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A63537 A true list of the knights, citizens and burgesses of the Parliament that met at Westminster the 20th of March, 1689/90. As they have been return'd into the Crown-Office in Chancery Published by authority. Note, that those that have this mark *, were not members of the late Parliament.; Lists. 1690-03-20. England and Wales. Parliament. House of Commons. 1690 (1690) Wing T2727; ESTC R205832 5,890 1

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true_a list_n of_o the_o knight_n citizen_n and_o burgess_n of_o the_o parliament_n that_o meet_v at_o westminister_n the_o 20_o of_o march_n 1689_o 90._o as_o they_o have_v be_v return_v into_o the_o crown-office_n in_o chancery_n publish_a by_o authority_n note_v that_o those_o that_o have_v this_o mark_v *_o be_v not_o member_n of_o the_o late_a parliament_n bedfordshire_n 4._o the_o honourable_a edward_n russel_n esq_n *_o thomas_n brown_a esq_n town_n of_o bedford_n *_o sir_n will._n franklin_n knt._n thomas_n hillersdon_n esq_n thomas_n hillersdon_n esq_n thomas_n christie_n esq_n berks_n 9_o sir_n henry_n winchcomb_n bar._n *_o sir_n humfrey_n forster_n bar._n borough_n of_o new-windsor_n *_o sir_n christopher_n wren_n knt._n *_o baptist_n may_n esq_n borough_n of_o reading_n sir_n william_n rich_a bar._n sir_n hen._n fane_n knt._n of_o the_o bath_n borough_n of_o wallingford_n william_n jennen_n esq_n *_o john_n wallis_n esq_n borough_n of_o abington_n *_o simon_n harcourt_z esq_n buck_n 14._o the_o right_a honourable_a thomas_n wharton_n esq_n the_o right_n honourable_a richard_n hampden_n esq_n town_n of_o buckingham_n sir_n richard_n temple_n knight_n and_o baronet_n *_o alexander_n denton_n esq_n borough_n of_o chipping-wicomb_a william_n jephson_n esq_n thomas_n lewes_n jun._n esq_n borough_n of_o aylisbury_n sir_n thomas_n lee_n bar._n thomas_n lee_n esq_n borough_n of_o agmondesham_n sir_n william_n drake_n knt._n edmond_n waller_n of_o beconsfield_n esq_n borough_n of_o wendover_n richard_n beak_n esq_n *_o john_n backwell_n esq_n borough_n of_o great_a marlowe_n *_o james_n chase_n esq_n *_o sir_n will._n whitelocke_n knt._n cambridge_n 6._o sir_n levinus_n bennet_n bar._n sir_n robert_n cotton_n knt._n university_n of_o cambridge_n sir_n robert_n sawyer_n knt._n *_o the_o honourable_a edward_n finch_n esq_n town_n of_o cambridge_n sir_n john_n cotton_n bar._n *_o granado_n pigott_n esq_n chester_n 4._o sir_n john_n mainwaring_n bar._n sir_n robert_n cotton_n knt._n city_n of_o chester_n *_o sir_n thomas_n grosvenor_n bar._n *_o richard_n leve_v esq_n cornwall_n 44._o the_o honourable_a francis_n robert_n esq_n the_o right_n honourable_a hugh_n boscowen_a esq_n borough_n of_o dunhivid_n alius_fw-la launceston_n the_o right_a honourable_a william_n harbour_v esq_n the_o honourable_a bernard_n granville_n esq_n borough_n of_o leskard_n sir_n bourchier_n wray_n knight_n of_o the_o bath_n and_o bar._n *_o emanuel_n pyper_n esq_n borough_n of_o lest_o withiel_n *_o sir_n bevill_n grenville_n knt._n walter_n