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A56458 The loyal subjects hearty wishes to King Charles the Second. ... To the tune, When cannons are roaring. J. P. 1660 (1660) Wing P56; ESTC R222642 1,737 1 View Text
A11715 A right godly and Christian A.B.C. shewing the duty of every degree To the tune of Rogero. 1625 (1625) STC 22; ESTC S115591 2,961 2 View Text
A81356 A description of the forme and manner of publick thanksgiving 1641 (1641) Wing D1157; Thomason E171_16; ESTC R3462 3,365 8 View Text
A72749 A forme of prayer to be publikely vsed in churches, during this vnseasonable weather, and aboundance of raine. Set forth by authoritie.. Church of England.; Dyson, Humphrey, d. 1633. 1613 (1613) STC 16539; ESTC S123409 3,602 17 View Text
A77454 A briefe relation, abstracted out of severall letters, of a most hellish, cruell, and bloudy plot against the city of Bristoll, hatched and contrived by the malignants of the said city, Prince Rupert, George Lord Digby, and their fellow cavalliers, to have massacred, murdered, plundered, and destroyed, not only the well affected in the said city, but all others, that had not the mark of the beast upon them; happily discovered and prevented by the goodnesse and mercy of God, upon Tuesday the 7th this instant March, a few houres before it should have been put in execution. March 13. 1642. Ordered by the House of Commons, that this relation be forthwith printed. H. Elsynge Cler. Parl. D. Com. I. H. 1643 (1643) Wing B4622; Thomason E93_3; ESTC R1974 3,871 8 View Text
A08694 The B A C bothe in latyn and in Englysshe 1538 (1538) STC 19; ESTC S110843 4,205 18 View Text
A35850 The word of the Lord, to his beloved citty New-Ierusalem come from God, cloathed with the excellency of the glory of his love, and is the bride the Lambs wife, with the flowings of the tender compassionate bowels of the Lord Jesus to all the mourners in Sion, and the afflicted, desolate people, who waite for his comming as for the morning, and hath not satisfaction in any thing but in the enjoyment of his sweet and comfortable presence. Dewsbury, William, 1621-1688. 1664 (1664) Wing D1283; ESTC R36091 4,594 8 View Text
A40957 A vvoman forbidden to speak in the church the grounds examined, the mystery opened, the truth cleared, and the ignorance both of priests and people discovered / written by a friend of the truth whose name in the flesh is Richard Farnworth. R. F. (Richard Farnworth), d. 1666. 1655 (1655) Wing F515; ESTC R36417 6,400 9 View Text
A40956 A woman forbidden to speak in the church the grounds examined, the mystery opened, the truth cleared, and the ignorance both of priests and people discovered / written by a friend of the truth, whose name in the flesh is Richard Farneworth. R. F. (Richard Farnworth), d. 1666. 1654 (1654) Wing F514; ESTC R15311 6,421 10 View Text
A38895 An exact and true relation of the behaviour of Edmund Kirk, John Bennet, Morgan Keading [i.e. Reading] and Andrew Hill, during their imprisonment, and at the place of execution on Friday the 11th of this instant July 1684 with their last dying words and speeches at Tyburn. 1684 (1684) Wing E3615; ESTC R12401 6,780 6 View Text
A81789 The Due right of tithes examined: in a letter from a gentleman to his friend, wherein is proved that Jesus Christ did not work as a carpenter, nor did ever command his Apostles or ministers to work for a livelihood: by way of answer to some passages in Mr. Fishers Baby-baptism. By an aged gentleman, who cannot long expect to have the comfort of ministers of their ministery. 1653 (1653) Wing D2441; Thomason E714_16; ESTC R207243 7,019 13 View Text
A09704 A poore mannes beneuolence to the afflicted Church Pits, John. 1566 (1566) STC 19969; ESTC S114729 7,855 26 View Text
A49693 A thanksgiving sermon for His Majesty's safe return and for the happy and honourable peace, of which God has made him the glorious instrument, Preached in Highgate Chapel, on Thursday the 2d of December, 1697. BY R. L. V.A.L. R. L. 1697 (1697) Wing L56C; ESTC R218601 7,903 23 View Text
A32786 A sermon preached in Saint Pavles chvrch the tenth of October, 1641 by Mr. Thomas Chisheare ... ; vvherein are many memorable passages most worthy of serious observations in these times. Cheshire, Thomas, b. 1600 or 1601. 1641 (1641) Wing C3780; ESTC R18461 9,416 17 View Text
