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A05983 The booke of common prayer, and administration of the sacraments and other rites and ceremonies of the Church of England.; Book of common prayer Church of England. 1603 (1603) STC 16326; ESTC S101416 290,715 467

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priest_n be_v clothe_v with_o righteousness_n and_o let_v thy_o saint_n sing_v with_o joy_n fullness_n for_o thy_o servant_n david_n sake_n turn_v not_o away_o the_o presence_n of_o thy_o anoint_a the_o lord_n have_v make_v a_o faithful_a oath_n unto_o david_n and_o he_o shall_v not_o shrink_v from_o it_o of_o the_o fruit_n of_o thy_o body_n shall_v i_o set_v upon_o thy_o seat_n if_o thy_o child_n will_v keep_v my_o covenant_n and_o my_o testimony_n that_o i_o shall_v learn_v they_o their_o child_n also_o shall_v sit_v upon_o thy_o seat_n for_o evermore_o for_o the_o lord_n have_v choose_v zion_n to_o be_v a_o habitation_n for_o himself_o he_o have_v long_v for_o she_o this_o shall_v be_v my_o rest_n for_o ever_o here_o will_v i_o dwell_v for_o i_o have_v a_o delight_n therein_o i_o will_v bless_v her_o victual_n with_o increase_n and_o will_v satisfy_v her_o poor_a with_o bread_n i_o will_v deck_v her_o priest_n with_o healthy_a and_o her_o saint_n shall_v rejoice_v and_o sing_v there_o shall_v i_o make_v the_o horn_n of_o david_n to_o flourish_v i_o have_v ordain_v a_o lantern_n for_o my_o anoint_a as_o for_o his_o enemy_n i_o shall_v clothe_v they_o with_o shame_n but_o upon_o himself_o shall_v his_o crown_n flourish_v ecce_fw-la quàm_fw-la bonum_fw-la psal_n 133._o behold_v how_o good_a and_o joyful_a a_o thing_n it_o be_v brethren_n to_o dwell_v together_o in_o unity_n it_o be_v like_o the_o precious_a ointment_n upon_o the_o head_n that_o run_v down_o unto_o the_o beard_n even_o unto_o aaron_n beard_n and_o go_v down_o to_o the_o skirt_n of_o his_o clothing_n like_a as_o the_o dew_n of_o hermon_n which_o fall_v upon_o the_o hill_n of_o zion_n for_o three_o the_o lord_n promise_v his_o blessing_n and_o life_n for_o cuermore_o ecce_fw-la nunc_fw-la psal_n 134._o behold_v now_o praise_v the_o lord_n all_o you_o servant_n of_o the_o lord_n you_o that_o by_o night_n stand_v in_o the_o house_n of_o the_o lord_n even_o in_o the_o court_n of_o the_o house_n of_o our_o god_n lift_v up_o your_o hand_n in_o the_o sanctuary_n and_o praise_v the_o lord_n the_o lord_n that_o make_v heaven_n and_o earth_n give_v thou_o blessing_n out_o of_o zion_n laudate_fw-la nomen_fw-la psal_n 135._o o_o praise_v the_o lord_n laud_v you_o the_o name_n of_o the_o lord_n praise_v it_o o_o you_o servant_n of_o the_o lord_n you_o that_o stand_v in_o the_o house_n of_o the_o lord_n in_o the_o court_n of_o the_o house_n of_o our_o god_n o_o praise_v the_o lord_n for_o the_o lord_n be_v gracious_a o_o sing_v praise_n unto_o his_o name_n for_o it_o be_v lovely_a for_o why_o the_o lord_n have_v choose_v jacob_n unto_o himself_o and_o israel_n for_o his_o own_o prossession_n for_o i_o know_v that_o the_o lord_n be_v great_a and_o that_o our_o lord_n be_v above_o all_o god_n whatsoever_o the_o lord_n please_v that_o do_v he_o in_o heaven_n and_o in_o earth_n and_o in_o the_o sea_n and_o in_o all_o deep_a place_n he_o bring_v forth_o the_o cloud_n from_o the_o end_n of_o the_o world_n and_o send_v forth_o lightning_n with_o the_o rain_n bring_v the_o wind_n out_o of_o his_o treasure_n he_o smite_v the_o first_o bear_v of_o egypt_n both_o of_o man_n and_o beast_n he_o have_v send_v token_n and_o wonder_n into_o the_o midst_n of_o thou_o o_o thou_o land_n of_o egypt_n upon_o pharaoh_n and_o all_o his_o servant_n he_o smite_v diverse_a nation_n and_o fly_v mighty_a king_n sehon_n king_n of_o the_o amorites_n and_o og_n the_o king_n of_o basan_n and_o all_o the_o kingdom_n of_o chanaan_n and_o give_v their_o land_n to_o be_v a_o heritage_n even_o a_o heritage_n unto_o israel_n his_o people_n thy_o name_n o_o lord_n endure_v for_o ever_o do_v thy_o memorial_n o_o lord_n from_o one_o generation_n to_o another_o for_o the_o lord_n will_v avenge_v his_o people_n and_o be_v gracious_a unto_o his_o servant_n as_o for_o the_o image_n of_o the_o heathen_a they_o be_v but_o silver_n and_o gold_n the_o work_n of_o man_n hand_n they_o have_v mouth_n and_o speak_v not_o eye_n have_v they_o but_o they_o see_v not_o they_o have_v ear_n and_o yet_o they_o hear_v not_o neither_o be_v there_o any_o breath_n in_o their_o mouth_n they_o that_o make_v they_o be_v like_a unto_o they_o and_o so_o be_v all_o they_o that_o put_v their_o trust_n in_o they_o praise_v the_o lord_n you_o house_n of_o israel_n praise_v the_o lord_n you_o house_n of_o aaron_n praise_v the_o lord_n you_o house_n of_o levi_n you_o that_o fear_v the_o lord_n praise_v the_o lord_n praise_v be_v the_o lord_n out_o of_o zion_n which_o dwell_v at_o jerusalem_n confitemini_fw-la psal_n 136._o o_o give_v thanks_n unto_o the_o lord_n prayer_n evening_n prayer_n for_o he_o be_v gracious_a and_o his_o mercy_n endure_v for_o ever_o o_o give_v thanks_n unto_o the_o god_n of_o all_o god_n for_o his_o mercy_n endure_v for_o ever_o o_o thank_v the_o lord_n of_o all_o lord_n for_o his_o mercy_n endure_v for_o ever_o which_o only_o do_v great_a wonder_n for_o his_o mercy_n endure_v for_o ever_o which_o by_o his_o excellent_a wisdom_n make_v the_o heavenens_fw-la for_o his_o mercy_n endure_v for_o ever_o which_o lay_v out_o the_o earthy_a above_o the_o water_n for_o his_o mercy_n endure_v for_o ever_o which_o have_v make_v great_a light_n for_o his_o mercy_n endure_v for_o ever_o the_o sun_n to_o rule_v the_o day_n for_o his_o mercy_n endure_v for_o ever_o the_o moon_n and_o the_o star_n to_o govern_v the_o night_n for_o his_o mercy_n endure_v for_o ever_o which_o sinote_n egypt_n with_o their_o first_o bear_v for_o his_o mercy_n endure_v for_o ever_o and_o bring_v out_o israel_n from_o among_o they_o for_o his_o mercy_n endure_v for_o ever_o with_o a_o mighty_a hand_n and_o a_o stretch_v out_o arm_n for_o his_o mercy_n endure_v for_o ever_o which_o divide_v the_o red_a sea_n in_o two_o part_n for_o his_o mercy_n endure_v for_o ever_o and_o make_v israel_n to_o go_v through_o the_o midst_n of_o it_o for_o his_o mercy_n endure_v for_o ever_o but_o as_o for_o pharaoh_n and_o his_o host_n he_o overthrewe_v they_o in_o the_o red_a sea_n for_o his_o mercy_n endure_v for_o ever_o which_o lead_v his_o people_n through_o the_o wilderness_n for_o his_o mercy_n endure_v for_o ever_o which_o sinote_v great_a king_n for_o his_o mercy_n endure_v for_o ever_o yea_o and_o slay_v