kendal_n esq_n borough_n of_o truro_n sir_n henry_n ashurst_n bar._n henry_n vincent_n esq_n borough_n of_o bodmin_n sir_n john_n cutler_n knt._n &_o bar._n nicholas_n glynn_n esq_n borough_n of_o helston_n sir_n john_n st._n aubin_n bar._n chatle_n godolphin_n esq_n borough_n of_o saltash_n sir_n john_n carew_n bar._n *_o richard_n carew_n esq_n borough_n of_o gamelford_n ambrose_n manaton_n esq_n henry_n manaton_n esq_n borough_n of_o port-higham_n alias_o westlow_n edward_n seymour_n esq_n jonathan_n trelawny_n esq_n borough_n of_o grampound_n ●ohn_fw-ge tanner_n esq_n ●alter_n vincent_n esq_n borough_n of_o eastlow_n ●harles_n trelawny_n esq_n henry_n trelawny_n esq_n borough_n of_o penryn_n samuel_a rolle_n esq_n alexander_n penda●●is_n esq_n borough_n of_o tregony_n sir_n john_n tremaine_n knight_n sergeant_n at_o law_n ●ugh_o fortescue_n esq_n borough_n of_o bossiny_n *_o samuel_n travers_n esq_n sir_n peter_n colleton_n bar._n borough_n of_o st._n ives_n james_n praed_n esq_n *_o william_n harris_n esq_n borough_n of_o foway_n jonathan_n rashleigh_n esq_n shadrach_n vincent_n esq_n borough_n of_o st._n germane_a daniel_n elliot_n esq_n *_o henry_n fleming_n esq_n borough_n of_o st._n michael_n *_o francis_n scobell_n esq_n anthony_n rowe_n esq_n borough_n of_o newport_n *_o the_o right_n honourable_a charles_n lord_n cheyne_n john_n speccot_n esq_n borough_n of_o st._n maw_n sir_n joseph_n tredenham_n knt._n henry_n seymour_n esq_n borough_n of_o kellington_n sir_n john_n coryton_n bar._n *_o francis_n fulford_n esq_n cumberland_n 6._o sir_n george_n fletcher_n bar._n sir_n john_n lowther_n of_o whitehaven_n bar._n city_n of_o carlisle_n jeremiah_n bubb_n esq_n *_o christopher_n musgrave_n esq_n borough_n of_o cockermouth_n *_o sir_n orlando_z gee_o knt._n *_o sir_n wilfrid_n lawson_n bar._n derby_z 4._o sir_n gilbert_n clarke_n knt._n *_o henry_n gilbert_n esq_n town_n of_o derby_n the_o honourable_a anchitell_a grey_a esq_n *_o robert_n wilmot_n esq_n devonshire_n 26._o francis_n courtenay_n esq_n samuel_n rolle_n esq_n city_n of_o exeter_n sir_n edward_n seymour_n bar._n christopher_n bale_n esq_n borough_n of_o totnes_n sir_n john_n fowell_n bar._n henry_n seymour_n esq_n borough_n of_o plymouth_n the_o right_a honourable_a sir_n john_n maynard_n knt._n the_o honourable_a john_n greenville_n esq_n borough_n of_o oakhampton_n william_n cary_n esq_n henry_n nortleigh_n esq_n borough_n of_o barnstable_n *_o sir_n george_n hutchins_n knt._n *_o arthur_n champneys_n esq_n borough_n of_o plympton_n *_o richard_n strode_n esq_n *_o george_n parker_n esq_n borough_n of_o honiton_n *_o sir_n will._n drake_n kt._n and_o bar._n sir_n walter_n yonge_n bar._n borough_n of_o tavistock_n the_o honourable_a robert_n russel_n esq_n sir_n francis_n drake_n bar._n borough_n of_o ashburton_n *_o sir_n richard_n reynell_n knt._n and_o bar._n *_o william_n stawell_n esq_n borough_n of_o clifton_n dartmouth_n and_o hardness_n joseph_n herne_n esq_n william_n hayne_n esq_n borough_n of_o berallton_n sir_n francis_n drake_n bar._n *_o