a he_o will_v ride_v by_o my_o faith_n ꝙ_n he_o we_z will_v pass_v the_o ryver_n of_o loire_n at_o saint_n thybalte_n and_o let_v we_o scale_v and_o assail_v the_o town_n &_o castle_n of_o sanxere_fw-la for_o quoth_v he_o i_o have_v swear_v and_o avow_a that_o i_o will_v not_o entre_fw-fr in_o to_o no_o fortress_n that_o i_o have_v till_o i_o have_v see_v the_o child_n of_o sanxere_fw-la and_o if_o we_o may_v get_v that_o garyson_n and_o the_o earl_n child_n within_o john_n joy_n and_o robert_n than_o we_o shall_v be_v well_o revenge_v and_o thereby_o we_o shall_v be_v lord_n of_o the_o country_n and_z i_o think_v we_o shall_v light_o come_v to_o our_o intent_n for_z they_o take_v no_o heed_n of_o we_o and_o this_o lie_a still_o here_o do_v we_o no_o manner_n of_o ꝓfyte_n that_o be_v true_a sir_n quoth_v we_o &_o so_o all_o we_o promise_v to_o ride_v with_o he_o and_z incontynent_a we_o make_v we_o ready_a and_o so_o it_o fortw_v the_o all_o our_o purpose_n be_v know_v in_o the_o town_n of_o sanxere_fw-la the_o same_o time_n there_o be_v ▪_o there_o a_o capitayn_a a_o valiant_a squyer_n of_o but_o goyne_v of_o the_o low_a marchesse_n call_v guyssharte_fw-la albygon_n who_o take_v great_a heed_n to_o keep_v well_o the_o town_n and_o castle_n of_o sanxer_n and_o the_o child_n within_o this_o sir_n guysshart_n have_v a_o monk_n to_o his_o brother_n of_o the_o abbey_n of_o saint_n thybalt_n which_o be_v never_o to_o sanxere_fw-la this_o monk_n be_v send_v to_o charyte_n on_o the_o ryver_n of_o loire_n for_o his_o brother_n to_o bear_v a_o certain_a ransom_n thider_v that_o the_o town_n owe_v by_o covynant_a so_o we_o take_v no_o heed_n to_o he_o &_o he_o know_v all_o our_o ententes_n how_o i_o can_v not_o tell_v and_o all_o our_o name_n that_o be_v captain_n there_o and_z what_o nombre_fw-fr we_o be_v of_o and_z what_o hour_n we_o shall_v depart_v and_o how_o we_o be_v determine_v to_o pass_v the_o ryver_n at_o the_o port_n of_o saint_n thybalte_n and_o so_o he_o return_v and_o go_v to_o sanxere_fw-la and_o show_v his_o brother_n all_o our_o mind_n than_o th'earl_n there_o and_o his_o brother_n provyde_v for_o remedy_n and_z they_o send_v for_o knight_n &_o squyer_n of_o berry_n and_o burbonoyse_n and_z to_o the_o capitayn_n &_o garyson_n thereabout_o so_o that_o they_o be_v a_o four_o hundred_o spear_n of_o good_a man_n of_o war_n and_o make_v abusshment_n of_o two_o hundred_o spear_n without_o the_o town_n of_o sanxere_fw-la in_o a_o wood_fw-mi and_o we_o know_v nothing_o of_o all_o this_o and_z at_o the_o son_n go_v down_o we_o depart_v from_o charyte_n and_o ride_v a_o good_a pace_n till_o we_o come_v to_o penly_n and_z at_o the_o port_n there_o we_z have_v ready_a boot_n &_o barge_n to_o pass_v we_o over_o &_o our_o horse_n and_o so_o we_o paste_n over_o the_o ryver_n of_o loire_n as_o we_o have_v ordain_v and_z we_o be_v over_o by_o mydnight_n and_o because_o the_o day_n come_v on_o we_o ordain_v a_o hundred_o spear_n to_o abide_v there_o to_o keep_v our_o horse_n and_o boot_n and_o the_o remynaunt_n of_o we_o pass_v forth_o for●_n by_o the_o french_a busshment_n when_o we_o be_v paste_v a_o quarter_n of_o a_o mile_n than_z they_o break_v out_o of_o their_o busshment_n and_o ride_v to_o they_o that_o we_o have_v leave_v behind_o we_o at_o the_o ryver_n side_n &_o anon_o they_o have_v disconfyte_v they_o and_o all_o slay_v or_o take_v &_o our_o horse_n win_v and_o the_o bote_n arrest_v and_o than_o they_o mount_v on_o our_o horse_n and_o come_v after_o we_o on_o the_o spur_n and_o be_v as_o soon_o in_o the_o town_n as_o we_o they_o cry_v our_o lady_n of_o sanxere_fw-la for_o the_o earl_n be_v there_o himself_o with_o his_o man_n and_z his_o brother_n sir_n joy_n and_o sir_n robert_n have_v make_v the_o busshement_n so_o thus_o we_o be_v enclose_v on_o all_o part_n for_z they_o a_o horse_n back_o assoon_o as_o they_o cane_n to_o we_o they_o a_o light_a afote_n and_o assail_v we_o fierce_o and_o the_o thing_n that_o moo_v greve_v we_o be_v we_o coude_fw-fr not_o enlarge_v