mighty_a king_n for_o his_o mercy_n endure_v for_o ever_o sehon_n king_n of_o the_o amority_n for_o his_o mercy_n endure_v for_o ever_o and_o og_n the_o king_n of_o basan_n for_o his_o mercy_n endure_v for_o ever_o and_o give_v away_o their_o land_n for_o a_o heritage_n for_o his_o mercy_n endure_v for_o ever_o even_o for_o a_o heritage_n unto_o israel_n his_o servant_n for_o his_o mercy_n endure_v for_o ever_o which_o remember_v we_o when_o we_o be_v in_o trouble_n for_o his_o mercy_n endure_v for_o ever_o and_o have_v deliver_v we_o from_o our_o enemy_n for_o his_o mercy_n endure_v for_o ever_o which_o giucth_v food_n to_o all_o flesh_n for_o his_o mercy_n endure_v for_o ever_o o_o give_v thanks_n unto_o the_o god_n of_o heaven_n for_o his_o mercy_n endure_v for_o ever_o o_o give_v thanks_n unto_o the_o lord_n of_o lord_n for_o his_o mercy_n endure_v for_o ever_o super_fw-la flumina_fw-la psal_n 137._o by_o the_o water_n of_o babylon_n we_o sit_v down_o and_o weep_v when_o we_o remember_v thee_o o_o zion_n as_o for_o our_o harp_n we_o hang_v they_o up_o upon_o the_o tree_n that_o be_v therein_o for_o they_o that_o lead_v we_o away_o captive_a require_v of_o we_o then_o a_o song_n and_o melody_n in_o our_o heaviness_n sing_v we_o one_o of_o the_o song_n of_o zion_n how_o shall_v we_o sing_v the_o lord_n song_n in_o a_o strange_a land_n if_o i_o forget_v thou_o o_o jerusalem_n let_v my_o right_a hand_n forget_v she_o cunning_n if_o i_o do_v not_o remember_v thou_o let_v my_o tongue_n cleave_v to_o the_o roof_n of_o my_o mouth_n yea_o if_o i_o prferre_v not_o jerusalem_n in_o my_o mirth_n remember_v the_o child_n of_o edom_n o_o lord_n in_o the_o day_n of_o jerusalem_n how_o they_o say_v down_o with_o it_o down_o with_o it_o even_o to_o the_o ground_n o_o daughter_n of_o babylon_n waste_v with_o misery_n yea_o happy_a shall_v he_o be_v that_o reward_v thou_o as_o thou_o have_v serve_v us._n bless_v shall_v he_o be_v that_o take_v thy_o child_n and_o throw_v they_o against_o the_o stone_n confitebor_fw-la tibi_fw-la psal_n 138._o i_o will_v give_v thanks_o unto_o thou_o o_o lord_n with_o my_o whole_a heart_n even_o before_o the_o god_n will_v i_o sing_v praise_n unto_o thou_o i_o will_v worship_v towards_o thy_o holy_a temple_n and_o praise_v thy_o name_n because_o of_o thy_o love_a kindness_n and_o truth_n for_o thou_o have_v magnify_v thy_o name_n and_o
moab_n be_v my_o washpot_n over_o edom_n will_v i_o cast_v out_o my_o shoe_n philistia_n be_v thou_o glad_a of_o i_o who_o will_v lead_v i_o into_o the_o strong_a city_n who_o will_v bring_v i_o into_o edom_n have_v thou_o not_o cast_v we_o out_o o_o god_n will_v not_o thou_o o_o god_n go_v out_o with_o our_o host_n o_o be_v thou_o out_o help_v in_o trouble_n for_o bane_n be_v the_o help_n of_o man_n through_o god_n will_v we_o do_v great_a act_n for_o it_o be_v he_o that_o shall_v tread_v down_o our_o enemy_n exaudi_fw-la deus_fw-la psal_n 61_o hear_v my_o cry_n o_o god_n give_v ear_n unto_o my_o prayer_n from_o the_o end_n of_o the_o earth_n will_v i_o call_v unto_o thou_o when_o my_o heart_n be_v in_o heaviness_n o_o set_v i_o up_o upon_o the_o rock_n that_o be_v high_a than_o i_o for_o thou_o have_v be_v my_o hope_n and_o a_o strong_a tower_n for_o i_o against_o the_o enemy_n i_o will_v dwell_v in_o thy_o taberanacle_n for_o ever_o and_o my_o trust_n shall_v be_v under_o the_o cover_n of_o thy_o wing_n for_o thou_o o_o lord_n have_v hear_v my_o desire_n and_o have_v give_v a_o heritage_n unto_o those_o that_o fear_v thy_o name_n thou_o shall_v grant_v the_o king_n a_o long_a life_n that_o his_o year_n may_v endure_v throughout_o all_o generation_n he_o shall_v dwell_v before_o god_n for_o ever_o o_o prepare_v thy_o love_a mercy_n and_o faithfulness_n that_o they_o may_v preserve_v he_o so_o will_v i_o alwalye_v sing_v praise_n bnto_o thy_o name_n that_o i_o may_v daily_o perform_v my_o vow_n nun_n deo_fw-la psal_n 62_o my_o soul_n true_o wait_v still_o upon_o god_n for_o of_o he_o come_v my_o salvation_n prayer_n morning_n prayer_n he_o bere_o be_v my_o strength_n and_o my_o salvation_n he_o be_v my_o defence_n so_o that_o i_o shall_v not_o great_o fall_v how_o long_o will_v you_o imagine_v mischief_n against_o every_o man_n you_o shall_v be_v slaline_a all_o the_o sort_n of_o you_o yea_o as_o a_o totter_a wall_n shall_v you_o be_v and_o like_o a_o break_a hedge_n their_o device_n be_v only_o how_o to_o put_v he_o out_o who_o god_n will_v exalt_v their_o delight_n be_v in_o lie_n they_o give_v good_a word_n with_o their_o mouth_n but_o curse_v with_o their_o herat_o nevertheless_o my_o soul_n wait_v thou_o still_o upon_o god_n for_o my_o hope_n be_v in_o he_o he_o true_o be_v my_o strength_n and_o my_o salvation_n he_o be_v my_o defencc_fw-la so_o that_o i_o shall_v not_o fall_v in_o god_n be_v my_o health_n and_o my_o glory_n the_o rock_n of_o my_o might_n and_o in_o god_n be_v my_o trust_n o_o put_v your_o trust_n in_o he_o always_o you_o people_n pour_v out_o your_o heart_n before_o he_o for_o god_n be_v our_o hope_n as_o for_o the_o child_n of_o man_n they_o be_v but_o bane_n the_o child_n of_o man_n be_v deceitful_a upon_o the_o weight_n they_o be_v altogether_o light_a than_o vanity_n itself_o o_o trust_v not_o in_o wrong_n and_o robbery_n give_v not_o your_o self_n unto_o vanity_n if_o riches_n increase_v set_v not_o your_o heart_n upon_o they_o god_n speak_v once_o and_o wife_n i_o have_v also_o hear_v the_o same_o that_o power_n belong_v unto_o god_n and_o that_o thou_o lord_n be_v mereifull_a for_o thou_o rewarde_a every_o man_n according_a to_o his_o work_n deus_fw-la deus_fw-la meus_fw-la psal_n 63_o o_o god_n thou_o be_v my_o god_n early_o will_v i_o seek_v thou_o my_o soul_n thirst_v for_o thou_o my_o flesh_n also_o long_v after_o thou_o in_o a_o barren_a and_o dry_a land_n where_o no_o matter_n be_v thus_o have_v i_o look_v for_o thou_o in_o holiness_n that_o i_o may_v behold_v thy_o power_n and_o glory_n for_o thy_o loutng_a kindness_n be_v better_a than_o the_o life_n itself_o my_o lip_n shall_v praise_v thou_o as_o long_o as_o i_o live_v will_v i_o magnify_v thou_o on_o this_o manner_n and_o lift_v up_o my_o hand_n in_o thy_o name_n my_o soul_n shall_v be_v satisfy_v even_o as_o it_o be_v with_o marrow_n and_o fatness_n when_o my_o mouth_n praise_v thou_o with_o joyful_a lip_n have_v i_o not_o remember_v thou_o in_o my_o bed_n and_o think_v bpon_n thou_o when_o i_o be_v wake_v beacause_v thou_o have_v be_v my_o helper_n therefore_o under_o the_o shadow_n of_o my_o wing_n will_v i_o rejoice_v my_o soul_n