john_n swinsen_n esq_n borough_n of_o tiverton_n samuel_n foot_n esq_n *_o thomas_n bear_n esq_n dorsetshire_n 20._o thomas_n strangeways_n esq_n thomas_n freke_n esq_n town_n of_o pool_n sir_n nathaniel_n nappier_n knt._n and_o bar._n sir_n john_n trenchard_n knt._n borough_n of_o dorchester_n sir_n rob_n nappier_n knt._n &_o bar._n *_o james_n gould_n esq_n borough_n of_o lime-regis_a *_o henry_n henly_n esq_n john_n burridge_n esq_n borough_n of_o weymouth_n sir_n john_n morton_n bar._n michael_n harvey_n esq_n borough_n of_o melcom_a regis_n henry_n henning_n esq_n *_o nicholas_n gould_n esq_n borough_n of_o bridport_n *_o john_n michael_n esq_n *_o stephan_n evance_n esq_n borough_n of_o shafton_n alias_o shaftsbury_n sir_n matthew_n andrews_n knt._n edward_n nicholas_n esq_n borough_n of_o wareham_n thomas_n erle_n esq_n william_n okeden_n esq_n borough_n of_o corf-castle_n richard_z fownes_o esq_n *_o william_n culliford_n esq_n durham_n 4._o *_o sir_n robert_n eden_n bar._n william_n lambton_n esq_n city_n of_o durham_n *_o william_n tempest_n esq_n george_n morland_n esq_n essex_n 8._o henry_n mildmay_n esq_n *_o sir_n francis_n masham_n bar._n borough_n of_o colchester_n samuel_n reynolds_n esq_n *_o edward_n cary_n esq_n borough_n of_o maldon_n sir_n thomas_n darcy_n bar._n charles_n montague_n esq_n borough_n of_o harwich_n *_o the_o right_n honourable_a charles_n lord_n cheyne_n sir_n thomas_n middleton_n knt._n gloucestershire_n 8._o sir_n john_n guise_n bar._n sir_n ralph_n dutton_n bar._n city_n of_o gloucester_n william_n cook_n esq_n *_o william_n try_v esq_n borough_n of_o cirencester_n the_o right_a honourable_a henry_n poll_n esq_n *_o richard_n how_o esq_n borough_n of_o tewksbury_n richard_n dowdeswell_n esq_n the_o right_n honourable_a sir_n henry_n capell_n knt._n herefordshire_n 8._o sir_n john_n morgan_z bar._n *_o sir_n herbert_n croft_n bar._n city_n of_o hereford_n paul_n foley_n esq_n henry_n cornwall_n esq_n borough_n of_o lempster_n thomas_n conyngesby_n esq_n john_n dutton_n colt_n esq_n borough_n of_o weoble_o john_n birch_n esq_n *_o robert_n price_n esq_n hertfordshire_n 6._o sir_n thomas_n pope_n blount_n bar._n sir_n charles_n cesar_n knt._n sir_n thomas_n pope_n blount_n bar._n ralph_n freeman_n esq_n borough_n of_o st._n alban_n sir_n samuel_n grimston_n bar._n george_n churchill_n esq_n borough_n of_o hertford_n sir_n william_n cowper_n bar._n *_o sir_n william_n leman_n bar._n huntingtonshire_n 4._o the_o honourable_a robert_n montague_n esq_n *_o john_n driden_n esq_n borough_n of_o huntingdon_n the_o honourable_a sidney_n wort_o alias_o montague_n esq_n *_o the_o honourable_a rich._n montague_n esq_n kent_n 10._o the_o honourable_a sir_n vere_n fane_n knight_n of_o the_o bath_n sir_n john_n knatchbull_n bar._n city_n of_o canterbury_n sir_n william_n honywood_n bar._n henry_n lee_n esq_n city_n of_o rochester_n *_o sir_n joseph_n williamson_n knt._n *_o francis_n clarke_n esq_n borough_n of_o maidston_n sir_n thomas_n taylor_n bar._n *_o thomas_n ryder_n esq_n borough_n of_o