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A29413 A Brief account of the several plots, conspiracies, and hellish attempts of the bloody-minded papists against the princes and kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland from the Reformation to this present year, 1678 as also their cruel practices in France against the Protestants in the massacre of Paris, &c., with a more particular account of their plots in relation to the late Civil War and their contrivances of the death of King Charles the First, of blessed memory. 1679 (1679) Wing B4520; ESTC R7588 40,511 50

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Palmeus he told him that he had found out a way to help the afflicted Catholicks in England if the Pope or some learned Divines would approve it as lawful The Jesuit Palmeus approved it Next in France one Morgan drew him to consent to murder the Queen if it should prove lawful This Act the Pope's Nuncio Ragazonius commended Parry afterward having access to the Queen shewed her all and not long after Cardinal Come his Letter approving the enterprize Now he taketh a new resolution to perform it encouraged especially by Doctor Alen's Book teaching that Princes Excommunicated are to be spciled of their Kingdoms and Lives These with many other things Parry confessed before the Lord Hunsdon Sir Christopher Hatton and Sir Francis Walsingham in Westminster-Hall the heads of his Accusation being read he confessed himself guilty He died in the Palace-yard before Westminster-Hall not once calling upon the Name of God At this time also Henry Earl of Northumberland for entring into Traiterous Counsels with Paget and the Guises to invade England was cast into the Tower where he was found dead being shot with three Bullets under the left Pap the Chamber-door belted in the inside A Pistol was found in his Chamber and himself the author of his own death Thus from time to time the most noble Families of England have been Seduced and Ruined by the false and bewitching coundsels of Jesuits and Seminaries Savage's attempt to kill the Queen NOw again there was a most abominable Treason conspired and voluntarily confessed by the Conspirators One Gifford a Doctor in Divinity Gilbert Gifford and Hodgeson Priests persuaded one John Savage a bloody Fellow to undertake to kill Queen Flizaheth To hide their mischievous intents more conningly from the Queen's Council who were very careful to foresee all Danger they wrote a Book in which they advise the Papists in England not to go about to hurt the Queen For they were to use no other Weapons against their Prince than the Christian Weapons of Tears Fasting Prayers and the like And most cunningly also these Foxes spread a Rumour that George Gifford one of the Queen's Pensioners had sworn to kill the Queen and for that cause had gotten from the Guises a very great sum of Money The Easter following John Ballard an English Priest of the Colledg of Rhemes was come into England who had been trying the minds of Papists in England and Scotland He had dealt with Mendoza the Spanish Ambassador in France Charles Paget and others for the Invasion of England And although it seemed to be a very hard work yet he had sworn to use his utmost endeavour in it and also for the liberty of the Queen of Scots At Whitsuntide in a Souldiers habit and under the name of Captain Fortescue he had a conference in London with Anthony Babington a young Gentleman of Darby-shire Romishly affected who not long before in France had conference with Thomas Morgan and the Bishop of Glasco the Scotch Queen's Ambassador He was drawn by them shewing him most assured hopes of Honour from her to addict himself to them and by their means had favourable Letters from her Ballard and Babington conferred together concerning the Invasion of England but it was not deemed a thing could be done Queen Elizabeth being alive Then Ballard informed Babington that Savage had undertaken to kill her Babington's advice was that it should not be committed to Savage alone lest perhaps he might be hindred but to six resolute Men of which number Savage should be one Upon this Babington took into his consideration the Ports in which the Invaders should land the Confederates that should joyn in the act of murdering Q. Elizabeth and delivering the Scots-Queen In the mean time a Letter was brought from the Imprisoned Queen to Babington in a secret Character blaming Babington's long silence but he excused it because she was under the custody of Sir Amice Paulet a severe Keeper declared unto her that which Ballard and he had resolved before and that himself with one hundred