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lord_n duke_n earl_n treasurer_n 11,355 5 11.0675 5 false
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A39420 At the court at Whitehal the 30th of November 1660 present, the Kings Most Excellent Majesty. England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II); Charles II, King of England, 1630-1685.; England and Wales. Privy Council. 1660 (1660) Wing E814; ESTC R25576 383 1 View Text
A84492 At the Court at Whitehall this sixth day of November 1685 Present, the Kings most excellent Majesty. His Royal Highness Prince George.... Mr. Chancellour of the Dutchy. For the preventing tumultuous disorders, which may happen hereafter upon pretence of assembling, to make bonfires, and fire-works,...; Orders in Council. 1685-11-06 England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II); James II, King of England, 1633-1701. 1685 (1685) Wing E799; ESTC R223032 558 1 View Text
A39434 At the court at Whitehall, the one and thirtieth of January, 1678/9, present the Kings Most Excellent Majesty ... whereas His Majesty hath received complaint in council, that several justices of the peace ... England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II); Charles II, King of England, 1630-1685. 1679 (1679) Wing E846; ESTC R39429 698 1 View Text
A95021 A true copie of the list, or roll, of the Kings Majesties most royall proceedings from the Tower through London to White-Hall, as it will be marshalled by the Lords deputed for the office of Earld. Marshall. 1661 (1661) Wing T2648; Thomason 669.f.27[8]; ESTC R210256 798 1 View Text
B06227 True copie of the list, or roll, of the King's Majesties most royall proceedings from the Tower through London to VVhitehall, as it will be marshalled by the Lords deputed for the office of Earl'd Marshall. 1661 (1661) Wing T2648A; ESTC R185629 809 1 View Text
B05275 A proclamation, appointing a roup in the in-land excise of this kingdom, and of the rents and duties of Orknay and Zetland. Scotland. Court of Exchequer. 1686 (1686) Wing S1358A; ESTC R184024 930 1 View Text
A39982 The form of the proceeding to the coronation of Their Majesties, King James the Second, and Queen Mary, the 23 of this instant April 1685 to be punctually observed by all persons therein concerned. 1685 (1685) Wing F1579; ESTC R10854 1,077 1 View Text
B03350 The form of the proceeding to the coronation of their Majesties, King James the Second, and Queen Mary, the 23 of this instant April 1685. To be punctually observed by all persons therein concerned. 1685 (1685) Wing F1579A; ESTC R177183 1,111 1 View Text
A39423 At the court at White-hall, January the seventeenth, 1678/9, present the Kings Most Excellent Majesty ... there having been lately presented by the justices of the peace ... England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II); Charles II, King of England, 1630-1685.; England and Wales. Privy Council. 1678 (1678) Wing E820; ESTC R39425 1,203 1 View Text
A70024 At the court at Whitehall, June the sixth, 1673. Present the Kings most excellent Majesty His Royal Highness the Duke of York ... Mr Speaker. Whereas by the late address of both Houses of Parliament, His Majesty was humbly desired by his own example to encourage the constant wearing of the manufactures of his own kingdoms and dominions, ...; Orders in Council. 1673-06-06 England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II); Charles II, King of England, 1630-1685.; England and Wales. Privy Council. 1673 (1673) Wing E835; ESTC R35919 1,219 1 View Text
A32191 At the court at Whitehall the eleventh of December, 1672 present the Kings Most Excellent Majesty ... England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II); Charles II, King of England, 1630-1685.; Williamson, Joseph, Sir, 1633-1701.; England and Wales. Privy Council. 1672 (1672) Wing C2927; ESTC R37179 1,240 4 View Text
A74202 By the King. A proclamation, declaring his Majesties pleasure touching His royal coronation, and the solemnity thereof England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II); Charles II, King of England, 1630-1685. 1661 (1661) Wing C3284A; Thomason 669.f.26[68]; ESTC R210945 1,315 1 View Text
B03308 At the court at Hampton-Court, June 29. 1662. Whereas by an Act of Parliament in the twelfth year of his Majesties reign, entituled, An act for the encouraging and increasing of shipping and navigation of this nation... England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II); Browne, Richard, Sir, 1605-1683.; Charles II, King of England, 1630-1685. 1662 (1662) Wing E827; ESTC R214574 1,441 1 View Text
