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A14671 A catalogue of the nobility of England, Scotland, and Ireland With an addition of the baronets of England, the dates of their patents, the seuerall creations of the knights of the Bath, from the coronation of King Iames, to this present. Collected by T.W.; Most exact catalogue of the nobilitie of England, Scotland, and Ireland Walkley, Thomas, d. 1658? 1630 (1630) STC 24974; ESTC S101308 19,624 46

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A CATALOGVE OF THE NOBILITY of England Scotland and Ireland VVith an addition of the Baronets of England the dates of their Patents the seuerall creations of the Knights of the Bath from the Coronation of King Iames to this present Collected by T. W. LONDON Printed for Thomas Walkley and are to be sold at his shop at the signe of the Eagle and Child at Brittaines Bursse 1630. A Catalogue of the Nobiliti● of England Duk●s GEorge Villers Duke Marque●se and Earle of Buckingham and Couentry Viscount Villers Baro● of Whadden I●fra atatem Marquesses Iohn Pawlet Marquesse of Winchester Earle of Wiltshire and Lord St. Iohn of Basing Earles Thomas Howard Earle of Arundell and Surrey Earle Marshall of England and Knight of the Garter Robert Vere Earle of Oxford Viscount Bulbec Lord Samford and Vadilsmere Henry Percy Earle of Northumberland Lord Poy●ings Fitz-payne and Brian Knight of the Garter George Talbot Earle of Shrewesbury Lord Talbot● Furniuall Verdon and Strange of Blakemere Henry Gray Earle of Kent Lord Ruthin William Stanley Earle of Derby Lord Stanley Strange of Knoking and of the I le of Man Knight of the Garter Henry Somerset Earle of Worcester Lord Herbert of Chepstow Ragland and Gower Francis Mannors Earle of Rutland Lord Ros of Hamelake Beluoir and Trusbut Knight of the Garter Francis Clifford Earle of Cumberland Lord Clifford● Westmerland and Vesey Edward Radcliffe Earle of Sussex Viscount Fitz-wal●er Lord Egremont and Burnell Henry Hastings Earle of Huntington Lord Hastings Hungerford Botreaux Moeles and Molyns Edward Bourchier Earle of Bath and Lord Fitz-warin Thomas Wriothesley Earle of Southampton and Baron Wrioth●sley of Titchfield Francis Russell Earle of Bedford and Lord Russell Philip Herbert Earle of Pembroke and Montgomery● Baron ●erbert of Cardiffe and Shirland Lord Parre and Roos of Kenda● Marmion and St. Quintin Lord Cham●erlaine of his Maiesties Houshold and Knight of the Gar●er William Seymour Earle of Hartford and Baron Beauchamp Rob●rt Deuereux Earle of Essex Viscount Hereford and Bourchier Lord Ferrers of Chartly Bourchier and Louayne Theophilus Fynes Earle of Lincolne and Lord Clinton Charles Howard Earle of Nottingham and Lord Howard of E●●ingham Earles made by King IAMES Theophilus Howard Earle of Suffolke Lord Howard of Walden and Knight of the Garter Edward Sackuile Earle of Dorset and Baron Buckhurst Knight of the Garter and Lord Chamberlaine to the Queenes Maiestie William Cecill Earle of Salisbury Viscount Cramborne and Baron Cecill of Essinden Knight of the Garter William Cecill Earle of Exceter Baron Burghley Knight of the Garter Robert Carr Earle of Somerset Viscount Rochester and Baron of Branspath Knight of the Garter Iohn Egerton Earle Bridgewater Viscount Brackley and Baron Ellesmere Robert Sidney Earle of Leicester Viscount Lifle and Baron Sidney of Penshurst Spencer Compton Earle of Northampton Baron Compton of Compton Robert Rich Earle of Warwicke and Lord Rich of Leeze William Cauendish Earle of Deuonshire and Baron Cauendish of Hardwicke Infra aetatem Iames Hamilton Earle of Cambridge Marquesse of Hamilton Earle of Arran Baron of Euen and Aberbroth Master of the Horse to his Maiestie Iames Stuart Earle of March Duke of Lenox Lord Aubigny Baron of Leighton Bromeswold Lord Darnley Mertiuen and St. Andrews Iames Hay Earle of Carlile Viscount Doncaster Lord Hay of Sauley and Knight of the Garter William Fielding Earle of Denbigh Viscount Fielding and Baron of Newenham-padox Iohn Digby Earle of Bristoll and Baron Digby of Shirborne Leonell Cranfield Earle of Middlesex and Baron Cranfield of Cranfield Charles Villers Earle of Anglesey