quinborough_n sir_n john_n bank_n bar._n robert_n crawford_n esq_n lancashire_n 4._o the_o right_a honourable_a charles_n lord_n brandom_n gerrard_n *_o the_o honourable_a james_n stanley_n borough_n of_o lancaster_n *_o roger_n kirby_n esq_n thomas_n preston_n esq_n borough_n of_o preston_n in_o amounderness_n the_o right_a honourable_a robert_n ld._n willoughby_n of_o eresby_n christopher_n greenfeild_n esq_n borough_n of_o newton_n *_o the_o honourable_a george_n cholmondely_n esq_n sir_n john_n chichley_n knt._n borough_n of_o wiggan_n *_o sir_n richard_n standish_n knt._n *_o peter_n shakerly_n esq_n borough_n of_o clitheree_n anthony_n parker_n esq_n *_o roger_n kenyon_n esq_n borough_n of_o leverpool_n the_o right_a honourable_a richard_n lord_n colchester_n thomas_n norris_n of_o speak_n esq_n lescesser_n 4._o the_o right_a honourable_a bennet_n lord_n sherrard_n *_o sir_n tho
hesilridge_n bar._n borough_n of_o leicesten_n *_o sir_n edward_n abney_n knt._n laurence_n carter_n esq_n lincoln_n 12._o the_o right_a honourable_a george_n viscount_n castleton_n sir_n thomas_n hussey_n bar._n city_n of_o lincoln_n *_o sir_n john_n bolles_n bar._n sir_n edward_n hussey_n bar._n borough_n of_o boston_n the_o right_a honourable_a robert_n ld._n willoughby_n of_o eresby_n sir_n william_n york_n knt._n borough_n of_o great_a grimsby_n sir_n edward_n ayscogh_n knt._n *_o john_n chaplin_n esq_n town_n of_o stamford_n the_o honourable_a charles_n bertie_n esq_n william_n hyde_n esq_n borough_n of_o grantham_n sir_n john_n brownlowe_n bar._n sir_n william_n ellis_n bar._n middlesex_n 8._o sir_n charles_n gerrard_n bar._n ralph_n hawtrey_n esq_n city_n of_o westminster_n sir_n william_n poultney_n knt._n *_o sir_n walter_n clarges_n bar._n london_n *_o sir_n william_n pritchard_n knt._n *_o sir_n samuel_n dashwood_n knt._n *_o sir_n william_n turnor_n knt._n *_o sir_n thomas_n vernon_n knt._n monmouth_n 3_o the_o right_a honourable_a charles_n lord_n marquess_z worcester_z thomas_z morgan_z esq_n borough_n of_o monmouth_n *_o sir_n charles_n kemeys_n knt._n norfolk_z 12._o *_o sir_n jacob_n astley_n knight_n and_o baronet_n sir_n william_n cook_n bar._n city_n of_o norwich_n thomas_n blofeild_n esq_n *_o hugh_n bokonham_n esq_n town_n of_o lyn-regis_a sir_n john_n turner_n knt._n *_o daniel_n bedingfeild_n esq_n town_n of_o great_a yarmouth_n george_n england_n esq_n samuel_n fuller_n esq_n borough_n of_o thetford_n the_o right_a honourable_a william_n harbour_v esq_n sir_n francis_n guybon_n knt._n *_o sir_n joseph_n williamson_n knt._n *_o adam_n felton_n esq_n borough_n of_o castlerisle_a the_o right_a honourable_a sir_n robert_n howard_n knt._n robert_n walpole_n esq_n northampton_n 9_o sir_n st._n andrew_n st._n john_n bar._n john_n parkhurst_n esq_n city_n of_o peterborough_n *_o william_n brownlowe_a esq_n gilbert_n dolben_n esq_n town_n of_o northampton_n sir_n thomas_n samuel_n bar._n sir_n william_n langham_n knt._n town_n of_o brackley_n *_o the_o honourable_a sir_n william_n egerton_n knt._n of_o the_o bath_n *_o john_n blencowe_n