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A41925 Great news from Nottingham, the fifth of December, 1688 1688 (1688) Wing G1728; ESTC R26755 653 1 View Text
A78668 Certaine queries, proposed by the King, to the Lords and Commons Commisssioners from the Honourable Houses of Parliament, attending his Majesty at Holdenby, the 23 of this instant Aprill, 1647. touching the celebration of the feast of Easter. With an answer thereunto, given and presented to his Majesty by Sir James Harrington Knight and Barronet a Commissioner there. England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I); Harrington, James, Sir, 1607-1680.; England and Wales. Parliament. 1647 (1647) Wing C2155; Thomason E385_5; ESTC R201458 2,624 8 View Text
A60389 Sundry queries tendred to such as are, or profess themselves to be ministers of Jesus Christ for clearing the doctrine of the fourth commandement. And the Lords sabbath day. To all that are, or profess themselves to be the ministers of Jesus Christ; these ensuiug [sic] quaeries are humbly presented to be considered, for the clearing of the truth in this weighty controvercy, about the sabbath day. Saller, William, d. ca. 1680. 1653 (1653) Wing S400AA; ESTC R220934 5,838 8 View Text
A60379 Sundry queries formerly tendred to the ministers of London for clearing the doctrine of the Fourth Commandment and the Lord's Sabbath-day but now tendred to the consideration of all men. Saller, William, d. ca. 1680. 1660 (1660) Wing S400; ESTC R26226 5,946 1 View Text
A93321 An appeal to the consciences of the chief magistrates of this Commonvvealth, touching the Sabbath-day: as held forth in a book intituled, Articles of religion approved and passed by both Houses of Parliament, after advice had with the Assembly of Divines, &c. Printed in the year 1648. As also in another book intituled, The grounds and principles of religion, contained in a short catechism, &c. And published by the same order. By William Saller, and John Spittlehouse, in the behalf of themselves and several others, who think themselves obliged to observe the seventh day of the week, for the Lords holy Sabbath ... Saller, William, d. ca. 1680.; Spittlehouse, John. 1657 (1657) Wing S397; Thomason E909_8; ESTC R203443 8,111 15 View Text
B08934 Divine examples of God's severe judgments upon Sabbath-breakers, in their unlavvful sports, collected out of several divine subjects, viz. Mr. H.B. Mr. Beard, and the practice of piety : a fit monument for our present times, &c. 1671 (1671) Wing D1720BA; ESTC R175964 8,169 1 View Text
B03450 The Christianity of the people called Quakers asserted, by George Keith: in answer to a sheet, called, A serious call to the Quakers, &c. Attested by eight priests of the Church of England ... and affirmed by George Keith, or the new sworn deacon. Field, John, 1652-1723. 1700 (1700) Wing F861B; ESTC R177039 9,400 1 View Text
A57651 Gods house, or, The hovse of prayer vindicated from prophanenesse and sacriledge delivered in a sermon the 24 day of February, Anno 1641 in Southampton / by Alexander Rosse ... Ross, Alexander, 1591-1654. 1642 (1642) Wing R1955; ESTC R11294 11,257 20 View Text
A69529 The Abolishing of the Booke of common prayer by reason of above fifty grosse corruptions in it : as also for that it commands the use of such ceremonies in the worship of God (namely surplice, crosse, and kneeling) which man hath 1641 (1641) Wing A97; ESTC R1281 11,390 16 View Text
A62992 A letter to Mr. Mead, in answer to several unscriptural, and unsound sayings of his in a sermon against the seventh-day-sabbath, preached at his place of meeting, the twenty third of the second month. 1682. Wrote the same day the sermon was preached, refuting his arguments, and turning them back, making their unskilfulness and weakness manifest; and clearly evidencing, that the seventh-day is the sabbath day; by clear scripture-testimony, and sound arguments grounded thereon. Published for his hearers, because he would neither hear an objection in publick, nor admit of a conference in private. Tovey, W. 1682 (1682) Wing T1957B; ESTC R222359 11,750 16 View Text
A43071 A sermon preached at St. Olave Southwark, September the 8th, 1700 occasioned by the recantation of Dr. Joh. Spire, lately a Quaker : which said recantation is added at the end / by John Haslewood ... Haslewood, John, b. 1647.; Spire, John. Oration at the parish-church of St. Olave-Southwark. 1700 (1700) Wing H1132; ESTC R14553 11,771 28 View Text
A57509 A sermon preached at Blandford-forum in Dorset-shire, December the 19th, 1682, at the Lord Bishop of Bristol's visitation by Richard Roderick ... Roderick, Richard, 1647 or 8-1730. 1683 (1683) Wing R1770; ESTC R7208 11,789 30 View Text
A77706 The Quaker-Jesuite, or, Popery in Quakerisme: being a clear discovery 1. That their doctrines, with their proofs and arguments, are fetcht out of the Council of Trent, Bellarmine, and others. 2. That their practises are fetcht out of the rules and practises of popish monks. With a serious admonition to the Quakers, to consider their ways, and return from whence they are fallen. / By William Brownsword, minister of the gospel at Kendal. Brownsword, William, b. 1625 or 6. 1660 (1660) Wing B5215; Thomason E1013_4; ESTC R208021 11,822 27 View Text