hang_v upon_o thou_o thy_o right_a hand_n have_v upholdeli_fw-la me_fw-it these_o also_o that_o seek_v the_o hurt_n of_o my_o soul_n they_o shall_v go_v under_o the_o earth_n lat_z they_o fall_v upon_o the_o edge_n of_o the_o sword_n that_o they_o may_v be_v aportion_n for_o force_n but_o the_o king_n shall_v rejoice_v in_o god_n all_o they_o also_o that_o swear_v by_o he_o shall_v be_v commend_v for_o the_o mouth_n of_o they_o that_o speak_v lie_n shall_v be_v stop_v exaudi_fw-la deus_fw-la psal_n 64._o hear_v my_o bye_o o_o god_n in_o my_o prayer_n preserve_v my_o life_n from_o fear_n of_o the_o enemy_n hide_v i_o from_o the_o gather_v together_o of_o the_o froward_a and_o from_o the_o insurrection_n of_o the_o wicked_a doer_n which_o have_v whet_v their_o tongue_n like_o a_o sword_n and_o shoot_v out_o there_o arrow_n even_o bitter_a word_n that_o they_o may_v privy_o shoot_v at_o he_o that_o be_v perfect_a sudden_o do_v they_o hit_v he_o and_o fear_v not_o they_o courage_n themselves_o in_o mischief_n and_o commune_v among_o themselves_o hom_n they_o may_v lay_v snare_n and_o faith_n that_o no_o man_n shall_v see_v they_o they_o imagine_v wickedness_n and_o practice_v it_o that_o they_o keep_v secret_a among_o themselves_o every_o man_n in_o the_o deep_a of_o his_o heart_n but_o god_n shall_v sndden_o shoot_v at_o they_o with_o a_o swift_a arrow_n that_o they_o shall_v be_v wound_v yea_o their_o own_o tongue_n shall_v make_v they_o fall_v in_o so_o much_o that_o who_o so_o fee_v they_o shall_v laugh_v they_o to_o srone_n and_o all_o man_n that_o see_v it_o shall_v say_v this_o have_v god_n do_v for_o they_o shall_v perceive_v that_o it_o be_v his_o work_n the_o righteous_a shall_v rejoice_v in_o the_o lord_n and_o put_v hiss_v trust_v in_o he_o and_o all_o they_o that_o be_v true_a of_o heart_n shall_v be_v glad_a te_fw-la decet_fw-la hymnus_fw-la psal_n 65._o thou_o prayer_n evening_n prayer_n o_o god_n be_v praise_v in_o zion_n and_o unto_o thou_o shall_v the_o vow_n be_v perform_v in_o jerusalem_n thou_o that_o hear_v the_o prayer_n unto_o thou_o shall_v all_o flesh_n come_v my_o misdeed_n prevail_v against_o i_o oh_o be_v thou_o merciful_a unto_o our_o sin_n bless_a be_v the_o man_n who_o thou_o choose_v &_o receive_a unto_o thou_o he_o shall_v dwell_v in_o thy_o court_n &_o shall_v be_v satisfid_v with_o the_o pleasure_n of_o thy_o house_n even_o of_o thy_o holy_a temple_n thou_o shall_v show_v we_o wonderful_a thing_n in_o thy_o righteousness_n o_o god_n of_o our_o salvation_n thou_o that_o be_v the_o hope_n of_o all_o the_o end_n of_o the_o earth_n and_o of_o they_o that_o remain_v in_o the_o broad_a sea_n which_o in_o his_o streangth_n set_v fast_o the_o mountain_n and_o be_v 〈◊〉_d about_o with_o power_n which_o still_v the_o rage_a of_o the_o sea_n and_o the_o noise_n of_o his_o wave_n and_o the_o madness_n of_o his_o people_n they_o also_o that_o dwell_v in_o the_o vettermost_a part_n of_o the_o earth_n shall_v be_v afraid_a at_o thy_o token_n thou_o that_o make_v the_o outgoing_n of_o the_o morning_n and_o eun_v to_o praise_v thou_o thou_o biste_v the_o earth_n and_o bless_v it_o thou_o make_v it_o very_o plenteous_a the_o river_n of_o god_n be_v full_a of_o water_n thou_o prepare_v their_o corn_n for_o so_o thou_o provide_v for_o the_o earth_n thou_o water_n her_o furrow_n thou_o send_v rain_n into_o the_o little_a valley_n thereof_o thou_o make_v it_o soft_a with_o the_o drop_n of_o rain_n and_o bless_v the_o increase_n of_o it_o thou_o crown_v the_o year_n with_o thy_o goodness_n and_o thy_o cloud_n drop_v fatness_n they_o shall_v drop_v upon_o the_o dwelling_n of_o the_o wilderness_n and_o the_o lilttle_a hill_n shall_v rejoice_v on_o every_o side_n the_o fold_n shall_v be_v full_a of_o sheep_n the_o ballelye_v also_o shall_v stand_v so_o thick_a with_o corn_n that_o they_o shall_v laugh_v and_o sing_v jubilate_n deo_fw-la psal_n 66._o o_o be_v joyful_a in_o god_n all_o you_o land_n sing_v praise_n unto_o the_o honour_n of_o his_o name_n make_v his_o praise_n to_o be_v glorious_a say_v unto_o god_n o_o how_o wonderful_a be_v thou_o in_o thy_o work_n through_o the_o greatness_n of_o thy_o power_n shall_v thy_o enemy_n be_v find_v liar_n bnto_o thou_o for_o all_o the_o word_n shall_v worship_v thou_o sing_v of_o thou_o and_o praise_v thy_o name_n o_o come_v hither_o and_o behold_v the_o mork_n of_o god_n how_o wonderful_a he_o be_v in_o his_o
than_o all_o that_o be_v in_o the_o earth_n thou_o be_v exalt_v far_o above_o all_o god_n o_o you_o that_o love_v the_o lord_n see_v that_o you_o hate_v the_o thing_n which_o be_v cuill_a the_o lord_n preserve_v the_o soul_n of_o his_o saint_n he_o shall_v deliver_v they_o from_o the_o hand_n of_o the_o ungodly_a there_o be_v spring_v up_o a_o light_n for_o the_o righteous_a and_o joyful_a gladness_n for_o such_o as_o be_v true_a heart_a rejoice_v in_o the_o lord_n you_o righteous_a and_o give_v thanks_n for_o a_o remembrance_n of_o his_o holiness_n cantate_fw-la domino_fw-la psal_n 98._o o_o sing_v unto_o the_o lord_n a_o new_a song_n prayer_n evening_n prayer_n for_o he_o have_v do_v marvelous_a thing_n with_o his_o owner_n right_a hand_n &_o with_o his_o holy_a arm_n have_v he_o get_v himself_o the_o victory_n the_o lord_n declare_v his_o salvation_n his_o righteousness_n have_v he_o open_o show_v in_o the_o sight_n of_o the_o heathen_a he_o have_v remember_v his_o mercy_n and_o truth_n toward_o the_o house_n of_o israel_n and_o all_o the_o end_n of_o the_o world_n have_v see_v the_o salvation_n of_o our_o god_n show_v your_o sclues_z joyful_a unto_o the_o lord_n all_o you_o land_n sing_v rejoice_v and_o give_v thanks_n praise_v the_o lord_n upon_o the_o harp_n sing_v to_o the_o harp_n with_o a_o psalm_n of_o thanksgiving_n with_o trumpet_n also_o and_o shaume_v o_o show_v yourselves_o joy_n full_a before_o the_o lord_n the_o king_n let_v the_o sea_n make_v a_o noise_n and_o all_o that_o therein_o be_v the_o round_a world_n and_o they_o that_o dwell_v therein_o let_v the_o flood_n clap_v their_o hand_n and_o let_v the_o hill_n be_v joyful_a together_o before_o the_o lord_n for_o he_o be_v come_v to_o judge_v the_o earth_n with_o righteousness_n shall_v he_o judge_v the_o world_n and_o the_o people_n with_o equity_n dominus_fw-la regnavit_fw-la psal_n 99_o the_o lord_n be_v king_n be_v the_o people_n never_o so_o unpatient_a he_o sit_v between_o the_o cherubinis_fw-la be_v the_o earth_n never_o so_o unquiet_a the_o lord_n be_v great_a in_o zion_n and_o high_a above_o all_o peopel_n they_o shall_v give_v thanks_n unto_o thy_o