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A38930 An Exact list of the members of both Houses of Parliament summoned and elected to meet at Westminster the nineteenth of May, in the first year of the reign of the Most Serene Prince, King James the Second. 1685 (1685) Wing E3658; ESTC R36401 7,132 1

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a_o exact_a list_n of_o the_o member_n of_o both_o house_n of_o parliament_n summon_v and_o elect_v to_o meet_v at_o westminster_n the_o nineteenth_o of_o may_n in_o the_o first_o year_n of_o the_o reign_n of_o the_o most_o serene_a prince_n king_n james_n the_o second_o note_v that_o all_o such_o before_o who_o name_n this_o *_o be_v put_v be_v member_n of_o the_o oxford-parliament_n the_o lord_n dr_n william_n sandcroft_n archbishop_n of_o canterbury_n francis_n north_n baron_n of_o guildford_n lord_n keeper_n of_o the_o great_a seal_n dr._n john_n dolben_n archbishop_n of_o york_n laurence_n earl_n of_o rochester_n lord_n high_a treasurer_n george_n marquis_n hallifax_n lord_n precedent_n of_o the_o council_n henry_n earl_n of_o clarendon_n lord_n privy-seal_n henry_n duke_n of_o norfolk_n earl-marshal_n of_o england_n james_n duke_n of_o ormond_n lord_n steward_n of_o his_o majesty_n household_n duke_n henry_n duke_n of_o norfolk_n charles_n duke_n of_o somerset_n george_n duke_n of_o buckingham_n christopher_n duke_n of_o albemarl_n james_n duke_n of_o monmouth_n henry_n duke_n of_o newcastle_n charles_n duke_n of_o richmond_n under_o age._n charles_n duke_n of_o southampton_n henry_n duke_n of_o grafton_n under_o age._n james_n duke_n of_o ormond_n henry_n duke_n of_o beaufort_n george_n duke_n of_o northumberland_n under_o age._n charles_n duke_n of_o st._n alban_n under_o age._n marqvess_n charles_n marq._n of_o winchester_n george_n marquis_n of_o hallifax_n earl_n robert_n earl_n of_o lindsey_n lord_n high_a chamberlain_n of_o england_n henry_n earl_n of_o arlington_n lord_n chamberlain_n of_o his_o majesty_n household_n aubrey_n de_fw-fr vere_n earl_n of_o oxford_n charles_n earl_n of_o shrewsbury_n anthony_n earl_n of_o kent_n william_n earl_n of_o derby_n john_n earl_n of_o rutland_n theophilus_n e._n of_o huntingdon_n william_n earl_n of_o bedford_n thomas_n earl_n of_o pembroke_n edward_n earl_n of_o lincoln_n james_n earl_n of_o suffolk_n charles_n earl_n of_o dorset_n and_o middlesex_n james_n earl_n of_o salisbury_n under_o age._n john_n earl_n of_o exeter_z john_n earl_n of_o bridgewater_n philip_n earl_n of_o leicester_n george_n earl_n of_o northampton_n under_o age._n edward_n earl_n of_o warwick_n under_o age._n william_n earl_n of_o devonshire_n william_n earl_n of_o denbigh_n john_n earl_n of_o bristol_n gilbert_n earl_n of_o clare_n oliver_z earl_n of_o bullingbrook_n charles_n earl_n of_o westmorland_z charles_n earl_n of_o manchester_n under_o age._n thomas_n earl_n of_o berkshire_n john_n earl_n of_o mulgrave_n thomas_z earl_n rivers_z robert_n earl_n of_o lindsey_n henry_n earl_n of_o peterborough_n thomas_n earl_n of_o stamford_n heneage_n earl_n of_o winchelsea_n william_n earl_n of_o kingston_n under_o age._n charles_n earl_n of_o caernarvon_n philip_n earl_n of_o chesterfield_n thomas_n earl_n of_o thanet_n thomas_n earl_n of_o portland_n william_n earl_n of_o strafford_n robert_n earl_n of_o sunderland_n robert_n earl_n of_o scarsdale_n edward_n earl_n of_o sandwich_n henry_n earl_n of_o clarendon_n algernoon_n earl_n of_o essex_n under_o age._n robert_n earl_n of_o cardigan_n arthur_n earl_n of_o anglesy_n john_n earl_n of_o bath_n edward_n earl_n of_o carlisle_n william_n earl_n of_o craven_n robert_n earl_n of_o ailesbury_n richard_z earl_n of_o