more would deliver her The purpose by her Letters unto Batington was commended And it was advised that it should be undertaken considerately and that nothing should be moved before they were sure of External Forces that they should make an Association as if they feared the Puritans that some Tumults might be raised in Ireland while the thing should be done here That Arundel and his Brethren and Northumberland should be drawn to their side Westmerland Paget and others called Home The way to deliver the Scots-Queen was appointed to overthrow a Coach in the Gate or set the Stables on fire or intercept her as she rode to take the air betwixt Chartly and Stafford Babington undertook for rewards to all that should give their help He had gotten unto him Edward Windsor the Lord Windsor's Brother Thomas Salisbury Charles Tinley the Queens Pensioner Chidioc Tichbourn Edward Abingdon whose Father was the Queen's Cofferer Robert Gage John Travers John Charnick John Jones Savage Barnwel an Irish Gentleman Henry Dun Clark of the First-fruits Office and one Polly also joyned himself who was thought to reveal all to Sir Francis Walsingham Abingdon Barnwel Charnick and Savage took an Oath to kill her with their own hands Babington enjoyned that whosoever was admintted into the Conspiracy should take an Oath of secrecy They were so confident of the success that they did not fear to cause the undertakers of the Treason to be Pictured together which Picture being seen of the Queen she knew only Barnwel and seeing him a good way off she blamed the neglect of guarding her Person This Fellow afterward gave it out that if the Conspirators had been present the deed might easily have been done That the aid from France might not be wanting leave was obtained for Ballard to pass over thither for Money under a false name and Babington was to follow who that he might the more cunningly work his ends pretended to Sir Francis Walfingham that he had a desire to go into France to discover what the Fugitives plotted for the delivery of the Scots-Queen Walsinghom seemed very much to like the matter and to commend Babington's resolution but upon pretences delayed his going This was known to Walsingham either out of a fingular faculty he had to find out Treasons or else by the means of Gilbert Gifford a Priest who was sent out of France to incourage Savage in his wicked resolution and that Letters might safely be transmitted by him to the Queen of Scots Gifford corrupted with Money or for fear revealed the Plot to Walsingham and promised to communicate unto him all his Letters Walsingham kindly used him sent him into Staffordshire to Sir Amice Paulet in a Letter persuading Sir Amice to suffer some of his Servants to be corrupted by him Gifford for some Gold prevailed with Sir Amice his Brewer who conveyed the Letters to and from Gifford which by Messengers for that end appointed came
Protestants in France Northumberland and Westmerland having thus taken Arms Supplies and Moneys failing withdrew themselves into Scotland Norfolk was thrown into Prison Rodolf being in Custody for whom the Pope had appointed 150000 rowns to help the Conspirators was for want of clear proof dismissed Rodolf being got out of Prison asterward distributeth the 150000 Crowns to the Partners in the Treason He being with the Pope is sent by him to the Spaniard to press him to give assistance to the King of Portugal also for the same purpose He wrote alse to the Duke of Norfolk promising to send him aid The Popes Letter to the Spaniard was That he should send an Army out of the Low-Countries to invade England And this very thing the Spaniard endeavoured There was now a difference betwixt Queen Elizabeth and the Spaniard about Money sent by him to the Duke of Alva but was intercepted by the Queen and that was one pretence that the Spaniard had for his dealing against our Queen and Kingdom But the Duke of Norfolk was put to death Nor is this the Relation of an English Protestant but of a Panist a good part whereof had not been known but for him one Hieronimus Calena The Book was printed at Rome by the priviledg of Pius Quintus 1588. The Earls of Northumbrland and Westmerland seduced by one Morton a Priest and at Duresme set up the Mass thence they marched to Clifford-moore where hearing that the Queen of Scots was removed to Coventry that the Earl of Sussex was sent with strong Forces against them and that Sir George Bowes was behind them and had fortified Bernards Castle that Scroupe and Cumberland had fortified Carlile and had also an Army in readiness that the Souldiers of Barwick and the power of Northumberland were in