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A62921 Jesuits assassins, or, The Popish plot further declared and demonstrated in their murderous practices & principles the first part ... / all extracted out of Dr. Tong's papers, written at his first discovery of this plot to his Majesty, and since in part augmented for publick satisfaction. Tonge, Ezerel, 1621-1680. 1680 (1680) Wing T1877; ESTC R2873 22,639 22

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Iesuits Assassins OR THE POPISH PLOT Further Declared And demonstrated in their Murderous Practices Principles THE FIRST PART CONTAINING I. A Catalogue of our English Popish Assassins swarming in all places especially in the City of London II. The History of the Mahometan old Man of the Mountains and his Assassins and a comparison of him and them with the Pope and his Emissaries in Doctrine and Practice III. The Mysterious Secret of the Chamber of Meditations amongst the Jesuits IV. The Examinations and Depositions of Lund and others about the Assasins and Assassinations now practised or endeavoured by the Popish Emissaries against his Majesty his Nobles and other his Protestant Subjects V. The Earl of Salisbury's Answer to scandalous Papers wherein he was threatned to be assassinated by the Confederates of the Gunpowder Traytors VI. Proposals to Authority for the better Extirpation of this Bloody Order With Reflections and Observations upon the several Relations All Extracted out of Dr. TONG 's Papers written at his first discovery of this Plot to his Majesty and since in part augmented for Publick Satisfaction LONDON Printed by J. Darby to be sold by the Book-sellers 1680. A Catalogue of the Persons Assassinated Attempted or Designed upon by the Roman Assassins and of those Assassins themselves so far as they are known Assassinated or suspected to be made away SIr Edmond-Bury Godfry The Lancashire Witness sent up to testify of Arms found there The Body exposed in Westminster-Abby The Lord Arch-Bp of York's Chaplain Attempted The Shropshire Justice The Yorkshire Witness in Tuttle-street Macedo a Portuguese-Convert several times assaulted and twice shipt out of the Kingdom Dr. Saul Dr. Luzancy Mr. Mowbray Mr. Tompkins Mr. Baron Mr. Arnold and his Friend Mr. Wren Designed upon by Name The King's Majesty Rupert Prince Palatine of the Rhine Duke of Cumberland The Lords of his Majesty's most Honourable Privy-Council particularly James Duke of Monmouth George Duke of Buckingham James Duke of Ormond Thomas Earl of Ossory Anthony Earl of Shaftsbury James Earl of Salisbury Arthur Earl of Essex George Earl of Hallifax Herbert Lord Bishop of Hereford Mr. Matthew Pool Dr. Stillingfleet Mr. William Hutchinson alias Berry a Secular Priest Dr. Ezerel Tonge 1. For the discovery of the Jesuits Morals And 2. of their Plot to his Majesty All the principal leading Gentlemen of England mentioned in the List taken with Green and the April Traytors executed at Tyburn 1666. or in the black Bill Principal Inciters and Procures of Assassins and Assassinations All Jesuits Thomas White alias Whitebread Provincial of the English Jesuits Thimbleby alias Ashby Rector of St. Omers Harcourt Rector of London Ireland Fenwick Keins Gavan Ewers Gerald Kelly Other Favourers and Abettors Edward Coleman Esq Dr. Fogarty Patrick Plunket titular Primate of Ireland Handkinson sometimes Manciple or Steward to the Savoy Benedictine Monks Anthony the Portuguese Servant to the Q. Confessor Assassins Benedictine Monk who stab'd the Duke of Soubize and shelter'd himself in Sommerset-House seen by Mr. Oates in the Savoy but left there with the rest and Marsh in particular for want of Authority to take him Conyers another Benedictine of the Savoy and his Associates Keins Prichard Welsh Kelly Lefaire alias Feure Gerald Thomas Pickering John Grove alias Honest William Robert Green Henry Berry Lawrence Hill Philibert Vernat Levison Dethick Conscious and Associates with Sir Edmond-Bury Godfry's Murderers Messenger sometimes Master of the Horse to the Lord Arundel Attendant on Dr. Sheldon Almoner to the Dutches of York Lang. Tryal p. 8. Sir George Wak p. 20. Anderton the Benedictine associated with Conyers Assassines who were to intexicate the Lord Shaftsbury's Coachman Matteson a Barber behind Grays-Inn Bradshaw an Upholsterer in Queens-street Humphrey Adamson a Watch-maker near Turn-stile Holborn Benedict Prosser a Silver-smith in Silver-street in Southampton-Buildings These were the four Assassins accused by Prance see his Book Many stout and hardy Staffordshire Assassins whose Names are not known chosen by Ewers according to Whitebread's Direction and the like in all Counties many hundreds as Mr. Dugdale believes Karne Wilson Broghil Levalian the four Irish Russians Fogarties four Assassins not yet named And Flemin the 9th of the Irish Ruffians This Flemin was a Tory that trusted so confidently to his personal Strength and Activity as audaciously to refuse after he had bin proclaimed for many Villanies done by him the favour of Transportation into any Foreign Country graciously offered him for the ease of those Parts he infested with his Robberies c. He was at length shot by some Troopers who pursued him in his Pocket Papers were found which entituled him to a chief place in this Red List Dr. Fogarty Assassin or Poisoner Sir George Wakeman a Poisoner The Yorkshire Assassins accused by Baldron and others see the Intelligence for City and Country relating Sir Thomas Gascoin's Tryal not yet published The 3 Assassins who assaulted Justice Arnold It is verily believed they are some hundreds in all who in their turns were to attend this execrable Service To instance Conyers at Windsor ten days and then to remove to L. B. House Mr. Dugdale after his term over was to go to Standon the Lord Aston's to avoid suspicion easily raised by the too long continuance of strange unknown Faces at Court Here we may add the many thousands French and others listed and armed for the general Massacre in the London Fire c. Memor Gerald and Kelley drew in Prance persuading him it was no sin p. 64. Hist Plot. Gavan and Ewres drew in Dugdale by the example of Garnet and his Miracles and of some Scripture Example Plunket alias Cock Popish Arch-Bishop and Primate of Ireland encouraged Flemin by great Rewards c. Here may be justly added Groves his Companions the three Irish Incendiarles who assisted him in burning and plundring Southwark in which work he furfeited himself and had double pay for his double-diligence Strange late Provincial of the Jesuits Barton Penington David Nich. Keimash the Dominican who lately died in Newgate and all their Assistants above fourscore French and Irish Incendiaries who burnt and plundred the City of London and namely * Marten Debamet Fringemaker the Frenchman who fired his own Lodging apprehended in the Fact and delivered to the Guards at Bridewell by Mr. N. who is living to attest it The two Peters who fired their own Lodgings upon Snow hill having first removed all their Goods save the Pallat they lay on apprehended by Mr. C. then one of the Guards but rescued by his Fellows and dismist With these also the Guards themselves and Romish Pensioners who dismist them to proceed in their burning and plundering are justly to be accounted as ready for any mischief and particularly that Captain that refused Mr. Middleton to remove his own Goods with his own Cart telling him That that Cart which carried away one Load of his Goods deserved to be burnt which could tend to nothing but to mutiny the Citizens that