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A15975 All the French Psalm tunes with English words Being a collection of Psalms accorded to the verses and tunes generally vsed in the Reformed churches of France and Germany. Perused and approved by judicious divines, both English and French.; Bible. O.T. Psalms English. Standish, John, fl. 1632. 1632 (1632) STC 2734; ESTC S102319 130,320 274

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yet_o the_o poor_a that_o glean_v in_o the_o field_n of_o wha●●s_n leave_v his_o little_a lapful_n heap_v verse_n 8_o nor_o passenger_n that_o pass_v by_o the_o same_o shall_v bid_v god_n bless_v or_o wish_v say_v we_o bid_v you_o good_a luck_n from_o god_n or_o to_o they_o in_o his_o name_n so_o much_o as_o say_v god_n speed_v your_o work_n god_n speed_v you_o psalm_n 130._o prayer_n from_o depth_n profound_a distress_v in_o grief_n and_o misery_n my_o cry_n i_o have_v address_v o_o lord_n my_o god_n to_o thou_o verse_n 2_o lord_n hear_v my_o lamentation_n vouchsafe_v my_o voice_n to_o hear_v and_o to_o my_o supplication_n bow_v down_o attentive_a ear_n verse_n 3_o lord_n if_o thou_o mark_v our_o error_n and_o what_o be_v do_v amiss_o to_o suffer_v thy_o dread_a terror_n o_o lord_n who_o able_a be_v verse_n 4_o but_o mercy_n and_o compassion_n be_v evermore_o with_o thou_o therefore_o with_o adoration_n thy_o name_n shall_v fear_v be_v verse_n 5_o on_o god_n my_o soul_n attend_v in_o he_o be_v all_o my_o trust_n my_o hope_n and_o faith_n depend_v upon_o his_o promise_n just_a verse_n 6_o my_o soul_n to_o god_n aspire_v more_o earnest_o always_o then_o he_o who_o watch_v tire_v do_v look_v for_o break_v of_o day_n verse_n 7_o lay_v thy_o firm_a hope_n foundation_n on_o god_n o_o israel_n for_o in_o he_o sure_a salvation_n and_o boundless_a mercy_n dwell_v he_o dear_o do_v esteem_v thou_o o_o israel_n by_o his_o grace_n he_o free_o will_v redeem_v thou_o and_o all_o thy_o sin_n deface_v psalm_n 131._o consolation_n o_o lord_n i_o have_v no_o haughty_a mind_n i_o have_v no_o lofty_a look_v eye_n i_o have_v nought_o dare_v nor_o design_v too_o great_a for_o i_o too_o hard_o too_o high_a verse_n 2_o nay_o if_o i_o have_v not_o meek_o mild_a with_o humbleness_n myself_o demeande_v in_o quiet_a silence_n as_o a_o child_n that_o new_o from_o the_o breast_n be_v wean_v if_o that_o i_o have_v not_o sole_o set_v my_o soul_n on_o thou_o to_o trust_v in_o thou_o as_o th'infant_n take_v from_o the_o teat_n of_o his_o own_o mother_n mind_n not_o i_o verse_n 3_o even_o so_o o_o israel_n elect_v trust_v in_o the_o lord_n on_o he_o depend_v his_o pleasure_n evermore_o expect_v from_o this_o time_n forth_o unto_o the_o end_n psalm_n 132._o prayer_n o_o lord_n our_o god_n recall_v to_o mind_v thy_o servant_n david_n misery_n affliction_n and_o calamity_n verse_n 2_o how_o he_o by_o oath_n himself_o do_v bind_v to_o jacobs_n god_n vov_v solemn_o verse_n 3_o behold_v say_v he_o this_o vow_n i_o make_v my_o house_n shall_v never_o i_o enclose_v nor_o on_o my_o bed_n will_v i_o repose_v verse_n 4_o my_o eye_n no_o sleep_n at_o all_o shall_v take_v no_o slumber_n shall_v my_o eye_n lid_v close_o verse_n 5_o until_o i_o find_v a_o rest_a place_n where_o god_n ark_n may_v with_o we_o remain_v where_o we_o the_o lord_n may_v entertain_v the_o god_n of_o jacob_n and_o his_o race_n who_o might_n do_v israel_n sustain_v verse_n 6_o because_o his_o seat_n oft_o change_v be_v from_o time_n to_o time_n as_o we_o hear_v say_v it_o oft_o have_v be_v at_o ephrata_n from_o place_n to_o place_v it_o oft_o do_v pass_v in_o wood_n and_o field_n we_o find_v it_o stay_v verse_n 7_o now_o since_o this_o place_n he_o like_v best_o into_o his_o palace_n we_o will_v go_v before_o his_o footstooll_n fall_v low_a verse_n 8_o arise_v o_fw-fr lord_n into_o thy_o rest_n thyself_o and_o thy_o ark_n strength_n there_o show_n verse_n 9_o cloth_n thou_o thy_o priest_n with_o righteousness_n let_v they_o from_o thou_o glad_a tiding_n bring_v let_v all_o thy_o saint_n rejoice_v and_o sing_v verse_n 10_o thy_o servant_n david_n deign_v to_o bless_v refuse_v not_o thy_o anoint_a king_n verse_n 11_o the_o lord_n have_v swear_v in_o verity_n who_o will_v not_o change_v nor_o turn_v from_o it_o to_o david_n say_v i_o permit_v that_o one_o of_o thy_o posterity_n upon_o thy_o throne_n shall_v ever_o sit_v verse_n 12_o my_o covenant_n if_o thy_o son_n obey_v and_o this_o my_o testimonial_a which_o unto_o they_o declare_v i_o shall_v their_o son_n also_o shall_v sit_v for_o ay_o upon_o thy_o throne_n imperial_a verse_n 13_o for_o god_n the_o lord_n have_v make_v his_o choice_n of_o zion_n fair_a which_o do_v excel_v verse_n 14_o say_v i_o have_v delight_n to_o dwell_v herein_o i_o rest_v here_o i_o rejoice_v for_o ay_o this_o place_n do_v like_o i_o well_o verse_n 15_o his_o poor_a with_o bread_n i_o will_v satisfy_v with_o all_o good_a thing_n they_o shall_v abound_v verse_n 16_o his_o priest_n will_v i_o environ_v round_o with_o my_o salvation_n there_o will_v i_o make_v all_o her_o saint_n their_o joy_n resound_v verse_n 17_o there_o will_v i_o make_v to_o bud_n and_o spring_n the_o horn_n of_o david_n raise_v high_a a_o lamp_n of_o light_n prepare_v have_v i_o for_o i_o anoint_v sacred_a king_n who_o glory_n i_o will_v multiply_v verse_n 18_o his_o enemy_n will_v i_o confound_v with_o shame_n they_o shall_v be_v clothe_v all_o ore_n his_o glorious_a state_n will_v i_o restore_v and_o on_o his_o sacred_a head_n renown_v his_o crown_n shall_v ●ourish_v evermore_o psalm_n 133._o doctrine_n behold_v how_o good_a how_o pleasant_a amiable_a and_o gracious_a be_v the_o love_n inviolable_a of_o brethren_n which_o together_o dwell_v verse_n 2_o resemble_v right_o the_o precious_a ointment_n smell_v the_o sacred_a oil_n which_o god_n la_o do_v appoint_v the_o high_a priest_n aaron_n to_o anoint_v which_o plenteous_o upon_o his_o head_n be_v pour_v and_o to_o his_o beard_n and_o garment_n skirt_n down_o shower_v with_o sweet_a scent_n perfume_a all_o verse_n 3_o distil_v down_o like_o dews_n that_o timely_a fall_n on_o zion_n mount_v and_o fertile_a hermon_n hill_n which_o all_o the_o land_n with_o fruit_n do_v fill_v even_o there_o the_o lord_n his_o bounty_n large_a express_v will_v power_n and_o showr_fw-la his_o favour_n grace_n and_o blessing_n and_o life_n eternal_a give_v he_o will_v psalm_n 134._o doctrine_n you_o servant_n of_o the_o lord_n of_o might_n who_o in_o his_o house_n do_v watch_n by_o night_n attend_v there_o yourselves_o address_v the_o lord_n our_o god_n to_o praise_v and_o bless_v verse_n 2_o who_o in_o his_o sanctuary_n stand_v to_o bless_v the_o lord_n lift_v heart_n and_o hand_n to_o sound_v