name_n which_o be_v great_a wonderful_a and_o holy_a the_o king_n power_n love_v judgement_n thou_o have_v prepare_v equity_n thou_o have_v execute_v judgement_n and_o righteousness_n in_o jacob_n o_o magnify_v the_o lord_n our_o god_n and_o fall_v down_o before_o his_o footstool_n for_o he_o be_v holy_a moses_n &_o aaron_n among_o his_o pricst_n and_o samuel_n among_o such_o as_o call_v upon_o his_o name_n these_o call_v upon_o the_o lord_n and_o he_o hear_v they_o he_o speak_v unto_o they_o out_o of_o the_o cloudy_a pillar_n for_o they_o keep_v his_o testimony_n and_o the_o law_n that_o he_o give_v they_o thou_o hear_v they_o o_o lord_n our_o god_n thou_o forgave_v they_o o_o god_n and_o punish_v their_o own_o invention_n o_o magnify_v the_o lord_n our_o god_n and_o worship_v he_o upon_o his_o holy_a hill_n for_o the_o lord_n our_o god_n be_v holy_a jubilate_n deo_fw-la psal_n 100_o o_o be_v joyful_a in_o the_o lord_n all_o you_o land_n serve_v the_o lord_n with_o gladness_n and_o come_v before_o his_o presence_n with_o a_o song_n be_v you_o sure_a that_o the_o lord_n he_o be_v god_n it_o be_v he_o that_o have_v make_v we_o and_o not_o we_o ourselves_o we_o be_v his_o people_n and_o the_o sheep_n of_o his_o pasture_n o_o go_v your_o way_n into_o his_o gate_n with_o thanksgiving_n and_o into_o his_o court_n with_o praise_n be_v thankful_a unto_o he_o &_o speak_v good_a of_o his_o name_n for_o the_o lord_n be_v gracious_a his_o mercy_n be_v everlasting_a and_o his_o truth_n endure_v from_o generation_n to_o generation_n misericordiam_fw-la &_o iudicium_fw-la psal_n 101._o my_o song_n shall_v be_v of_o mercy_n and_o judgement_n unto_o thou_o o_o lord_n will_v i_o sing_v o_o let_v i_o have_v understanding_n in_o the_o way_n of_o godliness_n when_o will_v thou_o come_v unto_o i_o i_o will_v walk_v in_o my_o house_n with_o a_o perfect_a heart_n i_o will_v take_v no_o wicked_a thing_n in_o hand_n i_o hate_v the_o sin_n of_o unfaithfulnesse_n there_o shall_v no_o such_o cleave_v unto_o i_o a_o froward_a heart_n shall_v depart_v from_o i_o i_o will_v not_o know_v a_o wicked_a person_n who_o so_o privy_o slander_v his_o neighbour_n he_o will_v i_o destroy_v who_o so_o have_v also_o a_o proud_a look_n and_o high_a stomach_n i_o will_v not_o suffer_v he_o my_o eye_n look_v unto_o such_o as_o be_v faithful_a in_o the_o land_n that_o they_o may_v dwell_v with_o i_o who_o so_o lead_v a_o godly_a life_n he_o shall_v be_v my_o servant_n there_o shall_v no_o deceitful_a person_n dwell_v in_o my_o house_n he_o that_o tell_v lie_n shall_v not_o tarif_n in_o my_o sight_n i_o shall_v soon_o destroy_v all_o the_o ungodly_a that_o be_v in_o the_o land_n that_o i_o may_v root_v out_o all_o wicked_a doer_n from_o the_o city_n of_o the_o lord_n domine_fw-la exaudi_fw-la psal_n 102._o hear_v my_o prayer_n prayer_n morning_n prayer_n o_o lord_n and_o let_v my_o cry_v come_v unto_o thou_o hide_v not_o thy_o face_n from_o i_o in_o the_o time_n of_o my_o trouble_n incline_v thy_o ear_n unto_o i_o when_o i_o call_v o_o hear_v i_o and_o that_o right_a soon_o for_o my_o day_n be_v consume_v away_o like_a smoke_n and_o my_o bone_n be_v burn_v up_o as_o it_o be_v a_o firebrand_n my_o heart_n be_v smite_v down_o and_o wither_v like_o grass_n so_o that_o i_o forget_v to_o eat_v my_o bread_n for_o the_o voice_n of_o my_o groan_a my_o bone_n will_v scarce_o cleave_v to_o my_o flesh_n i_o be_o become_v like_o a_o pelicane_n in_o the_o wilderness_n and_o like_o a_o owl_n that_o be_v in_o the_o desert_n i_o have_v watch_v and_o be_o even_o as_o it_o be_v a_o sparrow_n that_o sit_v alone_o upon_o the_o house_n top_n my_o enemy_n revile_v i_o all_o the_o day_n long_o and_o they_o that_o be_v mad_a upon_o i_o be_v swear_v together_o against_o i_o for_o i_o have_v eat_v ash_n as_o it_o be_v bread_n and_o mingle_v my_o drink_n with_o weep_v and_o that_o because_o of_o thy_o indignation_n and_o wrath_n for_o thou_o have_v take_v i_o up_o and_o cast_v i_o down_o my_o day_n be_v go_v like_o a_o shadow_n and_o i_o be_o wither_v like_o grass_n but_o thou_o o_o lord_n shall_v endure_v for_o ever_o and_o thy_o remembrance_n thoughout_v all_o generation_n thou_o shall_v arise_v and_o have_v mercy_n upon_o zion_n for_o it_o be_v time_n that_o thou_o have_v mercy_n upon_o she_o yea_o the_o time_n be_v come_v and_o why_o thy_o servant_n think_v upon_o her_o stone_n and_o it_o pity_v they_o to_o see_v she_o in_o the_o dust_n the_o heathen_a shall_v fear_v thy_o name_n o_o lord_n and_o all_o the_o king_n of_o the_o earth_n thy_o maicstie_n when_o the_o lord_n shall_v build_v up_o zion_n and_o when_o his_o glory_n shall_v appear_v when_o he_o turn_v he_o unto_o the_o prayer_n of_o the_o poor_a destitute_a and_o despise_v not_o their_o desire_n this_o shall_v be_v write_v for_o those_o that_o come_v after_o and_o the_o people_n which_o shall_v be_v bear_v shall_v praise_v the_o lord_n for_o he_o have_v look_v down_o from_o his_o sanctuary_n out_o of_o the_o heaven_n do_v the_o lord_n behold_v the_o earth_n that_o he_o may_v hear_v the_o mourning_n of_o such_o as_o be_v in_o captivity_n and_o deliver_v the_o child_n appoint_v unto_o death_n that_o they_o may_v declare_v the_o name_n of_o the_o lord_n in_o zion_n and_o his_o worship_n at_o jerusalem_n when_o the_o people_n be_v gather_v together_o &_o the_o kingdom_n also_o serve_v the_o lord_n he_o bring_v down_o my_o strength_n in_o my_o journey_n and_o shorten_v my_o day_n but_o i_o say_v o_o my_o god_n take_v i_o not_o away_o in_o the_o midst_n of_o my_o age_n as_o for_o thy_o year_n they_o endure_v throughout_o all_o generation_n thou_o lord_n in_o the_o begin_n have_v lay_v the_o foundation_n of_o the_o earth_n and_o the_o heaven_n be_v the_o work_n of_o thy_o hand_n they_o shall_v perish_v but_o thou_o shall_v endure_v they_o all_o shall_v wear_v old_a as_o do_v a_o garment_n and_o as_o a_o vesture_n shall_v thou_o change_v they_o and_o they_o shall_v be_v change_v but_o thou_o be_v the_o same_o and_o thy_o year_n shall_v not_o fail_v the_o child_n of_o thy_o servant_n shall_v continue_v and_o their_o seed_n shall_v stand_v fast_o in_o thy_o sight_n benedicanima_fw-la psal_n 103._o praise_v the_o lord_n o_o my_o soul_n and_o all_o that_o be_v within_o i_o praise_v his_o holy_a name_n praise_v the_o lord_n o_o my_o soul_n and_o forget_v not_o all_o his_o benefit_n which_o forgive_v all_o thy_o sin_n and_o heal_v all_o thy_o infirmity_n which_o save_v thy_o life_n from_o destruction_n
