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A52511 The names of the lords and other the commissioners for Greenwich Hospital Royal Hospital for Seamen at Greenwich. 1695 (1695) Wing N139; ESTC R17511 2,272 7

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THE NAMES OF THE Lords and other the Commissioners FOR Greenwich Hospital His Royal Highness the Prince of Denmark Sir Thomas Abney Sir Matthew Andrews Sir William Ashhurst Sir Benjamin Ayloffe Sir Rowland Aynsworth John Adams Daniel Allen. Jonathan Andrews Samuel Atkinson Robert Attwood Robert Austen Humphrey Ayles Matthew Aylmer Duke of Bolton Duke of Bedford Earl of Bridgwater Earl of Bathe Earl of Berkley Earl of Bradford Bishop of Bangor Bishop of Bathe and Wells Bishop of Bristol Lord Berkley Sir John Banks Sir Thomas Barnardiston Sir Samuel Barnardiston Sir Benjamin Bathurst Sir William Booth Sir John Brownlowe Sir John Buckworth Sir James Butler William Baker Charles Ball. Arthur Baron Joas Bateman James Bateman Arthur Bayly Robert Beddingfeild John Benbow Hopefor Bendall Charles Bertie Peregrine Bertie Thomas Blackmoore sen Thomas Blackmoore ju James Bodington Robert Bodington Edmund Bolter John Bonnell Hugh Boscawen George Boun. John Bowers ●nthony Bowyer George Bradbury Francis Brerewood Edward Brewster Samuel Brewster William Bridgeman Shem Bridges Brook Bridges Robert Bristow William Broughton Leonard Browne John Brumwell Owen Buckingham Josiah Burchett Adryan Byer Arch Bishop of Canterbury Marquess of Carmarthen Earl of Craven Viscount Cheyney Bishop of Carlisle Bishop of Chester Bishop of Chichester Lord Cornwallis Lord Capell Lord Coningesby Sir Josiah Child Sir Francis Child Sir Edward Clarke Sir Robert Clayton Sir Thomas Cooke Sir John Cope Sir William Cowper Dr. Salisbury Cade Nicholas Cary. John Cary Robert Castle James Chadwick Charles Chamberlaine Caesar Chamberlaine John Charlton Nicholas Charlton Samuel Clarke Edward Clarke Maynard Colchester George Cole James Collet Thomas Colson Edward Colson James Conaway John Conyers Gerard Conyers Nicholas Cooke Henry Cornish Richard Cradock Henry Crisp William Cruft Duke of Devonshire Earl of Dorset Lord Dursley Bishop of Durham Sir Peter Daniel Sir Samuel Dashwood Sir Thomas Daval Sir Robert Davers Sir Ralph Delaval John Danvers Thomas Darwin Francis Dashwood John Deacle Duncan Dee James Denew William Desbovery George Dodington Robert Dorrell sen John Dorrell jun. William Draper John Drigue Peter Ducane Edmund Dummer Charles Duncomb Bishop of Exeter Bishop of Ely Sir Humphrey Edwyn Sir Stephen Evance Sir John Eyles Sir Samuel Eyre John Egleton Edward Ettrick John Evelyn sen John Evelyn jun. Francis Eyles Earl of Faulconberge Sir John Fleet. Sir James Forbes Sir William Forester Sir John Foche Sir Stephen Fox Sir Henry Furnes William Falconer William Fazakerly Thomas Felton Bartholomew Fillingham Thomas Firmin Robert Fisher John Flamsteed Peter Floyer Paul Foley Thomas Foley James Fowles Charles Fox Andrew Franklyn Thomas Frederick John Freeman Bishop of Gloucester Lord Godolphin Sir Henry Goodrick Sir William Gore Sir Thomas Grantham Sir William Gregory Dr. Thomas Gardner John Genew James Gibson Roger Gillingham William Glanville sen William Glanville jun. Thomas Goddard Peter Godfrey Charles Godolphin George Gooday Francis Gosfright Henry Greenhill John Grey William Gutteridge Henry Guy Thomas Guy Richard Gwyn Bishop of Hereford Sir Richard Haddock Sir Thomas Halton Sir Charles Hedges Sir William Hedges Sir Joseph Herne Sir John Holt. Sir William Hooker Sir John Houblon Sir James Houblon Sir Robert Howard Sir John Huband Thomas Hall Urban Hall James Hallet Richard Hampden John Hardrett Robert Harleigh John Harvey Henry Hatley Henry Hatsell Lawrence Hatsell Nathaniel Hawes John Hawles Whitfeild Hayter John Hazlewood William Heath Gilbert Heathcott Nathaniel Herne Edward Herriz William Hewer John Hill