New-castle besieged Bernards Castle and took it on Conditions Then for fear of the Earl of Sussex they fled to Hexam thence by by-ways to Naworth Castle from that place into Scotland and from thence was Northumberland sent and here behcaded Westmerland escaped into the Netherlands where with a poor Pension under the Spaniard he lived poorly all his Days Dacres his endeavour to deliver the Scots Queen IN the Year 1569 Leonard Dacres second Son of William Lord Dacres of Gillesland being grieved to see a very great Patrimony go from him to the Daughters of the Baron whom the Duke of Norfolk their Father-in-Law had joined in marriage with his Sons grew revengeful and joining with the Rebels endeavoured to deliver the Queen of Scots yet a little before being at the Court promised to assist the Queen his Soveraign against the Rebels but treacherously he undertook to kill the Lord Scroup and Bishop of Carlisle to whose custody the Scottish Queen was committed but he failing in the performance took Grastock Castle holding it as his own and gathered Soldiers The Lord Hunsdon met him with the trained Souldiers of Barwick and after a sharp conflict overcometh him and Dacres fled into Scotland from thence into the Netherlands were at Lovaine he lived and died poorly Fitz-Morris raiseth Rebellion in Ireland IN this Year Edmund and Peter Butler Brethren to the Earl of Ormond joining with James Fitz Morris of the House of Desmond entred into a Conspiracy against Queen Elizabeth and to further it came Joannes Mendsza secretly out of Spain The Earl of Ormond going into Ireland caused them to submit they were imprisoned and for their Brother the Earls sake not brought to Tryal The Lord Deputy and Sir Humphry Gilbert through Gods assistance appeased that rebellion It is clear enough that this Rebellion in Ireland arose from the Spaniard as the first mover for to this end he sent Mendoza into Ireland and had not long before written to the Earl Brother to the two Rebels to raise a Rebellion in Ireland Stanleys Conspiracy IN the Year 1570 under a colour of delivering the Queen of Scots Thomas Stanly and Edward younger Sons of the Earl of Darby Thomas Jerard Rolston Hall with others in Durby shire conspired but the Son of Rolston which was Pensioner to the Queen disclosed the Conspiracy All but Hall were imprisonce Hall escaped into the Isle of Man thence by the commendation of the Bishop of Ross he was sent into Dunbritan whence the Castle being won he was brought to London and suffered Death Dissimulation of Don John of Austria IN the Year 1576 Don John of Austria coming into the Low-Countries as Governour sent Gastelius to Queen Elizabeth pretending a perpetual Edict for Peace Teh Queen as if ignorant of any bad intent sent Rogers to congratulate Don John's Edict yet she knew that Don John had conceived a certain hope of marrying the Queen of Scots and of enjoying Scotland and England intending to invade the Isle of Man that from thence he might out of Ireland the North of England and Scotland also where he knew were many Papists invade England This Man to help forward this great design practised secretly with the Pope and with the King of Spain for the Havens of Biscay But the King of Spain neglected him in this desire accounting England and Scotland a Morsel sitter for his own Palate During this Treaty of perpetual Peace this treacherous Don treateth secretly with the Scottish Queen about the Marriage and the better to work his own ends took divers Towns and Castles in the Low-Countries by treachery and wrote into Spain that for the invasion of the Netherlands it would be best to seize on first the Towns of Zealand before the more inland places and that England might with the more ease be first invade The Queen in the mean while prepareth for War but God cut off this her Enemy very suddenly before the fruits of his high thoughts were ripe Stucley's design against Ireland Not long before this time in Ireland Thomas Stucley a prodigal riotous and needy English man discontented for that he lost the Stewardship of Wexford breaths out Contumelies against the Queen and betaketh himself to the Pope with whom he treateth and boasteth that he will subdue Ireland with 3000 Men and burn the Queen's Navy Pope Pius Quintus ahd a great opinion of him After him Gregory the 13 and the King of Spain consulted together to invade England and Ireland at once The Pope aimed to get for his Son James Boncompayno the Kingdom of Ireland and the Spaniard chiefly to imitate the course of Queen Elizabeth who to keep the Spaniard busy abroad secretly sent aid to the Dutch that he migth with-draw her help from the Low-Countries But because the strength of England consisteth chiefly in the Navy the King of Spain setteth the Merchants of Italy and the Netherlands a work to hire the Merchants ships of England and so to send them away in very long Voyages that the Ships being from home and Stucley joining with the Rebels of Ireland the Queen's Navy might be overthrown by a greater The Pope gave him very great Titles in Ireland