sergeant_n at_o law_n borough_n of_o higham_n ferrer_n thomas_n andrews_n esq_n northumberland_z 8_o william_n forster_n esq_n philip_n 〈◊〉_d esq_n town_n of_o newcasstle_n upon_o tine_n sir_n ralph_n carr_n knt._n *_o william_n carr_n esq_n burough_n of_o morpeth_n the_o right_a honourable_a charles_n lord_n morpeth_n roger_n fenwick_n esq_n town_n of_o berwick_n upon_o tweed_n sir_n francis_n blake_n knt._n *_o samuel_n ogle_n esq_n nottingham_n 8._o sir_n scroop_n how_o knt._n william_n sacheverel_n esq_n town_n of_o nottingham_n *_o charles_n hutchinson_n esq_n *_o richard_n slater_n esq_n borough_n of_o eastretford_n the_o honourable_a evelin_n peirpont_n esq_n john_n thornehagh_n esq_n town_n of_o newark_n upon_o trent_n the_o right_a honourable_a william_n lord_n eland_n the_o honourable_a nicholas_n sanderson_n esq_n oxon_n 9_o the_o right_a honourable_a montague_n lord_n norreys_n sir_n robert_n jenkinson_n bar._n university_n of_o oxon._n the_o honourable_a heneage_n finch_n esq_n sir_n thomas_n clarges_n knt._n city_n of_o oxon._n the_o honourable_a henry_n bertie_n esq_n sir_n edward_n norreys_n knt._n borough_n of_o new_a woodstock_n sir_n thomas_n littleton_n bar._n *_o thomas_n wheat_n esq_n borough_n of_o banbury_n sir_n robert_n dashwood_n knt._n and_o bar._n rutland_z 2._o sir_n thomas_n mackworth_n bar._n bennet_n sherrard_n esq_n salop_n 12._o the_o honourable_a richard_n newport_n esq_n edward_n kynaston_n of_o oately_a esq_n town_n of_o salop._n the_o honourable_a andrew_n newport_n esq_n *_o richard_n mitton_n esq_n borough_n of_o bruges_n alias_o bridgenorth_n sir_n william_n whitmore_n bar._n sir_n edward_n acton_n bar._n borough_n of_o ludlow_n *_o thomas_n hanmer_n esq_n *_o william_n gower_z esq_n borough_n of_o wenlock_n sir_n wilham_n forester_n knt._n george_n weld_n esq_n town_n of_o bishops-castle_n *_o william_n oakeley_n esq_n *_o richacd_a mason_n esq_n somerset_n 18_o *_o sir_n edward_n phillips_n knt._n nathaniel_z palmer_n esq_n city_n of_o bristol_n sir_n richard_n hart_n knt._n sir_n john_n knight_n knt._n city_n of_o bath_n the_o right_a honourable_a maurice_n viscount_n fitzharding_n sir_n william_n 〈◊〉_d knt._n city_n of_o wells_n edward_n berkeley_n esq_n *_o hopton_n wyndham_n esq_n borough_n of_o taunton_n sir_n william_n portman_n bar._n *_o edward_n clarke_n esq_n borough_n of_o bridgwater_n sir_n francis_n warr_n bar._n henry_n bull_n esq_n borough_n of_o minhead_n francis_n lutterel_n esq_n nathaniel_n palmer_n esq_n borough_n of_o ilchester_n sir_n edward_n windham_n bar._n john_n hunt_v esq_n borough_n of_o milbornport_n *_o sir_n thomas_n travel_v knt._n sir_n charles_n carteret_n knt._n southampton_n 26._o the_o right_a honourable_a charles_n lord_n marquis_n of_o winchester_n richard_n norton_n esq_n city_n of_o winchester_n the_o right_a honourable_a william_n lord_n pawlett_n *_o frederick_n tilney_n esq_n town_n of_o southampton_n sir_n charles_n windham_n knt._n sir_n benjamin_n newland_n knt._n town_n of_o portsmouth_n the_o honourable_a edward_n russel_n esq_n *_o nicholas_n hedger_n alderman_n borough_n of_o yarmouth_n sir_n john_n trevor_n knt_n *_o charles_n dunc●●●●_n esq_n borough_n of_o petersfield_n robert_n michael_n esq_n richard_n holt_n esq_n borough_n of_o newport_n alias_o medona_n sir_n robert_n holmes_n knt._n sir_n william_n stephens_n knt._n borough_n of_o stockbridge_n *_o william_n montague_n esq_n richard_n whithe_v esq_n borough_n of_o newtown_n the_o right_a honourable_a richard_n earl_n of_o ranelagh_n thomas_n do_v esq_n borough_n of_o christ-church_n francis_n gwyn_n esq_n william_n ettrick_n esq_n borough_n of_o whitchurch_n henry_n wallop_v esq_n the_o honourable_a james_n ●●●●el_a esq_n borough_n of_o lim●●●●on_n john_n burrard_n e●●_n *_o thomas_n d●●●_n ●sq_n borough_n of_o andover_n the_o honourable_a francis_n pawlet_n of_o amport_n esq_n john_n pollen_n esq_n staffordshire_n 10._o the_o honourable_a john_n grey_a esq_n *_o walter_n chetwind_v esq_n city_n of_o lichfield_n robert_n burdett_n esq_n *_o richard_n dyot_n esq_n borough_n of_o stafford_n john_n chetwind_v esq_n *_o jonathan_n cope_n esq_n borough_n of_o newcastle_n under_o line_n sir_n william_n leveson_n gower_n bar._n *_o sir_n thomas_n bellot_n bar._n borough_n of_o tamworth_n *_o sir_n henry_n gough_n knt._n *_o michael_n biddulph_n esq_n suffolk_n 16._o *_o sir_n samuel_n barnadiston_n bar._n sir_n gervas_n elwes_n bar._n borough_n of_o ipswich_n sir_n john_n barker_n bar._n sir_n charles_n blois_n bar._n borough_n of_o dunwich_n sir_n robert_n rich_a knt._n &_o bar._n sir_n philip_n skippon_n knt._n borough_n of_o orford_n thomas_n glemham_n esq_n *_o thomas_n felton_n esq_n borough_n of_o alborough_n sir_n henry_n johnson_n knt._n william_n johnson_n esq_n borough_n of_o sudbury_n philip_n guidon_n esq_n *_o john_n robinson_n esq_n borough_n of_o eye_n henry_n poley_n esq_n *_o thomas_n davenant_n esq_n borough_n of_o s._n edmondsbury_n sir_n robert_n davers_n bar._n *_o henry_n goldwell_n esq_n surrey_n 14._o sir_n richard_n onslow_n bar._n *_o sir_n francis_n vincent_n bar._n borough_n of_o southwark_n *_o anthony_n bowyer_n esq_n john_n arnold_n esq_n borough_n of_o blech_o thomas_n howard_n esq_n sir_n robert_n 〈◊〉_d knt._n borough_n of_o ryegate_n *_o sir_n john_n parson_n knt._n *_o john_n parson_n esq_n borough_n of_o guildford_n *_o morgan_z randyll_o esq_n foot_n onslow_n esq_n borough_n of_o gatton_n sir_n john_n thompson_n bar._n thomas_n turgis_n esq_n borough_n of_o haslemere_n *_o geo._n rodeney_n bridges_n esq_n denzill_n onslow_n esq_n sussex_n 20._o sir_n john_n pelham_n bar._n sir_n william_n thomas_n bar._n city_n of_o chichester_n sir_n thomas_n miller_n knt._n thomas_n may_v esq_n borough_n of_o horsham_n john_n machell_n esq_n *_o thomas_n white_a jun._n gent._n borough_n of_o midhurst_n sir_n william_n morley_n knight_n of_o the_o bath_n john_n lewkner_n esq_n borough_n of_o lewes_n thomas_n pelham_n esq_n richard_n bridger_n esq_n borough_n of_o shoreham_n sir_n edward_n hungerford_n knt._n of_o the_o bath_n *_o john_n pery_n esq_n borough_n of_o bramber_n *_o nicholas_n barbon_n esq_n *_o 〈…〉_o borough_n of_o steyning_n sir_n john_n fag_n bar._n *_o robert_n fag_n esq_n borough_n of_o east-grinsted_n the_o honourable_a tho._n sackvile_n esq_n sir_n thomas_n dyke_n bar._n borough_n of_o arundel_n william_n morley_n esq_n *_o james_n butler_n es●_n warwick_n hire_v 6._o *_o william_n b●●ley_n esq_n *_o andrew_n ●●●cher_a esq_n c●●●_n of_o coventry_n *_o rich●●●_n hopkins_n esq_n joh●●●atford_n esq_n borough_n of_o warwick_n ●●●_o right_n honourable_a william_n lord_n digby_n *_o william_n colemore_n esq_n westmoreland_n 4._o the_o right_a honourable_a sir_n john_n
lowther_n of_o lowther_n bar._n sir_n christopher_n musgrave_n of_o musgrave_n knt._n &_o bar._n borough_n of_o apulby_n the_o honourable_a william_n cheyne_n esq_n *_o charles_n boyle_n esq_n wiltshire_n 34._o the_o right_a honourable_a edward_n viscount_n cornbury_n *_o sir_n walter_n st._n john_n bar._n city_n of_o new_a sarum_n thomas_n hoby_n esq_n thomas_n pitt_n esq_n borough_n of_o wilton_n *_o sir_n richard_n grubham_n how_o knt._n &_o bar._n thomas_n wyndham_n esq_n borough_n of_o downton_n sir_n charles_n raleigh_n knt._n maurice_n bockland_n esq_n borough_n of_o hindon_n robert_n hyde_n esq_n *_o thomas_n chaffyn_n esq_n borough_n of_o westbury_n the_o honourable_a peregrine_n bertie_n esq_n richard_n lewis_n esq_n borough_n of_o heytesbury_n william_n ash_n esq_n *_o william_n trenchard_n esq_n borough_n of_o calne_n henry_n baynton_n esq_n henry_n chivers_n esq_n borough_n of_o the_o devizes_n *_o sir_n thomas_n fowl_n knt._n walter_n grubb_n esq_n borough_n of_o chipenham_n *_o richard_n kent_n esq_n *_o alexander_n popham_n esq_n borough_n of_o malmesbury_n *_o the_o honourable_a goodwin_n wharton_n esq_n *_o sir_n james_n long_n bar._n borough_n of_o criclade_n *_o edmund_n webb_n esq_n charles_n fox_n esq_n borough_n of_o great_a bedwin_n the_o right_a honourable_a anthony_n viscount_n falkland_n *_o sir_n jonathan_n raymond_n knt._n borough_n of_o ludgersale_fw-la thomas_n neale_n esq_n john_n deane_n esq_n borough_n of_o old_a sarum_n sir_n thomas_n mompesson_n knt._n william_n harvey_n esq_n borough_n of_o wotten_n basset_n henry_n st._n john_n esq_n john_n wildman_n jun._n esq_n borough_n of_o marleborough_n sir_n john_n ernle_n knt._n sir_n george_n willoughby_n knt._n worcestershire_n 9_o *_o sir_n john_n packington_n knt._n thomas_n foley_n esq_n city_n of_o worcester_n sir_n john_n somers_n knt._n william_n bromley_n esq_n borough_n of_o droitwich_n the_o right_a honourable_a richard_n earl_n of_o bellemont_n philip_n foley_n esq_n borough_n of_o evesham_n *_o sir_n james_n rushout_n bar._n *_o edward_n rudge_n esq_n borough_n of_o bewdley_n henry_n herbert_z esq_n yorkshire_n 30._o the_o right_a honourable_a thomas_n lord_n fairfax_n sir_n john_n kay_n bar._n city_n of_o york_n *_o robert_n walter_n esq_n henry_n thompson_n esq_n 〈…〉_o edw._n thompson_n esq_n to●n_o of_o king●●●●_n 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d jo●n_n ra●chunk●_n charles_n osborne_n esq_n borough_n