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A54234 To the churches of Jesus throughout the world gathered and setled in His eternal light, power, and spirit, to be one holy flock, family, and houshold to the Lord : who hath redeemed them from among all the kindreds of the earth : Godly zeal, wisdom, power, perseverance, and victory, with all heavenly blessings, be multiplied among you in the name of the Lord / William Penn. Penn, William, 1644-1718. 1677 (1677) Wing P1387; ESTC R21568 10,608 15

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the eternal Spirit offer up our selves to God in Body in Soul and in Spirit which are his that we may be his VVorkmanship created in Christ Jesus unto good VVorks to the Praise of him that hath called us which Calling is an high and an holy Calling by the eternal Light and Spirit in our Consciences O that it might for ever remain in high Estemation with us and that it may be the daily VVatch and Travel of us all in the Presence of the holy and Living God that hath called us to make our great Call and Election sure which many have neglected to do who have been convinced by the blessed Light and Truth of Christ Jesus revealed in their hearts and who for a time have walked among us have been overcome by the Spirit of this VVorld and turned their hands from the Plough and deserted the Camp of the Lord and gone back into Egypt again whereby the Heathens have blasphemed and the VVay and People of the Lord greatly have suffered Therefore O my dear Friends and Brethren in the Sense of that Life and Power that God from Heaven so gloriously hath dispensed amongst us and by which he hath given us multiplyed Assurances of his Loving-kindness unto us and Crowned us together with heavenly Dominion and in which my Spirit is at this time broken before the Lord do I most earnestly intreat you to watch continually lest any of you that have tasted of the good VVord of God and the Powers of the VVorld to come fall by Temptation and by Carelesness and Neglect tempt the living God to with-draw his fatherly Visitation from any of you and finally to desert such for the Lord our God is a jealous God and he will not give his Glory unto another He hath given to Man all but Man himself and him he hath reserved for his own peculiar Service to build him up a glorious Temple to himself so that we are bought with a Price and we are not our own Therefore let us continually watch and stand in awe that we grieve not his holy Spirit nor turn his Grace into Wantonness But all of us let us wait and that in an holy travail of Spirit to know our selves sealed by the Spirit of Adoption unto the Day of our compleat Redemption when not only all our Sins but all Sorrows Sighings and Tears shall be wiped away from our Eyes and Everlasting Songs of Joy and Thanksgivings shall melodiously fill our Hearts to God that sits upon the Throne and to his blessed immaculate Lamb who by his most precious Blood shall have compleatly redeemed us from the Earth and written our Names in the Book of Life Friends The Spirit of the Lord hath often brought you into my Remembrance since I have been in this desolate Land and with Joy unutterable have I had sweet and precious Fellowship with you in the Faith of Jesus that overcometh the World For though absent in Body yet present in him that is Omnipresent And I can truly say you are very near and very dear unto me and the Love that God hath raised in my heart unto you surpasses the Love of Women And our Testimony I am well satisfied is sealed up together And I am well assured that all that love the Light shall endure to the End throughout all Tribulations and in the End obtain Eternal Salvation And now Friends as I have been travailing in this dark and solitary Land the great Work of the Lord in the Earth has been often presented unto my view and the Day of the Lord hath been deeply upon me and my Soul and Spirit hath frequently been possessed with an holy and weightly Concern for the Gloty of the Name of the Lord and the spreading of his everlasting Truth and the Prosperity of it through all Nations that the very Ends of the Earth may look to him and may know Christ the Light to be given to them for their Salvation And when the sense of these things hath been deeply upon me an holy and strong Cry God hath raised in my Soul to him That we who have known this fatherly Visitation from on High and who have beheld the Day of the Lord the Rising of the Sun of Righteousness who is full of Grace and full of Truth and have beheld his Glory and confessed it to be the Glory of the only begotten Son of God and who by Obedience to his