was one Manoel Lowys who had served the King of Portugal but remained now at tended Merchandise as that the Merchants on the other side did commend his Wares c. assuring him of good return c. and therefore desired him to continue there some time They commended the Jewel he sent and reported how the Amber and Musk was highly esteemed and spake of Broad-Cloth Scarlet Threads of Pearl Diamond c. which Letter was confessed to be in Answer to that was written by Lopez to take away the Queen's life more Letters there were to the foresaid purpose from Secretary Ibarra to Stephen Ferrera and from the Count Fuentes at Bruxels Stephen Ferrera told Peter Ferrera his Keeper that himself and Lopez had written into Spain and made offer to give the Queen poison Squires Practice to poison the Queens Saddle ANno Dom. 1596 one Edward Squire sometimes a Scrivener at Greenwich afterwards a deputy Purveyor for the Queens Stable in Sir Francis Drake's last Voyage was taken Prisoner and carried into Spain and being set at liberty one Walpole a Jesuite grew acquainted with him and got him into the Inquisition whence he returned a resolved Papist he perswaded Squire to undertake to poison the Pummel of the Queens Saddle and to make him constant made Squire receive the Sacrament upon it he then gave him the Poison shewing that he should take it in a double Bladder and should prick the Bladder full of holes in the upper part when he should use it carrying it within a thick Glove for the safety of his Hand should after turn it downward pressing the Bladder upon the Pummel of the Queens Saddle This Squire confest Squire is now in Spain and for his fafer dispatch into England it was devised that two Spanish Prisoners taken at Calice should be exchanged for Squire and one Rowles that it might not be thought that Squire came over but as a redeemed Captive The Munday sevennight after Squire returned into England he understanding the Horses were in preparing for the Queens riding abroad laid his hand and crushed the poyson upon the Pummel of the Queens Saddle saying God save the Queen The Queen rode abroad and as it should seem laid not her hand upon the place or else received no hurt through God's goodness by touching it Walpole counting of it as of a thing done imparted it to some principal Fugitives there but being disappointed of his hope supposing Squire to have been false to be revenged on him sent one hither who should pretend to have stoln from thence with Letters wherein the Plot of Squire was contained this Letter was pretended to be stoln out of one of their Studies Squire being apprehended confessed all without any rigour but after denied that he put it in execution although he acknowledged he consented to it in the Plot at length he confessed the putting it in execution also Earl of Tyrones Rebellion ANno Dom. 1597 Hugh a Bastard made Earl of Tyrone by Queen Elizabeth pardoned also by her for a Murder and usurping the Title of Oneal set on by the Spaniard with whom he had lived a Fugitive assaulted the Fort of Blackwater and at that very time when he wrote to Sir John Norris the English General that he might be dealt mildly withal lest he should run on the Rocks of rebellion wrote also to Kildare to side with him the Queen desiring to spare shedding of Blood agreed unto a conference with him by her Commissioners but the Rebel not liking the conditions proposed by the Commissioners departed and spoiled the Country about Black-water and pulled down the Town of Dunganon The Country wasted and no Victuals to be had Tyrone presented to the General a Petition craving pardon upon his Knees at the Foot of the Queens Picture and in the mean time dealt for aid out of Spain the King of Spain promised him aid requiring him to admit of no Articles of Peace with the English Hereupon though there was a cessation of Arms he burneth and spoileth the Country then he put on again his old habit of dissimulation and sues for Pardon Presently by shuffling or neglect Conaught and Vlster revolted then he fell to Rebellion again and about the Black-water overthrew 1500 English then the Earl of Essex coming General into Ireland he cleared Munster thence went into Lemster against the O Conors and