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A00005 Here begynneth a shorte and abreue table on the Cronycles ...; Saint Albans chronicle. Higden, Ranulf, d. 1364. Polycronicon. English. Selections.; Trevisa, John, d. 1402. 1515 (1515) STC 10000; ESTC S106695 471,876 302

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grauntyd theym theyr prayer toke the hostages on saynt Margaretꝭ eue in the yere of grace M·CCC xxxiii the Scottes came fyersly well arayed in foure wynges for to mete kynge Edwarde of Englonde and Edwarde the kynge of Scotlonde with theyr power and came faste and sharply ayenst euensonge tyme And the same tyme was flood atte Berwyk in the water of Twede that no man myghte goo ouer on hys hors nor on fote ● and the water was bytwene tho two kynges and the reame of Englonde And that tyme abode the Scottes in that other syde for cause that the englyssgmen sholde haue be drowned ¶ Thys was the arraye of the Scottes how that they came in batayll ayenst the two kynges of Englonde and of Scotlonde In the vaunt warde of Scotlonde where thyse lordes THerle of Moryf Iamys Frysell Symond Frysell Walter stewarde Reynolde Cheyn Patryke of Greham Iohan le graunt Iamys of Cordoyl Patryk Parkeys Roberte Caldecottes Phylyp of Melledrum Thom̄s Gylbert Rauf wyseman Adam gurdon Iamys Gramat Roberte Boyd Huhhe Park with .xl knyghtꝭ newe dubbyd .vi. C. men of armes .iii. M. of comyns In the fyrste parte of thalfe batayll were thyse lordes the Stewarde of Scotlonde the erle of Mory Iamys his vncle wyllyā douglas dauyd of Lyndesey Marcolyn Flemynge Wyllyam of keth Dn̄sen Cankok with .xxx. bachelers new dubbyd ¶ In the seconde parte of the batayll were thyse lordes Iamys Stewarde of Corden Alein Stewarde wyllyam Abbrehin wyllyā Morys Iamys Fytz wyllyam Adam lemost walter Fytz. Gylbert Iohn̄ of Cerleton Robert wallam with .vii. C. men of armys and .xvii. M. comyns ¶ In the thyrd parte of the batayll of Scotlonde were thyse lordes The erle of Moref the erle of Ruf therle of Strahern the erle of Soth erlonde william of Kyrkkelay Iohn̄ Cābron Gylbert of Hey wyllyam ramsey wylliam Prēdegest Kyrston Harde wyllyam Gurde Arnold Garde Thomas Dolphyn wyth .xl. knyghtes newe dubbyd .ix. C. men of armys .xv. M. of comyns ¶ In the fourth warde of the batayll of Scotlonde were thyse lordes Archbalde Douglas the erle of Lencuax Alysander le Brus. the erle of Fyff Iohn̄ Canbell erle of Atheles Roberte Lawether wyllyam of Vypouynt wyllyam of Lonston Iohnn de Labels Groos de Sherenlawe Iohan de Lyndesey Alysander de Gray Ingram de Vmfreuille Patryk de Polesworthe Dauyd de wymes Mychell Scot. wyllyam Landy Thomas de Boys Roger Mortymer with xx bachelers new dubbyd .ix. C. men of armys .xviii. M. .iiii. C. of comyns The erle of Dunbar keper of the castelle of Berewyk halpe the Scottes with .l. men of armys And syr Alysander of Ceton keper of the for sayd towne of Berwyk with an C. men ef armys And also the comyns of the towne wyth ·iiii C. men of armys with .viii. C. of fote men ¶ The somme of therles lordes aboue sayd amounteth .lxvi. ¶ The some of bachelers newe dubbyd amoūteth to an C.lx. ¶ The sōme of men of armys amounteth .iii. M.C. ¶ The sūme of the comnyns amounteth .liii. M. and .iii. C. ¶ The sōme totalle of the people abouesayd amounteth .lxv. M.vii C.xlv And thyse .lx. .vi. gretate lordes ladde all the other greeste lordes abouesayde Infonre bataylles as it is tolde beforen allon fote and kynge Edwarde of Englonde and Edwarde Bayllol kyng of Scotlonde hadde well apparelled theyr folke in foure bataylles for to fyghte on fote ayenst the Scottes theyr enmyes ¶ And the Englys the mynstrels blewe theyr trumpetes and the. yr claryons and hydously ascryed the Scottes And tho had euery Englysshe batayll two wynges of pryce archers The whiche at that batayll shot arowes so faste and soo sore that the Scottes myghte not helpe themsefle And they smote the Scottes thousandes vnto the grounde And they began for to flee fro the englysshmen for to saue theyr lyues And whan the Scottes knaues saw the scomfyture and the Scottes fall fast to the grounde they preckyd faste theyr maysters horse with the sporis for to kept theym from peryl sete theyr maysters at on force And whan thenglyssmen saw that they lept on theyr horses faste pursued the Scottes all that abode they slewe downe ryght ¶ There men myght see the doughtinesse of the noble kynge Edward of hys men how manly they pursewed the Scottes that flowe for drede And there men myght see many a Scottysshman caste downe vnto the groūde the baners dysplayde hackyd in to peces many a gode haberyoyne of stele in the blode bathe And many a tyme the Scottes were gadred in to cōpanyes but euer more they were discomfyted ¶ And so it befell as god almyghty wolde that the Scottes had that day nomore fayson ne myghte ayenst the Englysshemen than .xx. shepe among .v. wulues And so were the Scottes dyscomfyted yet the scottees was well .v. men ayenst one