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A48372 The declaration of the right reverend father in God John, late Lord Bishop of Chichester, upon his deathbed Lake, John, 1624-1689. 1689 (1689) Wing L196; ESTC R225098 674 1 View Text
A80414 [Newgate,] Octob. 30. 1693. Whereas it was witnessed against Shadrach Cooke on Tuesday the 17th. of this present month, at the Old Bailey, that he did forge a pasport to France in my Lord Nottingham's name ... Cooke, Shadrach, 1655?-1724?; Taylor, Ralph, 1648 or 9-1722. 1693 (1693) Wing C6038A; ESTC R224618 1,280 2 View Text
A69315 A proclamation against the vnreuere[n]t disputers and talkers of the sacramente of the body and blood of Christ commonly called the sacrament of the aultar, set furth by the Kynges Maiestie, with thassente and co[n]sent of his most deere vncle, Edwarde Duke of Somerset, gouernour of his moste royall person, and of hys realmes, dominio[n]s and subiectes protector, and other of hys highnes most honorable pryuey counsaill, the .xxvii. daye of Decembre, in the first yeare of his Maiesties most gratious reigne.; Proclamations. 1547-12-27 England and Wales. Sovereign (1547-1553 : Edward VI) 1547 (1547) STC 7812; ESTC S109330 1,417 1 View Text
A87577 The Iesuits creed or, The forme of the profession of faith, to which all Popish priests and ecclesiastiques, of what order soever, are fast tyed by oath: by the ordinance of Pope Pius the fourth, in the fifth yeare of his popedome. Anno Domini, 1564. 1642 (1642) Wing J713; Thomason 669.f.4[48]; ESTC R210718 1,480 1 View Text
A14810 Briefe principles of religion, for the exercise of youth: done by Christopher Watson Watson, Christopher, d. 1581. 1581 (1581) STC 25110; ESTC S119561 2,098 8 View Text
A85075 A compendiovs chatechsime. Newly set forth for the benefit of such as intend the sacrament of Christs body and blood, &c. Imprimatur John Dovvname. J. F. 1645 (1645) Wing F29; Thomason E1185_3; ESTC R208209 3,293 13 View Text
A81975 An explanation of the Roman Catholicks belief concerning their church, vvorship, iustification, and civil government and their other tenets: as it was presented to some persons of quality, for their particular satisfaction. Franciscus a Sancta Clara, 1598-1680. 1656 (1656) Wing D352; ESTC R229573 3,521 13 View Text
A83068 A letter of that most religious and pious prince K. Edward the sixth to Nicholas Ridley Bishop of London, for the taking downe of altars, and setting up the table in the steed thereof, subscribed by nine of the said kings Privie Councell, together with the said kings six reasons for the same alteration; all which are set forth in the Ecclesiasticall history, containing the Acts and monuments of martyrs, written by M. John Fox, and may there be read in the life of that ever blessed king. Edward VI, King of England, 1537-1553.; England and Wales. Sovereign (1547-1553 : Edward VI) 1641 (1641) Wing E186; Thomason E157_16; ESTC R212699 3,596 11 View Text
A83473 The rules and directions of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament: concerning the examination of all such as shall be admitted to the sacrament of the Lords Supper, within the kingdome of England, and dominion of Wales: contained in an ordinance of the twentieth of October, 1645. with questions and answers concerning the same. England and Wales. Parliament. 1659 (1659) Wing E2282A; ESTC R214218 3,817 16 View Text
A37198 An explanation of the Roman Catholick's belief concerning the principal points controverted, charitably offered to all moderate persons. Franciscus a Sancta Clara, 1598-1680. 1670 (1670) Wing D353; ESTC R19362 4,056 13 View Text
A00132 Articles to be enquired in the visitation, in the firste yeere of the raigne of our moste dread Soueraigne Lady Elizabeth, by the grace of God, of Englande, Fraunce, and Irelande, Queene, defendour of the faith. [and]c Anno domini. 1559.; Visitation articles. 1559 Church of England.; England and Wales. Sovereign (1558-1603 : Elizabeth I) 1577 (1577) STC 10126; ESTC S112404 4,086 18 View Text
