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a28556 The Character of Queen Elizabeth, or, A full and clear account of her policies, and the methods of her government both in church and state her virtue and defects, together with the characters of her principal ministers of state, and the greatest part of the affairs and events that happened in her times / collected and faithfully represented by Edmund Bohun, Esquire. Bohun, Edmund, 1645-1699.; Johnston, Robert, 1567?-1639. Historia rerum britannicarum. 1693 (1693) Wing B3448; ESTC R4143 162,628 414

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confinement_n can_v thus_o comfort_v his_o droop_a spirit_n with_o the_o prospect_n of_o that_o honour_n will_v be_v pay_v he_o in_o his_o grave_n when_o his_o name_n shall_v be_v imbalm_v in_o the_o grateful_a memory_n of_o his_o subject_n it_o be_v a_o wonder_n there_o be_v no_o more_o care_n take_v by_o the_o live_n to_o render_v this_o grateful_a acknowledgement_n to_o their_o ancestor_n for_o all_o that_o they_o have_v leave_v they_o but_o if_o we_o be_v unmindsul_n of_o the_o dead_a if_o their_o cold_a bone_n can_v merit_v no_o corner_n in_o our_o heart_n or_o thought_n why_o be_v we_o so_o regardless_o of_o the_o live_n a_o prince_n can_v scarce_o deserve_v better_a of_o his_o subject_n instruct_v direct_v reform_v or_o amend_v they_o more_o effectual_o by_o any_o other_o method_n than_o by_o good_a history_n the_o precept_n that_o be_v so_o deliver_v slide_v insensible_o and_o pleasant_o into_o the_o mind_n of_o the_o reader_n and_o make_v last_a impression_n on_o his_o memory_n nor_o be_v this_o benefit_n confine_v to_o the_o subject_a and_o mean_a person_n even_o prince_n themselves_o do_v borrow_v from_o history_n those_o counsel_n and_o assistance_n they_o shall_v hardly_o gain_v from_o courtier_n and_o minister_n sometime_o they_o will_v not_o sometime_o they_o dare_v not_o admonish_v their_o master_n whilst_o a_o good_a history_n show_v they_o by_o other_o what_o will_v be_v the_o effect_n of_o ill-concerted_n design_n and_o counsel_n and_o at_o the_o same_o time_n be_v a_o awe_n upon_o they_o suggest_v this_o thought_n frequent_o to_o they_o how_o will_v this_o look_v in_o history_n thus_o augustus_n queen_n elizabeth_n and_o henry_n the_o four_o of_o france_n become_v famous_a to_o posterity_n by_o observe_v careful_o in_o history_n what_o fate_n have_v attend_v the_o prince_n that_o precede_v they_o posterity_n too_o be_v to_o be_v take_v care_n of_o if_o the_o present_a age_n be_v not_o such_o as_o a_o good_a or_o a_o wise_a man_n will_v wish_v it_o let_v we_o try_v if_o we_o can_v make_v the_o next_o generation_n better_o by_o show_v the_o chain_n of_o calamity_n have_v follow_v at_o the_o heel_n of_o the_o vice_n of_o the_o last_o and_o of_o this_o age._n at_o her_o death_n the_o thrift_n the_o probity_n the_o piety_n and_o the_o hospitality_n of_o the_o english_a nation_n be_v much_o abate_v the_o luxury_n that_o attend_v the_o peaceable_a reign_n of_o james_n the_o first_o and_o the_o beginning_n of_o charles_n the_o first_o bring_v on_o a_o war_n that_o threaten_v our_o ruin_n what_o have_v happen_v since_o the_o restitution_n to_o the_o time_n in_o which_o their_o majesty_n begin_v their_o reign_n be_v now_o fresh_a in_o memory_n but_o will_v be_v lose_v if_o not_o write_v and_o i_o be_o persuade_v nothing_o can_v possible_o be_v invent_v to_o make_v we_o wise_a than_o we_o now_o be_v soon_o or_o more_o easy_o than_o a_o good_a history_n of_o this_o period_n of_o time_n but_o then_o our_o prince_n and_o great_a man_n must_v encourage_v it_o and_o screen_n the_o writer_n or_o it_o will_v never_o be_v do_v the_o expense_n be_v too_o great_a for_o a_o private_a man_n and_o the_o material_n be_v most_o of_o they_o lock_v up_o from_o the_o view_n of_o all_o those_o who_o have_v not_o the_o royal_a authority_n consent_v to_o their_o inspection_n and_o the_o royal_a purse_n to_o support_v the_o charge_n of_o transcribe_v they_o methinks_v every_o prince_n that_o resolve_v to_o do_v thing_n worthy_a to_o be_v write_v shall_v take_v care_n to_o have_v one_o good_a historian_n about_o he_o to_o preserve_v the_o memory_n of_o his_o action_n those_o that_o live_v ill_a will_v find_v what_o they_o fear_v above_o all_o thing_n a_o man_n to_o paint_v out_o those_o thing_n to_o the_o life_n which_o they_o will_v glad_o have_v conceal_v story_n will_v go_v on_o with_o or_o without_o their_o care_n but_o to_o their_o damage_n if_o not_o discreet_o encourage_v but_o why_o do_v i_o write_v thus_o in_o all_o the_o misfortune_n that_o have_v so_o late_o befall_v i_o my_o character_n have_v be_v write_v with_o the_o poison_n of_o asp_n instead_o of_o ink_n so_o that_o one_o single_a word_n in_o another_o man_n work_n otherwise_o interpret_v than_o either_o he_o or_o i_o mean_v it_o as_o be_v plain_a by_o the_o word_n that_o follow_v and_o explain_v it_o have_v be_v enough_o to_o sink_v i_o after_o my_o reputation_n have_v be_v sufficient_o pierce_v by_o the_o arrow_n of_o envy_n and_o detraction_n but_o all_o that_o i_o shall_v say_v in_o my_o own_o defence_n be_v that_o i_o hate_v what_o i_o be_o suppose_v to_o be_v guilty_a of_o as_o much_o as_o any_o man_n in_o the_o nation_n and_o never_o suffer_v say_v or_o think_v the_o thing_n in_o all_o my_o life_n the_o content_n of_o this_o book_n the_o birth_n and_o parentage_n of_o queen_n elizabeth_n page_z 1_o her_o education_n 3_o her_o tutor_n in_o the_o greek_a and_o latin_a tongue_n and_o her_o observation_n in_o read_v 4_o 5_o her_o tutor_n in_o theology_n 8_o she_o speak_v french_a and_o italian_a and_o understand_v many_o other_o european_a tongue_n 9_o the_o untimely_a death_n of_o her_o belove_a brother_n edward_n vi_o 12_o and_o the_o succession_n of_o q._n marry_o 13_o she_o be_v a_o sorrowful_a spectator_n of_o the_o popish_a cruelty_n 15_o she_o be_v hate_v by_o the_o popish_a bishop_n for_o her_o religion_n 16_o her_o life_n be_v save_v by_o king_n philip_n 18_o the_o death_n of_o queen_n mary_n 19_o the_o nation_n then_o divide_v into_o faction_n 22_o calais_n new_o lose_v 23_o she_o at_o first_o dissemble_v her_o religion_n 24_o her_o prime_a counsellor_n 26_o she_o dissemble_v with_o the_o k._n of_o spain_n 27_o she_o make_v a_o peace_n with_o france_n and_o resolve_v on_o a_o war_n with_o spain_n 29_o the_o treaty_n of_o cambray_n 30_o the_o french_a plea_n against_o the_o restitution_n of_o calais_n 31_o she_o resolve_v to_o reform_v the_o religion_n of_o england_n 32_o the_o contend_a religion_n equal_o balance_v 33_o her_o first_o parliament_n the_o complaint_n of_o the_o popish_a bishop_n 39_o the_o reformation_n establish_v 40_o the_o misery_n of_o scotland_n in_o the_o reformation_n 43_o the_o happiness_n of_o england_n 44_o her_o care_n to_o settle_v pious_a and_o learned_a bishop_n and_o clergyman_n 