englysshmen And the batayll was done on Halydoune hyll besyde the towne of Berwyk At the whiche batayll were slayne of the Scottes xxxv· thousande .vii. houndred and .xii. And of the Englysshemen but only .xiii. And this victory befel to the Englysshmen on saynt Margyretes euen the holy virgyn martyr in the yere of our lorde Ihesu cryste M.CCC.xxxii ¶ And whyle thys doynge lastyd the Englysshe pages toke the pylfre of the Scottes that were slayne euery man that he myght take wythout ony chalengynge of ony man And so after thys gracyous victory the kynge torned hym agayne vnto the same syege of Berewyk ¶ And whan they be syeged sawe and herde how kynge Edwarde had spede they yelded to hym the towne wyth the castell on the morowe after saynt Margaretes daye ¶ And thenne the kynge dyde ordeyne syr Edwarde Baylloll with other noble and worshypfull men to be kepers and gouernours of all Scotlonde in hys absence And hymselfe torned ayē and came into Enlōde after this vyctorye with moche Ioye and also worshyp and in the nexte yere folowynge after that is for to say in the yere of the Incarnacyon of oure lorde Ihesu eryste M.CCC.xxxiii And of kynge Edwarde vii· he wente ayen in to Scotlonde in wynter tyme Atte the whiche vyage the castell of kylbrygge in Scotlonde for hym and for his men that were with hym he recouered and had ayenst the Scottes All at his owne luste ¶ And in that same yere syr Edwarde Bayloll kyng of Scotlonde helde his parlement in Scotlonde with many noble lordes of Englonde that were at that same parlemente bycause of theyr londes and also lordshyps that they had in the reame of Scotlonde And helde all of the same Baylloll And in the .viii. yere of hys regne abowte the feest of saynt Iohan Baptist syr Edward Bayllol they vere and true kynge of Scotlonde as by heretage right lyne made his homage and feaute vnto kynge Edwarde of Englonde for the reame of Scotlonde att new castell vppon Tyne In the presente of many a worthy man and also of comyns bothe of the reame of
Englonde and also of Scotlonde· ¶ And anone after in the same yere kynge Edwarde of Englonde receyued of the duke of Brytayne hys homage for the erldom and lordshyp of Rychmonde And so folowynge in the .ix. yere of hys regne after Myghelmas rode into Scotlond And there was faste by saynt Iohānes towne almoost all the wynter tyme And soo he helde his Crystemas at the castell of Rokersbourgh ¶ And in the same yere trughout all Englonde abowte saynt Clementys tyde in wynter ¶ Chere arose suche a sprengynge and wellynge vp of waters and also flodes bothe of the see and also of the fresshe ryuers and sprenges that the see bankes walles and costes brake vp that mennys bestes and housys in many places namely in lowe countrees vyolently and sodaynly were drowned and fruyte dryuen awaye of the erthe thrugh contynaunce and abundaunce of waters of the see ouer more afterwarde were torned into more saltnesse and sourenesse or sauoure ¶ The .x. yere of kynge Edwardes regne kynge Edwarde entred the Scottes see after Mydsomer And to many of the Scottes he haue bataylle and ouercame theym and many he treatyd and bowed vnto hys peas thrughe hys doughtynesse and hardynesse ¶ And after the feest of saynt Myghell thenne nexte folowynge was the erle of Moryf hadde and taken at Edenbrugh brought into Englonde and put into pryson ¶ And in the monethes of Iune and Iulii thā next folowynge in the xi yere of his regne was seen and apperyed in the fyrmament a beme sterre the whiche clarkes calle stella Cometa that sterre was seen in dyuers partes of the fyrmament ¶ Where after anone there folowed in Englonde goode chepe and wonder greate plente of chaffare vytaylles marchandyse there ayenst honger scarsyte myscheyf and nede of monye ¶ In so moche that a quartre of whete at London was solde for two shellynge and a good fatte oxe att a noble and fyue good douues byrdes for a peny In whiche yere deped syr Iohn̄ of ●l●am erle of Cornewaylle that was kynge Edwardes brother and lyeth atte westmestre ¶ How kynge Edwarde made a duchye of the Erldome of Cornewayle and also of syxe other Erles that were newe made and of the fyrste chalēge of the kyngdodome of Fraunce IN the yere of our lorde a M. and of kynge edwarde .xii. in the moneth of marche durynge the parlement at westmestre in lente tyme kynge Edwarde made of the erldome of Cornewayle a duchye and lete it calle the duchye of Cornewayle the whiche ducye he gaaf vnto Edwarde hys fyrste sone with the erldom of Chestre And also kyng Edwarde made att that same tyme syxe other erles That is for to saye Syr Henry the erle of Lancastres sone erle of Leycetre Wyllyam of Bughū erle of Northamptō wyllyam of Mountagu erle of Salysbury Hughe of Awdell erle of Gloucestre Roberte of V●orde erle of Southfolke And wyllyam of Clyton Erle of Huntyngeton ¶ And in that same yere it was ordeyned in the same parlemente that no man sholde were noo clothe that was wrought out of Englond as clothe of golde ne of