appearance are become the Children of Light and of the Day and as the First Fruits to God after this long Night of Apostacy might for ever walk and dwell in his holy Covenant Christ Jesus the Light of the VVorld because in him we have alwayes Peace but out of him comes all the Trouble And whilst this heavenly Sense rested with me the Lord God that made me and called me by his Grace unto Salvation laid it upon me to visit you in an holy Exhortation And it is the Exhortation of my life at this time in the earnest and servent Motion of the Power and Spirit of Jesus to beseech you all who are turned to the Light of Christ that shineth in your hearts and believe in it That you carefully and faithfully walk in it in the same Dread Awe and Fear in which you began that that holy Poverty of Spirit that is precious in the Eyes of the Lord and was in the dayes of your first love may dwell and rest with you that you may daily feel the same heavenly Hunger and Thirst the same Lowliness and Humility of Mind the same Zeal and Tenderness and the same Sincerity and Love unfeigned that God may fill you out of his heavenly Treasure with the Riches of Life and crown you with holy Victory and Dominion over the god spirit of this World That your Alpha may be your Omega and your Author your Finisher and your first Love your last Love that so none may make shipwrack of Faith and of a good Conscience nor faint by the way And as in this state we are kept in holy Watchfulness to God as in the beginning the Table which our heavenly Father spreads and the Blessings with which he compasseth us about shall not become a Snare unto us nor shall we turn the Grace and Mercies of the Lord into Wantonness but we shall eat and drink in an holy Fear apparelour selves in Fear buy and sell in Fear visit one another in Fear keep Meetings and there wait upon the Lord in Fear yea whatsoever we take in hand to do it shall be in the holy Fear of God and with an holy Tenderness of his Glory and Regard to the Prosperity of his Truth yea we shall deny our selves not only in the unlawful things but in the things that are even lawful to us for the sake of the many Millions that are unconverted to God For my Friends and Brethren God hath laid upon us whom he hath honoured with the beginning of his great Work in the World the care both
Jerusalem's Peace than the open Armies of the Aliens And it is a VVarning to all that make mention of the Name of the Lord in this Dispensation he hath brought us to That they have a care how they let out their minds in any wise to please the lusts of the Eye the lusts of the Flesh and the Pride of Life which are not of the Father but of this VVorld lest any be exalted in a liberty that maketh the Cross of Jesus of none effect and the offence thereof to cease For such will become as Salt that hath lost its savor and at last will be trod under the Feet of God and Men. For the Lord will withdraw his daily presence and the Fountain will come to be sealed up and the Well of Salvation be stopped again Therefore as all would rejoyce in the joy of God's Salvation let them wait for the saving Power and dwell in it that knowing the Mystery of the work of Regeneration Christ formed in them the hope of their glory they may be able in the motion of him that hath begotten them through death to life to go forth and declare the way of Life and Salvation And all you that are young Convinced of the Eternal Truth come into it and then you will feel the Vertue of it And so you will be Witnesses otherwise Vain Talkers Wells without VVater Clouds without Rain for which state is reserved the Blackness of Darkness for ever Wherefore gird up the loyns of your minds and be sober and Tempt not God but receive the Day of your Visitation and walk worthy of so great love and delight to retain God in your Knowledge and grieve not his holy Spirit but joyn to it and be led by it that it may be an earnest to you of an Eternal Inheritance And take up your daily Cross and follow Christ and not the Spirit of this World He was meek and lowly he was humble and plain he was few in Words but mighty in Deeds He loved not his Life unto death even the reproachful death of the Cross but laid down his life and became of no Reputation and that for the Rebellious O the height and the depth the length and the breadth yea the unsearchableness of the love of God in Christ Jesus Wherefore while it is to day hearken to his Voice and harden not your Hearts and make no bargains for your Self neither consult with Flesh and Blood But let the Lord be your Light and your Salvation let him be the strength of your life and the length of