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A48030 The arraignment of Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk, before the Earl of Shrewsbury, Lord High-Steward of England also, a brief derivation of the most honourable family of the Howards : with an account of what families they are related to by marriages / transcribed out of ancient manuscripts, never before published. Lacy, J. 1685 (1685) Wing L142A; ESTC R202692 15,898 33

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he being a Souldier of long Experience Abroad and much esteem'd for his Courage and Conduct and detain'd here by the Commands of his Prince whom his Honour Religion and Conscience oblig'd him to obey he fell a willing Sacrifice for the Service of his Prince to the rage of the Rebels Here is also an Account of such Families as are Descended from the House of Howard taken in the year 1660. BY the Daughter and Heir of Sir John Howard who was of the same Family with the Duke of Norfolk and Married to John Vere Earl of Oxford are descended by the Heirs of Wingfield and of Nevil Lord Latimer the Families of Wingfield now remaining Percy Earls of Northumberland Cecil Earl of Salisbury Danvers late Earl of Danby who quarters the Arms of Howard Norris late Earl of Barkshire the Lord Pawlet of Somersetshire and many other Noble Families namely the Antient and Honourable Family of the Lacies and from John Howard first Duke of Norfolk of that Name by his Daughter Married to Windham and from them by Lutterel and Rogers descended the Marquess of Hartford the Lord Seymor and many other Antient Families in the West and by other Daughters the Families of Knivet and Gorges From Lord Edmond Howard Third Son of Thomas Second Duke of Norfolk is descended the Lord Arundel of Warder From the said Thomas Second Duke of Norfolk are descended first all those of the House of Nottingham and Iffingham and from them by Daughters the present Marquess of Winchester the Earls of Mulgrave and Peterborough the Viscount Mordant the Lord Fairfax and many other Eminent Families By his Daughter Married to the Earl of Darby are descended at this day the Earls of Darby Bridgewater the Lord Sturton Morley Dudley Stafford Shandois Powis and many other Noble Families By his Daughter Married to Sir Rice ap Thomas the Earls of Carbary and many other Noble Families in Wales are descended By his Daughter married to Sir Thomas Bullen Earl of Wiltshire and Ormond are descended the Families of Carie Earls of Dover and Monmouth the Viscount Faulkland and by the Daughter of Carie Married to the Family of Knowles the Earls of Banbury Northumberland Essex Warwick Holland Newport and the Lord Paget and many others From Thomas Howard Third Duke of Norfolk are descended the Heirs of the Lord Scroope of Nevil Earl of Westmorland the Lord Berkley and the Heirs of the Viscount Binden From Thomas Howard Fourth Duke of Norfolk the present Duke of Norfolk the Viscount Stafford the Earles of Suffolk Barkshire Carlile Lord Howard of Escrick all the Howards of the North the Earl of Dorset the late Duke of Richmond and by Marriage at present many other Noble Families are nearly Allyed as the Earls of Northumberland Bedford Salisbury Devonshire the Lords Darcy Sandis Fairfax of Imulleth Mac Donell and many other Antient and Honourable Families are descended This great Duke of Norfolk whose Tryal you have read first Married the Daughter and Heir of Fitz-Allen Earl of Arundel by whom he had Philip who was Poison'd in the Tower the Dukes second Marriage was to the Daughter and Heir of the Lord Audley by whom he had Thomas Earl of Suffolk and the Lord William Howard of Naworth who was long detain'd a Prisoner in the Tower after the death of the Duke The Dukes third Marriage being to the Widow of the Lord Dacres of the North who by the said Lord Dacres had two Daughters Anne and Elizabeth to whom the Duke Married his two Sons Philip and the Lord William Howard Thomas the Great Lord Marshal who is never to be mention'd without the memory of his Honour was the Son of Philip Earl of Arundel and Anne the Eldest Daughter of the Lord Dacres which Thomas Married the Lady Alathea Talbot Daughter and Heir to the Earl of Shrewsbury by whom he had Henry Lord Matrevers and William Viscount Stafford which Henry Married the Lady Elizabeth Stuart