A10270 Certayne short questions and answeres Very profitable and necessarye for yong children, and such as are desirous to be instructed in the principles of the Christian fayth. 1580 (1580) STC 20558; ESTC S105680 4,202 18 View Text
A30677 A short catechism containing those fundamental points of religion, the knowledge of which is necessary to salvation / compiled for the examination of communicants, before they be admitted to the sacrament ... by E. Bury. Bury, Edward, 1616-1700. 1660 (1660) Wing B6210; ESTC R37523 4,260 17 View Text
A00126 Articles to be enquired in the visitation, in the first yere of the raigne of our most dread soueraine lady Elizabeth, by the grace of God, of Englande, Fraunce, and Irelande, Queene, defendour of the faith, &c., anno 1559 Church of England. 1568 (1568) STC 10121.5; ESTC S2086 4,270 16 View Text
A00125 Articles to be enquired in the visitation, in the firste yere of the raigne of our moste dread soueraigne lady, Elizabeth by the grace of God, of Englande, Fraunce, and Irelande, Queene, defendour of the faith. &c. Anno. 1559.; Visitation articles. 1559 Church of England.; England and Wales. Sovereign (1558-1603 : Elizabeth I) 1562 (1562) STC 10120; ESTC S120521 4,355 18 View Text
A00122 Articles to be enquired in the visitation, in the firste yere of the raigne of our moste dread soueraigne lady Elizabeth, by the grace of God, of Englande, Fraunce, & Ireland, Quene, defendour of the faith, &c., anno 1559 Church of England. 1561 (1561) STC 10119; ESTC S4662 4,377 13 View Text
A68033 The epistle of Erasmus Roterodamus, sente vnto Conradus Pelicanus concerning his opinion of the blessed sacrament of Christes body and bloude. Erasmus, Desiderius, d. 1536. 1554 (1554) STC 10491; ESTC S101686 4,396 18 View Text
B01430 The A, B, C. Or, A catechisme for yong [sic] children. Appoynted by act of the Church and Councell of Scotland, to be learned in all families and lector schooles in the said kingdome. Church of Scotland. 1644 (1644) Wing A36; ESTC R170002 4,570 30 View Text
A90940 The Presbiterian catechisme, 1647 (1647) Wing P3224; Thomason E1182_7; ESTC R204936 4,584 15 View Text
A18644 VVhether Christian faith maye be kepte secret in the heart, without confession thereof openly to the worlde as occasion shal serue Also what hurt co[m]meth by the[m] that hath receiued the Gospell, to be prese[n]t at Masse vnto the simple and vnleatned [sic]. Hooper, John, d. 1555.; Horne, Robert, 1519?-1580, attributed name.; Łaski, Jan, 1499-1560, attributed name.; Calvin, Jean, 1509-1564, attributed name. 1553 (1553) STC 5160.3; ESTC S107292 4,678 14 View Text
A60088 Short principles of religion 1644 (1644) Wing S3612; ESTC R214772 4,826 17 View Text
A51050 A new catechisme very usefull for persons of meanest capacity and shortest memory, and for them onely composed : and since fitted to the directions concerning suspension from the Lords Supper in case of ignorance, and published / by T. Mocket ... Mocket, Thomas, 1602-1670? 1647 (1647) Wing M2308; ESTC R43459 4,828 23 View Text
B08241 A plaine and easie catechisme: wherein the grounds and principles of Christian religion are briefly taught; and likewise proved by scripture. Published for the benefit of all, / by R. A. R. A. 1649 (1649) Wing A27AA; ESTC R175349 4,851 18 View Text
A64568 Master VVilliam Thomas esquire his speech in Parliament Iune 1641 concerning deanes and their office : what it was originally and what it is at this present : and being proved to be for little use yes of great abuse therefore declared not only unnecessary but ought rather to be utterly abolished.; Speech in Parliament June 1641, concerning deanes Thomas, William, Sir, d. 1653? 1641 (1641) Wing T983; ESTC R11413 4,870 14 View Text
A52708 The Catholick answer to the seekers request in a letter directed to the seeker, proving the real presence, by the Scripture only N. N. 1687 (1687) Wing N30; ESTC R43473 5,026 10 View Text