burlington_n henry_n earl_n of_o arlington_n anthony_n earl_n of_o shaftsbury_n william_n earl_n of_o powis_n edward_z henry_n earl_n of_o litchfield_n thomas_n earl_n of_o danby_n thomas_n earl_n of_o sussex_n lewis_n earl_n of_o feversham_n charles_n earl_n of_o macclesfield_n john_n earl_n of_o radnor_n william_n earl_n of_o yarmouth_n george_n earl_n of_o berkly_a daniel_n earl_n of_o nottingham_n laurence_n earl_n of_o rochester_n james_n earl_n of_o abington_n edward_n earl_n of_o gainsborough_n conier_n earl_n of_o holderness_n thomas_n earl_n of_o plymouth_n viscounts_n edward_n viscount_n hereford_n under_o age._n francis_n viscount_n montacute_n william_n viscount_n say_v and_o seal_n thomas_n visc_n falconbridge_n charles_n viscount_n mordaunt_n francis_n viscount_n newport_n horatio_n viscount_n townsend_n thomas_n viscount_n weymouth_n christopher_n viscount_n hatton_n prelate_n dr._n william_n sandcroft_n archbishop_n of_o canterbury_n dr._n john_n dolben_n archbishop_n of_o york_n dr._n henry_n compton_n bishop_n of_o london_n dr._n nathanael_n crew_n bishop_n of_o durham_n dr._n peter_n mew_o bishop_n of_o winchester_n dr._n herbert_n crofts_n bishop_n of_o hereford_n dr._n seth_n ward_n bishop_n of_o salisbury_n dr._n anthony_n sparrow_n bishop_n of_o norwich_n since_o dead_a dr._n thomas_n wood_n bishop_n of_o lichfield_n and_o coventry_n dr._n guy_n carleton_n bishop_n of_o chichester_n dr._n john_n pearson_n bishop_n of_o chester_n dr._n humphrey_n lloyd_n bishop_n of_o bangor_n dr._n william_n lloyd_n bishop_n of_o peterborough_n dr._n thomas_n barlow_n bishop_n of_o lincoln_n dr._n john_n fall_v bishop_n of_o oxford_n dr._n thomas_n lamplugh_n bishop_n of_o exeter_n dr._n william_n thomas_n bishop_n of_o worcester_n dr._n william_n beaw_o bishop_n of_o landaff_n dr._n william_n lloyd_n bishop_n of_o st_n asaph_n dr._n robert_n frampton_n bishop_n of_o gloucester_n dr._n francis_n turner_n bishop_n of_o ely_n dr._n laurence_n womock_n bishop_n of_o st._n david_n dr._n thomas_n smith_n bishop_n of_o carlisle_z dr._n john_n lake_n bishop_n of_o bristol_n dr._n thomas_n spratt_n bishop_n of_o rochester_n dr._n thomas_n kenn_n bishop_n of_o bath_n and_o wells_n baron_n george_n lord_n abergavenny_n under_o age._n mervyn_n lord_n aud_o charles_n lord_n la_fw-fr warr._n thomas_n lord_n morley_n robert_n lord_n ferrer_n of_o chartly_n charles_n lord_n fitz_n walter_n under_o age._n henry_n lord_n de_fw-fr grey_n under_o age._n william_n lord_n stourton_n conier_n do_v arcie_o lord_n conier_n vere-essex_n lord_n cromwell_n ralph_n lord_n eure._n philip_z lord_z wharton_z thomas_z lord_z willoughby_z of_o parham_n william_n lord_n pagett_n francis_n lord_n howard_n of_o effingham_n charles_n lord_n north_n and_o grey_n james_n lord_n chandois_n robert_n lord_n hunsdon_n thomas_n lord_n petre._n charles_n lord_n gerrard_n henry_n lord_n arundel_n of_o wardour_n christopher_n lord_n tenham_n fulk_n lord_n brook_n ralph_n lord_n montague_n john_n lord_n lovelace_n john_n lord_n paulett_n under_o age._n william_n lord_n mainard_n john_n lord_n coventry_n charles_n lord_n mohun_n under_o age._n william_n lord_n howard_n of_o escrick_n henry_n lord_z herbert_z of_o cherbury_n thomas_n lord_n leigh_n thomas_n lord_n jermyn_n william_n lord_n byron_n richard_n lord_n vaughan_n francis_n lord_n carrington_n william_n lord_n widdrington_n edward_n lord_n ward_n thomas_n lord_n colepepper_n jacob_n lord_n astley_n charles_n lord_n lucas_n john_n lord_n bellasise_n edward_n lord_n rockingham_n robert_n lord_n lexinton_n marmaduke_n lord_n langdale_n john_n lord_n berkly_a under_o age._n francis_n lord_n hollis_n charles_n lord_n cornwallis_n