B03313 At the court at Whitehall the nineteenth of April, 1667. Whereas the Lord Chancellor, Lord Treasurer, and Lord Keeper of the privy seal, the two and twentieth day of December last, did in pursuance of the statute made in the eight and twentieth year of the reign of King Henry the Eighth, for pricing of wines... England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II); Browne, Richard, Sir, 1605-1683.; Charles II, King of England, 1630-1685. 1667 (1667) Wing E857B; ESTC R175273 1,510 5 View Text
B03311 At the Court at Whitehall the third of October, 1676. Whereas His Majesty and this board are informed of the bold and open repair made to several places, ... for the hearing of mass, and other worship and services of the Romish Church ... England. Curia Regis.; Walker, Edward, Sir, 1612-1677. 1679 (1679) Wing E840A; ESTC R174982 1,570 1 View Text
A58767 A publication of the royal authority of the most serene, most mighty and most august monarch James the Seventh by the grace of God King of Scotland. Scotland. Privy Council.; James II, King of England, 1633-1701.; England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II); Scotland. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James VII) 1685 (1685) Wing S1994; ESTC R32977 1,574 1 View Text
B03872 By the King. A proclamation declaring His Majesties pleasure touching his royal coronation, and the solemnity thereof. England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II); James II, King of England, 1633-1701. 1685 (1685) Wing J326; ESTC R179591 1,585 1 View Text
A39430 At the Court at Whitehall the third of October, 1676 present the Kings Most Excellent Majesty ... England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II); Charles II, King of England, 1630-1685.; England and Wales. Privy Council. 1676 (1676) Wing E840; ESTC R27329 1,594 4 View Text
A39431 At the court at Whitehall, this sixth day of December, 1678, present, the Kings Most Excellent Majesty ... whereas His Majesty and this board are informed of the bold and open repair made to several places ... England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II); Charles II, King of England, 1630-1685.; England and Wales. Privy Council. 1678 (1678) Wing E841; ESTC R39427 1,636 1 View Text
A46545 A proclamation declaring His Majesties pleasure touching His Royal Coronation, and the solemnity thereof James R. England and Wales. Sovereign (1685-1688 : James II); James II, King of England, 1633-1701.; Mary, of Modena, Queen, consort of James II, King of England, 1658-1718. 1684 (1684) Wing J325; ESTC R18782 1,651 1 View Text
A84503 His Majesties declaration for encouragement of sea-men & mariners employed in the present service; Orders in Council. 1664-10-28 England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II); Charles II, King of England, 1630-1685.; England and Wales. Privy Council. 1664 (1664) Wing E811B; ESTC R214578 1,681 8 View Text
A39412 At the court at White-hall the 22th of March, 1664, present the Kings Most Excellent Majesty ... whereas His Majesty by and with the advice of his Privy Council hath dispensed with certain clauses of several acts, concerning trade, shipping and navigation ... England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II); Charles II, King of England, 1630-1685.; England and Wales. Privy Council. 1664 (1664) Wing E804; ESTC R39421 1,731 1 View Text
A46180 Whereas the Kings Most Excellent Majestie hath lately published a declaration, intituled, His Majesties Declaration for encouragement of seamen and mariners imployed in the present service ... by the Lord Deputy and Council, Ossory. Ireland. Lord Deputy.; Ossory, Thomas Butler, Earl of, 1634-1680. 1665 (1665) Wing I902; ESTC R36937 2,018 2 View Text
B08204 At Theobalds, the 12. of Aprill 1622. The copy of a reference from the Kings most excellent Maiesty: as also a letter from the right honourable lords of His Maiesties most honourable Priuy Councell, to the most reuerend fathers in God, the lords arch-bishops of Canterbury and Yorke their graces. England and Wales. Sovereign (1603-1625 : James I).; Whitbourne, Richard, 1561-1635. 1622 (1622) STC 25375A.2; ESTC S1723 2,503 4 View Text
A24970 An Account of the ceremonial at the coronation of Their Most Excellent Majesties, King James II and Queen Mary, at Westminster the 23 of April 1685, in the first year of His Majesties reign 1685 (1685) Wing A260; ESTC R4631 2,652 1 View Text