A37283 A thanksgiving-sermon preach'd at Sutton in Surrey, April the 16th, 1696 being the national thanksgiving day for His Majesty's most happy preservation from the most detestable assassination, in order to a French invasion / by Henry Day ... Day, Henry, M.A. 1694 (1694) Wing D463; ESTC R16920 10,274 30 View Text
A13150 Certayne sweete prayers of the glorious name of Iesus, commonly called Iesus Mattens with the howers therto belonging / written in Latin aboue two hundred yeres agoe, by H. Susonne. Seuse, Heinrich, 1295-1366. 1575 (1575) STC 23443.5; ESTC S1010 10,429 58 View Text
A90167 Orders and rules appointed by the last will and testament of Sir Thomas Holt, knight and baronet to be observed in the electing, and after the election, of the ten poore persons inhabiting in his almshouse at Aston Juxta Birmingham in the county of Warwick, with the assent and assistance of Dame Anne Holt, the relict of the said Sir Thomas Holt, and of Sir Robert Holt baronet, his grand-son, and his heires males. Holt, Thomas, Sir, 1570 or 71-1654.; Holt, Robert, Sir.; Holt, Anne. 1656 (1656) Wing O396aA; ESTC R42531 10,608 24 View Text
A81572 Divine physick for devout souls: or, Four serious vvords to the most grave and solid christians that scruple at The book of common prayer. Viz. I. To serve God by a liturgie, is part of the publick worship of God. II. The forms of the generall part of the Liturgie, used in the Church of England, compared with such formes as we finde in Scripture. III. An help to scrupulous consciences touching some things most excepted against in the other parts of the rubrick appointed to be used on particular occasions. IIII. Wee ought not to refuse the rubrick or common-prayer because it is imposed by authority from men, but therefore to use it. By a moderate son of the church. Gordon, Jones, 1640?-1714. 1662 (1662) Wing D1726; ESTC R231756 10,664 19 View Text
A51814 Praise and adoration, or, A sermon on Trinity-Sunday before the University at Oxford, 1681 by Thomas Mannyngham ... Manningham, Thomas, 1651?-1722. 1681 (1681) Wing M496; ESTC R1851 10,969 30 View Text
A65470 A sermon preached at the anniversary meeting of the Sons of Clergy-men, in St. Paul's Cathedral, December 3, 1700 by Richard West ... West, Richard, 1671 or 2-1716. 1700 (1700) Wing W1381; ESTC R14312 11,130 29 View Text
A57856 Moses returned from Midian; or, Gods kindnesse to a banished king his office, and his subjects duty. As it was delivered in a sermon, preached at Linlithgow, on the day of thanksgiving for His Majestie our Soveraigns happy restauration. By J.R. M.L. and published by A.G. P.L. Published by authority. Ramsey, James. 1660 (1660) Wing R222; ESTC R217055 11,311 18 View Text
A30495 A sermon preach'd at Barbican upon the sixteenth of April, 1696 being a day of thanksgiving unto Almighty God for discovering and disappointing an horrid and barbarous conspiracy of papists and other traiterous persons to assassinate and murder His Most Gracious Majesty's royal person, and for delivering this kingdom from an invasion intended by the French / by Andrew Burnett ... Burnett, Andrew, minister of the Gospel. 1696 (1696) Wing B5962; ESTC R37171 11,789 25 View Text
B01617 Some select psalms of David turn'd a-new into metre, and suited to the common tunes sung in parish churches: with a divine Pindarique ode on the redemption of man. / By Charles Wormington, Gent.; Bible. O.T. Psalms. English. 1697. Wormington, Charles, fl. 1697. 1697 (1697) Wing B2604C; ESTC R172924 13,195 76 View Text
A02589 A sermon of publike thanksgiuing for the wonderfull mitigation of the late mortalitie preacht before his Matie; vpon his gracious command, at his court of Whitehall, Ian. 29. 1625. And vpon the same command published by Ios. Hall deane of Worcester. Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656. 1626 (1626) STC 12713; ESTC S103657 13,269 61 View Text
A18292 The cleansing of the ten lepers, or, Briefe notes on Luke 17, vers. 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 by Mathevv Caylie minister of Gods Word at Maidford in Northamptonsh. Caylie, Mathew. 1623 (1623) STC 4890.3; ESTC S281 13,796 82 View Text
A07502 Honorable entertainments compos'de for the seruice of this noble cittie. Some of which were fashion'd for the entertainment of the Lords of his Maiesties most Honorable Priuie Councell, vpon the occasion of their late royall employment. Inuented by Thomas Middlevon [sic]. Middleton, Thomas, d. 1627. 1621 (1621) STC 17886; ESTC S110003 13,907 57 View Text
