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A52874 A new and true list of the House of Lords together with the knights, citizens, burgesses, and barons of the cinque-ports, that are returned to serve in the Parliament of England assembled at Oxford this 21st. of March 1681. (Note, that those that have either of these marks (* [dagger]) after them, were not Members of the last Parliament.); Lists. 1681-03-21. England and Wales. Parliament. House of Lords. 1681 (1681) Wing N549A; ESTC R217823 7,231 1

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a_o new_a and_o true_a list_n of_o the_o house_n of_o lord_n together_o with_o the_o knight_n citizens_z burgess_n and_o baron_n of_o the_o cinque-port_n that_o be_v return_v to_o serve_v in_o the_o parliament_n of_o england_n assemble_v at_o oxford_n this_o 21_o of_o march_v 1681._o note_v that_o those_o that_o have_v either_o of_o these_o mark_n *_o †_o after_o they_o be_v not_o member_n of_o the_o last_o parliament_n the_o lord_n james_n duke_n of_o york_n and_o albany_n rupert_n duke_n of_o cumberland_n heneage_n finch_n baron_n of_o daventry_n l._n chanceller_n of_o england_n john_n robert_n earl_n of_o radnor_n l._n precedent_n of_o the_o council_n arthur_n earl_n of_o anglesey_n lord_n privy-seal_n henry_n duke_n of_o norfolk_n charles_n seymour_n duke_n of_o somerset_n under_o age._n george_n duke_n of_o buckingham_n christopher_n duke_n of_o albemarl_n james_n duke_n of_o monmouth_n henry_n duke_n of_o newcastle_n charles_n lenos_fw-la duke_n of_o richmond_n under_o age._n charles_n fitz_n roy_fw-fr duke_n of_o southampton_n under_o age._n henry_n fitz_n roy_fw-fr duke_n of_o grafton_n charles_n lord_z marquess_z of_o winchester_n henry_n lord_z marquess_z of_o worcester_z robert_n earl_n of_o lindsey_n lord_n great_a chamberlain_n james_n earl_n of_o brecon_n lord_n steward_n of_o the_o household_n henry_n earl_n of_o arlington_n lord_n chamberlain_n of_o the_o household_n aubrey_n earl_n of_o oxford_n charles_n talbot_z earl_n of_o salop_n if_o at_o age._n anthony_n earl_n of_o kent_n william_n richard_n george_n earl_n of_o derby_n john_n earl_n of_o rutland_n theophilus_n e._n of_o huntingdon_n william_n earl_n of_o bedford_n philip_n earl_n of_o pembroke_n and_o mountgomery_n edward_n earl_n of_o lincoln_n charles_n earl_n of_o nottingham_n james_n earl_n of_o suffolk_n charles_n earl_n of_o dorset_n and_o middlesex_n james_n earl_n of_o salisbury_n john_n earl_n of_o exeter_z john_n earl_n of_o bridgewater_n philip_n earl_n of_o leicester_n james_n earl_n of_o northampton_n edward_n rich_a e._n of_o warwick_n and_o holland_n under_o age._n william_n earl_n of_o devonshire_n william_n earl_n of_o denbigh_n john_n earl_n of_o bristol_n gilbert_n earl_n of_o clare_n oliver_z earl_n of_o bullingbrook_n charles_n earl_n of_o westmorland_z robert_n earl_n of_o manchester_n thomas_n earl_n of_o berkshire_n john_n earl_n of_o mulgrave_n thomas_n earl_n of_o rivers_n henry_n earl_n of_o peterborough_n thomas_n earl_n of_o stamford_n heneage_n earl_n of_o winchelsea_n charles_n earl_n of_o carnarvan_n philip_n earl_n of_o chesterfield_n richard_z earl_n of_o thanett_n william_n earl_n of_o strafford_n robert_n earl_n of_o sunderland_n robert_n earl_n of_o scarsdale_n charles_n earl_n of_o rochester_n henry_n earl_n of_o st._n alban_n edward_n earl_n of_o sandwich_n henry_n earl_n of_o clarendon_n arthur_n earl_n of_o essex_n robert_n earl_n of_o cardigan_n john_n earl_n of_o bath_n charles_n earl_n of_o carlisle_z william_n earl_n of_o craven_n robert_n earl_n of_o ailesbury_n richard_z earl_n of_o burlington_n anthony_n earl_n of_o shaftesbury_n edward_n henry_n lee_n