his_o praise_n yourselves_o prepare_v and_o let_v your_o voice_n his_o act_n declare_v verse_n 3_o the_o lord_n bless_v thou_o for_o his_o name_n sake_n who_o power_n the_o heaven_n and_o earth_n do_v make_v from_o zion_n mount_v where_o he_o do_v reign_v thou_o bless_v shall_v for_o ay_o remain_v psalm_n 135._o doctrine_n all_o you_o servant_n of_o the_o lord_n praise_v his_o name_n with_o one_o accord_n verse_n 2_o you_o that_o in_o god_n house_n do_v stand_v there_o perform_v his_o command_n you_o that_o in_o his_o court_n do_v dwell_v praise_v his_o name_n which_o do_v excel_v verse_n 3_o praise_v the_o lord_n for_o good_a be_v he_o sing_v his_o name_n in_o psalmody_n nothing_o can_v more_o pleasant_a be_v verse_n 4_o he_o have_v choose_v gracious_o jacob_n and_o his_o israel_n he_o account_v his_o iewell_fw-mi verse_n 5_o for_o i_o this_o do_v know_v right_a well_o that_o the_o lord_n be_v great_a and_o high_a verse_n 6_o our_o god_n do_v all_o god_n excel_v he_o do_v in_o the_o earth_n and_o sky_n in_o the_o river_n and_o the_o sea_n whatsoever_o he_o do_v please_v verse_n 7_o he_o the_o vapour_n make_v ascend_v from_o the_o earth_n remote_a end_n he_o from_o heaven_n the_o lightning_n fling_v down_o to_o earth_n the_o rain_n he_o bring_v from_o his_o treasure_n of_o all_o kind_n he_o let_v we_o loose_v the_o wrestle_a wind_n verse_n 8_o all_o first-born_a in_o egypt_n land_n be_v slay_v by_o his_o dreadful_a hand_n firstling_n all_o they_o dead_a do_v find_v both_o of_o beast_n and_o humane_a kind_n verse_n 9_o egypt_n in_o the_o midst_n of_o thou_o thou_o his_o wondrous_a work_n do_v see_v pharo_n and_o his_o host_n he_o drown_v in_o the_o red_a sea_n depth_n profound_a verse_n 10_o king_n and_o nation_n he_o overthrow_v mighty_a sihon_n king_n he_o slay_v verse_n 11_o og_n the_o king_n of_o fat_a basan_n 〈◊〉_d all_o the_o king_n of_o canaan_n verse_n 12_o to_o his_o people_n israel_n he_o bequeath_v all_o the_o land_n to_o possess_v it_o there_o to_o dwell_v this_o be_v do_v at_o his_o command_n verse_n 13_o lord_n thy_o name_n and_o clemency_n last_v to_o eternity_n lord_n thy_o everlasting_a name_n be_v from_o age_n to_o age_n the_o same_o verse_n 14_o for_o the_o lord_n of_o power_n and_o might_n will_v his_o people_n judge_n with_o right_n when_o his_o servant_n he_o displease_v he_o his_o wrath_n will_v soon_o appease_v verse_n 15_o idol_n of_o
the_o gentile_n be_v buy_v and_o sell_v as_o other_o ware_n make_v of_o silver_n or_o of_o gold_n which_o the_o workman_n hand_n do_v mould_n verse_n 16_o mouth_n they_o have_v yet_o speechless_a be_v eye_n they_o have_v yet_o can_v see_v verse_n 17_o ear_n they_o have_v yet_o hear_v no_o sound_n nostril_n where_o no_o breath_n be_v find_v verse_n 18_o like_a in_o nature_n like_v in_o name_n to_o they_o be_v they_o who_o they_o frame_v they_o have_v all_o as_o little_a sense_n who_o in_o they_o have_v confidence_n verse_n 19_o bless_v the_o lord_n o_o israel_n you_o that_o in_o his_o house_n do_v dwell_v aaron_n house_n yourselves_o address_n god_n the_o lord_n to_o praise_v and_o bless_v verse_n 20_o house_n of_o levi_n yield_v he_o praise_v magnify_v his_o name_n always_o all_o that_o love_n and_o fear_v the_o lord_n praise_v his_o name_n with_o one_o accord_n verse_n 21_o bless_v the_o lord_n for_o evermore_o out_o of_o zion_n he_o adore_v where_o his_o glory_n high_a excel_v in_o jerusalem_n who_o dwell_v psalm_n 136._o thanksgiving_n praise_v the_o lord_n to_o he_o confess_v give_v he_o thanks_o for_o his_o goodness_n for_o his_o great_a benignity_n dure_v to_o eternity_n verse_n 2_o to_o the_o god_n of_o god_n give_v praise_n give_v he_o praise_v and_o thanks_o always_o for_o his_o great_a benignity_n dure_v to_o eternity_n verse_n 3_o to_o the_o lord_n of_o lord_n give_v praise_n give_v he_o glorious_a thanks_o always_o for_o his_o great_a benignity_n dure_v to_o eternity_n verse_n 4_o give_v he_o praise_v and_o thanks_o each_o one_o who_o do_v wonder_v great_a alone_o for_o his_o great_a benignity_n dure_v to_o eternity_n verse_n 5_o give_v he_o thanks_o his_o praise_n relate_v heaven_n his_o wisdom_n do_v create_v for_o his_o great_a benignity_n dure_v to_o eternity_n verse_n 6_o praise_v he_o who_o the_o earth_n out_o spread_v over_o the_o water_n establish_v for_o his_o great_a benignity_n dure_v to_o eternity_n verse_n 7_o in_o the_o heaven_n he_o make_v great_a light_n shine_v therein_o day_n and_o night_n for_o his_o great_a benignity_n dure_v to_o eternity_n verse_n 8_o he_o the_o sun_n make_v with_o his_o ray_n domineer_a over_o the_o day_n for_o his_o great_a benignity_n dure_v to_o eternity_n verse_n 9_o moon_n and_o star_n of_o lesser_a light_n to_o command_v and_o rule_v the_o night_n for_o his_o great_a benignity_n dure_v to_o eternity_n verse_n 10_o he_o do_v smite_v with_o powerful_a hand_n in_o their_o first_o bear_v egypt_n land_n for_o his_o great_a benignity_n dure_v to_o eternity_n verse_n 11_o he_o bring_v thence_o his_o israel_n who_o long_o there_o oppress_v do_v dwell_v for_o his_o great_a benignity_n dure_v to_o eternity_n verse_n 12_o with_o strong_a hand_n and_o stretch_v out_o arm_n he_o protect_v they_o from_o harm_n for_o his_o great_a benignity_n dure_v to_o eternity_n verse_n 13_o he_o the_o red_a sea_n do_v divide_v seem_v wall_n on_o every_o side_n for_o his_o great_a benignity_n dure_v to_o eternity_n verse_n 14_o and_o while_o so_o it_o stand_v be_v through_o it_o safe_o do_v israel_n pass_v for_o his_o great_a benignity_n dure_v to_o eternity_n verse_n 15_o pharaoh_n and_o his_o army_n drown_v follow_v in_o sea_n profound_a for_o his_o great_a benignity_n dure_v to_o eternity_n verse_n 16_o he_o do_v lead_v his_o people_n in_o wilderness_n of_o shur_n and_o sin_n for_o his_o great_a benignity_n dure_v to_o eternity_n verse_n 17_o give_v thanks_o to_o the_o lord_n of_o might_n praise_v he_o who_o great_a king_n do_v smite_v for_o his_o great_a benignity_n dure_v to_o eternity_n verse_n 18_o kill_v king_n incontinent_a by_o his_o power_n evident_a for_o his_o great_a benignity_n dure_v to_o eternity_n verse_n 19_o sihon_n king_n of_o amorites_n he_o slay_v by_o his_o israelite_n for_o his_o great_a benignity_n dure_v to_o eternity_n verse_n 20_o og_n the_o king_n of_o basan_n land_n dye_v by_o his_o dreadful_a hand_n for_o his_o great_a benignity_n dure_v to_o eternity_n verse_n 21_o then_o their_o land_n away_o he_o give_v that_o his_o people_n it_o may_v have_v for_o his_o great_a benignity_n dure_v to_o eternity_n verse_n 22_o to_o his_o servant_n israel_n to_o possess_v it_o there_o to_o dwell_v for_o his_o great_a benignity_n dure_v to_o eternity_n verse_n 23_o when_o in_o ill_a estate_n