A92958 Mercy in a miracle shewing, the deliverance, and the duty, of the king, and the people In a sermon preached at Mitcham in Surry, June 28. 1660 in a solemne congratulation for the restoration of his Majesty to his royal throne. By Anthonie Sadler, late chaplain, to the right honourable Leticia, Lady Pagett, Dowager, deceased. Sadler, Anthony, b. 1610.; Vaughan, Robert, engraver. 1660 (1660) Wing S268; ESTC R230425 14,467 29 View Text
A34552 Eucharistia, or, A grateful acknowledgement of God's goodness in preserving our most gracious King William and for the success of his arms this last summer : deliver'd in a sermon to a country-auditory on the 22d of September 1695, being the day appointed by authority for a public thanksgiving / by William Corbin. Corbin, William. 1695 (1695) Wing C6278; ESTC R27918 14,491 30 View Text
A95181 A true relation of some passages which passed at Madrid in the year 1623. by Prince Charles, being then in Spain prosecuting the match with the Lady Infanta. As also, severall observations of eleven ominous presages, some of them hapning in the same hear whil'st the said Prince was in Spain, the rest of them hapned from that time untill his death. With a discovery of some of the wayes which the then Popish Bishops used to bring Poperie into this nation. / By a lover of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the wellfare of this nation. Lover of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the wellfare of this nation. 1655 (1655) Wing T2918; Thomason E842_18; ESTC R207227 15,273 24 View Text
A55741 Christ's revvard of a Christians watch and ward, or, A sermon preached at the burial of Mr. John Berry of Thorverton in the countie of Devon, Aug. 23, 1654 by John Preston ... Preston, John, b. 1598 or 9. 1655 (1655) Wing P3297B; ESTC R1152 15,552 24 View Text
A45206 The dreadfulness of the plague. Or A sermon preached in the parish-church of St. John the Evangelist, December 6th. being a day of public fasting. By Jos. Hunter M.A. and minister in York Hunter, Josiah, minister in York. 1666 (1666) Wing H3766; ESTC R219103 15,661 32 View Text
A75062 An Abstract of the Scripture-catechism accommodated by the author, to the use of children and ignorant people / newly corrected by the author himself. 1675 (1675) Wing A142B; ESTC R42630 16,853 76 View Text
A54463 A sermon preached in the Cathedral of St. Peters in York on the fifth day of Novemb. 1689 by William Perse ... Perse, William, 1640 or 41-1707. 1689 (1689) Wing P1654; ESTC R7086 17,801 43 View Text
A47177 A sermon preached at the meeting of Protestant dissenters called Quakers in Turners-Hall, London, on the 16th of the second month, 1696 : being the publick day of thanksgiving for the deliverance of the King and Kingdom : to which is added a testimony ... to King William the III from the aforesaid people ... / by George Keith. Keith, George, 1639?-1716. 1696 (1696) Wing K208; ESTC R28960 18,109 32 View Text
A87630 A sermon preach't at Christs-Church Dublin before the generall convention of Ireland. May 24. 1660. By Henry Jones D.D. Vicechancellour of the University of Dublin and Bishop of Clogher. Jones, Henry, 1605-1682. 1660 (1660) Wing J952; Thomason E1041_3; ESTC R207927 18,448 32 View Text
A30964 The speeches and prayers of John Barkstead, John Okey, and Miles Corbet together with severa[l] passages at the time of their execution at Tyiburn [sic], the nineteenth of April, 1662, with some due and sober animadversions of the said speeches.; Selections. 1662 Barkstead, John, d. 1662.; Corbet, Miles, d. 1662. Selections. 1662.; Okey, John, d. 1662. Selections. 1662. 1662 (1662) Wing B816; ESTC R305 18,945 39 View Text
A78179 Gods lift-up hand for Lancashire, presented in a sermon preached before the honorable committee of the county at Lancashire. Upon the 18th of December 1645. Being a solemne day of thankesgiving to God for clearing of the country, in subduing the enemies thereof. / By Nehemiah Barnet, minister at Lancaster. Barnett, Nehemiah, b. 1614 or 15. 1646 (1646) Wing B874; Thomason E1165_2; ESTC R210100 19,384 61 View Text
A45148 The breathings of the devout soul Hall, Joseph, 1574-1656. 1648 (1648) Wing H370; ESTC R202348 19,939 90 View Text
A39974 A Form of consecration or dedication of churches and chappels together with what may be used in the restauration of ruined churches and expiation of churches desecrated or prophan'd. 1666 (1666) Wing F1566; ESTC R36465 20,012 41 View Text