sylke or veluet or damaske or satyne baudkyn ne none suche other ne none wylde ware ne furres of bynde that see But suche as myght spende an hundred poūde of rente by yere but this ordynaūce statute was but of lytyl effect For yt was no thynge holden ¶ In the .xiii. yere of his regne kynge Edwarde went ouer see into Braban with quene Phylyp his wyf there beryng a chylde at And warpe there he dwellyd more than a yere for to treate wyth the duke of Braban and other alyed vnto hym of the chalengynge of the kyngdome of Fraunce to kynge Edwarde of Englond by ryght and by herytage after the deth of Karoll the grete kynge of Fraunce brother Gerymayne of quene Isabell kynge Edwardes moder the whyche was holden and occupyed vnryghtfull by Phylyp of Valoys the ēmys of kynge Karoll the wheche duke and all his in the forsayd thynges all other longynge there to with alle hys men and goodes kynge Edwarde founde redy vnto hym and made behyght hym suerte by good fayth truste and after that the kyng hath hym ayen into Englonde lelft there the quene styll be hynde hym in Braban Than in the .xiiii. yere of his regne whan all the lordes of his reame other that oughten to be at his parlement were called assembled togyder in the same parlemēt holden at London after the feest of saynt Hylarye The kynges nedes were put forth promothed as touchinge the kyngdom of Fraunce For whiche nedes to be spedde the kynge axed the fyfte parte of alle the meuable goodes of Englonde the wulles the .ix. sheep of euery corne And alle the lordes of euery towne where suche thynges sholde be taxed gadryd sholde answere to the kynge therof had it and helde it at his owne lust wyl wherfore yf I shold knowleche the very trouth the ynner loue of the people was torned in to hate And the comyn prayers in to cursinge for cause that the comune people were soo strongely greued ¶ Also the for sayd Phylyp Valoys of Fraunce had gadred vnto hym a grete hoste destroyed in hys partyes kyngdome many of the kynges frendes of Englonde wyth townes castels many other of theyr lordhypoes and many harmes shamys dystytes dyd vnto the quene wher fore kyng Edwarde whan he herde thys tydynges strongely meued therwythe and red and sente dyuers letters ouer see to the quene to other that were his frendes Glagynge them certefyenge them that he wolde be there hymself in all the haste that he mygh ¶ And anone after Ester whan he had sped of all thinges that hym neded to haue he went ouer see ayen Of whose cominge the quene all hys frendes were wonder glad made moche Ioy And all that were his enmyes and held ayenst hym made as moche sorow ¶ In the same tyme the kynge thrughe counseyll of hys trewe lyeges and counsell of hys lordes that there we represent wyth hym wryte the kynhe of Fraūces name and toke and medled the kynges armes of Fraunce quartred with tharmes of Englond and commaunded forth with hys coyen of golde vnder dyserypcyon and wrytynge of the name of englonde and of Fraunce be made beste that myght bee and that is to saye the floreyne that was callyd the noble pryce of .vi shellynge .viii pens sterlynge and the half nobell the value iii· shellynge and .iiii. pens and the far thynges the value of .xx. pens ¶ How kynge Edwarde came vnto the scuys and dyscomfyted alle the power of Fraunce in the hauen ANd in the next yere after that is to say the .xv. yere of his regne he cōmaūded and lete wryte in his chartres wryttes other letters the date of the regne of fraunce the fyrst And whyle that he was thus doynge and trauayllynge in
that other they muste fyght or be drenched And so whan all other worthy mē and of the see costes fast by wynchelse romeny were gadred togyder and our nauye shyppes al redy to the warre the Englysshemen mette manly and strongly wyth theyr enmyes comynge fyersly ayenst them ¶ And whan the Spayns vessels nauye were closed all about there men myght se stronge batayll on both sydes longe duryng in the whiche bataylle was but fewe that faught but they were rytously hurte And after the batayll there were .xxiii. shyppes taken soo the Englysshemen had the better And in the nexte yere folowynge of hys regne that is to say the xxvi yere the kynge thrugh hys counseyll lete ordeyne and make hys newe money that is to saye the peny the grote value of .iiii. pens and the halfe grete of .ii. pens But it was of lesse weyght than the olde sterlynge was be .v. shels in the pounde ¶ And in the .xxvii. yere of his regne was the grete derth of vytayls that whiche was called the dere somer And the .xxviii. yere of his regne in the parlement holden atte westmestre after Ester syr Henry erle of Lancastre was made duke of Lancastre and in this yere was soo greate a drought that frō the monethe of Marche to the Monethe of Iuyll there fell no rayne on therth wherfore all fruytes sedes and herbes for the moost parte were loste in defaute wherfore come so greate dysease of men and beestes and derth of vytayls in Englonde that thys londe that euer afore