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A75670 Articles of religion; or, The fourteen pillars of the Church of England, presented to our late King Charls at the Isle of Wight, and now humbly tendred to the mature consideration of the Supreme Authority of this nation. Compendiously extracted, and drawn up in these ensuing heads. I. Of faith in the Holy Trinity. II. Of the Word, or Son of God, which was made very man. III. Of Christs descending down into Hell. ... XIV. Of Christ alone without sin. Church of England. 1654 (1654) Wing A3869; Thomason E813_8; ESTC R207332 8,222 15

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Byfield Scriba Rules and Directions CONCERNING Suspension from the SACRAMENT OF THE LORDS SVPPER in case of Ignorance 1. ALl such persons who shall be admitted to the Sacrament of the Lords Supper ought to know that there is a God that there is but one ever-living and true God maker of Heaven and Earth and Governour of all things That this onely true God is the God whom we worship that this God is but one yet three distinct Persons the Father Son and Holy Ghost all equally God 2. That God created man after his own Image in knowledge righteousness and true holiness That by one man sin entred into the World and death by sin and so death passed upon all men for that all have sinned That thereby they are all dead in trespasses and sins and are by nature the children of wrath and so lyable to eternal death the wages of every sin 3. That there is but one Mediator between God and Man the Man Christ Jesus who is also over all God blessed for ever neither is there salvation in any other That he was conceived by the holy Ghost and Born of the Virgin Mary That he dyed upon the Cross to save his people from their Sins That he rose again the third day from the dead ascended into Heaven sits at the right hand of God and makes continual intercession for us of whose fulness we receive all grace necessary to salvation 4. That Christ and his benefits are applyed onely by faith That faith is the gift of God and that we have it not of our selves but it is wrought in us by the Word and Spirit of God That faith is that grace whereby we believe and trust in Christ for remission of sins and life everlasting according to the promise of the Gospel that whosoever believes not on the Son of God shall not see life but shall perish eternally That they who truly repent of their sins do see them sorrow for them and turn from them to the Lord and that except men repent they shall surely perish That a godly life is conscionably ordered according to the word of God in Holiness and Righteousness without which no man shall see God That the Sacraments are Seals of the Covenant of Grace in the blood of Christ That the Sacraments of the new Testament are Baptism and the Lords Supper that the outvvard Elements in the Lords Supper are Bread and Wine and do signifie the Body and Blood of Christ Crucified vvhich the vvorthy Receiver by Faith doth partake of in this Sacrament which Christ hath likewise Ordained for a remembrance of his death that whosoever eats and drinks unworthily is guilty of the Body and Blood of the Lord and therefore that every one is to examine himself lest he eat and drink Judgement to himself not discerning the Lords Body That the Souls of the faithful after death do immediatly live with Christ in Blessedness and that the Souls of the wicked do immediatly go into Hell torments That there shall be a Resurrection of the Bodies both of the just and unjust at the last Day at which time all shall appear before the Judgement Seat of Christ to receive according to what they have done in the Body whether it be good or evil And that the righteous shall go into life eternal and the wicked into everlasting punishment And it is further Ordained by the Lords and Commons That those who have a competent measure of understanding concerning the matters contained in these Articles shall not be kept back from the Sacrament of the Lords Supper for Ignorance And that the Examination and Judgement of such Persons as shall for their ignorance of the aforesaid points of Religion not to be admitted to the Sacrament of the Lords Supper is to be in the power of the Eldership of every Congregation 15. That an Act or Acts of Parliament be passed That the Deputy or chief Governor or other Governours of Ireland and the Presidents of the several Provinces of that Kingdom be nominated and made in such way as by both Houses of the Parliament of England shall be appointed or in the Interv●●● of Parliament by such Committees as shall be appointed by both Houses of Parliament to continue during the pleasure of both Houses And that the Chancellor or Lord Keeper Lord Treasurer Commissioners of the Great Seal or Treasury Lord High Admiral of England Commissioners of the Admiralty Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports Chancellor of the Exchequer and Dutchy Secretaries of State Masters of the Rolls Judges of both Benches and Barons of the Exchequer of the Kingdoms of England and Ireland the Constable and Lieutenant of the Tower of London and the Vice-Treasurer and Treasurer at Wars of the Kingdom of Ireland Be nominated and made in such way as by both Houses of the Parliament of England shall be appointed to continue Quam diu se bene gesserint and in the Intervals of Parliament by the said Committee appointed by both Houses of Parliament as aforesaid to be approved or disallowed by both Houses at their next meeting 16. That for the more effectual disabling of Jesuits Papists and Popish Recusants from disturbing the State and deluding the Laws and for the better discovering and speedy conviction of Popish Recusants an Oath be established by Act of Parliament to be administred to them wherein they shall abjure and renounce the Popes Supremacy the Doctrine of Transubstantiation Purgatory Worshipping of the Consecrated Host Crucifixes and Images and all other Popish Superstitions and Errors and refusing the said Oath being tendred in such manner as shall be appointed by the said Act to be a sufficient conviction of Popish Recusancy 17. An Act or Acts of Parliament for Education of the Children of Papists by Protestants in the Protestant Religion 18. An act or acts for the true Leavy of the Penalties against them which Penalties to be Leavied and Disposed in such manner as both Houses shall agree on 19. That an Act or Acts be passed in Parliament wherby the practises of Papists against the State may be prevented and the Laws against them duly executed and a stricter course taken to prevent the saying or hearing of Mass in the Court or any other part of this Kingdom or the Kingdom of Ireland The like for the Kingdom of Ireland concerning the four last preceding Propositions 20. That the King do give his Royal Assent to an Act or Acts for the due Observation of the Lords-day 21. And to the Bill for the suppression of Innovations in Churches and Chappels in and about the Worship of God 22. And for the better advancement of the Preaching of Gods Holy Word in all parts of this Kingdom 23. And to the Bill against the enjoying Pluralities of Benefices by Spiritual persons and Non-residency They have also Commanded us to desire That your Majesty give your Royal Assent to these Bills by your Letters Parents under the Great Seal of England and Signed by your Hand and Declared and Notified to the Lords and Commons assembled together in the House of Peers according to the Law declared in that behalf it appearing unto them upon mature deliberation that it stands not with the safety and security of the Kingdom and Parliament to have your Majesties assent at this time given otherwise They desire therefore that your Majesty be pleased to grant your Warrant for the draught of a Bill for such your Letters Patents to be presented to your Majesty and then a Warrant to Edward Earl of Manchester and William Lenthal Esquire Speaker of the House of Commons who have now the Custody of the Great Seal of England to put the same to such your Majesties Letters Pateuts Signed as aforesaid thereby authorizing Algernon Earl of Northumberland Henry Earl of Kent John Earl of Rutland Philip Earl of Pembrook William Earl of Salisbury Robert Earl of Warwick and Edmund Earl of Mulgrave or any three of them to give your Majesties Royal assent unto the said Bills according to the Law in that behalf Declared And for the other particulars contained in the aforementioned Propositions the two Houses of Parliament will after such your Majesties assent given to the said Bills send a Committee of both Houses to Treat with your Majesty in the Isle of Wight thereupon FINIS
free from the obedience of the Commandements which are called Moral h Matth. 5.17 to the end Rom. 13.8 9 10. Eph. 6.1 2 3. Iam. 2.8 9 10 11 12. Rom. 7.25 Rom. 3.31 Matth. 7.12 By the Moral Law we understand all the ten Commandements taken in their full extent ART IX Of Original or Birth-sin Original sin a Psal 51.5 Ioh. 3.5 6. standeth not in the following of Adam as the Pelagians do vainly talk b Iob 14.4 Iob 15.14 Rom. 6.6 Iohn 3.3 5 7. But together with his first sin imputed c Rom. 5.12 to 19. Gen. 2.17 with 1 Cor. 15.22 it is the fault and corruption of the nature of every Man that naturally is propagated from Adam whereby Man is wholly deprived of Original righteousness d Col. 2.13 Rom. 7.18 Eccles 7.29 and is of his own nature inclined onely to evil e Gen. 6.5 Gen. 8.21 Ier. 17.9 Rom. 7.8 Iames 1.14 So that the lust of the flesh called in Greek 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 which some do expound the Wisdom some Sensuality some the Affection some the Desire of the flesh is not subject to the Law of God f Rom. 8.7 1 Cor. 2.14 Col. 1.2 and therefore in every person Born into this world it deserveth Gods wrath and damnation g Ephes 2.3 Rom. 8.6 7. And this infection of nature doth remain yea in them that are regenerate h Prov. 20.9 Rom. 7.17 20 23 25. whereby the flesh lusteth alwaies contrary to the Spirit i Gal. 5.17 And although there is no condemnation for them that are regenerate and do believe k Rom. 8.1 13. Ioh. 3.18 yet the Apostle doth confess that concupiscence and lust is truly and properly sin l Rom. 7.17 20. ART X. Of Free-will The condition of Man after the fall of Adam is such that he cannot turn or prepare himself by his own natural strength and good works to faith and calling upon God a Ephes 2.1 5. 