45_o and_o to_o curb_v the_o immoderate_a liberty_n of_o the_o protestant_a dissenter_n 47_o the_o behaviour_n of_o pope_n pius_n iu._n 50_o the_o council_n of_o trent_n restore_v the_o plea_n of_o the_o protestant_n against_o it_o the_o popish_a party_n incline_v to_o rebel_n 53_o the_o set●…lement_n of_o the_o civil_a state_n consider_v 55_o the_o mean_n by_o which_o she_o improve_v and_o enrich_v her_o kingdom_n 59_o law_n and_o order_n make_v for_o the_o public_a good_a 60_o the_o bishop_n and_o commons_o favour_v as_o a_o balance_n to_o the_o nobility_n 61_o she_o favour_v her_o kindred_n and_o advance_v they_o 62_o her_o care_n to_o abolish_v the_o evil_a custom_n and_o bad_a law_n of_o former_a time_n 64_o the_o parliament_n address_v to_o the_o queen_n to_o marry_o 67_o her_o answer_n her_o temperanee_n and_o chastity_n 71_o the_o prince_n and_o great_a man_n that_o court_v she_o 73_o the_o character_n of_o the_o earl_n of_o leicester_n 75_o of_o robert_n earl_n of_o essex_n 85_o of_o thomas_n earl_n of_o sussex_n 89_o of_o sir_n william_n cecil_n afterward_o create_v lord_n burleigh_n 90_o of_o the_o lord_n willoughby_n 94_o of_o sir_n francis_n walsingham_n of_o mary_n queen_n of_o scotland_n 97_o and_o of_o sir_n nicholas_n throgmorton_n 98_o the_o french_a desirous_a of_o a_o war_n with_o england_n 99_o they_o design_v to_o improve_v their_o interest_n in_o scotland_n to_o the_o ruin_n of_o england_n 101_o the_o scot_n send_v to_o england_n for_o assistance_n against_o the_o french_a the_o scotch_a war._n the_o first_o civil_a war_n in_o france_n 110_o the_o death_n of_o francis_n ii_o the_o beginning_n of_o the_o misfortune_n of_o mary_n queen_n of_o scotland_n the_o deplorable_a condition_n of_o prince_n 113_o 118_o murray_n come_v into_o england_n queen_n elizabeth_n dare_v not_o restore_v the_o queen_n of_o the_o scot_n to_o her_o throne_n 124_o the_o trial_n of_o the_o queen_n of_o the_o scot_n 125_o foreign_a prince_n and_o the_o popish_a priest_n guilty_a of_o the_o murder_n of_o the_o queen_n of_o the_o scot_n rebellion_n in_o england_n northumberland_n take_v in_o scotland_n westmorland_z flee_v into_o flanders_n a_o second_o rebellion_n the_o duke_n of_o norfolk_n the_o secret_a head_n of_o they_o his_o character_n 141_o 143_o they_o be_v f●…llowed_v by_o many_o treasous_n and_o conspiracy_n 145_o which_o occasion_n act_v of_o parliament_n against_o the_o recusant_n 146_o college_n build_v for_o the_o english_a papist_n beyond_o the_o sea_n 147_o parry'_v conspiracy_n babington_n 151_o a_o
not_o remember_v that_o i_o have_v read_v elsewhere_o this_o order_n for_o burn_v the_o popish_a book_n the_o complaint_n of_o the_o popish_a bishop_n the_o reformation_n establish_v the_o misery_n of_o scotland_n in_o the_o reform●…tion_n the_o happines●…_n of_o england_n her_o care_n to_o settle_v pious_a and_o learned_a bishop_n and_o clergyman_n and_o to_o curb_v the_o immoderate_a liberty_n of_o the_o protestant_a dissenter_n anabaptist_n discover_v two_o of_o which_o be_v burn_v the_o 〈◊〉_d conventicle_n suppress_v the_o behaviour_n of_o pope_n pius_n iu._n the_o council_n of_o trent_n recall_v the_o plea_n of_o the_o protestant_a prince_n against_o it_o martiningo_n send_v nuncio_n into_o england_n and_o reject_v by_o thequeen_n the_o popish_a party_n well_o dispose_v to_o rebel_v the_o settlement_n of_o the_o civil_a state_n take_v into_o consideration_n the_o money_n reduce_v to_o the_o old_a standard_n the_o security_n of_o the_o nation_n provident_o take_v care_n for_o maga●…ines_n and_o naval_a store_n provide_v largeship_n of_o war_n build_v the_o mean_n by_o which_o she_o improve_v and_o enrich_v her_o kingdom_n law_n and_o order_n make_v for_o the_o public_a good_a of_o her_o people_n the_o bishop_n and_o commons_o favour_v as_o a_o balance_n to_o the_o nobility_n she_o f●…oured_v her_o kindred_n and_o advance_v they_o her_o advice_n to_o the_o nobility_n her_o care_n to_o change_v or_o abolish_v evil_a custom_n and_o law_n of_o former_a time_n 1559._o the_o parliament_n address_v to_o the_o queen_n to_o marry_o which_o she_o refuse_v and_o in_o a_o set_a speech_n tell_v they_o she_o resolve_v to_o live_v in_o celibacy_n her_o wonderful_a temperance_n and_o chastity_n the_o prince_n and_o great_a man_n that_o cou●…ted_v her_o her_o in_o 1560._o 1560._o in_o 1560._o 1560._o in_o 1568._o 1568._o in_o 1574._o by_o degree_n she_o become_v more_o averse_a to_o marriage_n than_o the_o seem_v at_o first_o to_o be_v the_o character_n of_o the_o the_o earl_n of_o leicester_n she_o prefer_v he_o in_o title_n and_o estate_n and_o advance_v his_o brother_n the_o ill_a effect_n of_o luxury_n his_o design_n in_o debauch_v the_o nobility_n anno_fw-la 1583._o leicester_n recommend_v robert_n earl_n of_o essex_n to_o the_o queen_n the_o action_n of_o that_o earl_n in_o holland_n his_o character_n the_o queen_n very_o much_o oppress_v by_o the_o inf●…my_n and_o villainy_n of_o leicester_n the_o character_n of_o thomas_n ratcliff_n earl_n of_o sussex_n the_o character_n of_o sir_n william_n cecil_n afterward_o lord_n burleigh_n the_o earl_n of_o sussex_n send_v ambassador_n to_o the_o emperor_n the_o ruin_n of_o leicester_n hisdeath_o and_o dishonour_v the_o character_n of_o the_o lord_n willoughby_n the_o character_n of_o sir_n francis_n walsingham_n burleigh_n make_v lord_n treasurer_n for_o his_o virtue_n the_o character_n and_o story_n of_o mary_n queen_n of_o scotland_n the_o character_n of_o sir_n n._n throgmorton_n the_o french_a desirous_a of_o a_o war_n with_o england_n t●…rogmorton_n kindle_v the_o civil_a war_n in_o france_n the_o french_a design_n to_o improve_v their_o interest_n in_o scotland_n to_o the_o ruin_n of_o england_n the_o scotch_a complain_n and_o arm_n against_o they_o the_o french_a retire_n to_o leith_n the_o scot_n send_v into_o england_n for_o assistance_n a_o fleet_n send_v into_o scotland_n and_o a_o army_n which_o besiege_v leith_n leith_n dismantle_v the_o first_o civil_a war_n in_o france_n the_o death_n of_o francis_n two_o king_n of_o france_n marry_o queen_n of_o the_o sco●…s_n marry_v james_n 1._o borr_n the_o beginni●…g_n of_o the_o mi●…ortunes_n of_o mary_n qu._n of_o scotland_n her_o impri●…onment_n at_o carl●…_n the_o queen_n of_o scot_n letter_n to_o q._n elizabeth_n upon_o her_o first_o land_v in_o england_n the_o thi●…d_a letter_n the_o deplo●…ble_a state_n of_o the_o prince_n of_o the_o earth_n the_o difficulty_n attend_v the_o keep_n or_o dismiss_v the_o queen_n os_fw-la the_o scots_a a_o resolution_n take_v to_o detain_v she_o as_o a_o prisoner_n of_o war._n the_o queen_n of_o england_n not_o act_v by_o a_o spirit_n of_o jealousy_n and_o revenge_n mildmay_n send_v into_o scotland_n to_o threaten_v the_o regent_n murray_n upon_o q._n elizabeth_n threat_n come_v into_o england_n q_o elizabeth_n dare_v not_o restore_v