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A62166 Anglorum speculum, or, The worthies of England in church and state alphabetically digested into the several shires and counties therein contained : wherein are illustrated the lives and characters of the most eminent persons since the conquest to this present age : also an account of the commodities and trade of each respective county and the most flourishing cities and towns therein. Sandys, George, 1578-1644. 1684 (1684) Wing S672; ESTC R7882 366,503 734

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repair_v the_o wall_n of_o the_o city_n he_o die_v 1478._o jo._n incent_n dr._n of_o law_n be_v bear_v at_o berkhamsted_n found_v a_o fair_a school_n there_o confirm_v by_o act_n of_o parliament_n allow_v the_o master_n 20_o l._n the_o usher_n 10_o l._n per_fw-la a_o he_o die_v in_o the_o reign_n of_o e._n 6._o sir_n th._n white_a bear_v at_o rixmansworth_n be_v merchant_n taylor_n in_o london_n where_o he_o be_v lord_n mayor_n an._n 1553._o he_o build_v gloucester-hall_n and_o endow_v st._n jo._n coll._n in_o oxford_n he_o bestow_v great_a sum_n of_o money_n on_o several_a corporation_n for_o poor_a freeman_n since_o the_o reformation_n richard_n hale_o esquire_n bear_v at_o cudicot_n be_v grocet_fw-la in_o london_n he_o found_v a_o fair_a school_n allow_v 40_o l._n a_o year_n to_o the_o master_n at_o hartford_n he_o die_v an._n 16-0_a who_o family_n do_v flourish_v with_o worship_n at_o kings-walden_n edward_n bash_n knight_n be_v bear_v at_o aldnam_n give_v 20_o l._n per_fw-la an._n for_o the_o maintenance_n of_o a_o schoolmaster_n at_o stansted_n beside_o his_o benefaction_n to_o pet._n house_n in_o cambridge_n he_o die_v 1605._o note_a sheriff_n an._n 16._o henry_n cock_n knight_n be_v cofferer_n to_o q._n elizabeth_n and_o k._n james_n who_o eliz._n lie_v in_o his_o house_n at_o his_o first_o come_v out_o of_o scotland_n to_o london_n his_o daughter_n be_v marry_v to_o the_o lord_n delaware_n 44._o edward_z denny_z knight_n present_v k._n james_n at_o his_o first_o come_v out_o of_o scotland_n with_o a_o gallant_a horse_n rich_a saddle_n and_o furniture_n he_o be_v create_v baron_n denny_n of_o waltham_n th._n connisby_n ar._n be_v tell_v that_o his_o potent_a adversary_n have_v prevail_v to_o james_n make_v he_o sheriff_n say_v i_o will_v not_o keep_v a_o man_n the_o more_o or_o a_o dog_n the_o few_o on_o that_o account_n hereford-shire_n hereford-shire_n have_v worc._n and_o shrop._n on_o the_o n._n glouc._n on_o the_o e._n mounm_n on_o the_o s._n brecknock_n and_o radnorsh_n on_o the_o w._n in_o form_n almost_o a_o circle_n of_o about_o 35_o mile_n diameter_n the_o great_a age_n of_o the_o inhabitant_n be_v a_o sign_n of_o the_o goodness_n of_o the_o air_n serj._n hoskin_n entertain_v k._n james_n with_o a_o morish_a dance_n of_o 10_o age_a people_n all_o of_o they_o make_v up_o more_o than_o 1000_o year_n this_o county_n exceed_v in_o 4_o w_n wood_n wheat_n wool_n and_o water_n much_o cider_n be_v make_v here_o so_o that_o the_o county_n deserve_v the_o name_n of_o pomerania_n cambden_n say_v this_o county_n be_v not_o content_a to_o be_v account_v the_o second_o in_o england_n salmon_n be_v here_o in_o season_n all_o the_o year_n long_o and_o be_v find_v in_o the_o river_n why_o as_o for_o wonder_n bone-well_a near_o richard_n castle_n be_v always_o full_a of_o bone_n of_o little_a fish_n of_o which_o it_o can_v never_o be_v empty_v but_o that_o they_o return_v again_o an._n 1461_o three_o sun_n appear_v at_o the_o battle_n fight_v betwixt_o e._n 4._o and_o ja._n butler_n earl_n of_o ormond_n etc._n etc._n an._n 1575._o marcley-hill_n shake_v and_o roar_v for_o 3_o day_n together_o and_o raise_v itself_o into_o a_o high_a place_n proverb_n 1._o bless_a be_v the_o eye_n that_o be_v betwixt_o severn_n and_o wye_n it_o be_v intend_v to_o signify_v either_o the_o blessedness_n of_o pleasure_n or_o safety_n 2._o lemster_n bread_n and_o weable_o ale_n viz._n the_o best_a saint_n ethelbert_n k._n of_o the_o e._n angle_n be_v murder_v at_o sutton-wallis_n by_o quendred_a wife_n to_o offa_n k._n of_o mercia_n an._n 793._o and_o be_v bury_v at_o hereford_n th._n cantilupe_n well_o descend_v chanc._n of_o oxford_n and_o b._n of_o hereford_n he_o die_v about_o 1282._o in_o tuscany_n whence_o his_o bone_n be_v immediate_o send_v into_o england_n he_o be_v canonize_v by_o pope_n jo._n 22._o note_v his_o father_n possess_v abergavenny_n castle_n he_o be_v so_o high_o honour_v by_o the_o bishop_n of_o hereford_n that_o wave_v their_o ancient_a arm_n they_o assume_v those_o of_o cantilupe_n viz._n g._n 3_o leopard_n head_n invert_v each_o with_o a_o flower_n de_fw-fr luce_n in_o his_o mouth_n he_o be_v the_o last_o english_a man_n who_o be_v canonize_v martyr_n sir_n jo._n oldcastle_n sheriff_n of_o hereford_n an._n 7_o h._n 4._o be_v lord_n cobham_n in_o right_a of_o his_o wife_n a_o valiant_a man_n but_o a_o wicklevite_n so_o that_o he_o lose_v his_o life_n on_o that_o account_n v_o eccl._n hist_o cardinal_n adam_n de_fw-fr easton_n or_o eton_n first_o very_o poor_a and_o mean_a was_z d._n d._n in_o oxford_n afterwards_o he_o be_v make_v cardinal_n at_o rome_n by_o the_o title_n of_o st._n cicilie_n pope_n urban_n who_o create_v do_v likewise_o annihilate_v he_o confine_v he_o for_o 25_o year_n to_o a_o empty_a and_o dark_a abyss_n or_o dungeon_n for_o suspicion_n of_o some_o treachery_n as_o for_o the_o like_a reason_n he_o cause_v five_o other_o cardinal_n to_o be_v put_v in_o a_o sack_n and_o cast_v into_o the_o sea_n in_o that_o manner_n send_v they_o as_o joint_a ambassador_n to_o neptune_n according_a to_o the_o ancient_a roman_a law_n de_fw-fr sicariis_fw-la a_o cock_n etc._n etc._n aught_o to_o have_v be_v put_v in_o the_o sack_n with_o the_o cardinal_n and_o it_o be_v very_o strange_a that_o authority_n peter_n understand_v the_o usefulness_n of_o that_o creature_n shall_v have_v be_v so_o ill-natured_a as_o to_o withhold_v that_o herald_n of_o repentance_n from_o his_o devote_a servant_n by_o pope_n boniface_n successor_n to_o urban_n our_o cardinal_n be_v restore_v to_o all_o his_o dignity_n and_o send_v over_o into_o england_n to_o r._n 2._o with_o ample_a commendation_n he_o die_v 1397._o and_o be_v bury_v in_o the_o church_n of_o st._n cicilie_n jo._n breton_n dr._n of_o the_o law_n be_v famous_a n._n in_o that_o profession_n and_o live_v in_o the_o reign_n of_o e._n 1._o by_o who_o authority_n he_o write_v a_o treatise_n of_o the_o law_n of_o england_n the_o tenor_n whereof_o run_v in_o the_o king_n name_n thus_o we_o will_v etc._n etc._n his_o work_n after_o great_a variation_n of_o the_o law_n be_v still_o in_o great_a and_o general_a repute_n he_o be_v make_v b._n of_o hereford_n by_o h._n 3._o he_o die_v about_o 1275._o adam_n