Richard Hoare Dr. Robert Hooke William Hooker Thomas Hopson Nathaniel Horneby Peter Houblon Isaac Houblon Nathaniel Houlton Matthew Humberton Sir Robert Jeffreys Sir Henry Johnson John Jacob. John Jeoffreys Jeffry Jeoffreys John Johnson Samuel Jones Joseph Jory Peter Joy Charles Isaac William Ivat Sir Thomas Kinsey Joseph Keeble John Kent Henry Killigrew John Knapp John Knight Duke of Leeds Earl of Lindsey Bishop of London Bishop of Landaffe Bishop of Litch Cov. Bishop of Lincoln Lord Lucas Lord Lexington Lord Lempster Sir Thomas Lane Sir William Langhorne Sir Nicholas Lechmere Sir Stephen Lennard Sir John Lethieulier Sir Richard Levett Sir Thomas Littleton Sir John Lowther of Whitehaven Sir John Lowther of Lowther Thomas Lake Thomas Langham Dr. John Lawson Edward Leman Samuel Lethieulier John Lethieulier Francis Levett William Lewin Dennis Liddell Isaac Loader John Lock Samuel Lock William Lownds Earl of Monmouth Earl of Montagu Sir John Moore Sir John Morden Dr. Mapletoft Christopher Mason John Midgley David Mitchell Charles Montague Christopher Montague John Morgan John Morrice William Mountaigne Nathaniel Monteney James Mundy Christopher Musgrave Duke of Norfolk Duke of Newcastle Marquess of Normanby Earl of Nottingham Bishop of Norwich Sir Edward Nevill John Nevill George Newland Dr. Henry Newton Richard Nicholls John Nicholls John Nicholson Duke of Ormond Earl of Oxford Bishop of Oxford Sir Richard Onslow Sir James Oxenden John Oliver Samuel Ongley Foot Onslow Justus Otgar Dr. George Oxenden Earl of Pembroke Earl of Portland Bishop of Peterborough Sir Peter Paravicine Sir John Parsons Sir John Powell Sir John Powell Sir William Pritchard John Page Gregory Page Thomas Papillon Philip Papillon Francis Parry Roger Paxton Samuel Pepys Andrew Percival John Perry Samuel Pett George Phenny Samuel Powell Henry Priestman Earl of Radnor Earl of Rochester Earl of Romney Earl of Ranelagh Bishop of Rochester Sir Jonathan Raymond Sir Richard Raynes Sir Isaac Rebow Sir Robert Rich. Sir Gabriel Roberts Sir Robert Robinson Sir Leonard Robinson Sir Thomas Rokeby Sir George Rooke Sir William Russell John Rayley Robert Raworth Alexander Rigby Henry Risby Anthony Rowe Edward Rudge Edward Russell Samuel Rutter Sir John Sommers Lord Keeper Duke of Somerset Duke of Shrewsbury Earl of Stamford Earl of Scarborough Bishop of St. Davids Bishop of Sarum Bishop of St. Asaph Sir Jeremy Sambroke Sir William Scawen Sir John Shaw Sir Henry Sheres Sir Bartholomew Shore Sir Cloudesley Shovell Sir Robert Southwell Sir Thomas Stamp Balthazar St. Mitchell Ralph Sanderson John Sanson Richard Savage Edward Say Joseph Scriven Obadiah Sedgewick William Sedgewick Charles Sergison Arthur Shallett Daniel Sheldon Dormer Shepherd Samuel Shepherd Merch. Samuel Shepherd Distil Thomas Shepherd John Sherebrooke Joseph Smart John Smith James Smith Ralph Snow Thomas Sorocoale James Sotherne Samuel Stanyer William Strong Thomas Stroud Humphrey Styles Earl of Thanett Earl of Torrington Earl of Tankervile Sir George Treby Sir John Trevor Sir Thomas Trevor Sir William Trumbull Sir Edmund Turner Sir John Turton Nathaniel Tench Dalby Thomas Joseph Thompson William Thompson Charles Thorald William Thursby Benjamin Timewell Samuel Travers Richard Trevor Francis Tyssen sen Francis Tyssen jun. Viscount Villiers Sir Peter Vandeput Sir Thomas Vernon Marquess of Lord Winchester Lord Willoughby of Eresby Bishop of Lord Winchester Bishop of Lord Worcester Sir Edward Ward Sir Patience Ward Sir Christopher Wrenn John Ward Godfrey Webster Thomas Western sen Thomas Western jun. Thomas Wharton Andrew Willaw Thomas Wilshaw William Withers sen John Wolfe James Woods Godfrey Woodward Joseph Wright Richard Wynn. Arch-Bishop of York Sir Walter Young Elihu Yale Richard Yerbery London Printed by Charles Bill and the Executrix of Thomas Newcomb deceas'd Printers to the Kings most Excellent Majesty 1695.