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A45001 The grounds & reasons of monarchy considered in a review of the Scotch story, gathered out their best authours and records / by J.H. Hall, John, 1627-1656. 1650 (1650) Wing H346; ESTC R16160 36,146 138

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long_o than_o his_o father_n his_o son_n be_v the_o three_o of_o that_o name_n a_o boy_n of_o eight_o year_n old_a who_o minority_n be_v infest_v with_o the_o turbulent_a cumins_n who_o at_o ripe_a age_n be_v call_v to_o account_n not_o only_o refuse_v but_o surprise_v he_o at_o sterling_n govern_v he_o at_o their_o pleasure_n but_o soon_o after_o he_o be_v awake_v by_o a_o furious_a invasion_n of_o acho_n king_n of_o norway_n under_o the_o pretence_n of_o some_o island_n give_v he_o by_o macbeth_n who_o he_o force_v to_o accept_v a_o peace_n and_o spend_v the_o latter_a part_n amidst_o the_o turbulency_n of_o the_o priest_n drink_v at_o that_o time_n with_o their_o wealth_n and_o ease_n and_o at_o last_o have_v see_v the_o continue_a funeral_n of_o his_o son_n david_n alexander_n his_o wife_n and_o his_o daughter_n he_o himself_o with_o a_o fall_n from_o his_o horse_n break_v his_o neck_n leave_v of_o all_o his_o race_n only_o a_o grandchild_n by_o his_o daughter_n which_o die_v soon_o after_o this_o man_n family_n be_v extinguish_v they_o be_v force_v to_o run_v to_o to_o another_o line_n which_o that_o we_o may_v see_v how_o happy_a expedient_a immediate_a succession_n be_v for_o the_o peace_n of_o the_o kingdom_n and_o what_o misery_n it_o prevent_v i_o shall_v as_o brief_o and_o as_o pertinent_o as_o i_o can_v set_v down_o david_n brother_n to_o king_n william_n have_v three_o daughter_n margaret_n marry_v to_o allan_n lord_n of_o galloway_n isabella_n marry_v to_o robert_n bruce_n lord_n of_o annadale_n and_o cleveland_n ada_n marry_v to_o henry_n hastings_n earl_n of_o huntington_n now_o allan_n beget_v on_o his_o wife_n dornadilla_n marry_v to_o john_n baliall_n after_o king_n of_o scotland_n and_o other_o two_o daughter_n bruce_n on_o his_o wife_n robert_n bruce_n earl_n of_o carick_n have_v marry_v the_o heretrix_fw-la thereof_o as_o for_o huntington_n he_o desist_v his_o claim_n the_o question_n be_v whether_o balial_n in_o right_a of_o the_o elder_a daughter_n or_o bruce_n be_v come_v of_o the_o second_o but_o a_o man_n shall_v have_v the_o crown_n he_o be_v in_o the_o same_o degree_n and_o of_o the_o more_o worthy_a sex_n the_o controversy_n be_v toss_v up_o and_o down_o at_o last_o be_v refer_v to_o edward_n the_o first_o of_o that_o name_n of_o england_n he_o think_v to_o fish_n in_o these_o trouble_a water_n stir_v up_o eight_o other_o competitor_n the_o more_o to_o entangle_v the_o business_n and_o with_o twenty_o four_o councillor_n half_a english_a half_a scot_n and_o abundance_n of_o lawyer_n fit_a enough_o to_o perplex_v the_o matter_n so_o handle_v the_o business_n after_o cunning_a delay_n that_o at_o length_n he_o secret_o tamper_n with_o bruce_n who_o be_v then_o conceive_v to_o have_v the_o better_a right_n of_o the_o business_n that_o if_o he_o will_v acknowledge_v the_o crown_n of_o he_o he_o will_v adjudge_v it_o for_o he_o but_o he_o generous_o answer_v that_o he_o value_v a_o crown_n at_o a_o less_o rate_n then_o for_o it_o to_o put_v his_o country_n under_o a_o foreign_a yoke_n he_o make_v the_o same_o motion_n to_o baliall_n who_o accept_v it_o and_o so_o we_o have_v a_o king_n again_o by_o what_o right_a we_o all_o see_v but_o it_o be_v good_a reason_n to_o think_v that_o king_n