A09052 The barren trees doome a sermon preached at Newbery on the fifth day of August. Beeing the day of his Maiesties most happy deliuerance from the bloudy conspiracie of the Earle of Gowry and his brother Alexander. By Bartholomevv Parsons Batchelour in Diuinitie, and vicar of Collingborne Kingstone in the countie of Wiltes. Parsons, Bartholomew, 1574-1642. 1616 (1616) STC 19344; ESTC S114079 20,572 39 View Text
A37536 The present interest of England in matters of religion, stated wherein is clearly demonstrated that the Protestant religion may be fully secured from popery, though the penal laws be taken away / by W.D., alover of liberty for conscience sake. W. D., lover of liberty for conscience sake. 1688 (1688) Wing D99; ESTC R21223 21,170 32 View Text
A19432 A very short and pithie catechisme verie profitable for all that will come prepared to the Supper of the Lord: VVith a forme of confessyon, prayer and thanks giuing, very necessary and comfortable for all christian families. Made by Bartimeus Andrewes, preacher of the word of God at great Yarmouth: published at the request of the vvorshipfull and godlie magistrates there. Andrewes, Bartimaeus. 1586 (1586) STC 586; ESTC S108527 21,533 78 View Text
A19145 1588. A sermon preached on the queenes day. Beeing the 17. of Nouember. 1587. at the towne of Lidd in Kent, by Isaac Colfe, preacher of the word of God Colfe, Isaac, 1558 or 9-1597. 1588 (1588) STC 5552; ESTC S110713 22,343 63 View Text
A19174 The seale of the churches safetie; or A sermon preached at Norwich, the fift of Nouember, 1616 Wherein is opened the sealed assurance of the safetie of the Church, in all times, and estates, meete for all Christians to know, and acknowledge, to the glorie of God, and their owne comfort in life and death. By N. Colt, one of the preachers appointed by publike authoritie for the common-place there.; Seale of the churches safetie. Colt, Nicholas, d. 1642. 1617 (1617) STC 5585; ESTC S118542 22,373 96 View Text
A36314 A sermon occasioned by the late earthquake which happen'd in London and other places on the eighth of September, 1692 / Preached to a congregation in Reading by Samuel Doolittle. Doolittle, Samuel. 1692 (1692) Wing D1880; ESTC R32821 22,758 36 View Text
A33032 A Form of prayer to be used on Wednesday the fifth day of June next ensuing within the cities of London and Westminster, and ten miles distance of the same : and on Wednesday the nineteenth of the same June through the rest of the whole kingdom, being the fast-day appointed by the King and Queen's proclamation to implore the blessing of Almighty God upon Their Majesties Forces by sea and land, success in the war now declared against the French king ... 1689 (1689) Wing C4151; ESTC R17173 22,807 42 View Text
B00330 A fourme of prayer with thankes giuing, to be vsed of all the Queenes Maiesties louing subiects euery yeere, the 17. of Nouember, being the daye of the her Highnesse entry to her kingdome. Set forth by authoritie. Church of England. 1580 (1580) STC 16481; ESTC S123387 22,894 49 View Text
A26011 A svpport for the sinking heart in times of distresse, or, A sermon preached in London to uphold hope and allay feare Ianuary 4th which was a day of great trouble and deepe danger in the city / by Simeon Ash. Ashe, Simeon, d. 1662. 1642 (1642) Wing A3967; ESTC R15872 23,491 36 View Text
B07983 Meditations concerning praiers to almighty God, for the safety of England, when the Spaniards were come into the narrow seas, August 1588. As also other meditations concerning thanksgiuing, for deliuering Englande from the cruelty of the Spaniards, and for their meruailous confusion and ouerthrow. / By O.Pygge. ; With a spirituall song of praises by P. Turner Doctor of Physicke.. Pigg, Oliver, b. ca. 1551.; Turner, Peter, 1542-1614. Spirituall song to the praise of almightie God, for deliuering England from the Spaniards. 1589 (1589) STC 19916.3; ESTC S94725 23,900 73 View Text
A31474 The Ceremonies, form of prayer, and services used in Westminster-Abby at the coronation of King James the First and Queen Ann, his consort performed by Dr. Whitgift ... ; with an account of the procession from the palace to the Abby ... : with the coronation of King Charles the First in Scotland. 1685 (1685) Wing C1676; ESTC R8357 23,960 22 View Text
A96450 Englands sorrows turned into joy. A sermon preached the 28th. of June, 1660. Being a publick thanksgiving, for the restauration of his Excellent Majesty, Charles II. Of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, &c. To His crownes and kingdomes, and us (His subjects) to our antient rights, liberties, and lawes. By John Whynnell, minister of the gospel at Askerswell in the county of Dorset. Whynnell, John, b. 1603 or 4. 1660 (1660) Wing W2073; Thomason E1033_8; ESTC R208964 24,107 42 View Text