A38347 At the Court at White-Hall, August the 14, 1663 present : the Kings Most excellent Majesty, Lord Chancellour, Lord Treasurer, Lord Privy-Seal ... [et al.] England and Wales. Privy Council. 1663 (1663) Wing E2888; ESTC R3619 2,912 8 View Text
B05356 Commission, for executing the laws in church-affairs. Sealed, the twenty fourth of February, 1664. Scotland. Sovereign (1649-1685 : Charles II); Scotland. Privy Council. 1664 (1664) Wing S1488A; ESTC R226211 2,995 16 View Text
A13514 True louing sorow, attired in a robe of vnfeigned griefe presented vpon occasion of the much bewailed funerall of that gracious and illustrious prince Lewis Steward, Duke of Richmond and Linox, Eearle [sic] of Newcastle and Darnely ... who departed this life at White-Hall on the Thursday the 12 of February ... / [by] John Taylor. Taylor, John, 1580-1653. 1624 (1624) STC 23808.5; ESTC S3373 3,144 1 View Text
A78316 A catalogue of the Lords spirituall and temporall of the higher house of Parliament. 1640 Walkley, Thomas, d. 1658? 1641 (1641) Wing C1384; Thomason E1091_3; ESTC R208941 3,234 17 View Text
A11193 To the Kings most excellent Maiestie, the Lords spirituall and temporall, and the Commons in this present Parliament assembled, the humble petition of Thomas Russell, Esquire Russell, Thomas. 1626 (1626) STC 21460.7; ESTC S3362 3,705 1 View Text
A63424 A True and perfect catalogue of the nobility and great officers of state and court, lords spiritual and temporal of the kingdom of England as they now stand, Feb., 1683/4 1684 (1684) Wing T2524; ESTC R12152 3,887 1 View Text
A54328 A Perfect catalogue of the peeres of the realm of England viz. Dukes, Marquesses, Earles, Viscounts, and Barons now sitting in this present Parliament, began at Westminster the 8th day of May in the 12th year of the reign of our Gracious Soveraign Lord King Charles the Second &c., 1661 : together with the auncient statute for placing the Lords in all Parliaments and other assemblies and conferences of councils. 1661 (1661) Wing P1475; ESTC R26870 4,049 12 View Text
A32198 Charles the Second, by the grace of God, King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, defender of the faith, &c. to all to whom these presents shall come greeting ... the private commodity of our subjects, have diligently looked into and observed the great plenty of fish ... 1661 (1661) Wing C2934; ESTC R12981 4,335 1 View Text
A38848 An Exact account of the ceremonial at the coronation of their Most Excellent Majesties King VVilliam and Queen Mary, the eleventh day of this instant April, 1689 1689 (1689) Wing E3565; ESTC R8996 4,379 5 View Text
A24969 An Account of the ceremonial at the coronation of Their Most Excellent Majesties King William and Queen Mary the eleventh day of this instant April 1689 1689 (1689) Wing A260_VARIANT; ESTC R26492 4,393 5 View Text
A35765 A Description of the ceremonial proceedings at the coronation of Their most illustrious, serene, and sacred Majesties, King James II and his royal consort Queen Mary who where [sic] crowned at Westminster-abby, on Thursday the 23th. of April, 1685. 1685 (1685) Wing D1154; ESTC R41093 4,452 1 View Text
A25594 An Account of the principal officers civil and military of England, May 1684 1684 (1684) Wing A341; ESTC R1654 4,617 1 View Text
B03307 At the court of Whitehall the first of May, 1674. Present, the Kings Most Excellent Majesty ... England and Wales. Parliament.; Great Britain. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II). 1674 (1674) Wing E826A; ESTC R174981 4,682 1 View Text
A02937 Ansvvere made by the kynges hyghnes to the petitions of the rebelles in Yorkeshire England and Wales. Sovereign (1509-1547 : Henry VIII) 1536 (1536) STC 13077; ESTC S109524 4,782 14 View Text
A88536 A looking-glass for traytors being the manner of the tryall of those barbarous wretches at Justice-Hall in the Old-Baily, who contrived and compassed the death of his late Sacred Majesty King Charles the First, of ever blessed memory : with an account of their severall arguments, conviction, condemnation and execution. 1660 (1660) Wing L3034; Thomason 669.f.26[25]; ESTC R210824 4,815 1 View Text
A67034 An exact and true definition of the most stupendious water-commanding engine, invented by the Right Honourable (and deservedly to be praised and admired) Edward Somerset, Lord Marquess of Worcester, and by his Lordship himself presented to his most Excellent Majesty Charles the Second, our most gracious Sovereign ... Worcester, Edward Somerset, Marquis of, 1601-1667.; England and Wales. Private Acts. 1663. 15 Cha.II.c.12. 1663 (1663) Wing W3532A; ESTC R201911 4,936 24 View Text