earl_n of_o lichfield_n under_o age._n john_n earl_n of_o guildford_n thomas_n earl_n of_o sussex_n lewis_n earl_n of_o feversham_n george_n earl_n of_o hallifax_n charles_n earl_n of_o mackelfield_n robert_n earl_n of_o yarmouth_n george_n earl_n of_o berkley_n edward_n conway_n earl_n of_o conway_n leicester_n deveraux_n viscount_n hereford_n under_o age._n francis_n viscount_n montague_n william_n viscount_n say_v and_o seal_n baptist_n viscount_n campden_n thomas_n visc_n faulconbridge_n charles_n viscount_n mordant_n francis_n viscount_n newport_n henry_n lord_n nowbray_n george_n nevil_n lord_n akergavenny_n under_o age._n james_n lord_n au●lley_n charles_n lord_n i●…_n w●…_n thomas_n lord_n 〈…〉_o 〈…〉_o rob_n 〈…〉_o conyers_n l._n darcy_n and_o meynell_n charles_n lord_n fitzwater_n under_o age._n henry_n lord_n grey_n under_o age._n william_n lord_n stoarton_n conyers_n lord_n conyers_n henry_n lord_n sandys_n thomas_n lord_n windsor_n thomas_n lord_n cromwell_n ralph_n lord_n eure._n philip_n lord_n wharton_n thomas_z lord_z willoughby_z of_o parham_n william_n lord_n pagett_n charles_n lord_n north-grey_n of_o rolleston_n james_n lord_n chandos_n robert_n lord_n hunsdon_n james_n lord_n norreys_n digby_n l._n gerrard_n under_o age._n christopher_n lord_n tenham_n fulk_n lord_n brock_n edward_n lord_n montague_n of_o boughton_n ford_n lord_n grey_n of_o wark_n john_n lord_n lovelace_n john_n lord_n paulet_n william_n lord_n maynard_n john_n lord_n coventry_n william_n l._n howard_n of_o escrick_n charles_n l._n mohun_n ander_fw-mi age._n henry_n l._n herbert_n of_o cherbury_n thomas_n lord_n leigh_n christopher_n lord_n hatton_n richard_n lord_n byron_n richard_n lord_n vaughan_n francis_n lord_n carrington_n william_n lord_n widdrington_n edward_n lord_n ward_n thomas_n lord_n culpeper_n jacob_n lord_n astley_n charles_n lord_n lucas_n edward_n lord_n rockingham_n robert_n sutton_n l._n lexinton_n under_o age._n charles_n henry_n lord_n wooton_n marmadule_n lord_n langdale_n charles_n l._n berklay_n of_o stratton_n under_o age._n francis_n lord_n holles_n charles_n lord_n cornwallis_n george_n lord_n delamere_n horatio_n lord_n townsend_n thomas_n lord_n crew_n john_n lord_n frescheville_n richard_n lord_n arundel_n of_o trerise_n james_n lord_n butler_n of_o moor-park_n under_o age._n hugh_z lord_z clifford_z under_z age._n richard_n l._n butler_n of_o weston_n edw_n noel_n lord_n titchfield_n archbishop_n and_o bishop_n dr._n william_n sancroft_n lord_n archbishop_n of_o canterbury_n dr._n richard_n stern_a lord_n archbishop_n of_o york_n dr._n henry_n compton_n lord_n bishop_n of_o london_n dr._n nathanael_n crew_n lord_n bishop_n of_o durham_n dr._n george_n morley_n lord_n bishop_n of_o winchester_n dr._n herbert_n crofts_n lord_n bishop_n of_o hereford_n dr._n seth_n ward_n lord_n bishop_n of_o salisbury_n dr._n edward_n rainbow_n lord_n bishop_n of_o carlisle_n dr._n john_n dolben_n lord_n bishop_n of_o rochester_n dr._n anthony_n sparrow_n lord_n bishop_n of_o norwich_n dr._n peter_n gunning_n lord_n bishop_n of_o ely_n dr._n thomas_n wood_n lord_n bishop_n of_o coventry_n and_o litchfield_n dr._n peter_n mew_o lord_n bishop_n of_o bath_n and_o wells_n dr._n john_n pearson_n lord_n bishop_n of_o chester_n dr._n humphrey_n lloyd_n lord_n bishop_n of_o bangor_n dr._n william_n lloyd_n lord_n bishop_n of_o peterborough_n dr._n guy_n carleton_n lord_n bishop_n of_o chichester_n dr._n thomas_n barlow_n lord_n bishop_n of_o lincoln_n dr._n james_n fleetwood_n lord_n bishop_n of_o worcester_n dr._n john_n fall_v lord_n bishop_n of_o oxford_n dr._n thomas_n lamplough_n lord_n bishop_n of_o exeter_n dr._n william_n thomas_n lord_n