had ben plenteuous hadde nede that tyme to seke vitayls and refresshynge at other out yles countres And the .xxix. yere of kynge Edwarde it was accorded graūted and sworne bytwene the kynge of Fraunce kynge Edwarde of Englonde that he shode haue ayen all his londꝭ lordshyppes that lōged to the duchye of guyhen of olde tyme the whiche had bē withdrawen and wrongfully occupyed by dyuers kynges of Fraunce before honde to haue to holde to kynge Edwarde to hys heyres successours for euermore frely pesybly and in good quyete vpō this couenaunt that the kynge of Englonde sholde leue of and releasen all his ryght clayme that he had claymed of the kyngdome of fraūce and of the tytle that he toke therof vpon whyche speche and couenauntes it was sente to the courte of Rome on both sydes of the kynges that the forsayd couenaunt sholde de enbulled but god ordeyned better for the kynges worshyp of Englonde for what thrugh fraude dysceyte of the frensshmē and what thrugh lettynge of the pope of the court of Rome the forsayd couenaūtes were dysquate and left of ¶ And in the same yere the kyng reuoked by his wyse and dyscrete coūseyll the staple of wulles out of flaundres into Englonde with all the lybertees fraunches and fre customes that longed therto and ordeyned it in Englōde in diuerse places that is for to saye atte westmestre Caunterbury Chychestre Brystowe Lyncoln And Hulle wyth all the forsayd thynges that longen therto And that this thynge that shold thus be done the kynge swore hymself therto and prynce Edwarde hys sone wyth other many grete wytnesses that there where present ¶ And the xxx· yere of hys regne anone after wytsontyde in the parlemente ordeyned att westmenstre it was tolde and certefyed to the kyng that Phylyp that helde the kyngdome of Fraunce was deed And that Iohan his sone was crowned kynge And that this Iohan had gyuen Karoll his sone the duchye of Guyhen of the whiche thynge kynge Edwarde whan he wyst therof he had greate Indygnacyon vnto hym was wonder wrothe strongly meued And therfore afore alle the wrothy lordes that there were assembled at that parlement callyd Edwarde his sone vnto hym to whom the duchye of Guyhen by ryght herytage sholde longe to gaue it hym there byddynge strenthynge hym that he sholde ordeyne hym for to defende hym and auenge hym vpō his enmyes and saue mayntene his ryght And afterwarde kyng Edwarde hymself his eldest sone Edwarde went to dyuers places and sayntes in Englonde on pylgrymage for to haue the more helpe grace of god and of his sayntes And the .ii. kal of Iuyll whan all thynge was redy to that vyage batayll all his retenue power assembled hys nauy also redy he toke with hym the erle of warwyk the erle of Suffolk the erle of Salysbury and the erle of Oxforde a thousande men of armes as many archers and in the Natyuyte of our lady toke theyr shyppes at plūmouth began to sayll And whan he come was arryued in Guyon he was there worshypfully taken recyued of the moost noblest men and lordes of that countree ¶ And anone after kynge Edwarde toke wyth hym his two sones that is to saye syr Lyonell erle of Vlton syr Iohn̄ hys brother erle of Rychemonde syr Henry duke of Lancastre wyth many erles lordes and men of armes two thousande Archers saylled towarde Fraunce rested hym a whyle at Calays after the kyng went with hys hoste aforsayd with other souldyours of beyonde the see that there abode the kyngꝭ comynge the seconde daye of Nouembre and toke hys Iourney towarde kynge Iohn̄ of Fraūce there as he trowed to haue founde hym fast by Odomarum as hys letters and couenaūt made mencyon that he wolde abyde hym there with hys host And whan kynge Iohan of Fraunce herde telle of the kynges comynge of Englonde he wente awaye wyth his men and caryage cowardly and shamfully fleynge and wastynge all vytayls that Englsshmē sholde not haue ther of ¶ And whan kynge Edwarde herde telle that he fledde he pursued hym wyth all his host tyll Henede and than he beholdynge the scarsyte and waytynge of vytayls and also the cowardyse of the kyng of Fraunce he torned ayen wastynge all the countre ¶ And whyle all thyse thynges were a doynge the scottes pryuely by nyght toke the towne of Berwyk sleynge theym that withstode theym and no man els But blessyd be god the castell was saued kept by Englysshmen that were therin whan the kynge perceyued alle thys he torned ayen in to Englonde as wrothe as he myghte be wherfore in the parlemēt at westmynstre was grauntyd to the kynge of euery sacke of wulle .l. shellyngꝭ durynge the terme of .vi. yere that he myght myghtlyer fyght and defende the reame ayenste the Scottes and other mysdoers And so whan all thynges were redy the kynge hasted hym to warde the syege ¶ How kyng Edwarde was crowned kynge of Scotlonde and howe prynce Edwarde toke the kynge of Fraunce and syr Philyp hys yonger sone at the batayll of Peyters ANd in the .xxxi. yere of hys regne the .xiii. daye of Ianyuere the kynge beynge in the castell of Berwyk with a fewe men but he hauynge· there faste by a greote hoost The towne was yolden vnto