A06887 Here is a shorte resytal or certayne holy doctours whych proueth that the naturall body of christ is not conteyned in the Sacrame[n]t of the Lordes supper but fyguratyuely, collected in myter by Ihon Mardeley; Here is a shorte resytal or certayne holy doctours whych proueth that the naturall body of christ is not conteyned in the Sacrament of the Lordes supper but fyguratyvely. Mardeley, John. 1548 (1548) STC 17318; ESTC S104367 5,179 18 View Text
A72003 Aduertisments partly for due order in the publique administration of common prayers and vsinge the holy Sacramentes, and partly for the apparrell of all persons ecclesiasticall by vertue of the Queenes maiesties letters commaunding the same, the xxv. day of Ianuary, in the seuenth yeare of the reigne of oure soueraigne lady Elyzabeth, by the grace of God, of Englande, Fraunce and Irelande Queene, defender of the faith, [et]c. Church of England. 1565 (1565) STC 10027; ESTC S121956 5,257 16 View Text
A06057 The order of the communion; Order of the Communion. 1548 Church of England.; Wied, Hermann von. Simplex ac pia deliberatio. 1548 (1548) STC 16457; ESTC S122099 5,258 22 View Text
A75606 The arraignment and tryall with a declaration of the Ranters also, several sentences proceedings at the sessions in the Old-Baily, and Councel of War: their protestations and the hanging of one up by the thumbs; with divers penalties to be inflicted upon others. The dancing and revelling of Dr. Buckeridge and his wife, and other gent. dancing all in white, in Berkshire, and their Christmas carol. A dispute between a Ranter in Bridewel, and one that came to see him; with his creed and pater noster: and the names of the false gods they worship. As also, a list of many of the Ranters, from whence they are derived: and of many hundreds of them in England. 1650 (1650) Wing A3748; Thomason E620_3; ESTC R206376 5,455 8 View Text
A45648 The Pvritanes impvritie, or, The anatomie of a Puritane of Separatist by name and profession wherein is declared the differences betwixt a true Protestant and a Pvritane, made manifest by the sincerity of the one and hypocrisie of the other : likewise the comelinesse and necessity of reverence used in the performing of the service of God, especially at the receiving of the sacrament / by John Harris Gent. Harris, John, Gent. 1641 (1641) Wing H860; ESTC R10876 5,513 9 View Text
A93203 A short catechisme, or The examination of communicants concerning their knowledge before they be admitted to the sacrament of the Lords Supper, being according to the rules in the ordinance of Parliament, (Octob. 20. 1645.) the heads whereof are these: viz. 1. Concerning God. 2. Concerning man. 3. Concerning the mediatour. 4. Concerning the application of Christ and his benefits by faith, and what faith is. 5. Concerning those who do truly repent. 6. Concerning a godly life. 7. Concerning the sacraments, and more fully concerning the Lords Supper. 8. Concerning the state of men and women after death. With an appendix containing some questions and answers for the further unfolding the doctrine of the sacraments. It is desired that the Scripture-proofs be perfectly learned. 1647 (1647) Wing S3575; Thomason E1185_10 5,521 17 View Text
A05588 The Golden letany in Englysshe 1536 (1536) STC 15707.5; ESTC S4752 5,964 40 View Text
A83316 An ordinance of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament Together with rules and directions concerning suspention from the sacrament of the Lords Supper in cases of ignorance and scandall. Also the names of such ministers and others that are appointed triers and judges of the ability of elders in the twelve classes within the province of London. Die Lunæ 20. Octob. 1645. Ordered by the Lords assembled in Parliament, that the ordinance, rules, and directions concerning suspension from the Lords Supper, with the names of the ministers and others to try the elders, be forthwith printed and published. Joh. Brown Cler. Parliamentorum.; Proceedings. 1645-10-20. England and Wales. Parliament. 1645 (1645) Wing E2099B; ESTC R212818 6,017 17 View Text
