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A09383 A commentarie or exposition, vpon the fiue first chapters of the Epistle to the Galatians: penned by the godly, learned, and iudiciall diuine, Mr. W. Perkins. Now published for the benefit of the Church, and continued with a supplement vpon the sixt chapter, by Rafe Cudworth Bachelour of Diuinitie Perkins, William, 1558-1602.; Cudworth, Ralph, 1617-1688. 1604 (1604) STC 19680; ESTC S114465 595,047 756

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went thither to be instructed To this he answers three things that he went thither three yeares after his conuersion and not before that he went to visit Peter that he abode there fifteene daies For the first where he saith he preached 3. yeares in Arabia and Damascus and then after went to Hierusalem and abode there fifteene daies for some speciall causes we see Paul is readie and able to make a good account of the spending of his time both for daies and yeares And good reason for time is pretious and great care ought to be had of the expending of it After Pauls example we must so liue that we may be able to giue a good account of the spending of our daies That this may be done we must learne to number our daies and to redeeme the time To number our daies is to consider the shortnesse of our liues and that we are euery day subiect to death and withall seriously to bethinke our selues of the causer of this our condition namely our sinnes both originall and actuall When this twofold consideration takes place we then beginne to number our daies The numbring of our time and the parts thereof brings vs to the redeeming of it To redeeme our time is to take time while time serues specially for spirituall vses and for the amendement of our liues When time is thus numbred and redeemed then shall the good account be made before God and men Wherefore miserable is the case of them that spend their daies in idlenes in riot and sporting in chambering and wantonnesse For they neither number time nor redeeme it and therefore they are farre from any good account The second point is that Paul goes vp to Hierusalem to visit Peter that is to see him to be acquainted with him to talke and conferre with him Hence it appeares that there is a lawefull kind of peregrination or pilgrimage in that Paul iourneies frō Arabia to Ierusalem to see Peter Thus the Queene of Saba went vp to Ierusalem to heare the wisdome of Salomon The lawe of God was that all the males in Israel should thrise in the yeare goe vp to the place which god had appointed Deut. 16. This law was practised by Elkana Anna 1. Sam. 1. by Ioseph and Marie by the Steward of Candaces queene of Ethiopia Act. 8. Neuerthelesse Popish pilgrimage is vtterly to be condemned for two causes One is because it is made a part of Gods worship whereas nowe in the newe testament all religious distinction of places is abolished 1. Tim. 2. 8. Lift vp pure hands in euery place vnto God Some alleadge that vows which were not commanded were neuerthelesse parts of Gods worship among the Iewes I answer though men were not commāded to vowe yet the matter and forme of vowes was commanded And in that God commanded the manner of vowing he allowed the acte of vowe-making let the Papists shew the like allowance for their pilgrimage The second reason is because popish pilgrimage is not to liuing men but to the Reliques and images of dead men which kind of peregrination was neuer vsed in the world till after the Apostles daies For pilgrimage to reliques came in 300. yeares after Christ and pilgrimage to Images after 600. yeares In that Paul goes about to visit Peter the Papists gather the Primacie of Peter ouer all the Apostles but falsely For this visitation argues reuerence and reuerence is giuen not onely to superious but also to equalls Againe primacie is twofold Primacie of order and Primacie of power Primacie of order was due vnto Peter in that he was first called to be an Apostle and he was in the faith before Paul And in this regard he was reuerēced of him The third point is that Paul abides with Peter at Ierusalem and that fifteene daies His abode with Peter was in token of mutuall consent and fellowship Like should be the consent of the Ministers of the Gospell For their office is to publish and perswade peace betweene God and men to which they are vnfit that cannot maintaine peace among themselues And all beleeuers should be of one minde speaking and thinking the same things and this cannot be vnlesse there be a consent of them that are guides This consent therefore is to be maintained and greatly to be praied for And when there cannot be consent of iudgement by reason of humane frailtie yet so long as the foundation is maintained there must be consent in affection And iniuries offered may not dissolue this bond Though the Church of Ierusalem suspected Paul and would not at the first acknowledge him for a Disciple Act. 9. 26. yet did he for his part accept of their loue and fellowship Whereas he addes that his abode with Peter was but for 15. daies hereby he signifies that he learned not the Gospell of him for it could not be learned in so short a space neither could Paul by the teaching of any man become an Apostle in so little time 19 And none other of the Apostles sawe I saue Iames the Lords brother It might happily be obiected against the former verse that Paul might be taught of some other Apostle beside Peter and that at Ierusalem to this he answers two things One that there was none of the Apostles at Ierusalem but Iames beside Peter before named the second that he did but see Iames. Here I gather that if there be any mother church in the world it is rather Ierusalem then Rome because the Gospel was first preached there went thence into the whole world and Ierusalem was for a time guided by two of the cheefe Apostles Iames and Peter In that Iames is called our Lords brother three things may be demanded One which Iames this was Answer It was Iames the sonne of Alpheus for he liued 14. yeares after this Gal. 2. 9. whereas Iames the sonne of Zebedeus liued not so long because he was put to death by Herod The second thing is how Iames should be the Lords brother Answer In scripture children of the same wombe are brethren men of the same bloud are brethren as Abram and Lot Gen. 13. 8. Men of the same countrie are brethren thus Sauls countrimen are called his brethren 1. Chron. 12. 2. And Iames is called our Lordes brother not beacuse he was of the same wombe but because he was of the same bloud or kindred for Elie had two daughters Marie espoused to Ioseph Marie Cleophas who afterward was maried to Alpheus of whome came Iames here mentioned Iames therefore was the cosin-german of Christ. Therefore Heluideus failed when he went about to insringe the perpetuall virginitie of the virgin Marie out of this place as if she had more sonnes beside Christ. The third thing is what benefit Iames had by beeing the Lords brother Answer He is here called the Lords brother only for distinctions sake in respect of the other Iames the sonne of Zebedeus and this brother-hood doth not make him the better Apostle or