henry_n lord_n delamere_n thomas_n lord_n crew_n richard_n lord_n arundel_n of_o trerise_n james_n lord_n butler_n of_o more-park_n under_o age._n hugh_n lord_n clifford_n under_o age._n richard_n lord_n butler_n of_o weston_n richard_n lord_n lumley_n george_n lord_n carteret_n under_o age._n george_n lord_n dartmouth_n john_n lord_n ossulston_n giles_n lord_n allington_n under_o age._n ralph_n lord_n stawel_n francis_n lord_n guildford_n sidney_n lord_n godolphin_n george_n lord_n geffrey_n baron_n of_o wem_n henry_n lord_n jermyn_n observe_v the_o nobility_n be_v rank_v according_a to_o their_o place_n and_o office_n of_o honour_n and_o also_o according_a to_o their_o respective_a creation_n the_o commons_z bedfordshire_n 4._o sir_n villers_n charnock_n bar._n william_n boteler_n esq_n town_n of_o bedford_n sir_n anthony_n chester_n bar._n thomas_n christy_n esq_n berkshire_n 9_o sir_n humphrey_n forester_n bar._n *_o richard_n southby_n esq_n borough_n of_o new_a windsor_n richard_n graham_n esq_n william_n chiffinch_n esq_n borough_n of_o reading_n john_n breeden_n esq_n thomas_n coates_n esq_n borough_n of_o wallingford_n john_n stone_n esq_n john_n holloway_n esq_n borough_n of_o abington_n *_o sir_n john_n stonehouse_n bar._n buck_n 14._o john_n viscount_n brackly_n *_o thomas_n wharton_n esq_n town_n of_o buck_n edward_n viscount_n latimer_n thomas_n hackett_n esq_n borough_n of_o chipping-wicomb_a sir_n dennis_n hampson_n bar._n edward_n baldwyn_n esq_n borough_n of_o ailesbury_n sir_n william_n edgerton_n knight_n of_o the_o bath_n richard_n anderson_n esq_n borough_n of_o agmundsham_n william_n cheney_n esq_n sir_n william_n drake_n kt._n borough_n of_o wendover_n *_o richard_n hambden_n esq_n *_o edward_n backwel_n esq_n borough_n of_o great_a marlowe_n sir_n humphrey_n winch_n bar._n *_o sir_n john_n borlace_n bar._n cambridgeshire_n 6._o *_o sir_n levinius_fw-la bennet_n kt._n sir_n robert_n cotton_n kt._n university_n of_o cambridge_n *_o sir_n thomas_n exton_n kt._n *_o dr._n braddy_n town_n of_o cambridge_n *_o sir_n thomas_n chicheley_n kt._n charles_n wren_n esq_n cheshire_n 4._o sir_n philip_n egerton_n bar._n thomas_n cholmondleigh_n esq_n city_n of_o chester_n col._n robert_n werden_n esq_n sir_n thomas_n grosvenor_n bar._n cornwall_n 44._o charles_n viscount_n lansdowne_n *_o lord_n viscount_n bodmin_n borough_n of_o lanceston_n john_n greenvill_n esq_n *_o sir_n hugh_n
piper_n kt._n borough_n of_o lescard_v john_n conocke_v esq_n christopher_n wrey_n esq_n borough_n of_o lestwithiel_n *_o walter_n kendal_n esq_n kendal_n esq_n borough_n of_o truro_n john_n arundel_n esq_n henry_n vincent_n esq_n borough_n of_o bodmin_n *_o hender_n roberts_n esq_n *_o nicholas_n glynn_n esq_n borough_n of_o helston_n *_o charles_n godolphin_n esq_n sidney_n godolphin_n esq_n borough_n of_o saltash_n *_o sir_n cyril_n wyche_n bar._n edmund_n waller_n esq_n borough_n of_o gamelford_n nicholas_n courtny_n esq_n humphrey_n langford_n esq_n borough_n of_o westlow_n henry_n trelawny_n esq_n james_n kendal_n esq_n borough_n of_o crampound_n *_o sir_n joseph_n tredenham_n kt._n robert_n foley_n esq_n borough_n of_o eastlow_n charles_n trelawny_n esq_n sir_n william_n trumbal_n kt._n borough_n of_o penrin_n sir_n nicholas_n slane_v kt._n &_o bar._n henry_n fanshaw_n esq_n borough_n of_o tregony_n *_o charles_n trevanion_n esq_n joseph_n soul_n esq_n borough_n of_o bossney_n  _fw-fr borough_n of_o st._n ives_n james_n st._n amand_n esq_n dr._n charles_n davenant_n borough_n of_o foway_n richard_n duck_n esq_n borough_n of_o st._n germane_a sir_n thomas_n higgins_n kt._n *_o daniel_n elliot_n esq_n borough_n of_o st._n michael_n john_n vivian_n