the lordes that broughte thys erle to hys dethe for they dredde leste terle sholde be rescowed and taken from them whan they come in to London Thus he passed forthe the Cytye vnto his dethe And there he tooke it full pacyenly on whoo 's soule god haue mercy Amen ¶ And than come the frere Austyns and tooke vp the body and the hede of this good Erle and bare it home to theyr place and buryed hym in theyr quyre And in the morne after was syr Rycharde erle of warwyk brought in to the parlemente there as the erle of Arundell was for Iuged and they gaf the erle of warwyk the same Iugement that the for sayd erle had but the lordes had compassyon of hym by cause he was of more getoer age and released hym in to perpetuall pryson and put hym in to the ylonde of Man And thenne on the mondaye nexte after the lord Iohanne Cobham of Kent syr Iohan Cheyn knyghtes were also brought in to the same parlemente in the same halle and there they were for Iuged for to be hanged and drawen but thrugh the prayers and grete Instaunce of all the lordes that Iugement was foryeuen to them and released in to perpetuall pryson ¶ And in this same yere was Rycharde wyttyngdon mayer of London and Iohan wodecoke wyllyam Askam shreues of London ¶ And they ordeyned at euery yate of London durynge thys same parlemēt stronge wache of men of armes and archers and thrughout euery warde also And the kynge made .v. dukes one markeys and foure erles and the fyrst of them was the erle of Derby he was made duke of Herforde And the seconde also was the erle of Rutlonde and he was made duke of Awemarle And the therde was the erle of Kent he was made duke of Surre And the fourth was the erle of Hūtyngdon and he was made duke of Excestre And the fyft was the erle of Notyngham he was made duke of Northfolke And the erle of Somerset he was made markeys of Dorseet· And the lorde Spenser was made Erle of Gloucestre And the lorde Leuyll of Raby was made erle of westmer londe And syr Thomas percy was made erle of worcestre And syr wyllyam scrope that was tresourer of Englōd was made erle of wylteshyre· And syr Iohn̄ Montagu erle of Salysbury And whan the kynge had thus done he helde the parlemet and ryall feest vnto all his lordes and to all maner people that thyder wolde come ¶ And this same yere deyed syr Iohn̄ of Gaūt the kynges vncle and duke of Lancastre in the bysshops Inne in Holborne and was brought fro thens to saynt Poule there the kynge made helde hys enterement well and worthely with all his lordes in the chyche of saynt Poule in London and there he was buryed besyde dame B●unce his wyf that was doughter heyre vnto the good Henry that was duke of Lancastre In the same yere there fell a dyscencyon bytwne the duke of Herforde the duke of Norfolk in so moshe that they waged batayl castē downe theyr gloues than they were take vp ensealed the batayll Ioyned the daye set the place assygned where whan this sholde be at Couentre ¶ And thyder come the kynge with all his lordes att that daye was sette in the felde than these two worthy lordes came into the felde well and clene armed well arayed with al theyr wepen redy to done theyr batayll and were redy in the place for to fyght at vtteraunce But the kynge bad thē cesse toke the quarel in to his hond And forth with ryght there present exyled the duke of Herford for terme of .x. yere and the duke of Northfolke for euermore And syr Thomas of Arundell Archebysshop of Caunterbury was exyled the same tyme for euer deposed out of hys see for malyce of the kyng anone these thre worthy lordes were cōmaunded defended the kyngꝭ reame And anone they gate theym shyppes at dyuerse hauēs and wente ouer see into dyuerse londes eche his waye And the duke of Northfolke wente to Venece there he deyed on whos soule god hauē mercy Amen ¶ And than kynge rychard made a clerke of his syr Roger walden Archebysshop of Caunterbury ¶ And in the .xxii. yere of kyng Rycharbes regne by fals coūseyll ymagynacyon of coueytous men that were about hym were made ordeyned blanke chertres and made theym to be enseled of all maner ryche men thrughout the reame In so moche that they cōpelled dyuerse people to sette theyr seases therto· ¶ And thys was done for grete couetyse wherfore all good hertes of the reame were clene torned away fro the kynge for euer after And that was vtterly his dystruccyon ende to hym that was so hygh and so excellente prince and kynge thrugh couetous fals counseyll falsly betrayed Alas for pyte that suche a kyng myght not se ¶ And than kynge Rycharde sette his kyngdome hys ryall londe of Englonde to ferme vnto foure persones the whiche were these Syre wyllyam strop erle of wyltshyre and tresourer of Englonde and syr Iohan Busshe Henry greue and syr Iohan Bagot knyghtes that whiche torned theym to myscheyf and dethe wythin a lytell tyme as ye shalle fynde here afterwarde wryten ¶ And than kynge Rycharde made grete