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A71277 Athenæ Oxonienses. Vol. 2. an exact history of all the writers and bishops who have had their education in the most ancient and famous University of Oxford, from the fifteenth year of King Henry the Seventh, Dom. 1500, to the end of the year 1690 representing the birth, fortune, preferment, and death of all those authors and prelates, the great accidents of their lives, and the fate and character of their writings : to which are added, the Fasti, or, Annals, of the said university, for the same time ... Wood, Anthony à, 1632-1695. 1692 (1692) Wing W3383A; ESTC R200957 1,495,232 926

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security_n thereof_o so_o that_o mr._n dugdale_n be_v bind_v by_o his_o place_n to_o attend_v his_o majesty_n he_o settle_v for_o a_o time_n in_o hart_n hall_n and_o on_o the_o 1_o of_o nou._n 1642_o he_o be_v actual_o create_v master_n of_o art_n as_o i_o have_v before_o tell_v about_o that_o time_n he_o commit_v to_o write_v the_o most_o memorable_a passage_n in_o the_o battle_n at_o edghill_n and_o that_o the_o relation_n of_o all_o particular_n may_v be_v the_o better_o understand_v he_o go_v to_o that_o place_n in_o feb._n follow_v be_v accompany_v with_o some_o gentleman_n of_o note_n at_o which_o time_n take_v with_o he_o a_o skilful_a surveyor_n he_o ride_v to_o banbury_n the_o castle_n there_o be_v then_o his_o majesty_n garrison_n and_o thence_o to_o the_o field_n where_o the_o battle_n be_v fight_v which_o he_o exact_o survey_v and_o note_v where_o each_o army_n be_v draw_v up_o where_o the_o canon_n be_v place_v and_o the_o grave_n where_o the_o slay_v person_n be_v bury_v observe_v also_o from_o the_o relation_n of_o the_o neighbour_a inhabitant_n the_o certain_a number_n which_o lie_v bury_v in_o each_o pit_n or_o grave_n which_o by_o a_o just_a computation_n do_v not_o amount_v to_o full_a one_o thousand_o though_o the_o report_n of_o the_o vulgar_a make_v they_o at_o least_o five_o thousand_o return_v thence_o to_o oxford_n he_o continue_v there_o by_o his_o majesty_n command_n until_o the_o surrender_n of_o that_o garrison_n for_o the_o use_n of_o the_o parliament_n 24_o june_n 1646_o which_o want_v not_o 4_o month_n of_o 4_o year_n his_o estate_n in_o the_o country_n be_v all_o that_o while_o sequester_a in_o which_o time_n he_o notwithstanding_o get_v a_o subsistence_n by_o attend_v the_o funeral_n of_o several_a noble_a person_n and_o of_o other_o of_o great_a quality_n some_o of_o which_o be_v slay_v in_o the_o war_n according_a to_o the_o duty_n of_o his_o office_n on_o the_o 16_o of_o apr._n 1644_o he_o be_v create_v chester_n herald_n upon_o the_o promotion_n of_o sir_n edw._n walker_n to_o be_v norrey_n and_o soon_o after_o he_o take_v a_o journey_n to_o worcester_n within_o which_o diocese_n the_o southern_a part_n of_o warwickshire_n lie_n where_o have_v perusal_n of_o the_o register_n both_o of_o the_o bishop_n and_o dean_n and_o chapter_n he_o thence_o extract_v several_a collection_n in_o order_n to_o his_o historical_a work_n of_o warwickshire_n as_o he_o before_o have_v do_v at_o lichfield_n within_o which_o diocese_n the_o rest_n of_o the_o say_a county_n lie_v as_o by_o the_o quotation_n in_o the_o elaborate_a work_n of_o the_o antiq._n of_o warwicksh_n afterward_o make_v public_a it_o appear_v while_o he_o continue_v in_o oxon._n where_o he_o have_v leisure_n enough_o to_o follow_v his_o study_n he_o apply_v himself_o to_o the_o search_n of_o such_o antiquity_n as_o be_v to_o be_v find_v in_o the_o famous_a bodlelan_n library_n as_o also_o in_o the_o library_n of_o certain_a college_n and_o in_o private_a hand_n as_o he_o think_v any_o way_n conducible_a to_o the_o furtherance_n of_o the_o work_n design_v by_o rog._n dodsworth_n and_o himself_o touch_v the_o monastery-foundation_n before_o mention_v as_o also_o of_o whatsoever_o may_v relate_v to_o matter_n of_o history_n in_o reference_n to_o the_o nobility_n of_o this_o kingdom_n in_o which_o he_o find_v very_o much_o for_o that_o purpose_n whereof_o he_o make_v great_a use_n in_o his_o volume_n intit_fw-fr the_o baronage_n of_o england_n since_o publish_v after_o the_o surrender_n of_o oxford_n mr._n dugdale_n repair_v to_o london_n and_o make_v his_o composition_n in_o goldsmith_n hall_n for_o at_o least_o 168_o l._n after_o which_o have_v proceed_v very_o far_o in_o collect_v material_n in_o the_o country_n for_o his_o design_a work_n of_o warwickshire_n he_o repair_v again_o to_o london_n for_o the_o far_a perusal_n of_o the_o record_n in_o the_o tower_n and_o other_o place_n and_o there_o perfect_v his_o collection_n touch_v the_o antiquity_n of_o that_o county_n where_o happen_v to_o meet_v with_o mr._n dodsworth_n he_o tell_v he_o how_o he_o have_v bestow_v his_o time_n in_o oxon_n and_o elsewhere_o by_o gain_v material_n in_o order_n to_o that_o work_n of_o the_o monastery_n and_o mr._n dodsworth_n do_v the_o like_a to_o he_o whereby_o mr._n dugd._n do_v understand_v that_o he_o have_v transcribe_v many_o foundation-charter_n and_o other_o grant_n of_o consequence_n relate_v to_o the_o monastery_n of_o yorkshire_n and_o some_o other_o northern_a county_n which_o he_o copy_v for_o the_o most_o part_n from_o the_o original_n remain_v in_o sundry_a large_a chest_n deposit_v in_o s._n mary_n tower_n at_o york_n this_o tower_n with_o all_o such_o evidence_n therein_o be_v accidental_o blow_v up_o in_o the_o war_n time_n so_o that_o have_v not_o mr._n dodsworth_n make_v his_o collection_n thence_o before_o that_o accident_n fall_v out_o the_o loss_n will_v have_v be_v irreparable_a other_o matter_n that_o he_o collect_v thence_o be_v now_o in_o many_o volume_n remain_v in_o the_o bodleian_n library_n by_o the_o gift_n of_o thomas_n lord_n fairfax_n who_o also_o to_o his_o great_a honour_n be_v it_o speak_v show_v himself_o very_o generous_a to_o all_o such_o soldier_n at_o york_n that_o can_v retrieve_v any_o of_o the_o say_a charter_n that_o be_v so_o blow_v up_o after_o mr._n dugdale_n communication_n with_o mr._n dodsworth_n concern_v each_o other_o collection_n he_o wait_v upon_o the_o lady_n eliz._n hatton_n to_o calais_n in_o the_o month_n of_o may_n 1648_o there_o to_o meet_v with_o the_o lord_n hatton_n her_o husband_n from_o paris_n which_o be_v so_o do_v he_o go_v back_o with_o that_o lord_n thither_o and_o make_v stay_v there_o about_o three_o month_n he_o through_o the_o favour_n of_o monster_n franc._n du_fw-fr chesne_n son_n to_o the_o learned_a andr._n du_fw-fr chesne_n decease_v have_v a_o view_n of_o divers_a excellent_a collection_n make_v by_o the_o say_v andrew_n relate_v to_o divers_a monastery_n in_o france_n normandy_n and_o other_o part_n of_o that_o kingdom_n among_o which_o discover_v divers_a thing_n of_o note_n touch_v divers_a religious_a house_n in_o england_n