A75818 The Parliaments rules and directions concerning sacramentall knowledge contained in an ordinance of the Lords and Commons of the 20th of October 1645. Drawn into questions and answers: (which answers in the bigger character are the ordinance it self in the words of it.) With an addition of Scripture-proofs: and some brief directions for self-examination. By Robert Austin, D.D. For the use of the place where he himself is pastour; and the benefit of such other people, as stand in need of the like help. Austin, Robert, b. 1592 or 3.; England and Wales. Parliament. 1647 (1647) Wing A4255; Thomason E1186_6; ESTC R204927 6,025 19 View Text
A49705 A catechisme shorter then the short catechisme compiled principally by Mr. Ball out of which this (for the most part) was taken, or, The epitome and contraction of Mr. Balls short catechisme : also a spirituall song for the Lords Supper, or Communion, put into an ordinary tune ... together with two other hymns or psalms ... / by S.L., M.A. and F.C.C. Camb. Langley, Samuel, d. 1694.; Ball, John, 1585-1640. Short catechism. 1649 (1649) Wing L58; ESTC R43336 6,120 25 View Text
A10040 Short questions and answers, plainely opening and explaining both the nature and also the vse of the sacraments of baptisme and the Lords Supper Very profitable for all those who desire to know the nature and vse of the said sacraments. By Richard Preston, preacher of the Word of God at Rushden in Northhampton shiere. Preston, Richard, d. ca. 1624. 1621 (1621) STC 20286; ESTC S115178 6,203 30 View Text
A07480 A short and faythful instruction, gathered out of holy Scripture composed in questions and answeres, for the edifyeng and comfort of the symple Christianes, whych intende worthely to receyue the holy supper of the Lorde.; Claer bewiis, van het recht gebruyck des nachtmaels Christi Micronius, Marten, d. 1559.; Cranmer, Thomas, 1489-1556, attrib. trans. 1556 (1556) STC 17864; ESTC S104495 6,813 20 View Text
A50270 A catechism being an enlargement of the church-catechism, the method altered and the doctrine proved by scripture : intended first for the sake of those that were not baptized in their infancy, or had no godfathers and godmothers, and since published for their and others benefit / by N.M. Mathew, Nathaniel, 1622 or 3-1680. 1677 (1677) Wing M1288B; ESTC R43434 6,948 16 View Text
A74999 An Abridgment of the late reverend assemblies Shorter Catechism, fitted for the use of the weakest capacities and memories 1662 (1662) Wing A107A; ESTC R204009 6,976 17 View Text
A23645 A brief history of transubstantiation shewing the time when, and the occasion how it first begun, the growth, encrease, and present state of it, the grounds and reasons, absurdities and follies of it : written for satisfaction of those that are, and shall be called to subscribe the declaration in the late act against popish recusants, for quieting the minds of His Majesties good subjects / by R.A., Pastor of the church at Henfield in Sussex. R. A. (Richard Allen) 1674 (1674) Wing A1042; ESTC R22423 7,065 22 View Text
A02398 The demonstration of Antichrist. By Edmund Gurnay, Bach. Theol. p. of Harpley Norfolke Gurnay, Edmund, d. 1648. 1631 (1631) STC 12529; ESTC S120940 7,082 36 View Text
A66589 The childes trade, or, The beginning of the doctrine of Christ whereby babes may have milk, children bread broken, the simple wisdome, and the dark a candle ... / by T. Wilson ... Wilson, Thomas, 1601-1653. 1645 (1645) Wing W2939; ESTC R11662 7,121 23 View Text
A06989 The physyke of the soule wherin thou shalt finde many Godly emplastures [and] confortable salues agaynst al spiritual diseases very necessary to be red of the true christians in these last and perilous dayes. Set forth by Thomas Becon. Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567. 1549 (1549) STC 1741; ESTC S109675 7,173 26 View Text
