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lord_n earl_n edward_n viscount_n 13,296 5 11.4410 5 false
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B04094 A list of the Royal Society. His sacred majesty King Charles II. founder and patron. Royal Society (Great Britain). Council. 1667 (1667) Wing L2499; ESTC R179865 1,684 2

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a_o list_n of_o the_o royal_a society_n his_o sacred_a majesty_n king_n charles_n ii_o founder_n and_o patron_n his_o royal_a highness_n james_n duke_n of_o york_z his_o highness_n prince_n rupert_n count_n palatine_n of_o the_o rhine_n his_o highness_n ferdinand_n albert_n duke_n of_o brunswyck_n and_o lunebourg_n georgeduke_n of_o albemarle_n robert_z earl_n of_o alesbury_n archibald_n earl_n of_o argile_n anthony_n lord_n ashley_n james_n lord_n annesley_n william_n aglouby_a m._n d._n elias_n ashmole_n esquire_n sir_n robert_n atkins_n knight_n john_n austen_n esquire_n mounseur_fw-fr adrian_n auzout_fw-fr john_n awbury_n esquire_n george_z duke_z of_o buckingham_z george_z lord_n berkley_n william_n lord_n brereton_n nicholas_n bagnal_n esquire_n thomas_n bains_n m._n d._n william_n balle_n esquire_n isaac_n barrow_n b._n d._n george_n bate_n m._n d._n ralph_n bathurst_n m._n d._n john_n beal_n d._n d._n victor_n beaufort_n vabres_fw-es de_fw-es fresars_n monsieur_n theodore_n de_fw-fr beringhen_n sir_n maurice_n berkley_n knight_n sir_n john_n birkenhead_n knight_n thomas_n blount_n esquire_n robert_n boyle_n esquire_n john_n brook_z esquire_n david_n bruce_n m._n d._n mounseur_fw-fr ishmael_n bullialdus_n mr._n gilbert_n burnet_n sir_n edward_n bysshe_n knight_n gilbert_n l._n ar._n bp._n of_o canterbury_z edward_z earl_n of_o clarendon_n charles_n earl_n of_o carlisle_n john_n earl_n of_o craford_n and_o lindesay_n william_n lord_n cavendish_n charles_n lord_z clifford_z mr._n james_n carcase_n philip_n carteret_n esquire_n walter_n charleton_n m._n d._n sir_n winston_n churchill_n knight_n henry_n clark_n m._n d._n sir_n john_n clayton_n knight_n sir_n clifford_n clifton_n knight_n george_n cock_n esquire_n mr._n john_n collins_n sir_n richard_n corbet_n knight_n edward_n cotton_n d.d.a.d._n of_o corn._n thomas_n cox_n m._n d._n thomas_n cox_n m.b._n daniel_n cox_n esquire_n john_n creed_n esquire_n thomas_n crispe_n esquire_n sir_n william_n curtius_n knight_n sir_n john_n cutler_n kt_n and_o baronet_n henry_n marquess_z of_o dorchester_n william_n earl_n of_o devonshire_n edward_z earl_n of_o dorset_z mounseur_fw-fr vital_a de_fw-mi damas._n benjamin_n l._n bish_n of_o ely_z sir_n george_n ent_n knight_n andrew_n ellise_n esquire_n john_n evelyn_n esquire_n sir_n francis_n fane_n knight_n of_o the_o bath_n mounseur_fw-fr le_fw-fr febure_n sir_n john_n finch_n knight_n henry_n ford_z esquire_n sir_n bernard_n gascon_n knight_n joseph_n glanvile_n b._n d._n francis_n glisson_n m._n d._n william_n godolphin_n esquire_n mr._n john_n grant_v christopher_n l._n hatton_n theodore_n haak_n esquire_n william_n hammond_n esquire_n william_n harrington_n esquire_n sir_n edward_n harley_n knight_n of_o the_o bath_n sir_n robert_n harley_n knight_n thomas_n harley_n esquire_n james_n hayes_n esquire_n nathaniel_n henshaw_n m._n d._n john_n hevelius_n consul_n of_o dantz_n abraham_n hill_n esquire_n james_n hoar_a esquire_n william_n holder_n d._n d._n robert_n hook_n m._n a._n charles_n howard_n esquire_n mounseur_fw-fr christian_n huygens_fw-la de_fw-fr zulichem_n richard_n jones_n esquire_n alexander_n e._n of_o kincardin_n edmund_z king_n m._n d._n robert_z earl_n of_o lindsey_n lord_n g._n chamb._n humphrey_n l._n bish_n of_o