former_o call_v priory_n alien_n which_o have_v be_v cell_n to_o sundry_a great_a abbey_n in_o foreign_a part_n he_o take_v copy_n of_o they_o of_o which_o he_o make_v good_a use_n in_o those_o volume_n call_v monasticon_fw-la anglicanum_n afterward_o publish_v and_o then_o return_v into_o england_n have_v letter_n of_o safe_a conduct_n under_o the_o sign_n manual_a and_o signet_n of_o the_o then_o queen_n of_o england_n henrietta_n maria_n bearing_z date_n at_o s._n germane_a in_o lay_n upon_o the_o three_o of_o aug._n this_o so_o fair_a and_o industrious_a collection_n be_v get_v together_o by_o mr._n dodsworth_n as_o have_v be_v observe_v as_o also_o that_o make_v by_o mr._n dugdale_n gather_v out_o of_o divers_a leiger-book_n and_o other_o authentic_a mss._n at_o oxon_n do_v encourage_v they_o to_o proceed_v in_o perfect_v the_o work_n whereupon_o they_o resolve_v to_o go_v to_o the_o record_n in_o the_o tower_n of_o london_n to_o which_o have_v free_a admission_n they_o make_v a_o perfect_a and_o thorough_a search_n and_o take_v copy_n of_o all_o that_o they_o deem_v most_o material_a for_o their_o work_n which_o be_v do_v they_o retire_v to_o the_o cottonian_a library_n make_v the_o like_a search_n there_o and_o leave_v nothing_o omit_v from_o the_o multitude_n of_o leiger-book_n there_o that_o may_v serve_v they_o in_o that_o most_o elaborate_a work_n their_o business_n be_v there_o finish_v mr._n dugdale_n discover_v many_o bundle_n of_o paper_n of_o state_n which_o be_v original_a letter_n and_o other_o choice_a memorial_n obtain_v by_o sir_n rob._n cotton_n from_o sundry_a hand_n some_z whereof_o be_v the_o transaction_n between_o cardinal_n wolsey_n thom._n cromwell_n afterward_o earl_n of_o essex_n secretary_n will._n paget_n sir_n will._n cecil_n lord_n burleigh_n secretary_n francis_n walsingham_n and_o other_o relate_v as_o well_o to_o foreign_a as_o domestic_a affair_n as_o also_o the_o letter_n and_o paper_n of_o mary_n qu._n of_o scot_n thomas_n duke_n of_o norfolk_n etc._n etc._n all_o which_o mr._n dugdale_n sort_v methodical_o both_o as_o to_o time_n and_o otherwise_o and_o cause_v they_o to_o be_v bind_v up_o with_o clasp_n and_o sir_n tho._n cotton_n arm_n impress_v on_o each_o side_n of_o every_o book_n with_o the_o content_n in_o the_o beginning_n what_o each_o book_n contain_v all_o which_o amount_v to_o 80_o volume_n and_o be_v make_v useful_a to_o all_o lover_n of_o historical_a learning_n the_o collection_n of_o the_o two_o volume_n of_o the_o monastery_n foundation_n intit_fw-fr monast_n anglic._n be_v thus_o complete_v and_o the_o publish_n of_o they_o by_o the_o press_n desire_v a_o offer_n be_v make_v to_o several_a bookseller_n of_o the_o copy_n upon_o such_o different_a term_n
chanc._n of_o england_n and_o chanc._n of_o the_o uniu._n be_v seat_v in_o the_o supreme_a chair_n joh._n wilmot_n earl_n of_o rochester_n of_o wadh._n coll._n jam._n levingston_n visc_n of_o kimardin_n as_o it_o be_v say_v in_o the_o reg._n and_o earl_n of_o newburgh_n in_o scotland_n sometime_o of_o mert._n coll._n edw._n m●ntague_n elder_n son_n of_o edw._n l_o montague_n of_o boughton_n edw._n hyde_n of_o ch._n ch._n three_o son_n of_o edw._n earl_n of_o clarendon_n he_o die_v of_o the_o small_a pox_n on_o the_o 10_o of_o january_n a_o 1664_o age_v 19_o year_n or_o thereabouts_o and_o be_v bury_v in_o the_o abbey_n ch._n at_o westminster_n leave_v then_o this_o character_n behind_o he_o that_o he_o be_v the_o most_o hopeful_a youth_n and_o the_o best_a nature_a creature_n in_o the_o world_n john_n lovelace_n of_o wadh._n coll._n elder_a son_n of_o john_n lovelace_n he_o be_v after_o the_o death_n of_o his_o father_n lord_n lovelace_n but_o obtain_v no_o great_a matter_n during_o the_o reign_n of_o k._n ch._n 2._o and_o k._n jam._n 2_o which_o he_o expect_v because_o his_o father_n have_v be_v a_o great_a sufferer_n for_o the_o cause_n of_o k._n ch._n 1_o he_o be_v by_o the_o favour_n of_o k._n will._n 3._o to_o who_o he_o adhere_v when_o he_o arrive_v in_o the_o west_n in_o the_o begin_n of_o nou._n 1688_o and_o for_o his_o sake_n be_v for_o some_o time_n imprison_v at_o gloucester_n make_v captain_n of_o his_o band_n of_o gentleman_n pensioner_n in_o the_o begin_n of_o march_n 1688._o edw_n sebright_n of_o s._n joh._n coll._n baronet_n john_n williams_z of_o s._n joh._n coll._n baronet_n the_o former_a be_v of_o besford_n in_o worcestershire_n the_o other_o of_o dorsetshire_n sir_n alan_n broderick_n kt_n his_o majesty_n surveyour_fw-mi general_n for_o the_o kingdom_n of_o ireland_n this_o person_n who_o be_v endow_v with_o a_o poetical_a wit_n and_o have_v several_a specimens_n thereof_o extant_a die_v at_o wandesworth_n in_o surrey_n 25_o nou._n 1680_o and_o be_v bury_v there_o 3_o of_o dec._n follow_v john_n bulteel_n secretary_n to_o edw._n earl_n of_o clarendon_n this_o person_n who_o be_v son_n of_o john_n bulteel_n a_o frenchman_n sometime_o live_v at_o dover_n die_v a_o bachelaur_n in_o the_o parish_n of_o s._n martin_n in_o the_o field_n in_o westminster_n a_o 1669._o one_o joh._n bulteel_n gent._n translate_v from_o french_a into_o english_a a_o general_a chronological_a history_n of_o france_n before_o the_o reign_n of_o k._n pharamont_n and_o end_v with_o the_o reign_n of_o k._n hen._n 4._o etc._n etc._n lond._n 1683._o fol._n whether_o he_o be_v the_o same_o with_o the_o former_a who_o be_v create_v m._n of_o a._n i_o know_v not_o i_o have_v make_v mention_n of_o another_o joh._n bulteel_n in_o the_o fasti_fw-la of_o the_o first_o vol._n p._n 849._o matthew_n wren_n or_o wrenn_n secretary_n to_o the_o say_v edw._n earl_n of_o clar._n this_o person_n who_o be_v the_o elder_a son_n of_o dr._n matthew_n wren_n bish_n of_o ely_n be_v original_o a_o student_n in_o cambridge_n and_o afterward_o a_o student_n for_o several_a year_n in_o the_o time_n of_o usurpation_n in_o this_o university_n not_o in_o a_o coll._n or_o hall_n but_o in_o a_o private_a house_n after_o his_o majesty_n restauration_n he_o be_v take_v into_o the_o service_n of_o the_o earl_n of_o clarendon_n be_v elect_v a_o burgess_n for_o s._n michael_n in_o cornwall_n to_o serve_v in_o that_o parl._n that_o begin_v at_o westm_n 8_o may_v 1661._o become_v a_o member_n of_o the_o royal_a society_n and_o of_o the_o council_n thereof_o and_o after_o the_o fall_n of_o the_o say_v clarendon_n he_o become_v secretary_n to_o james_n duke_n of_o york_n and_o continue_v in_o his_o service_n to_o the_o time_n of_o his_o death_n at_o length_n give_v way_n to_o fate_n on_o the_o 14_o of_o june_n or_o thereabouts_o a_o 1672_o age_v about_o 42_o year_n his_o body_n be_v convey_v to_o cambridge_n and_o there_o bury_v in_o pemb._n hall_n chappel_n in_o the_o same_o vault_n wherein_o his_o father_n be_v five_o year_n before_o bury_v this_o ingenious_a person_n have_v write_v 1_o consideration_n on_o mr._n