the_o qu._n of_o the_o scot_n to_o her_o throne_n the_o queen_n prevail_v upon_o to_o put_v the_o queen_n of_o scot_n upon_o her_o trial._n the_o trial_n of_o the_o q._n of_o the_o scot_n hatton_n wheedle_v speech_n the_o speech_n censure_v foreign_a prince_n and_o the_o popish_a priest_n guilty_a of_o the_o murder_n of_o the_o q._n of_o the_o scot_n pin_n five_o excommunicate_n the_o cue_n and_o absolve_v all_o her_o subject_n thereupon_o follow_v rebellion_n and_o insurrection_n in_o england_n the_o e._n of_o northumberland_n lead_v the_o way_n and_o be_v follow_v by_o the_o e._n of_o westmoreland_n northumberland_n take_v in_o scotland_n westmorland_z flee_v into_o flanders_n the_o cause_n of_o the_o miscarriage_n of_o this_o insurrection_n the_o calamity_n of_o the_o earl_n of_o northumberland_n the_o earl_n of_o sussex_n prosecute_v the_o rebel_n with_o great_a severity_n another_o rebellion_n spring_v out_o of_o this_o the_o duke_n of_o norfolk_n the_o secret_a head_n of_o these_o rebellion_n the_o character_n of_o the_o d._n of_o norf●…_n after_o these_o rebellion_n follow_v a_o shoal_n of_o treason_n and_o conspiracy_n which_o occasion_v the_o act_n of_o p._n against_o the_o recusant_n the_o college_n of_o the_o jesuit_n opene_n lin_v eander_n etc._n etc._n and_o call_v seminary_n parson_n and_o campian_n the_o two_o first_o seminary_n priest_n send_v into_o england_n parry_n conspiracy_n against_o the_o queen_n babington_n conspiracy_n his_o character_n savage_a send_v to_o assassinate_v the_o q●…en_n the_o person_n in_o babington_n conspiracy_n babington_n the_o great_a actor_n in_o it_o this_o conspiracy_n prove_v fatal_a to_o the_o queen_n of_o the_o scot_n a_o justification_n of_o queen_n elizabeth_n against_o the_o reproach_n of_o the_o papist_n the_o queen_n have_v a_o plentiful_a supply_n give_v she_o in_o parliament_n she_o discharge_v a_o part_n of_o what_o be_v grant_v by_o her_o proclamation_n the_o spaniard_n send_v lopez_n and_o two_o other_o to_o murder_v the_o queen_n cullin_n york_n and_o williams_z send_v from_o flanders_n on_o the_o same_o errand_n and_o execute_v in_o 1595._o she_o spare_v none_o of_o those_o who_o fall_v into_o her_o hand_n a_o digression_n concern_v william_n parry_n parry_n confession_n his_o design_n discover_v by_o one_o nevil_n the_o queen_n severity_n to_o these_o conspirator_n make_v her_o terrible_a to_o the_o english_a papist_n but_o it_o be_v god_n that_o preserve_v she_o there_o have_v be_v but_o one_o protestant_a prince_n murder_v since_o the_o reformation_n by_o they_o the_o second_o civil_a war_n in_o france_n the_o three_o civil_a war_n of_o france_n she_o send_v 100000_o crown_n and_o great_a store_n of_o arm_n and_o ammunition_n into_o 〈◊〉_d to_o the_o protestant_n a_o reflection_n concern_v passive_a obedience_n the_o king_n of_o france_n labour_v to_o divide_v the_o protestant_n without_o success_n the_o true_a cause_n of_o this_o and_o the_o other_o civil_a war_n of_o france_n the_o queen_n of_o england_n preserve_v the_o protestant_n of_o france_n the_o beginning_n of_o the_o low-country_n war._n liberty_n of_o conscience_n treacherous_o grant_v and_o re-called_n the_o king_n of_o spa●…n_n enrage_v at_o the_o edict_n for_o liberty_n of_o conscience_n the_o spaniard_n design_n to_o settle_v a_o absolute_a and_o arbitrary_a government_n in_o the_o n●…therlands_n the_o regent_n grow_v severe_a against_o the_o protestant_n on_o various_a pretence_n valenciennes_n command_v to_o receive_v a_o garrison_n the_o rest_n of_o the_o 〈◊〉_d petition_n for_o a_o general_n assembly_n of_o the_o state_n the_o design●…_n of_o spain_n discover_v to_o the_o nobility_n of_o the_o netherlands_o the_o discovery_n at_o the_o first_o only_o terrify_v and_o divide_v they_o valenciens_fw-fr besiege_a a_o bloody_a persecution_n against_o the_o p●…otestants_n of_o the_o netherlands_o the_o breaker_n of_o image_n not_o put_v upon_o it_o by_o the_o reform_a the_o use_n spain_n design_v to_o make_v of_o this_o disorder_n the_o character_n of_o the_o duke_n of_o alva_n he_o come_v into_o fland●…rs_n the_o council_n of_o blood_n settle_v their_o rule_n the_o count_n of_o egmont_n and_o hoorne_v the_o first_o they_o seize_v and_o after_o they_o vast_a numbtrs_n of_o the_o mean_a inhabitant_n these_o proceed_n alarm_n all_o the_o protestant_n in_o france_n and_o queen_n elizabeth_n they_o fly_v into_o england_n and_o set_v up_o many_o manufacture_n the_o conduct_n of_o this_o prince_n consider_v the_o reason_n which_o move_v the_o queen_n of_o england_n to_o oppose_v the_o spaniard_n the_o inhabitant_n of_o the_o netherlands_o follow_v the_o example_n of_o q._n elizabeth_n he_o com-plain_n to_o q._n elizabeth_n of_o her_o harbour_v the_o netherlands_n pirate_n
the_o queen_n be_v dead_a and_o that_o the_o princess_n elizabeth_n be_v the_o indisputed_a heir_n to_o the_o crown_n of_o who_o right_a and_o title_n none_o can_v make_v any_o question_n and_o therefore_o the_o lord_n intend_v to_o proclaim_v her_o queen_n and_o desire_v their_o concurrence_n which_o be_v joyful_o entertain_v by_o they_o and_o they_o all_o cry_v god_n save_o queen_n elizabeth_n long_a and_o happy_o may_v she_o reign_v she_o be_v thus_o advance_v to_o the_o throne_n not_o only_o by_o she_o own_o undoubted_a right_n and_o the_o providence_n of_o god_n but_o by_o the_o confent_n and_o with_o the_o approbation_n of_o all_o the_o three_o estate_n then_o assemble_v in_o parliament_n which_o i_o think_v never_o before_o happen_v to_o any_o of_o our_o prince_n beside_o she_o she_o be_v receive_v by_o the_o whole_a nation_n with_o incredible_a transport_v of_o joy_n and_o affection_n and_o the_o loud_a acclamation_n they_o can_v make_v man_n high_o value_v the_o innocence_n of_o her_o former_a life_n and_o commiserate_v the_o hardship_n she_o have_v suffer_v in_o the_o former_a reign_n to_o the_o hazard_n of_o her_o life_n when_o god_n have_v thus_o bring_v this_o queen_n to_o the_o throne_n of_o her_o ancestor_n of_o a_o sudden_a the_o course_n of_o thing_n and_o the_o current_n of_o affair_n take_v a_o new_a bias_n the_o heavy_a tempest_n and_o misfortune_n that_o attend_v england_n we●e_v instant_o blow_v over_o and_o a_o serene_a and_o prosperous_a course_n of_o thing_n succeed_v in_o their_o place_n thus_o in_o a_o moment_n she_o be_v not_o only_o free_v from_o the_o misery_n of_o a_o imprisonment_n but_o adorn_v with_o the_o high_a degree_n of_o honour_n and_o power_n and_o this_o lady_n with_o a_o masculine_a or_o rather_o heroic_a soul_n which_o be_v worthy_a to_o have_v govern_v the_o empire_n of_o the_o world_n for_o almost_o forty_o five_o year_n after_o manage_v the_o royal_a sceptre_n of_o england_n and_o be_v the_o arbitrator_n prescribe_v the_o condition_n of_o peace_n and_o war_n to_o all_o the_o prince_n of_o christendom_n with_o a_o greatness_n of_o mind_n and_o