A46106 An impartial account of the names of His Majesty's most honourable privy-council and principal officers of this kingdom, now in commission, under the most puissant and renowned prince, King James II 1686 (1686) Wing I72; ESTC R41774 5,139 1 View Text
A71361 An exact accompt, communicating the chief transactions of the three nations, England, Ireland, and Scotland [no.104 (29 June-6 July 1660)] With the daily votes and resolves in both houses of Parliament. Williams, Oliver, fl. 1657-1670, editor.; Redmayne, John, fl. 1659-1688, publisher. 1660 (1660) Thomason E186_13 5,157 8 View Text
A56214 Summary reasons, humbly tendered to the most Honourable House of Peers by some citizens and members of London, and other cities, boroughs, corporations, and ports, against the new intended Bill for governing and reforming corporations. Prynne, William, 1660-1669. 1661 (1661) Wing P4096A; ESTC R219604 5,375 1 View Text
A94855 Londons glory represented by time, truth and fame: at the magnificent triumphs and entertainment of His most Sacred Majesty Charls the II. The Dukes of York and Glocester, the two Houses of Parliament, Privy Councill, Judges, &c. At Guildhall on Thursday, being the 5th. day of July 1660. and in the 12th. year of His Majestie [sic] most happy reign. Together with the order and management of the whole days business. Published according to order. Tatham, John, fl. 1632-1664. 1660 (1660) Wing T222; Thomason E1030_13; ESTC R202347 5,428 16 View Text
A75440 An account of the principal officers, civil and military, of England, in the year 1699 1699 (1699) Wing A342C; ESTC R230794 6,766 1 View Text
A38930 An Exact list of the members of both Houses of Parliament summoned and elected to meet at Westminster the nineteenth of May, in the first year of the reign of the Most Serene Prince, King James the Second. 1685 (1685) Wing E3658; ESTC R36401 7,132 1 View Text
A48644 A list of both houses of Parliament summoned by his Majesty King James the second, to meet at Westminster the nineteenth day of May, 1685. In the first year of his Majesties reign. Note that such noble-men before whom this mark (*) is prefixt, are knights of the most noble Order of the Garter. That the Archbishop of Canterbury takes place next to the princes of the blood. That the Archbishop of York takes place above all the nobility and officers, except that the Lord Keeper. That the rest of the bishops take place next to the viscounts, and above temporal barons: whereof the bishops of London, Durham, and Winchester, do always precede the other bishops; the rest taking place according to the seniority of their consecrations. That the noble-men under age sit not in the House of Lords, unless called by his Majesties writ. That such of the Commons as have this mark () after them were members of the last Parliament.; Lists. 1685. England and Wales. Parliament. 1685 (1685) Wing L2385B; ESTC R213687 7,216 1 View Text
A07494 Ciuitatis amor. = The cities loue An entertainment by water, at Chelsey, and White-hall. At the ioyfull receiuing of that illustrious hope of Great Britaine, the high and mighty Charles, to bee created Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornewall, Earle of Chester, &c. Together with the ample order and solemnity of his Highnesse creation, as it was celebrated in his Maiesties palace of White-hall on Monday, the fourth of Nouember. 1616. As also the ceremonies of that ancient and honourable Order of the Knights of the Bath; and all the triumphs showne in honour of his royall creation. Middleton, Thomas, d. 1627. 1616 (1616) STC 17878; ESTC S112680 7,600 26 View Text
A54327 A Perfect catalogue of all the lords treasurers that have been in England to this present year, 1679 with particular observations on Thomas Earl of Danby. 1679 (1679) Wing P1474; ESTC R361 7,724 4 View Text
A08184 Expicedium [sic]. A funeral oration, vpon the death of the late deceased Princesse of famous memorye, Elizabeth by the grace of God, Queen of England, France and Ireland. Written: by Infelice Academico Ignoto. Wherunto is added, the true order of her Highnes imperiall funerall. Niccols, Richard, 1584-1616. 1603 (1603) STC 18520; ESTC S113213 7,804 22 View Text
A23117 The abregement of the statutes of Anno.xxxj. Henrici.viij; Laws, etc. England and Wales. 1541 (1541) STC 9542.3; ESTC S111910 8,836 18 View Text