esq_n borough_n of_o newport_n john_n specott_n esq_n *_o william_n morrice_n esq_n borough_n of_o st._n maw_n *_o henry_n seymor_n esq_n john_n tredenham_n esq_n borough_n of_o killington_n *_o samuel_n roll_n esq_n *_o william_n corriton_n esq_n cumberland_n 6._o *_o richard_n viscount_n preston_n *_o sir_n john_n lowther_n of_o white-haven_n bar._n city_n of_o carlisle_n *_o sir_n christopher_n musgrave_n james_n graham_n esq_n borough_n of_o cockermouth_n sir_n daniel_n fleming_n kt._n *_o sir_n orlando_z gee_o kt._n derbyshire_n 4._o sir_n robert_n coke_n bar._n sir_n gilbert_n clark_n kt._n borough_n of_o derby_n john_n cook_n esq_n william_n allestree_n esq_n devonshire_n 25._o sir_n copplestou_n bampfield_n bar._n sir_n bourchier_n wray_n kt._n &_o bar._n city_n of_o exeter_n *_o edward_n seymour_n esq_n james_n walker_n esquire_n mayor_n borough_n of_o totnes_n sir_n edward_n seymour_n bar._n *_o john_n kelland_n senior_n esq_n borough_n of_o plymouth_n richard_z earl_n of_o rannelagh_n *_o bernard_n greenvill_n esq_n borough_n of_o okehamton_n sir_n simon_n leach_n kt._n of_o the_o b._n william_n carey_n esq_n borough_n of_o barnstable_n *_o col._n john_n basset_n sir_n arthur_n chichester_n bar._n borough_n of_o plympton_n sir_n christopher_n wren_n kt._n richard_n strode_n esq_n borough_n of_o honiton_n *_o sir_n thomas_n put_v bar._n edward_n walrond_n esq_n borough_n of_o tavistock_n sir_n james_n butler_n kt._n john_n tear_v esq_n borough_n of_o ashburton_n *_o william_n stowell_n esq_n edward_n yard_n esq_n borough_n of_o cliston_n dartmouth_n and_o hardness_n roger_n pomeroy_n esq_n arthur_n farewel_o esq_n borough_n of_o beeralston_n sir_n benjamin_n bathurst_n kt._n *_o mr._n sergeant_n maynard_n borough_n of_o tiverton_n sir_n hugh_n ackland_n bar._n coleman_n esq_n dorsetshire_n 20._o *_o col._n thomas_n strangwaies_o *_o thomas_n break_v esq_n town_n of_o pool_n *_o thomas_n chaffin_n esq_n william_n ettricke_n esq_n borough_n of_o dorchester_n edward_n miller_n esq_n william_n churchil_n esq_n borough_n of_o lyme-regis_a sir_n winston_n churchil_n kt._n john_n poole_n esq_n borough_n of_o weymouth_n *_o sir_n john_n moreton_n bar._n *_o henry_n heming_n esq_n melcomb-regis_a colonel_n mohun_n george_n strangwaies_o esq_n borough_n of_o bridport_n hugh_n hodges_n esq_n thomas_n chafe_v esq_n borough_n of_o shaston_n sir_n henry_n butler_n kt._n john_n bowles_n esq_n borough_n of_o wareham_n george_n reeves_n esq_n *_o thomas_n earl_n esq_n borough_n of_o corf-castle_n *_o sir_n nathanael_n napper_n bar._n richard_z ●ownes_o esq_n durham_n 4._o robert_n byerly_n esq_n william_n lambton_n esq_n city_n of_o durham_n charles_n montague_n esq_n *_o sir_n richard_n lloyd_n kt._n essex_n 8._o sir_n thomas_n hanshaw_n bar._n sir_n william_n maynard_n kt._n borough_n of_o colchester_n sir_n walter_n clargis_n bar._n nathanael_n laurence_n esq_n borough_n of_o ma●den_n sir_n john_n bramston_n knight_n of_o the_o bath_n *_o sir_n thomas_n darcey_n bar._n borough_n of_o harwich_n sir_n anthony_n dean_n kt._n samuel_n pepys_n esq_n gloucestershire_n 8._o *_o charles_n marquess_z of_o worcester_z *_o sir_n robert_n atkn_v jun._n kt._n city_n of_o gl●…cester_n john_n wagstaff_n esq_n john_n powell_n esq_n borough_n of_o cirencester_n james_n earl_n of_o newburgh_n thomas_n master_n esq_n borough_n of_o tewksbury_n *_o sir_n francis_n russel_n bar._n richard_z dowdswel_o esq_n herefordshire_n 8._o sir_n john_n morgan_z bar._n sir_n john_n hoskins_n kt._n &_o bar._n city_n of_o hereford_n thomas_n gear_n esq_n *_o herbert_n aubery_n esq_n borough_n of_o lemster_n *_o thomas_n conningsby_n esq_n robert_n cornwall_n esq_n borough_n of_o