bishop_n of_o st._n david_n dr._n william_n gluston_n lord_n bishop_n of_o bristol_n dr._n william_n beaw_o lord_n bishop_n of_o lland●ff_n dr._n l_o bishop_n of_o st._n asaph_n note_v that_o the_o lord_n ●…der_v age_n be_v not_o call_v 〈◊〉_d king_n writ_n bedfordshire_n 4._o william_n lord_n russel_n sir_n hum._n munnox_n bar._n town_z of_o bedford_z pawlet_n st._n john_n esq_n sir_n william_n franklyn_n knt._n berks._n 9_o william_n barker_n esq_n richard_n southby_n esq_n borough_n of_o new-windsor_n samuel_n starkey_n esq_n richard_n winwood_n esq_n borough_n of_o reading_n john_n blagrave_n esq_n nathan_n knight_n esq_n borough_n of_o walling_n ford_n taverner_n harriss_n esq_n *_o scory_n barker_n esq_n borough_n of_o abington_n sir_n john_n stonehouse_n knt._n buck_n 14._o thomas_n wharton_n esq_n richard_n hambden_n esq_n town_n of_o buck_n sir_n ralph_n verny_n knt._n *_o charles_n blunt_a esq_n sir_n peter_n teriel_n knt._n sir_n rich._n temple_n kt._n of_o the_o b._n borough_n of_o chipping_n wiccomb_n sir_n john_n borlace_n bar._n thomas_n lewis_n esq_n borough_n of_o aylisbury_n sir_n thomas_n lee_n bar._n sir_n richard_n ingoldsby_n knight_n of_o the_o bath_n borough_n of_o agmondesham_n sir_n roger_n hill_n knt._n algernon_n sidney_n esq_n sir_n william_n drake_n knt._n cheeny_n esq_n *_o borough_n of_o wendover_n john_n hambden_n esq_n edward_n backwel_n esq_n borough_n of_o great_a marlowe_n thomas_n hobby_n esq_n *_o john_n borlace_n esq_n cambridge_n 6._o sir_n john_n cotton_n knt._n sir_n levinus_n bennet_n knt._n university_n of_o cambridge_n sir_n thomas_n exton_n knt._n dr._n braddy_n *_o town_n of_o cambridge_n william_n lord_n allington_n sir_n thomas_n chicheley_n knt._n chester_n 4._o sir_n robert_n cotten_n knt._n &_o bar._n henry_n booth_n esq_n city_n of_o chester_n william_n william_n esq_n recor._n roger_n whitly_n esq_n cornwall_n 44._o francis_n robert_n esq_n borough_n of_o dunhivid_n alias_o lanceston_n sir_n hugh_n piper_n knt._n william_n harbort_n esq_n *_o borough_n of_o leskard_n sir_n john_n trelaway_o decease_v john_n buller_n esq_n borough_n of_o lestwithiel_n sir_n john_n carew_n bar._n walter_n kendel_n esq_n borough_n of_o truro_n edward_n buscowen_a esq_n henry_n ashurst_n esq_n *_o borough_n of_o bodwin_n hender_n robert_n esq_n nicholas_n glyn_n esq_n borough_n of_o helston_n sir_n ve●…l_a vivian_n bar._n charles_n godolphin_n esq_n *_o sidney_n godolphin_n esq_n borough_n of_o saltash_n
bernard_n greenvil_n esq_n †_o sir_n john_n daw_n bar._n borough_n of_o gamelford_n manatton_n esq_n richard_n opie_n esq_n †_o robert_n rusell_n esq_n borough_n of_o port-pigham_a alias_o westlow_n john_n trelauney_n of_o west_n esq_n jonathan_n trelawney_n esq_n *_o borough_n of_o crampound_n john_n tanner_n esq_n nicholas_n hearl_n esq_n borough_n of_o eastlow_n john_n kendal_n esq_n *_o william_n trevill_n esq_n *_o thomas_n keddal_n esq_n courtney_n esq_n borough_n of_o penrin_n samuel_n rolle_n esq_n james_n vernon_n esq_n charles_n smith_n esq_fw-la sir_n nicolas_n slanning_n knt._n borough_n of_o tregony_n hugh_n boscawen_n esq_n charles_n trevanian_n esq_n borough_n of_o bossney_n william_n coriton_n esq_n charles_n dod●il_n roberts_n esq_fw-la borough_n of_o st._n ives_n james_n prade_fw-mi esq_n *_o edward_n noseworthy_n jun._n esq_n borough_n of_o foway_n jonathan_n rashley_n esq_n john_n tresery_v esq_n borough_n st._n germane_a richard_n elliot_n esq_n daniel_n elliot_n esq_n borough_n of_o st._n michael_n sir_n william_n russel_n knt._n †_o henry_n vincent_n of_o truro_n esq_n st_n john_n st._n alban_n bar._n hamphery_n b●rlace_n borough_n of_o newport_n will_v morris_n esq_n *_o