a_o wisdom_n that_o become_v so_o high_a a_o station_n this_o virtue_n which_o be_v almost_o divine_a join_v with_o so_o admirable_a a_o prudence_n render_v her_o worthy_a of_o the_o applause_n and_o honour_n of_o all_o mankind_n thus_o one_o may_v see_v and_o admire_v the_o great_a force_n and_o power_n of_o time_n and_o the_o wonderful_a change_n of_o human_a affair_n and_o how_o useful_a it_o be_v to_o arrive_v at_o prosperity_n by_o the_o wave_n of_o adversity_n whilst_o she_o be_v in_o her_o private_a station_n she_o be_v perpetual_o under_o the_o fear_n and_o danger_n of_o death_n but_o by_o the_o goodness_n of_o god_n she_o escape_v all_o the_o insult_v of_o adverse_a fortune_n her_o innocence_n procure_v her_o safety_n that_o make_v way_n for_o her_o liberty_n so_o her_o sovereignty_n be_v acknowledge_v and_o from_o her_o prudent_a management_n of_o that_o royal_a station_n she_o gain_v a_o ●…ndless_a glory_n and_o a_o immortal_a name_n thus_o attain_v the_o possession_n of_o a_o kingdom_n with_o glory_n and_o the_o public_a safety_n and_o the_o good_a will_n of_o her_o subject_n she_o on_o all_o occasion_n show_v the_o greatness_n and_o brightness_n of_o her_o wit_n and_o soul_n that_o she_o have_v well_o study_v and_o digest_v the_o best_a art_n and_o have_v have_v a_o excellent_a education_n and_o wise_a instruction_n the_o good_a effect_n of_o which_o be_v now_o make_v know_v by_o her_o wise_a promote_a the_o good_a and_o safety_n of_o her_o people_n in_o the_o begin_n of_o her_o reign_n she_o faction_n find_v the_o nation_n at_o home_n fill_v with_o division_n and_o heartburning_n by_o reason_n of_o the_o contrary_a method_n use_v in_o the_o two_o precede_a reign_n abroad_o she_o have_v never_o a_o ally_n she_o can_v trust_v to_o all_o be_v in_o war_n or_o a_o uncertain_a and_o unsteady_a peace_n the_o spanish_a government_n be_v b●…come_v odious_a here_o and_o the_o english_a call_v their_o assected_a gravity_n pride_n and_o insolence_n the_o french_a have_v equal_o incense_v we_o by_o the_o late_a surprise_n of_o calais_n lose_v the_o t●…easury_n be_v at_o the_o low_a ebb_n and_o our_o bulwark_n which_o our_o ncestor_n have_v preserve_v two_o hundred_o and_o ten_o year_n be_v take_v from_o we_o in_o one_o week_n time_n in_o the_o begin_n of_o january_n in_o this_o year_n the_o new_a queen_n propose_v to_o herself_o the_o common_a safety_n and_o welfare_n of_o her_o people_n and_o pursue_v it_o with_o the_o utmost_a care_n and_o asfection_n she_o be_v then_o twenty_o five_o year_n of_o age_n and_o something_o more_o when_o the_o royal_a diadem_n of_o england_n descend_v to_o she_o and_o she_o begin_v the_o difficult_a work_n of_o raise_v the_o low_a and_o calamitous_a state_n of_o england_n and_o redress_v those_o grievance_n which_o the_o opposite_a interest_n and_o design_n of_o the_o former_a time_n have_v bring_v upon_o this_o nation_n she_o be_v not_o only_o ripe_a and_o sit_v for_o government_n but_o she_o have_v by_o this_o time_n acquire_v a_o strange_a and_o unusual_a degree_n of_o civil_a prudence_n she_o know_v the_o public_a or_o royal_a law_n of_o england_n not_o only_o by_o read_v they_o in_o book_n but_o also_o by_o the_o great_a reflection_n she_o have_v make_v on_o our_o history_n and_o on_o what_o have_v happen_v in_o she_o own_o time_n and_o by_o her_o conversation_n with_o great_a man_n and_o the_o application_n she_o have_v ever_o make_v of_o her_o mind_n to_o whatever_o be_v worth_a regard_v the_o 14_o of_o january_n after_o her_o sister_n death_n 1558_o 9_o she_o be_v crown_v with_o the_o ancient_n and_o usual_a ceremony_n when_o her_o people_n give_v her_o fresh_a instance_n of_o their_o loyalty_n and_o affection_n by_o crowd_v in_o unusual_a number_n to_o see_v and_o partake_v in_o the_o joy_n of_o this_o solemnity_n and_o she_o have_v observe_v that_o her_o sister_n by_o the_o sullenness_n of_o her_o behaviour_n have_v much_o disoblige_v the_o people_n frequent_o look_v on_o they_o with_o a_o cheerful_a and_o please_a countenance_n and_o return_v the_o respect_n they_o pay_v she_o with_o great_a sweetness_n she_o take_v the_o ancient_n and_o usual_a coronation-oath_n that_o she_o will_v govern_v her_o kingdom_n according_a to_o the_o ancient_n and_o laudable_a law_n and_o custom_n of_o england_n which_o she_o observe_v more_o willing_o than_o most_o of_o her_o predecesfor_n have_v before_o she_o and_o this_o gain_v she_o both_o the_o love_n and_o reverence_n of_o her_o people_n at_o first_o she_o cherish_v in_o her_o roman_a religion_n catholic_n subject_n a_o belief_n she_o will_v embrace_v that_o religion_n they_o process_v she_o change_v nothing_o in_o the_o public_a service_n or_o the_o administration_n of_o the_o sacrament_n that_o she_o may_v not_o enrage_v she_o papist_n and_o give_v they_o a_o pretence_n for_o separation_n before_o she_o have_v well_o establish_v herself_o the_o kingdom_n of_o england_n be_v then_o very_a unsettle_a and_o have_v receive_v great_a damage_n both_o at_o home_n and_o abroad_o the_o french_a have_v wrest_v from_o we_o the_o strong_a town_n of_o bologne_n in_o the_o year_n 1546._o before_o the_o death_n of_o henry_n the_o viii_o ●h_o and_o calais_n in_o the_o begin_n of_o this_o year_n the_o sea_n be_v full_a of_o privateer_n and_o there_o be_v scarce_o any_o thing_n to_o be_v trust_v to_o in_o this_o disorder_n of_o affair_n she_o wise_o think_v that_o the_o only_a way_n to_o settle_v and_o preserve_v the_o nation_n from_o imminent_a ruin_n be_v to_o choose_v wise_a and_o upright_a man_n to_o manage_v the_o public_a affair_n she_o decline_v the_o use_n of_o rash_a and_o overbold_a man_n who_o have_v common_o bring_v mischief_n on_o the_o state_n that_o have_v trust_v to_o they_o be_v weary_a of_o the_o popish_a ceremony_n and_o their_o conversation_n she_o retire_v for_o some_o time_n to_o one_o of_o her_o country_n house_n as_o it_o be_v for_o diversion_n and_o pleasure_n but_o in_o truth_n that_o she_o may_v with_o the_o great_a leisure_n and_o secrecy_n consider_v of_o the_o method_n she_o shall_v take_v for_o the_o remove_n the_o danger_n which_o threaten_v her_o kingdom_n for_o the_o preservation_n of_o its_o peace_n for_o the_o abate_v the_o power_n of_o the_o popish_a party_n and_o the_o settle_v that_o religion_n here_o which_o she_o believe_v be_v most_o for_o the_o glory_n of_o god_n as_o be_v most_o agreeable_a to_o the_o sacred_a ●…criptures_n the_o man_n that_o she_o most_o rely_v on_o in_o this_o great_a and_o difficult_a work_n be_v william_n lord_n counsellor_n parr_n of_o kendal_n marquis_n of_o northampton_n who_o she_o have_v restore_v to_o his_o honour_n francis_n russel_n earl_n of_o bedsord_n sir_n nicholas_n bacon_n lord_n keeper_n of_o the_o great_a seal_n