ourself_o to_o fight_v we_o be_v in_o such_o a_o narowe_n way_n close_v on_o both_o side_n with_z hey_o hedge_n and_o vyngarde_v &_o also_o some_o of_o our_o enemy_n such_o as_o know_v the_o country_n be_v rydden_v about_o and_o get_v in_o to_o the_o vyngarde_v and_o do_v hurt_v we_o sore_o with_o cast_v of_o stone_n and_o we_o coude_fw-fr not_o go_v back_o &_o moche_n pain_n to_o get_v to_o the_o town_n it_o stand_v so_o high_a on_o a_o mountain_n so_o we_o be_v sore_o traveyl_v &_o sir_n john_n aymery_n be_v hurt_v our_o soverayne_a capitayn_n by_o the_o hand_n of_o sir_n guysshart_n albygon_n who_o take_v he_o prisoner_n &_o have_v moche_v a_o do_v to_o save_v his_o life_n he_o put_v he_o in_o to_o a_o house_n in_o the_o town_n and_o make_v he_o to_o be_v lay_v on_o a_o bed_n and_o say_v to_o the_o owner_n of_o the_o house_n keep_v well_o this_o prisoner_n and_o se_z his_o wound_n staunch_a for_o if_o he_o live_v he_o shall_v pay_v i_o twenty_o thousand_o frank_v &_o so_o sir_n guysshart_n leave_v his_o prisoner_n and_o return_v to_o the_o batayle_n and_z quytte_a himself_o like_o a_o good_a man_n of_o arm_n &_o there_o be_v with_o the_o child_n of_o sanxere_fw-la come_z thide_o to_o their_o aid_n and_o to_o the_o country_n ser_z guysshart_o dalphyn_a the_o lord_n marney_n sir_n gerarde_n and_o sir_n william_n burbone_n the_o lord_n of_o cousant_fw-mi the_o lord_n de_fw-fr la_fw-fr pier_n the_o lord_n de_fw-fr la_fw-fr palys_n the_o lord_n of_o neutry_n the_o lord_n de_fw-fr la_fw-fr coise_n and_o the_o lord_n of_o syette_n and_z dyvers_a other_o i_o say_v sir_n to_o you_o this_z be_v a_o batayle_n right_n fell_a and_o cruel_a we_o defend_v ourselves_o as_o long_a as_o we_o may_v so_o that_o on_o both_o partꝭ_n there_o be_v slay_v dyvers_a person_n and_o many_o hurt_n for_o by_o that_o they_o show_v they_o have_v rather_o have_v take_v we_o a_o live_v than_o to_o slay_v we_o and_o final_o we_o be_v all_o take_v carsayle_n launt_v nandon_n le_fw-fr bourge_n de_fw-fr pyergourt_n espyot_n the_o burge_v of_o lespare_n angerot_n le_fw-fr mount_n gyse_fw-mi
soon_o and_o after_o they_o put_v the_o again_o fro_o it_o as_o it_o be_v clere_o contain_v in_o this_o history_n &_o by_o the_o good_a wit_n &_o advyce_n of_o king_n charles_n soon_o to_o king_n john_n he_o draw_v to_o his_o love_n by_o fair_a mean_n &_o great_a gift_n the_o grette_v lord_n of_o all_o gascoigne_n as_o the_o earl_n of_o armynake_n &_o the_o lord_n dalbret_n the_o prince_n lose_v they_o by_o pride_n for_o i_o johan_n froysarde_n who_o write_v this_o history_n the_o same_o season_n that_o i_o be_v at_o buroeau_n &_o that_o the_o prince_n go_v in_o to_o spain_n the_o englysshe_n man_n be_v so_o proud_a that_o they_o set_v nothing_o by_o any_o nacyon_n but_o by_o their_o own_o for_o the_o gentylman_n of_o gascoigne_n &_o of_o acquitayne_n such_o as_o lose_v their_o good_n in_o the_o war_n yet_o they_o can_v gete_v no_o manner_n of_o offyce_v in_o their_o coun●rees_n for_o the_o englyssheman_n say_v they_o be_v not_o worthy_a nor_o able_a to_o have_v any_o wherewith_o they_o be_v sore_o grudge_v in_o their_o mind_n and_o when_o they_o may_v they_o show_v it_o for_o because_o of_o the_o hardness_n that_o the_o erle_n of_o armynacke_n &_o the_o lord_n dalbret_n find_v in_o the_o prince_n they_o forsake_v he_o &_o become_v frensshe_v &_o so_o die_v dyvers_a other_o knight_n &_o squyer_n of_o gascoigne_n king_n phylyp_v of_o france_n &_o king_n john_n his_o soon_o have_v lose_v they_o by_o pride_n &_o high_a mind_n in_z like_o wise_n so_o die_v the_o prince_n &_o king_n charles_n win_v they_o by_o fayrne_n by_o largesse_n and_o humylyte_n for_o so_o will_v gascoynes_n be_v delte_v withal_o &_o king_n charles_n to_o the_o intent_n that_o the_o love_n of_o these_o lord_n shall_v the_o long_o contynewe_v he_o make_v a_o marriage_n bytwene_v the_o sister_n of_o the_o lady_n isabella_n of_o bourbon_n &_o the_o lord_n dalbret_n &_o bytwene_v they_o be_v fair_a child_n &_o for_o this_o cause_n the_o love_n endure_v