ordynaunce wente hymselfe ouer see in to Irlond many grete lordes with hym wyth a grete hoste for to strenth theyr kyng wyth mē of armes archers moche grete stuffe ryght good ordynaunce as longed vnto warre And or he passed ouer see he ordeyned made syr Edmōde of Langley his vncle the duke of yorke hys lyueteaunte of Englonde in hys absence with the gouernaūce counseyll of these foure knyghtes that had taken Englond to ferme of the kynge And than he passed the see and came into Irlonde and there he was wel and worthely receyued And these rebelles that ben called wylde Irysshmen came downe to the kynge and yolde them to hym both body goodes all at his owne wyll and swore vnto hym to be his lyege men and there dyde to hym homage and feaute and good seruyse thus he conquered the moost parte of Irlonde in alytyll tyme ¶ And whyle that kynge Rycharde was thus in Irlonde syr Henry of Bolyngbroke erle of Derby that the kyng had made before duke of Herforde the whyche duke the kynge had exyled out of this londe was comen ayen into Enlonde for to chalenge the dukedome of Lancaster as for his ryght trew herytage he came downe out of Fraunce by londe vnto Calays And thē met hym syr Thomas of Arūdell that was Archebysshop of Caunterbury that was exyled out of Englōde and with hym came the erle of Arūdell his sone heyre the whiche was in kepyng of syr Iohn̄ shelly knyght somtyme with the erle of Hūtindon and with the duke of Excestre the whyche was tho in
quyte hym ayenste his aduersary For he caste hors and man into the felde and the kyng for his manhode at that tyme dubbed hym knyght And on the fyfte day there came an other man of armes of the Henaudes partye into the felde and to hym came in Syr Iohan stewarde knyght and manfully he quyt hym in all maner poyntes had the better And on the syxte daye after came an other Henaunde and to hym came Wyllyam porter squyre and manfully he quyte hym and had the better in the felde and the kynge dubbed hym knyght that same tyme. And on the seuenthe day after came an other man of armes of Henaude in to the felde to hym came Iohan standisshe squyre and manfully he quyte hym on his aduersarye and had the better of hym in the felde and there the kynge dubbyd hym knyghte that same daye And on the same daye came an other man of armes of Henaude and to hym came a squyre of Gascoyne and proudely and manly he quyte hym of hys aduersary had the better of hym in the felde and anone the kynge dubbed hym knyght ¶ And on the .viii. daye came into the felde two other men of armes of Henaude and wyth them mette two souldyours of Calays the whiche were two bretheren that were called Burghes they well and manly quyte them selfe vpon theyr aduersaryes and haddē the better of theym in the felde and thus ended these chalenges wyth many grete lordshyppes And thenne the kynge att the reuerēce of these worthy straungers made a greate feest gaafe vnto theym many grete and ryche gyftes and thenne they toke theyr leue and went home ayē into theyr owne countree ¶ And in the .xi. yere of kynge Henryes regne the fourthe there was a grete batayl doo in smythfelde bytwene two squyres that one was called Gloucestre that was the parlement And Arthur was the defendaunte and well manly they foughten togyder longe tyme the kyng for theyr manfulnesse and of his grace toke theyr quarel into his honde and made theym to go out of the felde at ones so they were deuyded of the batayl and the kynge gaf them grace ¶ And in the .xii. yere of kynge Henryes regne the fourth Rysdye a squyre of wales that was arybelle a ryse● supporter to Omē of Glendre that dyde moche dystruccyon to the people of wales was taken and brought to London there he came afore the Iustices and was dampned for his treson and than he was layd on an hurdell soo drawen to Tyburne thrugh the cyte and there he was hanged and lete downe ayē his heed smitē of and the body quartred sente vnto foure townes and his hede sete on London brydge ¶ And in the .xiii. yere of kynge Henryes regne tho deyed syre Iohan Beauforde erle of Somersette that was Capytayne of Calays and was buryed at the abbaye of the Tour hyll on whos soule god haue mercy Amen And in the same yere the lorde Thomas kynge Henryes sone wedded the Countesse of Somersette ¶ And in this same yere cam the embassatours of Fraunce in to Englonde frome the duke of Burgoyne vnto the prynce of Englonde kynge Henryes sone heyre for to haue helpe and socour of men of armes and archers ayenst the duke of Orlyaunce And tho went ouer see the erle of Arundell syr Gylbert Vmfreuyll erle of Keme and the lorde Cobham syr Iohn̄ Oldecastelle and many other god knyghtes and worthy squyres men of armes and good archers in to Fraunce and came to Parys to the duke of Burgoyn And there he receyued welecomed these Englysshmen the lordes all other meny And than it was done hym to wete that the duke of Orlyan̄ce was comen to Semttlowe fast by Parys wyth a grete nōbre of armes and arbalasters