ambrose_n manaton_n esq_n borough_n of_o st._n maw_n sir_n joseph_n tredenham_n bar._n henry_n seymour_n junior_a esq_n borough_n of_o killinton_n richard_n carew_n esq_n william_n corit_n on_o esq_n †_o cumberland_n 6._o sir_n george_n fletcher_n †_o sir_n john_n lowther_n bar._n †_o city_n of_o carlisle_n edward_n lord_n morpeth_n sir_n christopher_n musgrave_n knt._n borough_n of_o cockermouth_n sir_n richard_n graham_n bar._n orlando_z gee_o esq_n derby_n 4._o william_n lord_n cavendish_n william_n sacheverel_n esq_n borough_n of_o derby_n george_z vernon_z esq_n anchetil_o grey_a esq_n devonshire_n 26._o sir_n william_n courtney_n bar._n samuel_n rowel_n esq_n city_n of_o exeter_z sir_n thomas_n carew_n knt._n *_o thomas_n walker_n esq_n †_o borough_n of_o totnes_n john_n kellande_n esq_n *_o charles_n kellande_n esq_n *_o borough_n of_o plymouth_n sir_n john_n maynard_n serj_n at_o law_n sir_n william_n jones_n knt._n town_n of_o okehamton_n sir_n arthur_n harris_n bar._n sir_n george_n carew_n knt_n borough_n of_o barnstable_n richard_n lee_n esq_n john_n basset_z esq_n borough_n of_o plympton_n sir_n george_n treby_n knt._n john_n pollexfin_n mar._n borough_n of_o honiton_n sir_n walter_n young_a bar._n sir_n thomas_n put_v bar._n borough_n of_o tavistock_n sir_n francis_n drake_n bar._n edward_n russel_n esq_n town_n of_o ashburton_n thomas_n reynel_n esq_n william_n stowell_n esq_n borough_n of_o clifton_n dartmouth_n and_o hardnis_n john_n upton_n esq_n edward_n yard_n esq_n borough_n of_o befralston_n john_n elwill_n esq_n joseph_n maynard_n esq_n borough_n of_o tiverton_n samuel_n foot_n esq_n sir_n henry_n ford_n knt._n dorsetshire_n 20._o thomas_n strangewayes_o esq_n thomas_n freke_n esq_n town_n of_o pool_n henry_n trenchard_n esq_n thomas_n chaffin_n esq_n borough_n of_o dorchester_n nathanael_n bond_n esq_n james_n gould_n esq_n borough_n of_o lymeregis_n thomas_n moor_n esq_n henry_n henly_n esq_n borough_n of_o weymouth_n sir_n john_n coventry_n k_o of_o the._n b._n sir_n john_n morton_n knt._n &_o bar._n melcomb-regis_a henue_v esq_n *_o michael_n harvey_n esq_n borough_n of_o bridport_n john_n mitchell_n esq_n william_n bragg_n esq_n borough_n of_o shaston_n sir_n matthew_n andrews_n knt._n thomas_n bennet_n esq_n borough_n of_o wareham_n thomas_n earl_n esq_n george_n savage_a esq_n borough_n of_o corf-castle_n sir_n nathanael_n napper_n bar._n thomas_n fownes_o esq_n *_o durham_n 4._o thomas_n fetherston_n hough_n esq_n william_n bowes_n esq_n city_n of_o durham_n sir_n richard_n lloyd_n knt._n captain_n tempest_n esq_n †_o essex_n 8._o henry_n mildmay_n esq_n john_n lemot_a honeywood_n esq_n borough_n of_o colchester_n sir_n harbottle_n grimston_n bar._n samuel_n reynall_n esq_n †_o borough_n of_o malden_n sir_n william_n wiseman_n knt._n sir_n thomas_n darcey_n bar._n borough_n of_o harwich_n sir_n thomas_n middleton_n knt._n sir_n ●hillip_n ●arker_n barnes_n gloucestershire_n 8._o sir_n john_n guise_n bar._n sir_n ralph_n dutton_n knt._n city_n of_o gloucester_z charles_n lord_n d●rsley_n charles_n l._n herbert_n of_o ragl._n borough_n of_o cirencester_n sir_n robert_n atkins_n junior_a knt._n henry_n powel_n esq_n borough_n of_o tuckesbury_n sir_n henry_n capell_n k._n of_o the_o ba._n sir_n francis_n russel_n bar._n herefordshire_n 8._o john_n viscount_n scudamore_n sir_n edward_n harlow_n k._n of_o the_o b._n city_n of_o hereford_n herbert_n aubery_n esq_n *_o paul_n foley_n esq_n borough_n of_o lempster_n john_n duttoncolt_n esq_n thomas_n cunnisby_n esq_n borough_n of_o webley_n john_n birch_n esq_n john_n booth_n esq_n hertfordshire_n 6._o sir_n charles_n caesa_fw-la knt._n william_n hales_n esq_n †_o