A27997 The book of Job in meeter as to several of those excellent things contain'd therein, the better to familiarize them, and to bring them the more into use, for peoples benefit, to be sung after the ordinary, and usual tunes. By R. P. Minister of the Gospel, and an admirer of the infinite perfections and excellencies of God.; Bible. English. Selections. R. P. 1700 (1700) Wing B2640A; ESTC R215884 24,889 92 View Text
A06663 The castell of comforte in the whiche it is euidently proued, [that] God alone absolueth, and freli forgeueth the sinners of so many as vnfaynedly repent, and turne vnto hym Lately compyled by Thomas Becon. Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567. 1549 (1549) STC 1712; ESTC S109188 24,993 94 View Text
A14322 The right way to heauen and the true testimonie of a faithfull and loyall subiect. Compiled by Richard Vennard of Lincolnes Inne. R. V. (Richard Vennard), d. 1615? 1601 (1601) STC 24637; ESTC S120185 25,162 65 View Text
A90894 Christ exalted above all creatures by God his Father or A sermon preached before the Right Honourable, the Parliament of the Commonwealth of England. (At their solemne fast, observed the last day of the last month called February 1649.) By Vavasor Povvell. Powell, Vavasor, 1617-1670. 1651 (1651) Wing P3081; Thomason E1332_4; ESTC R209110 26,418 99 View Text
A06268 Lachrymæ Londinenses: or, Londons lamentations and teares for Gods heauie visitation of the plague of pestilence. With, a map of the cities miserie: wherein may be seene, a journall of the deplorable estate of the citie, from the beginning of the visitation vnto this present. A Christian expostulation and admonition to such as fled out of the citie. ... 1626 (1626) STC 16753; ESTC S105404 26,898 51 View Text
A03390 A free-vvill offering, or, a Pillar of praise with a thankfull remembrance for the receit of mercies, in a long voyage, and happy arrivall. First preached in Fen-Church, the 7 of September, 1634. now published by the author, Samuel Hinde.; Free-will offering. Hinde, Samuel, fl. 1634. 1634 (1634) STC 13511; ESTC S115210 27,253 104 View Text
B08242 Saints duty discoursed, from 2 Pet. 3. 18. and the saints dignity handled, from Eph. chap. 1. v. 7. with directions to both, delivered from a chatecheticall dialogue by him that was, and is ... R. A. 1649 (1649) Wing A27B; ESTC R176488 27,390 80 View Text
A08799 The sinners sanctuary. By Thomas Packer, his Majesties servant Packer, Thomas, fl. 1628-1637. 1638 (1638) STC 19084; ESTC S103145 27,609 134 View Text
A15516 The pedlers prophecie Wilson, Robert, d. 1600. 1595 (1595) STC 25782; ESTC S111811 27,924 47 View Text
A44229 The free and voluntary confession and narrative of James Holloway addressed to His Majesty written with his own hand, and delivered by himself to Mr. Secretary Jenkins ; as also the proceedings against the said James Holloway in His Majesties King-Bench Court, Westminster, and his petition to His Majesty ; together with a particular account of the discourse as passed between the sheriffs of London and the said James Holloway at the time of his execution for high-treason at Tyburn, April 30. 1684 ; with his prayer immediately before, and the true copy of the paper delivered them at the same time and place. Holloway, James, d. 1684. 1684 (1684) Wing H2509; ESTC R2717 28,093 16 View Text
A43345 Family-hymns gather'd (mostly) out of the best translations of David's psalms. Henry, Matthew, 1662-1714. 1695 (1695) Wing H1475A; ESTC R31532 28,341 86 View Text
A29136 Anastasis Britannica & Hibernica Great Brittain and Irelands resurrection. Or the happy turn upon his Majesties happy message and happy return. The first part upon occasion of the thanksgiving, May 24. 1660. which was for his Majesties gracious message from beyond seas to the two houses, delivered upon 2 Sam.19.14. And he bowed the heart of all the men of Judah, ... The second part upon occasion of the thanksgiving, June 28. 1660. for His Majesties safe return to His kingdomes, ... By John Bradshaw pastor of Etchingham in Sussex. Bradshaw, John, 17th cent. 1660 (1660) Wing B4151B; ESTC R224001 29,369 53 View Text