A35728 A consideration and a resolvtion first concerning the right of the laity in nationall councels : secondly concerning the power of bishops in affaires secular : prepared for the honourable House of Parliament / by Sr. E.D. ... Dering, Edward, Sir, 1598-1644. 1641 (1641) Wing D1106; ESTC R4300 13,347 35 View Text
A26198 The schoolmaster disciplin'd, or, A reply to a lying paper, entitull'd, The gadding tribe reproved, put foeth [sic] under the name of George Willington ... also, An answer to a scandalous paper, put forth by William Prynne, entitulled The Quakers unmasked ... : whereunto is added A reply to an additional paper, put forth by William Prynne, in his lying, inlarged edition of his scandalous paper aforementioned ... / by John Audland. Audland, John, 1630-1664. 1655 (1655) Wing A4197; ESTC R23357 14,236 15 View Text
A29447 A brief discovery of a threshold estate of Antichrist now extant in the world viz., a description of 1. the true and false temple, 2. the false ministery, and 3. the false churches : whereunto is added the trial of one George Fox in Lancashire, with his answer to eight articles exhibited against him, being sent in a letter from Keller to some friends in York-shire : also, certain queries upon a petition lately presented to the Parliament from divers gentlemen and others in Worcester-shire : necessary to be answered by the petitioners who are said to be 6000 in number. Buttivant, Samuel. 1653 (1653) Wing B4585; ESTC R29903 15,599 25 View Text
A96895 A just account of truth and peace, given-in by brethren, lovers of and fellow-helpers to both, wherefore they must open their matters to the view of the world, speaking them, in their respective places, as upon the house-tops, which else had been spoken in darknesse privately, and as in the eare. Woodward, Ezekias, 1590-1675. 1656 (1656) Wing W3493; Thomason E868_5; ESTC R207686 17,576 27 View Text
A90870 A serious exercitation upon, or an impassionate vindication of 1 John 5.20. This is the true God--in reference to a printed conference between Mr. Samuel Eaton, and Mr. John Knowles for the beating out of the truth concerning the divinity of Jesus Christ. / By Thomas Porter M.A. Minister of the Gospel at Whitchurch. Decemb. 26. 1650. Imprimatur, Edm. Calamy. Porter, Thomas, d. 1667. 1651 (1651) Wing P2998D; Thomason E621_9; ESTC R206411 19,159 28 View Text
A65469 The profitableness of piety opened in an assize sermon preach'd at Dorchester, March 24 1670/1 : before the Right Honourable Sir Richard Rainsford Knight, one of the judges of the Kings Bench at the request of the Right Worshipful Robert Seymer Esquire, His Majesties High-Sheriff of the County of Dorset / by Richard West, D.D. ... West, Richard, 1614-1690.; Rainsford, Richard, Sir, 1605-1680.; Seymer, Robert. 1671 (1671) Wing W1380; ESTC R8228 19,335 34 View Text
A46707 A plain and short discourse concerning the nature of the Lord's Supper, and the end of celebrating it to which is added, A paraphrase of all those places in the New Testament, wherein the Lord's Supper is mentioned / by John Jeffery ... Jeffery, John, 1647-1720. 1699 (1699) Wing J516; ESTC R1646 20,211 33 View Text
B07540 Milke for babes. Or, a north-countrie catechisme. Made plaine and easy, to the capacitie of the countrie people. / By William Crashavv, Batchellor in Diuinity and preacher of the Word... Crashaw, William, 1572-1626. 1618 (1618) STC 6020; ESTC S91563 20,542 85 View Text
A07371 A sermon of fasting, and of Lent, and of the antiquitie, dignitie, and great necessitie thereof preached vpon the 14. of Februarie, anno 1607 at Shaftesbury / by Io. Mayo. Mayo, John K. 1609 (1609) STC 17755; ESTC S451 20,912 68 View Text
A59771 The principles of holy Christian religion, or, The catechism of the Church of England paraphrazed for the use of Borwick-Hall. Sherlock, R. (Richard), 1612-1689. 1656 (1656) Wing S3246; ESTC R33882 21,051 65 View Text
A91809 A looking glasse for the Anabaptists and the rest of the separatists: wherein they may clearly behold a brief confutation of a certain un-licensed, scandelous pamphlet, intituled, The remonstrance of the Anabaptists, by way of vindication of their separation. The impertinancies, incongruities, non-consequences, falsities, and obstinacy of William Kiffen, the author, and grand ring leader of that seduced sect is discovered and laid open to the view of every indifferent eyed reader that will not shut his eyes against the truth. With certaine queries, vindicated from Anabaptisticall glosses, together with others propounded, for the information and conviction, (if possible) the reformation of the said William Kiffen and his prosylites. / By Josiah Ricraft, a well willer to the truth. Published by authority. Ricraft, Josiah, fl. 1645-1679. 1645 (1645) Wing R1430; Thomason E299_9; ESTC R200250 22,283 33 View Text
A29935 A perswasive to the stricter observation of the Lords day in pursuance of His Majesties pious order and directions to preachers particularly about the observation of the Lord's day, &c. / by Matthew Bryan. Bryan, Matthew, d. 1699. 1686 (1686) Wing B5247; ESTC R19898 22,342 36 View Text
A43869 A short but cleare discovrse of the institiution, dignity, and end of the Lords-day upon occasion of those words of St. Iohn ... / written by George Hakewill ... Hakewill, George, 1578-1649. 1641 (1641) Wing H209; ESTC R18460 22,776 41 View Text