Daughter to the Duke to Lenox and the Lord Viscount Stafford Married the Daughter and Heir of the Lord Baron Stafford This Henry after Earl of Arundel left Eight Sons and two Daughters Thomas who died at Padua and was restor'd to the Dukedom Henry last Duke of Norfolk Philip Lord Cardinal Charles a person of much Honour and Integrity Edward Francis Bernard and Esma Henry who after the Decease of Thomas was Duke of Norfolk Married the Lady Anne Somerset Eldest Daughter to the Marquess of Worcester and Sister to the present Duke of Beaufort by whom he had two Sons Henry the present Duke of Norfolk who Married the Lady Mary Mordant Daughter to the Earl of Peterborough and the Lord Thomas Howard who Married the Daughter and Heir of Sir George Savil of the Family of the Marquess of Halifax by whom he hath Issue Also the said Duke had two Daughters the Eldest Married to the Duke of Gordon of Huntly the youngest to the Marquess of Waperiso Charles the fourth Son Married Mary the Eldest Daughter and Co-heir of George Tatershall of Hinshamsted in the County of Berkshire Esquire a Lady of great Virtue and extraordinary Parts of an Antient and Honourable Family which came into England with the Saxons and long retain'd the Title of Baron as is recorded by many Authors by whom he hath a Hopeful Son named Henry-Charles Howard Bernard Married to Catharine the Younger Daughter of the said George Tatershall Esq who hath also Issue one Son Named Bernard and three Daughters The Lady Elizabeth Teresa the youngest Sister of the last Duke of Norfolk was Married to Alexander Mac Donell Eldest Son to Sir James Mac Donell Baronet and Nephew to the late Marquess of Antrim by whom she had one Son Named Randal Mac Donell She after Married to Bartholomew Russel Esq of Seaton in the County of Dublin of the Family of the Earls of Bedford The Lord Thomas Howard after Earl of Suffolk second Son to Thomas Duke of Norfolk who so unfortunately lost his Life for Espousing the Interest of the Queen of Scots Married the Daughter and Heir of Sir Ppilip Tenevit whose Eldest Son Married to the Daughter of the Earl of Dunbar his Eldest Daughter to the Earl of Salisbury 〈…〉 〈◊〉 ‑ bury and the third to 〈…〉 Eldest had many Sons an● 〈…〉 Berkshire being the second 〈…〉 Daughter of Cecil Earl of Sa●●● 〈…〉 Sir Robert Howard of Clun Marr●●● 〈…〉 Nevil Lord of Abergaveny The 〈…〉 created Lord Howard of Escrick Marr●● 〈…〉 of the Lord Butler One of the D●●●● 〈…〉 said Earl of Suffolk Married Percy Earl o● 〈…〉 ●●●land another to Boil Earl of ●rory one 〈…〉 and another to Walsingham all of which ha●●● But to return to Philip the Eldest Son of t●● 〈◊〉 William Howard of Naworth who Married in●●● Family of the Carols by whom he left one Son ●●led William who Married the Daughter of the Lord Evers by whom he had Sons and Daughters Charles the Eldest Son late Earl of Carlile having Married the Daughter of the late Lord Escrick Howard by whom he had Edward the present Earl of Carlile who Married the Daughter and Heir of Sir William Vdall by whom he hath a Hopeful Off-spring Also two Daughters one Married to the Lord Preston the other to Sir John Fenwick Sir Philip Howard Brother to the late Earl of Carlile Married the Daughter of Sir William Newton by whom he hath one Son Sir Francis Howard the second Son of the Lord William Howard Married the Daughter of Sir Henry Widrington by whom he had Heirs Francis his Eldest Son Married the Daughter of Sir William Gerrard by whom he had two Daughters and after Married the Daughter of John Townly of Townly Esq by whom he hath Issue 〈…〉 Son of Sir Francis Married 〈…〉 Dawson Esq hath Issue also 〈…〉 ●●ving taken Religious Orders 〈…〉 ●●ain in the late Wars 〈…〉 Son of the Lord William Mar●●● 〈…〉 ●●●er of Sir Henry Widrington by 〈…〉 William the Eldest Son being 〈…〉 Daughter and Heir of George Cuning●●● 〈◊〉 by whom he had one Son Charles who Mar●●●d the Daughter of John Mear Esq Dorothy the Daughter of Sir Charles Howard Married William S●l●●● of Croxdale in the County of Durham and hath Issue Another Daughter Religious Collonel Thomas Howard the fourth Son of the Lord William who so eminently Serv'd his King and lost his Life in that Service Married Margaret Daughter to Sir William Evers second Son to the Lord Evers by whom he had one Son named Thomas and six Daughters Thomas married the