your Days And this know assuredly that none ever trusted to the Lord and were confounded Wherefore hold up your Testimony for God as ye would enjoy the Increasings of his Life and love And let your Light shine and confess him before the whole World smoother not his appearance neither hide thy candle God hath lighted in thee under a bushel For Christ walketh among his Candlesticks of pure and tryed Gold Wherefore set thy light upon a Candlestick and shew forth thy good Conversation in meekness and godly fear that thou mayst become a good Example and others beholding thy good VVorks may glorifie God But for the Rebellious the Fearful and the Unbelieving the Day hastens upon such that the things that belong to their Eternal Peace shall be hid from their Eyes forever And all you my dear Friends and Brethren who are in Sufferings for the Testimony of Jesus and a good Conscience look up to Jesus the Author and Finisher of your Faith who for the Joy that was set before him endured the Cross and despised the shame and is sate down at the Right Hand of the Father in the heavenly Place into which if you faint not you shall all be received after the Dayes of your Pilgrimage shall be at an End with a VVell done good and faithful Servant And though these afflictions seem not joyous but grievous for the present yet a far more exceeding weight of glory stands at the Door VVherefore count it all Joy you fall into these Tryals and persevere to the end knowing that he that shall come will come and will not tarry and that his Reward is with him Remember the Martyrs of Jesus that loved not their lives to the death for his Names-sake that had called them And Jesus himself that made a good Confession before Pontius Pilate who hath consecrated through his Blood a new and living way for all that come unto God by him who is made a high Priest higher than the Heavens one that can be touched and moved and is daily touched and moved with our VVeakness and Infirmity that through him we may be made strong in the Lord and more then Conquerors through him that hath loved us VVherefore let it not seem as if some strange thing had happened to you for all these things are for the Tryal of your Faith which is more precious than the Gold that perisheth 'T is the old quarrel Children of this World against the Children of the Lord those that are born after the flesh warring against those that are born after the Spirit Cain against Abel the Old World against Noah Sodomites against Lot Hagar against Sarah Ishmael against Isaac Esau against Jacob Egyptians against Israelites the false Prophets against the true Prophets as Isaiah Jeremiah c. The Jews under the Profession of the Letter of the Law against Christ that came to fulfil the Law and all his spiritual followers and Disciples And all the false Apostate Christians against the true and Spiritual Christians and Martyrs of Jesus So your conflict is for the Spiritual Appearance of Christ Jesus against those that profess him in words but in Works and Conversations every day deny him doing Despight to the Spirit of grace in themselves and those that are led by it But though Gog and Magog shall gather themselves together to lay waste the City of God yet the Lord hath determined their destruction and he will bring it to pass Wherefore rejoyce O thou little Hill of God and clap thy Hands for Joy for he that is faithful and true Just and Righteous and able to deliver thee dwells in the midst of thee VVho will cause thee to grow and increase till thou becomest a great Mountain till thou becomest the praise of the whole Earth and the whole Earth be filled with thy Glory And to you all who are the followers of the Lamb of God who was dead but is alive and lives for evermore who is risen in your Hearts as a bright shining light and is leading you out of the Nature and Spirit of this World in the Path of Regeneration I have this to say by way of holy Encouragement unto you all the Lord God eternal that was and is and is to come hath reserved for you the glories of the last Dayes and if so be that the Followers and Martyrs of Jesus in Ages past when the Church was going into the Wilderness his witnesses into Sack-cloth were notwithstanding so Noble and Valiant for the Truth on Earth that they loved not their lives unto the Death and suffered joyfully the Spoiling of their Goods for the Testimony of Jesus how much more ought you all to be encouraged unto Faithfulness who are come to the Resurrection of the Day which shall never more be eclipsed in which the Bride-groom is come to fetch you his Spouse out of the WILDERNESS to give you Beauty for Ashes and the Garment