we_o stand_v he_o remember_v we_o for_o good_a for_o his_o great_a benignity_n dure_v to_o eternity_n verse_n 24_o our_o distresser_n he_o destroy_v freedom_n we_o by_o he_o enjoy_v for_o his_o great_a benignity_n dure_v to_o eternity_n verse_n 25_o all_o his_o creature_n he_o do_v feed_v nourish_v they_o at_o their_o need_n for_o his_o great_a benignity_n dure_v to_o eternity_n verse_n 26_o to_o the_o lord_n the_o god_n of_o heaven_n let_v all_o thanks_o and_o praise_v be_v give_v for_o his_o great_a benignity_n dure_v to_o eternity_n psalm_n 137._o complaint_n by_o euphrates_n we_o captive_a sit_v lament_v proud_a babel_n stream_n with_o stream_a tear_n augment_v o_o zion_n dear_a when_o we_o remember_v thou_o verse_n 2_o in_o midst_n of_o thrall_n abide_v exile_n we_o with_o heart_n grief_n pange_v with_o flood_n of_o plaint_n oreflow_a our_o harp_n we_o hang_v d_o on_o willow_a plant_n there_o grow_v verse_n 3_o then_o they_o who_o rage_n and_o fury_n we_o captive_v importune_v we_o to_o sing_v our_o joy_n deprive_v insult_a bid_v we_o zion_n song_n express_v verse_n 4_o alas_n say_v we_o how_o can_v we_o here_o address_v our_o mournful_a heart_n to_o sing_v the_o song_n ordain_v to_o praise_v our_o god_n in_o stranger_n land_n profane_v verse_n 5_o let_v my_o right_a hand_n disuse_v forget_v for_o ever_o all_o harp_v skill_n if_o i_o do_v not_o persevere_v jerusalem_n thou_o in_o my_o mind_n to_o bear_v verse_n 6_o to_o my_o mouth_n roof_n let_v my_o tongue_n fast_o adhere_v never_o let_v i_o be_v with_o any_o joy_n endue_v until_o i_o see_v thy_o former_a joy_n renew_v verse_n 7_o remember_v lord_n how_o edom_n race_n inflame_v with_o rage_n against_o jerusalem_n exclame_v that_o dismal_a day_n when_o it_o quite_o waste_v be_v lay_v remember_v how_o inhuman_o they_o say_v sack_n kill_v spoil_n burn_v turn_v all_o to_o desolation_n race_v down_o to_o ground_n demolish_v the_o foundation_n verse_n 8_o even_o so_o shall_v thou_o o_o babel_n be_v destroy_v thrice_o happy_a he_o who_o power_n shall_v be_v employ_v as_o thou_o have_v we_o more_o wretched_a thou_o to_o make_v verse_n 9_o may_v they_o be_v blessed_v who_o zealous_a hand_n shall_v take_v from_o breast_n impure_a thy_o brawl_a brat_n and_o brain_n they_o and_o dash_v their_o bone_n against_o stone_n till_o they_o have_v slay_v they_o psalm_n 138._o thanksgiving_n with_o all_o my_o heart_n i_o unto_o thou_o will_v thankful_a be_v thy_o goodness_n praise_v where_o mighty_a state_n assemble_v be_v i_o will_v sing_v of_o thou_o thy_o name_n high_a raise_n verse_n 2_o and_o in_o thy_o sacred_a temple_n i_o will_v magnify_v thy_o name_n renown_v adore_v thou_o for_o mercy_n thou_o and_o truth_n divine_a with_o glory_n crown_v verse_n 3_o for_o thou_o above_o all_o thy_o name_n lord_n thy_o sacred_a word_n have_v magnify_v when_o i_o do_v cry_v thou_o do_v hear_v i_o my_o soul_n by_o thou_o be_v fortify_v verse_n 4_o all_o king_n on_o earth_n shall_v thou_o renown_v with_o praise_n shall_v crown_v thou_o lord_z most_o bless_a when_o thou_o to_o hear_v shall_v they_o incline_v thy_o word_n divine_a by_o thou_o express_v verse_n 5_o they_o in_o the_o way_n of_o god_n my_o king_n shall_v walk_v and_o sing_v his_o sacred_a story_n confess_v that_o the_o lord_n of_o might_n do_v shine_v most_o bright_a in_o grace_n and_o glory_n verse_n 6_o for_o though_o the_o lord_n be_v god_n most_o high_a his_o gracious_a eye_n the_o meek_a respect_v the_o proud_a a_o far_o off_o he_o do_v know_v their_o fall_n do_v show_n he_o they_o deiect_v verse_n 7_o though_o i_o in_o great_a distress_n be_v toil_v toss_v and_o turmoil_v new_a life_n thou_o give_v i_o thy_o rightful_a hand_n quite_o overthrow_n my_o spiteful_a foe_n but_o thou_o relieve_v i_o verse_n 8_o thou_o will_v accomplish_v this_o for_o i_o for_o thy_o mercy_n endure_v ever_o this_o work_n which_o now_o thou_o have_v begin_v till_o it_o be_v do_v forsake_v it_o never_o psalm_n 139._o consolation_n o_o god_n thou_o have_v i_o search_v and_o try_v what_o be_v in_o i_o thou_o have_v espy_v and_o unto_o thou_o be_v thorough_o know_v verse_n 2_o my_o rise_n up_o and_o lie_v down_o what_o think_v so_o ere_o my_o heart_n conceive_v by_o thou_o a_o far_o off_o be_v perceive_v verse_n 3_o where_o so_o i_o go_v or_o down_o do_v lie_v still_o they_z i_o see_v approach_v nigh_o my_o way_n and_o path_n all_o thou_o do_v fan_v familiar_o they_o out_o do_v scan_v
subdue_v i_o yea_o let_v he_o cast_v my_o life_n away_o and_o in_o the_o dust_n my_o honour_n lay_v verse_n 6_o arise_v o_fw-fr lord_n with_o expedition_n in_o wrath_n to_o work_v my_o foe_n perdition_n and_o watch_n for_o i_o both_o day_n and_o night_n till_o i_o obtain_v my_o promise_a right_n verse_n 7_o so_o multitude_n of_o people_n press_v shall_v come_v to_o thou_o free_o confess_v thou_o lord_n and_o king_n and_o judge_n supreme_a then_o rouse_v thyself_o for_o love_n of_o they_o verse_n 8_o and_o thou_o of_o all_o man_n judge_n supernal_a now_o judge_n thou_o i_o my_o god_n eternal_a according_a to_o my_o innocence_n sincere_a and_o clear_a free_a from_o offence_n pause_v verse_n 9_o the_o wicked_n rage_n to_o cease_v constrain_v thou_o the_o righteous_a just_a confirm_v sustain_v thou_o for_o god_n most_o just_a the_o reins_n do_v try_v all_o thought_n all_o heart_n he_o do_v descry_v verse_n 10_o the_o lord_n be_v my_o defence_n assure_v my_o shield_n whereby_o i_o be_o secure_v who_o save_v by_o his_o power_n and_o might_n all_o those_o that_o be_v in_o heart_n upright_o verse_n 11_o the_o lord_n be_v just_a and_o justice_n give_v to_o every_o one_o that_o just_o live_v god_n threaten_v they_o that_o disobey_v to_o wrath_n provoke_v every_o day_n verse_n 12_o but_o if_o hard_a heart_a not_o relent_v he_o will_v not_o turn_v god_n wrath_n prevent_v then_o he_o his_o sword_n will_v sharp_a where_n his_o bow_n be_v bend_v and_o ready_a set_v verse_n 13_o his_o instrument_n of_o death_n destroy_v prepare_a be_v his_o shaft_n employ_v against_o they_o who_o inflame_v with_o spite_n in_o persecute_v take_v delight_n verse_n 14_o behold_v iniquity_n he_o weave_v with_o mischief_n great_a which_o he_o conceive_v in_o travel_n painful_a he_o bring_v forth_o a_o lie_a issue_n nothing_o worth_a verse_n 15_o a_o pit_n he_o dig_v dark_a and_o deep_o a_o bloody_a cave_n descend_v steep_o to_o have_v entrap_v my_o harmless_a foot_n but_o he_o himself_o be_v fall_v intoo'r_o verse_n 16_o the_o evil_a that_o he_o have_v project_v upon_o himself_o shall_v be_v reflect_v his_o cruelty_n and_o fell_a despite_n on_o his_o own_o head_n shall_v sure_o light_v verse_n 17_o therefore_o will_v i_o extol_v the_o justice_n of_o god_n the_o lord_n in_o who_o