harrington_n commonwealth_n of_o oceana_n restrain_v to_o the_o first_o part_n of_o the_o preliminary_n lond._n 1657._o oct_n before_o these_o consideration_n be_v a_o large_a letter_n send_v by_o the_o author_n to_o dr._n joh._n wilkins_n warden_n of_o wadham_n coll_n by_o who_o the_o say_a author_n be_v desire_v to_o give_v his_o judgement_n concern_v the_o commonwealth_n of_o oceana_n 2_o monarchy_n ass●rted_v or_o the_o state_n of_o monarchical_a and_o popular_a government_n in_o vindication_n of_o the_o consideration_n on_o mr._n harrington_n oceana_n lond._n 1659._o and_o 1660._o oct_n see_v more_o in_o jam._n harrington_n among_o the_o writer_n p._n 440._o joh._n dugdale_n chief_a gent._n in_o the_o chamber_n of_o the_o say_a earl_n of_o clarendon_n l._n chanc._n of_o engl._n this_o person_n who_o be_v the_o son_n of_o sir_n will._n dugdale_n mention_v in_o these_o fasti_fw-la a_o 1642_o p._n 643_o etc._n etc._n be_v afterward_o windsor_n herald_n upon_o the_o resignation_n of_o elias_n ashmole_n esq_n and_o at_o length_n norroy_n king_n of_o arm_n upon_o the_o promotion_n of_o sir_n thom._n st._n george_n to_o the_o office_n of_o garter_n in_o the_o place_n of_o the_o say_a sir_n william_n decease_v in_o the_o begin_n of_o march_n 1685_o about_o which_o time_n he_o receive_v the_o honour_n of_o knighthood_n from_o his_o majesty_n this_o sir_n joh._n dugdale_n have_v publish_v a_o catalogue_n of_o the_o nobility_n of_o england_n according_a to_o their_o respective_a precedency_n as_o it_o be_v present_v to_o his_o majesty_n on_o new-year_n day_n a_o 1684._o to_o which_o be_v add_v the_o blazon_n of_o their_o paternal_a coat_n of_o arm_n and_o a_o list_n of_o the_o present_a bishop_n by_o permission_n of_o the_o duke_n of_o norfolk_z earl_n marshal_z this_o be_v print_v at_o lond._n on_o a_o broad_a side_n of_o a_o large_a sh_n of_o paper_n an_z 1685_o and_o come_v out_o again_o with_o addition_n in_o 1690._o thom._n agar_n sam._n gabrie_n all_o which_o person_n from_o joh._n earl_n of_o rochester_n to_o the_o say_v sam._n gabrie_n be_v create_v master_n of_o art_n on_o the_o 9_o of_o sept._n sept._n 12._o rich._n newporn_v of_o ch._n ch._n elder_n son_n of_o francis_n lord_n newport_n of_o high_a ercall_a sept._n 12._o seymour_n shirley_n of_o ch._n ch._n baronet_n sept._n 12._o edw._n stradling_n of_o jes_n coll._n baronet_n sept._n 12._o jam._n rushout_n of_o ch._n ch._n baronet_n sept._n 12._o edw._n stanley_n of_o brasn_a coll._n baronet_n all_o which_o be_v create_v by_o the_o favour_n of_o the_o say_v chanc._n oct._n 19_o paul_n latham_n of_o pemb._n coll._n he_o be_v afterward_o preb._n of_o salisbury_n and_o a_o publisher_n of_o several_a sermon_n and_o therefore_o he_o ought_v hereafter_o to_o be_v mention_v more_o at_o large_a nou._n 6._o tho._n traherne_a of_o brasn_a coll._n beside_o all_o these_o be_v several_z other_o create_v among_o who_o be_v rich._n newborough_n of_o ball._n coll_n may_v 28_o who_o have_v serve_v his_o maj._n in_o the_o late_a war_n and_o be_v this_o year_n preb._n of_o hereford_n bach._n of_o diu._n thirteen_o bach._n of_o diu._n be_v create_v by_o virtue_n of_o the_o chancellor_n recommendation_n among_o who_o be_v these_o jul._n 1._o thom._n marshal_n of_o linc._n coll._n sept._n 12._o will._n wyatt_n of_o s._n joh._n coll._n sept._n 12._o will._n bell_n of_o s._n joh._n coll._n sept._n 12._o rich._n samwaies_o of_o c._n c._n coll._n as_o for_o wyatt_n who_o be_v bear_v at_o todenham_n in_o glocestershire_n be_v not_o graduate_v in_o art_n because_o before_o the_o time_n come_v when_o he_o shall_v take_v the_o degree_n of_o bach_n the_o civil_a war_n begin_v afterward_o he_o be_v assistant_n to_o dr._n jer._n taylor_n when_o he_o teach_v school_n in_o caermerthenshire_n and_o write_v as_o it_o be_v usual_o say_v which_o he_o himself_o do_v also_o acknowledge_v a_o new_a and_o easy_a institution_n of_o grammar_n etc._n etc._n which_o be_v publish_v under_o dr._n tailor_n be_v name_n see_v more_o in_o the_o life_n of_o the_o say_a doctor_n among_o the_o writer_n p._n 285._o afterward_o mr._n wyatt_n teach_v at_o evesham_n in_o worcestershire_n and_o at_o length_n assist_v mr._n will._n fuller_n while_o he_o teach_v a_o private_a school_n at_o twittenham_n in_o middlesex_n afterward_o when_o that_o person_n become_v bishop_n of_o linc_n he_o make_v he_o not_o only_o his_o chapl_n but_o also_o preb._n and_o afterward_o chantor_n of_o the_o church_n there_o which_o dignity_n he_o resign_v in_o 1681_o he_o retire_v to_o nun-eaton_n in_o warwickshire_n where_o he_o die_v in_o the_o house_n of_o sir_n ric._n newdigate_n about_o 1686._o what_o other_o thing_n the_o say_a mr._n wyatt_n have_v
university_n he_o be_v another_o tully_n and_o virgil_n as_o be_v most_o excellent_a for_o oratory_n and_o poetry_n in_o which_o faculty_n as_o also_o in_o the_o greek_a tongue_n he_o be_v so_o full_a and_o absolute_a that_o those_o that_o best_o know_v he_o know_v not_o in_o which_o he_o most_o excel_v so_o admirable_o well_o verse_v also_o be_v he_o in_o metaphysic_n that_o when_o he_o be_v reader_n of_o they_o in_o the_o university_n the_o exposition_n of_o they_o be_v never_o better_o perform_v than_o by_o he_o and_o his_o predecessor_n th._n barlow_n of_o qu._n coll._n his_o preach_v also_o be_v so_o graceful_a and_o profound_a withal_o that_o none_o of_o his_o time_n or_o age_n go_v beyond_o he_o so_o that_o if_o the_o wit_n read_v his_o poem_n divine_n his_o sermon_n and_o philosopher_n his_o lecture_n on_o aristotle_n metaphysic_n they_o will_v scarce_o believe_v that_o he_o die_v at_o a_o little_a above_o thirty_o year_n of_o age_n but_o that_o which_o be_v most_o remarkable_a be_v that_o these_o his_o high_a part_n and_o ability_n be_v accompany_v with_o so_o much_o candour_n and_o sweetness_n that_o they_o make_v he_o equal_o belove_v and_o admire_v of_o all_o person_n especial_o those_o of_o the_o gown_n and_o court_n who_o esteem_v also_o his_o life_n a_o fair_a copy_n of_o practic_a piety_n a_o rare_a example_n of_o heroic_a worth_n and_o in_o who_o art_n learn_v and_o language_n make_v up_o the_o true_a compliment_n of_o perfection_n he_o have_v write_v the_o lady-errant_a trag._n com._n royal_a slave_n trag._n com._n oxon._n 1640._o second_o edit_n act_v before_o the_o k._n and_o q._n by_o the_o student_n of_o ch._n ch._n 30_o aug._n 1636._o see_v in_o hist_n &_o antiq._n uniu._n oxon._n lib._n 1._o p._n 344._o b._n 345._o a._n the_o ordinary_a com._n siedge_n or_o love_n convert_n trag._n com._n poem_n all_o which_o be_v gather_v into_o one_o vol._n and_o print_v at_o lond._n 1651._o oct_n usher_v then_o into_o the_o world_n by_o many_o copy_n of_o verse_n most_o write_v by_o oxf._n man_n among_o who_o be_v jasper_n mayne_n d._n d._n joh._n castilion_n b._n d._n afterward_o dean_n of_o rochester_n robert_n waring_n mart._n lluellin_n