1 Cor. 2.14 Eph. 2.8 9 10. John 6.44 65. wherefore we have no power to do good work pleasing and acceptable to God b Rom. 8.8 Heb. 11.6 without the grace of God by Christ both preventing us that we may have a good Will and working so effectually in us as that it determineth our Will to that which is good c Ezek. 11.19.20 Ezek. 36.26 27. Jer. 31 32 33. with Heb ● 10 11. Phil. 2.12 13. Joh. 6.45 Eph. 1.19 20. 1 Cor. 4.7 and also working with us when we have that will unto good d Heb. 13.21 Phil. 1.6 Heb. 122.2 1 Pet. 5.10 1 Thess 5.23 24. 1 Kings 8.57 58. ART XI Of the Justification of man before God We are justified that is we are accounted Righteous before God and have remission of sins a Rom. 4.5 6 7. Psal 32.1 2. not for nor by our own works or deservings b Rom. 3.20 Gal. 2.16 Gal. 3.10 11. Phil. 3. ● but freely by his grace c Rom. 3.24 Tit. 3.7 only for our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christs sake d Rom. 3.24 25. Rom. 5.1 2 Cor. 5.18 19. his whole obedience and satisfaction being by God imputed unto us e Rom. 5.9 17 18 19. Rom. 3.25 26. Rom. 4.6 24. 2 Cor. 5.21 and Christ with his Righteousness being apprehended and rested on by faith only f Rom. 3.22 25 26 28. Gal. 2.16 Isa 28.16 with Rom. 9.33 and 1 Pet. 2.6 Phil. 3.9 The doctrine of Justification by Faith only is an wholsom Doctrine and very full of comfort g 2 Tim. 1.13 Rom. 5.1 2 8 11. Rom. 15.13 1 Pet. 1.8 notwithstanding God doth not forgive them that are impenitent and go on still in their trespasses h Psal 68.20 21. Exod. 34.6 7. Luke 13.3 5. ART XII Of good Works Good works which are the Fruits of Faith a Gal. 5.6 Jam. 2.17 18 22. and follow after Justification b Tit. 2.14 T it 3.7 8. Eph. 2.8 9 10. cannot put away our sins c Rom. 3.20 21. Rom. 4.4 to 9. Dan. 9.18 19. and endure the severity of Gods Judgment d Neh. 13.22 Psal 143.2 Job 9.14.15 19 20. yet are they notwithstanding their imperfections e Exod. 28.38 Rev. 8.3 4. in the sight of God pleasing and acceptable unto him in and for Christ f 1 Pet. 2.5 Heb. 13.16 20 21. Col. 1.10 Phil. 4.18 and do spring out necessarily of a true and lively Faith g Jam. 2.16 1 John 1.4 in so much that by them a lively Faith may be evidently known as a tree discerned by the fruits h Jam. 2.18 22 John 15.4 5. 1 John 2.3.5 Matth. 12.33 ART XIII Of Works before Justification Works done before Justification by Christ and Regeneration by his Spirit are not pleasing unto God a Tit. 1.15 16. Matth 7.18 Rom. 8.8 Prov. 15.8 26. Prov. 21.27 Rom. 3.12 for as much as they spring not of Faith in Jesus Christ b Hebr. 11.5.6 Gal. 5.6 neither do they make men meet to receive grace or as the School-Authors say deserve grace of Congruity c 2 Tim. 1.9 John 1.13 yea rather for that they are not done as God hath willed and commanded them to be done they are sinfull d Rom. 8 7 8. Hagg. 2.14 Isa 58.1 to 5. Isa 66.2 3. ART XIV Of Works of Supererogation Voluntary Works besides over and above Gods Commandements which they call Works of Supererogation cannot be taught a Matth. 5.48 Mar. 12.30 31. Phil. 4.5 9. without arrogancy and impiety b Job 9.2 3.20 21. Psal 143.2 Prov. 20.9 Phil. 3.8 to 15. for by them men do declare that they do not only render unto God as much as they are bound to do but that they do more for his sake than of bounden duty is required whereas Christ saith plainly When you have done all those things that are commanded you say We are unprofitable servants we have done that which was our duty to do c Luke 17.10 with ver 7 8 9. ART XV. Of Christ alone without sin Christ in the truth of our nature was made like unto us in all things sin only excepted a Isa 53.3 4 5. Heb. 2.17 with Heb. 5.15 from which he was cleerly void both in his Flesh and in his Spirit b Luke 1.35 with Act. 3.14 John 14.30 2 Cor. 5.21 Heb. 7.26 he came to be the Lamb without spot c 1 Pet. 1.19 who by Sacrifice of Himself d Ephes 5.2 once made e Heb. 9.26 28. Heb. 10.10 12. should take away the sins of the world f John 1.29 and sin as Saint John saith was not in him g 1 John 3. ● But all we the rest although baptized and regenerate yet offend in many things and if we say we have no sin we deceive our selves and the truth is not in us h James 3.2 1 John 1.8 10. Charles Herle Prolocutor Henry Robrough Scriba Adoniram