my_o trust_n be_v he_o will_v i_o praise_v and_o magnify_v the_o glorious_a name_n of_o god_n most_o high_a psalm_n 8._o thanksgiving_n eternal_a god_n our_o lord_n incomparable_a how_o excellent_a be_v thy_o name_n admirable_a over_o all_o the_o world_n thy_o glory_n manifold_a be_v far_o above_o the_o high_a heaven_n extol_v verse_n 2_o even_o by_o the_o mouth_n of_o babe_n and_o suckling_n tender_a thou_o have_v confirm_v thy_o mighty_a power_n to_o render_v thy_o enemy_n confound_v and_o by_o those_o to_o stop_v the_o mouth_n of_o thy_o revengeful_a foe_n verse_n 3_o when_o i_o behold_v in_o sacred_a contemplation_n the_o heaven_n the_o work_n of_o thy_o high_a hand_n creation_n the_o sun_n the_o moon_n and_o all_o the_o star_n about_o in_o their_o due_a place_n so_o orderly_o set_v out_o verse_n 4_o lord_n think_v i_o then_o as_o in_o myself_o amaze_v o_o what_o be_v man_n that_o thou_o o_o lord_n be_v please_v to_o visit_v he_o or_o what_o be_v all_o mankind_n that_o thou_o vouchsafe_v to_o keep_v they_o in_o thy_o mind_n pause_v verse_n 5_o for_o thou_o have_v make_v he_o but_o a_o little_a under_o thy_o angel_n bright_a thy_o minister_n of_o wonder_n thou_o have_v with_o wealth_n and_o honour_n gird_v he_o round_o and_o thou_o have_v he_o with_o glory_n rich_o crown_v verse_n 6_o thou_o have_v ordain_v he_o lord_n and_o ruler_n over_o thy_o handy_a work_n which_o all_o the_o world_n do_v cover_v and_o all_o therein_o as_o to_o thou_o seem_v meet_v thou_o have_v subdued_a beneath_o his_o regal_a fee●_n verse_n 7_o both_o ox_n sheep_n and_o every_o kind_n of_o cattle_n which_o on_o the_o hill_n or_o on_o the_o playn_v imbattell_v the_o savage_a beast_n which_o in_o the_o forest_n breed_n and_o which_o in_o field_n or_o in_o the_o fold_n do_v feed_v verse_n 8_o the_o wing_a fowl_n through_o airy_a region_n fly_v fish_n in_o the_o sea_n and_o river_n multiply_v through_o watery_a path_n what_o pass_v great_a or_o small_a thou_o unto_o man_n have_v they_o subject_v all_o verse_n 9_o eternal_a god_n our_o lord_n incomparable_a how_o excellent_a and_o o_o how_o admirable_a be_v thy_o great_a name_n with_o praise_n most_o devout_a to_o be_v extol_v the_o spacious_a world_n throughout_o psalm_n 9_o thanksgiving_n with_o all_o my_o heart_n o_o lord_n most_o high_a i_o will_v extol_v and_o magnify_v all_o thy_o great_a work_n incomparable_a which_o wondrous_a be_v and_o admirable_a verse_n 2_o in_o thou_o o_o lord_n i_o will_v rejoice_v with_o cheerful_a heart_n and_o cheerful_a voice_n o_o thou_o most_o high_a thy_o name_n relate_v i_o will_v sing_v and_o praise_v it_o celebrate_v verse_n 3_o because_o by_o thy_o almighty_a might_n my_o enemy_n be_v put_v to_o flight_n down_o shall_v they_o fall_v with_o fear_n surround_v and_o at_o thy_o presence_n all_o confound_a verse_n 4_o for_o thou_o have_v deign_v my_o friend_n to_o stand_v thou_o have_v vouchsafe_v to_o take_v in_o hand_n my_o guiltless_a cause_n thy_o throne_n ascend_v as_o righteous_a judge_n my_o cause_n defend_v verse_n 5_o thou_o have_v rebuke_v the_o heathen_a rout_n the_o wicked_a ruine_v race_v out_o their_o fame_n their_o name_n extinct_a for_o ever_o reprive_v or_o reviue_v never_o pause_v verse_n 6_o proud_a foe_n where'_v now_o our_o threaten_a spoil_n our_o city_n level_v with_o the_o soil_n and_o be_v their_o name_n with_o they_o consume_v have_v thou_o prevail_v as_o be_v presume_v verse_n 7_o no_o not_o the_o lord_n on_o high_a do_v reign_v who_o kingdom_n ever_o shall_v remain_v his_o regal_a throne_n he_o have_v prepare_v where_o judgement_n just_a shall_v be_v declare_v verse_n 8_o loe_o he_o will_v judge_v and_o just_o too_o the_o world_n and_o all_o that_o worldling_n do_v yea_o he_o with_o equal_a doom_n will_v due_o all_o people_n censure_n just_a and_o true_o verse_n 9_o god_n will_v the_o refuge_n be_v and_o aid_n of_o the_o oppress_a and_o overlay_v their_o refuge_n and_o sure_a consolation_n even_o in_o the_o midst_n of_o tribulation_n verse_n 10_o and_o they_o that_o know_v thy_o holy_a name_n will_v put_v their_o who_o trust_n in_o the_o same_o for_o who_o himself_o to_o thou_o betake_v thy_o mercy_n lord_n never_o forsake_v pause_v verse_n 11_o sing_v thankful_a praise_n to_o the_o lord_n who_o dwell_v in_o zion_n and_o record_v his_o high_a exploit_n to_o nation_n tell_v his_o great_a and_o glorious_a act_n excel_v verse_n 12_o when_o he_o of_o guiltless_a blood_n inquire_v remember_v they_o he_o it_o require_v and_o never_o do_v forget_v the_o cry_n of_o the_o oppress_a on_o he_o rely_v verse_n 13_o have_v mercy_n lord_n on_o i_o distress_v consider_v how_o i_o be_o oppress_v by_o those_o that_o hate_v i_o thou_o that_o ever_o from_o gate_n of_o death_n do_v i_o deliver_v verse_n 14_o that_o i_o in_o zion_n may_v declare_v thy_o praise_n all_o past_a all_o compare_n rejoice_v with_o entire_a affection_n in_o thy_o salvation_n and_o protection_n verse_n 15_o the_o heathen_a folk_n into_o the_o pit_n be_v fall_v themselves_o that_o dig_v it_o yea_o their_o own_o foot_n be_v fast_o ensnare_v in_o hide_a net_n themselves_o prepare_v verse_n 16_o and_o thereby_o have_v the_o lord_n be_v know_v for_o have_v such_o a_o judgement_n show_v in_o that_o the_o wicked_a be_v surprise_v even_o in_o the_o snare_n themselves_o devise_v pause_v verse_n 17_o the_o wicked_a all_o shall_v suffer_v wrack_n and_o headlong_o into_o hell_n fall_v back_o and_o all_o the_o nation_n god_n forget_v their_o mind_n upon_o he_o never_o set_v verse_n 18_o for_o the_o humble_a heart_a poor_a shall_v not_o be_v everlasting_o forget_v nor_o shall_v the_o meek_a in_o tribulation_n for_o ever_o lose_v their_o expectation_n verse_n 19_o arise_v o_fw-fr lord_n and_o let_v not_o still_o the_o proud_a prevail_v and_o have_v their_o will_n but_o unto_o judgement_n bring_v before_o thou_o the_o gentile_n which_o do_v not_o adore_v thou_o verse_n 20_o o_o lord_n who_o power_n be_v every_o where_o strike_v thou_o the_o nation_n all_o with_o fear_n and_o make_v they_o know_v o_o god_n immortal_a they_o be_v but_o man_n but_o mould_n but_o mortal_a psalm_n x._o of_o prayer_n and_o comfort_n why_o do_v thou_o lord_n withdraw_v from_o we_o thy_o grace_n why_o stand_v thou_o from_o we_o depart_v far_o why_o hide_v thou_o the_o favour_n of_o thy_o face_n in_o troublous_a time_n of_o need_n and_o grievous_a care_n verse_n 2_o inflame_v with_o rage_n and_o pride_n the_o wicked_a be_v to_o vex_v the_o poor_a but_o let_v they_o