A35563 The question to whom it belonged anciently to preach and whether all priests might or did discussed out of antiquity : as also, what preaching is, properly / by Meric Casaubon ... Casaubon, Meric, 1599-1671. 1663 (1663) Wing C810; ESTC R5468 22,827 42 View Text
A42468 The churche[s] publick order argued and opened by a second confere[nce] betweene Silvanus and Himeneu[s] ... wherein the ordinances of the Church of Engla[nd for] Gods publick worship are proved to beagreeable to Gods sacred word / by L.G. [i.e. I.G.], a continuall friend and lover ofthe tr[uth]. J. G. 1643 (1643) Wing G33; ESTC R42041 23,389 47 View Text
A19581 Londons lamentation for her sinnes and complaint to the Lord her God. Out of which may bee pickt a prayer for priuate families, for the time of this fearefull infection. And may serue for a helpe to holinesse and humiliation for such as keepe the fast in priuate: together with a souereigne receipt against the plague. By W.C. pastor at White chappell. Crashaw, William, 1572-1626. 1625 (1625) STC 6017.5; ESTC S118685 24,200 62 View Text
A81396 Christ exalted, and alone worthy to open the seals of the book. And the scriptures owned in their place. A true testimony of him, as is manifest, in answer to a book, intituled, The Quakers apostacy, from the perfect rule of scriptures. Given forth by John Timson, of Great Bowden in Leicestershire. And the deceits and blasphemies he charges upon the Quakers, is turned upon his own head, and he found guilty of what he reproaches them with, in what is written for the simples sake, and truth to clear from false accusations and lyes cast upon it. And the ten queries he saith he vindicateth, and would print but foure of them, they are all published, with the answers that he charges to be confused, dark and deceitfull, that the answers may witnesse for themselves against what is charged upon them. He that hath an understanding in the light, read and judge. / William Dewsberry. Dewsbury, William, 1621-1688. 1656 (1656) Wing D1258; Thomason E891_6; ESTC R206512 24,367 32 View Text
A28459 Boscobel, or, The history of His Sacred Majesties most miraculous preservation after the battle of Worcester, 3 Sept. 1651 Blount, Thomas, 1618-1679. 1660 (1660) Wing B3329; ESTC R6431 24,445 72 View Text
A16985 An exposition vpon the Lords Prayer, compared with the Decalogue as it was preached in a sermon, at Oatelands: before the most noble, Henry Prince of Wales. Aug. 13. Anno 1603. VVith a postscript, to advertise of an error in all those that leaue out the conclusion of the Lords Prayer. Also, the Creed is annexed, vvith a short and plaine explication of the article, commonly called: He descended to hell. By Hugh Broughton. Broughton, Hugh, 1549-1612. 1613 (1613) STC 3867; ESTC S114812 24,569 42 View Text
A96226 The humble advice of the Assembly of Divines, now by authority of Parliament sitting at Westminster, concerning a confession of faith, presented by them lately to both houses of Parliament. A certain number of copies are ordered to be printed only for the use of the members of both houses and of the Assembly of Divines, to the end that they may advise thereupon.; Westminster Confession of Faith. Westminster Assembly (1643-1652) 1646 (1646) Wing W1427; Thomason E368_3; ESTC R201270 24,629 58 View Text
A40495 A Friendly letter to all young men shewing the benefit of a religious and friendly reproof, conversation and admonition, and not only to live good lives themselves but to incourage others to do the same : with a letter to masters of families : to which is added a specimen of the rules and orders of the religious societies, as now practiced in the cities of London and Westminster. 1699 (1699) Wing F2223A; ESTC R26731 24,637 62 View Text
A42138 Gospel truths scripturally asserted in answer to Joseph Hallett's twenty seven queries by John Gannacliff and Joseph Nott. Gannacliff, John.; Nott, Joseph, d. 1699. 1692 (1692) Wing G199; ESTC R30399 24,916 51 View Text
A03271 Three positions concerning the 1 Authoritie of the Lords day. 2 State of the Church of Rome. 3 Execution of priests. All written vpon speciall occasions by Iames Balmford minister Balmford, James, b. 1556.; Balmford, James, b. 1556. Position maintained by I.B. before the late Earle of Huntingdon: viz. Priests are executed not for religion, but for treason. aut 1607 (1607) STC 1339; ESTC S120365 24,959 67 View Text
A03221 Carpenters chippes, or, Simple tokens of vnfeined good will to the Christian friends of Iames Balmford ... Balmford, James, b. 1556. 1607 (1607) STC 1334; ESTC S1169 25,047 71 View Text
A41825 A defence of Christian liberty to the Lords table except in case of excommunication and suspension wherein many arguments, queres, supposition, and objections are answered by plain texts and consent of Scriptures ... / by John Graunt ... Graunt, John, 1620-1674. 1646 (1646) Wing G1592; ESTC R36548 25,052 34 View Text
A85545 A defence of Christian liberty to the Lords table; except in case of excommunication and suspension. Wherein many arguments, queres, suppositions, and objections are answered by plain texts, and consent of scriptures. As also some positions answered by way of a short conference which the author hath had with divers, both in citie and countrey. All which are profitable to inform to truth, and lawfull obedience to authoritie. / By John Graunt, who beareth witnesse to the faith. Published according to order. Graunt, John, of Bucklersbury. 1646 (1646) Wing G1591; Thomason E330_22; ESTC R200727 25,078 32 View Text