A19270 A briefe homily wherein the most comfortable and right vse of the Lords Supper, is very plainly opened and deliuered, euen to the vnderstanding of the vnlearned and ignorant. Made to be vsed throughout the Diocesse of Lincolne, before euerie celebration of the Lordes Supper, in all such churches and parishes as haue not a sufficient hable preacher allowed vnder the hand and authentike seale of the Bishop there, and to be read by the minister of each such place, so distinctly and in such sorte, that all which shalbe then assembled, may well heare and marke the same.; Certaine sermons wherin is contained the defense of the gospell nowe preached Cooper, Thomas, 1517?-1594. 1580 (1580) STC 5684.5; ESTC S118236 7,401 16 View Text
A13256 The confescion of the fayth of the Sweserla[n]des Schweizerischer Evangerlischer Kirchenbund.; Wishart, George, 1513?-1546. 1548 (1548) STC 23553; ESTC S107832 7,516 30 View Text
A91836 The right of tithes asserted: by our old Saxon lavves. A discourse proving them to be neither popish nor antichristian. Wherein the patrons ancient interest is also briefly vindicated, and a word likewise added for universities. By one that hath no place in either of them: nor incumbency upon tithes. One that hath no place in either of them. 1653 (1653) Wing R1507; Thomason E712_9; ESTC R203391 7,565 11 View Text
A41648 The principles of Christian religion Proved by scripture, propounded by questions and answers: short for memory, plain for the meanest capacity, and profitable for all. Imprimatur Charles Herle. Gouge, Thomas, 1605-1681.; J. H. 1645 (1645) Wing G1370_CANCELLED; Wing H77A_CANCELLED; ESTC R9433 7,914 18 View Text
A75670 Articles of religion; or, The fourteen pillars of the Church of England, presented to our late King Charls at the Isle of Wight, and now humbly tendred to the mature consideration of the Supreme Authority of this nation. Compendiously extracted, and drawn up in these ensuing heads. I. Of faith in the Holy Trinity. II. Of the Word, or Son of God, which was made very man. III. Of Christs descending down into Hell. ... XIV. Of Christ alone without sin. Church of England. 1654 (1654) Wing A3869; Thomason E813_8; ESTC R207332 8,222 15 View Text
A89160 A confvtation of the new Presbyterian error. Shewing not onely how neere our late Presbyterians come to the Anabaptists, in restrayning the Supper of the Lord from the people, by way of examination, as they doe children from the sacrament of baptisme, by way of confession; but also how they agree with Papists in auricular confession: and that their practise is sacriligious, new, usurped, and tyrannicall. By Alexander Mingzeis, minister of Gods word. Mingzeis, Alexander. 1648 (1648) Wing M2191; Thomason E1181_10 8,429 23 View Text
A32928 Articles agreed upon by the archbishops and bishops of both provinces and the whole clergy in the convocation holden at London in the year MDLXII for the avoiding of diversities of opinions and for the stablishing of consent touching true religion. Church of England.; Charles II, King of England, 1630-1685. 1688 (1688) Wing C4007; ESTC W479527 8,856 16 View Text
A25226 The creed of Pope Pius the IV, or, A prospect of popery taken from that authentick record with short notes. Altham, Michael, 1633-1705. 1687 (1687) Wing A2932; ESTC R18033 8,868 13 View Text
A01566 A short instruction for all such as are to be admitted to the Lords Supper Gawton, Richard. 1612 (1612) STC 11692; ESTC S114903 8,887 30 View Text
A72013 Articles, whereupon it was agreed by the archbishoppes and bishoppes of both prouinces, and the whole cleargie, in the Conuocation holden at London in the yere of our Lorde God. 1562. according to the computation of the Churche of Englande for the auoiding of the diuersities of opinions, and for the stablishyng of consent touching true religion. Put foorth by the Queenes aucthoritie.; Thirty-nine Articles. English Church of England. 1571 (1571) STC 10038.9; ESTC S124523 8,937 29 View Text