the_o long_a &_o on_o a_o time_n at_o paris_n where_o as_o i_o be_v i_o hear_v the_o lord_n dalbret_n speak_v a_o word_n which_o i_o well_o note_v but_z i_o byleve_v he_o speak_v it_o but_o in_o sport_n howbeit_o he_o speak_v it_o in_o great_a sadness_n to_o a_o knight_n of_o brytayne_n who_o have_v serve_v he_o before_o for_o the_o knight_n have_v demand_v he_o of_o the_o business_n of_o his_o country_n &_o how_o he_o be_v content_a to_o be_v frensshe_n he_o answer_v and_o say_v i_o thank_v god_n i_o do_v meet_o well_o howbeit_o i_o have_v more_o money_n &_o my_o man_n also_o when_o we_o make_v war_n for_o the_o king_n of_o englonde_n than_o we_o have_v now_o for_o when_o we_o ride_v forth_o at_o adventure_n we_o find_v ever_o some_o rich_a merchant_n other_o of_o tholous_a condon_n or_o bergerath_n lyghte_o there_o be_v no_o day_n but_o we_o gate_n cuer_v some_o good_a pray_v then_o we_o be_v fresh_a &_o joly_n &_o now_o we_o be_v as_o deed_n then_o the_o knight_n begin_v to_o laugh_v and_o say_v true_o this_o be_v a_o life_n of_o gascoyne_n lyght_o they_o will_v ever_o have_v other_o man_n damage_n therefore_o i_o that_o hear_v these_o word_n say_v as_o i_o think_v that_o the_o lord_n dalbret_n repent_v he_o in_o that_o he_o be_v become_v frensshe_a as_o the_o lord_n of_o musydent_a gascoigne_n who_o be_v take_v at_o the_o batayle_n of_o anne●_n &_o swear_v in_o to_o the_o hand_n of_o the_o duke_n of_o anjou_n that_o he_o will_v come_v to_o paris_n and_o become_v frensshe_n ever_o after_o so_z he_o come_v to_o paris_n &_o king_n charles_n make_v he_o good_a cheer_n but_z for_o all_o that_o ever_o the_o king_n do_v the_o lord_n of_o musydent_n depart_v again_o from_o paris_n without_o any_o leave_v &_o go_v in_o to_o his_o country_n &_o become_v again_o englysshe_n &_o break_v all_o the_o promise_n that_o he_o have_v make_v with_o the_o duke_n of_o anjou_n in_o likewise_o so_o die_v the_o lord_n of_o rousen_n the_o lord_n of_o duras_n &_o the_o lord_n of_o languerant_fw-la such_o be_v the_o nacyon_n of_o gascoigne_n they_o be_v not_o stable_a for_z they_o love_v yet_o the_o englysshe_n man_n better_a than_o the_o frenssheman_n for_o their_o war_n against_o the_o frensshe_n man_n be_v more_o profytabe_v for_o they_o then_o against_o the_o englysshe_n man_n this_z be_v the_o pryncypall_a incydent_a that_o moost_n incline_v they_o thereto_o ¶_o how_o the_o king_n of_o cypress_n be_v slay_v and_o murder_v in_o his_o bed_n by_o his_o own_o brother_n by_o exhortacyon_n and_o corrupcyon_n of_o the_o infydelle_n for_o the_o bounty_n &_o hardness_n that_o be_v in_o he_o capitulum_n xl_o in_o this_o same_o season_n there_o come_v other_o tydynge_n in_o to_o frauncefor_o th●der_n come_v king_n lion_n of_o armony_n not_o with_o no_o great_a company_n but_z as_o a_o man_n chase_v out_o of_o his_o royalme_n whereof_o he_o be_v king_n by_o the_o turk_n &_o all_o his_o royalme_n be_v win_v except_o one_o castle_n stand_v on_o the_o see_v called_z courthe_n which_o be_v keep_v by_o the_o gen●uoys_n because_o that_o castle_n be_v the_o key_n issue_n &_o entre_fw-fr by_o the_o see_v to_z go_v to_o alexandria_n &_o in_o to_o the_o sowdans_n land_n for_o these_o genevoys_n goth_v a_o marchaundyse_n by_o the_o mean_n of_o truage_n that_o they_o pay_v in_o to_o rude_a &_o in_o to_o prester_n johnn_v land_n and_z in_o every_o place_n they_o be_v welcome_a because_o of_o the_o gold_n &_o silver_n that_o they_o bring_v thyde_a &_o for_o other_o merchaundy_a se_fw-fr that_o they_o exchange_n in_o alexandria_n in_z cayr_a in_o damas_n &_o in_o other_o place_n among_o the_o sara_n syns_n for_z in_o such_o manner_n the_o world_n be_v goverue_v for_o that_o be_v not_o in_o one_o country_n be_v in_o another_o &_o thereby_o every_o thing_n be_v know_v &_o the_o genevoys_n be_v those_o that_o further_a do_v adventure_v their_o merchaundyse_n they_o be_v lord_n of_o the_o port_n of_o the_o se_fw-fr above_o the_o venisians_n &_o more_o fear_v &_o doubt_v among_o the_o sarasyn_n they_o any_o other_o people_n