Daughter and Heir of George Heron of Chip-Chace Esq by whom he hath three Daughters Mary the Eldest Daughter of Collonel Thomas Howard married Ralph Fetherstonhalgh of Stanop in the County of Durham of an Antient Family in the North Margaret and Antonia were Religious Catharine married to Nathaniel Lacy of Deeping in Lincolnshire Esq whose Family were formerly Earls of Lincoln and after married to Edward Lacy of Brewry Castle in the County of Limerick Esq descended from the Earls of Vlster in Ireland Teresa the youngest Daughter of Collonel Thomas Howard married to Ralph Booth of the County of Durham Esq of an Antient Family related to the Lord Delamer bearing the same Name and Arms who hath Issue Thus hath this Illustrious Family spread it self over the three Kingdoms and hath acquir'd so much Glory Abroad that in all places where Nobility is known and understood the Name of Howard is Honoured Germany claims it by its Original and France by Allyance Italy by Respect having had that Object of Honour Thomas the great Lord Marshal among them whose Generous and Noble Disposition planted such lasting Obligations there that even in these present times some of his Descendants have reap'd the Benefit Courage has been so essentially due to this great Family that never any was known of that Blood that did not possess an excessive share of that Virtue which they generally imploy'd in the Service of their Prince few of them having been in Rebellion and 't is wish'd they may never Sully themselves with so black a Crime and as they are descended from Princes so they may Unite themselves in a True Obedience to their Soveveraign which is the best Defence of Families nothing being so 〈◊〉 as Faction and Sedition which has a● all ●imes prov'd a Canker to consume them FINIS
THE ARRAIGNMENT OF THOMAS HOWARD Duke of NORFOLK BEFORE THE Earl of SHREWSBURY Lord High-STEWARD of ENGLAND ALSO A Brief Derivation of the most Honourable Family of the HOWARDS With an Account of what Families they are Related to by Marriages Transcribed out of Antient Manuscripts never before Publish'd Printed by Nathaniel Thompson at the Entrance into Old Spring-Garden near Charing-Cross MDCLXXXV To the High and Mighty PRINCE HENRY Duke of NORFOLK Earl Marshal of ENGLAND Earl of Arundell Surrey Norfolk and Norwich Baron Howard Mowbrey Seagrave Brewes of Cower Fitz-Allen Warren Chun Oswaldestry Maltrevers of Cales Graystock Farnival of Sheffield and Howard of Castle-Rising Constable and Governour of His Majesties Royal Castle of Windsor Lord Warden of Windsor Forest Lord Lieutenant of the County of Norfolk Surry and Berks and of the City of Norwich and County of the said City And Knight of the most Noble Order of the Garter c. My Lord AS Your Grace is the Chief of Your Illustrious Family it would appear as rudely Improper to Dedicate this Discourse to any other as perhaps it doth an unbecoming presumption to present it to the Honour of Your hands and since there is no avoiding a Crime the least must be admitted for which I hope to obtain a Pardon with less Difficulty from that excessive Coodness which is your Character than I have had to Collect these scatter'd Papers slubber'd with Antiquity which were long preservd in Your Family and hastily thrown into this posture by My Lord Your Graces Most Humble and Most Faithful Servant J. Lacy. THE ARRAIGNMENT OF THOMAS HOWARD Duke of NORFOLK BEFORE THE Earl of SHREWSBURY Lord High-STEWARD of ENGLAND THe Names of the Lords Summon'd by Thomas Edwards Serjeant at Arms who being Call'd came and sat down in their Places appointed They that sat on the Right-hand of the Steward are Noted with the Letter A. and they that sat on the Left-hand with the Letter B. Earls Kent A. Worcester B. Sussex A. Huntington B. Warwick A. Bedford B. Pembroke A. Hartford B. Leicester A. Lords Clinton A. Howard of Effingham B. Burghley A. Grey of Wilton B. Monjoy A. Sands B. Wentworth A. Bourghrave B. Mordant A. St. Johns B. Rich A. North B. Shandois A. St. Johns of Bostock B. Buckhurst A. De la Ware B. Then was Robert Catlin Lord Chief Justice of England commanded to return his Precept upon Peril which being return'd was read Statute Issues and then the Lieutenant of the Tower was call'd to return his Precept and to bring forth his Prisoner the Duke of Norfolk Then was the Duke brought to