weble_o henry_n cornwall_n esq_n robert_n price_n esq_n hertfordshire_n 6._o capt._n thomas_n hallsey_n *_o ralph_n freeman_n esq_n borough_n of_o st._n alban_n george_n churchil_n esq_n thomas_n dockwra_n esq_n borough_n of_o hertford_n *_o sir_n thomas_n bide_v kt._n sir_n francis_n butler_n kt._n huntingtonshire_n 4._o *_o sir_n john_n cotton_n bar._n sir_n lionel_n walden_n kt._n borough_n of_o huntingdon_n *_o lionel_n walden_n esq_n oliver_n montague_n esq_n kent_n 10._o sir_n william_n twisden_n bar._n sir_n john_n knatchbul_n bar._n city_n of_o canterbury_n sir_n william_n honywood_n bar._n henry_n lee_n esq_n city_n of_o rochester_n *_o sir_n john_n banks_n bar._n *_o sir_n francis_n clerk_n kt._n borough_n of_o maidston_n *_o sir_n john_n tuston_n bar._n archibald_n clincard_a esq_n borough_n of_o quinborough_n sir_n john_n goodwin_n kt._n caleb_n banks_n esq_n lancashire_n 14._o sir_n roger_n bradshaw_n knight_n and_o baronet_n james_n holt_n esq_n borough_n of_o lancaster_n *_o roger_n kirby_n esq_n henry_n crispe_n esq_n borough_n of_o preston_n sir_n john_n chichley_n kt._n edward_n fleetwood_n esq_n borough_n of_o newton_n *_o sir_n john_n chichely_n kt._n peter_n leigh_n esq_n borough_n of_o wigan_n *_o charles_n earl_n of_o ancram_fw-la charles_n lord_n murry_n borough_n of_o clitheroe_n james_n stanley_n esq_n col._n edmund_n ashton_n esq_n borough_n of_o leverpool_n sir_n richard_n atherton_n kt._n thomas_n leigh_n esq_n leicestershire_n 4._o *_o bennet_n lord_n sherrard_n john_n verney_n esq_n town_n of_o leicester_n *_o sir_n henry_n beaumond_n bar._n thomas_n babington_n esq_n lincolnshire_n 12._o *_o george_n viscount_n castleton_n *_o sir_n thomas_n hussey_n bar._n city_n of_o lincoln_n *_o sir_n thomas_n meers_n kt._n sir_n henry_n monson_n bar._n borough_n of_o boston_n robert_z lord_z willoughby_z peregrine_n bertie_n esq_n borough_n of_o grimsby_n sir_n thomas_n bernardiston_n bar._n sir_n edward_n ascough_n kt._n borough_n of_o stamford_n peregrine_n bertie_n esq_n charles_n bertie_n esq_n borough_n of_o grantham_n thomas_n harrington_n esq_n john_n thorold_n esq_n middlesex_n 8._o sir_n charles_n gerrard_n bar._n ralph_n hawtrey_n esq_n city_n of_o westminster_n charles_n bonithon_n esq_n michael_n arnold_n esq_n city_n of_o london_n  _fw-fr monmouthshire_n 3._o thomas_z morgan_z esq_n sir_n charles_n kemy_n bar._n borough_n of_o monmouth_n sir_n james_n herbert_n bar._n norfolk_n 12._o sir_n thomas_n hare_n bar._n sir_n jacob_n aste_o bar._n city_n of_o norwich_n robert_n paston_n esq_n sir_n nevil_n catlyn_n kt._n town_n of_o lyn-regis_a *_o sir_n simon_n taylor_n kt._n sir_n john_n turner_n kt._n town_n of_o great_a yarmouth_n sir_n william_n cook_n bar._n col._n friend_n borough_n of_o thetford_n henry_n heveningham_n esq_n william_n de_fw-fr grace_n esq_n borough_n of_o castle-rising_a sir_n nicholas_n l'_fw-mi estrange_v bar._n thomas_n howard_n esq_n northamptonshire_n 9_o sir_n roger_n norwich_n bar._n george_n montague_n esq_n city_n of_o peterborough_n *_o charles_n fitz-williams_n esq_n charles_n orme_n esq_n town_n of_o northampton_n sir_n justinian_n isham_n bar._n richard_n raynsford_n esq_n town_n of_o brackley_n *_o sir_n richard_n waynman_n bar._n james_n griffin_n esq_n bor._n of_o higham-ferrers_n sir_n lewis_n palmer_n bar._n northumberland_n 8._o *_o sir_n john_n penwick_n bar._n william_n ogle_n esq_n newcastle_n upon_o tyne_n *_o sir_n nathanael_n johnson_n kt._n sir_n william_n blacket_n bar._n borough_n of_o morpeth_n col._n oglethorp_n sir_n henry_n pickering_n bar._n town_n of_o barwick_n upon_o tweed_n philip_n bickerstaff_n esq_n ralph_n widdrington_n esq_n nottinghamshire_n 8._o sir_n william_n clifton_n bar._n reason_n mellish_n esq_n town_n of_o nottingham_n sir_n william_n stanhope_n kt._n john_n beaumond_n esq_n borough_n of_o east-redford_n *_o sir_n edward_n nevil_n kt._n &_o bar._n sergeant_n millington_n town_n of_o newark_n upon_o trent_n henry_n savil_n esq_n philip_n de_fw-fr arcey_n esq_n oxfordshire_n 9_o anthony_n viscount_n faulkland_n thomas_n tip_v esq_n university_n of_o oxon._n *_o sir_n leolin_n jenkins_n kt._n *_o dr._n perrot_n city_n of_o oxon._n