on_o the_o see_v they_z be_v valyaunt_a man_n &_o of_o great_a entrepryse_n a_o galy_n well_o furnyssh_v of_o the_o genevoys_n dare_v well_o assay_v four_o galeys_fw-la of_o the_o sarasyn_n the_o turk_n &_o tartarye_n shall_v do_v moche_n damage_n to_o crystendome_n if_o the_o genevoys_n be_v not_o because_o they_o be_v renome_v to_o be_v chief_a lord_n of_o the_o see_v marching_n on_o infydelle_n therefore_o they_o have_v ever_o l_o galeys_fw-la &_o great_a shyppe_n rynning_a on_o the_o see_v to_o defend_v the_o isle_n as_o the_o i_o will_v of_o cypress_n the_o i_o will_v of_o rhodes_n the_o ile_n dostye_n &_o all_o the_o bound_n of_o the_o see_v &_o grece_n unto_o turkey_n &_o they_o have_v the_o town_n &_o castle_n of_o pere_n stond_v on_o the_o see_v before_o constantyne_n le_fw-fr noble_a which_o be_v keep_v at_o their_o cost_n &_o charge_n &_o iii_o or_o iiii_o time_n every_o year_n it_o be_v refressh_v with_o that_o that_o be_v necessary_a the_o tartarye_n &_o turk_n have_v dyvers_a time_n assay_v to_o gete_v it_o but_z they_o can_v never_o attain_v thereto_o for_z they_o have_v ever_o lose_v there_o more_o than_o they_o have_v win_v for_o the_o castle_n of_o pere_n stond_v on_o a_o rock_n &_o there_o be_v but_o one_o entre_fw-fr which_o the_o genevoys_n grete_o die_v fortefye_v also_o the_o genevoys_n have_v the_o town_n &_o castle_n of_o jason_n which_o be_v right_a noble_a &_o a_o great_a profit_n to_o they_o &_o to_o other_o never_a countries_n of_o crystendome_n for_o if_o pere_fw-fr jason_n stycye_n &_o rhodes_n be_v not_o with_o the_o aid_n of_o the_o genevoys_n the_o infydelle_n will_v soon_o come_v to_o gaiet_fw-mi yea_o &_o to_o naples_n to_o the_o port_n of_o cornet_n &_o to_o rome_n but_o the_o say_v garyson_n which_o always_o be_v well_o provyde_v for_o with_o man_n of_o war_n &_o genevoys_n with_o the_o shyppe_n &_o galeys_fw-la be_v ever_o ready_a to_o defend_v they_o wherefore_o the_o turk_n dare_v not_o adventure_v on_o that_o party_n but_o that_o they_o do_v be_v on_o the_o fronter_z of_o constantyne_n le_fw-fr noble_a &_o toward_o hungry_a if_o the_o noble_a king_n of_o cypress_n peter_n of_o liesieguen_n who_o be_v so_o noble_a &_o valynnt_v a_o prince_n &_o have_v conquer_v the_o great_a cyte_n of_o alexandrie_n &_o satalye_n if_o he_o have_v live_v long_a he_o will_v have_v give_v the_o sowdan_n &_o turk_n so_o moche_v a_o do_v that_z since_o godfrey_n of_o boloyn_n day_n they_o have_v never_o so_o moche_v &_o that_o right_a well_o know_v the_o turk_n &_o tartarye_n &_o infydelle_n such_o as_o know_v his_o prowess_n &_o high_a dede_n &_o therefore_o to_o have_v he_o dystroy_v they_o make_v
journey_n leave_v but_z i_o speak_v it_o by_o way_n of_o counsel_n and_o since_o that_o the_o moo_v part_n of_o the_o royalme_n enclyne_v to_o this_o journey_n therefore_o fair_a brother_n of_o borgoyne_n i_o will_v that_o you_o and_o i_o shall_v go_v but_o i_o will_v not_o counsel_n that_o the_o king_n shall_v go_v for_o if_o any_o mysfortune_n shall_v fall_v it_o shall_v be_v lay_v to_o we_o well_o say_v the_o frensshe_n king_n who_o be_v present_a at_o all_o those_o word_n if_o none_o will_v go_v i_o will_v go_v then_o the_o lord_n begin_v to_o smile_v and_o say_v the_o king_n have_v a_o couragyous_a will_v howbeit_o they_o take_v counsel_n to_o defer_v that_o voyage_n till_o aprell_n or_o may_n next_o after_o &_o their_o provysyon_n as_o bysquet_n powder_a flesh_n and_o wine_n shall_v be_v keep_v safe_o till_o then_o and_z there_o they_o ordain_v that_o the_o lord_n and_o their_o company_n shall_v return_v thyder_n again_o in_o the_o month_n of_o march_n anon_o this_o be_v know_v and_o so_o break_v the_o voyage_n for_o that_o season_n the_o whico_v the_o royalme_n of_o france_n a_o c.m._n frank_v thirty_o time_n tell_v ¶_o how_o king_n charles_n of_o france_n and_o the_o frensshe_a lord_n return_v evyll_n content_a from_o sluse_n and_o out_o of_o flaunders_n where_o as_o their_o provysyon_n be_v make_v to_o have_v go_v in_o to_o the_o royalme_n of_o