the Bar between Sir Owen Hopton Lieutenant and Sir Peter Carew and next Sir Peter stood one holding the Tower-Axe with the edge from the Duke The Duke immediatly at his coming to the Bar perused all the Lords first on the Right-hand of the Steward then on the Left-hand and the Lieutenant deliver'd in his Precept Versus Thomas Ducem Norfolk c. And then was Proclamation made every man to keep Silence and Mr. Sandes spoke to the Prisoner in this manner Thomas Duke of Norfolk late of Kennington in Norfolk hold up thy thy Hand which done he read the Indictment the effect whereof was That He the 22th of September Anno Dom. 1570. did Traiterously Compose and Imagine to put to Death our Soveraign Lady the Queen to raise Rebellion to Subvert the Commonwealth and to stir up Forreign Enemies to invade this Realm and to Levy War against the Queen for that he knew Mary late Queen of Scots to have claim'd the Crown of this Realm and to have Nam'd her self Queen of England and bore the Arms of our Queen without difference did the 22th of Semptember Anno predict ' before and after Compose and Imagine to deprive destroy and put to Death our Soveraign Lady the Queen to raise Rebellion to subvert the Commonwealth and to stir up Forreign Enemies to Invade this Realm and to Levy War against the Queen for that he knew Mary late Queen of Scots to have Claim'd the Crown of this Realm and to have Nam'd her self Queen of England and bore the Arms without difference did the 22th of September Anno predict ' before and after without the Consent of our said Queen sent divers Tokens and Letters to the said late Scottish Queen and lent her divers Sums of Money and received divers Tokens from her contrary to the Commands of the Queen and contrary to his own Submission and Promise under his Hand and Seal and that He knowing the late Earls of Northumberland and Westmorland the Northerns Markenfield and others which had Levyed War against the Queen the 16th of November Anno predict ' and had Assembled to them the number of 1000 persons and then fled the 12th of December Anno predict ' into Scotland and there were receiv'd by the Duke of Castol Herald Lord Hunne and there pursued by the Earl of Sussex He on the 7th of August Anno predict ' did send before and after Money unto them and that he being Adherent to the Pope the Queens Enemy the 10th of March Anno Reginae did Consent and Consult with Robert Rodulph Merchant Stranger and the Pope 's Factor to have Money from the Pope and the Duke of Alva and that they should send an Army to Invade the Realm to deliver the said Scottish Queen And further whereas the said Robert Rodulph had written in the Name of the said Duke three Letters one to the Pope the second to King Philip and the third to the Duke of Alva the said Duke sent his Servant to the Ambassador of King Philip to desire him to Certifie the Pope King Philip and the Duke that he allow'd of the same Letters and that they should be taken as sent from him which was so agreed but the said Robert Rodulph who deliver'd the Duke of Norfold 's Cyphers whereof he carried one Coppy to Rome whereby each might Certifie others and likewise requir'd of the said Duke what time the Aid should arrive that they might be provided And further that the said Duke did receive Letters from the said Pope with Promise of the said Aid And also that he did send Comfort to the Lord Ferris and other Scots the Queens Enemies c. Which Indictment being read Mr. Sandes said to the Duke How sayest thou Thomas Duke of Norfolk art thou guilty of these Treasons or not guilty Duke The hearing of this Indictment gives me occasion to make Request which I did not intend to have done Which is to have Council Assign'd me if the Law will permit it Catlin You must have none Duke That 's very severe I was told the Indictment was only concerning matters contain'd in the Statute of the 25th Edward the III. I have had very short warning not more than 14 hours night and all I am no Lawyer and there is many circumstances in which I must submit my self to the Opinion of the Justices I could not have