de_fw-fr orlton_n d._n l._n bear_v in_o hereford_n where_o he_o be_v bishop_n he_o murder_v e._n 2._o be_v move_v thereunto_o by_o this_o riddle_n edwardum_fw-la occidere_fw-la nolite_fw-la timere_fw-la bonum_fw-la est_fw-la jo._n grandesson_n bear_v at_o ashperton_n of_o high_a extraction_n and_o b._n of_o exeter_n will_v not_o suffer_v the_o archbishop_n of_o cant._n to_o visit_v his_o diocese_n he_o arch_v the_o roof_n of_o his_o cathedral_n build_v and_o endow_v a_o rich_a college_n of_o st._n mary_n ottery_n to_o which_o benefaction_n he_o be_v enable_v by_o persuade_v all_o the_o secular_a clergy_n to_o make_v he_o sole_a heir_n to_o their_o estate_n he_o die_v 1369._o since_o the_o reformation_n miles_n smith_n d._n d._n bear_v in_o hereford_n be_v the_o son_n of_o a_o fletcher_n and_o breed_v in_o oxford_n the_o last_o translation_n of_o the_o bible_n be_v refer_v to_o the_o review_n of_o b._n bilson_n and_o this_o doctor_n who_o make_v the_o preface_n to_o it_o he_o be_v prefer_v b._n of_o glouc._n by_o k._n james_n he_o be_v a_o man_n of_o great_a meekness_n he_o die_v 1624._o soldier_n rob._n devereux_n son_n to_o walt._n e._n of_o essex_n be_v bear_v at_o nethwood_n he_o be_v a_o masterpiece_n of_o court_n and_o camp_n he_o enter_v the_o court_n with_o the_o advantage_n of_o pity_n for_o his_o father_n sake_n kindred_n by_o his_o mother_n side_n favour_v as_o be_v son_n in_o law_n to_o leicester_n merit_n be_v a_o beautiful_a courteous_a and_o noble_a person_n the_o queen_n afterward_o make_v he_o the_o wanton_a to_o her_o fond_a affection_n when_o the_o earl_n private_o leave_v the_o court_n to_o see_v some_o military_a service_n in_o france_n the_o queen_n passionate_o in_o love_n with_o his_o person_n grievous_o complain_v of_o his_o absence_n and_o often_o say_v we_o shall_v have_v this_o young_a fellow_n knock_v on_o the_o head_n as_o foolish_a sidney_n be_v by_o his_o own_o forwardness_n and_o be_v restless_a till_o his_o return_n he_o be_v then_o in_o the_o zenith_n of_o reputation_n when_o he_o return_v victorious_a from_o cadiz_n though_o he_o very_o quick_o awaken_v the_o queen_n jealousy_n by_o his_o popularity_n his_o declination_n commence_v upon_o his_o unfortunate_a expedition_n into_o ireland_n which_o with_o his_o absence_n from_o the_o queen_n and_o his_o ensue_a return_n to_o court_n without_o leave_n be_v without_o any_o difficulty_n by_o his_o enemy_n lay_v hold_v upon_o as_o a_o sure_a foundation_n on_o which_o they_o may_v build_v the_o earl_n ruin_n and_o he_o himself_o do_v not_o a_o
he_o be_v cruel_a against_o the_o wicklevite_n but_o be_v a_o zealous_a asserter_n of_o the_o english_a liberty_n in_o opposition_n to_o the_o pope_n usurp_v supremacy_n great_a his_o zeal_n to_o promote_v learning_n as_o appear_v by_o 3_o college_n erect_v and_o endow_v at_o his_o expense_n and_o procurement_n one_o with_o a_o hospital_n at_o higham-ferrers_n st._n bernard_n in_o oxford_n afterward_o better_v by_o sir_n th._n white_a into_o st._n john_n college_n and_o all-soul_n in_o oxford_n have_v continue_v in_o his_o see_v 29_o year_n he_o die_v 1443._o william_n laxton_n of_o oundle_n be_v breed_v a_o grocer_n in_o london_n whereof_o he_o be_v lord_n mayor_n 1544._o he_o found_v and_o endow_v a_o fair_a school_n and_o alms-house_n at_o oundle_n in_o this_o county_n well_o maintain_v at_o this_o day_n by_o the_o company_n of_o grocer_n he_o die_v 1556._o since_o the_o reformation_n nic._n latham_n bear_v at_o bridgstock_n be_v minister_n at_o barn-well_n he_o found_v several_a small_a school_n with_o salary_n in_o country_n village_n and_o found_v a_o most_o beautiful_a almshouse_n at_o oundle_n he_o die_v 1620._o edward_n montague_n baron_n of_o baughton_n a_o pious_a peaceable_a and_o hospitable_a patriot_n be_v a_o bountiful_a benefactor_n to_o sidney-colledg_n and_o build_v and_o endow_v a_o alms-house_n at_o weekley_n in_o this_o county_n he_o be_v honourable_a at_o court_n and_o belove_v in_o the_o country_n though_o he_o never_o affect_v popularity_n be_v wont_a to_o say_v do_v the_o common_a sort_n of_o people_n 19_o courtesy_n together_o and_o yet_o you_o may_v lose_v their_o love_n if_o you_o do_v but_o go_v over_o the_o stile_n before_o they_o he_o die_v in_o restraint_n in_o the_o savoy_n on_o the_o account_n of_o his_o loyalty_n to_o his_o sovereign_n 164_o ..._o memorable_a person_n a_o sexton_n of_o the_o cathedral_n of_o peterborough_n inter_v 2_o queen_n kath._n dowager_n and_o mary_n of_o scotland_n more_o than_o 50_o year_n intercede_v betwixt_o their_o 2_o sepulture_n he_o bury_v also_o 2_o generation_n of_o people_n that_o live_v in_o the_o place_n note_a sheriff_n an._n 16._o rich._n widevil_n al._n woodvil_n marry_v jaquet_n duchess_n of_o bedford_n of_o most_o 6._o ancient_a extraction_n malicious_a therefore_o the_o cavil_v of_o rich._n duke_n of_o york_n that_o the_o family_n be_v make_v noble_a which_o be_v not_o worth_a a_o noble_a yea_o it_o be_v very_o probable_a that_o all_o the_o ancient_a nobility_n of_o england_n be_v derive_v from_o his_o daughter_n 23._o hen._n green_n of_o another_o family_n than_o those_o of_o green_n norton_n build_v draiton_n house_n in_o this_o county_n he_o have_v one_o daughter_n and_o heir_n constance_n marry_v to_o jo._n stafford_n e._n of_o wilt._n to_o who_o she_o bare_a edward_n who_o die_v without_o issue_n so_o that_o her_o inheritance_n devolve_v unto_o the_o family_n of_o the_o vere_n an._n 1._o hen._n vere_n arm._n a_o jolly_a gentleman_n both_o for_o court_n and_o camp_n a_o 7._o great_a reveller_n good_a as_o well_o at_o a_o march_n as_o masque_n be_v governor_n of_o guines_n in_o picardy_n be_v create_v by_o h._n 8._o baron_fw-fr of_o harouden_n ancestor_n to_o edw._n lord_n vau._n now_o live_v he_o be_v a_o great_a courtier_n and_o appear_v in_o costly_a equipage_n wear_v on_o the_o marriage_n day_n of_o p._n arthur_n a_o gown_n worth_a above_o 1000_o l._n and_o the_o day_n follow_v a_o collar_n of_o s_o s_o worth_n 800_o l._n the_o solemn_a occasion_n of_o this_o gallantry_n be_v that_o which_o hinder_v e●●son_n from_o take_v this_o gentleman_n by_o the_o collar_n and_o pick_v a_o hole_n in_o his_o gown_n upon_o the_o breach_n of_o some_o rusty_a penal_a sumptuary_n statute_n an._n th._n par._n remove_v from_o kendal-castle_n in_o westmoreland_n into_o this_o county_n ●…_n upon_o his_o marry_v maud_n daughter_n of_o sir_n th._n green_a of_o green-norton_n he_o be_v father_n to_o q._n kath._n par_fw-fr and_o to_o w._n marquis_n of_o northam_n 15._o w._n fitz-williams_n sen._n mil._n first_o a_o merchant-taylor_n and_o servant_n to_o cardinal_n woolsey_n be_v alderman_n in_o london_n 1506._o afterward_o upon_o his_o entertainment_n of_o his_o mr._n woolsey_n at_o milton_n in_o northamptonshire_n the_o king_n be_v