A30288 The sure way to wealth Infallible directions to get and keep sufficient riches; even while taxes rise, and trades sink. By Daniel Burgess, pastor of a church near Covent-Garden, London. Burgess, Daniel, 1645-1713. 1693 (1693) Wing B5718; ESTC R224016 25,745 78 View Text
A79509 The childs book and youths book in two parts. : The first teaching an easie and delightful way to read true English ... : The second containing a method for spelling, a catechism, a confession of faith, a copy book, a perpetual almanack .... S. T. 1672 (1672) Wing C3874A; ESTC R173832 25,787 164 View Text
A79564 The church catechism, analysed, explained, and improved The first part. Wherein, I. The text is set down whole, and entire. II. It is broken into questions, and answers in the very words of the catechism. III. The terms of it are explained, and such short questions and answers added, as are occasioned by it, and seem needful to the discovery of its true meaning, and use. At the end is added matter, and direction for all acts of devotion for morning and evening, mostly in the words of the catechism. The whole accomodated to the capacity, and use of them, that are yet to learn it, and recommend to the rich, to bestow among the poor. 1683 (1683) Wing C3993A; ESTC R229600 26,096 48 View Text
A29934 The certainty of the future judgment asserted and proved in a sermon preached at St Michael's Crooked Lane, London, Octob. xxvi, 1684 / by Matth. Bryan ... Bryan, Matthew, d. 1699. 1685 (1685) Wing B5246; ESTC R19907 26,200 46 View Text
A10687 The countrie mans comfort. Or Religious recreations fitte for all well disposed persons. Which was printed in the yeere of our Lord 1588. And since corrected, amended, and enlarged by the same author. I.R. Rhodes, John, minister of Enborne. 1637 (1637) STC 20961; ESTC S103457 26,382 92 View Text
A58583 Act ratifying the confession of faith and settling Presbyterian church-government Edinburgh, the seventh day of June, 1690. Scotland. 1690 (1690) Wing S1157; ESTC R34034 26,464 30 View Text
A50383 Unity restor'd to the Church of England by John Mayer. Mayer, John, 1583-1664. 1661 (1661) Wing M1426; ESTC R28824 26,506 53 View Text
A60508 A Sabbath of rest to be kept by the saints here, or, A treatise of the Sabbath, and such holy and religious duties as are required for the sanctification of it, the great Sabbath of rest that remaineth to be kept by God's saints hereafter delivered in divers sermons upon Heb. 4. 9. / by Nicholas Smith ... Smith, Nicholas, d. 1680. 1675 (1675) Wing S4139; ESTC R12921 26,607 40 View Text
A96264 A sermon touching the divine right and due observation of the Lords day Preached before the Lord Deputy, and the Lords Spiritual & Temporal of the kingdom of Ireland; in time of Parliament. At Christ-Church Dublin. On Sunday the 6th. of October, 1695. With a preface humbly address'd to the whole body of English Protestants: especially those inhabiting the kingdom of Ireland. By Edward Lord Bishop of Cork and Ross. Wettenhall, Edward, 1636-1713. 1697 (1697) Wing W1520A; ESTC R229732 26,838 68 View Text
A06268 Lachrymæ Londinenses: or, Londons lamentations and teares for Gods heauie visitation of the plague of pestilence. With, a map of the cities miserie: wherein may be seene, a journall of the deplorable estate of the citie, from the beginning of the visitation vnto this present. A Christian expostulation and admonition to such as fled out of the citie. ... 1626 (1626) STC 16753; ESTC S105404 26,898 51 View Text
A64466 A fast of Gods chusing plainly opened for the help of those poor in spirit, whose hearts are set to seek the Lord their God in New-England, in the solemn ordinance of a fast : wherein is shewed, 1, the nature of such a fast, 2, the testimony God will give thereunto of his gracious acceptance, 3, the special seasons wherein God will bear witness to such a fast, 4, some helps to faith that is shall be so, 5, why such a fast is so acceptable and succesfull, 6, how much this concerns Gods people in New-England : preached on a fast called by publick authority, on 26, 1[6]74 / by Thomas Thacher... Thacher, Thomas, 1620-1678.; Mather, Increase, 1639-1723. 1678 (1678) Wing T830; ESTC R9807 27,462 32 View Text
A08240 The copie of a letter sente to one maister Chrispyne chanon of Exceter for that he denied ye scripture to be the touche stone or trial of al other doctrines whereunto is added an appologie and a bulworke, in defe[n]ce of the same letter. Nicolls, Philip. 1548 (1548) STC 18575; ESTC S104162 27,471 96 View Text
A52593 A declaration of the faith and order owned and practised in the Congregational Churches in England; agreed upon and consented unto by their elders and messengers. Licensed and entred according to order. Congregational Churches in England.; Owen, John, 1616-1683.; Nye, Philip, 1596?-1672. 1688 (1688) Wing N1490; ESTC R222326 27,512 123 View Text