a sudden and may through the defect of Memory and the surprise of an accused Innocence omit that which might be easily answer'd It was very unlikely and extreamly untrue that I should deal with the Pope I had rather be drawn in pieces with wild Horses than change from that Faith which I was brought up in from my Youth and for Landing an Army at Harwich it is well known how impossible it is for an Army to March in that Country which is all Ditches and Woods If I had design'd such a matter I would have made Provision of Arms and Powder I have not bestow'd 10 l. of any Armour these ten years except it were eight Corslets of proof I have no Cullivers in my House and I am sure not three Barrels of Powder And if I had design'd any such thing I would have been provided otherwise than I was neither would I have sent Barker of such a Message but rather have Trusted my Hand to the Letters than to have put Words into his Mout● 〈◊〉 being one of no Credit with me and if I woul● 〈◊〉 fram'd such a Message I would sooner have 〈…〉 Banister than 20 Barkers Then was shew'd a Letter from the Bishop o● 〈◊〉 to the Scottish Queen about the Marriage there was also a Letter from the Duke to Radolph written with Okier since he was in the Tower bidding him burn the Bagg of Letters which Barker had put in a certain place and to lay up Ross's whom the Law could not touch because he was an Ambassador Duke I had heard that he had Accused divers and when I perceiv'd there was such Searching I gave that advice for avoiding of Trouble though the Letters were insignificant There was also a Letter from the Duke which express'd that he could not be charg'd with any Crime and if he lov'd his Life he should take heed whom he Accus'd Duke By which my Innocence appears Brumly shew'd Letters from Radolph sent by Bayley Ross's Servant by which it appear'd that the Duke D' Alva lik'd the matter and enquir'd how far Harwich was from London Brumley further said the whole Conspiracy was open'd at Antwerp to the Ambassador of a Forreign Prince who acquainted his Master who had written the whole Discourse to the Queen which because it concern'd others as well as the Duke should only be open'd to the Lords of the Privy Councel Duke This is a Mystery that I know not how to Reply to unless that part of it which concern'd me were discover'd Then Mr. Milbourn made a formal Discourse for the Credit of the Depositions of the Duke and others Duke I know not how to come after so smooth a Tale as the Attourney of the Court of Wards has told yet he reflects nothing what fear and promis'd Reward might prevail upon Timerous and Mercenary minds But I refer you unto Bracton for Discrediting and disproving those Witnesses Catlin In such Matters and Cases of Treason the Depositions of Strangers may be taken and it lyes in the Breasts of the Peers to Credit the same as they shall see Cause and to proceed to the second point of Treason specified in the Indictment which was the Aiding the Rebels after they were fled Duke There is little danger in a discern'd Enemy yet I never reliev'd any of them Catlin Then for the third point of Treason contain'd in the Indictment for Assisting the Scottish Rebels the Queens Enemies by Letters from the Duke to Banister and from Banister to Luddington and from Luddington to Radolph and by the Examination of Banister and by the Bag of Money deliver'd to Sherbury with Letters in the same Bag as it was before declar'd by Mr. Gerrard Duke I desire the Opinion of the Judges If the Subjects of another Prince the Prince not being in War with the Queen may be accounted the Queens Enemies Catlin That might well enough be seen for the Queen might make War with a Duke in France and have Peace with the French King Shrewsbury have you ought else to say Duke I depend upon Truth and Innocence which I hope will out-weigh the Malice and Artifice of my Enemies and I also hope my Judges will consider the Invalidity of the Evidence against me the persons being of no Credit nor Reputation And for the Marriage I Treated in it with the Queens Consent and Appointment and afterwards suspended it though several Letters and Arguments were directed to me concerning it Shrewsbury Lieutenant of the Tower withdraw the Prisoner a while then was Silence Proclaim'd Shrewsbury My Lords here you have heard that Thomas Howard Duke of Norfolk has been Indicted of divers points of Treason and has Pleaded not Guilty and has put himself upon the Tryal of God and his Peers You are now to Consider upon the whole Evidence which you have heard whether he be Guilty or not