of Praise for the SPIRIT of HEAVINESS who will cover you with his Spirit and adorn you with his fine Linnen the Righteousness of the Saints lean upon his Breast for ever And know your joyning in an Everlasting Covenant with him that he may lift up the Light of his Countenance upon you and delight to do you good that in blessing he may bless you increase you and multiply you in all spiritual Blessings now and forever that to God through him you may live all the days of your appointed time to whom be Glory and Honour Praises and Thanksgivings in the Church throughout all Ages and for ever I am In the Faith Patience Tribulation and Hope of the Kingdom of Jesus your Friend and Brother William Penn. MY Companions in the Labour and Travail of the Testimony of Jesus G. Keith and B. Furley salute you all in the Love of our God We have passed through several Cities of Germany and are now at Franckfort where the Lord hath given us Three blessed Opportunities with a Serious and Seeking People whereof as in other places of this Country many of them are Persons of great Worldly Quality blessed be the Name of the Lord to whom be Glory for ever Franckfort the 22th of the 6th Moneth 1677. W. P. THE END
TO THE Churches of Jesus Throughout the WORLD Gathered and setled in his Eternal Light Power and Spirit to be One Holy Flock Family and Houshold to the Lord who hath Redeemed them from among all the Kindreds of the Earth Godly Zeal Wisdom Power Perseverance and Victory with all Heavenly Blessings be multiplied among you in the Name of the Lord. William Penn. Printed in the Year 1677. TO THE Churches of Jesus Throughout the WORLD Gathered and setled in his Eternal Light Power and Spirit to be One Holy Flock Family and Houshold to the Lord c. Dear Friends and Brethren WHO have been visited with the Fatherly Visitation from on high and have received God's Eternal Word and Testament in your Hearts by which you have been gathered home to Christ Jesus the true Shepherd from all the Idol-Shepherds and their barren Mountains and unprofitable Hills where you have been scattered in the dark and gloomy Day of Apostacy and by his Light Spirit and Power have been convinced of sin righteousness and judgment and can say The Prince of this World is judged by his holy righteous and powerful Appearance in you unto whom all Judgment in Heaven Earth is committed who is the blessed Lamb of God the Light Saviour of the world who is King of Salem and Prince of Peace My Soul loves you with everlasting Love even with the Love with which my God and your God my Father your Father hath loved me and visited my Soul and your Souls in this do I dearly salute and embrace you all in this the Day of the fulfilling of his glorious Promises to his Church in the Wilderness and Witnesses in Sack-cloth And O magnified be his Name and everlastingly praised and renowned be his holy Power and Arm by which he hath reached unto us and brought Salvation near us For he hath sound us out and hath heard our solitary Cryes the deep and mournful Supplications of our bowed Spirits when we were as the little filly Dove without its Mate and the lonely Pelican in the Wilderness when we were ready to cry out Is there none to save is there none to help O when shall the Time and Times and Half a Time be finisht when shall the One Thousand Two Hundred and Sixty Days be accomplisht and when shall the Abomination that stands in the Holy Place be cast out when shall the Captivity of the People be turned back O when shall Babylon come into Remembrance before God the Dragon Beast and False Prephet be cast into the Lake And when shall the Law go forth out of Sion and the VVord of the Lord out of Jerusalem VVhen shall Sion become the Joy and Jerusalem the Praise of the whole Earth And when shall the Earth be covered with the Knowledge of the Lord as the VVaters cover the Sea Friends The Lord of Heaven and Earth hath heard our Cryes and the full time is come yea the appointed time is come and the Voice of the Eternal Spirit in our Hearts hath been heard on this wise many a time Awake thou that sleepest and I will give thee Life arise out of the Dust and shine for thy Light is come and the Glory of the Lord is risen upon thee And the Lord God hath given us that Light by which we have comprehended the Darkness in our selves and in the world and as we have believed in it dwelt in it and walked in it we have received Power to overcome the Evil one in all his Appearances in our selves and faithfully boldly to testifie against him in the World And the Blood of Jesus in this holy way of the Light have we felt in our Souls to cleanse us from