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A83819 The report made to the honourable House of Commons, Decemb. 15. 1699. By the commissioners appointed to enquire into the forfeited estates of Ireland Ireland. Commissioners appointed to enquire into the Forfeited Estates. 1700 (1700) Wing E2704AC; ESTC R200771 32,947 56

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In the County of Longford 2067 2 348 9 9 4530 6 9 In the C. of Lowth and 'T of Drogheda 22508   6331 11   82310 3   In the County of Cork 244320   32133 12 6 417737 2 6 In the County of Kerry 90146   3652 11 9 47483 12 9 In the County of Clare 72246   12060 17   156791 1   In the County of Waterford 21343   4190 10   54476 10   In the County of Limerick 14882 3 4728 10 6 61470 10   In the County of Tipperary 31960 3 8888 12   115552 2 6 In the County of Gallway 60825   10225 4   83528 19   In the County of Roscommon 28933   5808 15   69767 2   In the County of Mayo 19294   3186 5 6 37598 3   In the County of Sligoe 5562 2 998 17 6 12985 7 6 In the County of Antrim 10103 3 1944 18 6 25284   6 In the County of Down 9079   1016 6   13212 4 6 In the County of Ardmagh 4962   688     7644     In the County of Cavan 3830 1 478 12 6 6222 2 6 In the County of Monaghan 3832   558 16   7264 8   In the County of Fermanagh 1945   389     5057     All these Lands in the several Counties aforesaid as far as we can reckon by Acres being added together make 1060792 Acres worth per an 211623 l. 6 s. 3 d. value total 2685130 l. 5 s. 9 d. besides the several Denominations in the said several Counties to which no number of Acres can be added by reason of the imperfection of the Surveys which we humbly represent to your Honours as the gross value of all the Lands forfeited in Ireland since the 13th day of February 1688. 15. Next we think it our duty to acquaint your Honours what proportions of these Lands have been restored to the old Proprietors by virtue of the Articles of Limerick and Gallway and by his Majesty's favour 16. Three Letters one from her late Majesty Queen Mary of ever blessed Memory dated the 15th of March 1691 2 to the Right Honourable the Lord Sdn-y Sir Charles Porter Knight and Thomas Lord C-n-ngs-by then Lords Justices and Chief Governours of this Kingdom one other Letter from her said late Majesty dated the 6th day of May 1693 to the said Lord Viscount S-dn-y then Lord Lieutenant and General Governour of this Kingdom and to the Privy Council there for the time being and one other Letter from his Majesty dated the 24th day of May 1694 to the Right Honourable Henry Lord C-pel Sir Cyril Wich Knight and William Duncombe Esq then Lords Justices of this Kingdom and to the Privy Council there for the time being were severally sent unto them empowering them to hear and determine the Claims of all persons pretending to be within the Articles of Limerick and Gallway and in pursuance of the said Letters 491 persons were adjudged within the Articles aforesaid The names of which persons with their Additions and times of their Adjudications appear in a Book delivered in with this Report N. 3 17. Afterwards a Commission dated the 25th day of February in the 8th year of his Majesty's Reign passed under the great Seal of Ireland impowering the Judges of the several Courts here or any five of them to hear and determine the Claims aforesaid And in pursuance of that Commission 792 persons were adjudged within the Articles aforesaid The names of which persons with their Additions and the times of their Adjudications appear in a Book delivered in with this Report N 4. 18. The Estates that the persons have been restored to by virtue of their Adjudications contain 233106 Acres of Land amounting in yearly value to 55763 l. 6 s. 6 d. value total 724923 l. 4 s. 6 d. The particular number of Acres belonging to persons adjudged the County and Barony in which they lye with the yearly value and what the whole Interest is worth appears in the Book N. 2. 19. And here we presume not to judg whether the Letters from his Majesty or the late Queen to the Lords Justices did give them any legal authority to summon the Subjects from all parts of the Kingdom give Oaths adjudg without Jury and levy Money under the name of Fees we finding no Act of Parliament to warrant the same which we humbly submit to your great Wisdom 20. Further we think it necessary to inform your Honours that the Fees in the said Courts were so extravagant that Mr. Palmer who acted as Register in the right of Mr. Poultney and divided the profits with him demanded of Mr. Luke Dillon for the Fees of his Fathers Adjudication eighty six pounds and Mr. Steel Cryer of the Court fifteen pounds more Nor could Mr. Dillon get out the order to reverse his Fathers Outlawry till he had paid fifty two pounds in ready Money to Mr. Palmer and gave him his Bond for fourteen pounds more and had paid Mr. Steel five pounds besides ten pounds which he had paid Mr. Palmer for Orders the Cause being continued in the Court near two years Nor was this a single case for many more have paid great Summs of Money on the like account the charge of entring a Claim only before we acted in our Commission being near five pounds tho by express words in the Articles of Limerick no person ought to pay any Fees but to writing Clerks 21. We may add to this that the proceedings of the Court of Claims are almost universally complained of and we fear with too much reason Some persons having been adjudged without posting their Claims others within a day or two after before the Kings Councel or Witnesses could be ready which was contrary to the Rules of the Court it self that required fourteen days between the posting every Claim and the Adjudication It was also observable that if any person would disclaim his Estate he met with very little difficulty in being adjudged tho afterward there could be no obstacle in the reversing his Outlawry and consequently to be restored to his Estate In general it seems to us that there have been great miscarriages in the said Court and that in many cases the Articles of Limerick and Gallway have been expounded too beneficially in favour of persons Outlawed and often on the oath of one witness who we humbly conceive cannot not be convicted of Perjury either by common or Statute Law By this means we apprehend a great many persons have been restored to their Estates that upon review would be found to belong to his Majesty To come to a more particular knowledg of which we sent to the said Mr. Palmer for the Minutes of the Adjudications but he having taken them in Short-hand only and never since transcribed them we could not get such an account as was sit to lay before your Honours We shall only take notice of one thing that seems to us very extraordinary that more