borough_n of_o st._n alban_n thomas_n pope_n blount_n esq_n samuel_n grimston_n esq_n borough_n of_o hertford_n sir_n thomas_n bide_v knt._n sir_n william_n cooper_n bar_n huntingtonshire_n 4._o sir_n thomas_n proby_n bar._n silus_n titus_n esq_n borough_n of_o huntington_n lyonel_n walden_n esq_n sidney_n wortheyal_a mountag_n es_fw-ge kent_n 10._o sir_n vere_n fane_n knt._n of_o the_o bath_n edward_n dering_n esq_n city_n of_o canterbury_z lewis_n watson_n esq_n *_o vincent-denn_n esq_n *_o city_n of_o rochester_n sir_n john_n banks_n bar._n sir_n francis_n clark_n knt._n *_o borough_n of_o maidston_n sir_n john_n tus●…_n 〈◊〉_d thomas_n fane_n esq_n borough_n of_o quin●…ough_n thomas_n glanvill_n ●…_n *_o gerrard_n goa_n esq_n *_o lancaster_n 14._o gerrard_n lord_n brandon_n sir_n charles_n haughton_n bar._n borough_n of_o lancaster_z richard_n kirkby_n esq_n william_n spencer_n esq_n borough_n or_o town_n of_o preston_n sir_n robert_n carr_n knt._n sir_n jarvas_n ellowai_n knt._n borough_n of_o newtown_n sir_n john_n chicheley_n knt._n andrew_n fountain_n esq_n borough_n of_o waggon_n charles_n earl_n of_o a●ram_n richard_z lord_z cold_a †_o borough_n of_o clithero_o sir_n thomas_n striner_n s._n at_o law_n henery_n marsden_n eq._n †_o borough_n of_o lever_n p_o l._n ruishen_n wentwoth_n esq_n john_n dubois_n merchant_n leicester_n 4._o bennet_n lord_n sher●…rd_n sir_n john_n hartop_n bar._n town_n of_o leicester_n sir_n henry_n beaum●nt_n knt._n john_n grace_n esq_n lincoln_n 12._o george_n lord_n viscount_n castleton_n sir_n robert_n carr_n kt._n and_o bar._n city_n of_o lincoln_z sir_n thomas_n mere_a knt._n sir_n tho-hussey_n kt._n *_o borough_n of_o boton_n sir_n anthony_n irby_n knt._n sir_n william_n york_n knt._n borough_n of_o great_a grimsby_n william_n broxhon_n esq_n george_n pelliair_a esq_n town_n of_o stamford_n sir_n richard_n cu●_n bar._n william_n hyde_n e._n borough_n of_o grantham_n sir_n william_n el._n bar._n sir_n john_n newton_n bar._n middles●x_n 8._o sir_n william_n rob●rts_n bar_n niholas_n ranton_n esq_n *_o city_n of_o westminster_n sir_n william_n poltney_n knt._n sir_n william_n waer_fw-mi knt._n london_n sir_n robert_n claton_n knt._n ald._n thomas_n pilkington_n alderman_n sir_n thomas_n plyer_n knt._n william_n love_n esq_n monmouth_n 4_o sir_n trevor_n williams_n bar._n sir_n edward_n morgan_n knt._n †_o borough_n of_o monmouth_n john_n arnold_n esq_n norfolk_n 12._o sir_n john_n hobbert_n bar_v sir_n peter_n glean_v knt._n city_n of_o norwich_n william_n lord_n paston_n augustine_n briggs_n esq_n town_n of_o lynregis_n sir_n henry_n hobbert_n knt._n *_o simon_n tailor_n esq_n town_n of_o great_a yarmouth_n sir_n james_n johnson_n knt._n *_o george_n england_n esq_fw-la borough_n of_o thetford_n sir_n joseph_n williamson_n knt._n william_n harbour_v esq_n borough_n of_o castlrrise_v sir_n robert_n howard_n knt._n james_n host_n esq_n northampton_n 9_o john_n parkhurst_n esq_n miles_n fleetwood_n esq_n city_n of_o peterborough_n francis_n st._n john_n esq_n charles_n fitzwilliams_n †_o town_n of_o northampton_n sir_n william_n langham_n knt._n ralph_n montague_n esq_n town_n of_o brackley_n william_n lifle_v esq_n †_o richard_n wainman_n esq_n borough_n of_o higham_n ferrer_n sir_n rice_n rudde_n bar._n northumberland_n 8._o sir_n john_n fenwick_n bar._n sir_n ralph_n dalavell_n bar._n town_n of_o newcastle_n upon_o tine_n sir_n nathanael_n johnson_n knt._n sir_n ralph_n carr_n knt._n borough_n of_o morpeth_n sir_n george_n downing_n kt._n &_o bar._n daniel_n collingwood_n esq_n town_n of_o berwick_n upon_o tweed_n john_n rushworth_n esq_n ralph_n grace_n esq_n nothingham_n 8._o sir_n scroop_n how_o