joh._n fell_n franc._n palmer_n rich._n goodridge_n tho._n severne_n etc._n etc._n all_o of_o ch._n church_n hen._n earl_n of_o monmouth_n sir_n rob._n stapylton_n edw._n sherbourn_n afterward_o a_o knight_n jam._n howell_n franc._n finch_n joh._n finch_n of_o ball._n coll._n brethren_n to_o sir_n heneage_n finch_n sometime_o lord_n chanc._n of_o england_n will._n creed_n of_o s._n joh._n coll._n joh._n birkenhead_n of_o all_o be_v coll._n hen._n vaughan_n the_o silurist_n and_o eugenius_n philalethes_n his_o brother_n both_o of_o jesus_n coll._n josias_n how_o and_o ralph_n bathurst_n of_o trin._n coll._n matthew_n smallwood_n of_o brasnose_n hen._n bold_a of_o new_a and_o will._n bell_n of_o s._n john_n coll._n etc._n etc._n our_o author_n cartwright_n also_o write_v poemata_fw-la graeca_n &_o latina_n a_o offspring_n of_o mercy_n issue_v out_o of_o the_o womb_n of_o cruelty_n or_o a_o passion_n serm_n preach_v at_o ch._n ch._n in_o oxon_n on_o act_n 2.23_o lond._n 1652._o oct_n of_o the_o signal_n day_n in_o the_o month_n of_o nou._n in_o relation_n to_o the_o crown_n and_o royal_a family_n a_o poem_n lond._n 1671._o in_o one_o sh_n in_o qu._n beside_o poem_n and_o verse_n which_o have_v air_n law_n for_o several_a voice_n set_v to_o they_o by_o the_o incomparable_a henry_n law_n servant_n to_o k._n ch._n 1._o in_o his_o public_a and_o private_a music_n who_o outlive_v the_o tribulation_n which_o he_o endure_v for_o the_o royal_a cause_n be_v restore_v to_o his_o place_n after_o the_o return_n of_o k._n ch._n 2._o and_o for_o a_o short_a time_n live_v happy_a and_o venerate_v by_o all_o lover_n of_o music_n he_o be_v bury_v by_o the_o title_n of_o gentleman_n of_o his_o majesty_n chapel_n in_o the_o cloister_n belong_v to_o s._n peter_n church_n within_o the_o city_n of_o westminster_n 25_o octob._n 1662._o as_o for_o cartwright_n who_o have_v the_o succentors_n place_n in_o the_o church_n of_o salisbury_n confer_v on_o he_o by_o bishop_n duppa_n in_o the_o month_n of_o octob._n 1642_o be_v untimely_o snatch_v away_o by_o a_o malignant_a fever_n call_v the_o camp-disease_n that_o rage_v in_o oxon._n he_o be_v then_o one_o of_o the_o proctor_n of_o the_o university_n to_o the_o great_a grief_n of_o all_o learned_a and_o virtuous_a man_n and_o to_o the_o resentment_n of_o the_o k._n and_o qu._n then_o there_o who_o very_o anxious_o inquire_v of_o his_o health_n in_o the_o time_n of_o his_o sickness_n on_o the_o 29_o of_o nou._n in_o sixteen_o hundred_o forty_o and_o three_o and_o be_v bury_v on_o the_o first_o day_n of_o dec._n towards_o the_o upper_a end_n of_o the_o south_n isle_n join_v to_o the_o choir_n of_o the_o cathedral_n of_o ch._n church_n 1643._o in_o his_o proctorship_n succeed_v joh._n maplet_n m._n a._n of_o the_o same_o house_n who_o serve_v out_o the_o remain_a part_n of_o the_o year_n and_o in_o his_o succentorship_n rob._n joyner_n of_o oxford_n thomas_z master_z son_n of_o will._n master_n rector_n of_o coat_n near_o to_o a_o mercate_z town_n call_v cirencester_n in_o glocestershire_n be_v bear_v at_o coat_n but_o descend_v from_o the_o gentile_a family_n of_o the_o master_n live_v in_o the_o say_a town_n of_o cirencester_n initiate_v in_o grammar_n learning_n by_o mr._n henry_n topp_n a_o note_a master_n of_o that_o place_n afterward_o ripen_v for_o the_o university_n in_o wykeham_n school_n near_o winchester_n admit_v perpetual_a fellow_n of_o new_a coll._n after_o he_o have_v serve_v two_o year_n of_o probation_n a_o 1624._o take_v the_o degree_n in_o art_n that_o of_o master_n be_v complete_v 1629_o holy_a order_n and_o at_o length_n in_o 1640_o be_v admit_v to_o the_o read_n of_o the_o sentence_n at_o which_o time_n he_o be_v arrive_v to_o great_a learning_n be_v esteem_v a_o vast_a scholar_n a_o general_a artist_n and_o linguist_n a_o note_a poet_n and_o a_o most_o florid_n preacher_n he_o have_v write_v mensa_fw-la lubrica_fw-la montgom_fw-la illustriss_n domino_fw-la d._n edwardo_n baroni_n de_fw-fr cherbury_n oxon._n 1658._o qu._n second_o edit_n the_o first_o have_v be_v print_v on_o one_o side_n of_o a_o large_a sheet_n of_o paper_n it_o be_v a_o poem_n write_v in_o lat._n and_o engl._n describe_v the_o game_n call_v shovel-board_n play_v publish_v with_o sir_n henry_n saviles_n oration_n to_o qu._n elizab._n by_o mr._n tho._n ba●low_n of_o qu._n coll._n in_o oxon._n a_o 1658._o print_v there_o again_o in_o dec._n 1690._o in_o half_a a_o sh_n in_o qu._n 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d this_o greek_a poem_n which_o be_v print_v with_o mensa_fw-la lubrica_fw-la be_v make_v by_o he_o on_o the_o passion_n of_o christ_n 19_o apr._n 1633._o render_v into_o excellent_a lat._n verse_n by_o hen._n jacob_n of_o merton_n coll._n and_o into_o english_a by_o abr._n cowley_n the_o prince_n of_o poet_n of_o his_o time_n which_o lat._n and_o engl._n copy_n be_v print_v with_o the_o greek_a oxon._n 1●58_n qu._n monarchia_fw-la britannica_fw-la sub_fw-la auspiciis_fw-la elizabethae_fw-la &_o jacobi_n in_o oratione_fw-la quam_fw-la pro_fw-la more_fw-it habuit_fw-la in_o capella_fw-la coll._n novi_fw-la 6_o kal._n apr._n 1642._o oxon._n 1661._o qu._n 1681._o oct_n publish_v by_o his_o friend_n and_o acquaintance_n joh._n lamphire_n doct._n of_o phys_n sometime_o fellow_n of_o new_a coll_n afterward_o comdens_n prof._n of_o history_n iter_fw-la boreale_n oxon._n 1675_o in_o two_o sheet_n and_o a_o half_a in_o qu._n write_v in_o prose_n and_o verse_n and_o dedicate_v to_o his_o father_n will._n master_n beforemention_v 25_o sept._n 1637._o publish_v by_o george_n ent_n of_o the_o middle_a temple_n son_n and_o heir_n of_o sir_n george_n ent_n kt._n then_o a_o sojourner_n and_o student_n in_o oxon_n be_v about_o that_o time_n enter_v a_o member_n of_o wadh._n coll._n which_o george_n ent._n the_o son_n write_v and_o publish_v the_o ground_n of_o unity_n in_o religion_n or_o a_o expedient_a for_o a_o general_a conformity_n and_o pacification_n print_a in_o 1679_o in_o one_o sheet_n in_o qu._n in_o which_o year_n in_o aug._n or_o thereabouts_o he_o depart_v this_o mortal_a life_n be_v bury_v in_o the_o church_n belong_v to_o the_o temple_n in_o london_n our_o author_n master_n also_o have_v write_v other_o poem_n as_o 1_o carolas_n redux_fw-la 1623._o 2_o ad_fw-la regem_fw-la carolum_fw-la 1625._o 3_o on_o bish_n lake_n 1626._o 4_o on_o ben._n johnson_n 1637._o and_o 5_o on_o vaulx_n but_o these_o i_o think_v be_v not_o print_v he_o be_v a_o drudge_n to_o and_o assisted_z much_o edward_n lord_n herbert_n of_o cherbury_n when_o he_o be_v obtain_v material_n for_o the_o writing_n the_o life_n of_o k._n hen._n 8._o four_o thick_a volume_n in_o fol._n of_o