come_v they_o by_o their_o power_n never_o so_o unjust_o may_v just_o keep_v it_o baliall_n have_v thus_o get_v a_o crown_n as_o unhappy_o keep_v it_o for_o no_o soon_o be_v he_o crown_v and_o have_v do_v honage_n to_o edward_n but_o the_o abernethys_n have_v slay_v macduffe_n earl_n of_o fife_n he_o not_o only_o pardon_v they_o but_o give_v they_o a_o piece_n of_o land_n in_o controversy_n whereupon_o macduff_n brother_n complainis_fw-la against_o he_o to_o edward_n who_o make_v he_o rise_v from_o his_o seat_n at_o parliament_n and_o go_v to_o the_o bar_n he_o hereupon_o enrage_v deny_v edward_n assistance_n against_o the_o french_a and_o renounse_n his_o homage_n edward_n hereupon_o come_v to_o berwick_n take_v and_o kill_v seven_o thousand_o most_o of_o the_o nobility_n of_o fife_n and_o lowthian_n and_o after_o give_v they_o a_o great_a defeat_n at_o dunbar_n who_o castle_n instant_o surrender_v after_o this_o he_o march_v to_o montrosse_n where_o baliall_n resin_a himself_o and_o crown_n all_o the_o nobility_n give_v homage_n to_o edward_n baliall_n be_v send_v prisoner_n to_o london_n and_o from_o thence_o after_o a_o year_n detention_n into_o france_n while_o edward_n be_v possess_v of_o all_o scotland_n one_o william_n wallace_n arise_v who_o be_v a_o private_a man_n bestir_v himself_o in_o the_o calamity_n of_o his_o country_n and_o give_v the_o english_a several_a notable_a foil_n edward_n come_v again_o with_o a_o army_n beat_v he_o that_o be_v overcome_v with_o envy_n and_o emulation_n as_o well_o as_o power_n upon_o which_o he_o lay_v by_o his_o command_n and_o never_o act_v after_o but_o slight_a incursion_n but_o the_o english_a be_v beat_v at_o roslin_n edward_n come_v in_o again_o take_v sterling_n and_o make_v they_o all_o render_v homage_n but_o at_o length_n bruce_n see_v all_o his_o promise_n nothing_o but_o smoke_n enter_v into_o league_n with_o cumen_n to_o get_v the_o kingdom_n but_o be_v betray_v by_o he_o to_o edward_n he_o stab_v cumen_fw-la at_o drumfreis_n and_o make_v himself_o king_n this_o man_n though_o he_o come_v with_o disadvantage_n yet_o want_v neither_o patience_n courage_n nor_o conduct_n so_o that_o after_o he_o have_v miserable_o lurk_v in_o the_o mountain_n he_o come_v down_o and_o gather_v together_o some_o force_n give_v our_o edward_n the_o second_o such_o a_o defeat_n near_o sterling_n as_o scotland_n never_o give_v the_o like_a to_o our_o nation_n and_o continue_a war_n with_o various_a fortune_n with_o the_o three_o till_o at_o last_o age_n and_o leprosy_n bring_v he_o to_o his_o grave_n his_o son_n david_n a_o boy_n of_o eight_o year_n inherit_v that_o which_o he_o with_o so_o much_o danger_n obtain_v and_o wisdom_n keep_v in_o his_o minority_n he_o be_v govern_v by_o thomas_n randolf_n earl_n of_o murray_n who_o severity_n in_o punish_v be_v no_o less_o dread_v than_o his_o valour_n have_v be_v honour_v but_o he_o soon_o after_o die_v of_o poison_n and_o edward_n balial_n son_n of_o john_n come_v with_o a_o fleet_n and_o strengthen_v with_o the_o assistance_n of_o the_o english_a and_o some_o robber_n the_o governor_n the_o earl_n of_o mar_n be_v put_v to_o the_o rout_n so_o that_o balial_n make_v himself_o king_n and_o david_n be_v glad_a to_o retire_v into_o france_n amidst_o these_o party_n edward_n the_o three_o back_v balial_a be_v scotland_n pitiful_o tear_v and_o the_o bruce_n in_o a_o manner_n extinguish_v till_o robert_n after_o king_n with_o they_o of_o argyle_n and_o his_o own_o family_n and_o friend_n begin_v to_o renew_v the_o claim_n and_o bring_v it_o into_o