england_n and_z of_o the_o fee_a that_o be_v make_v at_o london_n ca._n lx_o as_o you_o have_v herd_n before_o there_z be_v make_v a_o great_a apparel_n in_o france_n by_o the_o king_n there_o and_z the_o lord_n with_o great_a cost_n and_o charge_n with_o shyppe_n and_o galaye_n to_o pass_v the_o see_v in_o to_o england_n to_o make_v war_n there_o and_o how_o this_o voyage_n be_v break_v by_o wether_n and_o because_o that_o winter_n be_v so_o never_a hand_n then_o it_o be_v ordain_v by_o the_o counsel_n that_o the_o king_n and_o the_o lord_n shall_v return_v every_o man_n to_o his_o own_o home_o and_o every_o thing_n to_o abide_v in_o the_o same_o state_n unto_o the_o month_n of_o march_n or_o aprell_n and_o then_o every_o man_n to_o be_v ready_a at_o the_o king_n commandment_n then_o there_o may_v well_o have_v be_v see_v lord_n and_o knight_n soore_a dysplease_v and_o specyal_o such_o as_o be_v of_o far_a country_n and_o have_v sore_o travayl_v their_o body_n and_o spend_v their_o money_n in_o trust_n to_o have_v have_v a_o good_a season_n as_o the_o earl_n of_o savoy_n the_o earl_n of_o army●ake_n and_o the_o earl_n daulphyn_n of_o awuergne_n and_o a_o c._n other_o great_a lord_n that_o depart_v in_o great_a dyspleasure_n because_o they_o have_v not_o be_v in_o england_n in_o likewise_o so_o do_v the_o frensshe_a king_n but_o as_o thenne_v he_o can_v not_o amend_v it_o ¶_o so_o thus_o depart_v all_o manner_n of_o people_n some_z merry_a and_o some_o grete_o dysplease_v and_o angry_a and_o the_o offycer_n abide_v still_o there_o behind_o for_o too_o make_v shift_v to_o sell_v their_o provysyon_n for_o their_o master_n profit_n and_o to_o take_v money_n for_o they_o if_o they_o may_v but_z they_o wist_v not_o to_o who_o nor_o where_o for_o it_o that_o cost_n a_o hundred_o frank_v be_v sell_v for_o ten_o frank_v and_o for_o less_o money_n the_o earl_n dalphyn_n of_o awuergne_n say_v unto_o i_o that_o by_o his_o faith_n he_o have_v there_o provysyon_n the_o which_o cost_n he_o ten_o thousand_o frank_v and_o when_o he_o return_v homeward_o again_o he_o lose_v all_o together_o and_o so_o say_v many_o knight_n and_o squyer_n and_o other_o people_n of_o france_n ¶_o and_o when_o these_o tydynge_n be_v know_v in_o the_o royme_n of_o england_n some_o be_v right_a joyful_a and_o glad_a thereof_o as_o such_o people_n that_o doubt_v the_o frensshe_a man_n come_v and_o some_o be_v angry_a and_o dysplease_v therewith_o which_o be_v such_o people_n as_o thought_n to_o have_v some_o promocyon_n and_o profit_n by_o they_o so_o thenne_n there_o be_v make_v at_o the_o cyte_n of_o london_n a_o great_a fee_v and_o thither_o come_v all_o the_o lord_n such_o as_o have_v keep_v the_o port_n and_o passage_n of_o the_o royalme_n of_o england_n ¶_o and_o then_o the_o king_n hold_v also_o a_o noble_a fee_v at_o westmynstre_n on_o crystmasse_n day_n and_o there_o be_v three_o duke_n make_v ¶_o first_o the_o earl_n of_o cambrydge_v be_v make_v the_o duke_n of_o york_n the_o earl_n of_o buckyngham_n his_o brother_n be_v make_v duke_n of_o glocestre_n and_o the_o three_o be_v the_o earl_n of_o oxenford_n and_o he_o be_v make_v the_o d●_n of_o ireland_n this_o fee_v endure_v with_o great_a revel_n and_o triumph_n ¶_o so_o thus_o the_o people_n of_o the_o royalme_n of_o england_n as_o they_o think_v themselves_o that_o they_o have_v escape_v a_o great_a peryll_n and_o thenne_fw-fr dyvers_a of_o they_o say_v among_o themselves_o that_o they_o will_v never_o set_v more_o by_o the_o frensshe_a man_n and_z they_o think_v that_o all_o the_o assemble_v of_o the_o frensshe_a man_n that_o be_v make_v at_o sluse_n be_v but_o to_o fere_n the_o englysshe_n man_n and_z to_o have_v cause_v the_o duke_n of_o lancastre_n and_o his_o company_n to_o return_v again_o out_o of_o spain_n ¶_o how_o a_o squyer_n call_v jaques_n le_fw-fr grys_n be_v accuse_v in_o the_o parlyament_n house_n at_o paris_n before_o all_o the_o lord_n there_o present_a by_z a_o knight_n call_v john_n of_o carongne_n and_o what_o jugement_n be_v