A63402 A True and impartial naration [sic] of the remarkable providences of the living God of heaven and earth appearing for us his oppressed servants called Quakers, Nicholas Lucas, Henry Marshall, Jeremiah Hearn, John Blendall, Francis Pryor, Samuel Trahearn and Henry Feast, who most unrighteosly were at Hertford sentenced to be transported beyond the seas from our dear wives, children, parents, and relations, for inoffensively meeting to wait upon the Lord our Maker : and also may serve for an utter refutation of a lying paper published under the hand of one Edward Manning. 1664 (1664) Wing T2496; ESTC R32899 10,690 18 View Text
A62152 The order and ceremonies used for, and at the solemn interment of the most high, mighty and most noble Prince George, Duke of Albemarle ... A[nn]o 1670 collected by Francis Sandford ... ; and published by His Ma[jes]ties especiall command. Sandford, Francis, 1630-1694.; Barlow, Francis, 1626?-1702.; White, Robert, 1645-1703. 1670 (1670) Wing S653; ESTC R5597 10,695 28 View Text
B08738 The charter of the Bahama Islands England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II). 1670 (1670) Wing C3724AA; ESTC R173810 10,854 19 View Text
A66995 A true account of the present state of Ireland giving a full relation of the new establishment made by the late King James, as it was presented to the right honble [sic] the Earl of Shrewsbury, His Majesties most honourable Privy Council : with an account of what sums of money, arms, and number of officers arrived there from France : together with the state of Derry and Enniskilling and several other affairs relating to that kingdom, particularly of the proceedings of their Parliament there / by a person that with great difficulty left Dublin, June the 8th 1689. Walker, George, 1645?-1690. 1689 (1689) Wing W349; ESTC R18114 11,874 38 View Text
A01375 The mirrour of maiestie: or, The badges of honour conceitedly emblazoned with emblemes annexed, poetically vnfolded. H. G., fl. 1618.; Goodyere, Henry, Sir, 1551 or 2-1629. 1618 (1618) STC 11496; ESTC S102778 12,143 74 View Text
A22705 Articles of peace, entercourse, and commerce concluded in the names of the most high and mighty kings, and princes Iames by the grace of God, King of great Britaine, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith, &c. and Philip the third, King of Spaine, &c. and Albertus and Isabella Clara Eugenia, Archdukes of Austrice, Dukes of Burgundie, &c. In a treatie at London the 18. day of August after the old stile in the yeere of our Lord God 1604. Translated out of Latine into English.; Treaty. 1604 Aug. 18. England and Wales. Treaties, etc. 1604 Aug. 18. 1605 (1605) STC 9211; ESTC S100699 12,738 46 View Text
A78478 Certaine observations touching the two great offices of the seneschalsey or high-stewardship, and high-constableship of England. 1642 (1642) Wing C1713; Thomason E122_23; ESTC R5060 13,081 16 View Text
A37771 A narrative of the cause and manner of the imprisonment of the lords now close prisoners in the Tower of London. J. E. 1677 (1677) Wing E15; ESTC R874 13,864 24 View Text
A90120 The relation of His Majestie's entertainment passing through the city of London, to his coronation: with a description of the triumphal arches, and solemnity; by John Ogilby. Ogilby, John, 1600-1676. 1661 (1661) Wing O181; Thomason E1080_16; ESTC R207879 14,401 44 View Text
A93007 The Several speeches made to the Honorable Sir Richard Brown lord mayor of the city of London: on Monday the twenty ninth day of October, in the twelfth year of His Majesties most happy reign, Anno Dom. 1660. : With the manner of the celebration of this triumphant day; and the various scenes, figures, and pageants; representing the Royal Oak, and its pendant leaves, that preserv'd and enshadow'd our Graeious [sic] Lord and Sovereign King Charles, from the hands of his blood-thirsty enemies. Browne, Richard, Sir, 1602?-1669. 1660 (1660) Wing S2812A; ESTC R183772 14,810 24 View Text
A89811 A perfect catalogue of all the knights of the most noble Order of the Garter. From the first institution of it, untill this present April, Auno [sic] 1661. Whereunto is prefixed a short discourse touching the institution of the Order, the patron, habit and solemnities of it, with many other particulars which concern the same. / Collected and continued by J.N. J. N. 1661 (1661) Wing N21; Thomason E1087_13; ESTC R202944 14,845 40 View Text
A89176 A mis-led King, and a memorable Parliament. 1643 (1643) Wing M2251; Thomason E90_1; ESTC R16635 15,308 17 View Text
A43651 A discourse of the soveraign power in a sermon preached at St. Mary Le Bow, Nov. 28, 1682, before the Artillery Company of London, and now published at their desire / by George Hickes ... Hickes, George, 1642-1715. 1682 (1682) Wing H1845; ESTC R2173 18,621 42 View Text