Lord Dauentrey Henry Rich Earle of Holland Baron Kensington of Kensington Capt. of the Gard and Knight of the Garter Iohn Hollis Earle of Clare Lord Houghton of Houghton Oliuer St. Iohn Earle of Bullingbroke Lord St. Iohn of Bletso Mildmay Fane Earle of Westmerland Lord le De-Spencer and Burghwash Earles made by King CHARIES William Knowles Earle of Banbery Viscount Wallingford and Lord Knowles of Grayes Knight of the Garter Henry Montague Earle of Manchester Viscount Mandeuile and Lord Kymbolton Lord Priuy Seale Thomas Howard Earle of Barkeshire Viscount Ando●ner and Lord Charlton Knight of the Garter Thomas Wentworth Earle of Cleueland Lord Wentworth of Nettelsted Edmond She●●ield Earle of Mulgraue Lord She●field of Butterwick and Knight of the Garter Henry Danuers Earle of Danby Lord Danuers of Dantzy Robert Cary Earle of Monmouth Lord Cary of Lepington Henry Ley Earle of Marleburgh and Lord Ley of Ley. Edward Denny Earle of Norwich and Lord Den●y of Waltham Thomas Darcie Earle Riuers Viscount Colchester and Lord Darcie of Chich. Robert Bartu Earle of Lindsey and Lord Willoughby of Eresby Lord great Chamberlaine Knight of the Garter William Cauendish Earle of New-ca●tell Viscount Mansfield Lord Boulfouer and Ogle Henry Cary Earle of Douer Viscount Rochford and Lord Hunsdon Iohn Mordant Earle of Peterborough Lord Mordant of Turuey Henry Gray Earle of Standford Lord Gray of Groby Bonuille and Harington Elizabeth Finch Countesse of Winchelsey and Viscountesse Maidstone Robert Perpoint Earle of Kingston vpon Hull Viscount Newarke vpon Trent and Lord Perpoint of Hobnes Perpoint Robert Dormere Earle of Carna●uan Viscount Asco● and Lord Dormere of Wing Mount-Ioy Blount Earle of Newport Lord Mount-Ioy of Thurueston Philip Stanhop Earle of Chesterfield and Lord Stanhop of Shelford Nicholas Tufton Earle of the I le of Thanet and Lord Tufton of Tufton Richard de Burgh Earle of St. Albons● and Clanrickard Viscount Tunbridge and Galloway Baron of Somerhill and Imanuey Viscounts Anthony Browne Viscount Montague of Cowdrey Viscounts made by King IAMES Iohn Villers Viscount Purbecke Lord of Stoke William ●ines Viscount Say and Seale Lord Say and Seale Viscounts made by King CHARLES Edward Cecill Viscount Wimbleton and Baron Cecill of Putney Thomas Sauage Viscount Rock Sauage Edward Conway Viscount Conway and Killultagh and Baron Conway of Ragley Lord President of his Maiesties Priuie Councell Paul Baynening Viscount Baynening of Sudbury and Lord Baynening of Hookesley Edward Noell Viscount Camden Baron Noell of Ridlington Dudley Carleton Viscount Dorchester and Lord Carleton of Imbercourt Principall Secretarie Thomas Wentworth Viscount Wentworth Baron Wentworth of Wentworth Wood-house New-march and Ouer●ley Bishops George Abbot Archbishop of Canterbury Samuel Harsnet Archbishop of Yorke William Laude Bishop of London Iohn Howson Bishop of Durham Richard Neile Bishop of Winchester Thomas Doue Bishop of Peterborough Francis Godwine Bishop of Hereford Iohn Thorneburgh Bishop of Worcester Iohn Buckridge Bishop of Ely Thomas Morton Bishop of Couentry and Lichfi●ld Lewes Baily Bishop of Bangor Iohn Bridgeman Bishop of Chester Theophilus Field Bishop of St. Dauids Iohn Williams Bishop of Lincolne Iohn Dauenant Bishop of Salisbury Robert Wright Bishop of Bristoll Godfrey Goodman Bishop of Gloucester F●ancis White Bishop of Norwich Io●uah Hall Bishop of Exeter William Murray Bishop of Landaffe Richard Mountagu Bishop of Chichester Walter Curle Bishop of Bath and Wells Richard Corbet Bishop of Oxford Barnabas Potter Bishop of Carlile Iohn Owen Bishop of St.