give_v upon_o they_o and_z how_o they_o ju_v at_o utteraunce_n in_o paris_n in_o a_o place_n call_v saint_n katherine_n behind_o the_o temple_n and_o how_o jaques_n le_fw-fr grys_n be_v confound_v ca._n lxi_o in_o this_o time_n great_a brute_n there_o be_v in_o france_n and_o in_o the_o low_a march_n of_o a_o feat_n of_o arm_n that_o shall_v be_v do_v at_o paris_n in_o utteraunce_n for_o so_o the_o matter_n be_v judge_v in_o the_o parlyament_n chambre_n at_o paris_n the_o which_o plea_n have_v endure_v a_o year_n bytwene_v these_o two_o party_n the_o one_o be_v asquy_a call_v jaques_n le_fw-fr grys_n and_o the_o other_o party_n be_v a_o knight_n call_v john_n of_o carongne_n and_z they_o be_v both_o of_o the_o land_n &_o household_n of_o the_o earl_n peter_n of_o alanson_fw-fr &_o they_o be_v welbylove_v of_o their_o lord_n and_o specyal_o this_o squyer_n jaques_n le_fw-fr grys_n be_v bylove_v and_o try_v with_o his_o lord_n above_o any_o other_o person_n in_o his_o court_n or_o household_n and_o because_o that_o mortal_a batayle_n follow_v bytwene_v they_o and_z they_o be_v both_o of_o one_o lord_n household_n every_o man_n have_v great_a marvel_n thereof_o so_o that_o out_o of_o dyvers_a country_n great_a multytude_n of_o people_n come_v to_o paris_n at_o the_o day_n of_o batayle_n for_o to_o see_v it_o i_o shall_v show_v you_o the_o hole_n matter_n i_o as_o be_v then_o enfourm_v so_o it_o be_v that_o on_o a_o season_n this_o knight_n call_v john_n of_o carongne_n take_v a_o entrepryse_n upon_o he_o to_o go_v over_o the_o see_v for_o the_o avauncement_n of_o his_o honour_n where_o unto_o he_o have_v be_v long_a time_n to_o accomplysshe_v ¶_o so_o he_o depart_v from_o his_o lord_n the_o earl_n of_o alencon_n to_o do_v his_o voyage_n and_o also_o he_o take_v his_o leave_n of_o his_o wife_n who_o as_o then_o be_v repute_v a_o fair_a lady_n and_o a_o young_a and_z he_o leave_v she_o in_o a_o castle_n of_o his_o own_o on_o the_o march_n of_o perch_n otherwise_o call_v argentuell_a and_o so_o enter_v in_o to_o his_o voyage_n and_z his_o wife_n lie_v still_o at_o her_o castle_n in_o a_o wise_n and_o sage_a manner_n ¶_o so_o here_o begin_v the_o matter_n by_o the_o devylles_n temptacyon_n which_o enter_v in_o to_o the_o body_n of_o the_o squyer_n jaques_n le_fw-fr grys_n who_o be_v with_o the_o earl_n of_o alencon_n his_o lord_n for_z he_o be_v as_o one_o of_o his_o counsel_n and_o so_o he_o determine_v in_o his_o mind_n to_o do_v a_o evyll_n deed_n which_o he_o dere_o buy_v afterward_o howbeit_o the_o evyll_n that_o he_o do_v can_v never_o be_v prove_v in_o he_o nor_o he_o will_v never_o confess_v it_o this_o squyer_n jaques_n le_fw-fr grys_n set_v his_o mind_n on_o the_o wife_n of_o the_o foresay_a knight_n john_n of_o carongne_n in_o the_o absence_n of_o her_o husband_n and_z he_o know_v well_o that_o she_o be_v in_o the_o castle_n of_o argentuell_n but_o with_o her_o own_o company_n and_o household_n servant_n ¶_o and_o so_o on_o a_o morning_n he_o take_v a_o good_a horse_n and_o depart_v from_o alencon_n and_o so_o ride_v on_o the_o spur_n with_o great_a haste_n till_o he_o come_v to_o the_o lady_n castle_n and_o when_o he_o be_v thyder_o come_v the_o lady_n servant_n make_v he_o
look_v for_o great_a comfort_n to_o come_v to_o they_o out_o of_o france_n and_o such_o as_o desire_v dede_n of_o arm_n and_o advauncement_n of_o honour_n will_v come_v as_o soon_o as_o they_o can_v wherefore_o it_o behove_v i_o always_o to_o be_v ready_a and_o to_o abide_v batayle_n this_o you_o may_v show_v to_o the_o king_n of_o portyngale_n and_o to_o his_o counsel_n and_o if_o i_o see_v that_o i_o shall_v have_v any_o thing_n to_o do_v i_o shall_v short_o send_v the_o king_n word_n thereof_o wherefore_o say_v that_o i_o desire_v he_o to_o be_v ready_a to_o aid_v and_o to_o defend_v our_o right_a and_o his_o in_z like_o manner_n as_o we_o have_v promise_v and_o swear_v togyde_a and_o madame_fw-fr when_o you_o return_v again_o to_o i_o leave_v our_o daughter_n katherine_v there_o still_o with_o