A53231 The Kings coronation being an exact account of the cavalcade, with a description of the triumphal arches, and speeches prepared by the city of London for His late Majesty Charles the Second, in his passage from the Tower to Whitehall : also the narrative of His Majesties coronation, with his magnificant proceeding and feast in Westminster-Hall, April the 23th : as it was published by His Majesties order, with the approbation and license of Sir Edward Walker, Garter Principal King at Arms / by John Ogilby Esquire ; published by William Morgan, His Majesties Cosmographer. Ogilby, John, 1600-1676.; Morgan, William, d. 1690. 1685 (1685) Wing O176; ESTC R181191 19,318 21 View Text
A60887 Caliope's cabinet opened wherein gentlemen may be informed how to adorn themselves for funerals, feastings, and other heroick meetings : also, here they may know their place and worth with all the degrees and distinctions of honour in the realm, shewing how every one ought to take place with the titles due to them, with other things of antiquity very observable / by James Salter. Salter, James, fl. 1665. 1665 (1665) Wing S465; ESTC R16669 19,612 74 View Text
A14671 A catalogue of the nobility of England, Scotland, and Ireland With an addition of the baronets of England, the dates of their patents, the seuerall creations of the knights of the Bath, from the coronation of King Iames, to this present. Collected by T.W.; Most exact catalogue of the nobilitie of England, Scotland, and Ireland Walkley, Thomas, d. 1658? 1630 (1630) STC 24974; ESTC S101308 19,624 46 View Text
A31164 The Case of the inhabitants of the town and parish of Croyden in the county of Surrey concerning the great oppressions they ly under by reason of the unparallel'd extortions and violent illegal and unwarrantable prosecutions of Doctor William Clewer, vicar of the said parish. 1673 (1673) Wing C1092; ESTC R26442 20,131 18 View Text
A38384 Englands concern in the case of His R.H. 1680 (1680) Wing E2953; ESTC R4819 21,170 27 View Text
A81692 A defence and vindication of the right of tithes, against sundry late scandalous pamphlets: shewing, the lawfullnesse of them, and the just remedy in law for them, as well in London as elsewhere. / Penned by a friend to the Church of England, and a lover of truth and peace. A Friend to the Church of England, and a Lover of Truth and Peace.; Downame, John, d. 1652,; Nomophilos Philotolis. 1646 (1646) Wing D2074; Thomason E339_7; ESTC R1318 21,705 42 View Text
B00559 A treatise declaring, and confirming against all obiections the just title and right of the moste excellent and worthie prince, Iames the sixt, King of Scotland, to the succession of the croun of England. Whereunto is added a discourse shewing how necessarie it is for the realme of England, that he be in due time acknowledged and admitted to the succession of the kingdome. Philodikaios, Irenicus. 1599 (1599) STC 19881.5; ESTC S94721 21,845 46 View Text
A40878 A trve relation of that memorable Parliament which wrought wonders begun at Westminster, in the tenth yeare of the reigne of K. Richard the second : whereunto is added an abstract of those memorable matters, before and since the said kings reigne, done by Parliament : together with a character of the said amiable, but unhappy King, and a briefe story of his life and lamentable death.; Historia sive narracio de modo et forma mirabilis Parliamenti apud Westmonasterium anno Domini millesimo CCCLXXXVI. English Fannant, Thomas. 1641 (1641) Wing F416; ESTC R592 22,223 53 View Text
A06701 The true narration of the entertainment of his Royall Maiestie, from the time of his departure from Edenbrough; till his receiuing at London with all or the most speciall occurrences. Together with the names of those gentlemen whom his Maiestie honoured with knighthood. T. M., fl. 1603, attributed name. 1603 (1603) STC 17153; ESTC S108301 22,361 50 View Text
A65092 Two petitions of Thomas Violet of London goldsmith, to the Kings Majestie I. Seting forth the great abuses practised by the makers of gold and silver thread, wire, lace, to the great waste of the stock and treasure of the kingdome, in culling and melting down the heavy currant silver. II. One hundred & twelve several parcels of course and adulterate silver lace, ... Mr. Alexander Jackson, who is sworne assay-maker at Goldsmiths Hall, ... III. Ten several heads or branches certified by the Committee of Trade the 17th of June 1657. seting forth the several abuses in making gold and silver lace, wire, and thread; ... IV. Thomas Violet's petition to the Right Honourable, several Lords of the Privy Council, who are appointed a committee for the removing the obstructions of the mint, present to your Lordships such rules, orders, and instructions for the due vending, and uttering of the said manufactures, ... for the ends expressed. Violet, Thomas, fl. 1634-1662. 1661 (1661) Wing V594A; ESTC R222530 22,825 26 View Text