Ashaph Iohn Bowle Bishop of Rochester Barons Henry Clifford Lord Clifford elde●t sonne of Francis Earle of Cumberland Henry Neuill Lord Abergauenny Maruin Touchet Lord Awdeley of Highleigh Algernon Percie Lord Percie eldest sonne of Henry Earle of Northumberland Iames Stanley Lord Strange eldest sonne of William Earle of Derby Charles West Lord Delaware Infra aetatem G●orge Barkeley Lord Barkeley of Barkeley Castle Henry Parker Lord Morley and Montegle Richard Lennard Lord Dacres of Hurst-monseux Henry Stafford Lord Stafford of Stafford Infra ●tat●● Edward Sutton Lord Dudley of Dudley Castle Edward Stourton Lord Stourton of Stourton Iohn Darcie Lord Darcie and Mennell Edward Vaux Lord Vaux of of Harrowden Thomas Windsor Lord Windsor of Bradenham Thomas Cromwell Lord Cromwell of Ockha● William Eure Lord Eure of Whitton Philip Wharton Lord Wharton of Wharton William Willoughby Lord Willoughby of Parham● William Paget Lord Paget of Beaudesert Dudley North Lord North of Carthlage George Bridges Lord Shandos of Sudley Infra ●ta●●● Barons made by King IAM●S William Peter Lord Peter of Writtell Dutton Gerard Lord Gerard of Gerards Bro●ley William Spencer Lord Spencer of Wormleighto● Charles Stanhop Lord Stanhop of Harrington Thomas Arundell Lord Arundell of Wardour Christopher Roper Lord Tenham of Tenham Infra aetatem Edward Montagu Lord Montagu of Kimbolton eldest sonne of Henry Earle of Manchester Basell Fielding Lord Newnham Paddocks eldest so● of William Earle of Denbigh Robert Greuill Lord Brooke of Bea●champ Court. Edward Montagu Lord Montagu of Boughto● William Gray Lord Gray of Warke Francis Leake Lord Denicourt of S●tton Richard Roberts Lord Roberts of Truro Edward Conway Lord Conway of Rag●ey eldest sonne of Edward Visco●nt Conway Barons made by King CHARLES Horace V●re Lord Vere of Ti●bury Master of the Ordnance Oliuer St. Iohn Lord Tregoze of Highworth William Crauen Lord Crauen of Hamsteed Marsh●ll Thomas Bellassise Lord Falconbridge of Yarom Richard Louelace Lord Louelace of Hurley Iohn Pawlet Lord Pawlet of Hinton St. George William H●rny Lord Herny of Kidbrooke Thomas Brudenell Lord Brudenell of Stouton William Maynard Lord Maynard of Estaines Thomas Couentry Lord Couentry of Alesborough Lord Keeper of the Great Seale of England Edward Howard Lord Howard of Est●ricke Richard Weston Lord Weston of ●eyla●d Lord High Treasur●r of England Knight of the Garter ●eorge Gor●ing Lord Goreing of Hurstperpoint Iohn Mohun● Lord Mohun of O●●hampton Iohn Sa●ill● Lord Sauill of Pomfret Iohn Bu●ler Lord Butler of Bram●ield F●ancis L●igh Lord Dunsemore William H●rbert Lord Powys of Powys Edward Herbert Lord Herbert of Chierbury A Catalogue of the Dukes Marquesses E●rles Viscounts and Barons of Scotland Dukes IAmes Stuart Duke of Lennox Earle of March Lord Da●ley● Methuen St. Andrews and Aubigny and Ad●irall and Chamberla●ne of Scotland by inheritance Marqu●sses Iames Hamiltone Marquesse Hamilton Earle of Arran and Cambridge Lord Auen Inordaill and Aberbroth Master of the Horse to his Maiestie George Gordoun Marquesse Huntley Earle of Enzy and Lord Strathbolgie Earles William Douglas Earle of Angus Lord Douglas and T●ntallon Archbald Campbell Earle of Argyle Lord Lorne and Kintine George Lindesey Earle of Crauford Lord Glenesh and Fineuin Francis Hay Earle of Erroll Lord Hay of Slains Con●table of Scotland by Inheritance William Keith Earle Mar●hall Lord Dunoter and Marshall of Scotland by Inh●ritance Iohn Gordon Earle of Sutherland Lord Strathn●uer and Dunrobin Iohn Erskeine Earle of Ma●r and Carioch Lord Erskeine● and Breichin Trea●u●er of Scotland Iohn Grahame Earle of Menteeth Lord c. Iohn Lesley Earle of Rothes Lord Lesley and Ba●breigh William Douglas Earle of Morton Lord Dalkeith and Aberdour Iames Grahame Earle of Montros Lord Kincairne and Mugdock Alexander Seton Earle of Eglenton Lord Mountgomery Iohn Keneday Earle of Cassils Lord Keneday George St. Claire Earle Ca●teynes Lord B●rredaill Alexander Cunnighame Earle of Glencarne Lord Kilmauris Iames Erskeine Earle of Buchan Lord Aughter●ous Iames Stuart Earle of Murray Lord Donne and St. Columb●inch Iohn Mu●ray Earle of Athole Lord c. Earles made by King IAMES Robert Maxwell Earle of Ni●hisdale Lord Maxwell and Cartauerock George Setone Earle of Wintoun and Lord Setone Alexander Leuinstone Earle of Linlithgou Lord Kalendar Iames Hume Earle of Hume Lord Dungals Iohn Drumond Earle of Perth Lord Drumond and Hobhall Charles Setone Earle of Dunfermeline Lord Fyuie and Vrquarte Fl●iming Earle of Vigtoune Lord Cumber●●rd Iohn Layon Earle of Kingorne Iames Hamilton Earle of Abercorne Lord Dasley Iames Kere Earle of Louthian Lord Heubotill Patrick Murray Earle of Tullibardine Lord Murray