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A41149 So short a catechisme, that whosoever cannot, or will not learn, are not in any wise to be admitted to the Lords Supper Edward Fenton. Fenton, Edward. 1662 (1662) Wing F718B; ESTC R40217 2,378 14

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So short a CATECHISME that whosoever cannot or will not learn are not in any wise to be admitted to the LORDS SUPPER Newly Corrected and Amended Edward Fenton LONDON Printed for R. Eeles in the year 1662. So short a Catechisme that whosoever cannot or will not learn are not in any wise to be admitted to the Lords Supper CREATION Question WHo made thee Answer a Isay 44.2 Psal 139.13.14 15. God Q. What is God A. He is b Ge. 17.1 Iere. 32.18.19 Almightie the c Ge. 24.6 Isa 44.24 Maker and d Iere. 10.23 Pro. 21 30 31. Governour of all things Q. Wherefore did he make thee A. e Deut. 10.12 Iosh 12.5 To serve him Q. How oughtest thou to serve him A. f Deut. 12.32 Psa 119.4 Of the Law As he hath appointed in his laws Q. Which be they A. g Exod. 20 Deut 6.5 God spake all these words and said Thou shalt have none other Gods before me c. Q. Canst thou fulfill all these Commandements without breaking any one of them A. No though I doe all that I can yet I breake them every day in h Mat 5.18 Rom. 7.18 19. thought word and deed Q. What punishment is there appointed for the breach of these Commandements A. i Deut. 27.26 Mat. 25 42 The curse of God which is eternall destruction both of body and soul REDEMPTION Q. By what meanes then shalt thou escape this punishment A. k Gal. 3.13 Col. 2 14 15. Onely by Iesus Christ Q What is Iesus Christ A. He is the l Mat 17.5 H●b 1.3 4 eternall Son of God Q. What hath he done for thee A. He m Phil. 2.8 Heb 5.7.8 9. suffered the Torments of Death for me Q. Christ Iesus was God and how then could he dye A. Christ Iesus was n Isa 9.6 Rom. 9.5 both God and o 1 Tim 25 Phil 2 1.7 Man and in that he was God hee could not dye but being Man he dyed p Ro. 2.24 1 Pet 2. ●4 Of faith for my sinnes and rose again to make me righteous Q Are all men then saved by his death A. No none are saved q Ioh 3.18 Acts 3 49 but such as lay hold on him by a lively faith Q. What is a lively faith A. A lively faith is a r Eph. 2.11 Col. 2.5 7 full perswasion of my ſ Ephe. 3.17 Acts 15.9 heart grounded upon the t Rom. 4.18.21 heb 11.11 promises of GOD that whatsoever Christ hath done for the salvation of Man he hath done it as well u Ioh. 20.28 Gal. 2.30 for me as for any others Q Where is the sum of your faith A. In the Creed I believe in God the Father c. SANCTIFICATION Q. How commest thou by this faith Of preaching A. The Holy Ghost doth work it u Act. 16.14 Iohn 6 45. inwardly in my heart by the outward x Rom 10.14.17 preaching of his word Q. How is that faith increased and made strong in us A. y Thes 1.3 Pro 4. ●8 Of the Sacraments By hearing the same word preached and using the Sacraments Q. What be Sacraments A. Sacraments be outward z Gen. 17.11 Exo 12.10 signes ordained of God are left as a R●● 4. .1 1 Cor 1 10 17.2 seales and pledges of those benefits of our salvation which we receive in Christ to strengthen our faith Q How many Sacraments be there A. Two b 1 Cor. 1 1 2 3 4. Baptisme and the Lords Supper Q. What profit hast thou by Baptisme A. I believe that by Baptisme my c Acts. 22.16 c. 38 sinnes are forgiven me for as the water doth wash the filth of my body so I believe that the d Eph. 1.7 1 Pet. 1.2 bloud of Christ being sprinkled upon my soule by the e Heb. 10.22 Acts 15 9. hand of faith doth wash me from all my sinnes Q What profit hast thou by the use of the Lords supper A. As I receive the f Math. 26 26.27 1 Cor. 11.23 24 25. bread and wine into my body to become wholly mine so I believe that my Soul receiveth withall Christ Iesus with g 1 Cor. 1.30 2 Cor. 5.2 his death and righteousnesse to the h Rom. 4.1 Eph. 1.13 sealing up of my everlasting Salvation Q. Seeing that they which receive these mysteries unworthily eat and drink their own condemnation how oughtest thou to prepare thy selfe to the right receiving of them A. First I must i 1 Cor. 11 28. 2 Cor 13.5 examine my selfe whether I k 2 Thes 2 15. 1 Cor. 16.13 stand strongly in the true saith of Iesus Christ or no. Secondly whither I find my heart l Mat. 26.75 2 Cor. 7.9.10 inwardly grieved for my sins with an m Psal 51.17 Rom. 7.24 hatred and loathing of the same Thirdly if any offence be betwixt others and me that I n Mat. 5.24 Heb 12.44 reconcile my selfe unto them and o Mat 8.22 forgive them even as Christ hath forgiven me Q. Is not prayer a speciall meanes to increase our faith Col. 3 12.13 of praier A. Yea it is a p Act. 4.29 31. Luk. 17.5 speciall help Q. How oughtest thou then to pray A. Onely q Ioh 16.23 Iam. 8.5 to God in the name of Iesus Christ Q. What forme of prayer usest thou most A. That which the r Man 6.9 Luk. 2.18 Lord Iesus taught his Apostles Q. What is that A. Our father which art in heaven c. Q. How understandest thou this prayer A. This prayer containeth six petitions whereof the first thrée are appointed only to Gods glory the other thrée belong unto us wherein we ask things necessarie both for soul and body FINIS OPen our eyes O Lord that wee may see the wonderous things of the Law that by them as by a Glasse we may see our own weaknesse and by our weaknesse our wickedness and by them both our accursedness then cause thy sweet comforts and consolations contained in thy Gospel to shine into our Soules by a true and lively faith in Christ Jesus beseeching thee that our dry and stony hearts may by the sweet Dews and Showers of thy Heavenly Spirit be so moystned and softened that as good ground they may ever be yeelding forth good fruit to the glorifying of thy name to the suppressing of sin and increasing of Vertue through Christ our Saviour Amen