the_o queen_n her_o sister_n she_o can_v not_o be_v in_o better_a keep_a sir_n say_v the_o lady_n all_o this_o shall_v be_v do_v then_o the_o duchess_n and_o her_o daughter_n and_o all_o other_o lady_n and_o damoyselle_n take_v their_o leave_n and_o depart_a sir_n thomas_n percy_n the_o admyral_n accompany_v they_o and_o sir_n non_fw-fr fythwaren_a and_o the_o lord_n talbot_n and_o the_o lord_n john_n dambretycourte_n and_o sir_n namburyne_n of_o lyvyer_n and_o a_o hundred_o spear_n and_o two_o hundred_o archer_n and_o so_o come_v to_o the_o cyte_n of_o porte_fw-fr in_o portyngale_n ¶_o how_o the_o duchess_n and_o her_o daughter_n go_v to_o see_v the_o king_n of_o portyngale_n and_o the_o queen_n and_o how_o the_o town_n of_o besance_n submyt_v they_o under_o the_o obeisance_n of_o the_o duke_n of_o lancastre_n ca._n lxxvi_o whenne_fw-fr the_o king_n of_o portyngale_n understode_v that_o the_o duchess_n of_o lancastre_n and_o her_o daughter_n be_v come_n to_o he_o ward_n he_o be_v thereof_o right_a joyful_a and_o send_v to_o receyve_v they_o of_o the_o grette_v man_n of_o his_o court_n the_o earl_n of_o angose_n and_o the_o earl_n of_o novayre_a sir_n john_n radyghos_o the_o sar_n sir_n john_n ferrant_n perteke_v sir_n vas_n martyne_n of_o marlo_n sir_n egeas_fw-la colle_n and_o a_o twenty_o other_o knight_n who_o meet_v with_o the_o duchess_n a_o two_o great_a leg_n of_o and_z joyful_o receyve_v they_o and_z the_o duchess_n make_v friendly_a cheer_n to_o all_o the_o lord_n and_o knight_n both_o with_o word_n &_o countenance_n thus_o they_o come_v to_o the_o cyte_n of_o porte_fw-fr and_o all_z the_o lady_n and_o damoyselle_n be_v lodge_v in_o the_o palay_n and_o the_o king_n come_v and_o meet_v with_o the_o lady_n &_o kyss_v they_o all_o then_z after_o come_v the_o queen_n who_o receyve_v the_o duchess_n her_o mooer_n and_o her_o sister_n right_a honourable_o as_o she_o that_o can_v right_a well_o do_v it_o all_z the_o king_n court_n be_v right_a joyful_a of_o the_o come_n of_o these_o lady_n and_o damoyselle_n i_o will_v not_o speak_v of_o all_o their_o acquayntaunce_n and_o good_a cheer_n for_o i_o be_v not_o there_o present_a i_o know_v nothing_o but_o by_o the_o report_n of_o that_o gentle_o knight_n sir_n john_n ferrant_n perteke_v who_o be_v there_o present_a and_z he_o enfourm_v i_o of_o all_o that_o i_o know_v in_o that_o matter_n and_o of_o many_o other_o there_o the_o duchess_n devyse_v with_o the_o king_n of_o portyngale_n when_o she_o see_v her_o time_n &_o show_v he_o all_o the_o word_n that_o the_o duke_n her_o husband_n have_v give_v she_o in_o charge_n to_o show_v the_o king_n answer_v she_o right_a sage_o and_o say_v fair_a lady_n and_o cousin_n i_o be_o all_o ready_a if_o the_o king_n of_o castle_n come_v forth_o in_o to_o the_o field_n within_o iii_o day_n i_o shall_v have_v r●dy_n iil_n m._n spear_n they_o be_v ready_a in_o the_o field_n on_o the_o fronter_z of_o castell_n and_o also_o i_o have_v ready_a twenty_o m._n of_o the_o commons_n of_o my_o royal_a i_o who_o be_v not_o to_o be_v refuse_v for_z they_o dydde_v i_o good_a seruyce_n on_o a_o day_n at_o the_o batayle_n of_o juberoth_n sir_n say_v the_o lady_n you_o speak_v well_o &_o i_o thank_v you_o thereof_o and_o sir_n if_o any_o thing_n happen_v to_o fall_v to_o my_o lord_n and_o husband_n he_o will_v incontynente_fw-la sygnyfye_v you_o thereof_o with_o these_o word_n &_o other_o the_o king_n &_o the_o duchess_n devyse_v togyder_n ¶_o now_o let_v we_o turn_v to_o they_o of_o besance_n &_o show_v how_o they_o speed_v when_o these_o vi_o man_n of_o besance_n be_v before_o the_o king_n of_o castel_n they_o kneel_v down_o and_o say_v right_o redoubt_a lord_n may_v it_o please_v you_o to_o understande_v that_o we_o be_v send_v hyder_n from_o your_o town_n of_o besance_n who_o be_v by_o force_n in_o composycyon_n with_o the_o duke_n of_o lancastre_n and_o with_o the_o duchess_n &_o have_v obtain_v a_o sufferance_n of_o war_n for_o ix_o day_n so_o that_o if_o you_o come_v or_o send_v such_o a_o