of_o knaresborough_n william_n stockdale_n esq_n thomas_n fawkes_n esq_n william_n stockdale_n esq_n *_o sir_n henry_n slingesby_n bar._n borough_n of_o scaresborough_n william_n thompson_n esq_n francis_n thompson_n esq_n borough_n of_o rippon_n *_o sir_n edmund_n jenings_n knt._n sir_n jonathan_n jenings_n knt._n borough_n of_o richmond_n *_o sir_n mark_n milbanck_n bar._n *_o theodore_n bathurst_n esq_n borough_n of_o heydon_n henry_n guy_n esq_n matthew_n appleyard_n esq_n borough_n of_o boroughbrigg_n sir_n henry_n goodrick_n knight_n &_o baronet_n chistopher_n vane_n esq_n borough_n of_o malton_n sir_n william_n strickland_n bar._n william_n palm_n esq_n borough_n of_o thriske_n thomas_n frankland_n esq_n richard_n staines_n esq_n borough_n of_o aldborough_n sir_n mich._n wentworth_n knt._n christopher_n tanckred_a esq_n *_o the_o honourable_a henry_n boyle_n esq_n *_o john_n vandenbembdie_a esq_n borough_n of_o beverley_n sir_n michael_n warton_n knt._n william_n gee_o esq_n borough_n of_o north-allerton_n sir_n william_n robinson_n bar._n thomas_n lascell_v esq_n borough_n of_o pontefract_n *_o the_o honourable_a henry_n dawney_a esq_n *_o sir_n john_n bland_n bar._n baron_n of_o the_o cinque-port_n 16._o port_n of_o hastings_n the_o honourable_a john_n beaumond_n esq_n *_o peter_n gott_fw-ge esq_n town_n of_o winchelsea_n robert_n austen_n esq_n samuel_n western_a esq_n town_n of_o rye_n sir_n john_n austen_n bar._n sir_n john_n darrel_n knt._n port_n of_o new_a rumney_n *_o sir_n charles_n sidley_n john_n brewer_n esq_n port_n of_o hyeth_n sir_n philip_n butler_n bar._n *_o william_n brockman_n esq_n port_n of_o dover_n thomas_n papillon_n esq_n james_n chadwick_n esq_n port_n of_o sandwich_n john_n thurbarne_v sergeant_n at_o law_n *_o edward_n brent_n esq_n port_n of_o seaford_n william_n campion_n esq_n *_o henry_n pelham_n esq_n wales_n 24._o anglesey_n 2._o *_o the_o right_n honourable_a richard_n viscount_n bulkeley_n town_n of_o bewmoris_n *_o thomas_n bulkeley_n esq_n brecon_n 2._o sir_n rowland_n gwyn_n knt._n town_n of_o brecon_n *_o jeoffrey_n jefferys_n esq_n cardigan_n 2._o town_n of_o cardigan_n hector_n philip_n esq_n carmarthen_n 2._o sir_n rice_n rudd_n bar._n town_n of_o carmarthen_n richard_n vaughan_n esq_n carnarvan_n 2._o town_n of_o carnarvan_n denby_n 2._o sir_n richard_n middleton_n b●●_n town_n of_o denbigh_n edward_n brereton_n esq_n flint_n 2._o sir_n roger_n puleston_n knt._n town_n of_o flint_n *_o thomas_n whitle●_n esq_n glamorgan_n 2_o 〈…〉_o 〈…〉_o iff_n 〈◊〉_d ●ansell_v esq_n merion_v sir_n john_n wynne_n knt._n &_o bar._n montgomery_z 2._o edward_n vaughan_n esq_n town_n of_o montgomery_n charles_n herbert_n esq_n pembroke_n 3_o sir_n hugh_n owen_n knt._n town_n of_o haverford-west_n sir_n william_n wogan_n knt._n town_n of_o pembroke_n arthur_n owen_n esq_n radnor_n 2._o richard_z williams_z esq_n town_n of_o new_a radnor_n *_o sir_n standish_n hartstrong_n knt._n in_o the_o savoy_n print_v by_o edward_n jones_n and_o sell_v 〈◊〉_d richard_n baldwin_n in_o the_o old-bailey_n mdcxc_o