province_n of_o flanders_n lond._n 1652._o fol._n write_v by_o guido_n cardinal_n bentivoglio_n 3_o hist_o of_o the_o war_n of_o flanders_n lond._n 1654._o fol._n write_v by_o the_o say_a cardinal_n this_o translation_n have_v the_o e._n of_o monmouths_n picture_n before_o it_o 4_o advertisement_n from_o parnassus_n in_o two_o century_n with_o the_o politic_a touchstone_n lond._n 1656._o fol._n write_v by_o trajano_n boccalini_n 5_o politic_a discourse_n in_o three_o book_n lond._n 1657._o fol._n write_v by_o paul_n paruta_n a_o noble_a venetian_a to_o which_o be_v add_v a_o short_a soloquie_n in_o which_o paruta_n brief_o examine_v the_o whole_a course_n of_o his_o life_n 6_o history_n of_o venice_n in_o two_o part_n lond._n 1658._o fol._n write_v by_o the_o say_v paruta_n with_o the_o war_n of_o cyprus_n wherein_o the_o famous_a siege_n of_o nicossia_n and_o famagosta_n and_o the_o battle_n of_o lepanta_n be_v contain_v he_o also_o begin_v to_o translate_v from_o the_o say_a italian_a language_n the_o history_n of_o france_n write_v by_o the_o count_n gualdo_n priorato_fw-la but_o die_v after_o he_o have_v make_v some_o progress_n therein_o afterward_o it_o be_v finish_v by_o will._n brent_n esq_n and_o print_v at_o lond._n 1677._o fol._n be_v the_o same_o person_n that_o have_v before_o write_v a_o book_n intit_fw-fr a_o discourse_n upon_o the_o nature_n of_o eternity_n and_o the_o condition_n of_o a_o separate_a soul_n according_a to_o the_o ground_n of_o reason_n and_o principle_n of_o christian_a religion_n lond._n 1655_o in_o a_o small_a oct_n write_v while_o he_o be_v a_o prisoner_n in_o the_o gatehouse_n at_o westminster_n it_o be_v afterward_o print_v there_o again_o in_o 1674_o in_o 6._o sh_n and_o a_o half_a in_o qu._n by_o the_o way_n it_o must_v be_v know_v that_o though_o we_o have_v have_v several_a of_o the_o brent_n who_o have_v be_v student_n in_o this_o university_n yet_o this_o will._n brent_n be_v not_o but_o educate_v while_o a_o youth_n in_o the_o coll._n of_o english_a jesuit_n at_o s._n omer_n afterward_o be_v enter_v into_o the_o society_n of_o greys-inn_n he_o become_v a_o barrister_n and_o a_o solicitor_n or_o such_o like_a officer_n under_o tho._n earl_n of_o strafford_n when_o he_o be_v lord_n lieutenant_n of_o ireland_n he_o be_v bear_v at_o stoke_n lark_n in_o glocestershire_n in_o the_o parish_n of_o ilmington_n in_o warwickshire_n and_o have_v suffer_v much_o for_o his_o religion_n by_o imprisonment_n payment_n of_o money_n and_o i_o know_v not_o what_o live_v private_o several_a year_n at_o foxcote_n in_o warwickshire_n and_o in_o his_o last_o day_n at_o london_n he_o die_v in_o the_o parish_n of_o s._n giles_n in_o the_o field_n near_o london_n in_o the_o begin_n of_o the_o year_n 1691_o age_v 80_o year_n or_o more_o he_o the_o say_v hen._n carey_n e._n of_o monmouth_n do_v also_o translate_v from_o french_a into_o english_a 1_o the_o use_n of_o the_o passion_n lond._n 1649._o oct_n 2_o man_n become_v guilty_a or_o the_o corruption_n of_o his_o nature_n by_o sin_n print_a at_o lond._n both_o write_v by_o joh._n franc._n senault_n before_o the_o first_o of_o which_o be_v the_o picture_n of_o the_o say_a earl_n a_o shoulder_n piece_n stand_v on_o a_o pedestal_n what_o other_o translation_n this_o noble_a count_n have_v make_v beside_o unless_o the_o hist_n of_o the_o late_a war_n of_o christendom_n print_v in_o fol._n 1648._o which_o i_o have_v not_o yet_o see_v i_o know_v not_o nor_o any_o thing_n else_o of_o he_o only_o that_o he_o give_v way_n to_o fate_n on_o the_o 13_o of_o june_n in_o sixteen_o hundred_o sixty_o and_o one_o be_v bury_v in_o the_o church_n of_o rickmansworth_n in_o hertfordshire_n 1661._o he_o have_v a_o ingenious_a brother_n name_v thomas_n who_o i_o have_v mention_v in_o the_o fasti_fw-la 1613._o one_o h._n cary_n a_o lawyer_n have_v write_v the_o law_n of_o england_n or_o a_o true_a guide_n for_o all_o person_n concern_v in_o ecclesiastical_a court_n print_a 1666_o in_o tw_n but_o what_o relation_n he_o have_v to_o the_o earl_n i_o know_v not_o william_n taylor_n be_v bear_v at_o kighley_n in_o york_n 30._o sept._n 1616._o enter_v a_o batler_n in_o magd._n hall_n in_o 1631_o take_v one_o degree_n in_o art_n be_v make_v schoolmaster_n of_o keniton_n or_o keynton_n in_o herefordshire_n proceed_v in_o his_o faculty_n go_v to_o cirencester_n in_o glocestershire_n about_o the_o latter_a end_n of_o 1639_o become_v schoolmaster_n there_o in_o the_o place_n of_o henry_n top_n then_o eject_v by_o the_o puritanical_a townsman_n but_o that_o town_n be_v take_v by_o storm_n by_o the_o royal_a party_n 2._o feb._n 1642_o top_n be_v restore_v so_o that_o taylor_n retire_v to_o london_n become_v preacher_n at_o bow_n near_o that_o city_n and_o afterward_o minister_n of_o s._n stephen_n church_n in_o colemanstreet_n in_o the_o place_n of_o joh._n goodwin_n turn_v out_o by_o the_o parliament_n but_o he_o meet_v with_o opposition_n there_o he_o exercise_v his_o function_n for_o some_o time_n in_o a_o church_n in_o woodstreet_n and_o keep_v a_o lecture_n at_o s._n giles_n near_o cripplegate_n every_o sunday_n and_o another_o lecture_n on_o a_o week_n day_n at_o s._n peter_n cornhill_n afterward_o be_v recall_v by_o the_o rump_n parliament_n to_o s._n stephens_n he_o keep_v it_o to_o his_o die_a day_n he_o be_v a_o frequent_a preacher_n not_o only_o in_o his_o own_o but_o in_o other_o church_n and_o a_o laborious_a and_o learned_a man_n in_o his_o profession_n he_o have_v write_v and_o publish_v sermon_n as_o 1_o serm._n on_o phil._n 2.10_o and_o other_o as_o it_o be_v say_v which_o i_o have_v not_o yet_o see_v and_o also_o collect_v and_o review_v several_a of_o mr._n christop_v love_n sermon_n before_o they_o go_v to_o the_o press_n and_o set_v epistle_n before_o some_o of_o they_o he_o die_v on_o the_o five_o day_n of_o sept._n in_o sixteen_o hundred_o sixty_o and_o one_o and_o be_v bury_v in_o the_o chancel_n of_o the_o church_n of_o s._n stephen_n beforemention_v 1661._o at_o which_o time_n dr._n william_n spurstow_n of_o hackney_n preach_v his_o funeral_n sermon_n wherein_o he_o speak_v many_o thing_n to_o his_o honour_n which_o for_o brevity_n sake_n i_o now_o omit_v this_o will._n taylor_n though_o he_o be_v a_o zealous_a presbyterian_a yet_o he_o be_v a_o lover_n of_o the_o king_n in_o all_o revolution_n as_o a_o doctor_n of_o his_o persuasion_n have_v often_o tell_v i_o barten_n holiday_n son_n of_o thomas_n holiday_n a_o tailor_n be_v bear_v in_o allsaints_n parish_n within_o the_o city_n of_o oxford_n in_o a_o house_n opposite_a to_o linc._n college_n enter_v into_o ch._n ch._n and_o exhibit_v unto_o by_o his_o kinsman_n dr._n ravis_fw-la sometime_o dean_n of_o that_o house_n an_z 1605_o age_v 12._o or_o more_o year_n and_o be_v i_o think_v at_o that_o time_n a_o chorister_n afterward_o when_o he_o be_v about_o to_o take_v the_o degree_n of_o bach._n of_o art_n he_o be_v elect_v one_o of_o the_o number_n of_o student_n be_v then_o note_v to_o have_v a_o most_o admirable_a vein_n in_o poetry_n and_o oratory_n in_o 