A34597 The country-curate's advice to his parishioners, in four parts I. Directs us, how to serve God on the Lord's day, II. On the week day, III. How to discharge our duty in our several relations, as husband and wife, parents and children, masters and servants, IV. How to prepare for death / by H.C. H. C. (Henry Cornwallis), 1654?-1710. 1693 (1693) Wing C6333; ESTC R37664 30,893 81 View Text
A49713 Officium quotidianum: or, A manual of private devotions By the most reverend father in God Dr. William Laud late Lord Arch-bishop of Canterbury. Laud, William, 1573-1645. 1663 (1663) Wing L593; ESTC R222019 31,063 164 View Text
A14379 Englands hallelu-jah. Or, Great Brittaines gratefull retribution, for Gods gratious benediction In our many and most famous deliuerances, since the halcyon-dayes of euer-blessed Queene Elizabeth, to these present times. Together, with diuers of Dauids Psalmes, according to the French metre and measures. By I:V Vicars, John, 1579 or 80-1652. 1631 (1631) STC 24697; ESTC S111549 31,133 126 View Text
A25409 The private devotions of the Right Reverend Father in God Lancelot Andrewes. Late Bishop of Winchester. Andrewes, Lancelot, 1555-1626. 1647 (1647) Wing A3150; ESTC R207734 32,173 192 View Text
A44691 Self-dedication discoursed in the anniversary thanksgiving of a person of honour for a great deliverance. By J.H. Howe, John, 1630-1705. 1682 (1682) Wing H3038AA; ESTC R215393 32,263 171 View Text
A14668 The Psalmes of Dauid in meter the plaine song beeing the common tunne to be sung and plaide vpon the lute, orpharyon, citterne or base violl, seuerally or altogether, the singing part to be either tenor or treble to the instrument, according to the nature of the voyce, or for foure voyces: with tenne short tunnes in the end, to which for the most part all the Psalmes may be vsually sung, for the vse of such as are of mean skill, and whose leysure least serueth to practise: by Richard Allison Gent. practitioner in the art of musicke: and are to be sold at his house in the Dukes place neere Alde-gate. Alison, Richard, fl. 1588-1606.; Sternhold, Thomas, d. 1549.; Hopkins, John, d. 1570. 1599 (1599) STC 2497; ESTC S107043 33,079 152 View Text
A56605 A book for beginners, or, A help to young communicants that they may be fitted for the Holy communion, and receive it with profit. By S. Patrick, D.P. Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. 1680 (1680) Wing P751; ESTC R218754 33,198 242 View Text
A68446 An humble supplicacion vnto God for the restoring of hys holye woorde, vnto the churche of Englande, mooste mete to be sayde in these oure dayes, euen with teares of euery true [and] faythfull English harte. Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567. 1554 (1554) STC 1730; ESTC S110450 34,239 76 View Text
A86504 A sermon, preached before the Right Honourable, Thomas Foote, Lord Maior, and the right worshipfull the aldermen, sheriffs, and severall companies of the City of London. Vpon the generall day of thanksgiving, October the 8. 1650. at Christ-Church, London. / By Doctor Nathanael Homes, teacher of the Church at Mary Staynings, London. Homes, Nathanael, 1599-1678. 1650 (1650) Wing H2576; Thomason E614_4; ESTC R202565 34,476 51 View Text
A58858 Mirabilia dei, or, Britannia gaudio exultans Opened in a congratulatory sermon for the safe return of our Gracious Soveraign, and happy restitution to the full and free exercise of His royall authoritie. Preached on the 14th. of June, [16]60. which was the day set apart for the members, master, and students of the Kings Colledge, in the town and parish of Old Aberdeen, to commemorat and solemnly praise the Lord for the rich mercies above mentioned: by Alexander Scrougie preacher of the Gospel, and minister at Old Aberdeen. Scrogie, Alexander, d. 1661. 1660 (1660) Wing S2127; ESTC R218663 34,871 47 View Text
A01750 Architectonice consolationis: or, The art of building comfort occasioned by the death of that religious gentlewoman, Iane Gilbert; to be studied: and with all a platforme of comfort to be raised up by her husband William Gilbert Doctor in Divinity. Gilbert, William, 1597?-1640. 1640 (1640) STC 11882; ESTC S103154 35,866 70 View Text
A03778 Great Brittaines resurrection: or the Parliaments passing bell By vvay of psalmodie, against the tryumphing of the Papists, in their seuen psalmes. And in imitation of the song of the three nobles of Israel, deliuered out of the fierie ouen of Babell. By VVilliam Hubbard, Chaplaine to the Kings Maiestie, in his Highness Tower of London. Seene and allowed. Hubbock, William, b. 1560. 1606 (1606) STC 13898.5; ESTC S118144 37,262 64 View Text