O Neales whom he vanquished He sent thence Sir Conyers Clifford against O Rork himself going another way to distract the Forces of Tyrone but Sir Conyers was slain and his Forces defeated Tyrone coming near to the General declared he desired not to fight but parley of Peace which was denied afterward he obtained conference with the Lord General and then another conference where it was concluded that next day Commissioners should meet to treat of Peace Then was the Lord General sent for into England after whose departure Tyrone takes the Field again In the time of cessation of Arms the Spaniard sent him some Money and Ammunition the Popes Indulgences and a Plume of Peacock-Feathers Anno 1600 the Lord Mountjoy came into Ireland as Lieutenant General and in divers small Skirmishes beat the Rebels The Spaniard to further the Rebellion sent Don John de Aquila with 2000 old trained Soldiers and some Irish Fugitives who landed at Kingsale There were also at that same time 2000 Spaniards more arrived at Been-haven Balimore and Castel-haven The Lord Deputy encamped near Kingsale Sir Richard Levison with two of the Queens Ships blockt up the Haven and on both sides the Town was battered Then Sir Richard Levison sunk five of their Ships To these Spaniards O Donel betook himself and presently after Tyrone O Rork Raymund Burk Mac Mahon Randal Mac Surly and Tyrrel with the chief of the Nobility in all 6000 Foot and 500 Horse Tyrone on a Hill not far from the Camp made a bravado two days together as if he would give the English Battel The Lord Deputy at the foot of the Hill chose a convenient plot to fight with him but Tyrone soundeth a Retreat whom the Lord General followed and forced to make a stand in the midst of a Bog where by the Earl of Clanrikard their Horse were routed and defeated Alonso O Campo one of the Spanish Generals and six Ensign-bearers were taken Prisoners and the Ensigns taken by the English and 1200 Spaniards slain Tyrone was forced to fly into Vlster O Donel fled into Spain the rest hid themselves The Lord General returned to King-sale and battered it for six days space the Enemy attempted nothing against him Then Don John offered conditions of surrendring the Town which propounded the Lord General the English being wearied out with a Winters Siege agreeth with the Spaniard on certain Articles and taketh possession of the Town and sendeth away all the Spaniards as well as those in the Town into Spain The next Spring the General pursueth Tyrone into Vlster and spoileth the Country upon which the Rebels
make haste to come in unto the Deputy and Tyrone beggeth pardon upon his Knees From Dublin Tyrone should have been carried into England but the Queens death hindred that and King James pardoned him Afterward he entred into another Conspiracy with O Cane but being sent for with a Process to answer a suit which the Bishop of Derry had against him and fearing he had bin sent for his Conspiracy he fled out of Ireland Garnet Catesby and others labour to invade England IN the last Year of Queen Elizabeth there was a Plot layed against her by Garnet Catesby and others that the Spaniard should join with the Papists here in the Invasion of England Winter was sent into Spain for that purpose and Creswel the the Leger Jesuite in Spain Don Pedro Francisco second Secretary of State and the Duke of Lerma afsured Winter that his Message would be very acceptable to the King of Spain Then had Winter an answer by Count Miranda that the King would bestow 100000 Crowns towards the expedition and at the next Spring at farthest would set his Foot in England Winter returneth and acquainteth Garnet Catesby and Tresham with all and they others but before the next Spring the Queen died The Gun-Powder Treason AT the Queens death Christopher Wright was sent into Spain and Guy Fauks also from Brussels by Sir William Stanley to advertise them there that King James was as violent against the Catholicks as Queen Elizabeth and therefore urged the Spaniard to prosecute the old design The Jesuits privately suggested that they should not admit him into England as being an Heretick Catesby held that the King being an Heretick forfeiteth his Kingdom before any sentence pronounced The Parliament was dissolved the 7th of July which the King held and prorogued till the 7th of February Catesby at Lambeth broke with Winter about blowing up the Parliament House Winter told him that it struck at the root but what if it should not take effect Catesby won Winter to consent but first said he go over and win the Constable to obtain more favour for Catholicks and if you may bring over some confident