enemy_n and_o to_o those_o that_o speak_v evil_a aghasted_n my_o soul_n but_o deal_v thou_o with_o i_o o_o lord_n god_n according_a unto_o thy_o name_n for_o sweet_a be_v thy_o mercy_n o_o deliver_v i_o for_o i_o be_o helpless_a and_o poor_a and_o my_o heart_n be_v wound_v within_o i_o i_o go_v hence_o like_o the_o shadow_n that_o depart_v and_o be_o drive_v away_o as_o the_o grasshopper_n my_o knee_n be_v weak_a through_o fast_v my_o flesh_n be_v dry_v up_o for_o want_n of_o fatness_n i_o become_v also_o a_o rebuke_n unto_o they_o they_o that_o look_v upon_o i_o shake_v their_o head_n help_v i_o o_o lord_n my_o god_n oh_o save_v i_o according_a to_o thy_o mercy_n and_o they_o shall_v know_v how_o that_o this_o be_v thy_o hand_n and_o that_o thou_o lord_n have_v do_v it_o though_o they_o curse_v yet_o bless_v thou_o and_o let_v they_o be_v confound_v that_o rise_v up_o against_o i_o but_o let_v thy_o servant_n rejoice_v let_v my_o adversary_n be_v clothe_v with_o shame_n and_o let_v they_o cover_v themselves_o with_o their_o own_o confusion_n as_o with_o a_o cloak_n as_o for_o i_o i_o will_v give_v great_a thanks_n unto_o the_o lord_n with_o my_o mouth_n and_o praise_v he_o among_o the_o multitude_n for_o he_o shall_v stand_v at_o the_o right_a hand_n of_o the_o poor_a to_o save_v his_o soul_n from_o unrighteous_a judge_n dixit_fw-la dominus_fw-la psal_n 110._o the_o lord_n say_v unto_o my_o lord_n prayer_n morning_n prayer_n sit_v thou_o on_o my_o right_a hand_n until_o i_o make_v thy_o enemy_n thy_o footstool_n the_o lord_n shall_v send_v the_o rod_n of_o thy_o power_n out_o of_o zion_n be_v thou_o ruler_n even_o in_o the_o mid_n among_o thy_o enemy_n in_o the_o day_n of_o thy_o power_n shall_v the_o people_n offer_v thou_o free_a will_n offering_n with_o a_o holy_a worship_n the_o dew_n of_o thy_o birth_n be_v of_o the_o womb_n of_o the_o morning_n the_o lord_n swear_v and_o will_v not_o repent_v thou_o be_v a_o priest_n for_o ever_o after_o the_o order_n of_o meichisedech_n the_o lord_n upon_o thy_o right_a hand_n shall_v wound_v even_o king_n in_o the_o day_n of_o his_o wrath_n he_o shall_v judge_v among_o the_o heathen_a he_o shall_v fill_v the_o place_n with_o the_o dead_a body_n and_o smite_v in_o sunder_o the_o head_n over_o diverse_a country_n he_o shall_v drink_v of_o the_o brook_n in_o the_o way_n therefore_o shall_v he_o lift_v up_o his_o head_n confitebor_fw-la tibi_fw-la psal_n 111._o i_o will_v give_v thanks_n unto_o the_o lord_n with_o my_o whole_a heart_n secret_o among_o the_o faithful_a and_o in_o the_o congregation_n the_o work_n of_o the_o lord_n be_v great_a seek_v out_o of_o all_o they_o that_o have_v pleasure_n therein_o his_o work_n be_v worthy_a to_o be_v praise_v and_o have_v in_o honour_n and_o his_o righteousness_n endure_v for_o ever_o the_o merciful_a and_o gracious_a lord_n have_v so_o do_v his_o marrucilous_a work_n that_o they_o ought_v to_o be_v have_v in_o remembrance_n he_o have_v give_v meat_n unto_o they_o that_o fear_v he_o he_o shall_v ever_o be_v mindful_a of_o his_o covenant_n he_o have_v show_v his_o people_n the_o power_n of_o his_o work_n that_o he_o may_v give_v they_o the_o heritage_n of_o the_o heathen_a the_o work_n of_o his_o hand_n be_v verity_n and_o judgement_n all_o his_o commandment_n be_v true_a they_o stand_v fast_o for_o ever_o and_o ever_o and_o be_v do_v in_o truth_n and_o equity_n he_o send_v redemption_n unto_o his_o people_n he_o have_v command_v his_o covenant_n for_o ever_o holy_a and_o reverend_a be_v his_o name_n the_o fear_n of_o the_o lord_n be_v the_o begin_n of_o wisdom_n a_o good_a understanding_n have_v all_o they_o that_o do_v thereafter_o the_o praise_n of_o it_o endure_v for_o ever_o beatus_fw-la vir_fw-la psal_n 112._o bless_a be_v the_o man_n that_o fear_v the_o lord_n he_o have_v great_a delight_n in_o his_o conmandement_n his_o seed_n shall_v be_v mighty_a upon_o earth_n the_o generation_n of_o the_o faithful_a shall_v be_v bless_v riches_n and_o plenteousnes_n shall_v be_v in_o his_o house_n and_o his_o righteousness_n endure_v for_o ever_o unto_o the_o godly_a there_o arise_v up_o light_a in_o the_o darkness_n he_o be_v merciful_a love_a and_o righteous_a a_o good_a man_n be_v merciful_a and_o dare_v and_o will_v guide_v his_o word_n with_o discretion_n for_o he_o shall_v never_o be_v move_v and_o the_o righteous_a shall_v be_v have_v in_o a_o everlasting_a remembrance_n he_o will_v not_o be_v afraid_a for_o any_o evil_a tiding_n for_o his_o heart_n stand_v fast_o and_o believe_v in_o the_o lord_n his_o heart_n be_v establish_v and_o will_v not_o shrink_v until_o he_o see_v his_o desire_n upon_o his_o enemy_n he_o have_v disperse_v abroad_o and_o give_v to_o the_o poor_a and_o his_o righteousness_n remain_v for_o ever_o his_o horn_n shall_v be_v exalt_v with_o honour_n the_o ungodly_a shall_v see_v it_o and_o it_o shall_v grieve_v he_o he_o shall_v gnash_v with_o his_o tooth_n and_o consume_v away_o the_o desire_n of_o the_o ungodly_a shall_v perish_v laudate_fw-la pveri_fw-la psal_n 113._o praise_v the_o lord_n you_o servant_n o_o praise_v the_o name_n of_o the_o lord_n bless_a be_v the_o name_n of_o the_o lord_n from_o this_o time_n forth_o for_o evermore_o the_o lord_n name_n be_v praise_v from_o the_o rise_n up_o of_o the_o snune_n unto_o the_o go_n down_o of_o the_o same_o the_o lord_n be_v high_a above_o all_o heathen_a and_o his_o glory_n above_o the_o heaven_n who_o be_v like_a unto_o the_o lord_n out_o god_n that_o have_v his_o dwell_n so_o high_a and_o yet_o humble_v himself_o to_o behold_v the_o thing_n that_o be_v in_o heaven_n and_o earth_n he_o take_v up_o the_o simple_a out_o of_o the_o dust_n and_o lift_v poor_a out_o of_o the_o mire_n that_o he_o may_v set_v he_o with_o the_o prince_n even_o with_o the_o prince_n of_o his_o people_n he_o make_v the_o barren_a woman_n to_o keep_v house_n and_o to_o be_v a_o joyful_a mother_n of_o child_n in_o exitu_fw-la israel_n psal_n 114._o when_o israel_n come_v out_o of_o egypt_n preyer_n evening_n preyer_n and_o the_o house_n of_o jacob_n from_o among_o the_o strange_a people_n juda_n be_v his_o sancutuarie_n and_o israel_n his_o dominion_n the_o sea_n see_v that_o and_o flee_v jordan_n be_v drive_v back_o the_o mountain_n skip_v like_o ram_n and_o the_o little_a hill_n like_o young_a sheep_n what_o ase_v thou_o o_o thou_o sea_n that_o thou_o fledde_v and_o thou_o jordan_z that_o thou_o be_v drive_v back_o you_o mountain_n that_o you_o skip_v like_o ram_n and_o you_o little_a hill_n like_o young_a sheep_n tremble_v thou_o earth_n at_o the_o presence_n of_o the_o lord_n at_o the_o presence_n of_o the_o god_n of_o jacob_n which_o turn_v the_o