displease_v therewith_o demand_v how_o he_o dare_v harbour_v so_o great_a a_o enemy_n to_o the_o state_n his_o answer_n be_v that_o he_o have_v do_v it_o because_o he_o have_v be_v his_o master_n and_o partly_o the_o mean_n of_o his_o great_a fortune_n the_o k._n be_v so_o well_o please_v with_o his_o answer_n that_o say_n himself_o have_v few_o such_o servant_n immediate_o knight_v he_o and_o afterward_o make_v he_o a_o privy_a councillor_n 17._o w._n par_fw-fr uncle_n to_o queen_n kath._n par_n be_v by_o h._n 8._o create_v baron_n par_n of_o horton_n 21._o jo._n clerk_n mil._n an._n 5._o h._n 8._o at_o the_o siege_n of_o terrowane_n take_v prisoner_n lewis_n de_fw-fr orleans_n d._n of_o longevile_n for_o which_o service_n he_o get_v the_o arm_n of_o that_o duke_n viz._n a_o canton_n sinister_a az._n and_o thereupon_o a_o demi-ram_n mount_v ar._n arm_v o._n betwixt_o 2_o flower_n de_fw-fr luce_n in_o chief_a of_o the_o last_o over_o all_o a_o batune_n dexter-way_n ar._n 24._o dau._n cecil_n be_v grandfather_n to_o w._n cecil_n baron_n of_o burleigh_n and_o lord_n treasurer_n of_o england_n 25._o w._n par_fw-fr mil._n brother_n to_o q._n kath._n par_fw-fr be_v make_v lord_n par_n of_o kendal_n and_o e._n of_o essex_n in_o the_o right_n of_o anne_n bourcher_n his_o wife_n king_n ed._n 6._o create_v he_o marq._n of_o northampton_n under_o queen_n mary_n he_o be_v condemn_v for_o side_v with_o queen_n jane_n but_o pardon_v and_o restore_v by_o q._n eliz._n he_o be_v skill_v in_o music_n and_o want_v not_o for_o valour_n though_o unsuccessful_a in_o his_o employment_n against_o ket_n he_o die_v 1571_o without_o issue_n an._n 1._o th._n tressam_fw-la mil._n for_o his_o activity_n in_o bring_v q._n marry_o to_o the_o crown_n marry_o be_v by_o her_o make_a prior_n of_o st._n jo._n in_o jerusalem_n an._n 6._o edm._n brudenell_n arm._n afterward_o knight_v be_v a_o great_a antiquary_n eliz._n and_o seem_v to_o have_v entail_v his_o ability_n on_o th._n lord_n brud_n of_o stoughton_n 15._o th._n tressam_fw-la arm._n knight_v 18_o eliz._n build_v the_o market-house_n at_o rothwell_n for_o his_o zeal_n to_o the_o popish_a religion_n he_o be_v confine_v to_o wisbich_n castle_n 20._o th._n cecil_n mil._n son_n to_o sir_n will_n bar._n of_o burleigh_n be_v create_v e._n of_o exeter_n and_o marry_v dorothy_n daughter_n to_o the_o lord_n latimer_n these_o joint_o bestow_v 108_o l._n per_fw-la an._n on_o clare-hall_n in_o cambridge_n 34._o anth._n milemay_n esq_n be_v knight_v by_o q._n eliz._n and_o send_v ambassador_n into_o france_n 43._o rob._n spencer_n knight_n descend_v from_o the_o spencer_n earl_n of_o gloucester_n and_o winchester_n be_v an._n 1._o jac._n create_v baron_n spencer_n of_o wormleiton_n in_o warw._n speak_v in_o parliament_n of_o the_o valour_n of_o their_o english_a ancestor_n in_o defend_v the_o liberty_n of_o the_o nation_n your_o ancestor_n say_v the_o earl_n of_o arundel_n be_v keep_v of_o sheep_n when_o those_o liberty_n be_v defend_v the_o other_o return_v and_o you_o be_v then_o in_o plot_v of_o treason_n he_o be_v send_v by_o k._n james_n to_o frederick_n duke_n of_o wirtenberge_n to_o present_v he_o with_o the_o garter_n an._n 2._o arth._n throgmorton_n knight_n who_o sister_n be_v marry_v to_o sir_n walt._n james_n raleigh_n a_o ingenious_a gentleman_n leave_v his_o estate_n to_o his_o 4_o daughter_n marry_v to_o the_o lord_n dacres_n lord_n wotton_n sir_n peter_n temple_n of_o stow_n baronet_n and_o sir_n ed._n partridge_n 3._o jo._n freeman_n be_v a_o most_o bountiful_a benefactor_n to_o clare-hall_n in_o cambridge_n give_v 2000_o l._n to_o the_o sound_n of_o fellowship_n and_o scholar-ship_n therein_o he_o die_v without_o issue_n 12._o w._n wilmer_n arm._n the_o first_o pensioner_n in_o sidney-colledge_n to_o which_o he_o be_v a_o benefactor_n an._n 7._o jo._n hewet_n baronet_n though_o he_o have_v no_o land_n in_o this_o county_n the_o shrivalty_n charles_n be_v impose_v upon_o he_o because_o he_o have_v offend_v a_o great_a courtier_n northumberland_n northumberland_n have_v durham_n on_o the_o s._n cumberland_n on_o the_o s._n w._n the_o german_a ocean_n on_o the_o e._n and_o scotland_n on_o the_o n._n and_o w._n part_v with_o the_o river_n tweed_n and_o cheviot_n hill_n it_o be_v somewhat_o of_o a_o pyramidal_a form_n who_o base_a extend_v to_o above_o 40._o and_o shaft_n ascend_v to_o 50_o mile_n the_o soil_n be_v not_o very_o fruitful_a but_o be_v improve_v more_o and_o more_o daily_o an._n 4._o jac._n many_o gentleman_n in_o this_o county_n challenge_v their_o hereditary_a right_n in_o the_o bound_n betwixt_o the_o two_o kingdom_n which_o have_v
former_a and_o purge_v the_o body_n of_o gross_a humour_n and_o sulphur_n which_o dry_v and_o be_v good_a for_o uterine_n effect_n among_o the_o various_a opinion_n concern_v the_o heat_n of_o these_o water_n some_o do_v with_o great_a probability_n impute_v the_o same_o to_o the_o sermentation_n of_o several_a mineral_n through_o which_o the_o water_n run_v the_o practice_n of_o take_v the_o water_n inward_o in_o broth_n etc._n etc._n begin_v to_o prevail_v the_o right_a honourable_a james_n earl_n of_o marleborough_n undertake_v to_o cover_v the_o cross-bath_n at_o his_o own_o cost_n and_o will_v other_o follow_v his_o resolution_n it_o will_v effectual_o conduce_v to_o public_a benefit_n and_o raise_v the_o credit_n of_o the_o place_n proverb_n 1._o where_o shall_v i_o be_v bear_v else_o then_o in_o tanton_n deane_z a_o peasant_n brag_v that_o place_n be_v indeed_o populous_a pleasant_a and_o so_o fruitful_a with_o the_o zun_fw-mi and_o zoil_v alone_o that_o it_o need_v no_o manure_v ii_o the_o beggar_n of_o bath_n saint_n st._n dunstan_n bear_v in_o and_o abbot_n of_o glassenbury_n be_v bishop_n of_o london_n and_o worcester_n archbishop_n of_o canterbury_n and_o at_o last_o for_o his_o promote_a of_o monkery_n repute_v a_o saint_n he_o die_v 988._o his_o skill_n in_o smithery_a be_v so_o great_a that_o the_o goldsmith_n in_o london_n be_v incorporate_v by_o the_o name_n of_o the_o company_n of_o st._n dunstan_n see_v my_o eccl._n hist_o martyr_n jo._n hooper_n bear_v in_o this_o county_n and_o breed_v in_o oxford_n then_o beyond_o the_o sea_n a_o great_a scholar_n and_o linguist_n be_v in_o the_o reign_n of_o edw._n 6._o elect_v bishop_n of_o gloucester_n but_o for_o a_o time_n scruple_v the_o acceptance_n thereof_o as_o refuse_v the_o oath_n of_o supremacy_n which_o then_o enjoin_v the_o receiver_n to_o a_o conformity_n to_o the_o king_n command_n in_o what_o alteration_n soever_o he_o shall_v afterward_o make_v in_o religion_n and_o also_o conclude_v with_o so_o help_v i_o god_n and_o all_o his_o angel_n and_o saint_n this_o be_v the_o occasion_n of_o the_o ensue_a reform_v of_o that_o oath_n whilst_o the_o king_n dispense_v with_o his_o