a_o war_n again_o which_o be_v carry_v on_o by_o andrew_n murray_n the_o governor_n and_o after_o by_o himself_o that_o david_n after_o nine_o year_n banishment_n dare_v return_v where_o make_v often_o incursion_n he_o at_o length_n in_o the_o four_o year_n of_o his_o return_n march_v into_o england_n and_o in_o the_o bishopric_n of_o durham_n be_v rout_v flee_v to_o a_o obscure_a bridge_n show_v to_o this_o day_n by_o the_o inhabitant_n where_o he_o be_v by_o john_n copland_n take_v prisoner_n where_o he_o continue_v nine_o year_n and_o in_o the_o thirty_o nine_o year_n of_o his_o reign_n die_v robert_n his_o sister_n son_n who_o he_o have_v intend_v to_o put_v by_o succeed_v and_o first_o bring_v the_o stewart_n which_o at_o this_o day_n be_v a_o plague_n to_o the_o nation_n into_o play_n this_o man_n after_o he_o be_v king_n whether_o it_o be_v age_n or_o sloth_n do_v little_a but_o his_o lieutenant_n and_o the_o english_a be_v perpetual_o in_o action_n he_o leave_v his_o kingdom_n to_o john_n his_o bastard_n son_n by_o the_o lady_n moor_fw-mi his_o concubine_n who_o he_o marry_v either_o to_o legitimate_a the_o three_o child_n as_o the_o manner_n be_v then_o he_o have_v by_o she_o or_o else_o for_o old_a acquaintance_n his_o wife_n and_o her_o husband_n die_v much_o about_o a_o time_n this_o john_n will_v be_v crown_v by_o the_o name_n of_o robert_n his_o own_o they_o say_v be_v unhappy_a for_o king_n a_o wretched_a unactive_a prince_n lame_a and_o only_o govern_v by_o his_o brother_n walter_n who_o have_v david_n the_o prince_n upon_o the_o complaint_n of_o some_o exorbitancy_n deliver_v to_o he_o to_o take_v care_n of_o make_v he_o to_o be_v starve_v upon_o which_o the_o king_n intend_v to_o send_v his_o son_n james_n into_o france_n the_o boy_n be_v take_v at_o flamburgh_n and_o keep_v by_o our_o henry_n the_o four_o upon_o the_o hear_n of_o which_o his_o father_n swoon_v and_o soon_o after_o die_v his_o reign_n
be_v memorable_a for_o nothing_o but_o his_o break_n with_o george_n earl_n of_o march_n to_o who_o daughter_n upon_o the_o payment_n of_o a_o great_a part_n of_o her_o portion_n which_o he_o never_o will_v repay_v he_o have_v promise_v his_o son_n david_n for_o a_o husband_n to_o take_v the_o daughter_n of_o douglas_n who_o have_v a_o great_a which_o occasion_v the_o earl_n of_o march_n to_o make_v many_o inroad_n with_o our_o henry_n hotspur_n and_o a_o famous_a duel_n of_o three_o hundred_o man_n a_o piece_n whereof_o of_o the_o one_o side_n ten_o remain_v and_o of_o the_o other_o one_o which_o be_v the_o only_a way_n to_o appease_v the_o deadly_a feud_n of_o two_o family_n the_o inter-reign_n be_v govern_v by_o robert_n who_o enjoy_v the_o power_n he_o have_v too_o much_o covet_v little_o mind_v the_o liberty_n of_o his_o nephew_n only_o he_o send_v some_o auxiliary_n into_o france_n who_o they_o say_v behave_v themselves_o worthy_o and_o his_o slothful_a son_n mordac_n who_o make_v his_o son_n so_o bold_a with_o indulgence_n that_o one_o of_o they_o kill_v a_o falcon_n on_o his_o fist_n which_o he_o deny_v to_o give_v he_o he_o in_o revenge_n procure_v the_o parliament_n to_o ransom_v the_o king_n who_o have_v be_v eighteen_o year_n prisoner_n this_o james_n be_v the_o first_o of_o that_o name_n and_o though_o he_o be_v a_o excellent_a prince_n yet_o have_v a_o troublesome_a reign_n first_o in_o regard_n of_o a_o great_a pension_n raise_v for_o his_o ransom_n next_o for_o domestic_a commotion_n and_o last_o for_o raise_v of_o money_n which_o though_o the_o revenue_n be_v exhaust_v be_v call_v covetousness_n