A83639 All the votes, orders, &c. in the House of Commons, both in the late, and present Parliament, touching the Earl of Danby; Proceedings. 1678-1679 England and Wales. Parliament. 1679 (1679) Wing E2517aA; ESTC R231847 24,223 14 View Text
A18594 Englands mourning garment worne heere by plaine shepheards, in memorie of their sacred mistresse, Elizabeth; queene of vertue while she liued, and theame of sorrow being dead. To the which is added the true manner of her emperiall funerall. With many new additions, being now againe the second time reprinted, which was omitted in the first impression. After which followeth the shepheards spring-song, for entertainment of King Iames our most potent soueraigne. ... Chettle, Henry, d. 1607? 1603 (1603) STC 5122; ESTC S104885 24,274 50 View Text
A86394 The manner of holding Parliaments in England. Collected forth of our ancient records. Whereunto is added. Certaine ancient customs of this kingdome. The prerogative and power of Parliaments. The order and forme of the placing and sitting of the Kings Majesty and peeres in the upper house of Parliament. The order and course of passing bills in Parliament. With the stately and magnificent order, of proceeding to Parliament, of the most high and mighty prince, King Charles, on Monday the 13th. of Aprill 1640. in the 16th. yeare of his Majesties reigne, first on horse backe from White Hall to Westminster-Abby-Church, and from thence on foot to the Parliament house. Hakewill, William, 1574-1655. 1641 (1641) Wing H214; Thomason E157_11; ESTC R212700 24,894 61 View Text
A52937 A catalogue of the names of all His Majesties justices of the peace in commission in the several counties throughout England and Wales, according to the late alterations to which is added, the names of all those formerly in commission, now left out : carefully collected from the respective commissions of each county / by S.N. Esquire. S. N., Esquire. 1680 (1680) Wing N67; ESTC R5883 25,258 39 View Text
A37788 An exact collection of all orders, votes, debates, and conferences in the House of Peers and House of Commons both in the late and present parliament relating to and concerning Thomas Earl of Danby and the five other lords in the Tower as also all votes, debates and conferences concerning the bishops sitting and voting in capital cases / faithfully extracted out of the journals of both houses by a careful hand. England and Wales. Parliament. 1679 (1679) Wing E1531; ESTC R30028 25,262 18 View Text
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A56157 The doome of cowardisze [sic] and treachery or, A looking-glasse for cowardly or corrupt governours, and souldiers, who through pusillanimity or bribery, betray their trusts, to the publick prejudice Containing certaine domestick lawes, heretofore, lately made, and judgements given against such timorous and treacherous persons; fit to be known in these unhappy times of warre. By William Prynne, utter barrester of Lincolnes-Inne. Imprimatur Iohn White, Octob. 23. 1643. Prynne, William, 1600-1669. 1643 (1643) Wing P3947A; ESTC R212960 27,332 24 View Text
A39530 The catalogue of most of the memorable tombes, grave-stones, plates, escutcheons, or atchievements in the demolisht or yet extant churches of London from St. Katharines beyond the Tower to Temple-Barre the out parishes being included : a work of great weight and conseqvently to be indulged and contenanced by such who are gratefully ambitious of preserving the memory of their ancestors / by P. Fisher somtimes Serjant Major of Foot. Fisher, Payne, 1616-1693. 1668 (1668) Wing F1014; ESTC R28628 28,171 61 View Text
A02726 An exhortacion to the Scottes to conforme them selfes to the honorable, expedie[n]t, and godly vnion, betwene the twoo realmes of Englande and Scotlande. Harrison, James, fl. 1547. 1547 (1547) STC 12857; ESTC S103818 29,237 128 View Text
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A93674 Englands warning-peece or the history of the gun-powder treason: inlarged with some notable passages not heretofore published. Whereunto is annexed The Act of Parliament for publick thanksgiving upon the fifth day of November yearly. / By T.S. Spencer, Thomas, fl. 1658.; England and Wales. Parliament. 1658 (1658) Wing S4961; Thomason E2255_2; ESTC R210140 32,617 87 View Text