hard_a rock_n into_o a_o stand_a water_n and_o the_o flint_n stone_n into_o a_o spring_a well_o non_fw-la nobis_fw-la domine_fw-la psal_n 115_o not_o unto_o we_o o_o lord_n not_o unto_o we_o but_o unto_o thy_o name_n give_v the_o praise_n for_o thy_o love_a mercy_n and_o for_o thy_o truth_n sake_n wherefore_o shall_v the_o heathen_a say_v where_o be_v now_o their_o god_n as_o for_o our_o god_n he_o be_v in_o heaven_n he_o have_v do_v whatsoever_o please_v he_o their_o idol_n be_v silver_n &_o gold_n even_o the_o work_n of_o man_n hand_n they_o have_v mouth_n and_o speak_v not_o eye_n have_v they_o and_o see_v not_o they_o have_v ear_n and_o hear_v not_o nose_n have_v they_o and_o smell_v not_o they_o have_v hand_n and_o handle_v not_o foot_n have_v they_o and_o walk_v not_o neither_o speak_v they_o through_o their_o throat_n they_o that_o make_v they_o be_v like_a unto_o they_o and_o so_o be_v all_o such_o as_o put_v their_o trust_n in_o they_o but_o thou_o house_n of_o israel_n trust_v thou_o in_o the_o lord_n he_o be_v their_o succour_n and_o defence_n you_o house_n of_o aaron_n put_v your_o trust_n in_o the_o lord_n he_o be_v their_o helper_n and_o defender_n you_o that_o fear_v the_o lord_n put_v your_o trust_n in_o the_o lord_n he_o be_v their_o helper_n and_o defender_n the_o lord_n have_v be_v mindful_a of_o we_o and_o he_o shall_v bless_v we_o eurn_v he_o shall_v bless_v the_o house_n of_o israel_n he_o shall_v bless_v the_o house_n of_o aaron_n he_o shall_v bless_v they_o that_o fear_v the_o lord_n both_o small_a &_o great_a the_o lord_n shall_v increase_v you_o more_o and_o more_o you_o and_o your_o child_n you_o be_v the_o bless_a of_o the_o lord_n which_o make_v heaven_n &_o earth_n all_o the_o whole_a heaven_n be_v the_o lord_n the_o earth_n have_v he_o give_v to_o the_o child_n of_o man_n the_o dead_a praise_n not_o thou_o o_o lord_n neither_o all_o they_o that_o get_v down_o into_o the_o silence_n but_o we_o will_v praise_v the_o
vuto_fw-mi i_o we_o will_v go_v into_o the_o house_n of_o the_o lord_n our_o foot_n shall_v stand_v in_o thy_o gate_n o_o jerusalem_n jerusalem_n be_v build_v as_o a_o city_n that_o be_v at_o unity_n in_o itself_o for_o thither_o the_o tribe_n go_v up_o even_o the_o tribe_n of_o the_o lord_n to_o testify_v unto_o israel_n to_o give_v thanks_n unto_o the_o name_n of_o the_o lord_n for_o there_o be_v the_o seat_n of_o judgement_n even_o the_o seat_n of_o the_o house_n of_o david_n o_o pray_v for_o the_o peat_n of_o jerusalem_n they_o shall_v prosper_v that_o love_n thou_o peace_n be_v within_o thy_o wall_n and_o plentconsuesse_v within_o thy_o palace_n for_o my_o brethren_n and_o companion_n sake_n i_o will_v with_o thou_o prosperity_n yea_o because_o of_o the_o house_n of_o the_o lord_n our_o god_n i_o will_v seek_v to_o do_v thou_o good_a ad_fw-la te_fw-la levaui_fw-la oculos_fw-la meos_fw-la psal_n 123._o unto_o thou_o lift_v i_o up_o my_o eye_n o_o thou_o that_o dwell_v in_o the_o heaven_n behold_v even_o as_o the_o eye_n of_o servant_n look_v unto_o the_o hand_n of_o their_o master_n and_o as_o the_o eye_n of_o a_o maiden_n unto_o the_o hand_n of_o her_o mistress_n even_o so_o our_o eye_n wait_v upon_o the_o lord_n our_o god_n until_o he_o have_v mercy_n upon_o us._n have_v mercy_n upon_o we_o o_o lord_n have_v mercy_n upon_o we_o for_o we_o be_v utter_o despise_v our_o soul_n be_v fill_v with_o the_o scornefnll_a reproof_n of_o the_o wealthy_a and_o with_o the_o dispitefulnesse_n of_o the_o proud_a nisi_fw-la quia_fw-la dominus_fw-la psal_n 124._o if_o the_o lord_n himself_o have_v not_o be_v on_o our_o side_n now_o may_v israel_n say_v if_o the_o lord_n himself_o have_v not_o be_v on_o one_o side_n when_o man_n rise_v up_o against_o us._n they_o have_v swallow_v we_o up_o quick_a when_o they_o be_v so_o wrathful_o displease_v at_o us._n yea_o the_o water_n have_v drown_v we_o and_o the_o stream_n have_v go_v over_o our_o soul_n the_o deep_a water_n of_o the_o proud_a have_v go_v even_o over_o our_o soul_n but_o praise_v be_v the_o lord_n which_o have_v not_o give_v we_o over_o for_o a_o pray_v unto_o their_o tooth_n our_o soul_n be_v escape_v even_o as_o a_o bird_n out_o of_o the_o snare_n of_o the_o foul_a the_o snare_n be_v break_v and_o we_o be_v deliver_v our_o help_n stand_v in_o the_o name_n of_o the_o lord_n which_o have_v make_v heaven_n and_o earth_n qui_fw-la confidunt_fw-la psal_n 125._o they_o that_o put_v their_o trust_n in_o the_o lord_n shall_v be_v even_o as_o the_o mount_n zion_n which_o may_v not_o be_v remoove_v but_o stand_v fast_o for_o ever_o the_o his_o stand_n about_o jerusalem_n even_o so_o stand_v the_o lord_n round_o about_o his_o people_n from_o this_o time_n forth_o for_o evermore_o for_o the_o rod_n of_o the_o ungodly_a come_v not_o into_o the_o lot_n of_o the_o righteous_a lest_o the_o righteous_a put_v their_o hand_n unto_o wickedness_n do_v well_o o_o lord_n unto_o those_o that_o be_v good_a and_o true_a of_o heart_n as_o for_o such_o as_o turn_v back_o unto_o their_o own_o wickedness_n the_o lord_n shall_v lead_v they_o forth_o with_o the_o evil_a doer_n but_o peace_n shall_v be_v upon_o israel_n in_o convertendo_fw-la psal_n 126._o when_o the_o lord_n turn_v again_o the_o captivity_n of_o zion_n prayer_n evening_n prayer_n then_o be_v we_o like_v unto_o they_o that_o dsreame_n then_o be_v our_o mouth_n fill_v with_o laughter_n and_o our_o tongue_n with_o joy_n then_o say_v they_o among_o the_o heathen_a the_o lord_n have_v do_v great_a thing_n for_o they_o yea_o the_o lord_n have_v do_v great_a thing_n for_o we_o already_o whereof_o we_o rejoice_v turn_v our_o captivity_n o_o lord_n as_o the_o river_n in_o the_o south_n they_o that_o sow_n in_o tear_n shall_v reap_v in_o joy_n he_o that_o now_o go_v on_o his_o way_n weep_v and_o bear_v forth_o good_a seed_n shall_v doubtless_o come_v again_o with_o joy_n and_o bring_v his_o sheaf_n with_o he_o nisi_fw-la dominus_fw-la psal_n 127._o except_o the_o lord_n build_v the_o house_n their_o labour_n be_v but_o lose_v that_o build_v it_o except_o the_o lord_n keep_v the_o city_n the_o watchman_n wake_v but_o in_o bane_n it_o be_v but_o lose_a labour_n that_o you_o haste_v to_o rise_v up_o early_o and_o so_o late_o take_v rest_n and_o eat_v the_o bread_n of_o carefulness_n for_o so_o he_o give_v his_o belove_a sleep_n loe_o child_n and_o the_o fruit_n of_o the_o womb_n be_v a_o heritage_n and_o gift_n that_o come_v of_o the_o lord_n like_a as_o the_o arrow_n in_o the_o hand_n of_o the_o giant_n even_o so_o be_v the_o young_a child_n happy_a be_v the_o man_n that_o