all_o that_o work_n iniquity_n past_a sense_n that_o have_v get_v my_o people_n in_o their_o power_n they_o they_o as_o bread_n do_v greedy_o devower_n they_o call_v not_o on_o the_o lord_n of_o power_n immense_a through_o negligence_n verse_n 5_o there_o sudden_o great_a fear_n do_v they_o oppress_v they_o be_v cast_v down_o with_o horrid_a consternation_n for_o god_n be_v in_o the_o righteous_a generation_n his_o grace_n do_v save_o all_o they_o that_o righteousness_n in_o heart_n possess_v verse_n 6_o you_o with_o reproach_n the_o poor_a and_o meek_a despise_v you_o his_o design_n and_o counsel_n have_v disgrace_v because_o his_o trust_n in_o god_n the_o lord_n be_v place_v for_o refuge_n he_o in_o danger_n to_o he_o fly_v on_o he_o rely_v verse_n 7_o from_o zion_n who_o will_v unto_o israel_n salvation_n send_v when_o back_o the_o lord_n return_v the_o grievous_a thrall_n wherein_o his_o people_n mourn_v in_o gladness_n then_o shall_v joyful_a jacob_n dwell_v and_o israel_n psalm_n 15._o doctrine_n who_o be_v it_o lord_n which_o shall_v remain_v within_o thy_o sacred_a tabernacle_n to_o who_o will_v thou_o the_o favour_n deign_v who_o shall_v thy_o mountain_n entertain_v to_o ●est_n in_o holy_a habitacle_n verse_n 2_o it_o shall_v be_v he_o undoubted_o who_o evermore_o upright_o walk_v and_o always_o work_v righteous_o who_o in_o his_o heart_n sincerity_n do_v speak_v the_o truth_n when_o ere_o he_o talk_v verse_n 3_o who_o tongue_n do_v speak_v no_o infamy_n nor_o yet_o malicious_o backbit_v nor_o do_v his_o neighbour_n injury_n who_o ear_n will_v hear_v no_o obloquy_n that_o with_o reproach_n his_o neighbour-smiteth_a verse_n 4_o within_o who_o eye_n he_o that_o do_v bear_v himself_o debauch_v be_v scorn_v ever_o but_o they_o be_v grace_v who_o god_n do_v fear_n who_o do_v perform_v what_o he_o do_v swear_v though_o to_o his_o loss_n yet_o change_v never_o verse_n 5_o who_o lend_v but_o not_o for_o usury_n who_o upright_o justice_n exercise_v and_o sell_v it_o not_o by_o bribery_n who_o do_v these_o thing_n move_v shall_v not_o be_v a_o bless_a estate_n he_o eternise_v psalm_n 16._o thanksgiving_n &_o prophecy_n preserve_v i_o lord_n be_v thou_o my_o help_n and_o aid_n for_o i_o do_v trust_n in_o thou_o my_o hope_n repose_v verse_n 2_o and_o thou_o my_o soul_n this_o unto_o god_n have_v say_v thou_o be_v my_o lord_n i_o be_o at_o thy_o dispose_n of_o all_o the_o good_a thy_o bounty_n to_o i_o dare_v no_o benefit_n at_o all_o to_o thou_o extend_v verse_n 3_o but_o to_o thy_o saint_n on_o earth_n who_o excellent_a be_v all_z my_o delight_n in_o they_o be_v still_o enlarge_a verse_n 4_o but_o they_o who_o haste_v to_o serve_v strange_a god_n not_o thou_o with_o multitude_n of_o plague_n shall_v be_v surcharge_v nor_o shall_v my_o hand_n once_o touch_v their_o blood_n oblation_n nor_o shall_v my_o lip_n of_o their_o name_n make_v relation_n verse_n 5_o my_o portion_n lord_n thou_o be_v the_o heritance_n assign_v to_o i_o by_o thou_o be_o i_o sustain_v verse_n 6_o thou_o be_v my_o health_n my_o wealth_n my_o lot_n my_o chance_n a_o pleasant_a place_n by_o thou_o i_o have_v obtain_v a_o goodly_a seat_n to_o i_o thy_o grace_n assure_v which_o unto_o i_o and_o i_o for_o ay_o endure_v pause_v verse_n 7_o the_o lord_n be_v praise_v who_o have_v so_o prudent_o ●o_o i_o advice_n and_o counsel_n deep_o declare_v my_o reins_n my_o thought_n and_o my_o affection_n he_o even_o in_o the_o night_n to_o school_v i_o have_v prepare_v verse_n 8_o before_o i_o still_o the_o lord_n i_o have_v propound_v ●ince_n he_o be_v near_o hand_n i_o shall_v not_o be_v confound_v verse_n 9_o wherefore_o my_o heart_n do_v joy_n with_o thanks_o and_o praise_n my_o glory_n make_v my_o spirit_n glad_a relation_n my_o soul_n her_o flesh_n in_o hopeful_a rest_n down_o lay_v with_o confidence_n expect_v thy_o salvation_n verse_n 10_o thou_o will_v not_o leave_v my_o soul_n in_o grave_n deep_o bury_v ●or_a let_v thy_o saint_n corruption_n see_v inter_v verse_n 11_o but_o from_o the_o tomb_n aloft_o thou_o will_v i_o raise_v ●o_o triumph_n in_o a_o glorious_a resurrection_n for_o thou_o will_v show_v and_o guide_v i_o to_o the_o way_n of_o life_n where_o joy_n abound_v in_o full_a perfection_n even_o in_o thy_o path_n i_o to_o thy_o presence_n bring_v at_o thy_o right_a hand_n be_v pleasure_n ever_o spring_v psalm_n 17._o prayer_n lord_n hear_v my_o right_n and_o entertain_v my_o earnest_a suit_n for_o justice_n cry_v thy_o ear_n unto_o my_o prayer_n apply_v i_o plead_v with_o lip_n that_o do_v not_o fain_o verse_n 2_o let_v my_o doom_n be_v by_o thou_o award_v let_v it_o come_v forth_o just_a judge_n from_o thou_o and_o in_o thy_o eye_n which_o all_o thing_n see_v let_v all_o the_o righteous_a be_v regard_v verse_n 3_o thou_o in_o the_o night_n of_o my_o distress_n my_o heart_n have_v visit_v and_o try_v but_o nothing_o in_o i_o have_v descry_v resolve_v my_o mouth_n shall_v not_o transgress_v what_o work_v so_o ere_o man_n have_v pursew_v verse_n 4_o unto_o thy_o word_n i_o have_v respect_n which_o have_v in_o i_o wrought_v this_o effect_n that_o i_o destroyer_n path_n eschew_v verse_n 5_o vouchsafe_v my_o step_n to_o stay_v and_o guide_v for_o ever_o in_o thy_o path_n approve_v and_o never_o let_v my_o step_n be_v move_v that_o from_o thy_o way_n i_o never_o slide_v verse_n 6_o thou_o will_v i_o hear_v thy_o answer_n deign_v o_o lord_n when_o to_o thou_o pray_v i_o shall_v in_o peril_n when_o to_o thou_o i_o call_v thy_o ear_n will_v hear_v my_o just_a complain_n verse_n 7_o thou_o mighty_a saver_n of_o all_o those_o who_o have_v their_o hope_n in_o thou_o repose_v lord_n let_v thy_o mercy_n be_v disclose_v to_o save_v they_o from_o their_o rise_a foe_n verse_n 8_o let_v i_o of_o safety_n rest_v assure_v keep_v i_o as_o the_o apple_n of_o thy_o eye_n in_o shade_n of_o thy_o wing_n let_v i_o lie_v hide_v there_o from_o danger_n safe_a secure_v pause_v verse_n 9_o from_o wicked_a man_n that_o escape_v i_o may_v from_o cruel_a hand_n that_o do_v oppress_v i_o from_o mortal_a foe_n that_o to_o distress_n i_o besiege_v i_o round_o be_v set_v my_o way_n verse_n 10_o in_o their_o own_o fat_n they_o be_v enclose_v their_o mouth_n with_o speech_n proud_a abound_v verse_n 11_o our_o step_n they_o have_v now_o compass_v round_o their_o eye_n be_v down_o on_o earth_n repose_v verse_n 12_o 12_o like_a as_o a_o lion_n which_o do_v spy_v his_o prey_n run_v swift_a to_o seize_v it_o speedy_a or_o lion_n whelp_n with_o hunger_n greedy_a in_o secret_a cave_n do_v lurk_v lie_n verse_n 13_o raise_v up_o thyself_o he_o down_o deject_v thou_o prevent_v and_o disappoint_v he_o lord_n from_o wicked_a man_n who_o be_v thy_o sword_n my_o soul_n deliver_v and_o protect_v thou_o verse_n 14_o lord_n let_v thy_o pow●rfull_a hand_n i_o save_v from_o man_n of_o this_o world_n fade_a glory_n which_o be_v but_o vain_a and_o transitory_a who_o in_o this_o life_n their_o portion_n have_v