Guilty and to speak your minds upon your Honours and Consciences and so bid them withdraw together and return as soon as they could which they did to a place for that purpose where the Chancery is now kept and there consulted in the sight of all Then the Lords being Return'd and sat in their places the Earl of Shrewsbury Lord High Steward of England commanded the Duke to be plac'd further out of Hearing of them then he ask'd aloud first to the youngest Lord saying what say you my Lord De la Ware is Thomas Duke of Norfolk guilty of these Treasons yea or no who standing up answered Guilty then the same was ask'd of all the Barons and Earls one after another beginning at the Youngest and so to the Eldest in Degree and all said Guilty Then the Lord High Steward commanded the Prisoner should be brought to the Bar who being plac'd the Earl of Shrewsbury Lord High Steward said Thomas Howard Duke of Norfolk thou hast been Accused of divers Treasons and hast Pleaded against all not Guilty and hast put thy self upon God and this Peers who have all declar'd thee Guilty what can'st thou say now that Judgment may not proceed against thee Duke The great God and my own Innocence be between me and my False Accusers Then was there a profound Silence a good while after which the Tower Axe was turn'd towards the Duke Burham May it please your Lordship to understand That Thomas Howard late Duke of Norfolk has been Indicted of several Treasons and hath thereunto Pleaded not Guilty and thereupon hath put himself upon the Tryal of God and his Peers and they have found him Guilty I am therefore to pray your Judgment in the behalf of our Gracious Soveraign Lady the Queen Shrewsbury Thou Thamas late Duke of Norfolk hast been Indicted of several Treasons and thereunto hast Pleaded not Guilty and hast put thy self upon the Tryal of God and thy Peers and hast been by them found Guilty Therefore our Court and the Queen doth Award That thou shalt be lead from hence to to the Tower and thence to be drawn through the
midst of London to Tybourn and there to be Hang'd until thou art half Dead thy Bowels to be taken out and Burnt before thy Face thy Head to be Cut off and thy Body quarter'd and thy Head and Quarters to be at the Queens Will and Pleasure and our Lord have Mercy on thy Soul Duke You have said unto me as unto a Traytor God forgive you and wash my Innocent Blood from your Souls that it rise not in Judgment against you I condemn not you and yours I die no Traytor but a True man both to my Queen and Country And since you have put me out of your Company I hope to go where I shall find much better who will regard that Innocence which you have rejected I am at a point never to beg for Mercy where I have no Guilt but the Suit I have to you my Lords is that you will move the Queen to be good to my Children and Family and to see the Discharge of my Debts Thus fell that Illustrious Prince whose greatness in Estate and Title was his only Crime for being of an Antient and Splended Family the Blood-Royal of England and France not being out of his Veins and being Allyed to all the Considerable Families of England and having an Estate to support that Greatness of a hundred thousand Pounds a year Besides the Fortunes he obtain'd by his Marriages which was also very large All his Paternal Estate was dispos'd of by the Queen without regard to the Innocence of his Children the hard measure of his Accusations and his Obedience which led him to the pursuit of Her Commands upon all occurrences Which Estate as it is divided and Improv'd is valu'd at five hundred thousand Pounds a year My Lord of Leicester who was the Leading man at that time and sat with watchful Diligence at the Helm which he manag'd as his Interest or Passion inspir'd him First propos'd the Marriage of the Queen of Scots to the Duke of Norfolk which he refus'd till importun'd by the Perswasions of those that appear'd to be his Friends and assur'd by a Letter under Queen Elizabeths own Hand of Her Consent all which ensnar'd him till the Consummation of the Marriage which was made evident by a Letter kept long in the Family from the Hands of the Queen of Scots in which she Subscrib'd her self Your most Obedient Wife Mary of Scotland and Norfolk And this great Family thus Eclips'd remain'd under the Cloud of a severe Deprivation till the