B01079 A briefe instruction, collected for the exercise of youth, and simple sort of people. / By Thomas Cobhead preacher.. Cobhead, Thomas. 1579 (1579) STC 5455; ESTC S96008 9,103 40 View Text
A68996 Certeyn meditations and thinges to be had in remembraunce, and well considered by euery Christia[n], before he receiue the sacrament of the body and bloude of Christ. Compiled by T. Broke. Broke, Thomas. 1548 (1548) STC 3816; ESTC S108982 9,153 36 View Text
B09199 The grounds and principles of religion contained in a shorter catechism: (according to the advice of the assembly of divines sitting at Westminster.) To be used throughout the kingdom of England, and dominion of Wales. 1693 (1693) Wing G2138AA.5; ESTC R177659 9,646 18 View Text
A25944 Articles of religion, agreed upon by both Houses and the principall divines thorough [sic] all England and Wales for the avoiding of diversities of opinions whereunto is added His Majesties declaration in confirming the same.; Thirty-nine Articles Church of England.; England and Wales. Sovereign (1625-1649 : Charles I) 1642 (1642) Wing A3867; ESTC R6456 9,871 18 View Text
A33899 A brief essay concerning the independency of church-power Collier, Jeremy, 1650-1726. 1692 (1692) Wing C5244; ESTC R16602 9,933 18 View Text
A08064 A shorte catechisme of Cardall Bellarmine illustrated with the images.; Dichiarazione piu copiosa della dottrina cristiana. English. Abridgments Bellarmino, Roberto Francesco Romolo, Saint, 1542-1621.; Mayr, Georg, 16th cent.; Gibbons, Richard, 1550?-1632. 1614 (1614) STC 1843; ESTC S101600 10,094 124 View Text
A13855 A bryef [and] short declaracyon made, wherbye euerye chrysten man maye knowe, what is a sacrament Of what partes a sacramente consysteth and is made, for what intent sacramentes were instituted, and what is the pryncypall effect of sacramentes, [and] finally of the abuse of the sacrament of chrystes body and bloud. Tracy, Richard, d. 1569. 1548 (1548) STC 24162; ESTC S118530 10,151 32 View Text
A77436 [A brief e]xhort[ation], with the means to [promote] pie[ty] especially directed to th[e] [...] of London. / By a lover thereof, a[nd] of all sincere Christians. 1669 (1669) Wing B4591aA; ESTC R176327 10,189 27 View Text
A72015 Articles agreed upon by the arch-bishops and bishops of both provinces, and the whole clergie in the convocation holden at London, in the yeer 1562. For the avoiding of diversities of opinions, and for the stablishing of consent touching true religion. Re-printed by his Majesties commandment: with his royall declaration prefixed thereunto.; Thirty-nine Articles. English Church of England.; Charles I, King of England, 1600-1649. 1638 (1638) STC 10060; ESTC S125374 10,343 42 View Text
B00802 A most godly and very necessarie lesson to be learned of all christen men and womẽ, before they come to y[e] Communion of the the bodie & bloud of our sauiour Christe Jesus. Compiled by Richard Tracie. Anno .M.D.xlviii.. Tracy, Richard, d. 1569. 1548 (1548) STC 24163; ESTC S101662 10,401 46 View Text
A33073 The Church of England as by law established being the very doctrine and express words of the homilies against popery.; Certain sermons or homilies appointed to be read in churches. Selections. 1685 (1685) Wing C4191; ESTC R43032 10,456 4 View Text
A84135 The deeds of Dr. Denison a little more manifested. By his ansvver to the defence of John Etherington. VVhich he published in Anno Dom. 1641. against his false accusations and the depositions of his false witnesses. Whereupon he was censured by the high commission court. And his reply to the doctors answer. Which answer he hath added to his Woolfe-sermon booke. Etherington, John, fl. 1641-1645. 1642 (1642) Wing E3383; Thomason E147_9; ESTC R22317 10,645 17 View Text