who_o paunch_n thou_o fill_v with_o thy_o hide_a treasure_n of_o son_n and_o daughter_n full_a t●ey_n be_v and_o leave_v to_o their_o posterity_n the_o rest_n of_o their_o wealth_n plenteous_a measure_n but_o i_o shall_v view_v thy_o gracious_a sight_n in_o righteousness_n be_v justify_v i_o waken_v shall_v be_v satisfy_v with_o thy_o most_o glorious_a image_n bright_a psalm_n 18._o thanksgiving_n &_o prophecy_n thou_o will_v i_o love_v with_o heart_n pure_a affection_n o_o lord_n my_o strength_n and_o my_o most_o sure_a protection_n verse_n 2_o god_n be_v my_o rock_n my_o refuge_n my_o defence_n my_o saviour_n dear_a my_o hope_n my_o confidence_n verse_n 3_o my_o god_n my_o strength_n the_o horn_n of_o my_o salvation_n my_o trust_n my_o shield_n my_o strong_a fortification_n verse_n 4_o i_o on_o the_o lord_n most_o worthy_a praise_n will_v call_v verse_n 5_o and_o so_o from_o all_o my_o foe_n be_v save_v i_o shall_v the_o pang_n of_o death_n do_v round_o about_o dismayme_n and_o torrent_n strong_a of_o wicked_a man_n do_v fray_v i_o verse_n 6_o encompass_v round_o with_o sorrow_n of_o the_o grave_n the_o snare_n of_o death_n my_o life_n prevent_v have_v verse_n 7_o in_o my_o distress_n i_o to_o the_o lord_n apply_v my_o earnest_a prayer_n loud_o to_o my_o god_n i_o cry_v he_o hear_v my_o voice_n out_o of_o his_o temple_n high_a and_o my_o complaint_n up_o to_o his_o ear_n do_v fly_v verse_n 8_o incontinent_a the_o earth_n foundation_n quake_v his_o wrath_n the_o hill_n and_o mighty_a mountain_n shake_v all_o tremble_a they_o exceed_o be_v move_v for_o he_o be_v wrath_n and_o unto_o anger_n move_v verse_n 9_o his_o nostril_n smoke_n and_o vapour_n from_o they_o pour_v out_o of_o his_o mouth_n the_o flame_a
might_n my_o right_n be_v know_v and_o try_v over_o all_o the_o heathen_a i_o will_v reign_v on_o earth_n exalt_v i_o will_v remain_v verse_n 11_o in_o brief_a this_o be_v our_o consolation_n the_o lord_n of_o host_n be_v our_o salvation_n the_o god_n of_o jacob_n gracious_a just_a our_o refuge_n be_v in_o who_o we_o trust_v psalm_n 47._o rejoice_v people_n of_o all_o land_n joyful_a clap_v your_o hand_n praise_v god_n our_o king_n shout_z triumphant_a sing_v with_o a_o strong_a shrill_a voice_n cheerful_o rejoice_v verse_n 2_o for_o the_o lord_n most_o hic_fw-mi far_a above_o the_o sky_n be_v of_o dreadful_a might_n terrible_a in_o fight_n monarch_n over_o all_o king_n terrestrial_a verse_n 3_o he_o the_o people_n shall_v unto_o we_o make_v thrall_n he_o they_o down_o below_o under_o we_o do_v throw_v nation_n shall_v submit_v themselves_o at_o our_o foot_n verse_n 4_o he_o our_o heritance_n choose_a do_v advance_v jacobs_n excellence_n be_v in_o his_o defence_n who_o he_o have_v approve_v and_o entire_o love_v verse_n 5_o our_o god_n up_o be_v go_v mirthful_a march_v on_o with_o triumphant_a noise_n high_o express_v joy_n in_o the_o lord_n rejoice_v with_o the_o trumpet_n voice_n verse_n 6_o sing_v praise_n to_o the_o lord_n psalm_n to_o he_o accord_n praise_v to_o our_o god_n sing_v sing_v praise_n to_o our_o king_n verse_n 7_o god_n be_v over_o all_o king_n terrestrial_a psalm_n instruct_v well_o sing_v you_o that_o excel_v verse_n 8_o god_n reign_v and_o command_v all_o the_o heathen_a land_n he_o do_v sit_v upon_o his_o high_a holy_a throne_n verse_n 9_o peer_n and_o prince_n join_v and_o with_o they_o combine_v who_o themselves_o declare_v that_o they_o people_n be_v of_o he_o that_o become_v god_n of_o abraham_n for_o god_n sole_a sovereign_n do_v keep_v and_o retain_v in_o his_o powerful_a hand_n all_o shield_n of_o all_o land_n his_o fame_n high_a be_v raise_v his_o great_a name_n be_v praise_v psalm_n 48._o thanksgiving_n great_a be_v the_o lord_n in_o this_o his_o seat_n his_o praise_n be_v exceed_o great_a in_o our_o god_n city_n his_o own_o dwell_v his_o sacred_a mountain_n high_a excel_v verse_n 2_o zion_n mountain_n be_v in_o place_n full_a of_o beauty_n full_a of_o grace_n northward_o be_v situate_v to_o the_o great_a king_n consecrate_v all_o the_o earth_n therewith_v delight_v to_o rejoice_v there_o be_v invite_v verse_n 3_o in_o zion_n palace_n god_n be_v know_v for_o refuge_n and_o deliverance_n show_v verse_n 4_o for_o lo_o the_o king_n their_o force_n join_v they_o march_v there_o in_o league_n combine_v verse_n 5_o when_o they_o have_v thereof_o the_o sight_n they_o amazed_z take_v their_o flight_n they_o and_o all_o their_o troop_n astound_v terrifyde_v with_o fear_n confound_v verse_n 6_o so_o great_a horror_n they_o aga_v quite_o away_o they_o headlong_o haste_v such_o tremble_a fright_n hold_v on_o they_o take_v that_o they_o like_o travel_v woman_n shake_v verse_n 7_o thy_o eastern_a tempest_n storm_n like_o thunder_n their_o tarshish_n navy_n tear_v in_o sunder_o verse_n 8_o wondrous_a act_n such_o as_o we_o hear_v like_a have_v now_o to_o we_o appear_v in_o the_o city_n high_a renown_v with_o the_o lord_n of_o host_n name_v crown_v where_o remain_v the_o sacred_a dwell_v of_o the_o lord_n our_o god_n excel_v pause_v the_o lord_z will_v it_o establish_v sure_a for_o evermore_o it_o shall_v endure_v verse_n 9_o in_o midst_n lord_z of_o thy_o habitation_n thy_o mercy_n be_v our_o meditation_n verse_n 10_o lord_n according_a to_o thy_o name_n and_o the_o greatness_n of_o the_o same_o so_o be_v thy_o great_a praise_n transcend_v to_o earth_n utmost_a end_n extend_v justice_n plentiful_a redound_v in_o thy_o right_a hand_n it_o abound_v verse_n 11_o let_v all_o in_o zion_n sacred_a mount_n be_v glad_a and_o let_v the_o joy_n surmount_v of_o judahs_n daughter_n amiable_a for_o all_o thy_o judgment_n admirable_a verse_n 12_o walk_v about_o fair_a zion_n mount_v tower_n build_v thereon_o recount_v verse_n 13_o view_v the_o fort_n with_o circumspection_n mark_v the_o palace_n perfection_n that_o you_o may_v make_v the_o relation_n to_o each_o future_a generation_n verse_n 14_o for_o this_o god_n be_v our_o god_n for_o ay_o be_v ever_o our_o defence_n and_o stay_n he_o be_v and_o will_v be_v our_o protection_n in_o life_n and_o death_n all_o our_o direction_n psalm_n 49._o doctrine_n to_o this_o my_o speech_n all_o people_n give_v good_a ear_n all_o dweller_n in_o the_o earth_n attentive_a hear_v verse_n 2_o the_o noble_a and_o the_o base_a both_o rich_a and_o poor_a all_o famous_a and_o obscure_a both_o high_a and_o lore_n verse_n 3_o my_o mouth_n shall_v speak_v of_o wisdom_n prudent_a speech_n my_o heart_n discourse_n shall_v understanding_n teach_v verse_n 4_o i_o will_v incline_v my_o ear_n to_o hear_v reveal_v with_o harp_n express_v my_o parable_n conceal_v verse_n 5_o why_o shall_v i_o fear_v when_o evil_a day_n approach_v when_o on_o i_o grief_n and_o trouble_n