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lord_n daughter_n james_n marry_v 19,065 5 10.2321 5 false
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B02750 The double right of Scotish kings to England continued upward to the present reign. From Margaret grand daughter to Edmond Ironside married to Malcom the 3d. And from Margaret daughter to Henry the 7th married to James the 4th. 1690 (1690) Wing D1955C; ESTC R176423 1,176 1

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The double right of Scotish Kings to England Continued upward to the present Reign Malcome 3 Margaret Edward slaine in Anwick Duncan Maud Queene of England Edgar David 1 Henry Maud Countese of Anguss David Earle of Hunting Iohn last Earle of Chester A●la Lady Hastings Henry Lord Hastings Iohn Hastings Competit Maud died a virgin Isabell Lady Bruse Bernard Lorde of Coningto Robert Bruce Edward slaine in Ireland Thomas put to death by K E 1 Alexander put to death Nigell put to death by Ed. 1 Robert 1 Dauid 2 Margaret Countess of Sutherland Mariory Steward Iames slaine with his brother Robert 2 Eufame Lady Dowglas David Earle of Stracho● Walter Earle of Athole Robert Steward Robert Graham A daughter maried Iohn Dubeir E of Athole Robert 3 David Duke of Rothsay Iames. 1 Margaret Queene of France Alexander borne with Iames 2 Iane Countes of Austria Eleanor Duches of Austria Iames 2 Alexander Duke of Albany Alexander Bishope of Murray Iohn Duke of Albany Iohn Earle of Mare Iames. 3 Alexander Duke of Rothsay Iames. 4 Iames L. of Murray a naturall sone Alexāder Bishope of S t. Andrē Iames died at on years age A daughter died presently after birth Iames. 5 Iames died y e same day ●● Arthur Mary IAMES y e SIXT Robert died without issue Henry Frederick died yong Charles afterward King Elizabeth Queen of Bohemia Charles 1 Charles Died young Charles afterward King by y e Name of Charles the 2 d. Iames afterward King by y e Name of Iames the 2 d Charles 2 Iames. 2 Charles Died without Issue Iames Died without Issue Isabel Died without Issue Charles Died without Issue Catharin Died without Issue Henrietta Died witho t. Issue Anna Princese of Denmark Mary Princese of Orange Mary 2. Edgar Died without Issue Charles Died without Issue Henry died without Issue Anna died without Issue Mary Wife to the Prince of Orange William 2. Henritha Maried to the Duke of Orleance Elizabeth died without Issue Margaret died without Issue Mary died without Issue Sophia died without Issue Arthur died at 8 dayes old Arthur died an infant Alexāder died an infant Iohn Earle of Marr A daughter died before mariage Mary maried the Lord Boyd Gregan Countese of Cassels Iames Earle of Arraine Mary Lady C●pver Anabella Isabell Duchese of Britain Francis Lady Albert Margaret Duchese of Britaine Mary maried Vicoūt Rob●̄ A Daughter Elizabet maried L. Iohn Liōis Alexāder Earle of Buchan Alexander a naturall sone Iames Kenedy Bishop of S t. Andrews Duncan Steward Iohn Earle of Bu●hqua Robert Duke of Albany Robert Steward Mordo Duke of Albany Alexander Iames died in Ireland Walter Steward Mardok slaine at Hallidon Iohn slaine at Hallidō Alan slaine in Battal Maud died in infancy Iane Sutherland Iohn heir apparant Margare Countese of Galloway Dornidilla Ballial Iohn 1 Edward 1 Malcome 4 Margaret Duches of Britain Alice maried Pinkney Henry Pinkney Robert Pinkney Competit William 1 Henry slaine by his Vncle Marion maried Eustace Vessy William de Vessy William de Vesey Competitor Isabell Lady Rosse William Lorde Rosse Robert Lord Rosse William Lorde Rosse Competitor Adama maried Patrick Dunbar Patrick Earle of Marche Patrick Patrick Competitor Eufana maried to Will Say William Say Martha maried to Mundevill Roger Mundevill Competit Alexander 2 Alexander 3 Alexander died at 20 years David died young Margaret Queene of Denmark Margaret heire of Scot and Norwa Adhama Countese of Holland Florence Earle of Holland William Earle of Holland Florence Competitor Patrik Geletry Competitor Mary Countese of Bollign ALexander 1 Edmōd a Monk in England