1615_o he_o proceed_v in_o art_n take_v holy_a order_n soon_o after_o become_v a_o most_o eloquent_a and_o quaint_a preacher_n and_o have_v two_o benefice_n in_o the_o dioc._n of_o oxon._n confer_v on_o he_o whereof_o one_o be_v the_o rectory_n of_o crowell_n in_o 1618._o he_o go_v as_o chaplain_n to_o sir_n franc._n steaart_o when_o he_o conduct_v to_o spain_n dedicus_fw-la sarmiento_n de_fw-fr acunna_n the_o earl_n of_o gundamore_n after_o he_o have_v continue_v several_a year_n in_o the_o english_a court_n as_o a_o ambassador_n from_o the_o k._n of_o that_o country_n in_o which_o journey_n behave_v himself_o in_o a_o facete_fw-la and_o pleasant_a way_n do_v much_o obtain_v the_o favour_n of_o that_o count_n afterward_o he_o become_v chaplain_n to_o k._n ch._n 1._o and_o succeed_v mr._n will._n bridges_n son_n of_o dr._n john_n bridges_n b._n of_o ox_n in_o the_o archdeaconry_n of_o oxon._n before_o the_o year_n 1626._o in_o 1642_o he_o be_v by_o virtue_n of_o the_o letter_n of_o the_o say_a king_n actual_o create_v with_o other_o doct._n of_o divinity_n and_o shelter_v himself_o in_o and_o near_a oxon_n during_o the_o time_n of_o rebellion_n but_o when_o the_o royal_a party_n decline_v and_o the_o independent_a have_v take_v place_n upon_o the_o installation_n of_o oliver_n to_o the_o protectorship_n he_o who_o before_o have_v lose_v his_o live_n and_o the_o profit_n of_o his_o archdeaconry_n do_v side_n with_o that_o faction_n so_o far_o as_o to_o undergo_v the_o examination_n of_o the_o trier_n or_o rather_o spanish_a inquisitor_n in_o order_n to_o be_v induct_v into_o the_o rectory_n of_o chilton_n in_o berks_n in_o the_o place_n of_o one_o tho._n laurence_n eject_v for_o be_v not_o compos_fw-la mentis_fw-la for_o which_o
a_o republic_n and_o i_o know_v not_o what_o to_o advance_v himself_o in_o the_o month_n of_o aug._n the_o same_o year_n he_o be_v make_v lord_n lieutenant_n of_o oxfordshire_n by_o the_o parliament_n and_o be_v persuade_v almost_o to_o fortify_v the_o city_n of_o oxon_n for_o their_o use_n and_o to_o make_v bulstrode_n whitlock_n sometime_o of_o s._n john_n coll._n then_o a_o member_n of_o parliament_n governor_n thereof_o but_o for_o what_o reason_n he_o can_v not_o be_v overcome_v it_o appear_v not_o at_o the_o same_o time_n he_o do_v endeavour_v to_o engage_v the_o people_n of_o the_o say_a county_n in_o a_o rebellion_n not_o only_o at_o oxon_n but_o afterward_o at_o woodstock_n where_o he_o do_v protest_v upon_o his_o honour_n after_o edghill_n fight_v that_o the_o king_n have_v neither_o man_n nor_o money_n nor_o arm_n but_o the_o parliament_n have_v all_o these_o etc._n etc._n on_o the_o 27_o of_o dec._n and_o 8_o of_o febr._n in_o 1642_o his_o maj._n publish_v two_o proclamation_n command_v all_o the_o officer_n of_o the_o court_n of_o ward_n to_o attend_v he_o at_o oxon_n but_o this_o lord_n say_v refuse_v to_o come_v be_v outlaw_v and_o attaint_v of_o treason_n so_o that_o he_o be_v put_v out_o of_o his_o place_n and_o a_o new_a seal_n make_v for_o the_o use_n of_o the_o say_a court_n it_o be_v order_v then_o to_o remain_v in_o the_o custody_n of_o the_o say_v francis_n lord_n cottington_n in_o 1646_o the_o court_n of_o ward_n be_v take_v away_o by_o the_o parliament_n sit_v at_o westminster_n the_o member_n of_o which_o do_v recompense_v the_o lord_n say_v for_o his_o loss_n as_o be_v master_n with_o the_o sum_n of_o 10000_o l_o and_o sir_n ben._n rudyard_n the_o surveyour_fw-mi of_o the_o say_a court_n with_o the_o sum_n of_o 6000_o l_o and_o both_o with_o land_n from_o the_o earl_n of_o worcester_n estate_n in_o 1648_o he_o show_v himself_o a_o zealous_a enemy_n in_o the_o house_n against_o a_o personal_a treaty_n with_o his_o majesty_n and_o the_o same_o year_n be_v present_a with_o the_o parliament_n commissioner_n in_o the_o isle_n of_o wight_n when_o they_o treat_v in_o order_n for_o peace_n with_o the_o king_n at_o which_o time_n this_o lord_n say_v do_v bold_o urge_v to_o his_o maj._n a_o passage_n out_o of_o the_o three_o last_o and_o corrupt_a book_n of_o mr._n rich._n hocker_n ecclesiastical_a polity_n that_o tho_o the_o king_n be_v singulis_fw-la major_n yet_o he_o be_v universis_fw-la minor_fw-la which_o be_v answer_v with_o great_a prudence_n and_o dexterity_n by_o his_o maj._n as_o may_v be_v elsewhere_o see_v at_o that_o time_n the_o king_n argument_n concern_v several_a matter_n do_v so_o much_o work_v upon_o he_o that_o at_o his_o return_n to_o london_n he_o side_v with_o that_o party_n in_o the_o house_n that_o vote_v that_o the_o king_n answer_n to_o the_o proposition_n be_v a_o firm_a ground_n for_o they_o to_o proceed_v upon_o for_o a_o peace_n after_o the_o king_n death_n he_o altogether_o side_v with_o the_o independent_o as_o before_o he_o have_v do_v with_o the_o presbyterian_o become_v great_a with_o oliver_n who_o make_v he_o one_o of_o the_o other_o house_n that_o be_v house_n of_o lord_n after_o the_o restauration_n of_o k._n ch._n 2._o at_o what_o time_n he_o have_v act_v as_o a_o grand_a rebel_n for_o his_o own_o end_n almost_o 20_o year_n he_o be_v reward_v forsooth_o with_o the_o honourable_a office_n of_o lord_n privy_a seal_n while_o other_o that_o have_v suffer_v in_o estate_n and_o body_n and_o have_v be_v reduce_v to_o a_o bit_n of_o bread_n for_o his_o maj._n cause_n have_v then_o little_a or_o nothing_o give_v to_o relieve_v they_o for_o which_o they_o be_v to_o thank_v a_o hungry_a and_o great_a officer_n who_o to_o fill_v his_o own_o coffer_n be_v the_o occasion_n of_o the_o utter_a ruin_n of_o many_o a_o person_n b._n of_o the_o lord_n say_v persuasion_n who_o have_v run_v with_o the_o time_n as_o he_o do_v purposely_o to_o raise_v a_o family_n say_v that_o he_o be_v a_o person_n of_o great_a part_n wisdom_n and_o integrity_n and_o 162._o another_o who_o be_v take_v to_o be_v a_o puritan_n in_o his_o time_n tell_v we_o that_o say_v and_o sele_n be_v a_o serious_o subtle_a piece_n and_o always_o averse_a to_o the_o court_n way_n something_o out_o of_o pertinaciousness_n his_o temper_n and_o constitution_n balance_v he_o altogether_o on_o that_o side_n which_o be_v contrary_a to_o the_o wind_n so_o that_o he_o seldom_o tack_v about_o or_o go_v upright_o though_o he_o keep_v his_o course_n steady_a in_o his_o way_n a_o long_a time_n etc._n etc._n as_o for_o the_o thing_n that_o he_o have_v publish_v the_o title_n of_o they_o be_v these_o several_a speech_n as_o 1_o two_o speech_n in_o parliament_n one_o upon_o the_o bill_n against_o the_o bishop_n and_o the_o other_o touch_v the_o liturgy_n of_o the_o church_n of_o engl_n lond._n 1641._o in_o two_o sh_n in_o quart_n 2_o sp._n in_o the_o guildhall_n london_n 27_o oct._n 1642._o lond._n 1642._o qu._n this_o be_v speak_v just_a after_o edghill_n fight_v to_o encourage_v the_o citizen_n to_o raise_v more_o money_n to_o carry_v on_o the_o war._n at_o