do_v encroach_v and_o when_o my_o sin_n and_o foe_n which_o do_v abound_v i_o close_o at_o heel_n pursew_v shall_v surround_v verse_n 6_o who_o of_o his_o wealth_n and_o power_n be_v confident_a and_o boast_v of_o his_o riches_n insolent_a verse_n 7_o his_o brother_n life_n can_v save_v nor_o redeem_v it_o nor_o ransom_n pay_v at_o which_o god_n do_v esteem_v it_o verse_n 8_o too_o dear_a the_o price_n be_v their_o soul_n to_o release_v for_o he_o to_o pay_v it_o shall_v for_o ever_o cease_v verse_n 9_o that_o ever_o he_o may_v live_v perpetual_o and_o in_o the_o pit_n corruption_n never_o see_v verse_n 10_o for_o he_o observe_v the_o wise_a and_o prudent_a dye_n they_o perish_v as_o the_o brutish_a fool_n likewise_o at_o length_n their_o strength_n health_n wealth_n breath_n death_n bereave_v all_o he_o do_v own_o to_o heir_n unknow_v he_o leave_v verse_n 11_o their_o inward_a thought_n which_o busi_v most_o their_o brain_n be_v that_o their_o house_n for_o ever_o may_v remain_v their_o dwelling_n to_o eternize_v and_o their_o fame_n from_o age_n to_o age_n their_o land_n do_v bear_v their_o name_n verse_n 12_o but_o man_n by_o no_o mean_n can_v himself_o assure_v that_o he_o be_v in_o honour_n shall_v endure_v he_o bide_v not_o nor_o long_o this_o life_n enjoy_v he_o like_v to_o beast_n that_o perish_v death_n destroy_v pause_v verse_n 13_o this_o be_v their_o way_n which_o to_o no_o other_o end_n but_o vanity_n and_o foolishness_n do_v tend_v their_o child_n yet_o all_o train_v to_o their_o trade_n approve_v applaud_v and_o laud_v what_o they_o have_v say_v selah_n verse_n 14_o slay_v as_o the_o sheep_n they_o in_o the_o grave_n be_v put_v death_n on_o their_o flesh_n feed_v himself_o do_v glut_v but_o the_o upright_o all_o in_o the_o morning_n glorious_a dominion_n shall_v have_v over_o they_o victorious_a their_o beauty_n shall_v be_v waste_v in_o the_o grave_n quite_o from_o the_o place_n where_o they_o their_o dwell_v have_v but_o god_n will_v i_o redeem_v from_o power_n of_o hell_n for_o he_o shall_v i_o receive_v with_o he_o to_o dwell_v verse_n 16_o when_o one_o grow_n rich_a fear_v not_o nor_o he_o envy_n when_o honour_n of_o his_o house_n do_v multiply_v selah_n verse_n 17_o for_o when_o he_o die_v he_o nought_o away_o shall_v carry_v his_o glory_n shall_v not_o with_o he_o go_v not_o tarry_v verse_n 18_o who_o in_o this_o life_n himself_o do_v gratulate_v and_o to_o himself_o do_v good_a they_o celebrate_v verse_n 19_o he_o shall_v go_v to_o his_o father_n out_o of_o sight_n in_o place_n obscure_a and_o never_o see_v the_o light_n verse_n 20_o the_o man_n who_o state_n in_o worldly_a honour_n flow_v but_o knowledge_n want_v still_o sensual_a senseless_a grow_n nor_o understand_v at_o all_o what_o he_o enjoy_v be_v like_o brute_n beast_n who_o sudden_a death_n destroy_v psalm_n l._n doctrine_n the_o mighty_a god_n the_o lord_n eternal_a blessed_v have_v speak_v and_o call_v the_o earth_n from_o east_n to_o west_n verse_n 2_o from_o zion_n fair_a in_o perfect_a beauty_n bright_a our_o god_n have_v shine_v and_o showed_n forth_o glorious_a light_n verse_n 3_o our_o god_n will_v come_v his_o majesty_n reveal_v his_o sentence_n just_a in_o silence_n not_o conceal_v before_o he_o fire_n devour_a shall_v abound_v about_o he_o storm_n and_o tempest_n shall_v surround_v verse_n 4_o to_o heaven_n above_o for_o witness_v he_o will_v call_v and_o earth_n beneath_o to_o judge_n his_o people_n all_o verse_n 5_o my_o gracious_a saint_n assemble_v you_o combine_v with_o i_o in_o league_n by_o sacrifice_n assign_v verse_n 6_o the_o heaven_n shall_v show_v his_o righteousness_n and_o might_n for_o god_n himself_o be_v judge_n most_o just_a and_o right_o sela._n verse_n 7_o my_o people_n hear_v to_o israel_n speak_v will_v i_o i_o be_o thy_o god_n to_o
psalm_n 53._o doctrine_n the_o fool_n in_o heart_n the_o holy_a god_n deny_v they_o be_v corrupt_v in_o all_o their_o enterprise_n to_o be_v abhor_v in_o all_o their_o exercise_n good_a work_v none_o do_v nor_o thereunto_o advise_v all_o be_v unwise_o verse_n 2_o the_o lord_n from_o heaven_n the_o son_n of_o man_n look_v on_o to_o see_v if_o there_o be_v any_o understanding_n to_o worship_v he_o obey_v his_o command_a he_o search_v mankind_n to_o see_v if_o any_o one_o seek_v god_n alone_o verse_n 3_o but_o when_o he_o have_v they_o full_o search_v and_o try_v he_o find_v they_o be_v become_v abominable_a in_o all_o their_o work_n corrupt_a and_o detestable_a not_o one_o do_v good_a none_o follow_v god_n their_o guide_n all_o wander_v wide_v verse_n 4_o be_v all_o that_o work_n iniquity_n past_o sense_n that_o have_v get_v my_o people_n in_o their_o power_n they_o they_o as_o bread_n with_o greedy_a jaw_n devower_n they_o call_v not_o on_o the_o lord_n of_o power_n immense_a through_o negligence_n verse_n 5_o where_o no_o dread_n be_v they_o be_v bring_v in_o great_a fear_n for_o god_n the_o lord_n the_o bone_n of_o they_o have_v scatter_v who_o thou_o besiege_v and_o those_o thy_o wall_n have_v batter_v thou_o have_v they_o shame_v of_o god_n despise_v they_o be_v quite_o cast_v off_o there_o verse_n 6_o from_o zion_n who_o will_v unto_o israel_n salvation_n send_v when_o back_o the_o lord_n return_v the_o grievous_a thrall_n wherein_o his_o people_n mourn_v in_o gladness_n then_o shall_v joyful_a jacob_n dwell_v and_o israel_n psalm_n 54._o prayer_n lord_z god_n almighty_a save_v thou_o i_o by_o thy_o great_a name_n my_o soul_n sustain_v thou_o and_o by_o thy_o strength_n my_o cause_n maintain_v thou_o and_o vouchsafe_v thou_o my_o judge_n to_o be_v verse_n 2_o o_o hear_v i_o when_o to_o thou_o i_o pray_v thy_o sac●ed_a ear_n to_o i_o down_o bend_v thou_o and_o gracious_o o_o lord_n attend_v thou_o ●o_o all_o the_o word_n that_o i_o shall_v say_v verse_n 3_o for_o stranger_n up_o against_o i_o rise_v and_o mighty_a prince_n tyrannise_v do_v seek_v my_o soul_n to_o spoil_v surprise_v they_o set_v not_o god_n before_o their_o eye_n selah_n verse_n 4_o behold_v my_o helper_n god_n i_o guard_n the_o lord_n with_o they_o for_o ay_o remain_v who_o faithful_a love_n my_o soul_n sustain_v they_o with_o his_o presence_n he_o rewards_o verse_n 5_o even_o he_o it_o be_v that_o will_v distress_n with_o their_o own_o mischief_n my_o enuyer_n deal_v with_o they_o as_o thy_o truth_n require_v they_o all_o cut_v off_o and_o quite_o suppress_v verse_n 6_o then_o shall_v i_o with_o alacrity_n bring_v sacrifice_n acceptable_a and_o praise_v thy_o name_n most_o honourable_a replenish_v with_o benignity_n verse_n 7_o because_o from_o grief_n he_o set_v i_o free_a i_o from_o all_o trouble_n he_o enlarge_v my_o foe_n with_o vengeance_n he_o surcharge_v my_o eye_n on_o