A66855 A declaration to the Baptists concerning the name of the Lord, and what it is to be baptized thereinto, and the nature of the Lord, and what it is to be made partaker thereof : and sheweth that none can be saved, but such as are baptized into the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, into which name and nature, the apostles were sent to baptize, and not into water : shewing also, that the apostles were made the administrators of the Spirits baptism ... : also a discovery of the Baptists foundation ... / written by one who was sometimes one with them in the shadows ... but have now found the day wherein the shadows flee away, and hath received another name besides Humphry Wollrich. Wollrich, Humphry, 1633?-1707. 1659 (1659) Wing W3290; ESTC R39137 27,678 39 View Text
A17292 A brief answer to a late Treatise of the Sabbath day digested dialogue-wise between two divines, A. and B. Burton, Henry, 1578-1648. 1635 (1635) STC 4137.7; ESTC S4551 27,721 34 View Text
A40394 The epitome of divinity, poetically compos'd by way of dialogue, for the more easie, and pleasant learning and retaining of it in memory, or, A summary abstract of divine knowledge ... by Walter Franke ... Franke, Walter, 17th cent. 1655 (1655) Wing F2075; ESTC R834 28,032 62 View Text
A52023 The parson's vade mecum containing choice observations about the accounts of the year, ecclesiastical censures, of the primitive fathers and their writings, a catalogue of the arch-bishops, bishops and deans in England and Wales, their election, consecration, instalment, with the clergies tenths, and their valuation in the King's book ... R. M. 1693 (1693) Wing M73; ESTC R5583 28,330 126 View Text
A53961 A practical discourse upon prayer by Edward Pelling ... Pelling, Edward, d. 1718. 1693 (1693) Wing P1088; ESTC R9437 29,107 80 View Text
A20734 A funerall sermon preached at Watton in Hertfordshire, at the buriall of the ancient and worthy knight, Sir Philip Boteler, Decemb. 9. 1606 Downame, George, d. 1634. 1607 (1607) STC 7116; ESTC S110134 29,412 80 View Text
A17586 The re-examination of two of the articles abridged: to wit, of the communicants gesture in the act of receaving, eating, and drinking: and The observation of festivall dayes Calderwood, David, 1575-1650.; Cowper, William, 1568-1619. Passage of Master William Cowper pretended bishop of Gallway, his sermon delivered before the estates, anno 1606. at which time hee was minister at Perth. 1636 (1636) STC 4363.5; ESTC S118315 29,491 64 View Text
A01917 Eirenokoinonia. The peace of the communion of the Church of England. Or, The conformitie of the ceremonies of the communion of the Church of England with the ensamples and doctrine of the holy Scriptures, and primitiue Church, established by the Apostles of Christ, and the holy martyrs, and bishops, their successors. By Io: Gordon, Doctor of Diuinitie, and Deane of Salisbury. Gordon, John, 1544-1619. 1612 (1612) STC 12056; ESTC S117965 29,676 44 View Text
A37578 The land of promise and the covenant thereof explained by certaine questions and propositions propounded to those that teach a deliverance of the Iewes out of all countries to the land of Canaan : and from their long continued blindnesse to the faith of Christ : and a glorious estate in the land for a thousand years : and also to those that teach a personall comming of Christ and a resurrection of the just to live and raigne with Christ a thousand yeares before the resurrection of the uniust and end of the world : of which there bee severall sorts, who are commonlyl called millinaries : by which doctrine of each of these the true intent of sundry places of Scripture of great importance to the church and people of Godm [sic] is uch [sic] obscured which being rightly understood and taught acording to their true and playne meaning would be greatly to the edification and comfort of Gods chosen, especially now in these last dayes wherein the accomplishment of all things which God hath spoken, draweth so nigh. I. E. 1641 (1641) Wing E11; ESTC R11255 30,223 48 View Text
A19251 Yet more vvorke for a Masse-priest; More worke for a Masse-priest Cooke, Alexander, 1564-1632.; Cooke, Alexander, 1564-1632. Worke for a Masse-priest. 1622 (1622) STC 5664; ESTC S108652 30,302 50 View Text
A44802 One of Antichrists voluntiers defeated, and the true light vindicated. In answer to a book called Ignis fatuus, published by one R.I. Wherein he vindicates Edward Dod and Samuell Smith (of the county of Salop) in their lyes, folly, and wickedness, and hath added more of his own, with divers of his false doctrines, lyes and slanders, &c. brought to light, and reproved: As that the law of the spirit of life, is imperfect, and not fit to be a Christian rule, and also, humane nature may be taken for the regenerate part of man, and the soul, &c. And likewise calls idolatry, civillity, and heathernish complements courtesie. His vindication made voyd, and his weapons broken, and he taken captive, and left with E.D. and S.S. among the slime pits of Siddim near Sodom, with his Ignis fatuus. / By F.H., a witnesse to the perfect law, of the spirit of life. Howgill, Francis, 1618-1669. 1660 (1660) Wing H3175; ESTC R16812 30,660 33 View Text
A49498 The assemblies shorter catechism drawn out into distinct propositions, and proved by plain and pertinent texts of Scripture at large with short rules of direction for masters of families, how to use this book to the best advantage / by Thomas Lye ... Lye, Thomas, 1621-1684. 1674 (1674) Wing L3528; ESTC R37616 31,069 66 View Text