which_o time_n also_o be_v very_o earnest_a in_o their_o speech_n for_o that_o purpose_n philip_n lord_n wharton_n philip_z earl_n of_o pembroke_n henry_n earl_n of_o holland_n and_o will._n str●de_v one_o of_o the_o 5_o member_n 3_o speech_n in_o parliament_n against_o the_o supremacy_n of_o the_o bishop_n and_o their_o power_n in_o civil_a affair_n lond._n 1642._o qu._n this_o with_o the_o former_a against_o the_o bishop_n be_v much_o applaud_v among_o the_o patriotical_a party_n who_o sense_n they_o speak_v out_o to_o the_o full_a and_o be_v the_o core_n of_o the_o canker_n breed_v in_o they_o against_o the_o church_n these_o speech_n also_o do_v the_o clergy_n take_v to_o be_v their_o chief_a reason_n of_o their_o several_a year_n of_o persecution_n that_o follow_v and_o why_o they_o be_v banish_v from_o their_o live_n for_o fear_n forsooth_o they_o shall_v preach_v the_o people_n then_o in_o a_o great_a manner_n deceive_v into_o obedience_n to_o the_o king_n after_o the_o war_n be_v cease_v and_o no_o malignant_n there_o be_v as_o he_o call_v the_o cavalier_n to_o oppose_v he_o he_o show_v himself_o a_o enemy_n to_o the_o quaker_n with_o who_o he_o be_v much_o trouble_v at_o or_o near_o broughton_n and_o thereupon_o write_v certain_a book_n against_o they_o as_o i_o shall_v tell_v you_o by_o and_o by_o the_o scot_n design_n discover_v relate_v their_o dangerous_a attempt_n late_o practise_v against_o the_o english_a nation_n with_o the_o sad_a consequence_n of_o the_o same_o wherein_o divers_a matter_n of_o public_a concernment_n be_v disclose_v and_o the_o book_n call_v truth_n manifest_a be_v make_v apparent_a to_o be_v lie_v manifest_a lond._n 1653_o qu._n this_o be_v usual_o call_v vindiciae_fw-la veritatis_fw-la or_o a_o answer_n to_o a_o discourse_n intit_fw-fr truth_n it_o be_v manifest_a etc._n etc._n folly_n and_o madness_n make_v manifest_a or_o some_o thing_n write_v to_o show_v how_o contrary_a to_o the_o word_n of_o god_n and_o practice_n of_o the_o saint_n in_o the_o old_a and_o new_a testament_n the_o doctrine_n and_o practice_n of_o the_o quaker_n be_v etc._n etc._n oxon._n 1659._o qu._n this_o i_o think_v be_v print_v before_o the_o quaker_n reply_v manifest_v to_o be_v rail_v or_o a_o pursuance_n of_o those_o by_o the_o light_n of_o the_o scripture_n who_o through_o their_o dark_a imagination_n will_v evade_v the_o truth_n etc._n etc._n oxon._n 1659._o 60._o qu._n and_o other_o thing_n which_o i_o have_v not_o yet_o see_v at_o length_n this_o noble_a author_n after_o he_o have_v spend_v 80_o year_n most_o in_o a_o unquiet_a and_o discontent_a condition_n have_v be_v a_o grand_a promoter_n of_o the_o rebellion_n which_o begin_v in_o 1642_o do_v die_v quiet_o in_o his_o bed_n but_o whether_o in_o conscience_n i_o can_v tell_v on_o the_o fourteen_o day_n of_o april_n in_o sixteen_o hundred_o sixty_o and_o two_o 1662._o whereupon_o his_o body_n be_v bury_v in_o broughton_n church_n among_o the_o grave_n of_o his_o ancestor_n and_o have_v over_o it_o soon_o after_o a_o rich_a and_o costly_a monument_n erect_v more_o befit_v a_o hero_n than_o a_o rebel_n he_o leave_v behind_o he_o several_a son_n live_v at_o the_o time_n of_o his_o death_n among_o who_o james_n his_o elder_a son_n be_v one_o who_o succeed_v he_o in_o his_o honour_n be_v make_v l._n lieutenant_n of_o oxfordshire_n have_v always_o be_v repute_v a_o honest_a cavalier_n and_o a_o quiet_a man_n nathaniel_n the_o second_o son_n who_o i_o shall_v mention_v elsewhere_o etc._n etc._n robert_n sibthorpe_n be_v initiate_v in_o academical_a learning_n in_o linc._n coll._n as_o it_o seem_v but_o leave_v the_o university_n
mathematician_n a_o example_n of_o great_a candour_n and_o moderation_n and_o such_o as_o be_v rare_o find_v among_o the_o nonconformist_n etc._n etc._n as_o i_o have_v be_v inform_v by_o one_o of_o his_o near_a relation_n james_n scudamore_n son_n of_o joh._n scud._n of_o kenchurch_n in_o herefordshire_n be_v bear_v in_o that_o county_n educate_v in_o westminst_n school_n transplant_v to_o ch._n ch._n in_o midsummer_n term_v 1661._o age_v 19_o year_n and_o soon_o after_o be_v make_v one_o of_o the_o student_n of_o that_o house_n this_o person_n who_o be_v poetical_o give_v write_v homer_n a_o la_fw-fr mode_n a_o mock_n poem_n upon_o the_o first_o and_o second_o book_n of_o homer_n iliad_n oxon._n 1664._o in_o 9_o sh_n in_o oct_n and_o in_o the_o next_o year_n he_o take_v the_o degr_n of_o bach._n of_o arts._n afterward_o retire_v to_o his_o relation_n then_o live_v in_o the_o city_n of_o hereford_n be_v drown_v in_o the_o river_n adjoin_v to_o the_o great_a reluctancy_n of_o all_o those_o that_o be_v acquaint_v with_o his_o pregnant_a part_n as_o he_o be_v recreate_v himself_o by_o swim_v in_o the_o month_n of_o july_n in_o sixteen_o hundred_o sixty_o and_o six_o 1666._o whereupon_o his_o body_n be_v convey_v to_o the_o grave_n of_o his_o relation_n where_o he_o be_v with_o great_a lamentation_n inter_v in_o 1681_o be_v publish_v in_o oct_n homer_n a-la-mode_o the_o second_o part_n in_o english_a burlesque_fw-la or_o a_o mock_n poem_n upon_o the_o nine_o book_n of_o iliad_n invent_v for_o the_o meridian_n of_o cambridge_n where_o the_o pole_n of_o wit_n be_v elevate_v by_o several_a degree_n but_o who_o the_o author_n of_o it_o be_v i_o know_v not_o william_n streat_n be_v bear_v of_o gentile_a parent_n in_o devons_fw-fr become_v either_o a_o batler_n or_o sojourner_n of_o exeter_n coll._n in_o the_o begin_n of_o the_o year_n 1617._o age_v 17_o year_n or_o thereabouts_o take_v the_o degree_n in_o art_n holy_a order_n and_o be_v benefice_v in_o his_o own_o country_n upon_o the_o change_n of_o the_o time_n in_o 1641_o he_o side_v with_o the_o presbyterian_o and_o preach_v very_o schismatical_o be_v about_o that_o time_n rector_n of_o south-pool_n near_o to_o kingsbridge_n in_o devonshire_n when_o the_o cause_n of_o k._n ch._n 1._o decline_v he_o preach_v bitter_o against_o he_o and_o his_o follower_n blast_v they_o with_o the_o name_n of_o bloody_a papist_n and_o when_o his_o son_n k._n ch._n 2._o be_v in_o exile_n he_o become_v a_o desperate_a enemy_n to_o and_o continual_o preach_v against_o he_o and_o every_o trivial_a thing_n that_o he_o can_v hear_v or_o read_v in_o those_o satirical_a print_n call_v merc._n politici_fw-la and_o other_o pamphlet_n against_o he_o be_v sure_a he_o publish_v in_o the_o pulpit_n to_o his_o parishioner_n as_o i_o have_v be_v credible_o inform_v by_o some_o minister_n of_o his_o neighbourhood_n after_o the_o restauration_n of_o k._n ch._n 2_o an_z 1660_o he_o wheel_v about_o as_o many_o covetous_a and_o poor_a spirit_a saint_n do_v sneak_v to_o the_o great_a man_n then_o in_o authority_n conform_v and_o keep_v his_o rectory_n to_o his_o die_a day_n to_o the_o great_a reluctancy_n of_o the_o generous_a royalist_n of_o those_o part_n he_o have_v write_v