which_o have_v offend_v robert_n graham_n he_o conspire_v with_o the_o earl_n of_o athol_n slay_v he_o in_o his_o chamber_n his_o wife_n receive_v two_o wound_n endeavour_v to_o defend_v he_o this_o james_n leave_v the_o second_o a_o boy_n of_o six_o year_n who_o infancy_n by_o the_o misguidance_n of_o the_o governor_n make_v a_o miserable_a people_n and_o betray_v the_o earl_n douglas_n to_o death_n and_o almost_o all_o that_o great_a family_n to_o ruin_v but_o be_v supplant_v by_o another_o earl_n douglas_n the_o king_n in_o his_o just_a age_n suffer_v minority_n under_o he_o who_o upon_o displeasure_n rebel_v and_o be_v kill_v by_o the_o king_n own_o hand_n afterwards_o have_v his_o middle_a year_n perpetual_o molest_v with_o civil_a broil_n yet_o go_v to_o assist_v the_o duke_n of_o york_n against_o henry_n the_o six_o he_o be_v divert_v by_o a_o english_a gentleman_n that_o counterfeit_v himself_o a_o nuncio_n which_o i_o mention_v out_o of_o a_o manuscript_n because_o i_o do_v not_o remember_v it_o in_o our_o story_n and_o break_v up_o his_o army_n soon_o after_o besiege_v roxburgh_n he_o be_v slay_v by_o the_o burst_n of_o a_o cannon_n in_o the_o twenty_o nine_o year_n of_o his_o age_n james_n the_o three_o leave_v a_o boy_n of_o seven_o year_n govern_v by_o his_o mothe_n afterwards_o the_o boyd_v through_o the_o persuasion_n of_o astrologer_n and_o witch_n to_o who_o he_o be_v strong_o addict_v he_o decline_v to_o cruelty_n which_o so_o enrage_v the_o nobility_n that_o head_v by_o his_o son_n they_o conspire_v against_o he_o rout_v his_o force_n near_o sterling_n wherein_o he_o fly_v to_o a_o mill_n and_o ask_v for_o a_o confessor_n a_o priest_n come_v who_o tell_v he_o that_o though_o he_o be_v no_o good_a priest_n yet_o he_o be_v a_o good_a leech_n and_o with_o that_o stab_v he_o to_o the_o heart_n a_o parliament_n approve_v his_o death_n and_o order_v indemnity_n to_o all_o that_o have_v seek_v against_o he_o james_n the_o four_o a_o boy_n of_o fifteen_o year_n be_v make_v king_n govern_v by_o the_o murderer_n of_o his_o father_n a_o prodigal_a vainglorious_a prince_n slay_v at_o floddon_n field_n or_o as_o some_o suppose_v at_o kelsey_n by_o the_o humes_n which_o as_o the_o manuscript_n allege_v seem_v more_o probability_n in_o regard_n that_o the_o iron_n belt_n a_o ring_n to_o which_o he_o add_v every_o year_n which_o he_o wear_v in_o repentance_n for_o the_o death_n of_o his_o father_n be_v never_o find_v and_o there_o be_v many_o the_o day_n of_o the_o battle_n habit_v like_o he_o his_o successor_n be_v his_o son_n james_n the_o five_o of_o that_o name_n a_o boy_n of_o not_o above_o two_o year_n of_o age_n under_o who_o minority_n what_o by_o the_o misgovernment_n of_o tutor_n what_o by_o the_o faction_n of_o the_o nobility_n scotland_n be_v waste_v almost_o into_o famine_n and_o solitude_n yet_o in_o his_o just_a age_n he_o prove_v a_o industrious_a prince_n but_o can_v not_o so_o satisfy_v the_o nobility_n but_o he_o and_o they_o continue_v in_o a_o mutual_a hate_n till_o that_o barbarous_a execution_n of_o young_a hamilton_n so_o fill_v he_o with_o remorse_n he_o dream-that_v hamilton_n come_v and_o cut_v off_o his_o arm_n and_o threaten_v after_o to_o cut_v off_o his_o head_n and_o displease_v the_o people_n that_o he_o can_v not_o make_v his_o army_n fight_v with_o the_o english_a then_o in_o scotland_n whereupon_o he_o die_v of_o grief_n have_v hear_v the_o death_n of_o his_o two_o son_n who_o die_v at_o the_o instant_n of_o his_o dream_n and_o leave_v a_o daughter_n of_o five_o day_n old_a who_o