Gentlemen as Mr. Faux Winter went met with the Constable at Bergen and delivered his Message The Constable answered that his Master commanded him to do all good offices for the Catholicks but he shewed the Constable nothing of the matter Faux and Winter came both into England This plot of blowing up the Parliament House after an Oath of Secrecy and the Sacrament received upon it Catesby disclosed it to Percy and Winter and Wright to Faux Percy hired the House Faux was pretended to be Percy 's Man and names himself Johnson and kept the Keys of the House till the adjournment of the Parliament at which time all the Conspirators departed into the Country A House was hired at Lambeth by Percy to keep the Powder and Wood for the Mine to which it was to be conveyed When the Plot had taken effect what should they do Percy with two or three of them with a dozen more would seize on the Duke and carry him away The Lady Flizabeth was to be surprized at a hunting near the Lord Harringtons They would save from the Parliament first Catholicks then some particular Persons While they wrought in the Mine they fed on baked Meats that they might not go forth At Candlemas the Powder is brought over about which time working in the Mine they came against a Stone-wall when hearing a rushing noise of Coals they feared they were discovered But it was only the moving of Coals to be sold which Celler Faux hired 20 Barrels of Powder they had provided which they hid with Billets and Fagots Faux went into Flanders to acquaint therewith Stanley and Owen Stanley was not there Owen approved it Percy and Catesby met at the Bath and it was agreed that Catesby should call in whom he thought best The number being small He called in Sir Everard Digby and afterward Mr. Tresham The Parliament was a-new prorogued till the 5th of November Then the Conspirators all went into the Country and returned 10 days before the Parliament and hearing that the Prince would be absent from the Parliament said they would then seize on the Prince and let alone the Duke Saturday before the Kings return which was on Thursday a Letter in the Street was delivered to the Lord Mounteagle's Man to put it into his Masters Hand It had neither Date nor Superscription and by the Lord Mounteagle was that Night sent to the Earl of Salisbury who made acquainted with it the Lord Chamberlain the Lord Admiral the Earl of Worcester and Northampton The Letter was this My Lord OVt of the love I bear to some of your Friends I have a care of your preservation Therefore I would advise you as you tender your Life to devise some Excuse to shift off your attendance at this Parliament For God and Man have concurred to punish the wickedness of this Time And think not slightly of this Advertisement but retire your self into your Country where you may expect the event in safety For though there be no appearance of any storme yet I say they shall receive a terrible Blow this Parliament and yet they shall not see who hurt them This counsel is not to be contemned because it may do you good and can do you no harm for the danger is past so soon as you shall have hurned this Letter and I hope God will give you the grace to make a good use of it to whose holy protection I recommend you Friday following the King read it who considering the Sentence therein expressed that they should receive a terrible blow this Patliament and yet should not know who hurt them and joining it to the Sentence for the danger is past so soon as you shall have burn'd this Letter did suspect the danger mentioned to be some sudden danger of blowing up with Powder Afterward it was determined the Lord Chamberlain should view both above and beneath the Parliament Houses Which the Lord Chamberlain having done found in a Vault under the upper House great store of Billers Faggots and Coals and casting his Eye aside a Fellow standing by which called himself Percy 's Man that had hired the Celler The King supposing that Gun-Powder might be hid under that Wood and Coals caused a further fearch to be made Whereupon Sir Thomas Knevet went about the Parliament House with a small number to search more narrowly the Mid-night next after where he found Faux standing without Doors booted and spurr'd and apprehended him then in search under the Wood and Coals 36 Barrels of Gun-Powder and about the Traitor three Matches and other Instruments fit for that wicked purpose were found which wicked intent of blowing up the House he instantly confessed affirming that if he had been in the House he would not have failed to blow up both himself and them In this Mine wrought Catesby Robert Winter Esquires Thomas