present_a take_v thereof_o he_o also_o scruple_v the_o wear_n of_o some_o episcopal_a habiliment_n but_o at_o last_o content_v thereunto_o he_o hold_v afterward_o worcester_n in_o commendam_fw-la with_o gloucester_n and_o have_v a_o double_a dignity_n give_v treble_a diligence_n by_o preach_v god_n word_n live_v pious_o and_o die_v patient_o be_v martyr_a an._n 1555._o the_o only_a native_a in_o this_o shire_n who_o suffer_v for_o the_o testimony_n of_o the_o gospel_n bishop_n burn_v bishop_n of_o bath_n and_o wells_n in_o the_o reign_n of_o q._n marry_o have_v persecute_v no_o protestant_n in_o his_o diocese_n to_o death_n prelate_n joceline_n of_o wells_n whereof_o he_o be_v bishop_n he_o first_o change_v the_o style_n of_o bishop_n of_o glaston_n use_v by_o his_o predecessor_n into_o that_o of_o bishop_n of_o bath_n and_o wells_n the_o monk_n of_o glassenbury_n purchase_v their_o exemption_n from_o his_o ecclesiastical_a jurisdiction_n by_o part_v with_o 4_o fair_a manor_n to_o the_o see_v of_o wells_n after_o his_o return_n from_o exile_n for_o his_o obstinacy_n against_o king_n john_n he_o beautify_v and_o enrich_v the_o cathedral_n erect_v some_o new_a prebend_n and_o to_o the_o use_n of_o the_o chapter_n appropriate_v many_o church_n and_o give_v 3_o manor_n of_o great_a value_n to_o the_o episcopal_a see_n he_o with_o hugo_n bishop_n of_o london_n be_v the_o joint_a founder_n of_o st._n jo._n in_o wells_n and_o on_o his_o own_o cost_n build_v two_o fair_a chapel_n one_o at_o wokey_n the_o other_o at_o wells_n the_o church_n of_o wells_n be_v rather_o rebuilt_a then_o repair_v by_o he_o he_o be_v bishop_n 37_o year_n and_o die_v 1242._o his_o effigy_n in_o brass_n which_o be_v on_o his_o tomb_n be_v since_o deface_v fulk_n of_o samford_n be_v treasurer_n of_o st._n paul_n london_n and_o then_o by_o papal-bull_n declare_v arch_a bishop_n of_o dublin_n 1256._o he_o die_v in_o his_o manor_n of_o finglas_n 1271._o and_o be_v bury_v in_o the_o church_n of_o st._n pat._n who_o brother_n jo_n of_o samford_n dean_n of_o st._n pat._n in_o dublin_n and_o for_o a_o time_n escheator_n of_o all_o ireland_n be_v afterward_o choose_v and_o by_o edw._n the_o one_a confirm_a archbishop_n of_o dublin_n 1284._o for_o a_o time_n he_o be_v chief_a justice_n of_o ireland_n and_o thence_o be_v send_v with_o anth._n bishop_n of_o durham_n ambassador_n to_o the_o emperor_n whence_o return_v he_o die_v in_o london_n 1294._o his_o body_n be_v carry_v over_o into_o ireland_n be_v bury_v in_o st._n pat._n thomas_n beckington_n bear_v at_o beckington_n breed_v in_o new-colledge_n dr._n of_o the_o law_n and_o dean_n of_o the_o arch_n till_o by_o king_n hen._n 6._o he_o be_v advance_v bishop_n of_o bath_n and_o wells_n he_o give_v for_o his_o rebus_n in_o allusion_n to_o his_o name_n a_o burn_a beacon_n to_o which_o he_o answer_v in_o his_o nature_n be_v a_o burn_a and_o shine_a light_n he_o write_v a_o book_n to_o prove_v the_o k._n of_o england_n title_n to_o the_o crown_n of_o france_n he_o spend_v 6000_o mark_n in_o repair_v and_o adorn_v of_o his_o palace_n he_o be_v a_o loyal_a subject_n kind_a kinsman_n and_o a_o good_a master_n bequeath_v 5_o pound_n a_o piece_n to_o his_o chief_n and_o 5_o mark_v a_o piece_n to_o his_o mean_a servant_n and_o 40_o shilling_n a_o piece_n to_o his_o boy_n he_o be_v a_o benefactor_n to_o wells_n church_n winch._n new_a merton_n but_o chief_o lincoln-colledge_n in_o oxford_n be_v little_o less_o than_o a_o second_o founder_n thereof_o his_o will_n be_v confirm_v under_o the_o broad_a seal_n of_o england_n he_o die_v 1464._o richard_n fitz-james_n dr._n of_o law_n be_v bear_v at_o redlinch_n of_o ancient_n and_o worshipful_a extraction_n and_o breed_v at_o mert._n coll._n in_o oxford_n where_o he_o build_v most_o beautiful_a lodging_n repair_v also_o st._n ma._n in_o oxford_n he_o be_v prefer_v successive_o bishop_n of_o rochester_n chichester_n and_o london_n a_o excellent_a scholar_n and_o author_n of_o some_o book_n not_o now_o extant_a he_o be_v over_o busy_a with_o fire_n and_o faggot_n persecute_v the_o poor_a servant_n of_o god_n in_o his_o diocese_n he_o die_v 1512_o and_o be_v bury_v in_o his_o cathedral_n have_v contribute_v to_o the_o adorn_v thereof_o in_o a_o chapel_n like_o tomb_n of_o timber_n since_o burn_v down_o 1561_o he_o be_v brother_n to_o fitz-james_n lord_n chief_a justice_n statesman_n sir_n amias_n poulet_n who_o grandfather_n put_v cardinal_n woolsey_n then_o but_o a_o schoolmaster_n in_o the_o stock_n be_v bear_v at_o hinton_n st._n george_n he_o be_v chancellor_n of_o the_o garter_n governor_n of_o jersey_n and_o gersney_n and_o privy-councellour_n to_o q._n elizabeth_n who_o chief_o commit_v the_o keep_n of_o mary_n q._n of_o scot_n to_o his_o fidelity_n he_o will_v not_o yield_v to_o secretary_n walsingham_n who_o move_v he_o to_o suffer_v one_o of_o his_o servant_n to_o be_v bribe_v by_o the_o agent_n of_o the_o queen_n of_o scot_n so_o to_o compass_v the_o better_a intelligence_n he_o die_v 15._o and_o be_v bury_v in_o st._n martin_n in_o the_o field_n in_o london_n his_o motto_n be_v garder_fw-fr la_fw-fr foy_fw-fr keep_v your_o faith_n or_o allegiance_n capital_a judge_n jo._n fitz-james_n bear_v at_o redclinch_n of_o a_o ancient_a family_n be_v by_o hen._n 8._o make_v chief_a justice_n of_o the_o kings-bench_n he_o sit_v one_o of_o the_o assistant_n when_o sir_n thomas_n more_o be_v arraign_v for_o refuse_v the_o oath_n of_o supremacy_n and_o be_v shrewd_o put_v to_o it_o to_o save_v his_o own_o conscience_n and_o not_o incur_v the_o king_n displeasure_n declare_v himself_o upon_o demand_n in_o these_o word_n my_o lord_n all_o by_o st._n gillian_n i_o must_v needs_o confess_v that_o if_o the_o act_n of_o parliament_n be_v not_o unlawful_a than_o the_o indictment_n be_v not_o in_o my_o conscience_n insufficient_a he_o die_v an._n 30._o hen._n 8._o and_o his_o family_n do_v still_o flourish_v at_o lewson_n in_o dorsetshire_n sir_n jo._n descend_v from_o his_o brother_n alurea_n have_v strong_o encourage_v my_o weak_a endeavour_n jo._n portman_n knight_n of_o worshipful_a extraction_n at_o portmans-orchard_n be_v an._n 2._o marry_o make_v chief_a justice_n of_o the_o kings-bench_n in_o which_o office_n it_o seem_v he_o die_v a_o baron_n of_o his_o name_n and_o lineage_n flourish_v at_o this_o day_n with_o a_o plentiful_a estate_n dau._n brook_n knight_n bear_v at_o glassenbury_n son_n to_o jo._n brook_n esq_n sergeant_n at_o law_n to_o hen._n 8._o be_v a_o 1._o marry_o make_v chief_a bar._n of_o the_o exchequer_n he_o marry_v katherine_n daughter_n of_o jo._n lord_n chandois_n but_o die_v without_o issue_n james_n dier_n knight_n bear_v