last King Charles of Blessed Memory restor'd them to their former Titles and Dignities that excellent Prince considered their long and silent Sufferings with what forwardness most of them engag'd their Lives and Fortunes in the Service of his Royal Father there being but two of all that great and numerous Family that drew a Sword against their King may those two be Bury'd in the dull ashes of Oblivion for ever and wip d out of our way as perhaps they are out of the Book of Life A Brief Account of the Noble Family of the HOWARDS THe Family of the Howards came into England with the Saxons being from a vast length of time very considerable in that Country having the Title of Barons and the Name in that Language being Hoffwerd as some Antient Books there Testify which signifies the chief Office in the Court William the Conquerour found them in a great Condition of Estate and Quality here according to the Mode and Method of those Times bearing Distinctions proper to Barons They continued most Eminent in their Country and link'd themselves into the greatest Families in the Kingdom as with all Evidence appears behold here A Brief Account of the Descent of the Dukes of NORFOLK THomas of Brotherton second Son of King Edward the First by Margaret of France his second Wife was Earl of Norfolk and High Marshal of England whose Daughter and Heir being Married to John Lord Segrave was created Dutchess of Norfolk and Elizabeth their Daughter and Heir being Married to John Lord Mowbrey was Mother to Thomas Mowbrey created Duke of Norfolk by King Richard the Second in the year one thousand three hundred ninety seven and first Earl-Marshal of England Which Thomas by Elizabeth his Wife Sister and Heir of Thomas Fitz-Allen Earl of Arundel was Father of John Mowbrey Second Duke of Norfolk and of Margaret his Eldest Daughter Wife to Sir Robert Howard Knight whose Son John Mowbrey the Third Duke of Norfolk was Father of John the Fourth Duke of Norfolk whose Daughter and Heir Dying without Issue in the Reign of King Edward the Fourth The Honours and Lands of Mowbrey were divided between John Lord Howard Son of Sir Robert Howard and Margaret Mowbrey who was Created Duke of Norfolk by King Richard the Third and William Lord Berkley Son of Isabella Second Daughter of Thomas Mowbrey First Duke of Norfolk This John Lord Howard Duke of Norfolk was slain at the Battle of Brosworth one thousand four hundred eighty five and Attainted leaving Thomas Howard Earl of Surry his Son Who in the fifth year of King Henry the Eighth was Restor'd Duke of Norfolk and Dying Thomas Howard his Son was Duke of Norfolk and Father of Henry Earl of Surry who was Beheaded the last of Henry the Eighth which Henry Earl of Surry was Father of Thomas Howard Duke of Norfolk who was Beheaded and Attainted for the Marriage of the Queen of Scots the Fourteenth year of Queen Elizabeth whose Son Philip Earl of Arundel in right of the Mother dyed in the Tower his Son Thomas the great Lord Marshal whose memory is a lasting Honour to his Family left his Son Henry of unblemish'd Honour and Reputation also whose Son Thomas was restor'd by the last King Charles the Second of Happy and Glorious Memory to the Dignity of Duke of Norfolk whose Brother Henry surviv'd him and left two Sons Henry the present Duke of Norfolk and the Lord Thomas Howard who hath Issue This flourishing Family has spread it self into many Eminent Branches as the Lord Viscount Stafford the Earls of Suffolk and Barkshire the Lord Escrick the Earl of Carlile and the rest of the Descendants from the Lord William Howard of Naworth whose Memory is to be preserv'd as Sacred in the Family who for Wisdom Virtue and Honour was the Glory of his Time he was Third Son of Thomas Duke of Norfolk whose Tryal and Unfortunate Death you have here had a view of the Sons of which Lord William Howard were men of great Honour and serv'd their King with their Lives and Fortunes his Second Son Sir Francis Howard having raised a Regiment at his own proper Charge and suffer'd a long Imprisonment in the Tower Collonel Thomas Howard the Fourth Son of the Lord William also raised a Regiment for King Charles the First of Sacred Memory and Bravely lost his Life at the Head of it having refus'd very Advantagious Conditions from the King of Portugal who had invited him into his Service