Robert Kere Earle of Roxbrugh Lord C●ssfing Thomas Erskeine Earle of Kelly Viscount Fentone Lord Diriltone Walter Scot Earle of Buckcleuch Lord c. Thomas Hamilton Earle of Hadingtoune Lord Byning and Byris Lord Priuy Seale Alexander Stuart Earle of Galloway Lord Garleis Collen Mac-Enzie Earle of Seafort Lord Kintaill Iohn Murray Earle of Anandill Viscount Anan Lord Lochmabine Iohn Maitland Earle of Lauderdale Viscount Maitland and Lord Thirilstone and Lethingtone Iames Stuart Earle of Carrick Lord Kincleuine Viscounts Henry Carey Viscount Falkland Henry Cunstable Viscount Dunbar Dauid Murray Viscount Stormouth Lord Scone William Crightone Viscount Aire Lord Sanquhair George Hay Viscount Dupleine Lord Hay of Kinfauns Lord high Chamberlaine of Scotland Iohn Gordon Viscount Melgum Lord Aboyne William Douglas Viscount Drumlanrick c. Barons Lindesay Lord Lindesay Iohn Forbes Lord Forbes Ab●rnete Lord Saltoun Andrew Gray Lord Gray of Fouils Iames Stuart Lord Vchiltrie Ca●hcarte Lord Cathc●rte Lord Caruill● Iohn Hay Lord Yester Iames Semple Lord S●mple Henry St. Clair Lord St. Clair of Rauensheogh Maxewell Lord Heries Alexander Elphingstone Lord Elphingstone Lawrence Oliphant Lord Oliphant Simon Foaser Lord Lo●at Iames Ogiluey Lord Ogiluey Borthwick Lord Borthwick● Robert Rosse Lord Rosse Thomas Boyde Lord Boyde Sandelius Lord Torphichen Alexander Lindesay Lord Spynnie Patrick Lesley Lord Londoers Cambell Lord Loudon Thomas Bruce Baron Kinlosse Iohn Elphingstone Lord Balmerinoch Iames Colueill Lord Colueill Iames Stuart Lord Blantyre Robert Balfour Lord Burleigh Adam Bothuell Lord Holyrudehouse Iohn Drumund Lord Madertie Iames Elphingstone Lord Cooper Iohn Cranstone Lord Cranstone Ogiluey Lord Deskford Robert Melueill Lord Melueill Dauid Carnagay Lord Carnagay Iohn Ramsay Lord Ramsay Carr Lord Iedbrough Campbell Lord Kintyir Naiper Lord Naiper of Marcheston Thomas Fairfax Lord Cameron Edward Barret Lord Newbrough Walter Aston Lord Forfare Iohn Weymes Lord Weymes Elizabeth Richardson Baronesse of Craumond wife to Sir Thomas Richardson Chiefe Iustice of his Maiesties Court of Common Pl●●s Iohn Stuart Lord Traquair Donald Macky Lord Rae Robert Dalzell Lord Dalzell A Catalogue of the Earles Viscounts Barons of Ireland● George Fitz-Gerald Earle of Kildare Walt●r Butler Earle of Ormond Henry Obri●n Earle of Thomond Richard Burgh Earle of Clanricard Mernen To●chet Earle of Castell-hauen Richard Boyle Earle of Corke Randall Mac-Donell Earle of Antrim Richard Nugent Earle of Westmeath Iames Dillon Earle of Roscomman Thomas Ridgway Earle of London Derry William Brabazen Earle of Eastmeath Dauid Barry Earle
Esquire created Baronet the 24. day of October anno praed Robert Wolseley of Morton in the county of Stafford Esquire created Baronet the 24. day of Nouember an praed Rice Rudd of Abersline in the county of Carmarthen Esquire created Baronet the 8. day of December an praed Richard Wiseman of Thundersley in the county of Essex Esquire created Baronet the 18. day of December anno praed Henry Ferrers of Skellingthorpe in the county of Lincolne Esquire created Baronet the 19. day of December an praed Iohn Anderson of St. Iues in the County of Huntingdon Esquire created Baronet the 3. day of Ianuary anno praed Sir William Russell of Chippenham in the County of Cambridge Knight created Baronet the 19. day of Ianuary Anno praedicto Richard Euerard of Much Waltham in the County of Essex Esquire created Baronet the 29. day of Ianuary an praed Thomas Powell of Berkenhead in the County of Chester Esquire created Baronet the day of Ianuary an praed William Luckin of Waltham in the County of Essex Esquire created Baronet the 2. day of March an praed Anno quinto Caroli Regis Richard Graham of Eske in the County of Cumberland Esquire created Baronet the 29. day of March an praed George Twisleton of Barlie in the County of Yorke Esquire created Baronet the 2. day of Aprill an praed William Acton of the City of London Esquire created Baronet the 30. day of May anno praed Nicholas Le Strange of Hunstanton in the County of Norfolke Esquire created Baronet the 1. day of Iune anno praed Edward Aleyn of Hatfield