nothing_o to_o take_v two_o of_o the_o tall_a yeoman_n of_o the_o guard_n like_o the_o gizzard_n and_o liver_n under_o his_o arm_n at_o once_o and_o order_v they_o as_o he_o please_v and_o his_o valour_n be_v equal_a to_o his_o strength_n he_o be_v proportionable_a in_o all_o part_n and_o be_v of_o a_o good_a temper_n disdain_v to_o do_v a_o injury_n to_o any_o single_a person_n note_a sheriff_n hen._n 6._o an._n 1._o ranul_v com._n cestr_n and_o henry_n de_fw-fr aldicheleia_n this_o hemy_n be_v the_o first_o lord_n audley_n in_o this_o county_n and_o founder_n of_o that_o noble_a family_n so_o long_o famous_a for_o martial_a achievement_n k._n henry_n 3._o confirm_v to_o he_o many_o land_n of_o his_o own_o grant_n and_o the_o donation_n of_o other_o of_o the_o latter_a kind_n be_v these_o follow_v the_o most_o of_o they_o great_a manor_n aldithlege_n coulton_n cold_a norton_n batleigh_n shagbourn_n stanweare_v tunstal_n chaderley_n chell_n normancot_n nerle_n brudnap_n weston_n hauskley_n bagley_n morton_n and_o heleigh_n afterward_o the_o prime_a seat_n of_o the_o lord_n audley_n who_o also_o have_v great_a land_n in_o devon-shire_n their_o heir_n males_n fail_v about_o the_o reign_n of_o k._n henry_n 6._o joan_n one_o of_o their_o heir_n be_v marry_v to_o sir_n john_n touchet_n who_o son_n be_v baron_n andley_n ancestor_n to_o the_o present_a lord_n audley_n earl_n of_o castle-haven_n in_o ireland_n edw._n 3._o an._n 18._o john_n de_fw-fr aston_n i_o have_v not_o meet_v with_o a_o more_o noble_a family_n measure_v on_o the_o level_n of_o flat_a and_o un-advantaged_n antiquity_n they_o have_v ever_o bear_v a_o good_a respect_n to_o the_o church_n and_o learned_a man_n ever_o since_o roger_n de_fw-fr molend_n bishop_n of_o litchfield_n in_o the_o reign_n of_o henry_n 3_o give_v haywood_n in_o this_o county_n to_o roger_n de_fw-fr aston_n his_o servant_n son_n to_o ralph_n and_o father_n to_o sir_n john_n aforenamed_a from_o who_o be_v descend_v in_o a_o lineal_a succession_n sir_n thomas_n sir_n roger_n sir_n robert_n john_n aston_n esq_n sir_n john_n knight_n banneret_n sir_n edward_n sir_n walter_z sir_n edward_n sir_n walter_z employ_v by_o k._n james_n ambassador_n into_o spain_n hen._n 6._o an._n 12._o thomas_n stanley_n his_o true_a name_n be_v audley_n for_o after_o that_o adam_n young_a brother_n to_o james_n lord_n audley_n have_v marry_v the_o daughter_n and_o heir_n of_o henry_n de_fw-fr stanley_n william_n their_o son_n assume_v the_o surname_n of_o stanley_n this_o thomas_n seem_v to_o have_v be_v the_o same_o person_n who_o k._n henry_n 6._o make_v lord_n stanley_n knight_n of_o the_o garter_n lord_n deputy_n of_o ireland_n and_o lord_n chamberlain_n of_o the_o household_n and_o who_o be_v father_n to_o thomas_n who_o k._n henry_n 7._o create_v the_o first_o earl_n of_o derby_n 34._o john_n delves_n esq_n afterward_o knight_v be_v the_o last_o of_o his_o ancient_a family_n who_o be_v fix_v in_o this_o county_n in_o the_o reign_n of_o edward_n 3_o helen_n his_o sole_a daughter_n and_o heir_n marry_v to_o robert_n sheffield_n knight_n and_o recorder_n of_o london_n ancestor_n to_o the_o present_a lord_n of_o moulgrave_n edw._n 4._o a_o 1._o walter_n wrotesley_n be_v lineal_o descend_v from_o sir_n hugh_n one_o of_o the_o first_o founder_n of_o the_o noble_a order_n of_o the_o garter_n hen._n 8._o a_o 28._o john_n dudley_n be_v afterward_o by_o hen._n 8._o create_a duke_n of_o northumberland_n k._n charles_n i._n w._n bowyer_n lineal_o descend_v from_o thomas_n who_o in_o the_o reign_n of_o richard_n 2._o marry_a katherine_n daughter_n and_o heir_n to_o robert_n knipersley_n the_o bowyer_n of_o sussex_n invite_v thither_o some_o 200_o year_n since_o by_o a_o earl_n of_o northumberland_n be_v a_o young_a of_o these_o in_o stafford_n battle_n at_o hopton-heath_n march_n 1643._o a_o fierce_a fight_n happen_v betwixt_o the_o king_n and_o the_o parliament_n force_n on_o a_o ground_n full_a of_o cony-borrough_n afford_v bad_a footing_n for_o the_o horse_n the_o royalist_n may_v be_v say_v to_o have_v get_v the_o day_n and_o lose_v the_o sun_n which_o make_v it_o i_o mean_v the_o true_o loyal_a and_o valiant_a spencer_n earl_n of_o northampton_n leave_v a_o grateful_a memory_n and_o a_o noble_a and_o numerous_a issue_n suffolk_z suffolk_n have_v norfolk_n on_o the_o north_n cambridgeshire_n on_o the_o west_n the_o german_a ocean_n on_o the_o east_n and_o essex_n on_o the_o south_n it_o stretch_v from_o east_n to_o west_n 45_o miles_n though_o the_o general_a breadth_n be_v but_o 20_o save_v that_o be_v somewhat_o towards_o the_o sea_n the_o air_n thereof_o be_v esteem_v the_o best_a in_o england_n a_o small_a parcel_n near_o the_o seaside_n only_o except_v there_o be_v very_o good_a cheese_n make_v in_o this_o county_n whereof_o the_o fine_a be_v very_o thin_a though_o yield_v to_o the_o butter_n make_v here_o which_o excel_v both_o in_o quantity_n and_o quality_n the_o manufacture_n of_o clothing_n in_o this_o county_n have_v be_v much_o great_a and_o clothier_n rich_a heretofore_o then_o in_o these_o time_n many_o stately_a monument_n have_v be_v former_o erect_v to_o their_o memory_n and_o not_o one_o in_o those_o latter_a season_n the_o county_n have_v no_o cathedral_n though_o general_o fair_a parish_n church_n it_o have_v former_o a_o most_o magnificent_a abbey-church_n in_o bury_n with_o three_o lesser_a church_n wait_v thereon_o in_o the_o same_o churchyard_n of_o these_o but_o two_o be_v extant_a at_o this_o day_n be_v stately_a structure_n it_o be_v general_o avouch_v by_o all_o author_n that_o mary_n young_a sister_n to_o king_n henry_n 8._o relict_n to_o lewis_n 12._o king_n of_o france_n afterward_o marry_v to_o ch._n brandon_n d._n of_o suffolk_n be_v bury_v in_o the_o abbey-church_n in_o bury_n 1533._o yet_o her_o corpse_n can_v not_o protect_v that_o church_n which_o be_v in_o few_o year_n after_o level_v to_o the_o ground_n i_o read_v not_o that_o her_o body_n be_v remove_v nor_o do_v any_o monument_n remain_v here_o to_o her_o memory_n the_o town_n of_o bury_n be_v sweet_o seat_v and_o fair_o build_v especial_o since_o 1608._o about_o which_o time_n it_o be_v deface_v with_o a_o casual_a fire_n the_o school_n a_o great_a ornament_n to_o the_o town_n be_v found_v by_o k._n edw._n 6._o and_o be_v itself_o a_o corporation_n now_o as_o well_o as_o ever_o flourish_v under_o mr._n stephens_n the_o able_a master_n thereof_o among_o the_o house_n of_o the_o gentry_n long_a melford_n late_o the_o house_n of_o the_o countess_n of_o rivers_n be_v the_o first_o fruit_n of_o the_o plunder_v in_o england_n then_o sommerley-hall_n nigh_o yarmouth_n belong_v to_o the_o lady_n wentworth_n be_v beautify_v with_o pleasant_a walk_n set_v with_o firr-tree_n verdant_a all_o the_o year_n as_o for_o other_o there_o be_v many_o handsome_a house_n in_o the_o town_n of_o ipswich_n which_o belong_v to_o merchant_n proverb_n i._o suffolk_n