they_o my_o will_n do_v see_v psalm_n 55._o prayer_n o_o lord_n hear_v thou_o my_o poor_a petition_n hide_v not_o thy_o eye_n at_o my_o contrition_n do_v not_o despise_v my_o deprecation_n verse_n 2_o but_o bend_v thy_o gracious_a ear_n to_o i_o my_o cry_n oh_o hear_v my_o sorrow_o see_v regard_v my_o mournful_a meditation_n verse_n 3_o for_o why_o my_o furious_a foe_n take_v pleasure_n to_o vex_v perplex_v i_o out_o of_o measure_n the_o wicked_a work_n i_o vild_a vexation_n with_o most_o malicious_a madness_n they_o foul_n blot_n and_o spot_n upon_o i_o lay_v with_o much_o despiteful_a imputation_n verse_n 4_o my_o soul_n with_o fear_n do_v faint_a and_o tremble_v the_o pain_n and_o pang_n of_o death_n assemble_v and_o i_o oh_o i_o have_v so_o surround_v verse_n 5_o that_o dreadful_a direful_a shivering_n m●ke_v my_o heart_n each_o vital_a part_n to_o quake_v in_o woe_n i_o be_o wound_n up_o and_o wound_v verse_n 6_o then_o this_o i_o wish_v thus_o to_o relieve_v i_o o_o that_o some_o one_o dove_n wing_n will_v give_v i_o whereby_o from_o danger_n which_o enclose_v i_o verse_n 7_o i_o may_v escape_v and_o fly_v away_o into_o some_o desert_n there_o to_o stay_v selah_n where_o i_o may_v rest_v and_o safe_a repose_n i_o verse_n 8_o then_o from_o those_o storm_n &_o blast_n loud-blowing_a fast_o will_v i_o fly_v swift_o be_v go_v timely_o to_o seek_v some_o safe_a protection_n verse_n 9_o their_o tong_n o_o lord_z divide_v forth_o pull_v for_o i_o have_v see_v their_o city_n full_a of_o rage_n and_o wrong_v most_o foul_a infection_n with_o wickedness_n like_o wall_n enclose_v within_o without_o of_o sin_n compose_v verse_n 10_o they_o night_n and_o day_n be_v about_o it_o walk_v all_o guilt_n and_o guile_n be_v in_o her_o street_n verse_n 11_o deceit_n debate_n there_o sly_o greet_v there_o shameless_a sin_n be_v stout_o stalk_v pause_v verse_n 12_o but_o have_v my_o enemy_n thus_o use_v i_o and_o thus_o reproachful_o abuse_v i_o i_o can_v it_o better_o have_v endure_v or_o have_v it_o be_v my_o open_a foe_n that_o raise_v himself_o to_o bring_v i_o low_a i_o may_v have_v hide_v myself_o immure_v verse_n 13_o but_o it_o be_v thou_o my_o dear_a befriend_v who_o love_n to_o guide_v i_o have_v pretend_v with_o who_o in_o secret_a oft_o i_o talk_v verse_n 14_o in_o consultation_n joy_v to_o meet_v and_o mutual_o take_v counsel_v sweet_a and_o to_o god_n house_n together_o walk_v verse_n 15_o therefore_o shall_v sudden_a death_n dispatch_v they_o hell_n gape_a mouth_n alive_a shall_v catch_v they_o for_o with_o they_o violence_n remain_v and_o in_o their_o dwelling_n hold_v place_n verse_n 16_o but_o i_o will_v call_v to_o god_n for_o grace_n the_o lord_n i_o save_v and_o safe_a maintain_v verse_n 17_o my_o prayer_n i_o to_o he_o apply_v at_o even_o morn_n noon_n to_o he_o i_o cry_v who_o hear_v my_o suit_n nor_o do_v deny_v i_o verse_n 18_o in_o peace_n from_o wa●s_n he_o set_v i_o free_a from_o bloody_a battle_n save_v i_o for_o heaven_n angelic_a host_n stand_v by_o i_o verse_n 19_o god_n will_v i_o hear_v who_o change_v never_o who_o rule_v have_v and_o reign_v ever_o selah_n but_o he_o shall_v punish_v they_o deiect_v because_o that_o they_o no_o change_n do_v find_v therefore_o god_n fear_v they_o do_v not_o mind_n with_o heart_n obdurate_a he_o neglect_v verse_n 20_o they_o on_o their_o friend_n lay_v hand_n injurious_a against_o the_o peaceful_a rage_a furious_a their_o covenant_n they_o have_v violate_v verse_n 21_o when_o from_o his_o mouth_n word_n sly_o sooth_n and_o seem_v as_o butter_n soft_a and_o smooth_a war_n in_o his_o heart_n be_v meditate_a dissemble_v deep_a with_o honey_n speech_n with_o crouch_v creep_a sly_a beseech_v his_o ollyword_n like_o sword_n have_v wound_v verse_n 22_o but_o cast_v thy_o care_n upon_o the_o lord_n for_o he_o sweet_a succour_n will_v afford_v the_o just_a shall_v never_o be_v confound_v verse_n 23_o bloodthirsty_a homicide_n pernicious_a deceitful_a juggler_n vild_o vicious_a thou_o lord_n will_v bring_v to_o dire_a perdition_n they_o shall_v not_o live_v out_o half_a their_o day_n but_o thy_o sure_a help_n my_o hope_n shall_v raise_v and_o i_o will_v trust_v in_o thy_o tuition_n psalm_n luj_o prayer_n have_v mercy_n lord_n on_o i_o for_o certain_o the_o cruel_a man_n at_o once_o will_v swallow_v i_o he_o fight_v against_o i_o daily_o furious_o oppress_v i_o each_o hour_n verse_n 2_o my_o enemy_n will_v daily_a i_o devour_v and_o many_o fight_n against_o i_o with_o all_o their_o power_n o_o god_n most_o high_a in_o thou_o i_o trust_v my_o tower_n to_o thou_o in_o fear_n i_o fly_v verse_n 4_o i_o will_v praise_v the_o lord_n for_o my_o trust_n do_v rely_v upon_o his_o word_n assure_v secure_v thereby_o what_o man_n can_v do_v no_o whit_n afraid_a be_o i_o for_o i_o shall_v be_v defend_v verse_n 5_o what_o ever_o i_o to_o do_v or_o speak_v intend_v to_o wrest_v against_o i_o daily_o they_o contend_v and_o all_o their_o thought_n to_o this_o be_v chief_o bend_v that_o mischief_n i_o they_o may_v verse_n 6_o with_o join_a consent_n and_o most_o malicious_a spite_n they_o watch_n my_o step_n in_o ambush_n day_n and_o night_n to_o have_v i_o in_o their_o power_n they_o use_v their_o might_n at_o my_o life_n they_o have_v aim_v verse_n 7_o shall_v they_o escape_v without_o rebuke_n unblamed_a by_o wicked_a plot_n and_o stratagem_n they_o frame_v confound_v their_o hope_n o_o lord_n make_v they_o ashamed_a in_o thy_o wrath_n they_o down_o cast_v pause_v verse_n 8_o my_o wander_n to_o and_o fro_o thou_o number_v haste_n and_o store_v up_o my_o tear_n none_o fall_v in_o waste_v write_v in_o thy_o book_n their_o memory_n shall_v last_v when_o i_o to_o god_n have_v cry_v verse_n 9_o his_o gracious_a ear_n to_o i_o he_o have_v apply_v my_o foe_n he_o
cleave_v to_o thou_o it_o remain_v thy_o strength_n my_o weak_a estate_n sustain_v and_o thy_o right_a hand_n uphold_v i_o verse_n 9_o but_o they_o that_o seek_v with_o all_o their_o power_n my_o soul_n to_o slay_v or_o ruin_v it_o fall_v headlong_o down_o earth_n deep_a pit_n the_o greedy_a grave_n shall_v they_o devower_n verse_n 10_o the_o cruel_a sword_n shall_v make_v they_o fly_v blood-shedding_a hand_n shall_v overtake_v they_o a_o prey_n for_o fox_n they_o shall_v make_v they_o for_o wild_a beast_n food_n they_o tear_v shallly_n verse_n 11_o then_o shall_v the_o king_n rejoice_v victorious_a in_o god_n who_o he_o do_v serve_v and_o fear_v all_o that_o devout_o by_o he_o swear_v in_o he_o rejoice_v shall_v be_v glorious_a but_o hypocrite_n who_o crafty_o do_v exercise_v deceit_n and_o lie_v their_o speech_n to_o falsehood_n vain_a apply_v their_o mouth_n with_o silence_n stop_v shall_v be_v psalm_n lxiiij_o