A88892 The sacramental stumbling-block removed. Or a brief discourse concerning examination by the congregational eldership, before admittance to the sacrament. Wherein all contrary scruples are silenced : the equity and necessity of that duty vindicated, both by scripture, and undenyable arguments. Set forth for, 1. The satisfaction of the weake. 2. The information of the ignorant. 3. The conviction of the obstinate. 4. The edification of the Church of God. / by W.L. L. W. 1648 (1648) Wing L96; Thomason E425_16; ESTC R204558 31,401 51 View Text
A27364 Abrahams interment, or, The good old-mans buriall in a good old age opened in a sermon at Bartholomews Exchange, July 24, 1655, at the funerall of the worshipfull John Lamotte, Esq., sometimes alderman of the city of London / by Fulk Bellers ... ; unto which is added a short narrative of his life and death. Bellers, Fulk, b. 1605 or 6.; La Motte, John, 1570?-1655. 1656 (1656) Wing B1826; ESTC R18215 32,052 49 View Text
A77499 The false--teacher tried and cast. A subject useful at all times, and but too seasonable for the present. / By John Brinsley minister of the gospel at Great Yarmouth. Brinsley, John, 1600-1665. 1658 (1658) Wing B4714; Thomason E1821_2; ESTC R209775 32,187 84 View Text
A87565 A shock of corn coming in in its season. A sermon preached at the funeral of that ancient and eminent servant of Christ VVilliam Gouge, Doctor of Divinity, and late pastor of Black-Fryars, London, December the 16th, 1653. With the ample and deserved testimony that then was given of his life, by William Jenkyn (now) pastor of Black-Fryars, London. Jenkyn, William, 1613-1685. 1654 (1654) Wing J653; Thomason E735_22; ESTC R202634 33,219 57 View Text
A86729 Digitus testium, or A dreadful alarm to the vvhole kingdom, especially the Lord Major, the aldermen, and the Common-Councel of the City of London. Or a short discourse of the excellency of Englands lawes and religion. Together, with the antiquity of both, and the famous Kings that England hath had to defend both the religion and the laws against the heathen Romish emperours, and against the Romish power, under Popes. With the several plots the Popes of Rome have used against the Kings of England, to throwe them down, and how of late he hath prevailed against the magistracy and ministery of England, his new designes, and manner of progress: together, with a serious view of the new oath or ingagement, with 22. queries upon the same. And also objections made against the non-subscribers thereof answered. Let the ingenuous reader take so much pains, as to read that incomparable peece of vindication of a treatise of monarchy by way of discovery of three main points thereof. Hall, Henry, d. 1680, attributed name.; Hall, Edmund, 1619 or 20-1687, attributed name. 1651 (1651) Wing H339A; Thomason E621_13; ESTC R206419 34,005 37 View Text
A49187 A practical discourse concerning repentance and the nature of the Christian religion. By A. Lortie, rector of Barton, near Nottingham. Imprimatur, Oct. ult. 1692. Guil. Lancaster, R.P.D. Hen. Episc. Lond. à Sacris. Lortie, André, d. 1706. 1693 (1693) Wing L3078; ESTC R218635 34,929 144 View Text
A41236 Festa Anglo-Romana, or, The feasts of the English and Roman church, with their fasts and vigils being an exact and concise accompt of their various etymologies and appellations, with the reasons and grounds of their celebration : together with a succinct discourse of several other grand days in the universities, Inns of courts, and the collar and offering days at White-Hall, tending, to the instruction of all persons in all capacities, and the dilucidation of several seeming difficulties in the ancient, as well as modern English and Roman calendar / by a true son of the Church of England. True son of the Church of England. 1678 (1678) Wing F821; ESTC R7435 34,996 146 View Text
A04924 The copie of a letter, sent to the ladye Mary dowagire, Regent of Scotland, by Iohn Knox in the yeare. 1556. Here is also a notable sermon, made by the sayde Iohn Knox, wherin is euydentlye proued that the masse is and alwayes hath ben abhominable before God and idolatrye Knox, John, ca. 1514-1572. 1556 (1556) STC 15066; ESTC S106838 35,093 130 View Text
A87231 The Quakers quaking: or, the foundation of their deceit shaken, by scripture, reason, their own mouthes at several conferences. By all which will appear, that their quaking, ministery, doctrine, and lives, is a meer deceit, and themselves proved to be the great impostors of these latter times: / by Jeremiah Ives. Ives, Jeremiah, fl. 1653-1674. 1656 (1656) Wing I1103; Thomason E883_3; ESTC R207296 36,620 64 View Text
A00748 The epiphanie of the church gathered out of the Holy Scriptures, declaring and plainly shevving, both the church that cannot but erre, and also the church that cannot erre : vvith so evident notes and manifest signes of either of them, that no man reading it, needeth be in doubt which he should beleue / written by R.P. in the yeare of our Lord God 1550 ; and now published in this yeare 1590 for the benefite of all such as desire the trueth concerning the church. Finch, Richard, minister of East Ham. 1590 (1590) STC 10877.5; ESTC S4676 36,955 52 View Text