milk_n no_o county_n in_o england_n afford_v better_a ii_o suffolk_n fair_a maid_n iii_o suffolk-stile_n this_o belong_v both_o to_o suffolk_n and_o essex_n where_o there_o be_v troublesome_a style_n to_o be_v clamber_v over_o iv._o you_o be_v in_o the_o right_a way_n to_o needham_n speak_v of_o those_o who_o hasten_v to_o poverty_n needham_n be_v a_o market_n town_n in_o this_o county_n stock_v as_o it_o happen_v with_o poor_a people_n prince_n edmund_n mortimer_n son_n to_o roger_n earl_n of_o march_n be_v bear_v probable_o in_o clare_n after_o p._n the_o death_n of_o richard_n 2._o he_o be_v the_o next_o heir_n to_o the_o crown_n but_o be_v willing_a to_o yield_v the_o same_o to_o k._n henry_n 4._o so_o he_o may_v receive_v and_o enjoy_v his_o private_a patrimony_n keep_v from_o he_o by_o the_o say_v henry_n but_o he_o can_v obtain_v neither_o be_v afterward_o employ_v by_o this_o king_n in_o a_o war_n against_o owen_n glendor_n the_o welsh_a rebel_n he_o be_v take_v prisoner_n and_o neglect_v by_o the_o king_n who_o have_v only_o expose_v he_o to_o danger_n under_o pretence_n of_o honour_n he_o make_v a_o shift_n to_o ransom_v himself_o yet_o do_v he_o but_o exchange_v a_o welsh_a for_o a_o irish_a prison_n keep_v 20_o year_n in_o restraint_n in_o his_o own_o castle_n of_o trim_n in_o the_o end_n of_o the_o reign_n of_o henry_n 4._o all_o the_o reign_n of_o henry_n 5._o and_o the_o beginning_n of_o henry_n 6._o he_o die_v a_o 1454._o without_o issue_n leave_v anne_n his_o sister_n his_o heir_n and_o be_v bury_v in_o clare_n saint_n st._n edmund_n k._n of_o the_o e._n angle_n be_v cruel_o torture_v to_o death_n at_o hoxton_n in_o this_o county_n by_o the_o pagan_a dane_n a_o 870._o his_o body_n be_v place_v in_o a_o goodly_a shrine_n rich_o adorn_v with_o jewel_n at_o bury_n in_o this_o county_n of_o he_o a_o popish_a author_n when_o the_o christis_fw-la ans_fw-fr
not_o believe_v the_o rather_o because_o he_o love_v vocal_a music_n and_o can_v bear_v his_o own_o part_n therein_o he_o be_v a_o constant_a preacher_n and_o performer_n of_o family_n duty_n of_o a_o weak_a constitution_n melancholy_a lean_a and_o a_o hard_a student_n he_o die_v in_o honour_n be_v the_o last_o bishop_n that_o die_v a_o member_n of_o parliament_n 1642._o statesman_n sir_n edward_n bellingham_n knight_n of_o a_o ancient_n and_o warlike_a family_n be_v servant_n of_o the_o privy_a chamber_n to_o king_n edward_n 6._o who_o send_v he_o over_o deputy_n of_o ireland_n he_o first_o extend_v the_o english_a pale_a proceed_v against_o the_o irishry_n in_o a_o martial_a course_n by_o break_v the_o moor_n and_o connors_n two_o rebellious_a sext_n he_o build_v the_o fort_n of_o leix_n and_o offaly_n to_o secure_v his_o new_a acquisition_n and_o have_v settle_v the_o english_a plantation_n therein_o have_v he_o not_o be_v sudden_o revoke_v before_o two_o year_n be_v expire_v his_o soldier_n never_o know_v whither_o they_o go_v till_o they_o be_v come_v whither_o they_o shall_v go_v thus_o he_o surprise_v the_o rude_a earl_n of_o desmond_n bring_v he_o to_o dublin_n reform_v he_o in_o civility_n sometime_o make_v he_o to_o kneel_v a_o hour_n together_o before_o he_o know_v his_o duty_n till_o he_o become_v a_o new_a man_n in_o his_o behaviour_n this_o earl_n all_o his_o life_n after_o high_o honour_v he_o and_o at_o every_o meal_n will_v pray_v to_o god_n for_o good_a sir_n edward_n bellingham_n when_o the_o deputy_n return_v into_o england_n he_o clear_v himself_o of_o many_o fault_n lay_v to_o his_o charge_n recover_v the_o king_n favour_n and_o have_v be_v send_v over_o deputy_n again_o save_v that_o he_o excuse_v himself_o by_o indisposition_n of_o body_n and_o die_v not_o long_o after_o writer_n richard_n kendal_n a_o excellent_a grammarian_n and_o schoolmaster_n extract_v a_o quintessence_n from_o a_o vast_a number_n of_o latin_a grammar_n and_o boast_v like_o a_o conceit_a pedant_n that_o latin_a only_o to_o be_v elegant_a which_o be_v make_v according_a to_o his_o rule_n he_o flourish_v under_o henry_n 6._o since_o the_o reformation_n bernard_n son_n of_o edward_n gilpin_n esquire_n be_v bear_v at_o kentmire_n 1517._o and_o breed_v in_o queen_n college_n in_o oxford_n he_o dispute_v against_o mr._n hooper_n who_o be_v afterward_o martyr_a when_o indeed_o he_o do_v follow_v his_o argument_n with_o his_o affection_n he_o afterward_o become_v a_o zealous_a protestant_n he_o be_v rector_n of_o houghton_n in_o the_o north_n and_o board_v in_o his_o house_n 24_o scholar_n the_o great_a number_n poor_a man_n son_n upon_o who_o he_o bestow_v meat_n drink_v cloth_n and_o education_n he_o keep_v a_o table_n for_o his_o parishioner_n every_o sunday_n from_o michaelmas_n to_o easter_n he_o commend_v a_o marry_a life_n in_o clergyman_n himself_o live_v and_o die_v a_o bachelor_n he_o bestow_v 500_o pound_n in_o the_o build_n and_o endow_v of_o his_o school_n he_o be_v account_v a_o saint_n in_o the_o judgement_n of_o his_o very_a enemy_n if_o he_o have_v any_o such_o be_v full_a of_o faith_n and_o good_a work_n he_o be_v put_v in_o his_o grave_n as_o a_o heap_n of_o wheat_n in_o due_a time_n sweep_v into_o the_o garner_n die_v march_n 4._o 1583._o aet_fw-la 66._o richard_n mulcaster_n of_o ancient_a extraction_n be_v bear_v in_o this_o county_n or_o cumberland_n amp._n and_o breed_v in_o king_n college_n in_o cambridge_n afterward_o in_o oxford_n he_o be_v choose_v the_o first_o master_n of_o merchant_n tailor_n school_n in_o london_n where_o his_o scholar_n profit_v so_o well_o that_o the_o merchant_n tailor_n intend_v to_o fix_v he_o as_o his_o desk_n to_o their_o school_n till_o death_n shall_v remove_v he_o this_o he_o perceive_v and_o therefore_o give_v for_o his_o motto_n fidelis_n servus_n perpetuus_fw-la asinus_fw-la but_o after_o 25_o year_n he_o be_v make_v master_n of_o paul_n school_n such_o his_o discipline_n that_o the_o indulgence_n of_o parent_n rather_o increase_v then_o mitigate_v his_o severity_n on_o their_o offend_a child_n he_o be_v plagosus_n orbilius_n and_o which_o quallifle_v the_o matter_n unpartial_a among_o the_o many_o excellent_a scholar_n which_o he_o breed_v bishop_n andrews_n be_v most_o remarkable_a at_o last_o quit_v the_o place_n he_o become_v parson_n of_o stanford_n rivers_n and_o die_v about_o the_o middle_n of_o the_o reign_n of_o queen_n elizabeth_n christopher_n potter_n d._n d._n kinsman_n to_o bishop_n potter_n be_v breed_v in_o and_o provost_z of_o queen_n college_n in_o oxford_n he_o be_v chaplain_n in_o ordinary_a to_o king_n charles_n i._n and_o dean_n of_o worcester_n one_o of_o a_o sweet_a nature_n comely_a presence_n courteous_a carriage_n devout_a life_n and_o deep_a learning_n he_o write_v a_o excellent_a book_n entitle_v charity_n mistake_v answer_v by_o a_o jesuit_n against_o who_o mr._n