murder_v they_o but_o that_o tyrone_n pretend_v to_o intercede_v to_o have_v their_o 〈◊〉_d spare_v this_o they_o dare_v never_o 〈◊〉_d do_v but_o that_o they_o know_v all_o the_o ●…ans_n in_o ulster_n will_v second_v they_o the_o deputy_n to_o revenge_v this_o insurrection_n proclaim_v mac_n guire_n a_o traitor_n and_o invade_v fermanagh_n he_o take_v inniskilling_a but_o upon_o his_o withdraw_n the_o irish_a return_v and_o drive_v the_o english_a he_o have_v leave_v out_o of_o fermanagh_n during_o this_o tumult_n tyrone_n come_v thither_o as_o by_o chance_n and_o ask_v what_o the_o matter_n be_v and_o what_o have_v provoke_v their_o anger_n against_o the_o english_a he_o grave_o reprehend_v mac_n guire_n the_o beginner_n of_o the_o insurrection_n and_o then_o begin_v seem_o to_o appease_v the_o exasperate_v mean_a irish_a people_n though_o in_o truth_n he_o be_v the_o first_o promoter_n of_o all_o this_o disturbance_n and_o do_v this_o only_a to_o conceal_v himself_o and_o avoid_v be_v suspect_v by_o the_o english_a hereupon_o the_o queen_n recall_v fitz-william_n who_o have_v never_o be_v a_o soldier_n and_o send_v a_o new_a deputy_n in_o his_o stead_n sir_n william_n russel_n young_a son_n of_o rebellion_n francis_n earl_n of_o bedford_n be_v swear_v lord_n deputy_n of_o ireland_n the_o 11_o of_o august_n 1594._o under_o he_o this_o great_a revolution_n happen_v tyrone_n brother_n about_o the_o same_o time_n befiege_v inniskilling_a and_o defeat_v 46_o english_a horse_n and_o 600_o foot_n that_o come_v to_o relieve_v it_o under_o the_o conduct_n of_o sir_n edward_n herbert_n and_o sir_n henry_n duke_z yet_o tyrone_n have_v the_o impudence_n to_o come_v to_o dublin_n and_o impose_v upon_o the_o council_n that_o he_o have_v no_o hand_n in_o this_o insurrection_n though_o some_o offer_v to_o prove_v he_o a_o traitor_n which_o be_v not_o then_o believe_v in_o march_n 1595._o he_o break_v into_o a_o second_o open_a rebellion_n notwithstanding_o all_o his_o oath_n and_o asseveration_n which_o in_o a_o irish_a man_n be_v the_o certain_a token_n of_o treachery_n and_o falsehood_n bagnal_n his_o mortal_a enemy_n thereupon_o march_v against_o he_o with_o 1500_o foot_n and_o 250_o english_a horfe_n and_o tyrone_n appear_v with_o 1500_o irish_a horse_n but_o retire_v without_o attempt_v any_o thing_n but_o soon_o after_o he_o appear_v with_o 8000_o foot_n to_o second_v his_o horse_n yet_o this_o handful_n of_o man_n fight_v all_o his_o force_n and_o come_v off_o with_o good_a success_n though_o they_o be_v in_o great_a danger_n of_o be_v destroy_v as_o they_o have_v be_v if_o the_o enemy_n powder_n have_v not_o fail_v in_o the_o action_n in_o june_n 1595._o sir_n john_n norris_n arrive_v man_n with_o two_o thousand_o veterane_n soldier_n and_o one_o thousand_o new-raised_n man_n and_o with_o the_o title_n of_o lord_n general_n of_o the_o force_n in_o ulster_n he_o be_v to_o command_v absolute_o in_o the_o absence_n of_o the_o deputy_n the_o queen_n design_n man._n in_o send_v norris_n with_o this_o large_a commission_n be_v that_o he_o and_o the_o deputy_n shall_v act_v with_o the_o great_a vigour_n against_o the_o enemy_n but_o then_o though_o norris_n be_v a_o excellent_a commander_n he_o be_v a_o little_a too_o violent_a and_o disdain_v to_o be_v subject_a to_o the_o order_n of_o the_o deputy_n and_o which_o be_v yet_o worse_o disagree_v with_o he_o in_o the_o general_a method_n of_o manage_v the_o war_n and_o be_v very_o stiff_a in_o his_o opinion_n beside_o so_o that_o much_o time_n be_v spend_v in_o useless_a contest_v between_o these_o two_o hie-spirited_a man_n which_o very_o much_o prejudice_v the_o queen_n affair_n and_o secure_v tyrone_n who_o cunning_o make_v use_v of_o it_o from_o be_v suppress_v in_o the_o begin_n of_o his_o rebellion_n by_o this_o time_n the_o rebel_n have_v take_v arms._n several_a of_o the_o english_a fort_n and_o be_v become_v so_o expert_a in_o the_o use_n of_o arm_n that_o they_o be_v almost_o a_o match_n for_o the_o english_a sir_n john_n perrot_n to_o save_v charge_n have_v arm_v the_o irish_a in_o ulster_n against_o the_o isl●…nder_a scot_n and_o teach_v they_o the_o use_n of_o fire-arm_n and_o fitz-williams_n have_v pursue_v the_o same_o false_a measure_n and_o have_v take_v many_o irish_a into_o the_o english_a army_n and_o send_v other_o of_o they_o into_o the_o low-countries_n to_o be_v breed_v soldier_n and_o now_o they_o be_v become_v stout_a rebel_n to_o the_o damage_n of_o the_o english_a the_o deputy_n have_v in_o the_o mean_a time_n spend_v the_o summer_n in_o the_o field_n against_o the_o enemy_n take_v care_n to_o settle_v connaught_n and_o leinster_n in_o the_o winter_n and_o find_v they_o much_o disorder_v by_o the_o injury_n of_o the_o precedent_n he_o hear_v their_o complaint_n very_o patient_o and_o redress_v what_o he_o find_v amiss_o with_o much_o justice_n that_o he_o may_v raise_v in_o the_o people_n a_o expectation_n and_o hope_n of_o better_a ●…mes_n to_o come_v and_o he_o also_o levy_v ●…ore_a force_n and_o invite_v tyrone_n to_o co●…_n 〈◊〉_d he_o to_o dublin_n and_o send_v he_o a_o passport_n the_o earl_n come_v according_o be_v toss_v between_o hope_n and_o fear_n and_o there_o the_o deputy_n before_o many_o of_o the_o nobility_n of_o that_o kingdom_n represent_v to_o he_o the_o benefit_n he_o have_v receive_v at_o the_o queen_n hand_n which_o he_o ready_o acknowledge_v pretend_v deputy_n that_o he_o have_v on_o that_o consider_v at_o ion_n patient_o bear_v the_o injury_n of_o fitz-williams_n government_n and_o the_o wrong_n do_v he_o by_o bagnal_n the_o marshal_n that_o he_o have_v save_v the_o english_a from_o the_o fury_n of_o mac_n guire_n and_o preserve_v they_o in_o the_o possession_n of_o fermanagh_n that_o his_o good_a action_n have_v be_v misrepresent_v and_o he_o have_v be_v ill_o reward_v for_o they_o that_o he_o desire_v nothing_o more_o than_o to_o be_v restore_v to_o the_o queen_n favour_n which_o he_o have_v be_v deprive_v of_o by_o the_o slander_n of_o his_o enemy_n this_o cunning_a defence_n appease_v the_o deputy_n and_o he_o be_v resolve_v to_o try_v if_o he_o can_v reclaim_v he_o by_o favour_n and_o good_a usage_n and_o so_o he_o permit_v he_o to_o return_v home_o again_o yet_o in_o september_n of_o this_o year_n he_o offer_v the_o king_n of_o spain_n the_o kingdom_n of_o ireland_n if_o he_o will_v supply_v he_o with_o 3000_o man_n and_o a_o little_a treasure_n thus_o be_v the_o winter_n of_o this_o year_n and_o the_o spring_n of_o the_o next_o spend_v in_o needless_a and_o ineffectual_a treaty_n tyrone_n pretend_v to_o submit_v to_o gain_v time_n and_o at_o last_o he_o be_v pardon_v but_o three_o ship_n arrive_v from_o spain_n with_o powder_n and_o 200_o man_n he_o refuse_v his_o pardon_n a_o great_a while_n and_o when_o he_o take_v it_o he_o use_v it_o as_o a_o cover_n for_o his_o treasonable_a design_n he_o be_v always_o treat_v and_o rebel_n at_o the_o same_o time_n and_o find_v a_o discontent_n between_o sir_n