in the County of Essex Esquire created Baronet the 28. day of Inne An. praed Richard Earle of Craglethorpe in the county of Lincolne Esquire created Baronet the 2. day of Iuly Anno praed Iohn Holland of Quidenham in the County of Norfolke Esquire created Baronet the 15. day of Iuly An. praed Robert Ducy Alderman of London created Baronet the 28. day of Nouember an praed Anno sexto Caroli Regis Sir Richard Grenuile Knight and Colonell created Baronet Teste apud Westmonasterium decimo nono die Aprilis Anno Regni nostri sexto Knights of the Bath made at the Coronation of King IAMES SIr Philip Herbert now Earle of Montgomery Thomas Barkley Lord Barkley Sir William Euers now Lord Euers Sir George Wharton after Lord Wharton Sir Robert Rich now Earle of Warwicke Sir Robert Carre of the Bed-chamber of his Maiesty Sir Iohn Egerton now Earle of Bridgewater Sir Henry Compton third brother to William Earle of Northampton Sir Iames Erskine sonne to the Earle of Marre Sir William Austuddur Sir Patricke Murray Sir Iames Hay Lord Yster Sir Iohn Lynsey Sir Richard Preston after Earle of Desmond Sir Oliuer Cromwell of Huntingtonshire Sir Edward Stanley of Lancashire Sir William Herbert of Montgomery now Lord Powys Sir Foulke Griuell after Lord Brooke Sir Francis Fanne after Earle of Westmerland Sir Robert Chichester of Deuonshire Sir Robert Knowles of Bershire Sir William Clifton of Nottinghamshire Sir Francis Fortescue of Deuonshire Sir Richard Corbet of Shropshire Sir Edward Herbert now Lord of Castle-Iland in Ireland and Baron Chirbury Sir Thomas Langton of Lancashire Sir William Pope of Oxfordshire Sir Arthur Hopton of Somersetshire Sir Charles Morison Knight Baronet of Hartfordshire Sir Francis Leigh of Warwickeshire Sir Edward Mountagu now Lord Mountagu of Boughton in Northamptonshire Sir Edward Stanhop of Yorkeshire Sir Peter Manwood of Kent Sir Robert Harley of Herefordshire Sir Thomas Strickland of Yorkeshire Sir Christopher Hatton of Northamptonshire Sir Edward Gri●fin of Northamptonshire Sir Robert Beuill of Huntingtonshire Sir Edward Harwell of Wostershire Sir Iohn Mallet of Somersetshire Sir Walter Aston of Staffordshire Knight and Baronet Sir Henry Gawdy of Essex Sir Richard Musgraue of Westmerland Kni. Baronet Sir Iohn Stowell of Somersetshire Sir Richard Amcots of Lincolneshire Sir Thomas Leedes of Suffolke Sir Thomas Iermyn of Norfolke Sir Ralph Harre of Hartford Sir William Forster of Buckinghamshire Sir George Speake of Somersetshire Sir George Hide of Barkeshire Sir Anthony Felton of Suffolke Sir William Browne of Northamptonshire Sir Thomas Wise of Essex Sir Robert Chamberlaine of Oxfordshire Sir Anthony Palmer of Suffolke Sir Edward Heron of Lincolneshire Sir Henry Burton of Leicestershire Sir Robert Barker of Suffolke Sir William Norris of Lancashire Sir Roger Bodenham of Herefordshire Knights of the Bath made at the Creation of Henry Prince of WALES HEnry Vere Earle of Oxford George Lord Gordon son to Marquesse Huntley Henry Lord Clifford son to Francis Earle of Cumberland Henry Ratcliffe Lord Fitz-water sonne to the Earle of Sussex Edward Bourcher now Earle of Bath Iames Lord Hay now Earle of Carlile Iames Lord Erskin sonne to the Earle of Marre in Scotland Thomas Windsor now Lord Windsor Thomas Lord Wentworth now Earle of Cleueland Sir Charles Somerset son to Edward Earle of Worster Sir Edward Somerset son to the said Earle of Worster Sir Francis Stuart son to the Earle of Murray Sir Ferdinando Sutton eldest son to the Lord Dudley Sir Henry Carey now Earle of Douer Sir Oliuer St. Iohn Lord St. Iohn now Earle of Bullingbrooke Sir Gilbert Gerrard after Lord Gerrard of Gerrard Bromley Sir Charles Stanhop Lord Stanhop of Harington Sir William Steward Sir Edward Bruce after Lord Kinlosse Sir Robert Sidney Lord Sidney now Earle of Leicester Sir Ferdinando Touchet eldest sonne to George Lord Audley Earle of Castle-hauen in Ireland Sir Peregrine Bartey brother to the now Earle of Lindsey Sir Henry Rich second brother to the Earle of Warwicke and now Earle of Holland Sir Edward Sheffeild son to the Lord Sheffeild now Earle of Mulgraue Sir William Cauendish after made Viscount