A47612 Spiritual songs being the marrow of Scripture in songs of praise to Almighty God from the Old and New Testament : with a hundred divine hymns on several occasions as now practised in several congregations in and about London : with a table of contents / by Benjamin Keach, author of the war with the devil. Keach, Benjamin, 1640-1704. 1700 (1700) Wing K94; ESTC R30480 37,380 127 View Text
B02266 A collection of divine hymns, upon several occasions; suited to our common tunes, for the use of devout Christians, in singing forth the praises of God. 1694 (1694) Wing C5144A; ESTC R174035 37,542 122 View Text
A51785 Divine contentment, or, A medicine for a discontented man and a confession of faith, and other poems upon several subjects / by Edward Manlove ... Manlove, Edward, fl. 1667. 1667 (1667) Wing M452; ESTC R31166 37,704 118 View Text
A74896 The generall-good to all people: or, The Lords free love running forth freely to his own people in these latter days, according to his promises made to his people, which he is now fulfilling. With something in answer to the petition put up to the Parliament, by many of the city and county of York, even they of the priests party. / By Richard Farnworth. R. F. (Richard Farnworth), d. 1666.; Aldam, Thomas, d. 1660. Exhortation to the magistrates.; R. F. (Richard Farnworth), d. 1666. Gods covenanting with his people.; England and Wales. Parliament. 1653 (1653) Thomason E703_6; Thomason E703_6* 37,767 34 View Text
A88110 Officium eucharisticum A preparatory service, to a devout and worthy reception of the Lords supper. Designed for a person of quality; and now made publick for common use. Lake, Edward, 1641-1704. 1673 (1673) Wing L188A; ESTC R227279 38,025 95 View Text
A15124 A werke for housholders or for them ye haue the gydynge or gouernaunce of any company. Gadred [and] set forth by a professed brother of Syon Richard Whytforde. And newly corrected [and] prynted agayne w[ith] an addicion of policy for housholdynge, set forth also by the same brother. Whitford, Richard, fl. 1495-1555?; Bernard Silvestris, fl. 1136. Epistola .. de bona gubernatonne familie. 1530 (1530) STC 25422; ESTC S105123 38,157 64 View Text
A56866 Quatermayns conquest over Canterburies court, or, A briefe declaration of severall passages between him and the Archbishop of Canterbury with other commissioners of the High Commission Court, at six severall appearances before them, and by them directed to Doctor Featly : with their severall conferences, and the doctors by Roger Quatermayne. Quatermayne, Roger.; Laud, William, 1573-1645.; Featley, Daniel, 1582-1645. 1642 (1642) Wing Q148; ESTC R9277 38,184 64 View Text
A25390 A manuall of directions for the visitation of the sicke, with sweete meditations and prayers to be used in time of sicknesse whereunto is added a short confession of the faith, with a forme of thankesgiving, and prayers for morning and evening / by Lancelot Andrevves ... Andrewes, Lancelot, 1555-1626. 1642 (1642) Wing A3134B; ESTC R222276 38,261 259 View Text
B01135 The true Israelite, or, The sincere Christian distinguished from the hypocrite. By Master William Andrewes, late minister of the word of God. Andrewes, William, minister of the word of God. 1638 (1638) STC 630.5; ESTC S124182 38,395 238 View Text
A48125 The ladies preparation to the monthly sacrament Consisting of prayers, meditations, and ejaculations, before at, and after receiving the Lords supper. After the warning is given in church for the celebration of the Holy Communion, composed to the private use of a devout lady. And at the request of friends made publick. 1691 (1691) Wing L158; ESTC R216126 38,448 145 View Text
A70325 Mercy in her beauty, or, The height of a deliverance from the depth of danger set forth in the first sermon preached upon that occasion / by Nath. Hardy. Hardy, Nathaniel, 1618-1670. 1653 (1653) Wing H736; ESTC R9862 38,712 41 View Text
A47224 A manual of prayers for the use of the scholars of Winchester College Ken, Thomas, 1637-1711. 1675 (1675) Wing K267; ESTC R8951 39,872 72 View Text
A57578 The happiness of a quiet mind both in youth and old age, with the way to attain it in a discourse occasioned by the death of Mrs. Martha Hasselborn who died March 13th, 1695/6, in the 95th year of her age / By Timothy Rogers ... Rogers, Timothy, 1658-1728. 1696 (1696) Wing R1851; ESTC R11977 40,028 114 View Text