a_o book_n entit_fw-fr the_o divide_v of_o the_o hoof_n or_o seem_v contradiction_n throughout_o sacred_a scripture_n resolve_v and_o apply_v etc._n etc._n lond._n 1654._o in_o a_o pretty_a thick_a qu._n dedicate_v to_o god_n and_o god_n people_n other_o matter_n they_o say_v he_o have_v publish_v but_o such_o i_o have_v not_o yet_o see_v nor_o do_v i_o know_v any_o thing_n else_o of_o this_o author_n who_o shall_v rather_o have_v be_v bury_v in_o oblivion_n than_o mention_v only_o that_o die_n at_o south-pool_n be_v bury_v in_o the_o church_n there_o in_o sixteen_o hundred_o sixty_o and_o six_o 1666._o leave_v then_o this_o character_n behind_o he_o among_o the_o say_a minister_n of_o his_o neighbourhood_n that_o he_o be_v as_o infinite_a a_o rogue_n and_o as_o great_a a_o sinner_n that_o can_v be_v and_o that_o it_o be_v pity_n that_o he_o do_v escape_v punishment_n in_o this_o life_n robert_z vaughan_z be_v bear_v of_o a_o ancient_a and_o gentile_a family_n in_o merionithshire_n be_v enter_v a_o commoner_n of_o oriel_n coll._n in_o the_o year_n 1612_o and_o in_o that_o of_o his_o age_n 20_o where_o pass_v his_o course_n in_o logic_n and_o philosophy_n retire_v without_o a_o degree_n to_o his_o patrimony_n in_o the_o say_a county_n call_v hengwrt_n or_o hengherst_n near_o dolgethle_n become_v note_v for_o his_o admirable_a skill_n in_o the_o history_n and_o antiquity_n of_o his_o own_o country_n of_o wales_n have_v have_v a_o natural_a genie_n to_o they_o and_o take_v infinite_a pain_n in_o describe_v the_o genealogy_n of_o the_o most_o ancient_a family_n thereof_o the_o thing_n of_o his_o composition_n that_o be_v extant_a be_v only_o these_o british_a antiquity_n revive_v oxon._n 1662._o qu._n pedigree_n of_o the_o earl_n of_o carbury_n vaughan_n lord_n precedent_n of_o wales_n short_a account_n of_o the_o five_o tribe_n of_o cambria_n these_o two_o last_o be_v print_v with_o the_o first_o he_o have_v also_o several_a letter_n extant_a etc._n which_o he_o former_o write_v to_o the_o learned_a and_o religious_a dr._n usher_n primate_n of_o ireland_n in_o one_o of_o which_o date_v 14_o apr._n 1651_o he_o tell_v the_o say_a primate_n that_o he_o have_v translate_v into_o the_o english_a tongue_n the_o annal_n of_o wales_n which_o he_o then_o send_v to_o he_o to_o be_v peruse_v he_o die_v at_o hengwrt_n before_o mention_v in_o sixteen_o hundred_o sixty_o and_o six_o be_v then_o a_o justice_n of_o peace_n as_o i_o have_v be_v inform_v by_o mr._n thom._n ellis_n sometime_o rector_n of_o dolgethle_n 1666._o and_o be_v bury_v in_o the_o church_n of_o that_o parish_n wherein_o hengwrt_n say_v b._n to_o be_v in_o kyntons_n land_n in_o the_o lordship_n of_o huntyndon_n be_v situate_v he_o leave_v behind_o he_o a_o choice_a library_n of_o mss._n in_o the_o british_a tongue_n now_o as_o i_o have_v be_v inform_v in_o the_o custody_n of_o sir_n william_n williams_n of_o greys_n inn_n baronet_n occasion_v by_o a_o law_n suit_n concern_v it_o john_n faireclough_n common_o call_v featley_n son_n of_o joh._n featley_n of_o oxon_n elder_a brother_n to_o dr._n daniel_n featley_n be_v bear_v in_o northamptonshire_n become_v either_o clerk_n or_o choirister_n of_o all_o be_v coll._n in_o mich._n term_n 1620_o age_v 15_o year_n take_v one_o degree_n in_o art_n four_o year_n after_o and_o in_o 1626._o have_v the_o honour_n to_o be_v the_o first_o preacher_n of_o the_o gospel_n in_o the_o infancy_n of_o the_o mother_n colony_n of_o s._n christopher_n in_o the_o western_a indies_n how_o long_o he_o continue_v there_o i_o know_v not_o sure_o i_o be_o that_o after_o his_o return_n he_o become_v benefice_v in_o surrey_n chaplain_n to_o k._n ch._n 1._o and_o prebendary_a as_o it_o seem_v of_o lincoln_n in_o the_o begin_n of_o the_o rebellion_n he_o lose_v all_o be_v for_o a_o time_n curate_n at_o acton_n for_o his_o uncle_n dr._n featley_n and_o in_o june_n 1643_o he_o with_o his_o wife_n child_n and_o servant_n ship_v themselves_o for_o s._n christopher_n before_o mention_a where_o he_o and_o they_o continue_v several_a year_n after_o his_o majesty_n return_n in_o 1660_o he_o become_v one_o of_o his_o chaplain_n be_v install_v chantor_n of_o lincoln_n in_o the_o same_o year_n be_v in_o the_o next_o actual_o create_v d._n of_o d._n and_o soon_o after_o have_v the_o vicarage_n of_o edwinstow_n in_o nottinghamshire_n worth_a about_o 60_o l._n per_fw-la a_o confer_v on_o he_o by_o the_o dean_n and_o chapter_n of_o the_o say_a church_n he_o have_v write_v and_o publish_v several_a sermon_n as_o 1_o serm._n to_o the_o west-india_n company_n on_o josh_n 1.9_o lond._n 1629._o qu._n 2_o obedience_n and_o submission_n at_o s._n saviour_n in_o southwark_n at_o a_o visitation_n 8_o dec._n 1635._o on_o heb._n 13.17_o lond._n 1636._o qu._n etc._n etc._n a_o succinct_a history_n of_o the_o life_n and_o death_n of_o the_o learned_a and_o famous_a divine_a daniel_n featley_n d._n d._n lond._n 1660._o in_o tw_n print_a at_o the_o end_n of_o a_o book_n intit_fw-fr dr._n dan._n featley_n revive_v prove_v that_o the_o protestant_a church_n be_v the_o only_a cath._n and_o true_a church_n a_o divine_a antidote_n against_o the_o plague_n or_o mourn_a tear_n in_o soliquy_n and_o prayer_n as_o 1._o for_o this_o general_a visitation_n 2._o for_o those_o who_o house_n be_v shut_v up_o of_o the_o plague_n etc._n etc._n lond._n 1665._o he_o also_o publish_v a_o book_n entitle_v the_o league_n illegal_a lond._n 1660._o qu._n write_v by_o his_o say_a uncle_n dr._n featley_n and_o ded_fw-we to_o edw._n earl_n of_o clarendon_n by_o the_o publisher_n who_o
the_o second_o vol._n be_v adorn_v with_o most_o admirable_a cut_n and_o print_v at_o lond._n 1665._o fol._n have_v be_v by_o he_o perform_v during_o his_o retirement_n in_o the_o time_n of_o sickness_n at_o kingston_n upon_o thames_n this_o author_n be_v afterward_o publish_v in_o lesser_a volume_n with_o this_o title_n the_o fable_n of_o aesop_n paraphrase_a in_o verse_n adorn_v with_o sculpture_n and_o illustrate_v with_o annotation_n lond._n 1673._o 74._o in_o two_o vol._n in_o oct_n the_o next_o thing_n that_o he_o compose_v be_v the_o ephesian_a matron_n and_o the_o roman_a slave_n two_o heroic_a poem_n dedicate_v to_o thomas_n earl_n of_o ossory_n and_o although_o a_o second_o part_n meet_v with_o a_o fate_n not_o common_a yet_o it_o be_v esteem_v equal_a with_o the_o former_a afterward_o he_o write_v caroly_n a_o epic_a poem_n in_o 12._o book_n so_o call_v from_o our_o miracle_n of_o hero_n k._n ch._n 1._o be_v the_o best_a pattern_n of_o true_a prudence_n valour_n and_o christian_n piety_n this_o be_v utter_o lose_v in_o the_o grand_a conflagration_n that_o happen_v in_o london_n in_o the_o begin_n of_o sept._n 1666_o when_o then_o the_o habitation_n of_o our_o author_n ogilby_n in_o the_o white_a friar_n near_o fleetstreet_n be_v burn_v and_o he_o himself_o undo_v have_v