john_n norris_n and_o the_o lord_n deputy_n he_o make_v use_v of_o the_o one_o against_o the_o other_o and_o in_o the_o mean_a time_n surprise_v the_o garrison_n and_o embroil_v the_o country_n to_o the_o great_a hazard_n of_o extirpate_v the_o english_a a_o treaty_n with_o a_o perfidious_a man_n tend_v to_o nothing_o but_o to_o make_v he_o insolent_a and_o the_o government_n secure_a to_o its_o ruin_n if_o you_o never_o trust_v he_o he_o can_v never_o hurt_v you_o the_o english_a council_n be_v so_o weary_a of_o these_o chargeable_a war_n that_o they_o dread_v nothing_o more_o than_o a_o war_n in_o ireland_n so_o that_o it_o be_v then_o a_o maxim_n here_o that_o it_o be_v well_o for_o england_n if_o ireland_n can_v be_v sink_v into_o the_o bottom_n of_o the_o ocean_n but_o since_o that_o be_v not_o possible_a to_o be_v do_v it_o have_v be_v well_o if_o they_o have_v go_v roundly_o to_o work_v and_o send_v competent_a force_n have_v pursue_v these_o counterfeit_a rebel_n to_o utter_v destruction_n not_o suffer_v any_o irishman_n to_o have_v any_o fire-arm_n the_o deputy_n observe_v that_o tyrone_n tyrone_n slight_v he_o and_o make_v his_o application_n to_o norris_n to_o who_o he_o send_v messenger_n to_o commemorate_v his_o loyalty_n and_o duty_n to_o the_o queen_n and_o to_o beg_v her_o majesty_n pardon_n he_o thereupon_o write_v to_o the_o queen_n that_o he_o have_v not_o be_v use_v to_o war_n and_o be_v unacquainted_a with_o the_o fatigue_n that_o attend_v insurrection_n and_o tumult_n that_o king_n philip_n of_o macedonia_n be_v less_o terrible_a to_o he_o than_o a_o desultory_n enemy_n and_o a_o barbarous_a irish_a teagne_n that_o this_o languid_a sedition_n may_v be_v compose_v without_o wound_n or_o bloodshed_n as_o some_o thought_n if_o good_a man_n be_v but_o send_v to_o treat_v with_o the_o rebel_n that_o
justification_n of_o queen_n elizabeth_n against_o the_o reproach_n of_o the_o papist_n a_o plentiful_a supply_n give_v to_o the_o queen_n she_o discharge_v a_o part_n of_o it_o 158_o a_o digression_n concern_v parry_n 160_o the_o queen_n severity_n towards_o the_o conspirator_n 163_o the_o second_o civil_a war_n in_o france_n 165_o the_o three_o in_o which_o the_o queen_n send_v great_a supply_n of_o man_n and_o money_n 167_o a_o reflection_n concern_v passive_a obedience_n 169_o the_o king_n of_o france_n labour_v to_o divide_v the_o protestant_n without_o success_n the_o true_a cause_n of_o these_o civil_a war_n 170_o the_o queen_n preserve_v the_o protestant_n of_o france_n 171_o the_o beginning_n of_o the_o countrey-war_n 172_o liberty_n of_o conscience_n treacherous_o grant_v and_o recall_v 172_o the_o king_n of_o spain_n enrage_v at_o it_o 174_o the_o spaniard_n design_n to_o settle_v a_o absolute_a and_o arbitrary_a government_n there_o 176_o valenciennes_n command_v to_o receive_v a_o garrison_n 177_o the_o rest_n of_o the_o city_n petition_n for_o a_o general_n assembly_n of_o the_o state_n 178_o the_o design_n of_o spain_n discover_v to_o the_o rest_n of_o the_o nobility_n 179_o which_o at_o first_o only_o terrify_v and_o divide_v they_o 181_o a_o bloody_a persecution_n against_o the_o protestant_n in_o the_o netherlands_o 182_o the_o breaker_n of_o image_n not_o put_v upon_o it_o by_o the_o reform_a the_o character_n of_o the_o duke_n of_o alva_n he_o come_v into_o flanders_n the_o council_n of_o blood_n 185_o their_o rule_n the_o count_n of_o egmont_n and_o hoorne_v the_o first_o they_o seize_v and_o after_o they_o vast_a number_n of_o mean_a people_n 187_o the_o protestant_n of_o france_n and_o the_o queen_n of_o england_n alarm_v at_o these_o proceed_n 188_o the_o subject_n of_o the_o low_a country_n fly_v into_o england_n 189_o the_o conduct_n of_o king_n philip_n consider_v the_o reason_n why_o queen_n elizabeth_n oppose_v the_o spaniard_n 191_o the_o inhabitant_n of_o the_o netherlands_o follow_v the_o example_n of_o england_n 193_o the_o king_n of_o spain_n complain_v of_o the_o queen_n for_o harbour_v the_o netherlands_n pirate_n 194_o they_o seize_v the_o seaport_n of_o holland_n and_o zealand_n the_o queen_n of_o england_n undertake_v the_o protection_n of_o this_o oppress_a people_n 197_o the_o french_a affair_n during_o her_o time_n 201_o a_o private_a league_n between_o france_n and_o spain_n against_o the_o protestant_n 203_o the_o duke_n of_o guise_n make_v head_n of_o this_o league_n against_o his_o sovereign_n 204_o a_o account_n of_o the_o house_n of_o guise_n 205_o the_o reason_n why_o henry_n iii_o be_v to_o be_v depose_v and_o henry_n iv._o exclude_v 207_o the_o queen_n mother_n of_o france_n die_v of_o grief_n queen_n elizabeth_z assist_v henry_n iu._n with_o man_n and_o money_n 209_o spain_n invade_v by_o the_o english_a 211_o the_o action_n of_o robert_n earl_n of_o essex_n 212_o the_o affair_n of_o ireland_n during_o her_o reign_n 216_o ulster_n the_o first_o province_n that_o rebel_v 218_o a_o quarrel_n between_o ormond_n and_o desmond_n 219_o the_o pope_n and_o king_n of_o spain_n interest_v in_o the_o war_n of_o ireland_n 221_o the_o difficulty_n of_o administer_a justice_n and_o mercy_n seasonable_o 224_o sr._n jo._n perrot_n lord_n deputy_n of_o ireland_n new_a colony_n send_v into_o munster_n the_o irish_a complain_v of_o the_o english_a 226_o and_o they_o of_o the_o deputy_n 227_o william_n character_n 228_o the_o college_n of_o dublin_n finish_v the_o english_a colony_n keep_v ireland_n quiet_a for_o some_o time_n part_v of_o the_o spanish_a armado_n shipwrack_v on_o the_o coast_n of_o ireland_n 229_o the_o rise_n of_o hugh_n oneale_n earl_n of_o tyrone_n 232_o he_o aspire_v to_o be_v king_n of_o ulster_n tyrone_n make_v a_o county_n which_o occasion_v that_o rebellion_n 233_o sir_n william_n russell_n lord_n deputy_n of_o ireland_n under_o who_o it_o begin_v 234_o sir_n john_n norris_n send_v into_o ireland_n 235_o the_o irish_a make_v very_o expert_a in_o the_o use_n of_o arms._n tho._n lord_n burrough_n make_v deputy_n the_o council_n of_o ireland_n represent_v the_o irish_a war_n as_o a_o universal_a rebellion_n of_o the_o whole_a nation_n 241_o tyrone_n beat_v the_o english_a 243_o he_o treat_v with_o spain_n and_o england_n at_o the_o same_o time_n 244_o the_o earl_n of_o essex_n send_v deputy_n the_o lord_n montjoy_n send_v deputy_n 246_o no_o irish_a pardon_v but_o what_o merit_v the_o favour_n by_o some_o signal_n service_n 247_o the_o spaniard_n land_n at_o kingsale_n the_o irish_a reduce_v to_o eat_v man_n flesh_n 248_o religion_n causeless_o make_v the_o pretence_n of_o this_o irish_a war._n liberty_n of_o conscience_n consider_v 249_o the_o great_a reputation_n of_o england_n in_o queen_n elizabeth_n time_n 250_o sir_n drake_n original_a and_o story_n 253_o the_o story_n of_o john_n oxenham_n 256_o drake_n two_o voyage_n into_o america_n 258_o the_o story_n of_o mr._n tho._n cavendish_n 263_o philip_n king_n