knt._n john_n white_a esq_n town_n of_o nottingham_n robert_n plerrepoint_n esq_n richard_n slater_n esq_n borough_n of_o eastredford_n sir_n edward_n nevile_n kt._n &_o bar._n sir_n william_n hickman_n bar._n town_n of_o newark_n upon_o trent_n sir_n robert_n markham_n knt._n sir_n richard_z rothwel_o knt._n oxon._n 9_o sir_n philip_n harcort_n knt._n †_o thomas_n hoard_n esq_n university_n of_o oxon_n sir_n lyonel_n jenkins_n knt._n parrot_n dr._n of_o law_n city_n of_o oxon_n william_n wright_n esq_n broom_n whorwood_n esq_n borough_n of_o new-woodstock_n henry_n bertue_n esq_fw-la nicholas_n baynton_n esq_n borough_n of_o bandbury_n
sir_n john_n holman_n bar._n rutland_n 2._o edward_n try_v falconer_n esq_n †_o philip_n sherrard_n esq_n salop._n 12_o richard_z newport_n esq_n will._n leviston_n gower_n esq_n town_n of_o salop_n sir_n richard_n corbet_n bar._n edward_n kinnaston_n esq_n borough_n of_o bruges_n alias_o bridgnorth_n sir_n though_o whitmore_n k._n of_o the_o b._n sir_n william_n whitmore_n bar._n borough_n of_o ludlow_n francis_n charlton_n esq_n charles_n baldwin_n esq_n †_o borough_n of_o great_a wenlock_n john_n woolrich_n esq_n william_n forrester_n esq_n town_n of_o bishops-castle_n sir_n richard_n mason_n knt._n richard_n moor_n esq_n *_o somerset_z 18._o sir_n wil._n portman_n b._n of_o the_o bath_n george_n speke_n esq_n city_n of_o bristol_n sir_n richard_n hart_n knt._n †_o tho._n earl_n esq_n sir_n robert_n atkins_n †_o sir_n john_n knight_n city_n of_o bath_n lord_n viscount_n fitzharding_n *_o sir_n william_n basset_n knt._n *_o city_n of_o wells_n john_n hall_n esq_n william_n coward_n esq_n record_n borough_n of_o taunton_n john_n trenchard_n esq_n edmund_n prideaux_n esq_n borough_n of_o bridgwater_n sir_n hafwel_o tynt_n bar._n sir_n john_n mallet_n knt._n *_o borough_n of_o minehead_n thoas_n pallmer_n esq_n fran●_n lutterel_n esq_n boroug_n of_o ilcester_n huddy_n esq_n †_o sir_n joh●…t_fw-la barbbe_v knt._n †_o borough_n of_o milbournport_n john_n hunt_v esq_n henry_n bull_n esq_n southampton_n 26._o lord_n wiltshire_n †_o sir_n francis_n roll_v knt._n city_n of_o winchester_z james_n lord_n annesly_n sir_n john_n clobery_n knt._n town_n of_o southamton_n sir_n benjamin_n newland_n knt._n sir_n charles_n windham_n knt._n town_n of_o portsmouth_n george_n leg_n esq_n richard_n norton_n esq_n borough_n of_o yarmouth_n sir_n thomas_n litleton_n knt._n †_o lemuel_n kingdon_n esq_n borough_n of_o peter-field_n sir_n john_n norton_n bar._n lenard_n bilson_n esq_n borough_n of_o newport_n alias_o medona_n sir_n robert_n dillington_n bar._n john_n lee_n esq_n borough_n of_o stockbridg_n oliver_n st._n john_n esq_n essex_n strew_v esq_n *_o borough_n of_o newtown_n sir_n john_n holmes_n knt._n finch_n esq_n borough_n of_o christ_n church_n sir_n thomas_n clargis_n knt._n george_n fulford_n esq_n borough_n of_o whit-church_n richard_n auliff_n esq_n henry_n wallop_v esq_n borough_n of_o limington_n daily_o esq_n *_o john_n burrard_n esq_n town_n of_o andover_n sir_n robert_n henly_n knt._n francis_n pawlet_n charles_n west_n esq_n *_o john_n collings_n esq_n †_o staffordshire_n 10._o sir_n walter_n baggot_n knt._n sir_n john_n bowyer_n knt._n city_n of_o litchfield_n theophilus_n biddulph_n esq_n daniel_n finch_n esq_n borough_n of_o staffrod_n sir_n thomas_n armstrong_n knt._n edward_n scrimshaw_n esq_n *_o borough_n of_o newcastle_n sir_n thomas_n bellot_n bar._n william_n leveston_n gower_n esq_n borough_n of_o tamworth_n john_n swinfin_fw-fr esq_n *_o thomas_n thynn_n esq_n suffolk_n 16._o sir_n samuel_n barnadiston_n bar._n sir_n william_n spring_n bar._n borough_n of_o ipswich_n sir_n john_n barker_n