*_o henry_n bertue_n esq_n sir_n george_n pudsey_n kt._n borough_n of_o new-woodstock_n richard_n bertie_n esq_n sir_n littleton_n osbaldston_n bar._n bourough_n of_o banbury_n sir_n dudley_n north_n kt._n rutlandshire_n 2._o baptist_n noell_n esq_n sir_n thomas_n mackworth_n bar._n salop._n 12._o edward_n kinnaston_n of_o otly_n esq_n john_n walcott_n esq_n town_n of_o shrewsbury_n *_o edw._n kinnaston_n of_o hardly_o esq_n sir_n francis_n edward_n bar._n borough_n of_o bridgnorth_n *_o sir_n william_n whitmore_n bar._n roger_n pope_n esq_n borough_n of_o ludlow_n sir_n edward_n herbert_n bar._n will._n charlton_n esq_n since_o dead_a borough_n of_o wenlock_n george_n weld_n esq_n thomas_n lawly_n esq_n town_n of_o bishops-castle_n edward_n waring_n esq_n *_o francis_n charlton_n esq_n somersetshire_n 18._o sir_n john_n smith_n bar._n george_n horner_n esq_n city_n of_o bristol_n sir_n john_n churchil_n kt._n sir_n richard_n crump_n kt._n city_n of_o bath_n *_o maurice_n visc_n fitz-harding_n *_o sir_n william_n basset_z kt._n city_n of_o wells_n col._n thomas_n windham_n col._n berk_o borough_n of_o taunton_n *_o sir_n will._n portman_n kt._n &_o bar._n john_n sandford_n esq_n borough_n of_o bridgewater_n *_o sir_n haswel_o tynt_a bar._n sir_n francis_n warr_n kt._n &_o bar._n borough_n of_o minehead_n *_o francis_n luttrell_n esq_n nathanael_n palmer_n esq_n borough_n of_o ilcester_n sir_n edward_n philip_n kt._n sir_n edward_n windham_n bar._n bor._n of_o milbourn-port_n *_o john_n hunt_v esq_n *_o henry_n bull_n esq_n southampton_n 26._o wriothes_o viscount_n cambden_n *_o charles_n earl_n of_o wiltshire_n city_n of_o winchester_n sir_n roger_n l'_fw-mi estrange_v kt._n charles_n hanses_n esq_n town_n of_o southampton_n *_o sir_n charles_n windham_n kt._n *_o sir_n benjamin_n newland_n kt._n town_n of_o portsmouth_n william_n legg_n esq_n capt._n slingsby_n borough_n of_o yarmouth_n thomas_n windham_n esq_n william_n hewer_n esq_n borough_n of_o petersfield_n *_o sir_n john_n norton_n bar._n thomas_n billson_n esq_n borough_n of_o newport_n sir_n robert_n holmes_n kt._n sir_n william_n stephens_n kt._n borough_n of_o stockbridge_n john_n head_n esq_n *_o essex_n stroud_n esq_n borough_n of_o new-town_n william_n blathwaite_n esq_n thomas_n do_v esq_n bor._n of_o christ-church_n *_o sir_n thomas_n clargis_n kt._n anthony_n ettrick_n esq_n borough_n of_o whit-church_n *_o henry_n wallop_n esq_n *_o edward_n lord_n russell_n borough_n of_o limington_n *_o john_n burrard_n esq_n richard_n holt_n esq_n town_n of_o andover_n robert_n phillips_n esq_n sir_n john_n collins_n kt._n staffordshire_n 10._o *_o sir_n walter_n bagott_n bar._n edward_n littleton_n esq_n city_n of_o litchfield_n thomas_n orme_n esq_n richard_n leveson_n esq_n borough_n of_o stafford_n walter_n chetwind_v esq_n rowland_n okeover_o esq_n borough_n of_o newcastle_n edward_n manwaring_n esq_n william_n snead_n jun._n esq_n borough_n of_o tamworth_n sir_n henry_n gough_n kt._n richard_z how_o esq_n suffolk_n 16._o sir_n robert_n brook_n bar._n sir_n henry_n north_n bar._n borough_n of_o ipswich_n *_o sir_n john_n barker_n kt._n &_o bar._n sir_n nicholas_n bacon_n kt._n of_o the_o b._n