Unrighteousness and given us to know the Mystery of the Fellowship of the Gospel one with another which stands in Life and immortality And here we become an holy houshold and family unto God that live in his Presence Day and Night to do his Will as becometh his redeemed and ransomed Children by the most precious Blood of his Son and no more to return to Folly And Friends Let it never pass out of our Remembrance what our God hath done for us since he hath made us a People Hath any Weapon formed against us prospered hath he called us and not protected us hath he given Power to conceive and not to bring forth hath he not sheltered us in many a storm did he ever leave us under the Reproaches and Contradictions of men nay hath he not spoken Peace to us were we ever cast out by men and he forsook us no the Lord hath taken us up were we ever in Prison and he visited us not hungry and he fed us not naked and he cloathed us not or have we been sick and he came not to see us when were the Jayles so close that he could not come in and the Dungeons so dark that he caused not his Light to shine upon us O nay he hath never left us nor forsaken us yea he hath provided richly for us he hath brought us into the VVilderness not to starve us but to try us yet not above our measure For he fed us with Manna from on high with pure Honey and Water out of the Rock and gave his good Spirit to sustain us By Night he was a Pillar of Fire to us to comfort us and by Day a Pillar of Cloude to hide and shelter us He was the Shadow of a mighty Rock that followed us and we never wanted a Brook by the way to refresh us Was God good to Israel outward much more hath he abounded to his spiritual Israel the proper Seed and Off-spring of himself O the noble Deeds and valiant Acts that he hath wrought in our day for our Deliverance He hath caused One to chase Ten and Ten an Hundred and an Hundred a Thousand many a Time None hath been able to snatch us out of his Hands who abode in his Truth For though the Winds have blown and the Sea hath raged yet hath he rebuked the VVinds and the Sea for his Seed's sake he hath said to the VVinds Be still and to the Sea Thus far shalt thou come and no farther He hath cast up a high VVay for his Ransomed to walk in so plain that though a Fool he shall not err therein This is the Light in which all Nations of them that are saved must walk for ever And therefore Friends Let us stay our Minds in the Light of the Lord for ever and let the Awe Fear and Dread of the Almighty dwell in us and let his holy Spirit be known to be a Covering to us that from the spirit of this World we may be chastly kept and preserved unto God in the holy Light and self-denying Life of Jesus who have offered up himself once for all leaving us an Example that we should also follow his steps that as he our dear Lord and Master so we his servants and Friends and Children might by
of this Age and of the Ages to come that they may walk as they have us for Examples yea the Lord God hath chosen you to place his Name in you the Lord hath entrusted you with his Glory that you might hold it forth to all Nations and that the generations unborn may call you Blessed Therefore let none be Treacherous to the Lord nor reward him evil for good nor betray his Cause directly by willful wickedness nor indirectly by negligence and unfaithfulness But be zealous and valiant for Truth on Earth let none be slothful or careless O remember the sloathful Servants State And let the loving-kindness of the Lord overcome every Soul to faithfulness For with him are Riches and Honour and every good thing and whither should any go he hath the words of Eternal Life O let none loose their Testimony but hold it up for God let thy gift be never so small thy Testimony never so little Through thy whole Conversation bear it for God and be true to what thou art Convinced of And wait all upon the Lord that you may grow in your heavenly Testimony that Life may fill your Hearts your Houses and your Meetings that you may daily wait to know and to receive Power to do the Will of God on Earth as it is in Heaven And O! that the Cross of Jesus may be in high and honourable Esteem with every one that the Liberty of all may stand in the Cross which alone Preserveth for it is the Power of God that Crucifieth us to the world and the world to us And through Death way is made unto Life and Immortality which by this blessed Cross the Gospel the Power is brought to Light So shall the Seed of Life that God hath sown in our Hearts grow and in that Seed shall we all come to be blessed unto whom God hath appointed the Dominion over us and it is good for all