knt._n &_o bar._n john_n wright_n esq_n borough_n of_o dunwich_n sir_n philip_n skippon_n knt._n sir_n robert_n kemp._n bar._n borough_n of_o orford_n sir_n john_n duke_z bar._n thomas_n glemham_n esq_n †_o borough_n of_o alborough_n john_n bench_n esq_n john_n currant_n esq_n borough_n of_o sudbury_n sir_n gervaise_fw-fr elwes_n bar._n jervaise_fw-fr elwes_n esq_n borough_n of_o eye_n sir_n charles_n gaudy_n kt._n &_o bar._n sir_n robert_n rieve_n kt._n borough_n of_o st._n edmondsbury_n sir_n thomas_n harvy_n knt._n thomas_n jermin_n esq_n surry_n 14._o arthur_n onslow_n esq_n george_n evelyn_n of_o wotton_n es_fw-ge borough_n of_o southwark_n sir_n richard_z how_o knt._n peter_n rich_a esq_n slingsby_n bethel_n esq_n edward_n smith_n esq_n borough_n of_o belch_o george_n evelyn_n of_o nutfield_n esq_n sir_n william_n gulston_n knt._n *_o borough_n of_o ryegate_n ralph_n freeman_n esq_n *_o dean_n goodwin_n esq_n borough_n of_o guilford_z richard_n onslow_n esq_n morgan_z randall_n esq_n borough_n of_o gatton_n sir_n nicholas_n carew_n knt._n thomas_n turgis_n esq_n borough_n of_o haslemere_n woodroof_n esq_n †_o sir_n willliam_n moor_n bar._n sussex_n 20._o sir_n william_n thomas_n bar._n sir_n john_n fag_n bar_n city_n of_o chichester_n john_n braman_n esq_n richard_n farrington_n esq_n borough_n of_o horsha_n john_n michael_n esq_n john_n machell_n esq_n *_o borough_n of_o midhurst_n williom_n mowtague_n esq_n †_o thomas_n cook_n esq_n †_o borough_n of_o lewes_n richard_n bridger_n esq_n thomas_n pelham_n esq_n borough_n of_o new-shoreham_n robert_n fag_n esq_n *_o john_n hale_o esq_n borough_n of_o bramber_n henry_n goring_n esq_n percy_n goring_n esq_n †_o borough_n of_o steyning_n sir_n john_n fag_n bar._n sir_n james_n morton_n kt._n *_o borough_n of_o east-grimstead_n sir_n ciril_n wych_n knt._n †_o henery_n powel_n esq_n borough_n of_o arundel_n william_n garroway_n esq_n james_n but●ler_n esq_n warwickshire_n 6._o sir_n richard_n newdigate_n knt._n †_o thomas_n mariott_n esq_n *_o city_n of_o coventry_n richard_n hopkins_n esq_n john_n stratford_n esq_n borough_n of_o warwick_z thomas_n lucy_n esq_n thomas_n coventry_n esq_n †_o westmoreland_n 4._o sir_n john_n lowther_n bar._n †_o allen_n bellingham_n esq_n borough_n of_o apleby_n fletcher_n esq_n sakveille_fw-fr tuffton_n esq_n *_o wiltshire_n 4._o sir_n walter_n st._n john_n bar_n thomas_n thynn_n esq_n city_n of_o new_a sarum_n wadham_n windam_n esq_n *_o alexander_n thistlewayte_v esq_n borough_n of_o wilton_n thomas_n herbert_n esq_n buckland_n ksq_n *_o borough_n of_o downton_n sir_n joseph_n ashe_n bar._n mawrice_o buckland_n esq_n borough_n of_o hindon_n thomas_n thinn_n of_o dotton_n †_o sir_n richard_n grubham_n how_n k._n borough_n of_o westbury_n william_n trenchard_n esq_n john_n ash_n esq_n borough_n of_o heytesbury_n william_n ash_n esq_n edward_n ash_n esq_n borough_n of_o calne_n sir_n george_n hungerford_n knt._n norbonn_n borough_n of_o the_o device_n sir_n walter_n earne_o knt._n *_o george_n johnson_n esq_n *_o borough_n of_o chipenham_n sir_n edward_n hungerford_n knt_n of_o the_o bath_n sir_n george_n speak_v knt._n borough_n of_o malmesbry_n sir_n william_n estcourt_n bar._n sir_n james_n long_n bar._n borough_n of_o cricklade_n edmund_n webb_n esq_n william_n lenthal_n esq_n borough_n of_o great_a bedwin_n john_n wildman_n esq_n *_o sir_n john_n earn_o knt._n *_o borough_n of_o lugdersale_fw-la thomas_n neal_n esq_n john_n garret_n esq_n sir_n john_n talbot_n knt._n john_n smith_n esq_n borough_n of_o old_a sarum_n sir_n eliab_n harvy_n knt._n sir_n thomas_n mompesson_n knt._n borough_n of_o wooton_n basset_z bernard_n pleydell_n esq_n *_o henry_n