A51785 Divine contentment, or, A medicine for a discontented man and a confession of faith, and other poems upon several subjects / by Edward Manlove ... Manlove, Edward, fl. 1667. 1667 (1667) Wing M452; ESTC R31166 37,704 118 View Text
A56866 Quatermayns conquest over Canterburies court, or, A briefe declaration of severall passages between him and the Archbishop of Canterbury with other commissioners of the High Commission Court, at six severall appearances before them, and by them directed to Doctor Featly : with their severall conferences, and the doctors by Roger Quatermayne. Quatermayne, Roger.; Laud, William, 1573-1645.; Featley, Daniel, 1582-1645. 1642 (1642) Wing Q148; ESTC R9277 38,184 64 View Text
A41783 The Pædo-baptists apology for the baptized churches shewing the invalidity of the strongest grounds for infant baptism out of the works of the learned assertors of that tenent, and that the baptism of repentance for the remission of sins is a duty incumbent upon all sinners who come orderly to the profession of Christianity : also the promise of the Spirit [b]eing the substance of a sermon on I Cor. 12, I, to which is added a post-script out of the works of Dr. Jer. Taylor in defence of imposition of hands as a never failing ministery / by Tho. Grantham. Grantham, Thomas, 1634-1692.; Taylor, Jeremy, 1613-1667. 1671 (1671) Wing G1541; ESTC R39521 38,200 120 View Text
A59284 The interest of Scotland in three essays ... Seton, William, Sir, d. 1744. 1700 (1700) Wing S2650; ESTC R15555 38,798 124 View Text
A44280 An essay concerning the Sabbath, or, The Sabbath-days rest from controversie wherein is asserted that our Christian Sabbath, Lords-day, or Sunday is the very same day of the week which was anciently observed by the Jews and Gentiles for the solemn day of their solemn weekly worship, before Israels coming out of Ægypt and after that by gentiles : prefaced, with an introduction thereunto touching the true meaning of Gen. 2 v, 2, 3 / by N. Homes. Homes, Nathanael, 1599-1678. 1673 (1673) Wing H2564; ESTC R28681 38,857 162 View Text
A93852 The royal law contended for, or, Some brief grounds serving to prove that the Ten Commandments are yet in full force, and shall so remain till heaven and earth pass away. Also the seventh day Sabbath, proved from the beginning, from the law, from the prophets, from Christ, from his apostles, to be a duty yet incumbent upon saints and sinners. / By a lover of peace with truth Edward Stennet. Stennett, Edward, d. 1690? 1658 (1658) Wing S5402B; ESTC R184622 38,860 48 View Text
A76062 A century of select hymns. Collected out of Scripture. All to be sung in five or six tunes commonly known and practized. By W.B. Minister of the Gospel at Martins in Leicester. Barton, William, 1598?-1678. 1659 (1659) Wing B1000; Thomason E2104_1; ESTC R210135 38,951 120 View Text
A77209 An answer to M. Cawdry's two books of the Sabbath, lately come forth Wherein the author doth two things: 1. He vindicates himselfe from Mr Cawdrie's unfriendly abuse of him, in fathering upon him three texts of scripture, and three arguments deduced from them, to prove the perpetuity of the antient Sabbath, ... Wherein the author hath 1. Answered and confuted all that Mr. Cawdry hath wrote to corrupt the sense and meaning of the Commandement. 2. He hath restored the antient, genuine, and proper sense of the Commandement: and confirmed it by sundry undeniable arguments. By Theophilus Brabourne. Brabourne, Theophilus, b. 1590. 1654 (1654) Wing B4088; ESTC R229562 39,309 117 View Text
A68750 A treatise of the Lords supper in two sermons. Smith, Henry, 1550?-1591. 1591 (1591) STC 22705; ESTC S113471 39,426 100 View Text
A17444 An A.B.C. or holy alphabet conteyning some plaine lessons gathered out of the word, to the number of the letters in the English alphabet, to enter young beginners in the schoole of Christ. E. C., fl. 1626.; Cancellar, James, attributed name. 1626 (1626) STC 4264.5; ESTC S114411 39,537 142 View Text
A58192 Folly in print, or, A book of rymes Raymond, John, 17th cent. 1667 (1667) Wing R418; ESTC R5763 40,035 143 View Text
A10472 A booke of Bertram the priest, concerning the body and blood of Christ written in Latin to Charles the Great, being Emperour, aboue eight hundred yeeres agoe. Translated and imprinted in the English tongue. Anno Dnj. 1549.; De corpore et sanguine Domini. English Ratramnus, monk of Corbie, d. ca. 868.; Lynde, Humphrey, Sir. 1623 (1623) STC 20752; ESTC S115659 40,145 122 View Text
A08481 Gods rebuke in taking from vs that worthy and honourable gentleman Sir Edward Lewkenor Knight, the first day of May this present yeere 1618, he being at that time high Sheriffe of Suffolke whose Christian life and comfortable end are here faithfully recorded. Together with diuers profitable and necessarie instructions; deliuered first in a discourse at his funerall, and now inlarged, and published, for the benefit of others not then present. By T.O. aliàs P. minister of the word of God at Denham in Suffolke. Oldmayne, Timothy. 1619 (1619) STC 18805; ESTC S113488 40,569 121 View Text