thyder went our Englysshmen foughte wyth them gate the brydge of Sem●clowe there they slewe moch● people of Frensshmen arbalasters the remenaunte fledde wolde not lenger abyde And than our Englysshmē came ayen to Parys there they toke theyr leue of the duke and came ayen in to Englonde in saufte and the duke gaafe them grete gyftes anone folowynge the duke of Orlyaunce sent enbassatours in Englond to kynge Henry the fourth bese chynge hym of hys helpe socure ayenst hys dedely enmye the duke of Burgoyn And than the kynge made Thomas hys sone duke of Clarence And hys other sone Iohn̄ duke of Bedforde and hys other sone Humfrey duke of Gloucestre Syr Thomas Beauferd erle of Dorset the duke of Awe marle he made duke of yorke And thā the kynge ordeyned his sone syr Thomas the duke of Clarence Thomas Beauforde erle of Dorset syr Iohn̄ cornwyll with many other lordes knyghtes squyres and men of armes archers for to go ouer see ī to Fraūce in helpynge and strengthynge of the duke of Orlyaūce And these whothy lordes with ther retenue shypped att Hampton saylled ouer the see in to Normandye londed at Hogges And there mette with theym the lorde Hambe at theyr londynge wyth .vii. thousande men of armes of Frensshmen thre Serge auntes of armes with them and all were put to flyght taken of theym ·vii hondred men of armes and .iiii. hondred horses with out tho that were slayne in the felde And so they rode forth thrugh out all Fraūce and token castels and townes and slewe moche peple of frensshmen that with stode them toke many prysoneere as they roden And so they passed forth tyll they came to Burdeux there they rested theim a whyle set the coūtre in peas reste tyll the wynde was redy for to sayll ¶ And than the duke with his menye come home in to Englonde in saufte thanked god And in the same yere was the kynges coyn chaunged thrugh oute Englonde by the kynge his counseyll that is to saye the noble half noble and ferthynge of golde ¶ And the .xiiii yere of kyng Henryes regne the fourth he lete make Galays of warre for he had hoped to haue passed the grete see so forth to Iherusalem there to haue ended hys lyf but god vysyted hym so soone after with Infyrmytees grete sekenesse that he myght no well endure no whyle so feruently he was taken brought in bedde at westmynster in a fayre thambre And as he laye in his hed he asked hys chāberlayll what they called that chambre that he laye in he answered sayd Iherusalem And than he sayde that the prophecye sayd that he shold make an ende deye in Iherusalē And than he made him dyd vnto god dysposed all his wyll And so on after he dyed was caryed by water from westmynster in a barge vnto Feuersham and from thens he was caryed to Caunterbury by londe with moche torche lyght brennynge into the abbaye of Crechyrche and there he was entered buryed besyde saynt
the laste the towne gate the pryson be theym And then̄e they were sore punysshed in ensample of other ¶ In this yere also there was a grete erthquake in Naples in so moche that there perysshed .xl. thousande people that sanke there in to the erthe ¶ Also in the .xxxvi. yere saynt Osmonde sōtyme bysshop of Salysbury was canonysed att Rome by pope Calyst the .x daye of Iuly he was translated at Salysbury by the bisshop of Caūterbury many other bysshoppes ¶ And in August after syr Pers de brasay seneschal of normādye with the Capytayne of Depe many other Capytayns and mē of werre went to thee see with a greate Nauy and into the downes by nyght And on the more erly before day they londed at Sandwytche bothe bi lōde and water and toke the towne and ryfled dispoyled it And toke many prysoners and lefte the towne all bare whyche was a ryche place and moche good therin And ladde wyth them many ryche prysoners In this same yere in many places of Fraunce Almayne Flaunders Holonde and zeelonde chyldren gadred theym togyder by greate companyes For to goo on pylgrymage to saynt Myghels moūte in Normādye whiche came fro ferre coūtrees wherof the people merueyled And many supposed that some wyckyd spyryte meued them to doo so but it dured not longe by cause of the longe waye and also for lac of vytaylle as they wente ¶ In this yere Reynolde Pecok bysshop of Chestre was founde an herytyke and the thyrde day of Decembre was endu●ed at Lambeth in presence of the Archebysshop of Caunterbury and many other bysshoppes doctours lordes temporall and h●s bokes brent att Poules crosse ¶ And ye haue herde before how certayne lordes were slayne atte Saynt Albons wherfore was alwaye a grutchynge wrath hadde by the heyres of them that soo were slayne ayenst the duke of yorke the Erles of wa●wyk and of Salysbury wherfore the kyng by the aduys of his counseyll sente for theym vnto London to whyche place the duke of yorke came the .xxvi. daye of Ianueri with four honderd men and lodged hym atte Baynerdes castell in hys owne place ¶ And the .iv. daye of Ianuer came the erle of Salysbury with fyue hundred men and was lodged in therber