strength_n able_a to_o resy_v the_o duchess_n puyssaunce_n then_o the_o town_n to_o abide_v still_o under_o your_o obeisance_n else_o they_o be_v bind_v &_o have_v lay_v hostage_n to_o delyver_v up_o the_o town_n to_o the_o duke_n of_o lancastre_n wherefore_o may_v it_o please_v your_o grace_n to_o gyve_v we_o answer_v what_o we_o shall_v do_v in_o this_o case_n the_o king_n answer_v and_o say_v sir_n we_o shall_v take_v advyse_n and_o then_o gyve_v you_o answer_v therewith_o the_o king_n depart_v from_o they_o and_o enter_v in_o to_o his_o secret_a chambre_n i_o can_v tell_v what_o counsel_n he_o take_v nor_o how_o the_o matter_n go_v but_o these_o vi_o man_n be_v there_o viii_o day_n and_o have_v no_o manner_n of_o answer_n nor_o saw_n no_o more_o the_o king_n so_o the_o day_n come_v that_o the_o town_n shall_v be_v give_v up_o &_o as_o they_o their_o messenger_n be_v not_o return_v again_o then_z the_o duke_n of_o lancastre_n send_v to_o besance_n his_o marshal_n the_o ten_o day_n to_o speak_v with_o they_o and_o to_o command_v they_o to_o rendre_fw-fr up_o their_o town_n or_o else_o to_o strike_v of_o the_o heed_v of_o the_o hostage_n the_o marshal_n come_v to_o besance_n to_o the_o barryers_n and_o there_o speak_v with_o they_o of_o the_o town_n and_o say_v you_o sir_n of_o besance_n take_v heed_n what_o i_o say_v my_o lord_n the_o duke_n of_o lancastre_n have_v send_v i_o to_o you_o to_o demand_v why_o you_o have_v not_o bring_v to_o he_o the_o key_n of_o your_o town_n and_o submyt_v you_o to_o be_v under_o his_o obeisance_n as_o you_o ought_v to_o be_v the_z ix_o day_n be_v past_a as_o you_o know_v well_o and_z if_o you_o will_v not_o thus_o do_v your_o hostage_n shall_v less_o their_n heed_v here_o before_o you_o and_z after_o we_o shall_v assail_v you_o and_o take_v you_o perforce_o and_o than_o you_o shall_v all_o dye_v without_o mercy_n like_o they_o of_o rybadane_n when_o the_o man_n of_o besance_n hear_v those_o tydynge_n they_o great_o doubt_v and_o also_o fere_v to_o less_o their_o friend_n that_o be_v in_o hostage_n with_o the_o duke_n &_o say_v to_o the_o martial_a sir_n my_o lord_n the_o duke_n have_v good_a cause_n to_o say_v and_o do_v as_o you_o have_v report_v but_o sir_n as_o yet_o we_o hear_v no_o tydynge_n from_o our_o man_n who_o we_o send_v to_o the_o king_n of_o castel_n for_o the_o same_o cause_n we_o wot_v not_o what_o be_v become_v of_o they_o sir_n say_v the_o marshal_n peradventure_o they_o be_v keep_v there_o still_o for_o the_o tydynge_n they_o have_v bring_v to_o the_o king_n of_o castle_n which_o be_v not_o very_a plesaunt_n to_o he_o to_o here_o but_z my_o lord_n the_o duke_n will_v abide_v no_o long_o wherefore_o advyse_v you_o to_o make_v i_o short_a answer_v elles_fw-fr short_o you_o shall_v have_v assault_v then_z they_o speak_v again_o and_o say_v sir_n we_o require_v you_o let_v we_o assemble_v togyder_n in_o the_o town_n to_o take_v advyse_n and_o then_o we_o shall_v answer_v you_o i_o be_o content_a say_v the_o martial_a then_z they_o return_v in_o to_o the_o town_n and_o by_o the_o blast_n of_o trumpet_n in_o every_o street_n they_o assemble_v to_o gather_v in_o the_o market_n place_n then_z they_o declare_v to_o all_o the_o comonte_fw-fr all_o the_o foresay_a word_n and_o so_o final_o they_o accord_v to_o rendre_fw-fr up_o their_o town_n &_o to_o save_v their_o estate_n that_o be_v in_o prison_n then_z they_o return_v to_o the_o marshal_n &_o say_a sir_n in_o all_o your_o demand_n we_o can_v find_v nothing_o but_o as_o reason_n require_v we_o be_v content_a to_o receyve_v my_o lord_n the_o duke_n and_o my_o lady_n the_o duchess_n in_o to_o this_o town_n &_o to_o put_v they_o in_o possessyon_n thereof_o and_o sir_n here_o be_v the_o key_n and_z we_o shall_v go_v with_o you_o to_o they_o
now_o our_o season_n and_o voyage_n by_o the_o see_v be_v lose_v and_o break_v a_o constable_n what_o myshap_n be_v fall_v to_o you_o what_o counsel_n have_v dysceyve_v you_o the_z counsel_n the_o be_v make_v and_o assemble_v at_o wanne_n be_v