A60427 Transusbstantiation examin'd and confuted in two sermons on the Lord's Supper / preach'd in the reign of Queen Elizabeth by H. Smith, sometime preacher at St. Clement Danes. Smith, Henry, 1550?-1591. 1688 (1688) Wing S4049; ESTC R37565 40,777 47 View Text
A11882 A sermon against halting betweene two opinions preached at S. Martins in the fields, By Iohn Seller, Bacheler in Diuinitie Seller, John, 1592 or 3-1648. 1611 (1611) STC 22182; ESTC S113727 40,787 61 View Text
A62209 The sauciness of a seducer rebuked, or, The pride and folly of an ignorant scribbler made manifest in some remarks upon a scurrilous libel written by Joseph Nott ... against a book of the Reverend Mr. George Tross in vindication of the Lord's Day : together with a confutation of some errors of the Quakers, in a book call'd ... Gospel-truths scripturally asserted, written by John Gannacliff and Joseph Nott. Trosse, George, 1631-1713. 1693 (1693) Wing S729; ESTC R7884 41,236 31 View Text
A62048 The life and death of Mr. Tho. Wilson, minister of Maidstone, in the county of Kent, M.A. Swinnock, George, 1627-1673. 1672 (1672) Wing S6277; ESTC R34633 41,246 112 View Text
A17573 A dispute vpon communicating at our confused communions Calderwood, David, 1575-1650. 1624 (1624) STC 4356; ESTC S118324 41,392 84 View Text
A63916 A second representation of the hospitaller of St. Thomas Southwark's case in an humble address to the Right Honourable Sir Thomas Pilkinton, lord mayor of the city of London / by J.T. Turner, John, b. 1649 or 50. 1689 (1689) Wing T3316; ESTC R26335 41,508 50 View Text
A96350 The first centvry of scandalous, malignant priests, made and admitted into benefices by the prelates, in whose hands the ordination of ministers and government of the church hath been. Or, A narration of the causes for which the Parliament hath ordered the sequestration of the benefices of severall ministers complained of before them, for vitiousnesse of life, errors in doctrine, contrary to the articles of our religion, and for practising and pressing superstitious innovations against law, and for malignancy against the Parliament. It is ordered this seventeenth day of November, 1643. by the Committee of the House of Commons in Parliament concerning printing, that this booke intituled, [The first century of scandalous, malignant priests, &c.] be printed by George Miller. White, John, 1590-1645.; England and Wales. Parliament. aut 1643 (1643) Wing W1777; Thomason E76_21; ESTC R19192 42,473 60 View Text
A11610 The worthy communicant rewarded Laid forth in a sermon, on John 6.54. Preached in the Cathedrall of St. Peter in Exeter, on Low-Sunday, being the 21. of Aprill, Anno 1639. By William Sclater, Master of Arts, late Fellow of Kings Colledge in Cambridge, now chaplaine of the Right Reverend Father in God the Lord Bishop's Barony of Saint Stephens, and preacher also at S. Martin, in the same city. Sclater, William, 1575-1626. 1639 (1639) STC 21850; ESTC S100965 42,655 89 View Text
A00535 A briefe refutation of Iohn Traskes iudaical and nouel fancyes Stiling himselfe Minister of Gods Word, imprisoned for the lawes eternall perfection, or God's lawes perfect eternity. By B. D. Catholike Deuine. Falconer, John, 1577-1656. 1618 (1618) STC 10675; ESTC S114688 42,875 106 View Text
A79560 The divine warrant of infant-baptism. Or VI. arguments for baptism of infants of Christians. viz. I. Infants of Christians are rightly judged in the promise of propriety in God. p.1. II. Infants of Christians are rightly judged to be of the church. p.20. III. Infants of Christians are rightly judged meet for baptisme. p.25. IV. The sealing of the promise to infants of visible professors, hath been the practise of the universal church ever since God added seals to the covenant. p.30 V. The profit of baptism is great to the infants of Christians. p.36. VI. The promise was sealed by the initiall sacrament aforetime to infants of visible professors, both Jews and of the Gentiles. p.38. / By John Church, M.A. minister of Seachurch, in the county of Essex. Church, Josiah. 1648 (1648) Wing C3987; Thomason E441_9 42,925 58 View Text
A12180 Christs exaltation purchast by humiliation Wherein you may see mercy and misery meete together. Very vsefull I. For instructing the ignorant. II. For comforting the weake. III. For confirming the strong. By R. Sibbs D.D. and preacher of Grayes-Inne, London. Published by T.G. and P.N. Sibbes, Richard, 1577-1635.; Goodwin, Thomas, 1600-1680.; Nye, Philip, 1596?-1672. 1639 (1639) STC 22488; ESTC S117302 42,979 208 View Text
A81232 A vindication of the Lords prayer, as a formal prayer, and by Christ's institution to be used by Christians as a prayer: against the antichristian practice and opinion of some men. Wherein, also their private and ungrounded zeal is discovered, who are very strict for the observation of the Lords Day, and make so light of the Lords prayer. By Meric Casaubon, D.D. one of the prebandaries of C.C. Canterb. Casaubon, Meric, 1599-1671.; Grotius, Hugo, 1583-1645. 1660 (1660) Wing C817; Thomason E1921_3; ESTC R209969 43,421 134 View Text
A03244 The rape of Lucrece a true Roman tragedie. With the seuerall songes in their apt places, by Valerius, the merrie lord amongst the Roman peeres. Acted by her Majesties Seruants at the Red-Bull, neere Clarken-well. Written by Thomas Heywood. Heywood, Thomas, d. 1641. 1608 (1608) STC 13360; ESTC S106206 43,477 78 View Text