have_v his_o quiver_n full_a of_o they_o they_o shall_v not_o be_v ashamed_a when_o they_o speak_v with_o their_o enemy_n in_o the_o gate_n beati_fw-la omnes_fw-la psal_n 128._o bless_a be_v all_o they_o that_o fear_v the_o lord_n and_o walk_v in_o his_o way_n for_o thou_o shall_v eat_v the_o labour_n of_o thy_o hand_n o_o well_o be_v thou_o and_o happy_a shall_v thou_o be_v thy_o wife_n shall_v be_v as_o the_o fruitful_a vine_n upon_o the_o wall_n of_o thy_o house_n thy_o child_n like_o the_o olive_n branch_n round_o about_o thy_o table_n loe_o thus_o shall_v the_o man_n be_v bless_v that_o fear_v the_o lord_n the_o lord_n from_o out_o of_o zion_n shall_v so_o bless_v thou_o that_o thou_o shall_v see_v jerusalem_n in_o prosperity_n all_o thy_o life_n long_o yea_o that_o thou_o shall_v see_v thy_o child_n child_n and_o peace_n upon_o israel_n saepe_fw-la expugnaverunt_fw-la psal_n 129._o many_o a_o time_n have_v they_o fight_v against_o i_o from_o my_o youth_n up_o may_n israel_n now_o say_v yea_o many_o a_o time_n have_v they_o vex_v i_o from_o my_o youth_n up_o but_o they_o have_v not_o prevail_v against_o i_o the_o plower_n plough_v upon_o my_o back_n and_o make_v long_a furrow_n but_o the_o righteous_a lord_n have_v hew_v the_o snare_n of_o the_o ungodly_a in_o piece_n let_v they_o be_v confound_v and_o turn_v backward_o as_o many_o as_o have_v evil_a will_n at_o zion_n let_v they_o be_v even_o as_o the_o grass_n grow_v upon_o the_o house_n top_n which_o wither_v afore_o it_o be_v pluck_v up_o where_o of_o the_o mower_n fill_v not_o his_o hand_n neither_o he_o that_o bind_v up_o the_o sheaf_n his_o bosom_n so_o that_o they_o which_o go_v by_o say_v not_o so_o much_o as_o the_o lord_n prosper_v you_o we_o wish_v you_o good_a luck_n in_o the_o name_n of_o the_o lord_n de_fw-fr profundis_fw-la psal_n 130._o out_o of_o the_o deep_a have_v i_o call_v unto_o thou_o o_o lord_n lord_n hear_v my_o voice_n oh_o let_v thy_o eye_n consider_v well_o the_o voice_n of_o my_o complaint_n if_o thou_o lord_n will_v beeextreme_a to_o mark_v what_o be_v do_v amiss_o o_o lord_n who_o may_v abide_v it_o for_o there_o be_v mercy_n with_o thou_o theefore_o shall_v thou_o be_v fear_v i_o look_v for_o the_o lord_n my_o soul_n do_v wait_v for_o he_o in_o his_o word_n be_v my_o trust_n my_o soul_n flee_v unto_o the_o lord_n before_o the_o morning_n watch_n i_o say_v before_o the_o morning_n watch_n o_o israel_n trust_v in_o the_o lord_n for_o with_o the_o lord_n there_o be_v mercy_n and_o with_o he_o be_v plenteous_a redemption_n and_o he_o shall_v redeem_v israel_n from_o all_o his_o sin_n domine_fw-la non_fw-la est_fw-la psal_n 131_o lord_n i_o be_o not_o high_a mind_v i_o have_v no_o proud_a look_n i_o do_v note_n exercise_v myself_o in_o great_a matter_n which_o be_v too_o high_a for_o i_o but_o i_o refrain_v my_o soul_n and_o keep_v it_o low_o like_a as_o a_o child_n that_o be_v wean_v from_o his_o mother_n yea_o my_o soul_n be_v even_o as_o a_o wean_a child_n o_o israel_n trust_v in_o the_o lord_n from_o this_o time_n forth_o for_o evermore_o memento_n domine_fw-la psal_n 132._o lord_n remember_v david_n prayer_n morning_n prayer_n and_o all_o his_o trouble_n how_o he_o swear_v unto_o the_o lord_n and_o bow_v a_o bow_n unto_o the_o almighty_a god_n of_o jacob_n i_o will_v not_o come_v within_o the_o tabernacle_n of_o my_o house_n nor_o climb_v up_o into_o my_o bed_n i_o will_v not_o suffer_v my_o eye_n to_o sleep_v nor_o my_o eye_n lid_n to_o slumber_n neither_o the_o temple_n of_o my_o head_n to_o take_v any_o rest_n until_o i_o find_v out_o a_o place_n for_o the_o temple_n of_o the_o lord_n a_o habitation_n for_o the_o mighty_a god_n of_o jacob_n loe_o we_o hear_v of_o the_o same_o at_o ephrata_n and_o find_v it_o in_o the_o wood_n we_o will_v go_v into_o his_o tabenacle_n and_o follow_v on_o our_o knee_n before_o his_o foot_n stool_n arise_v o_o lord_n into_o thy_o rest_a place_n thou_o and_o the_o ark_n of_o thy_o strength_n let_v thy_o
i_o and_o my_o heart_n within_o i_o be_v desolate_a yet_o do_v i_o remember_v the_o time_n past_a i_o muse_v upon_o all_o they_o work_v yea_o i_o exercise_v myself_o in_o the_o work_n of_o thy_o hand_n i_o stretch_v forth_o my_o hand_n unto_o thou_o my_o soul_n gasp_v unto_o thou_o as_o a_o thirsty_a land_n hear_v i_o o_o lord_n and_o that_o soon_o for_o my_o spirit_n ware_v saint_n hide_v not_o thy_o face_n from_o i_o lest_o i_o be_v like_a unto_o they_o that_o go_v down_o into_o the_o pit_n o_o let_v i_o hear_v thy_o love_a kindness_n betimes_o in_o the_o morning_n for_o in_o thou_o be_v my_o trust_n show_v thou_o i_o the_o way_n that_o i_o shall_v walk_v in_o for_o i_o lift_v up_o my_o soul_n unto_o thou_o deliver_v i_o o_o lord_n frommine_v enemy_n for_o i_o flee_v unto_o thou_o to_o hide_v i_o leach_n i_o to_o do_v the_o thing_n that_o please_v thou_o for_o thou_o be_v my_o god_n let_v thy_o love_a spirit_n lead_v i_o forth_o into_o the_o land_n of_o rithteousnesse_n quicken_v i_o o_o lord_n for_o thy_o name_n sake_n and_o for_o thy_o rithteousnesse_n sake_n bring_v my_o soul_n out_o of_o trouble_n and_o of_o thy_o goodness_n slay_v my_o enemy_n and_o destroy_v all_o they_o that_o vex_v my_o soul_n for_o i_o be_o thy_o servant_n benedictus_fw-la dominus_fw-la psal_n 144._o bless_a be_v the_o lord_n my_o strength_n prayer_n morning_n prayer_n which_o teach_v my_o hand_n to_o war_n and_o my_o finger_n to_o fight_v my_o hope_n and_o my_o fortress_n my_o castle_n and_o deliverer_n my_o defender_n in_o who_o i_o trust_v which_o subdue_v my_o people_n that_o be_v under_o i_o lord_n what_o be_v man_n that_o thou_o have_v such_o respect_n unto_o he_o or_o the_o some_o of_o man_n that_o thou_o so_o regard_v he_o man_n be_v like_o a_o thing_n of_o nought_o his_o time_n pass_v away_o like_o a_o shadow_n bow_v the_o heaven_n o_o lord_n and_o come_v down_o touch_v the_o mountain_n and_o they_o shall_v smoke_v cast_v forth_o thy_o lightning_n and_o tear_v they_o shoot_v out_o thy_o arrow_n and_o consume_v they_o send_v down_o thy_o hand_n from_o above_o deliver_v i_o and_o take_v i_o out_o of_o the_o great_a water_n from_o the_o hand_n of_o strange_a child_n who_o mouth_n talk_v of_o vanity_n and_o their_o right_a hand_n be_v a_o right_a hand_n of_o wickedness_n i_o will_v sing_v a_o new_a song_n unto_o thou_o o_o god_n and_o sing_v praise_n unto_o thou_o upon_o a_o ten_o string_a lute_n thou_o have_v give_v victory_n unto_o king_n and_o have_v deliver_v david_n thy_o servant_n from_o the_o peril_n of_o the_o sword_n save_v i_o and_o deliver_v i_o from_o the_o hand_n