chillingworth_n take_v up_o the_o cudgel_n he_o die_v in_o the_o begin_n of_o the_o civil_a war._n benefactor_n to_o the_o public_a robert_n langton_n and_o miles_n spencer_n doctor_n of_o law_n joint_o build_v a_o fair_a school_n at_o appleby_n robert_n be_v breed_v in_o and_o a_o benefactor_n to_o queen_n college_n in_o oxford_n owe_v the_o glaze_a of_o many_o window_n therein_o to_o his_o beneficence_n on_o which_o window_n he_o cause_v his_o surname_n to_o be_v make_v in_o this_o manner_n viz._n long_n or_o lang_n tun_n anne_n clyfford_n sole_a daughter_n and_o heir_n to_o george_n earl_n of_o northumberland_n wife_z to_z richard_n earl_n of_o dorset_z then_o to_o philip_n earl_n of_o pembroke_n and_o montgomery_n have_v her_o great_a estate_n in_o the_o north_n she_o build_v and_o endow_v a_o most_o beautiful_a hospital_n at_o appleby_n in_o this_o county_n and_o be_v still_o live_v memorable_a person_n richard_n gilpin_n who_o be_v enfeoff_v in_o the_o lordship_n of_o kent-mire-hall_n by_o the_o baron_n of_o kendal_n for_o his_o singular_a desert_n kill_v the_o wild_a boar_n that_o rage_v in_o the_o mountain_n adjoin_v much_o endamage_v the_o country_n people_n whence_o it_o be_v that_o the_o gilpin_n give_v the_o boar_n in_o their_o arms._n note_v that_o in_o the_o reign_n of_o king_n edward_n 1._o the_o hereditary_a sherivalty_n of_o this_o county_n be_v confer_v on_o the_o lord_n clifford_n who_o marry_v sibyl_n elder_a daughter_n to_o robert_n de_fw-fr vipont_n henry_n lord_n clifford_n be_v by_o henry_n 8._o a_o 1525._o create_a earl_n of_o cumberland_n and_o when_o henry_n the_o 5_o earl_n of_o that_o family_n die_v late_o without_o issue_n male_a the_o honour_n of_o the_o hereditary_a sherivalty_n revert_v unto_o anne_n the_o three_o daughter_n of_o george_n clifford_n the_o three_o earl_n of_o cumberland_n the_o relict_n of_o richard_n earl_n of_o dorset_n and_o since_o of_o philip_n earl_n of_o pembroke_n and_o montgomery_n by_o who_o she_o have_v two_o daughter_n the_o elder_a marry_a to_o the_o earl_n of_o thanet_n and_o the_o young_a marry_v to_o james_n earl_n of_o northampton_n wilt-shire_n wilt-shire_n have_v gloucestershire_n on_o the_o north_n berkshire_n and_o hamp-shire_n on_o the_o east_n dorsetshire_n on_o the_o south_n and_o somersetshire_n on_o the_o west_n from_o north_n to_o south_n it_o extend_v 39_o mile_n be_v in_o breadth_n 29._o and_o in_o circumference_n 139_o mile_n a_o pleasant_a county_n and_o of_o great_a variety_n it_o be_v plentiful_a in_o all_o english_a commodity_n especial_o in_o wool_n the_o manufacture_n of_o clothe_v be_v vigorous_o pursue_v and_o very_o good_a whites_n make_v here_o the_o best_a tobacco-pipe_n portable_a chimney_n be_v make_v at_o amesbury_n in_o this_o county_n as_o for_o building_n the_o cathedral_n of_o salisbury_n dedicate_v to_o the_o bless_a virgin_n be_v paramount_n in_o this_o kind_n wherein_o the_o door_n and_o chapel_n equal_v the_o month_n the_o window_n the_o day_n the_o pillar_n of_o marble_n the_o hour_n of_o the_o year_n so_o that_o all_o europe_n afford_v not_o such_o a_o almanac_n of_o architecture_n a_o countryman_n view_v this_o church_n say_v i_o once_o admire_v that_o there_o can_v be_v a_o church_n that_o shall_v have_v so_o many_o pillar_n as_o there_o be_v hour_n in_o the_o year_n and_o now_o i_o admire_v more_o that_o there_o shall_v be_v so_o many_o hour_n in_o the_o year_n as_o i_o see_v pillar_n in_o this_o church_n the_o cross_a isle_n be_v most_o beautiful_a the_o spire_n steeple_n be_v of_o great_a height_n and_o great_a workmanship_n i_o have_v be_v inform_v that_o some_o foreign_a artist_n behold_v this_o building_n break_v forth_o into_o tear_n which_o some_o impute_v to_o their_o admiration_n other_o to_o their_o envy_n of_o monument_n therein_o that_o of_o edward_n earl_n of_o hartsord_n be_v most_o magnificent_a that_o of_o helen_n suavenburgh_n a_o swede_n the_o relict_n of_o william_n marquis_n of_o northampton_n be_v most_o commend_v for_o its_o artificial_a
epitaph_n in_o english_a be_v thus_o he_o see_v five_o prince_n which_o the_o sceptre_n bear_v of_o they_o be_v privy-councillor_n to_o four_o sir_n th._n smith_n knight_n bear_v in_o abbington_n breed_v in_o th●…_n university_n of_o oxf._n god_n and_o himself_o raise_v he_o to_o the_o eminency_n he_o attain_v unto_o unbefriended_a with_o any_o extraction_n emulate_v sir_n th._n smith_n senior_n secretary_n of_o state_n he_o have_v equal_v he_o in_o preferment_n if_o not_o prevent_v by_o death_n this_o sir_n thomas_n be_v master_n of_o the_o request_n and_o secretary_n to_o king_n james_n he_o die_v nou._n 28._o 1609._o and_o be_v bury_v in_o the_o church_n of_o fulham_n in_o middlesex_n under_o a_o monument_n erect_v by_o his_o lady_n frances_n daughter_n to_o william_n lord_n chande_n and_o since_o the_o countess_n of_o exeter_n soldier_n henry_n umpton_n knight_n bear_v at_o wadley_n in_o this_o county_n be_v son_n to_o sir_n edward_n umpton_n by_o anne_n the_o relic_n of_o jo._n dudley_n earl_n of_o warwick_n and_o elder_a daughter_n of_o edward_n seymor_n d._n of_o somerset_n he_o be_v employ_v by_o queen_n elizabeth_n ambassador_n into_o france_n where_o in_o the_o month_n of_o may_n an._n 1592._o be_v sensible_a of_o some_o injury_n offer_v by_o the_o d●…_n of_o guise_n to_o the_o honour_n of_o the_o queen_n of_o england_n h●…_n send_v he_o this_o challenge_n forasmuch_o as_o late_o in_o the_o ●…dging_n of_o my_o lord_n du_n mayne_n and_o in_o public_a elsewhere_o pudent_o indiscreet_o and_o over_o bold_o you_o speak_v bold_o my_o sovereign_n who_o sacred_a person_n here_o in_o this_o ●…unty_n i_o represent_v to_o maintain_v both_o by_o word_n and_o ●…eapon_n her_o honour_n which_o never_o be_v call_v in_o question_n people_n of_o honesty_n and_o virtue_n i_o say_v you_o have_v wick_o lie_v by_o speak_v so_o base_o of_o my_o sovereign_n and_o you_o all_o do_v nothing_o else_o but_o lie_n whensoever_o you_o shall_v dare_v to_o 〈◊〉_d her_o honour_n moreover_o that_o her_o sacred_a person_n ●…eing_v one_o of_o the_o most_o complete_a and_o virtuous_a princess_n at_o life_n in_o this_o world_n ought_v not_o to_o be_v evil_o speak_v of_o the_o tongue_n of_o such_o a_o perfidious_a traitor_n to_o her_o law_n and_o ●…ountry_n as_o you_o be_v and_o hereupon_o i_o defy_v you_o and_o challenge_v your_o person_n to_o i_o with_o such_o manner_n of_o arm_n you_o shall_v like_v or_o choose_v be_v it_o either_o on_o horseback_n or_o on_o ●…ot_n nor_o will_v i_o have_v you_o to_o think_v any_o inequality_n of_o ●…erson_n between_o we_o i_o be_v issue_v of_o as_o great_a a_o race_n and_o ●…oble_a house_n every_o way_n as_o yourself_o so_o assign_v i_o 〈◊〉_d indifferent_a place_n i_o will_v there_o maintain_v my_o word_n and_o ●…e_o lie_v which_o i_o give_v you_o