A69532 A learned, vsefull and seasonable discovrse concerning the Chvrch of England, and the Chvrch of Rome addressed by way of letter to M. St. Iohn, a Romish priest / by that eminent author and worthy patriot, Dr. John Bastwick, now prisoner under the popish tyranny at Yorke. Bastwick, John, 1593-1654. 1643 (1643) Wing B1066; ESTC R18862 10,786 12 View Text
A32107 A letter to a non-conformist minister of the kirk shewing the nullity of the Presbyterian mission or authority to preach the Gospel. Calder, Robert, 1658-1723. 1677 (1677) Wing C277; ESTC R2364 10,942 118 View Text
A50181 An epistle to the Christian Indians, giving them a short account, of what the English desire them to know and to do, in order to their happiness written by an English minister, at the desire of an English magistrate, who sends unto them this token of love. Mather, Cotton, 1663-1728. 1700 (1700) Wing M1178; ESTC W18263 11,109 30 View Text
B31273 An enlargement of a former catechisme which contained in briefe the grounds and principles of Christian religion that shewed what we ought to beleeve, this upon what ground we ought so to beleeve, both which are necesseary in the faith of every Chirstian / gathered at the first and since enlarged by D.V. ... D. V. 1641 (1641) Wing V2 11,184 33 View Text
A19518 A short catechisme Very necessary, for the plaine vnderstanding of the principall points of Christian religion. Meet to be practised of all Christians before they bee admitted to the Lord's Supper By Richard Cox. Coxe, Richard, d. 1596. 1620 (1620) STC 5948; ESTC S114496 11,302 38 View Text
A08050 A sermon of the sacrami[n]t of the aulter made by a famouse doctoure called Fryderyke Nausea in Almayne and lately out of latyn translate into englysh by Iohn More Nausea, Friedrich, d. 1552.; More, John, fl. 1533. 1533 (1533) STC 18414; ESTC S106361 11,511 50 View Text
A25431 Reflections on that discourse, which a Master of Arts (once) of the University of Cambridg, calls rational presented in print to a person of honour, 1676, concerning transubstantiation / by one of no arts but down-right honesty, at the instance of an honourable person. Anglesey, Arthur Annesley, Earl of, 1614-1686. 1676 (1676) Wing A3176; ESTC R16001 11,514 16 View Text
A13281 The sweet milke of Christian doctrine in a plaine and naturall method, by question and answere, for their better vnderstanding, for whom it is chiefly written. Sym, John. 1617 (1617) STC 23585; ESTC S106181 11,515 34 View Text
A32900 The Christians way to heaven, or, What he must do to be saved by a divine of the Church of England. Divine of the Church of England. 1700 (1700) Wing C3962; ESTC R23847 11,729 21 View Text
A86647 An ansvver to a paper; called, A petition of one Thomas Ellyson, late shepherd of Easington in the county of Durham, to his Highness the Lord Protector of England, Scotland and Ireland, and to all emperors, kings and princes through the world. Howgill, Francis, 1618-1669. 1654 (1654) Wing H3154; Thomason E814_10; ESTC R207351 12,201 16 View Text
A77441 A Brief method of hearing Mass with profitable advantage to such as shall make constant use and practice of it : to which is added prayers for the king, &c. in English and Latin. 1685 (1685) Wing B4604A; ESTC R42665 12,256 47 View Text
A61397 A scheme and abstract of the Christian religion comprized in fifty two heads, with the texts of scripture, on which they are grounded : and some short indications, how they were more largely handled / by a lover of truth and peace. Steele, Richard, 1629-1692. 1684 (1684) Wing S5393; ESTC R34601 12,283 30 View Text
A86899 A plaine and briefe discovery of those two beasts that are written, Revel. 13 And to show what dishonour and disgrace the clergie bring against Christ and his glorious church in reading some part of the service-book. Againe I praise God I have shewed in briefe the true signification of Christ and his glorious church, with those holy ordinances that doe belong unto it. Gathered and directed by that grace God hath given to me James Hunt. All glory be to God on high. Hunt, James, 17th cent. 1643 (1643) Wing H3731; Thomason E70_12; ESTC R1261 12,315 16 View Text