borough_n of_o dunwich_n roger_n north_n esq_n thomas_n knivett_n esq_n borough_n of_o orford_n lionel_n lord_n huntingtower_n *_o thomas_n glemham_n esq_n borough_n of_o alborough_n sir_n henry_n beddingfield_n kt._n *_o john_n bence_n esq_n borough_n of_o sudbury_n sir_n john_n cordel_n bar._n sir_n george_n winneve_n bar._n borough_n of_o eye_n *_o sir_n charles_n gaudy_n kt._n &_o ba._n sir_n john_n rouse_v bar._n bor._n of_o st._n edmondsbury_n *_o sir_n thomas_n harvey_n kt._n william_n crofts_n esq_n surry_n 14._o sir_n adam_n browne_n bar._n sir_n edward_n evelin_n bar._n borough_n of_o southwark_n sir_n peter_n daniel_n kt._n anthony_n bowyer_n esq_n borough_n of_o blech_o sir_n marmaduke_n gresham_n bar._n adam_n browne_n esq_n borough_n of_o rygate_n sir_n john_n werden_n bar._n parson_n esq_n borough_n of_o guildford_n heneage_n finch_n esq_n *_o richard_n onslow_n esq_n borough_n of_o gatton_n *_o thomas_n turgis_n esq_n sir_n john_n thompson_n kt._n borough_n of_o haslemere_n *_o sir_n george_n woodroof_n kt._n sir_n george_n vernon_n kt._n sussex_n 20._o sir_n henry_n goring_n bar._n sir_n thomas_n dike_n bar._n city_n of_o chichester_n sir_n richard_n may_v kt._n george_n gunter_n esq_n borough_n of_o horsham_n anthony_n eversfield_n esq_n *_o john_n machell_n esq_n borough_n of_o midhurst_n sir_n william_n morley_n knight_n of_o the_o bath_n john_n lewknor_n esq_n borough_n of_o lewes_n sir_n john_n stapley_n kt._n &_o bar._n *_o richard_n bridger_n esq_n thomas_n pelham_n esq_n bor._n of_o new-shoreham_n sir_n richard_n haddock_n kt._n *_o sir_n edward_n hungerford_n kt._n borough_n of_o bramber_n sir_n thomas_n bludworth_n kt._n william_n bridgeman_n esq_n borough_n of_o steyning_n *_o sir_n john_n fag_n bar._n *_o henry_n goring_n esq_n bor._n of_o eastgrinsted_n simon_n smith_n esq_n thomas_n jones_n esq_n borough_n of_o arundel_n william_n westbrook_n esq_n *_o william_n garway_n esq_n warwickshire_n 6._o sir_n charles_n holt_n bar._n sir_n richard_n verney_n kt._n city_n of_o coventry_n sir_n roger_n cave_n bar._n sir_n thomas_n norton_n bar._n borough_n of_o warwick_n simon_n lord_n digby_n *_o thomas_n coventry_n esq_n westmoreland_n 4._o *_o sir_n john_n lowther_n bar._n *_o allan_n bellingham_n esq_n borough_n of_o apleby_n *_o sackvill_v tufton_n esq_n philip_n musgrave_n esq_n wiltshire_n 34._o *_o thomas_n lord_n bruce_n edward_n lord_n cornbury_n city_n of_o salisbury_n sir_n stephen_n fox_n kt._n *_o col._n john_n windham_n borough_n of_o wilton_n sir_n john_n nicholas_n kt._n col._n oliver_n nicholas_n borough_n of_o downton_n sir_n charles_n rawley_n kt._n *_o maurice_n buckland_n esq_n borough_n of_o hindon_n robert_n hide_v esq_n col._n thomas_n lambert_n borough_n of_o westbury_n richard_n lewis_n esq_n james_n fitz-herbert_n esq_n borough_n of_o devizes_n sir_n john_n talbot_n kt._n walter_z grub_v esq_n borough_n of_o calne_n sir_n john_n erne_o kt._n thomas_n webb_n esq_n borough_n of_o heitsbury_n *_o william_n ash_n esq_n *_o edward_n ash_n esq_n borough_n of_o chipenham_n henry_n bainton_n esq_n sherington_n talbot_n esq_n borough_n of_o malmsbury_n sir_n thom._n estcourt_n kt._n &_o bar._n james_n fitz-herbert_n esq_n borough_n of_o cricklade_n thomas_n freak_n esq_n charles_n fox_n esq_n borough_n of_o bedwin_n lood_a esq_n *_o lemuel_n kingdon_n esq_n borough_n of_o lugdersale_fw-la *_o thomas_n neal_n esq_n henry_n clark_n esq_n borough_n of_o old_a sarum_n *_o sir_n eliab_n harvey_n kt._n *_o sir_n thomas_n mompesson_n kt._n bor._n of_o wooton-basset_a *_o henry_n st._n john_n esq_n john_n pleydell_n esq_n borough_n of_o marlborough_n *_o sir_n john_n erne_o kt._n willoughby_z esq_n worcestershire_n 