he_o never_o see_v this_o be_v that_o mary_n under_o who_o minority_n by_o the_o weakness_n of_o the_o governor_n and_o ambition_n of_o the_o cardinal_n the_o kingdom_n feel_v all_o those_o woe_n that_o be_v threaten_v to_o they_o who_o king_n be_v a_o child_n till_o at_o length_n the_o prevalency_n of_o the_o english_a arm_n awake_v for_o her_o cause_n bring_v the_o great_a design_n of_o send_v she_o into_o france_n to_o perfection_n so_o at_o five_o year_n old_a she_o be_v t●ansported_v and_o at_o fifteen_o marry_v to_o the_o dauphin_n francis_n after_o king_n while_o her_o mother_n daughter_n of_o the_o guise_n in_o her_o regency_n exercise_v all_o rage_n against_o the_o professor_n of_o the_o pure_a religion_n then_o in_o the_o dawn_n who_o after_o two_o year_n leave_v she_o a_o childless_a widow_n so_o that_o at_o eighteen_o she_o return_v into_o scotland_n to_o succeed_v her_o mother_n than_o new_o dead_a in_o her_o exorbitany_n this_o young_a couple_n in_o the_o transport_n of_o their_o nuptial_a solemnity_n take_v the_o arm_n and_o title_n of_o england_n which_o indiscreet_a ambition_n we_o may_v suppose_v first_o quicken_v the_o jealousy_n of_o elizabeth_n against_o she_o which_o after_o kindle_v so_o great_a a_o flame_n in_o scotland_n she_o show_v what_o a_o strange_a influence_n loose_a education_n have_v upon_o youth_n and_o that_o weak_a sex_n all_o the_o french_a effeminacy_n come_v over_o with_o she_o the_o court_n lose_v that_o little_a severity_n which_o be_v leave_v david_n rise_v be_v the_o only_a favourite_n and_o it_o too_o much_o fear_v have_v those_o enjoyment_n which_o no_o woman_n can_v give_v but_o she_o that_o give_v away_o her_o honour_n and_o chastity_n but_o a_o little_a after_o henry_n lord_n darn_o come_v with_o matthew_n earl_n of_o lenox_n his_o father_n into_o scotland_n she_o cast_v a_o eye_n upon_o he_o and_o marry_v he_o whether_o it_o be_v to_o strengthen_v her_o pretention_n to_o england_n he_o be_v come_v of_o henry_n the_o seven_n daughter_n as_o we_o shall_v tell_v anon_o or_o for_o to_o colour_v her_o adultery_n and_o hide_v the_o shame_n of_o a_o impregnation_n though_o some_o have_v whisper_v that_o she_o never_o conceive_v and_o that_o the_o son_n be_v supposititious_a or_o some_o frenzy_n of_o affection_n draw_v she_o that_o way_n certain_a it_o be_v she_o soon_o decline_v her_o affection_n to_o her_o husband_n and_o increase_v it_o to_o david_n he_o be_v her_o perpetual_a companion_n at_o board_n and_o manage_v all_o affair_n whilst_o the_o king_n with_o a_o contemptible_a train_n be_v send_v away_o insomuch_o that_o some_o of_o the_o nobility_n that_o can_v not_o digest_v this_o enter_v a_o conspiracy_n which_o the_o king_n head_a and_o slay_v he_o in_o her_o chamber_n this_o turn_v all_o the_o neglect_n of_o her_o husband_n into_o rage_n so_o that_o her_o chief_a business_n be_v to_o appease_v her_o favourite_n ghost_n with_o the_o slaughter_n of_o her_o husband_n poison_n be_v first_o attempt_v but_o it_o be_v it_o seem_v too_o weak_a or_o his_o youth_n overcome_v it_o that_o expectation_n fail_v but_o the_o devil_n and_o bothwel_n furnish_v she_o with_o another_o that_o succeed_v she_o entice_v he_o be_v so_o sick_a that_o they_o be_v force_v to_o bring_v he_o in_o a_o horse-litter_n to_o edinburgh_n where_o she_o cherish_v he_o extreme_o till_o the_o credulous_a young_a man_n begin_v to_o lay_v aside_o suspicion_n and_o hope_v better_a so_o she_o put_v he_o in_o a_o ruinous_a house_n near_o the_o palace_n from_o whence_o no_o news_n can_v be_v have_v bring_v in_o she_o