Mansfield and now Earle of Newcastle Knights of the Bath made at the Creation of Charles Duke of YORKE CHARLES Duke of Yorke Sir Robert Barty Lord Willoughby of Eresby now Earle of Lindesey Si● William Compton Lord Compton after Earle of Northampton Sir Grey Bridges Lord Shandos Sir Francis Norris Lord Norris of Rycot after Earle of Barkeshire Sir William Cecill now Earle of Salisbury Sir Allan Percy brother to Henry Earle of Northumberland Sir Francis Mannors now Earle of Rut●and Sir Francis Clifford son to th● Earle of Cumberland Sir Thomas Somerset now Viscount Somerset of Castile in Ireland Sir Thomas Howard second son to the Earle of Suffolke now Earle of ●arkeshire Sir Iohn Harrington sonne to Iohn Lord Harrington of Exton Knights of the Bath made at the Creation of CHARLES Prince of Wales IAmes Lord Matrauers eldest son to Thomas Earle of Arundell Alg●rnon Lord P●rcy eldest son to the Earle of Northumb●rland Iames Lord W●iothesley eldest son to Henry Earle of Southampton Theophilus Lord Clinton now Earle of Lincolne eldest son of Thomas Earle of Lincolne Edward Seim●r L●rd B●a●●hamp grand child to Edward Earle of H●r●fo●d George Lord Barkley now Lord Barkeley H●nry Lord Mordant now Earle of Peterborough The Master of F●nton now Lord Fenton Sir Henry
Howard now Lord Matrauers Sir Robert Howard fift sonne to Thomas Earle of Suffolke Sir Edward Sackuill now Earle of Dorset Sir William Howard sixth son to Thomas Earle of Suffolke● Sir Edward Howard seuenth sonne to Thomas Ea●●●●f Suffolke now Lord Howard of Est●ricke in Y●●● of shire Sir Montagu Bartu sonne and heire to Robert Earle of Lindsey now Lord Willoughby Sir William Stourton● sonne to the Lord Stourton Sir William Parker after Lord Mor●ey and Montea●le Sir Dudley North now Lord North. Sir Spencer Compton now Earle of Northampton Sir William Spencer now Lord Spencer Sir Rowland St. Iohn brother to Oliuer E●rle of Bullingbrooke Sir Iohn Cauendish second sonne to William Earle of Deuonshire Sir Thomas Neuill son to Henry now Lord Abergaueney Sir Iohn Roper after Lord Tenham Sir Iohn North brother to Dudley now Lor● North. Sir Henry Cary now Viscount Faulkland Knights of the Bath made at the C●ronation of King CHARLES George Fielding Viscount Callon second sonne to William Earle of Denbigh now Earle of Desmond Iames Stanley Lord Strange eldest son to William Earle of Derby Charles Cecill Lord Cranborne eldest sonne to William Earle of Salisbury Charles Herbert Lord Herbert of Shurland eldest sonne to Philip Earle of Montgomery Robert Rich Lord Rich eldest sonne to Robert Earle of Warwicke Iames Hay Lord Hay eldest sonne to Iames Earle of Carlile● Bazell Fielding Lord Fielding eldest sonne to William Earle of Denbigh O●iuer St. Iohn Lord St. Iohn eldest son to Oliuer Earle of Bullingbrooke Mildmay Fane now Earle of Westmerland Lord Henry Pawlet younger son to William Marquesse of Winchester Sir Edwa●d Montagu eldest sonne to Henry Viscount M●ndeuill now Earle of Manchester Sir Iohn Cary eldest sonne to Henry Viscount Rochford now Earle of Douer Sir Charles Howard eldest son to Thomas Viscount Andouer now Earle of Barkshire Sir William Howard second sonne to Thomas Earle of Arundell Sir Robert Stanley second son to William Ea. of Derby Sir Pawl●t St. Iohn second sonne to Oliuer Earle of Bulling●rooke Sir Francis Fane second son to Francis Earle of Westm●rland Sir Iames Howard eldest son to Theophilus Lord Walden now Earle of Suffolke Sir William Cauendish eldest sonne to William Lord Cauendish Earle of Deuonshire Sir Thomas Wentworth eldest sonne to Thomas Lord Wentworth now Earle of Cleueland Sir William Paget son to William Lord Paget of Bewdesert now Lord Paget Sir William Russell eldest son to Francis Lord Russell now Earle of Bedford Sir Henry Stanhope eldest son to Philip Lord Stanhope of Shelford now Earle of Chesterfield Sir Richard Vaughan eldest son to Iohn Lord Vaughan of Molengar in Ireland Sir Christopher Neuill second sonne to Edward Lord Abergaueney Sir Roger Bartu second son to Robert Lord Willoughby now Earle of Lindsey Sir Thomas Wharton second sonne to Thomas Lord Wharton Sir Saint Iohn Blunt brother to Mountioy