and_o which_o you_o shall_v not_o en●●re_v if_o you_o have_v any_o courage_n at_o all_o in_o you_o if_o you_o con●●nt_v not_o to_o meet_v i_o hereupon_o i_o will_v hold_v you_o and_o cause_n ●…u_n to_o be_v general_o hold_v for_o the_o arrant_a coward_n and_o most_o ●…anderous_a slave_n that_o live_v in_o all_o france_n i_o expect_v your_o answer_n i_o find_v not_o what_o answer_n be_v return_v this_o ●…r_n henry_n die_v in_o the_o french_a king_n camp_n before_o lo●…ar_n and_o his_o corpse_n bring_v over_o be_v bury_v in_o far●…ngton_n church_n july_n 8._o 1596._o he_o have_v allow_v he_o baron_n heir_n because_o die_a ambassador_n leaguer_n writer_n hugh_n of_o read_v quit_v his_o ex●…ectances_n of_o a_o fair_a estate_n and_o embra●…ed_v n._n a_o monastical_a life_n till_o at_o last_o he_o become_v abbot_n of_o read_v he_o be_v high_o commende●…_n by_o the_o learned_a and_o write_v a_o book_n of_o question_n fetch_v from_o the_o scripture_n roger_n of_o windsor_n chanter_n of_o the_o convent_n of_o ●●_o alban_n be_v the_o king_n historian_n he_o flourish_v a●…_n dom._n 1235._o robert_n rich_a son_n to_o edward_n and_o mabel_n his_o wife_n brother_n of_o s._n edmund_n archbishop_n of_o canterbury_n wa●…_n bear_v at_o abbington_n in_o this_o county_n he_o write_v a_o bo●●_n of_o the_o life_n death_n and_o miracle_n of_o his_o brother_n a●●_n die_v about_o the_o year_n of_o our_o lord_n 1250._o richard_n of_o wallingford_n a_o black-smith_n son_n wa●…_n breed_v at_o merton-colledge_n in_o oxford_n a_o monk_n at_o last_o a●…bot_n of_o s._n alban_n where_o be_v a_o good_a mathematici●…_n especial_o as_o to_o the_o mechanic_n part_v thereof_o he_o ma●●_n a_o clock_n with_o much_o pain_n more_o cost_v an●…_n most_o art_n be_v a_o calendar_n as_o well_o ●…_n clock_n show_v the_o fix_a star_n and_o pl●…nets_n 19_o the_o ebb_a and_o flow_v of_o the_o se●…_n etc._n etc._n but_o my_o author_n do_v not_o inform_v ●●_o if_o the_o canonical_a hour_n be_v mark_v on_o the_o clock_n h●…_n die_v an._n dom._n 1326._o since_o the_o reformation_n henry_n bullock_n probable_o bear_v in_o th●●_n county_n where_o his_o name_n appear_v in_o worshipful_a estate_n he_o be_v breed_v p._n fellow_n and_o doctor_n of_o divinity_n in_o queens-colledge●…_a ●…_z cambridge_n a_o general_a scholar_n familiar_a with_o erasmi●…_n call_v he_o bovillum_fw-la in_o his_o epistle_n to_o he_o at_o cardinal_n wolsey_n instance_n he_o write_v against_o luther_n the_o otherwise_o his_o affection_n be_v biased_a to_o the_o protestant_a party_n when_o he_o die_v be_v unknown_a will._n twis_o bear_v at_o spene_n a_o ancient_a roman_a city_n breed_v at_o new-colledge_n in_o oxford_n and_o there_o become_v general_a scholar_n good_a at_o plain_a preach_v better_a ●…t_n dispute_v and_o best_a in_o live_v he_o become_v ●…reacher_n in_o spinhamland_n towards_o his_o death_n he_o be_v ●…ighted_v by_o sectary_n it_o be_v usual_a for_o new-lights●…o_a ●…o_z neglect_n those_o who_o have_v bear_v the_o heat_n of_o the_o day_n ●…is_fw-la latin_n work_v speak_v he_o able_a in_o controversy_n he_o be_v moderate_a prolocutor_n in_o the_o assembly_n of_o di●…ines_n and_o die_v in_o holborn_n he_o be_v bury_v at_o west●…inster_n an._n dom._n 164._o will._n lyford_n bear_v at_o peysiner_n and_o breed_v at_o magdalen●…oll_n in_o oxf._n proceed_v there_o bachelor_n of_o divinity●…631_n ●…631_z he_o be_v also_o fellow_n of_o that_o foundation_n he_o ●…as_v trouble_v in_o conscience_n for_o have_v resign_v his_o ●…lace_n for_o money_n to_o his_o successor_n but_o before_o his_o death_n he_o make_v restitution_n he_o have_v a_o comely_a coun●…enance_n and_o modest_a mind_n a_o courteous_a carriage_n and_o ●…eek_a spirit_n he_o be_v afterward_o preacher_n at_o shir●…urn_n in_o dorsetshire_n and_o though_o both_o pious_a and_o painful_a ●…e_o have_v his_o share_n of_o obloquy_n from_o such_o factious_a per●…ons_n as_o can_v not_o abide_v the_o wholesome_a word_n of_o ●…ound_a doctrine_n he_o die_v about_o 1652_o though_o his_o memory_n live_v in_o his_o learned_a work_n romish_a exile_n writer_n th._n hyde_n bear_v at_o newbury_n breed_v master_n of_o art_n ●…_n new-coll_n in_o oxf._n be_v make_v canon_n of_o winchester●…nd_n ●…nd_z chief_a master_n of_o the_o school_n there_o he_o with_o ●…o_o martial_a about_o the_o begin_n of_o the_o reign_n of_o queen_n eliz._n go_v beyond_o the_o sea_n this_o hyde_n be_v ●…haractered_v by_o one_o of_o his_o own_o profession_n to_o be_v a_o man_n of_o upright_a life_n of_o great_a gravity_n and_o severity●…e_n ●…e_z write_v a_o book_n of_o consolation_n to_o his_o fellow_n ex●…e_n and_o die_v an._n dom._n 1597._o benefactor_n to_o the_o public_a alfrede_fw-la the_o four_o son_n to_o king_n athelwolf_n bear_v at_o wantage_n a_o excellent_a scholar_n though_o he_o be_v pass_v 12_o year_n of_o age_n before_o he_o know_v one_o letter_n he_o be_v a_o curious_a poet_n a_o excellent_a musician_n a_o valiant_a and_o successful_a soldier_n sight_v seven_o battle_n against_o the_o dane_n in_o one_o year_n at_o last_o conquer_a they_o and_o reduce_v they_o to_o the_o profession_n of_o christianity_n he_o give_v the_o first_o institution_n or_o according_a to_o other_o the_o best_a instauration_n to_o the_o university_n of_o oxford_n a_o prince_n who_o can_v be_v paint_v to_o the_o life_n without_o his_o loss_n no_o word_n reach_v his_o worth_n he_o divide_v 1._o every_o natural_a day_n as_o to_o himself_o into_o 3_o part_n viz._n 8_o hour_n for_o his_o devotion_n and_o 8_o for_o business_n and_o the_o remainder_n for_o sleep_n and_o refection_n 2._o his_o revenue_n into_o 3_o part_n one_o for_o war_n a_o second_o for_o his_o court_n and_o the_o three_o for_o pious_a use_n 3._o his_o land_n into_o 32_o shire_n 4._o his_o subject_n into_o hundred_o and_o tithing_n consist_v of_o 10_o person_n mutual_o pledge_n for_o their_o good_a behaviour_n he_o leave_v learn_v where_o he_o find_v ignorance_n justice_n where_o he_o find_v oppression_n and_o peace_n where_o he_o find_v distraction_n and_o have_v reign_v 34_o year_n he_o die_v
family_n in_o france_n which_o 7._o ●●_o say_v to_o have_v flourish_v there_o 800_o ●…ears_n of_o this_o family_n who_o arm_n be_v g._n two_o bar_n 〈◊〉_d a_o young_a branch_n come_v over_o at_o the_o conquest_n ●●xed_v itself_o at_o staunton_n h●…recourt_n in_o oxford-shire_n in_o ●…he_a reign_n of_o king_n jo._n richard_n harecourt_n of_o staunton_n marry_v orabella_n daughter_n of_o saer_n de_fw-fr quincy_n earl_n of_o winchester_n have_v the_o manor_n of_o bosworth_n in_o leicester-shire_n for_o his_o wife_n portion_n robert_n harecourt_n be_v make_v knight_n of_o the_o garter_n by_o e._n 4._o from_o he_o lineal_o descend_v the_o valiant_a sir_n simon_n harecourt_n ●…ately_o slay_v in_o the_o war_n against_o the_o rebel_n in_o