A29745 A brief remonstrance of the grand grievances and oppressions suffered by Sir William Courten and Sir Paul Pyndar, knts., deceased as also by their heirs, executors, administrators, and creditors : humbly represented to both Houses of Parliament, prorogued to 21 October 1680 : faithfully collected out of several courts of record, orders of counsel, and treaties of peace and common alliance : with several remarks thereupon for the improvement of naviagation, trade, and commerce / by John Brown. Brown, John, of London. 1680 (1680) Wing B5025; ESTC R27230 34,787 30 View Text
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A29664 Englands glory, or, An exact catalogue of the Lords of His Majesties Most Honourable Privy Councel with the Knights of the Most Noble Order of Saint George, called the Garter, and the House of Peers : as also, a catalogue of the Lord Bishops, House of Commons, the dukes, marquesses, earles, viscounts, barons and baronets &c., made since His Majesties happy restoration and the times of their several creations : likewise, a perfect list of the Knights of the Bath, and the preparations and habits that were made for them at the time of their installment at the coronation : together with a perfect catalogue of the Lower House of Convocation now sitting at Westminster. Brooke, Nathaniel.; Ferne, H. (Henry), 1602-1662. Catalogue of the prelates and clergy of the province of Canterbury. 1660 (1660) Wing B4907; ESTC R12468 37,728 94 View Text
A01196 The ioyful and royal entertainment of the ryght high and mightie Prince, Frauncis the Frenche Kings only brother by the grace of God Duke of Brabande, Aniow, Aláunson, &c. Into his noble citie of Antwerpe. 1582. Translated out of Frenche by Arthur Golding, according to the copie printed by Plantine at Antwerpe, his highnesse printer.; Joyeuse & magnifique entrée de Monseigneur Francoys fils de France. English. Golding, Arthur, 1536-1606. 1582 (1582) STC 11310; ESTC S112675 40,277 106 View Text
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A28392 A Description of the island of Jamaica with the other isles and territories in America, to which the English are related ... : taken from the notes of Sr. Thomas Linch, Knight, governour of Jamaica, and other experienced persons in the said places : illustrated with maps / published by Richard Blome. Blome, Richard, d. 1705.; Lynch, Thomas, Sir, d. 1684? 1672 (1672) Wing B3208; ESTC R7437 42,330 208 View Text
A32677 The two charters granted by King Charles IId to the proprietors of Carolina with the first and last fundamental constitutions of that colony.; Charter (1663) England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II); Locke, John, 1632-1704.; Carolina (Colony). Charter (1665); Carolina (Colony). Constitution (1669) 1698 (1698) Wing C3622; ESTC R4148 45,941 64 View Text
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A70236 The historians guide in two parts : first, The recovery of lost time ... translated out of Italian : second, Englands remembrancer ... Doglioni, Giovanni Nicolò, 1548-1629. Compendio del mondo universale.; Clarke, Samuel, 1599-1682. England's remembrancer. 1676 (1676) Wing H2094A; ESTC R2022 52,929 136 View Text
A50800 An appendix to the history of the Church of Scotland containing the succession of the archbishops and bishops in their several sees from the reformation of the religion until the year 1676, as also the several orders of monks and friers &c. in Scotland before the Reformation : with the foundation of the universities and colledges, their benefactours, principals, professours of divinity and present masters : and an account of the government, laws and constitution of the Kingdom. Middleton, Thomas, 17th cent. 1677 (1677) Wing M1990; ESTC R29541 55,302 57 View Text
A26058 The cry of royal innocent blood heard and answered being a true and impartial account of Gods extraordinary and signal judgments upon regicides : with an historical relation of the deposing, murthering, and assasinating of several kings of England, Scotland, France, &c. ... Assheton, William, 1641-1711. 1683 (1683) Wing A4026; ESTC R23635 56,072 143 View Text
A35826 An exact catalogue of the nobility of England and lords spiritual, according to their resective precedencies with all their titles of honor (whether by creation, succession, or office), and the particular times of their several promotions : together with their paternal coats of arms, and also those of the Archiepiscopal and Episcopal sees in blazon / by Robert Dale, Gent. ... Dale, Robert, d. 1722. 1697 (1697) Wing D125; ESTC R23109 56,349 264 View Text