Blunt Lord Mountioy now Earle of Newport Sir Ralphe Clare of Worcestershire Sir Iohn Maynard of Essex second brother to the Lord Maynard Sir Francis Carew of Deuonshire Sir Iohn Byron of Nottinghamshire Sir Roger Palmer of Sussex Master of the Kings Household Sir Henry Edmonds sonne to sir Thomas Edmonds Treasurer of the House-hold Sir Ralph Hopton of Somersetshire Sir William Brooke of Kent Sir Alexander Ratcliffe of Lancashire Sir Edward Scot of Kent Sir Christopher Hatton of Northamptonshire Sir Thomas Sackuill of Sussex Sir Iohn Munson of Lincolneshire sonne to sir Thomas Munson Sir Peter Wentworth of Oxfordshire Sir Iohn Butler of Hartfordshire Sir Edward Hung●rford of Wiltshire Sir Richard Lewson of Kent Sir Nathaniel Bacon of Calford in Suffolke Sir Robert Poyntz of Glocestershire Sir Robert Beuill of Huntingtonshire Sir George Sands of Kent Sir Thomas Smith of Weston-Hanger in Kent Sir Thomas Fanshaw of Warparke in Hartfordshire Sir Miles Hobard of Plomsted in Norfolke Sir Henry Hart of Kent son to sir Perciuall Hart. Sir Francis Carew alias Throgmorton of Bedington in Surrey Sir Iohn Backhouse of Berkshire Sir Mathew Mynnes of Kent Sir Iohn Stowell of Somersetshire Sir Iohn Iennings of Hartfordshire Sir Stephen Ha●uey of Northamptonshire son to Iudge Haruey FINIS
of Barrymore Viscount ●o●teuant Gorge Fielding Earle of Desmond Viscount Callon Iohn Vaughan Earle of Carbury and Lord Vaughan of Mol●ingar William Pope Earle of Downe and Baron Bealterbert Luc●s Plunket Earle of ●inga●le Lord of Killene Viscounts I●●ico P●eston Viscount of Gormanston D●●id ●●che Viscount of Fermoy Richard ●●tler● Viscount Mo●ntgarret Richa●d Wing●ield Viscount Powerscourt O●●●er St. Iohn Viscount Grandison Charles Wilmot Viscount Wilmot of Athlone Henry Poore Viscount of Valentia Garret Moore Viscount of Drogh●da Chris●opher Dillon Viscount Dillon of Costellagh-galni● Nicholas Netteruill Viscount Netteruill of Dowthe Hugh Montgomery Viscount Montgomery of the Ardes Iames Hamilton Viscount Clanhughboy Adam Loftus Viscount Loftus of Ely Thomas Beaumont Viscount Beaumont of Swords Anth. Mac-Enos alias Magennis Visc. Magennis of Euagh Thomas Cromwell Viscount L●cale Edward Chichester Viscount Chichester of Carigfergus Dominick Sarsfield Viscount Sarsfield of Roscarbery Robert Neede●am Viscount Kilmurry Thomas Somerset Viscount Somerset of Cassell Edward Conway Viscount of Killultagh Nicholas Sanderson Vis●ount of Castl●towne Thomas Roper Viscount of Baltinglas Theobald Burgh Viscoun● of Maio. Lewes Boyle Viscount Boyle of Kynalmeaky Roger Iones Viscount of Rannelagh George Chaworth Viscount Chaworth of Ardmagh Barnham Swift Visco●●t Carlingford Thomas Sauile Viscount Sauile of Castle-Bar Iohn Scudamore Baron Scudamore of Dromore and Viscount Scudamore of Sligo Robert Cholmundeley Visco Cholmundeley of Kellis Thomas Smith Viscount Strangford Richard Lumley Viscount Lumley of Waterford Richard Wenman Viscount Wenman of Tuan and Baron Wenman of Kilmanham Iohn Taffe Viscount Corine and Baron of Ballimote William Mounson Viscount Mounson of Castle-mayne and Baron Mounson of Bellinguard Charles Mac-Carty Viscount of Muskry Richard Mulenux Viscount Mulenux of Mariburgh Thomas Fairfax Viscount Fairfax of Emmely Thomas Fitz-William Viscount Fitz-William of Meryung and Baron Fitz-William of Thorne-Castle Perce Butler Viscount Kerine Barons Richard Bermingham Lord Bermingham of Athenry Iohn Courcy Lord Courcy of Kinsale Thomas Fitz-morrice Lord of Kerry and Lixnawr Thomas Fleming Lord of Slane Nicholas St. Lawrence Lord of Hothe Patrick Plunket Lord of Dunsany Robert Barnwell Lord of Trimleston Edmund Butler Lord of Dunboyne Teige Mac-Gilpatrik Lord of vpper O●sery Oliuer Plunket Lord of Lough Iohn Power Lord Corraghmore Morrogh Obrien Lord of Inchequin Edmund Burgh Lord Burgh of Castle-connell Thomas Butler Lord of Cahir Mont-Ioy Blunt Lord Mont-Ioy of Mont-Ioy Fort. Oliuer Lambert Lord Lambert of Cauan Theobald Burgh Lord Burgh of Britas Andrew Steward Lord of Castle-Steward Iames Balfoure Lord Balfoure of Clan-Awley Henry Folliet Lord Folliet of Ballishenam William Maynard Lord Maynard of Wicklogh Edward