of his owne place ¶ And then̄e came the duke of Excetre and of Somerset with .viii. C. men and laye withoute temple barre ¶ And the erle of Northumberlonde and the lorde Egremonde the lorde Clyfforde wyth .xv. hundred men lodged without the towne ¶ And the Mayer that tyme Geffraye Boloyne kept grete watche with the comyns of the cyte rode about the cytee by Holborne and Fletestrete with a .v. thousand men well arayed and armyd for to kepe the peas ¶ And the .xiiii. daye of Feuerer the erle of warwyke came to London fro Calays well beseen and worshypfully with .v hundred men In red Iakettes broudred wyth a ragged staffe behynde before and was lodged at the graye freres ¶ And the .xv. daye of Marche the kynge came to London and the quene And ther was accorded and peas made amonge the lordes and they were sette in peas And on our lady daye the xxv daye of Marche in the yere of oure lorde M. CCCC.lviii· the kynge the quene all the lordes went on processyon at Poules in London anone after the kyng the lordes departed in this yere was a grete fraye in Fletstrete bytwene mē of courte men of the same strete In whyche fayre the quenes Attourney was slayne ¶ Howe the kynges housholde made a fraye ayenste the Erle of warwyke and of the Iourneye at bloreheth ALso this same yere as the Erle of warwyk was at counseyll at westmynster alle the kynges housholde meny gadred them togyder for to haue slayne the sayde erle But by the helpe of god his frendes he recouered his barge and escapyd theyr euyll enterpryse how well the cokes came rennynge oute wyth spytes and pestels ayneh hym And the same daye he rode to wardes werwyk and soone after he gate hym a commyssyon and went ouer the see to warde Calays ¶ Soone after thys therle of Salysbury comynge to Lōdon was encoūtred at Bloreheth which the lord Audley And moche other people ordeyned to dystroy hym But he hauynge knowlege that he shold be met wyth was accōpanyed with hys two sones syr Thomas syr Iohn̄ Neuell a grete felyshyp of goodmen And so they faught togyder where the erle of Salysbury wanne the felde And the lorde Audley was slayne many gentylmen of Chesshyre moche people hurt And the erles two sones were hurte goynge homewarde afterwarde they were taken and hadde to Chestre by the quenes menye ¶ After Calixt Pius was pope was chase this yere M. CCCC.lvlii· he was callyd before Eneas an eloquēte man a poete laureate He was embassatour of the Emperours before tyme. And he wrote in the coūseyl of Basyle a noble treatyse for thactoryte of the same Also he canonysed saynte Katheryne of Senys Thys pope ordeyned grete Indulgēce pardonne to theym that wolde go werre ayēst the Turke wrote a pystle to the greate Turke exhortynge hym to become Crysten And in th end he ordeyned a passage ayēst the Turke at Ankon to whiche moche people drewe out all partyes of cristēdome of the whiche people he sente many home ayen by cause they suffyced not anone after he dyed at the sayd Ankō the yere of our lord M. CCCC.lxiii the .xiiii. daye of August ¶ How Andrewe Trollop the souldyours of Calays forsoke the duke of yorke theyr mayster therle of warwyk in the weste countre THe duke of yorke the erles of warwyk and of Salysbury sawe the gouernaūce of the reame stode moost by the quene hyr counseyll how the grete prynces of the londe were not callyd to counseyl but set a parte and not only soo but it was sayd thrugh the reame tho sayd lordes sholde be dystroyed as it openly was shewed at Blorehethe by them that wolde haue slayne the erle of Salysbury Thenne for sauacyon of theyr lyues also for the comynwele of the reame thought for to remedy thyse thynges assembled them togyder with moche people and toke a felde in the west countre to whiche the erle of warwyk came fro Calays with many of the olde Souldeyours as Andrēwe Trollop and other in whose wysdome as for the werre he trustyd moche vpon And whan they were thus assembled and made theyr felde the kynge sente out commyssyons preuy seales vnto all the lordes of his reame to come and wayte on hym in theyr moost beste defensable araye And so euery man came in suche wyse that the kynge was stronger and hadde more ▪ peple than the duke of yorke and therles of warwyk of Salysbury for it is here to be notyd that euery lorde in Englonde at this tyme durst not dysobeye the quene so she
thre doughters The fyrste was called Gonorill The seconde Rigan And the thyrde Cordeill and the yongest doughter was fayrest and beste of condycyons The kynge theyr fader became an olde man and wolde that his doughters were maryed or that he dyed But fyrste he thought to assaye whiche of them loued hym moste and best For she that loued hym best sholde best be maryed And he axed of the fyrste doughter how well she loued him And she answerde and sayde better than her owne lyf Now certes sayde her fader that is grete loue Thenne he axed the seconde doughter how moche she loued hym And she sayde more and passynge all the creatures of the worlde