to live under the Holy Government of it for the ways of it are the ways of pleasantness and all its Paths are Peace and all that are born of it can say Thy Scepter is a Scepter of Righteousness And O! That all Friends every where may continually bow unto his righteous Scepter and keep to his holy Law which is written in their Hearts that it may be a Light to their Feet and a Lanthorn to their Paths So shall they come to witness that holy Promise made good unto them Isaiah 59. That the Spirit which I have given unto him the vers 21. Seed and the words which I have put into his Mouth shall not depart from him nor from his Seed nor from his Seeds Seed unto all Generations Wherefore Friends redeem the time because the Dayes are Evil God hath given you to see they are so and be ye separated more and more yea perfectly disentangled from the Cares of this World And be ye not cumbred with the many things but stand loose from the things that are seen which are Temporal And you that are poor murmur not but be Patient and trust in the Lord and submit to his Providence and he will provide for you that which is convenient for you the days of your appointed time And you that are Rich keep in the moderation and strive not to multiply Earthly Treasure nor to heap up uncertain Riches to your selves but what God hath given you more than what is convenient for your own Use wait for his VVisdom to employ it for his Glory that you may be faithful Stewards of this worlds Mammon the Lord God shall reward you into your Bosoms of the riches of that Kingdom that shall never have an end O my Friends and Brethren whether Rich or Poor in Bonds or at Liberty in whatsoever state you are the Salutation of the universal Life of Jesus is to you And the Exhortation is to bow to what is made known unto you and in the Light by which ye have received in measure the Knowledg of God watch and wait diligently to the further Revelation of the Mind and Will of God unto you that ye may be endued from on High with Power and Might in your inward Man to answer the call and requirings of the Lord that ye may be enabled to make known to the Nations what is the Riches of the Glory of this blessed Mystery in the Gentiles which is Christ Jesus the Light of the World in you the hope of glory For this I have to tell you in the Vision of the Almighty that the Day of the breaking up of the Nations about you and of the sounding of the Gospel-Trumpet unto the Inhabitants of the Earth is just at the door And they that are worthy who have kept their Habitation from the beginning and have dwelt in the Unity of the Faith that overcometh the world and have kept the Bond of Peace The Lord God will Impower and Spirit you to go forth with his Everlasting Word and Testament to awaken and gather Kindreds Languages and People to the Glory of the rising of the Gentiles Light who is God's Salvation unto the ends of the Earth And I must tell you that there is a Breathing Hungring Seeking People solitarily scattered up and down this great Land of Germany where the Lord hath sent me and I believe it is the like in other Nations And as the Lord hath laid it upon me with my Companions to seek some of them out so have we found several in divers Places And we have had many blessed Oppornities amongst them wherein our Hearts have greatly rejoyced having been made deeply sensible of the love of God towards them and of the great openness and tenderness of Spirit in them to receive the Testimony of Light and Life through us And we have a stedfast belief that the Lord will carry on his Work in this Land effectually and that he will raise up those that shall be as Ministers of his eternal Testament amongst them And O! our desire is that God would put it into the Hearts of many of his faithful Witnesses to visit the Inhabitants of this Country where God hath a great Seed of People to be gathered that his work may go on in the Earth till the whole Earth be filled with his Glory And it is under the deep and weighty sense of this approaching VVork that the Lord God hath laid it upon me to write to you to wait for the further powrings out of the Power and Spirit of the Lord that nothing that is Careless Sleepy Earthly or Exalted may get up whereby to displease the Lord and cause him to with-draw his sweet and preserving presence from any that know him But let all keep the King of Righteousness his Peace and walk in the steps of the Flocks of the Companions For withering and destruction shall come upon all such as desert the Camp of the Lord or with their murmuring Spirit disquiet the Heritage of God For they are greater Enemies to Sion's glory and