B07539 Meate for men, or, a principall seruice of the sacraments. Wherein (amongst many) these two points are specifically handled [brace] 1. Of the baptizing of infants. 2. Of kneeling in the act of breaking and receiuing the Lords Supper. For the vse of all religious families and monethly communicants in the kingdome when they come to the Lords table. / Written by way of briefe questions and answers, for the ease and benefit of the simple. By W. Crashaw B. of Divinitie, and sometimes pastor at White-Chappell.. Crashaw, William, 1572-1626. 1629 (1629) STC 6019.5; ESTC S91562 12,410 39 View Text
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A52167 The covenant acknowledged by an English Covenanter, and the manifested wants of the common prayer, or divine service, formerly used, thought the fittest for publique worship by one vvhose hearty desires are presented to all the lovers of peace and truth in these nations, and shall be the prayers of a wel-wisher to both, and a very much obliged servant to all the promoters of this just cause, E.M., Mason. E. M., Mason. 1660 (1660) Wing M913; ESTC R7635 12,716 22 View Text
A71107 A sermon preached at the first general meeting of the gentlemen, and others in and near London, who were born within the county of York in the church of S. Mary-le-Bow, Decemb. 3, 1678 / by John Tillotson ... Tillotson, John, 1630-1694. 1679 (1679) Wing T1232; ESTC R3330 12,766 42 View Text
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A08807 A sermon, preached at the funerall of that most honorable and worthie knight S. Richard Leueson vice-admirall of England: who dyed at London the 2. of August, and was interred at VVooluer Hampton in the countie of Stafford, the 2. day of September following. Anno Domi. 1605. By Samuel Page, Batchelour in Diuinitie, and vicar of Deptford in Kent. Page, Samuel, 1574-1630. 1605 (1605) STC 19094; ESTC S120978 13,449 41 View Text
A00467 A brothers gift containing an hundred precepts, instructing all sorts of people to a godly, honest, and morall life. Everinden, Humphrey. 1623 (1623) STC 10601; ESTC S114633 13,510 42 View Text
A85839 Analysis. The loosing of St. Peters bands; : setting forth the true sense and solution of the covenant in point of conscience so far as it relates to the government of the church by episcopacy. / By John Gauden ... Gauden, John, 1605-1662. 1660 (1660) Wing G340; ESTC R202274 13,622 28 View Text
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A84776 A declaration against all poperie, and popish points and is renounced from them and by them whom the scorners in scorn call Quakers : and likewise some queries to the Pope and his priests that are guarded with his law : to be answered in writing or print; and to be sent them called Quakers at London in England. Fox, George, 1624-1691. 1655 (1655) Wing F1783; Thomason E844_10; ESTC R202129 13,879 13 View Text
A35183 A sermon preached upon April xxiii. MDCLXXX. in the cathedral church of Bristol, before the gentlemen of the artillery-company, newly raised in that city. By Samuel Crossman, B.D. Crossman, Samuel, 1624?-1684. 1680 (1680) Wing C7270A; ESTC R214386 13,922 42 View Text
A04118 Articles of religion agreed vpon by the archbishops, and bishops, and the rest of the clergie of Ireland, in the conuocation holden at Dublin in the yeare of our Lord God 1615. for the auoyding of diuersities of opinions: and the establishing of concent touching true religion.; Articles. 1615 Church of Ireland. 1628 (1628) STC 14261; ESTC S107433 14,133 38 View Text
A48306 A case of conscience, concerning the sacrament of the Lords Supper when either the bread or wine is wanting, or when there is a desire, yet with an antipathy to them, or debilitie to receive them / proposed to John Ley ... Ley, John, 1583-1662. 1641 (1641) Wing L1871; ESTC R20557 14,265 28 View Text