london_n thomas_n lake_n esquire_n sir_n ellise_n leighton_n knight_n james_n long_a esquire_n richard_n lower_n m._n d._n sir_n john_n lowther_n knight_n anthony_n lowther_n esquire_n mons_fw-la hugues_n lovys_n de_fw-fr lyonne_n edward_z earl_n of_o manchester_n l._n chamb._n mr._n nicholaus_fw-la mercator_fw-la henry_n more_n d._n d._n jasper_n needham_n m._n d._n walter_n needham_n m._n d._n thomas_n neile_n esquire_n william_n neile_n esquire_n edward_n nelthrop_n esquire_n john_n newburgh_n esquire_n sir_n thomas_n nott_n knight_n henry_n earl_n of_o peterburgh_n philip_n packer_n esquire_n samuel_n parker_n m._n a._n sir_n robert_n paston_n kt._n and_o baronet_n john_n peirson_n d._n d._n john_n pell_n d._n d._n samuel_n pepys_n esquire_n sir_n william_n persal_a knight_n mounseur_fw-fr samuel_n petit_fw-fr sir_n peter_n pett_n knight_n peter_n pett_n esquire_n sir_n william_n portman_n knight_n francis_n potter_n b._n d._n thomas_n povey_n esquire_n henry_n power_n m._n d._n sir_n richard_n poll_n knight_n of_o the_o bath_n henry_n poll_n esquire_n john_n lord_n roberts_n l._n privy_a seal_n john_n lord_n bish_n of_o rochester_n coll._n bullen_n reymes_n thomas_n rolt_n esquire_n paul_n rycaut_n esquire_n edward_z earl_n of_o sandwich_n william_n viscount_n stafford_z david_n viscount_n stermont_n william_n schroter_n esquire_n sir_n james_n shaen_n knight_n and_o baronet_n philip_n skippon_n esquire_n sir_n nicholas_n slanning_n knight_n henry_n slingsby_n esquire_n mr._n francis_n smethwick_n edward_n smith_n esquire_n george_n smith_n m._n d._n mounseur_fw-fr samuel_n sorbiere_n sir_n robert_z southwell_z knight_z thomas_n spratt_n m._n a._n alexander_n stanhope_n esquire_n thomas_n stanley_n esquire_n sir_n nicholas_n stuart_n baronet_n john_n earl_n of_o tweedale_n sir_n gilbert_n talbot_n knight_n sir_n john_n talbot_z knight_z christopher_n terne_a m._n d._n thomas_n thynne_n esquire_n malachy_n trustan_n m._n d._n sir_n samuel_n tuke_n knight_n sir_n theodore_n de_fw-fr vaux_n knight_n cornelius_n vermuyden_n esquire_n mounseur_fw-fr isaac_n vossius_fw-la george_n l._n bish_n of_o winton_n edmund_n waller_n esquire_n john_n wallis_n d._n d._n edward_n waterhouse_n esquire_n daniel_n whistler_n m._n d._n joseph_n williamson_n esquire_n thomas_n willis_n m._n d._n francis_z willoughby_z esquire_n william_n wind_n esquire_n john_n winthrop_n esquire_n samuel_n woodford_n esquire_n john_n wray_n m._n a._n matthew_z wren_n esquire_n thomas_n wren_n m._n d._n sir_n cyril_n wyche_n knight_n sir_n peter_n wyche_n knight_n edmund_n wyche_n esquire_n richard_z l.a.b._n of_o york_z john_n lord_n yester_n out_o of_o these_o fellow_n of_o the_o society_n ten_o be_v to_o be_v choose_v into_o the_o council_n november_n 30_o 1667._o a_o list_n of_o the_o present_a council_n william_n viscount_n brouncker_fw-ge precedent_n william_n aerskin_n esquire_n peter_n balle_n m._n d._n timothy_n clarke_n m._n d._n daniel_n colwall_n esquire_n william_n croon_n m._n d._n jonathan_n goddard_n m._n d._n henry_n howard_n of_o norfolk_z thomas_n henshaw_n esquire_n john_n hoskyns_n esquire_n christopher_n merret_n m._n d._n sir_n robert_n moray_n knight_n sir_n anthony_n morgan_n knight_n james_n earl_n of_o northampton_n sir_n paul_n neile_n knight_n henry_n oldenburgh_n esquire_n sir_n william_n petty_a knight_n walter_n pope_n m._n d._n seth_n lord_n b._n of_o salisbury_n john_n wilkins_n d.d.d._n of_o rip_n christopher_n wren_n ll._n d._n of_o these_o member_n of_o the_o council_n eleven_o be_v to_o be_v continue_v november_n 30._o 1667._o london_n print_v for_o john_n martin_n at_o the_o bell_n without_o temple-bar_n mdclxvii_o