of_o strange_a child_n who_o mouth_n talk_v of_o vanitir_n and_o their_o right_a hand_n be_v a_o right_a hand_n of_o miquitie_n that_o our_o son_n may_v grow_v up_o as_o thd_a young_a plant_n and_o that_o our_o daughter_n may_v be_v as_o the_o polish_a corner_n of_o the_o temple_n that_o our_o garner_n may_v be_v full_a and_o plenteous_a with_o all_o manner_n of_o store_n that_o our_o sheep_n may_v bring_v soorth_o thousand_o and_o teu_fw-mi thousand_o in_o our_o street_n that_o our_o ox_n may_v be_v strong_a to_o labour_v that_o there_o be_v no_o decay_n no_o lead_v into_o captivity_n and_o no_o complain_v in_o our_o street_n happy_a be_v the_o people_n that_o be_v in_o such_o a_o case_n yea_o bless_a be_v the_o people_n which_o have_v the_o lord_n for_o their_o god_n exaltabo_fw-la te_fw-la deus_fw-la psal_n 145._o i_o will_v magnify_v thou_o o_o god_n my_o king_n and_o i_o will_v praise_v thy_o name_n for_o ever_o and_o ever_o every_o day_n will_v i_o give_v thanks_n unto_o thou_o and_o praise_v thy_o name_n for_o ever_o and_o ever_o great_a be_v the_o lord_n and_o marvelous_a worthy_a to_o be_v praise_v there_o be_v no_o end_n of_o his_o greatness_n one_o generation_n shall_v praise_v thy_o work_n unto_o another_o and_o declare_v thy_o power_n as_o for_o i_o i_o will_v be_v talk_v of_o thy_o worship_n thy_o glory_n thy_o praise_n and_o wonderour_n work_v so_o that_o man_n shall_v speak_v of_o the_o might_n of_o thy_o marvelous_a act_n and_o i_o will_v also_o tell_v of_o thy_o greatness_n the_o memorial_n of_o thy_o abundant_a kindness_n shall_v be_v show_v and_o man_n shall_v sing_v of_o thy_o righteousness_n the_o lord_n be_v gracious_a and_o merciful_a long_o suffer_v and_o of_o great_a goodness_n the_o lord_n be_v love_v unto_o every_o man_n and_o his_o mexico_n be_v over_o all_o his_o work_n all_o thy_o work_n praise_v thou_o o_o lord_n and_o thy_o saint_n give_v thanks_n unto_o thou_o they_o show_v the_o glory_n of_o thy_o kingdom_n &_o talk_v of_o thy_o power_n that_o thy_o power_n thy_o glory_n and_o mightiness_n of_o thy_o kingdom_n may_v be_v know_v unto_o man_n thy_o kingdom_n be_v a_o everlasting_a kingdom_n and_o thy_o dominion_n endure_v throughout_o all_o age_n the_o lord_n uphold_v all_o such_o as_o fall_v and_o lift_v up_o all_o those_o that_o be_v down_o the_o eye_n of_o all_o wait_n upon_o thou_o o_o lord_n and_o thou_o give_v they_o their_o meat_n in_o due_a season_n thou_o open_v thy_o hand_n and_o fille_v all_o thing_n live_v with_o plenteousness_n the_o lord_n be_v righteous_a in_o all_o his_o way_n and_o holy_a in_o all_o his_o work_n the_o lord_n be_v nigh_o unto_o all_o they_o that_o call_v upon_o he_o yea_o all_o such_o as_o call_v upon_o he_o faithful_o he_o will_v fulfil_v the_o desire_n of_o they_o that_o fear_v he_o he_o also_o will_v hear_v their_o cry_n and_o will_v help_v they_o the_o lord_n preserve_v all_o they_o that_o love_v he_o but_o scatteret_o abroad_o all_o the_o ungodly_a my_o mouth_n shall_v speak_v the_o praise_n of_o the_o lord_n and_o let_v all_o flesh_n give_v thanks_n unto_o his_o holy_a name_n for_o ever_o and_o ever_o lauda_fw-la anima_fw-la mea_fw-la psal_n 146._o praise_v the_o lord_n o_o my_o soul_n while_o i_o live_v will_v i_o praise_v the_o lord_n yea_o as_o long_o as_o i_o have_v any_o be_v i_o will_v sing_v praise_n unto_o my_o god_n o_o put_v not_o your_o trust_n in_o prince_n nor_o in_o any_o child_n of_o man_n for_o there_o be_v no_o help_n in_o they_o for_o when_o the_o breath_n of_o man_n go_v forth_o he_o shall_v turn_v again_o to_o his_o earth_n and_o then_o all_o his_o thought_n perish_v bless_a be_v he_o that_o have_v the_o god_n of_o jacob_n for_o his_o help_n and_o who_o hope_n be_v in_o the_o lord_n his_o god_n which_o make_v heaven_n and_o earth_n the_o sea_n and_o all_o that_o therein_o be_v which_o keep_v his_o promise_n for_o ever_o which_o help_v they_o to_o right_v that_o suffer_v wrong_a which_o see_v the_o hungry_a the_o lord_n lose_v man_n out_o of_o prison_n the_o lord_n give_v sight_n to_o the_o blind_a the_o lord_n help_v they_o that_o be_v fall_v the_o lord_n care_v for_o the_o righteous_a the_o lord_n care_v for_o the_o stranger_n he_o defend_v the_o fatherless_a and_o widow_n as_o for_o the_o way_n of_o the_o ungodly_a he_o turn_v it_o upside_o down_o the_o lord_n thy_o god_n o_o zion_n shall_v be_v king_n for_o evermore_o and_o throughout_o all_o generation_n laudate_fw-la dominum_fw-la psal_n 147._o praise_v the_o lord_n prayer_n evening_n prayer_n for_o it_o be_v a_o good_a thing_n to_o sing_v praise_n unto_o our_o god_n yea_o a_o joyful_a and_o pleasant_a thing_n it_o be_v to_o be_v thankful_a the_o lord_n do_v build_v up_o jerusalem_n and_o gather_v together_o the_o outcast_n of_o israel_n he_o heal_v those_o that_o be_v break_v in_o heart_n &_o give_v medicine_n to_o heal_v their_o sickness_n he_o tell_v the_o number_n of_o the_o star_n and_o call_v they_o all_o by_o their_o name_n great_a be_v our_o lord_n and_o great_a be_v his_o power_n yea_o &_o his_o wisdom_n be_v infimte_n the_o lord_n set_v up_o the_o meek_a and_o bring_v the_o ungodly_a down_o to_o the_o ground_n o_o siug_n unto_o the_o lord_n with_o thanksgine_v sing_v praise_n upon_o the_o harp_n unto_o our_o god_n which_o cover_v the_o heaven_n with_o cloud_n &_o prepare_v rain_n for_o the_o earth_n and_o make_v the_o grass_n to_o grow_v upon_o the_o mountain_n and_o herb_n for_o the_o use_n of_o man_n which_o give_v fodder_n unto_o the_o cattle_n and_o feed_v the_o young_a raven_n that_o call_v upon_o he_o he_o have_v no_o pleasure_n in_o the_o strength_n of_o a_o horse_n neither_o delight_v he_o in_o any_o man_n leg_n but_o the_o lord_n delight_n be_v in_o they_o that_o fear_v he_o and_o put_v their_o trust_n in_o his_o mercy_n praise_v the_o lord_n o_o jerusalem_n praise_v thy_o god_n o_o zion_n for_o he_o have_v make_v fast_o the_o bar_n of_o thy_o gate_n and_o have_v bless_v thy_o child_n within_o thou_o he_o make_v peace_n in_o
forgive_v receive_v our_o humble_a petition_n and_o though_o we_o be_v tie_v and_o boud_a with_o the_o chain_n of_o our_o sin_n yet_o let_v the_o pitifulnesse_n of_o thy_o great_a mercy_n loose_v we_o for_o the_o honour_n of_o jesus_n christ_n sake_n our_o mediator_n and_o advocate_n amen_n a_o thanksgiving_n for_o rain_n o_o god_n our_o heavenly_a father_n who_o by_o thy_o gracious_a providence_n do_v cause_v the_o former_a and_o the_o latter_a rain_n to_o descend_v upon_o the_o earth_n that_o it_o may_v bring_v forth_o fruit_n for_o the_o use_n of_o man_n we_o give_v thou_o humble_a thanks_o