Gorges Lord Gorges of Dundalke Robert Digby Lord Digby of Geshell William Heruy Lord Heruy of Rosse William Fitz-William Lord Fitz-William of Liffer William Caufield Lord Caufield of Charlemont Henry Docwray Lord Docwray of Culmore Edward Blany Lord Blany of Monagham Francis Aungier Lord Aungier of Long-ford Lawrence Esmond Lord Esmond of Lymerick Dermond Omallum Lord Omallum of Glan Omallum William Br●rton Lord Brerton of Laghlin Edward Herbert Lord Herbert of Castle-Iland George Caluert Lord Baltimore Hugh Hare Lord Colerane of Colerane William Sherard Lord Sherard of Letrim Roger Boyle Lord Boyle Baron of Broghill Brian Mac-Guier Baron of Iniskillin Francis Ansley Lord Mount-Norris The names of Baronets made by King Iames and King Charles at seuerall times as followeth Anno 9. 44. Iacobi Regis 1611. SIr Nicholas Bacon of Redgraue in the County of ●●●●folke Knight created Baronet the 22. day of May Anno praedicto Sir Richard Molineux of Se●ton in the County of Lancaster Knight created Baronet the 22. day of May Anno praedicto Sir Thomas Maunsell of Morgan in the County of Clamorgan Knight created Baronet the 22. day of May Anno praedicto George Shyrley of Staunton in the County of Leicester Esquire created Baronet the 22. day of May vt supra Sir Iohn Stradling of St. Donates in the County of Glamorgan Knight teste vt supra Thomas Pe●ham of Lawghton in the County of Sussex Esquire created Baronet teste vt supra Sir Francis Leake of Sutton in the County of Derby Knight teste vt supra Sir Richard Houghton of Houghton-tower in the County of Lancaster Knight teste vt supra Sir Henry Hobart of Intwood in the County of Norfolke Knight teste vt supra Sir George Booth of Dunham Massie in the County of Chester Knight created Baronet teste vt supra Sir Iohn Peyton of Hisman in the County of Cambridge Knight created Baronet teste vt supra Lionell Talmache of H●mingham in the County of Suffolke Esquire created Baronet teste vt supra Sir I●ruis Clifton of Clif●on in the County of Derby Knight created Baronet teste v● supra Sir Thomas Gerrard of Brim in the County of Lancaster Knight created Baronet teste vt supra Sir Walter Aston of Titfall in the County of Stafford Kn●ght created Baronet teste vt supra Philip Kneuet of Bucknam Esquire in the County of Norfolke teste vt supra Sir Iohn S● Iohn of Lediard Tregos in the Couty of Wilts Knight created Baronet teste vt supra Iohn Shelly of Michelgroue in the County of Sussex Esquire created Baronet teste vt supra Sir Iohn Sauage of Rock-sauage in the County of Chester Knight created Baronet the 29. day of Iune Anno 9. 44. Iacobi Regis anno praedicte Sir Francis Barington of Barington-hall in the County of Essex Knight created Baronet the 29. day of Iune v● supra anno praedicto Henry Berkley of Wymondham in the County of L●icester Esquire created Baronet the 29. day of Iune anno praedicte William Wentworth of Wentworth Woodhouse in the county of Yorke Esquire created Baronet the 29. day of Iune vt ante an praed Sir Richard Musgraue of Hartley-Castle in the county of VVestmerland Knight created Baronet teste vt supra Edward Seimoure of Bury-Castle in the county of Deuon Esquire created Baronet teste vt supra Sir Miles Finch of Eastwell in the county of Kent Knig. created Baronet teste vt supra Sir Anthony Cope of Harwell in the county of Oxford Knight created Baronet teste vt supra Sir Thomas Mounson of Carleton in the county of Lincolne Knight created Baronet teste vt supra George Griesley of Drakelow in the county of Derby Esquire created Baronet teste vt supra Paul Tracy of Stanway in the county of Glocester Esquire created Baronet teste vt supra Sir Iohn Wentworth of G●ffield in the county of Essex Knight created Baronet teste vt supra Sir Henry Bellassis of Newbrough in the county of Yorke Knight created Baronet teste vt supra William Constable of Flambrough in the county of Yorke Esquire created Baronet teste vt supra Sir Thomas Legh of Stoneley in the county of VVarwicke Knight created Baronet teste vt supra Sir Edward Noell of Brooke in the county of Rutland Knight created Baronet teste vt supra Sir Robert Cotton of Connington in the county