st._n john_n esq_n borough_n of_o marlborough_n tho._n lord_n bruce_n thomas_n bennit_n esq_n sir_n francis_n rolle_n knt._n sir_n thomas_n mompessen_n knt._n worcestershire_n 9_o bridges_n nansan_n esq_n †_o thomas_n foley_n esq_n city_n of_o worcester_z sir_n francis_n winington_n knt._n henry_n herbert_z esq_n †_o borough_n of_o droitwich_n henry_n coventry_n esq_n samuel_n sandys_n esq_n borough_n of_o evesham_n sir_n james_n rushout_n bar._n edward_n rudge_n esq_n †_o borough_n of_o bewdley_n philip_n foloy_n esq_n yorkshire_n 30._o henry_n lord_n fairfax_n charles_n lord_z clifford_z city_n of_o york_z sir_n john_n hewley_n knt._n sir_n henry_n thompson_n knt._n town_n of_o kingston_n upon_o hull_n sir_n michael_n warton_n knt._n william_n gee_o esq_n borough_n of_o knaresborough_n sir_n thomas_n slingsby_n bar._n william_n stockdale_n esq_n borough_n of_o scaresborough_n william_n thompson_n esq_n francis_n thompson_n esq_n borough_n of_o rippon_n christopher_n wandesford_n esq_n richard_z stern_a esq_n borough_n of_o richmond_n john_n darcy_n esq_n *_o humphrey_n warton_n esq_n borough_n of_o heydon_n william_n boynton_n esq_n henry_n guy_n esq_n borough_n of_o boroughbrig_n sir_n thomas_n malevere_a bar._n sir_n john_n brcok_n knt._n borough_n of_o malton_n william_n palm_n esq_n sir_n watkinson_n payler_n bar._n borough_n of_o thirske_n sir_n william_n frankland_n bar._n sir_n william_n askew_n knt._n *_o borough_n of_o aldborough_n sir_n godfrey_n copley_n bar_n sir_n john_n rearesby_n knt._n *_o borough_n of_o beverly_n sir_n john_n hotham_n bar._n michael_z wharton_z esq_n borough_n of_o north-allerton_n sir_n gilbert_n gerard_n bar._n sir_n henry_n calverly_n knt._n bor._n of_o pontfract_n sir_n patience_n ward_n knt._n lord_n mayor_n of_o london_n sir_n john_n dawney_n knt._n baron_n of_o the_o cinque_fw-fr port_n 16_o port_n of_o hastings_z sir_n robert_n parker_n bar._n town_n of_o wincelsey_n creswel_o draper_n esq_n thomas_n austin_n esq_n town_n of_o rye_n sir_n john_n dorrel_n knt._n thomas_n frewen_n esq_n port_n of_o new_a rumney_n sir_n charles_n sedley_n bar._n paul_n barrett_n esq_n port_n of_o hieth_n sir_n edward_n dering_n bar._n edward_n hales_n esq_n port_n of_o dover_n william_n stokes_n esq_n thomas_n papilon_n esq_n port_n of_o sandwich_n john_n thurburn_n esq_n sir_n james_n oxendon_n kt._n &_o bar_v port_n of_o seaford_n selwin_n esq_fw-la *_o montague_n esq_n *_o wales_n anglesey_n 2._o richard_n bulkley_n esq_n town_n of_o bewmaris_n henry_n bulkley_n esq_n brecon_n 3._o richard_z williams_z esq_n town_n of_o brecon_n thomas_n mansel_n esq_n john_n jeffreys_n esq_n cardigan_n 2._o edward_n vaughan_n town_n of_o cardigan_n hector_n phillips_n carmarthan_a 2._o john_n l._n vaughan_n k._n of_o the_o bath_n town_n of_o carmathen_a altham_n vaughan_n esq_n carnarvan_n 2._o town_n of_o carnarven_n thomas_n mostin_n esq_n denby_n 2._o sir_n john_n trevor_n knt._n town_n of_o denbigh_n sir_n john_n salisbury_n bar._n flint_n 2._o sir_n john_n hanmor_n knt._n town_n of_o flint_n roger_n whitley_n esq_n junior_fw-la *_o ga●mrgau_n 2._o sir_n edward_n mansel_n knt_n *_o town_n of_o cardrif_n bussy_n mansel_n esq_n merion_v sir_n robert_n owen_n knt._n &_o bar._n †_o pembroke_n 3._o william_n wogans_n esq_n *_o town_n of_o pembroke_n arthur_n owen_n esq_n town_n of_o haverford_n west_n thomas_n howard_n esq_n *_o mongomery_n 3._o sir_n robert_n owen_n knt_n town_n of_o mongomery_n edward_n lloyd_n esq_n radnor_n 3._o sir_n rowland_n gwyne_n bar._n town_n of_o radnor_n thomas_n hearty_a esq_n *_o in_o all_o 513._o london_n print_v for_o richard_n baldwin_n in_o ball-court_n in_o the_o old-bailey_n 1680._o