A96298 A thankefull remembrance of Gods mercy to several persons at Quabaug or Brookfield partly in a collection of providences about them, and gracious appearances for them: and partly in a sermon preached by Mr. Edward Bulkley, Pastor of the Church of Christ at Concord, upon a day of thanksgiving, kept by divers for their wonderfull deliverance there. Published by Capt. Thomas VVheeler. [Five lines from Psalms] Wheeler, Thomas, ca. 1620-1676.; Bulkley, Edward, d. 1696. 1676 (1676) Wing W1600; ESTC W35426 40,779 64 View Text
A62048 The life and death of Mr. Tho. Wilson, minister of Maidstone, in the county of Kent, M.A. Swinnock, George, 1627-1673. 1672 (1672) Wing S6277; ESTC R34633 41,246 112 View Text
A66950 The Protestant's crums of comfort containing I. Prayers and meditations, with ejaculations for every day in the week, and other occasions. II. Thanksgivings for deliverances from Popery, tyranny, and arbitrary power. III. The rebellion in Ireland, and massacre of Paris. IV. The learned Bishop Usher's prophecy, concerning Ireland, and the downfall of Rome. V. Advice to the late besieged in London-Derry, under that reverend divine and valiant commander, Coll. George Walker. Illustrated with pictures suitable to each particular occasion. Walker, George, of Londonderry. 1690 (1690) Wing W342; ESTC R219333 41,249 189 View Text
A44516 The exercise of prayer: or, A help to devotion Being a supplement to the happy ascetick, or best exercise. Containing prayers and devotions, suitable to the respective exercises with additional prayers for several occasions. By Anth. Horneck D.D. Horneck, Anthony, 1641-1697. 1685 (1685) Wing H2825; ESTC R213484 41,978 254 View Text
A30276 The church's triumph over death a funeral-sermon preached upon the decease of blessed Mr. Robert Fleming, late pastor of a church in Rotterdam / by Daniel Burgess. Burgess, Daniel, 1645-1713. 1694 (1694) Wing B5700; ESTC R15580 42,064 160 View Text
A95810 Unpremeditated thoughts of the knowledge of God, whom to know, is life eternal. With some discoveries of the mysteries of creation, in the six days work, and the seventh days rest. : To which is added, a short discourse concerning those two great principles of natural philosophy, matter and motion. / Humbly offered to consideration, by one of the Philadelphia Society, who calls her self Irena. Institut de recherches européennes sur les noblesses et aristocraties. 1697 (1697) Wing U92A; ESTC R185871 42,220 173 View Text
A13966 An apologie, or defence of our dayes, against the vaine murmurings & complaints of manie wherein is plainly proued, that our dayes are more happie & blessed than the dayes of our forefathers. Trigge, Francis, 1547?-1606. 1589 (1589) STC 24276; ESTC S103280 42,588 50 View Text
A02641 The repentance of Iohn Haren priest and his returne to the Church of God; publickly by him recited in the French Church at Wezell, in the presence of the senate, conposed of the ministers and the people assembled togeather vpon the 7. day of March, Anno. 1610. Likewise, the recantation of Martine Bartox, at Rochell, sometimes Doctor of Diuinitie in Spaine, vicar prouinciall and visitor of the order of the holy Trinitie for the redemption of prisoners in the Kingdomes and Crowne of Arragon. Translated out of the Latine and French, into English. Haren, Jean.; Bartox, Martin. aut 1610 (1610) STC 12769; ESTC S120641 42,616 62 View Text
A34245 The confession of faith, of the Reformed Churches in the Netherlands with the formes which they use ... translated out of Dutch into English.; Belgic confession. English Brès, Guy de, 1522-1567. 1689 (1689) Wing C5784; ESTC R12576 43,584 48 View Text
A55344 A sermon preach'd to young people January the first, 1697. And now publish'd at their request. By Samuel Pomfret. Pomfret, Samuel, d. 1722. 1698 (1698) Wing P2798A; ESTC R217924 45,878 51 View Text
B05787 The devout companion: containing prayers and meditations for every day in the week: and for several occasions, ordinary and extraordinary. E. S. 1699 (1699) Wing S2450A; ESTC R213357 46,424 199 View Text
A25653 The Antichristian principle fully discovered in a brief and true account of all the hellish plots, bloody persecutions, horrid massacres, and most inhumane cruelties and tortures, exercised by the papists, on the persons of Protestant dissenters from the Church of Rome, for the cause of religion only, as well as abroad as here in England, Scotland, and Ireland, from the very beginning till this present year, 1678 ... 1679 (1679) Wing A3485; ESTC R38626 46,886 49 View Text