of_o spam_n high_o inc●…nsed_v against_o the_o english_a 265_o the_o invincible_a armado_n charles_n lord_n howard_n admiral_n of_o england_n the_o condition_n of_o the_o spanish_a fleet_n when_o the_o english_a leave_v it_o 273_o the_o king_n of_o spain_n bear_v his_o loss_n with_o much_o patience_n and_o prudence_n 275_o the_o english_a and_o hollander_n glorify_v god_n for_o the_o victory_n over_o the_o spaniard_n at_o sea_n 277_o the_o queen_n declare_v a_o war_n against_o spain_n 278_o the_o english_a expedition_n against_o that_o kingdom_n a_o rare_a example_n of_o martial_a valour_n complaint_n make_v of_o the_o depredation_n of_o the_o english_a at_o sea_n 285_o the_o hanse_v town_n very_o clamorous_a against_o the_o english_a 287_o the_o trade_n of_o england_n prohibit_v in_o germany_n 288_o the_o queen_n seize_v the_o still-yard_n 289_o poland_n continue_v a_o trade_n with_o england_n 291_o the_o queen_n end_v a_o war_n between_o the_o russ_n and_o swede_n ibid._n her_o law_n for_o the_o enrich_a her_o subject_n her_o severity_n to_o those_o she_o employ_v when_o find_v faulty_a 292_o the_o liberty_n of_o the_o theatre_n restrain_v 297_o the_o calamity_n that_o happen_v in_o her_o time_n 298_o her_o kindness_n to_o her_o good_a magistrate_n 299_o her_o tender_a care_n of_o the_o church_n 300_o her_o stature_n and_o personal_a accomplishment_n 301_o she_o be_v concern_v in_o her_o old_a age_n for_o the_o decay_n of_o her_o beauty_n she_o love_v flattery_n because_o it_o raise_v a_o good_a opinion_n of_o she_o in_o her_o subject_n but_o crafty_a man_n make_v ill_a use_n of_o it_o 303_o she_o love_v good_a preacher_n 307_o she_o love_v religion_n but_o hate_a faction_n 308_o her_o devotion_n in_o public_a she_o expose_v her_o life_n for_o the_o safety_n of_o the_o church_n 309_o she_o humour_v and_o caress_v the_o body_n of_o the_o people_n 310_o parliament_n frequent_o hold_v 312_o her_o maxim_n concern_v peace_n and_o war_n 314_o she_o will_v never_o arm_v the_o mean_a of_o the_o people_n all_o honour_n careful_o and_o spare_o bestow_v in_o her_o time_n 315_o her_o justice_n and_o severity_n towards_o offender_n which_o make_v she_o belove_v 317_o her_o justice_n in_o other_o instance_n 322_o she_o be_v spare_v in_o her_o personal_a expense_n but_o magnificent_a in_o her_o public_a 323_o she_o be_v too_o spare_v in_o her_o reward_n she_o show_v a_o great_a respect_n to_o the_o memory_n of_o the_o mean_a soldier_n that_o perish_v in_o her_o service_n 327_o the_o praise_n of_o henry_n vii_o who_o be_v her_o example_n 329_o her_o bounty_n to_o some_o great_a man_n 330_o the_o manner_n of_o her_o bestow_v honour_n 333_o the_o choice_n of_o her_o servant_n officer_n and_o minister_n 335_o her_o kindness_n to_o the_o bishop_n and_o churchman_n 337_o her_o principal_a favourite_n and_o statesman_n 338_o her_o habit_n 339_o her_o furniture_n 341_o her_o diet_n in_o public_a and_o private_a 342_o the_o splendour_n and_o divertisement_n of_o her_o court_n 344_o her_o private_a way_n of_o live_v 346_o her_o summer_n progress_v and_o her_o carriage_n towards_o the_o people_n 348_o she_o spend_v the_o winter_n in_o london_n 350_o her_o diet_n in_o summer_n and_o winter_n 352_o her_o diversion_n and_o private_a conversation_n 353_o she_o be_v subject_a to_o violent_a anger_n be_v 355_o her_o sevenrity_n to_o the_o queen_n of_o scot_n to_o leicester_n 358_o to_o hatton_n 360_o the_o provocation_n she_o meet_v with_o many_o and_o great_a 361_o the_o character_n of_o sanders_n and_o other_o who_o defame_v she_o 363_o her_o last_o sickness_n 367_o he_o spend_v the_o last_o moment_n of_o her_o life_n in_o devotion_n 371_o her_o last_o word_n and_o death_n 373_o the_o sorrow_n for_o her_o death_n at_o home_o and_o abroad_o 374_o license_v november_n 10._o 1692._o the_o character_n of_o queen_n elizabeth_z elizabeth_z queen_n elizabeth_n of_o england_n be_v bear_v
plenty_n and_o be_v attack_v by_o the_o blandishment_n of_o nature_n and_o a_o multitude_n of_o external_a please_a object_n yet_o she_o persist_v in_o the_o resolution_n she_o have_v take_v and_o with_o a_o constant_a and_o unmoveable_a soul_n prefer_v her_o maiden_n state_n to_o any_o marriage_n though_o she_o be_v almost_o every_o night_n tempt_v to_o change_v her_o resolution_n by_o the_o luxury_n cheerfulness_n and_o wantonness_n of_o a_o court_n which_o show_v itself_o in_o interlude_n banquet_n and_o ball_n and_o be_v surround_v on_o all_o side_n with_o the_o enticement_n of_o pleasure_n and_o the_o thing_n which_o may_v provoke_v the_o most_o cool_a and_o languid_a lust_n yet_o she_o preserve_v herself_o from_o be_v conquer_a or_o break_v by_o they_o for_o the_o fear_n of_o god_n and_o a_o true_a sense_n of_o piety_n extinguish_v in_o she_o all_o feminine_a intemperance_n and_o lust._n though_o she_o be_v the_o sovereign_n and_o mistress_n of_o all_o she_o do_v nothing_o that_o be_v insolent_a though_o she_o ha●…_n a_o abundance_n of_o wealth_n at_o her_o command_n she_o be_v not_o dissolute_a but_o she_o govern_v herself_o by_o the_o severe_a rule_n of_o chastity_n and_o continence_n yet_o her_o juvenile_a age_n for_o she_o be_v then_o about_o twenty_o five_o year_n old_a and_o the_o intemperance_n which_o will_v ever_o attend_v a_o court_n give_v occasion_n to_o some_o injurious_a report_n but_o then_o she_o as_o easy_o wash_v off_o that_o slanderous_a infamy_n which_o be_v one_o of_o the_o most_o rage_a crime_n of_o the_o age_n by_o the_o incredible_a continence_n and_o chastity_n of_o her_o whole_a life_n her_o modesty_n and_o prudence_n overrule_a and_o control_a the_o natural_a inclination_n and_o disposition_n her_o maid_n of_o honour_n who_o wait_v on_o she_o take_v a_o wonderful_a pleasure_n in_o her_o manner_n her_o discourse_n and_o conversation_n and_o whole_o apply_v themselves_o to_o imitate_v she_o borrow_v from_o her_o example_n of_o modesty_n and_o chastity_n so_o that_o they_o will_v never_o suffer_v any_o young_a nobleman_n to_o have_v any_o familiar_a acquaintance_n with_o any_o of_o they_o if_o he_o have_v not_o recommend_v himself_o to_o they_o by_o some_o generous_a manly_a action_n in_o the_o war_n among_o those_o who_o in_o the_o several_a her_o part_n of_o her_o life_n aspire_v to_o the_o honour_n of_o her_o bed_n edward_z courtney_n earl_n of_o devonshire_n and_o marquis_n of_o exeter_n be_v the_o first_o who_o court_v she_o in_o her_o young_a year_n and_o after_o he_o christian_n iii_o king_n of_o denmark_n for_o his_o son_n frederick_n after_o this_o ●…erdinand_n the_o emperor_n desire_v she_o for_o his_o son_n charles_n philip_z ii_o king_n of_o spain_n 1560._o erix_n king_n of_o sweden_n and_o 1560._o adolph_n duke_n of_o holstein_n the_o duke_n of_o 1568._o anjou_n and_o 1574._o alenzon_n both_o prince_n of_o the_o house_n of_o france_n desire_v to_o have_v marry_v she_o but_o all_o