9_o sir_n john_n packington_n bar._n james_n pitts_n esq_n city_n of_o worcester_n *_o bridge_n nanphan_n esq_n william_n bromley_n esq_n borough_n of_o droitwich_n thomas_n windsor_n esq_n samuel_n sands_n esq_n borough_n of_o evesham_n sir_n john_n matthews_n kt._n henry_n parker_n esq_n borough_n of_o bewd_o sir_n charles_n littleton_n kt._n yorkshire_n 30._o *_o charles_n lord_n clifford_n sir_n john_n key_n kt._n &_o bar._n city_n of_o york_n *_o sir_n john_n reresby_n bar._n sir_n metcalfe_n robinson_n bar._n town_n of_o kingston_n upon_o hull_n sir_n willoughby_n hickman_n bar._n john_n ramsden_n esq_n bor._n of_o knaresborough_n henry_n slingsby_n esq_n *_o william_n stockdale_n esq_n borough_n of_o scarborough_n sir_n thomas_n slingsby_n bar._n william_n osbaldston_n esq_n borough_n of_o rippon_n sir_n edmund_n jennings_n kt._n william_n dolben_n esq_n borough_n of_o richmond_n *_o john_n de_fw-fr arcey_n esq_n thomas_n craddock_n esq_n borough_n of_o hedon_n *_o henry_n guy_n esq_n charles_n duncomb_n esq_n bor._n of_o boroughbriggs_n *_o sir_n thomas_n malevere_a b●r._n sir_n henry_n goodrick_n kt._n &_o bar._n borough_n of_o malton_n capt._n farsax_n wortley_n esq_n borough_n of_o thirsk_n *_o sir_n hugh_n cholmondly_n bar._n frankland_n esq_n borough_n of_o aldborough_n sir_n michael_n wentworth_n kt._n sir_n roger_n strickland_n kt._n borough_n of_o beverly_n *_o michael_n wharton_n esq_n sir_n ralph_n wharton_n kt._n bor._n of_o north-allerton_n sir_n david_n fowlis_n bar._n sir_n henry_n marwood_n bar._n borough_n of_o pontfract_n *_o john_n viscount_n down_o sir_n thomas_n yarborough_n kt._n baron_n of_o the_o cinque-port_n 16._o port_n of_o hastings_n sir_n denny_z ashburnham_n bar._n john_n ashburnham_n esq_n town_n of_o winchelsea_n charles_n earl_n of_o middleton_n col._n creswel_o draper_n town_n of_o rye_n sir_n thomas_n jenner_n kt._n *_o thomas_n frewen_n esq_n port_n of_o new-rumney_n sir_n benjamine_n bathurst_n kt._n *_o sir_n william_n gulston_n kt._n port_n of_o hieth_n col._n charles_n finch_n esq_n julius_n deed_n esq_n port_n of_o dover_n arthur_n herbert_n esq_n william_n chapman_n esq_n port_n of_o sandwich_n john_n stroud_n esq_n samuel_n pepys_n esq_n port_n of_o seaford_n sir_n william_n thomas_n bar._n *_o sir_n edward_n snelling_n kt._n wales_n 24._o anglesey_n 2._o robert_n viscount_n bulkley_n town_n of_o bewmori_fw-la *_o henry_n bulkley_n esq_n brecon_n 2._o edward_n jones_n esq_n town_n of_o breco_n *_o col._n john_n jefferies_n cardiganshire_n 1_o john_n lewes_n esq_n town_n of_o cardigan_n  _fw-fr caermarthensh●…e_fw-fr 2._o *_o john_n lord_n vaugh●…_n town_n of_o caerma●…hen_o richard_n vaughan_n esq_n carnarvonshire_n 2._o thomas_n bulkely_a esq_n town_n of_o carnar●…n_n john_n griffith_n esq_n denbyshire_n 2._o sir_n richard_n middleton_n ●…_n town_n of_o denby_n *_o sir_n john_n trevor_n kt._n flintshire_n 2._o sir_n john_n conway_n bar._n town_n of_o flint_n *_o sir_n john_n hanmer_n kt._n &_o bar._n glamorganshire_n 2._o *_o sir_n edward_n mansel_n bar._n town_n of_o cardiff_n francis_n gwyn_n esq_n mereonithshire_n sir_n john_n wynn_n kt._n &_o bar._n pembrookshire_n 3._o william_n barlow_n esq_n town_n of_o pembroke_n *_o arthur_n owen_n esq_n town_n of_o haverford_n west_n *_o william_n wogan_n esq_n montgomeryshire_n 2._o edw._n vaughan_n of_o l●…ndierth_n esquire_n town_n of_o montgomery_n herbert_n esq_n oppose_v by_o *_o william_n william_n esq_n radnorshire_n 2._o richard_z williams_z esq_n town_n of_o radnor_n mr._n sergeant_n wynne_n london_n print_v by_o j._n leake_n for_o arthur_n jones_n at_o the_o fly_a horse_n near_o st._n dunstan_n church_n in_o fleetstreet_n 1685._o