this_o be_v to_o no_o purpose_n for_o when_o she_o have_v by_o these_o treaty_n delude_v they_o and_o secure_v herself_o she_o ever_o after_o pretend_v that_o at_o her_o coronation_n she_o have_v oblige_v herself_o not_o to_o marry_v a_o foreign_a prince_n yet_o there_o be_v some_o at_o home_n who_o after_o this_o deceive_v themselves_o with_o these_o delude_a hope_n among_o who_o be_v james_n earl_n of_o arran_n a_o scotch_a nobleman_n who_o be_v recommend_v to_o the_o queen_n for_o a_o husband_n by_o the_o protestant_n of_o that_o kingdom_n as_o the_o best_a mean_n of_o unite_n england_n and_o scotland_n but_o though_o she_o commend_v this_o gentleman_n yet_o she_o reject_v the_o proposal_n there_o be_v also_o one_o sir_n william_n pickering_n a_o gentleman_n who_o have_v improve_v himself_o by_o ambassy_n and_o the_o french_a breed_n who_o aspire_v to_o it_o though_o it_o be_v so_o much_o above_o his_o fortune_n and_o thomas_n howard_n earl_n of_o arundel_n asterwards_o duke_n of_o norfolk_n one_o descend_v of_o one_o of_o the_o noble_a and_o rich_a family_n in_o the_o english_a nation_n and_o a_o person_n of_o great_a interest_n and_o authority_n though_o he_o be_v advance_v in_o year_n yet_o he_o will_v also_o very_o fain_o have_v marry_v the_o queen_n but_o when_o he_o perceive_v his_o old_a age_n be_v ridicule_v and_o despise_v he_o leave_v the_o court_n and_o go_v abroad_o and_o never_o come_v back_o again_o into_o england_n she_o persist_v in_o this_o resolution_n of_o be_v celibacy_n with_o a_o constancy_n that_o be_v admire_v then_o and_o ever_o since_o and_o at_o last_o she_o will_v grow_v angry_a when_o any_o of_o her_o subject_n speak_v to_o she_o of_o marriage_n which_o they_o as_o passionate_o desire_v as_o she_o decline_v it_o the_o reason_n of_o this_o be_v wonderful_o exagitated_a in_o the_o thought_n of_o man_n and_o some_o be_v very_o unmannerly_a to_o speak_v the_o best_a of_o it_o in_o their_o conjecture_n whilst_o other_o ascribe_v it_o with_o much_o more_o probability_n to_o a_o habit_n of_o chastity_n which_o put_v a_o curb_n upon_o all_o irregular_a desire_n or_o the_o fear_n of_o change_v her_o fortune_n and_o diminish_v her_o authority_n it_o be_v but_o reasonable_a she_o shall_v ●…spect_v that_o whosoever_o have_v marry_v she_o will_v have_v take_v upon_o he_o the_o principal_a administration_n and_o so_o have_v abate_v her_o power_n and_o reputation_n other_o ascribe_v it_o to_o the_o counsel_n of_o her_o friend_n who_o yet_o prevail_v with_o she_o to_o suffer_v treaty_n of_o marriage_n to_o be_v carry_v on_o to_o render_v foreign_a prince_n more_o favourable_a to_o her_o interest_n by_o the_o hope_n of_o attain_v she_o at_o last_o but_o whatever_o be_v the_o true_a cause_n of_o it_o which_o can_v be_v certain_o know_v to_o none_o but_o god_n have_v this_o queen_n be_v of_o the_o communion_n of_o the_o church_n of_o rome_n this_o single_a virtue_n will_v have_v go_v a_o great_a way_n to_o the_o canonise_a of_o she_o as_o it_o have_v of_o many_o other_o and_o she_o certain_o will_v have_v much_o more_o deserve_v it_o than_o any_o of_o the_o best_a that_o have_v be_v saint_v on_o that_o account_n only_o the_o common_a people_n of_o england_n for_o leicester_n a_o long_a time_n most_o firm_o believe_v that_o robert_n dudley_n earl_n of_o leicester_n and_o lord_n steward_n of_o the_o house_n to_o her_o majesty_n will_v be_v the_o man_n that_o will_v marry_v the_o queen_n he_o be_v young_a son_n to_o john_n dudley_n duke_n of_o northumberland_n who_o with_o his_o eld●…r_a son_n ●…ohn_n call_v larl_n of_o warwick_n sir_n am●…rose_n sir_n guildford_n and_o sir_n henry_n dudley_n have_v be_v find_v guilty_a of_o high_a ●…reason_n and_o the_o father_n an●…_n sir_n guildford_n a_o young_a son_n be_v behead●…d_v in_o the_o fi●…st_a year_n of_o queen_n mary_n s_o reign_n when_o this_o ro●…ert_n who_o be_v the_o young_a son_n his_o ●…ather_n have_v then_o live_v be_v spare_v mere_o on_o the_o account_n of_o his_o youth_n and_o never_o try_v or_o dishonour_v this_o gentleman_n in_o his_o young_a year_n be_v a_o very_a goodly_a person_n of_o a_o b●…autiful_a and_o lovely_a complexion_n and_o feature_n but_o high_a foreheaded_a which_o yet_o be_v not_o then_o think_v any_o diminution_n of_o his_o beauty_n he_o be_v a_o very_a great_a politician_n but_o no_o great_a soldier_n and_o though_o he_o be_v not_o over-righteous_a in_o his_o action_n yet_o in_o his_o letter_n there_o be_v not_o know_v a_o style_n more_o religious_a and_o full_a of_o the_o strcam_n of_o devotion_n this_o favourite_n be_v then_o in_o the_o verdure_n and_o most_o flower_v spring_n of_o his_o youth_n of_o a_o stately_a carriage_n a_o modest_a and_o grave_a look_n a_o great_a flatterer_n of_o a_o pleasant_a and_o easy_a nature_n in_o outward_a show_n or_o appearance_n and_o be_v endow_v with_o all_o those_o accomplishment_n the_o city_n or_o court_n can_v teach_v he_o in_o which_o he_o have_v have_v his_o education_n he_o have_v insinuate_v himself_o into_o the_o favour_n and_o familiarity_n of_o the_o queen_n by_o his_o specious_a show_n of_o loyalty_n industry_n and_o vigilance_n in_o her_o ●…ervice_n and_o for_o a_o long_a time_n manage_v the_o great_a station_n in_o the_o court_n and_o be_v repute_v the_o first_o minister_n of_o state_n though_o his_o counsel_n be_v not_o over-fortunate_a his_o brother_n ambrose_n be_v heir_n to_o the_o estate_n and_o he_o to_o the_o wisdom_n of_o that_o family_n for_o he_o have_v all_o the_o art_n of_o the_o publi●…an_n dudley_n his_o grandfather_n and_o the_o policy_n of_o northumberland_n his_o father_n he_o be_v the_o most_o reserve_a man_n of_o that_o age_n that_o see_v all_o and_o be_v invisible_a carrying_z a_o depth_n not_o to_o be_v fathom_v but_o by_o the_o searcher_n of_o he●…rts_n he_o become_v in_o his_o latter_a time_n sullen_a to_o his_o superior_n haughty_a towards_o his_o
equal_n insolent_a to_o his_o inferior_n ungrateful_a to_o his_o friend_n and_o pernicious_a to_o his_o enemy_n and_o in_o a_o word_n intolerable_a to_o all_o but_o the_o queen_n she_o make_v he_o first_o master_n of_o her_o horse_n and_o after_o earl_n of_o leicester_n for_o the_o suffering_n of_o his_o ancestor_n both_o in_o her_o father_n and_o sister_n reign_n but_o the_o common_a people_n who_o very_o rare_o penetrate_v into_o the_o thought_n of_o prince_n ascribe_v all_o his_o power_n and_o good_a fortune_n to_o his_o wit_n and_o carriage_n which_o be_v form_v by_o nature_n and_o art_n to_o the_o allure_a of_o the_o soft_a sex_n he_o be_v of_o a_o very_a take_v behaviour_n and_o a_o excellent_a dancer_n so_o that_o one_o of_o the_o b●…st_a dance_n of_o that_o age_n be_v call_v by_o his_o name_n the_o leicester_n dance_n when_o he_o find_v the_o tide_n of_o fortune_n flow_v according_a to_o his_o ambitious_a wish_n his_o heart_n be_v too_o much_o lift_v up_o and_o